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#2 But I love you - SS - VIRMAN - part - 25 to part 33 - THE END (Page 37)

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I am going to end this in the next 2-3 updates and the story is changing to a third person perspective.

Part # 20

Fast forward two months. Manvi's father was doing very well and Simmi and Samir were living with them. They were getting married in a few days.

Manvi was walking along the corridors of the hospital that she works in, looking at her phone. Virat was back in California for work again, with Rahul this time. Manvi had to stay back as she had just started working. 

It had been a week since Virat left and they had been trying to talk to each other and it is either that she was struck in something while he is calling her or he is busy with his work while she was trying to call him.And on top of that, everything is going wrong at work.  Simmy and Samir had started working in the same hospital as she was and though they were on talking terms and were exchanging civilities, Simmi never left a chance to insult her or play her down. Manvi got assigned to Samir on a case of hers. Samir was good friends with the doctor Virat had trashed on the day of Manvi's interview for misbehaving with her. They were giving her a hard time together. Apart from this, Simmi would pop in and check on them every hour or so. 

 "I know you have a thing for the guys I am with. I am warning you, I am not going to keep quiet this time. Stay away from Samir."  Simmi had said to Manvi, pulling her aside.

She didn't know how to reply to that accusation. It was Simmi who had left Virat. It was Simmi who had hurt him. It was Simmi who had made him miserable. And now, all of a sudden she was the other girl who stole her husband. She was building up inside. All those sweet things she said wanting to reconcile were just words'

And now even Virat wasn't answering his phone. She calls him again.

"Mannu, do you know what the time is?" Virat answers the phone sleepily.

"It is my' time" Manvi pouts.

"Darling, it is 3 in the morning here. Everything okay?"

"I am sorry..."

"Awww...looks like somebody is missing me."


"Acha? Then why are you so happy in life?"

"I am bored."

"You are bored? Manvi, I love you but not more than my sleep right now. I am really tired. Can I please go back to sleep? I have a really early morning."

"Acha teek hai..chalo bye good night. Better come back soon."

"Will try. Abhi so jao?"

Manvi didn't reply.



"Do you miss me?"

"Ofcourse I miss you meri jaan. Even though you call me in the middle of the 
night and harass me, I miss you and I love you and I am hanging up now. Go out with bhabhi, shop, spend some money."

"Suno na.."


"I have a three year old patient with a heart problem and she keeps pulling my hair and annoying me all the time. She is Ranbir Kapoor's fan and she thinks he is hot! Can you believe a three year old baby talk like that? She had seen all his movies and that too more than.."

"You are blabbering Mannu.."

"No, I am not."

"I don't have the energy or patience for a cross-examination. Will call you in a few hours. Have fun with your whoever doing whatever it is you do at work...stay away from trouble. Bye"


Argh! She looked at the phone angrily, she wanted to cry. She did not like that Virat had left her by herself in this crazy jungle. She felt someone tap her shoulder from behind. She turned around and saw Priya. She immediately hugged her.

"Hey...whats wrong girl?"

"I don't know.."

"I miss Rahul too yaar and I know it is harder to stay away when you are newly married but we are not going to sulk. Let's go, I am going to take you somewhere."


"Chalo na..."

"Par kaha..."

"To learn something that will shock the hell out of your Viratji."

So that evening Priya and Manvi went to a dance studio and Manvi instantly cheered up. They had joined up in a class for belly-dancing. Well, dancing is something that makes you forget everything and de-stresses you.

"Please don't tell Virat about this." Manvi asked as they were going back home.


"He will tease me and I am not going to hear the end of it."

"And he would wanna watch..." Priya teased.


"Toh problem kya hai? You were dancing so well in the class with thirty other people."

"That's different. Please Priya. Promise me, otherwise I am not coming from tomorrow."

"Acha baba. Nahi bolungi."

"Does Rahul bhai know you are learning belly dancing?"

"Ofcourse not."

"But why?" It was Manvi's turn to tease.

"Shut up Manvi"

"Arey, you are such a meany wife. You are always nagging him. Atleast dance performance dedo ek baar...just to make up for everything you should buy some sexy costumes to match." Manvi laughed nudging Priya.

"In his dreams." Priya looked away trying to hide her face. They pulled over at Manvi's parents house. Manvi was staying with Priya was Virat was away. She couldn't stay in the same house Simmi was in but she would visit them every night before they went home.

They walked in to the sight of Simmi and Samir making out in the living room.

"Ewww! Get a room." Priya muttered under her breath.

"What did you say?"

"Nice couch. I like to look at it sometimes without running into the risk of watching an adult movie."

"How dare you? This is MY house and I have told you again and again that if anybody is not welcome here, it is you."

"It is Amol uncle's house and you are a guest. And he is your +1."


"Aw baby! Are you going to tell on me now?"

Priya and Simmi were in the same batch and now that they have to work together, they couldn't stand each other. Everything that Simmi did and said irked Priya and vice-versa. Nobody could stop them once they started fighting.


A week later, there was a small party at Manvi's parents, celebrating Simmi and Samir's engagement and it was also a big day for Manvi as Virat had come back home after more than two weeks. Manvi was helping her mom in the kitchen and suddenly her dad calls her to the living room. They were all looking at the television - Priya was jumping up and down excited.

"What is it?" Manvi asks looking at the TV.

As the financial specialists say - the recent link up of a small start-up firm in India with one of the top software giants in the world is the most prestigious and profitable deals in the recent times. We had an exclusive interview with the co-founder of this firm  Mr.Vadhera whom Mr.Hops, the CEO of Apple labelled as brightest engineer he had come across in his life.

And then they showed the picture of Virat and along with it came his voice saying how extremely pleasing and educational it was to partner with a company as big as Apple and he considers himself very lucky to have found the right people to guide him towards the right path at the right time.

"Wohooo!!!!" Priya, Rahul and Manvi yelled together hugging Virat.

Manvi's dad and mom came and hugged him proudly. Simmi was looking at the TV unable to understand what all the fuss was about. Samir looked at it as if it was any other news item on the TV.

Later that evening, at their home, Manvi was going through the closet to find a nice dress for the party.

Virat was lying on the bed, unwilling to move anywhere.

"What do I wearrr?" Manvi looked at her closet disappointed. Virat was lost playing with his new gadgets and Manvi goes and pokes him.

"Ek minute baba"

"Virat!!!!" she snatches his phone away from him.

"Manvi, I am working."


"Give it back Mannu."

"Acha lo! Jao wapas. Why did you even come back? Chale jao. " Manvi threw his phone on the bed and storms out.

"Mannu!!!" Virat followed her.

"You don't love me anymore. Tum badal gaye ho."

"Don't be ridiculous."

"I am not. You hardly have any time for me."

Virat laughed looking at Manvi's cute tantrums. 

"You are laughing!!!!"  Manvi stood against the wall nervously looking away. Something was bothering her and she herself didn't know what. She didnt where to start. She didnt feel like share all those petty things with anyone. Virat usually understood these kinds of things without even her telling him but he was in his own world these days.

"Why don't we skip the party and go on a long drive?" he asked her.

"But, I made Ma make all your favorite dishes."

"You made Mom make all my favorite dishes for my ex-wives engagement party?" Virat laughed.

"Haan." Manvi looked down as Virat cupped her face.

"Mannu, Kuch hua kya? When I wasn't here? Simmi ne kuch kaha?"

"Huh? Where did that come from?"

"You seem bothered by something."

"You bother me.."

"You got that right" he placed a small kiss on her lips.

"Oh, Viratji  finally in romantic mood..." her voice trailed off as Virat started kissing her cheeks and then look her lips in again, before she realized it.

"Chodo.." He took her hand and pulled her closer as she tried her best to push him away.

"Naraz ho?"

"I don't like you leaving me by myself." her eyes started filling up.

"I know baby. I don't like leaving you either. I am sorry. It won't happen again." he kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly.

A small stage was set up in the garden and there was music and other entertainment along with dinner. A few round tables were setup for the small gathering that had collected at their house.

"Congratulations." Virat greeted Simmi and Samir and went to his table with Rahul and Priya. Manvi was helping her mom fix something at the buffet tables.

"You know Priya is hiding something from me." Rahul tells Virat.

"Will you stop it?"

"I feel Mannu is hiding something too.." Virat observed looking at Manvi standing far away from them.

"I know what it is..." Rahul winked at Priya.

"Kya?" Virat asked curiously.

"Rahul, I will kill you."

"Bhabhi, I am worried. Mannu is always so lost. I want to know. Woh toh mujhe bolege nahi.."

"Oh about that. As long as that female is around, Mannu aaisi hi hogi. That's the only reason I am here at this party. To stay with Mannu. Warna main aur is chudail ki engagement party main!!!!" Priya rolled her eyes.

"Hua kya?"

" the morning she said something about the way she dresses. Yesterday, she said something about the way she acts like a kid. Day before, she said something about the way she smiles..It is so difficult to keep track."


"Haan. She was giving Mannu advise about how to dress for you."

"Has she completely lost it?"

"Long back!"

"Virat, do you want a drink?" Manvi came and asked him.

"Nahi. Come sit with us."

"More roti?"

"Nahi baba. Bas hain."

"Try some rice and you have to taste the chocolate cake - I baked it." Manvi went back to get them.

"Such as caring wive huh! deeko, seeko." Rahul told Priya.

"Did you ever look at me the way he is looking at her?" Rahul and Priya started bickering as usual.

And soon Manvi comes and starts filling Virat's plate. "Sit with us Mannu. Kitna kaam karegi." Virat holds her hand.

"In a few minutes.

"Mannu..." Virat whispered looking at Manvi dreamily.


"You look really beautiful." he smiled.

Manvi just smiles and goes back leaving Virat perplexed. What is going on with her. Usually, a compliment from him and she is on the top of the world.

"Virat you should seriously take Manvi and settle away from all this. Simmi is that kind of a girl who would not just want compliments but she wants assurance that she is the best, better than the rest. She will play everybody down. She will go and compare her saree with everybody's, her hair with everybody's. Her guy with everybody else's and right now, her only competition is Mannu and she will do anything to make her feel bad about herself. And this duffer, still gets hurt. Usually she wouldn't but things just have gotten too complicated. And sometimes she doesn't even understand that she is insulting her. Bohot hero banti hain but I never thought she is this naive." Priya explained.

"You know what. I have had enough of this. I can't see her like this. I am getting her out of here." Virat gets up and on the way, the host on the stage announces if anybody has any messages or compositions for anyone. Virat walks right up onto the stage and takes the piano.

"This one is for you jaan..." he smiles looking at Manvi to a big applause from the crowd.

Please listen to - this song

Oh, her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they're not shinin'
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying
She's so beautiful
And I tell her everyday
I know, I know
When I compliment her she won't believe me
And it's so, it's so
Sad to think that she don't see what I see
But every time she asks me "Do I look okay? "
I say
When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
'Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while
'Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are be continued in 20-ii

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OMG... U updated it... Yay...ClapSmileBig smile.. So so so happy... :D.. 
But u r gonna end it... CryCry.. Ohhh.. I love this story... Please if u r planning to end it give us long updates.. Would love to read it more.. But won't force u... WinkSmile.. Just give some long and romantic updates...SmileLOL
About this update.. It was short.. But was awesome.. Poor Mannu.. Cry.. She is so upset... And she is so innocent.. Y does that Simmi keeps irritating and troubling her.. Angry.. And Virat should understand her... She needs him..Cry.. But I loved d belly dancing part... WinkSmileEmbarrassed.. I hope Virat comes to know about that soon... LOL.. And make d next part about r love birds... And Virat's song was so cute.. N Maanvi is a caring and a loving wife... So cute.. SmileEmbarrassed.. And she should give it back to that Simmi... Or Virat should.. Hate her.. Angry..
Plzzz give us d next update soon.. Will b waiting eagerly.. U r the best writer ya.. Made my day... SmileClap..
maclean Goldie

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SmileSmilenext parttt waitinggg  awesome update , puch on simmis damaged face... Ouchloved virat ji and manuuu... Big smile
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eeekkksss...Finally u updated this.. Big smile
ahaaannn!!!!!Virat's composition for his Mannu ..sounds soo cute..
Manvi is soo cute..aftr all those stupid things Simmi said..wat she wanted ws her loving HusbandEmbarrassed
Waiting for nxt update..
neetnia Senior Member

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bohoth acja hai yar... but feeling bad that u r finishing dis soon.. i is ma top fav ff.. wil miss u and ur ff
nrithyao Goldie

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amazing update
hate simmi a lot
glad that virat returned back
loved their convo through phone
loved the song
feeling sad that u r ending this story
will miss this story a lot

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