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JaaNu AT#50 l Ab Tak PACHAS ---Jashn-e-JaaNu AT l

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WELCOME to the 50th thread of the JaaNu / KaPali AT. Party

Here you can discuss/fangirl/drool over the amazing chemistry of Jammy and the lovely Tanu that burns our screen daily on the soap, Qubool Hain. Heart

Finally this Thread Completes A Half Century Today And This Calls For GRAND CELEBRATION JaaNuiansPartyDancingHug

JaaNu are the best Couple in QH, Starcrossed Couple...Sher Aur Billi Ki Amar-Prem Kahani it isDay Dreaming

This Poster Depicts Their Journey of 49 ATsLOL


History And Founder Of JaaNu ATEmbarrassedLOL

Miss Cherie / Sonia...started this AT  just randomly, coz if the JaaNu Track that was goning then...slowly and steadily so many people joined in and this became a fun place...a place for all of us to discuss the show, and JaaNu ofcourseEmbarrassedLOL
We never knew this AT would become so dear to us one day and bring together so many of us...I thank Sonia on behalf of all of us for giving us this wonderful ThreadHug    Although she is inactive atm but SONIA...WE ALL MISS YOU...And Luv Ya
Hug   And Thank You For Giving Us This Amazing Place...You Are AWESOME <3 Heart

Today we have 140+ members and this AT feels like Home on this forumTongue
A Place where we talk various things related to the show

Thank You for All The Members and The Core Team for Handling  This AT SO efficiently...All You guyz are the Best!! Embarrassed

    • nupsie / --DewDrops--
    • Cup-Of-Chai
    • pieryrose
    • -ElmoFuj
    • - Naughtynatty
    • Zara_92
    • Viya.mallik4eva

We Wrote This Amazing JaaNu OS here which is not by one person but a Team Effort, Please Do Read OnceBig smileEmbarrassed

And thank You to All for Following The Rules And Regulations So Well For 50 ATs and Plz keep following for All the Future ATs tooSmile

Golden Rules Of This AT:

1. Don't bring in actor(s) personal life in the discussions.
2. Just stick to fangirling over JaaNu, and don't discuss other fangroups.
3. Discuss things in good humour.
4. The humour and language used should not cross limits or demean the actors/characters.
5. Be as sarcastic as POSSIBLE(if you want).

LET THE PARTY BEGINparty text with confetti falling smiley
big party smiley


JaaNU AT FTWParty    Hope This AT stays like this forever and Completes many many more ATs and A Century Very Soon ...Love You All Hug

Hit Like to be included in the members list!

1. Miss Cherie 2. Rockerchic  3. Prabba  4. Manisha  5. GodhuliLogon   6. delena_lover                      7. ..SheWolf..   8. sree07   9. nupsie   10. .EdwardCullen.    11. meglaraa    12. KulfiBai   13. ..Diya..
14. mariyakhan2   15. armaanasya   16. Drea_QH1fan   17. sumaiya14   18. princessjojo           19. sujataraje   20. Starrydee   21. braich_gal    22. Nithiya95   23. webuser7   24. chibi_deea
25. Fatima2    26. errah    27. skavya   28. pikachuu123   29. starsinmyeyes   30. Gitalyer             31. trina2010   32. Cup-Of-Chai   33. shafaqsheikh   34. stm123   35. bhavnahm   36. chikara
37. aisha.khan   38. -Shruti.M-   39. shanakyasharan   40. divc   41. Jinal3patel   42. Silver_Stack
43. Starrydee   44. maana  45. nautanki_anu   46. pieryrose   47. SONIRAJ1  48. rekha1975     
49. LoveAsYa222  50. -ARLover- 51. love.asad.zoya  52. aminakhan  53. .Rinnie.  54. --starstruck--
55. Samaira32   56. -ElmoFuj-   57. -Fizzi-   58. dmg1_mjht   59. nishithasharma   60. Luv_asya                 61. TAMANNA23  62. Naughtynatty  63. -Yaariyan-  64. samihah   65. kajen.asya4ever                       66. iria_luvsLindor   67. HallyH   68. quboolhai_1fan   69. riyasarkra007   70. llhamez   71. AmbiKSG
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78.xxdaydreameRxx  79. Siri22   80. rakhiankita  81. Clumsy_Wings   82. tnusredey   83. McNinja
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139. EternalFrission  140. redrobin  141. AdorableTrouble  142. anushka2112  143. -Jailbait- 144.-MasterMind-   145. SilentPromises  146. girlz-rule   147. Problem_Child

Link To All Previous ATs

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Wooohooo!!!!  JaaNu  Completes 50 Successful  ATsPartyDancing

Congratulations to All Of Us...HugWe ARE True RocksROFL   May JaaNu Complete many Many More ATs and soon complete a Century and so on...This Is The Time To CELEBRATE...PARTYYY ABHI BAAKI HAIDancing  ...Hope JaaNu reunite soon so that we can hav another CelebrationParty

Your Name (UN)

My previous UN was nupsie now its --DewDrops--,   so I hereby take the opportunity to declare my change of UN And my name is Noopur and plz Spell it as Noopur only no Nupur or Nupoor pleeezeeeEmbarrassedLOL...the names on this AT are Nups, Noops, Nup, Nooputtar, Noo,  Pur / PurrEmbarrassed
Your DOB (optional)
Oct 3          

Your Favorite shows

My Favorite show has always been MJHT and it will forever beHeart  Mayank n NupurBlushingDay Dreaming
QH is the only show after MJHT that I liked so much and that got me hooked!!Tongue

Why do you like Qubool hai

Like I said that QH was the only show after MJHT that I liked so much, it was different, refreshing, a Muslim based show, first of its kind on TV but I miss the QH of first five months, that I fell in love with...:( The show is not the same anymore for me Unhappy

How did you come across JaaNu AT!

Okay...lemme start...Once Upon a Time..Wen I used to be extremely velli, and used to come on QH forum early in the morning to check all new threads. So it was one such fine morning, wen JaaNu AT started...this was around 11:30 in the morning I was strolling around the forum and it was boring as hell, And then suddenly my eyes fell on this interesting thread named JaaNu AT And WHOA!!!Shocked   that was itCool...I found my home on this forumApprove  That was the first JaaNu AT and I was on the AT till late night and we finished our first AT in 6 hours. I think that was the first wen an AT finished so quickCool

Why do you love/like JaaNu

Coz they have a sizzzling Chemistry...JaaNu is the hawwwtest Couple in the history of QH, they set the screen on fire...they make me lose my sleep...I dream JaaNu, I sleep JaaNu,  eat JaaNu, talk JaaNu LOL    

I hav never fangirled over an onscreen couple so much as much as I drool over JaaNuShocked...JaaNu makes me wanna fall in love...Embarrassed    They Make My Dil  Go Meow Meow...     Enough SaidApprove

Your first post in this AT


Well, this was my first post...I was almost dead seeing a JaaNu ATShocked
ROFL...Never did I know then, that this place would become soo soo dear to meDay Dreaming


Your most embarrasing moment on this AT

Ermm Well,I dun  easily gete mbarassed...but honestly, even if I have one, I clearly don't rememberLOL

Your Most memorable moment on this AT

Each and every day on this AT has been special...from the first AT to the 50th AT...I cherish each and every AT and moment spent on each AT...and especially wen we played truth and dare and wrote the OS...the baby catcher talks and wen Josh first came to the AT and yeah, Wen We found KittuROFL...wen ATs used to fly in a day and wen all of us used to chat all day...all that used to be so much fun...Day Dreaming

Person You like the most on the AT

I suck at giving diplomatic answersLOL   So I'll be very honest hereBig smile
The one person who truly understands me here is VDCEmbarrassed   She knws me too well, and I can talk to her about anything and everything, and I knw she won't judge me for thatEmbarrassed...my 2nd VDarlingCutie...my loveTongueLOL
Chai...like u say...the true homie of my soul, u knw it gal, I don't need to sayEmbarrassed
Nut, my sistah frm previous birth, my soulsisTongue
  Dee...u make me go blush blushBlushingLOL
 Faiza...the cutest and sweetest  person I have met on IF is u, the baby catcher cum barbie killerEmbarrassedLOL
 Zara...someone, who I found just like myself...I miss her here :( 
Hinna..*facepalm*...I dunno wat to sayShocked..jkLOL  The confused soul...I lov ur talksLOL 
Hummy...the most innocent person on this AT and the most creative tooBig smileEmbarrassed
 Josh...sabka BHAILOL...the second most cutest person after FaizaTongue    
It was abt ppl I like d MOSTEmbarrassedTongue  I like some others too...And I love u ALLHug

Your Favorite JaaNu AT title Uptil Now
I love all the titles by me Cool...kiddingLOL...or maybe m seriousErmmLOL
I love all the titles tbh coz all were situational, JaaNu AT has always had the best of titlesTongue...but Ab tak PACHAS RocksIts Jashn -e-JaaNu PACHAS ATs afterallPartyAnd not to forget...the amazing superb banners by Hummy for all ATs...thanks Hummy for all the awesome bannersHug

Your Favorite JaaNu Scene in QH
All the JaaNu scenes have been super amazing...but the JaaNu SR and those lipstick marks on Jammy's body made me go     LMAOOO I sound like a tharkiROFL But seriously...the SR scene was the bestest, hawwwtest scene EVER on Indian TV shows historyBlushing

Your Thoughts About JaaNu Chemistry and their Future
I think JaaNu hav an amazing MEOWLICIOUS Chemistry...I wanna see QH run for years and JaaNu babies romancing ZoYaan babiesROFL     They hav a MeowRoracious Future    with loads of  Meowtwa Moments...Meowtwaaa., Meow Meow Pe Zorrr Nahi JaaNu were Meant To BeHeart

Two Lines About the Members Of This AT
I have found some of the coolest people of this forum on JaaNu AT...and they all are very much dear to me...like another familyEmbarrassed   There can nvr be a day without talking to them however much busy all of us areHug     I never thought I would get attached to IF frens so much but you guyz are awesome and m glad I joined this AT and met u all...Love ya All   Kisses smileys
And   Hugs To All 

Two Lines About Sonia (Mis Cherie) the founder of this AT
I already wrote in the main post, but once again,...thank you Sonia for coming up with this amazing idea of JaaNu AT and giving us the best place on QH forum!!Tongue
Your Thoughts About JaaNu AT
JaaNu AT Salamat Rahe...Phoole Phale...Sada Khush Haal Rahe, Sada Hara Bhara Rahe...yahi Mera Aashirwaad Hai...*Gives Aashirwaads From Both Hands*
Okay, on a serious Note...this AT is the most neutral place I hav come across on this forum, we can voice our opinions here without any fear, ofcourse within IF COCLOL  Like Dee and faiza said, no fighting, no drama, no chamchagiri...no bashing or attacking and most importantly, freedom of speechLOL...We all have real fun here along with respcting different opinions and perspectivesApprove  Plus the people here are sooo amazing that even if I think of  giving up, I can't, just bcoz of this AT and my amazing JaaNu Loversblow kiss emoticon
I seriously love this AT more than QH and even more than our beloved JaaNuShockedEmbarrassedLOL
I hope this AT stays like this forever and we all keep having fun the same way, Jab Tak Hai QH, Jab Tak Hai Qh...and even after QHCool
JAANU AT FTW...PartyDancingSilly






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Un-Gaffur Embarrassed

Firstly, congrats all JaNu-ians for completing half century. PartyBalle Balle Dancing
We rock we rock we rock DancingLOL

Okay, I will get to the questions now LOL

Your Name (UN)

viya / viya.mallik4eva

Your DOB (optional)

2nd Jan. Age no telling Tongue

Your  Favorite shows

Indian shows me Dill Mill Gayye and Qubool Hai.  Those are the only two shows I watched. Though I must say I was hell lot crazy about DMG so its DMG first then QH Tongue Unlike my fella JaNuians Angry i am still very very addicted to QH and follow it religiously !!Tongue

American show Friends is my all time favourite. I still watch repeats of it.

Pakistan shows me Humsafar. I absolutely loved it. As a drama, it has to be my favourite amongst all that I watched.

Korean/Asian me Devil Beside You

Why do you like Qubool hai

KSG ofcourse. Even if QH was crap, I would have convinced myself that its the best show in the world CoolLOL

On a serious note, I love Asad and Zoya characters and the concept of step families and their interactions.

How did you come across JaaNu AT

Those were the days when our dear billo rani made an entry and took everyone by storm. I am so much in love with her that even her mention in posts used to make me feel so so happy, I cannot tell how happy!! Dead And then I see an AT named JaNu Shocked and my reaction was like Angry. I ignored it and moved over.  But it simply does not go away. It used to come back to first page so often and it started to reside on the first page like ALWAYS as if glued with fevicol so I went more AngryAngry. One fine day I decide to stalk it and went it its last post and saw two of my fav people on the forum (purr aka noopur and chai aka sadia DIDI Tongue) there chatting away to glory Star Thats it, entered the bandwagon right away Party

Why do you love/like JaaNu

Isnt it obvious why?? They just burn the screen. They are so hot my face becomes red hot seeing them. I have to fan myself to cool down. LOL

Your first post in this AT

Seriously?? This is so much work man!! Sleepy What all you people make me do D'oh
Wait, I will come back and edit this one

Your most embarrasing moment on this AT

None. I don't get embarrassed easily. Tongue

Your Most memorable moment on this AT

Cant name one! But it had to be those days when all the active members come online and the AT runs off like a jet.
Also, the days where we used to fangirl on Kittu together Day Dreaming

Person You like the most on the AT

Silly I like all Tongue
just kidding, I certainly dont like ALL Ermm but I like most of them Hug
But If I MUST name one, it has to be the love of my life purr aka nupsie Embarrassed as she is the one that I talk the most with sharing all kinds of stuff Star

Your Favourite JaaNu AT title Uptil Now

My memory is too weak so I dont remember older ones Unhappy
But out of the ones that I remember, it has to be Jammy ne Billi ko maara dhakka LOL pamparampara pamparampara Party

Your Favorite JaaNu Scene in QH

Need I say? SR ofcourse. No one can crate that magic again! Not in this life!
Also the scene where JaNu cant stop hugging each other Embarrassed The way it thunders and the way billi chipkaofies to Jammy tightly Day Dreaming Man, it still makes me feel hot! Blushing

Your Thoughts About JaaNu Chemistry and their Future

JaaNu chemistry is the baap of all chemistries Approve Only blind can miss it!!
Unfortunately, the future looks bleak Unhappy but I still have hopes! I will never give up! She will come back to the Khan mansion to claim her deserved place! She will ! My billo will! My billo rani will!

Two Lines About the Members Of This AT

All are awesome Thumbs Up well most are ErmmLOL

All JaNu AT members/lovers rocks
All JanU AT haters/bashers sucks

Two Lines About Sonia (Mis Cherie) the founder of this AT

Not interacted much but I will give it to her for starting this AT Thumbs Up

Your Thoughts About JaaNu ATEmbarrassed

Kya Yaar, itna praise kiya kaafi nahi hi kya Angry greedy much!
I will just sing this only "JaNu meri Jaan mein tujhpe khurbaan"Embarrassed

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Embarrassedshireen Cool

Your Name (UN) NaughtyNatty suits me I am very naughty and I guess everyone on this AT has long established that ! And of course I am a Nut so yeah apt username.

For those who don't know my name (well if u don't know my name you shouldn't be at this AT LOL) its Natasha


Your DOB (optional) Well I am old but ahh who needs to say the year so it's the 19th of April


Your  Favorite shows- Miley Jab Hum Tum has been all the time right now its none as QH has lost its charm for me now !


Why do you like Qubool hai- Well I liked it because honestly I was a KSG fan from DMG days and then I knew Gul had made IPK which I watched a bit and then left so yeah I still like QH only because a few actors on the show are complete naturals when it comes to acting !


How did you come across JaaNu AT- Well one day between revision I was bored and looking through the forum and found a surprising AT title Jaanu AT so weird things attract me lol


Why do you love/like JaaNu- Well because Jammy and Tannu can act and have a good chemistry ! Its like Jammy is the hydrogen and Tannu is the oxygen and together make H2O shiz that was stupid Stern Smile


Your first post in this AT- I am lazy to screenshot but I just sand Jaanu meri jaan mein tere qurbaan randomly because lets face it I am random LOL


Your most embarrassing moment on this AT- I am bad with names and once I called Sonia Tanya and the actual Tanya replied and it was a goof upSleepy ! That's the only one because boy I don't get embarrassed easily 


Your Most memorable moment on this AT- I mean it wasn't at this AT but like when we trolled SW forum and all the AT members were there was fun ! And ofcourse KIttu post and the OS we wrote! Ever moment on this AT has been memorable ! And ofcourse the day me and cup of chai adopted NasaEmbarrassed


Person You like the most on the AT- This is like choosing between my children I love everyone equally and those people know who they are


Your Favorite JaaNu AT title Uptil Now- Has to be Pachas shades of Jaanu for obvious reason Lol and honestly our title wali is very talented I have loved each and everyone of them.


Your Favorite JaaNu Scene in QH- Oh every scene of them is full of se*ual tension if had to be one ofcourse it was the Suhaag raat I mean the billi crawling her paws on the lions hair free chest how hotter can you get honestly !


Your Thoughts About JaaNu Chemistry and their Future- Well They are here to stay Embarrassed. The kid the tummy is the future of Jaanu. Their chemistry is more toxic than any chemical in a lab !


Two Lines About the Members Of This AT- The members of this AT are chilled sarcastic people who know how to have fun so stay the same and lets keep on rocking !


Two Lines About Sonia (Mis Cherie) the founder of this AT- Oh girl thanks for coming up this awesome idea and giving me a home at IF again after DMG days !


Your Thoughts About JaaNu AT- Well this is my home on IF I am one person who doesn't even post on the actual forum or on any other ones so I am obviously very attached to the members on this AT. Thanks for bringing IF back to my life Jaanu AT 

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UNRAZIA! (I wrote these answers in a hurry, as whatever came to my mind LOL if there is something i should edit do let me know. It seems like i am the first one to answer these too. )

First of all, Congratulations to every member of this AT on completing half Century. Clap This AT rocks and i hope we reach full century soon too. Big smile Approve This journey has been so amazing. CONGRATS MY FELLOW JAANUAINS! Hug Hug You are ROCKS babies.ROFL I am BRICKS LOL and others are STONES. LOL

Okay now back to the questions:


Your Name (UN)
-Sadia. (No Aapi, No DiDi, No baaji, No aapa, no choti, no chotu. ONLY SADIA.) LOL

Your DOB (optional)
-24th May (Not declaring my age khule aam, acha? Ziada free nahin kerwaya abhi.) ROFL

Your Favorite shows:
-It used to be Qubool Hai but not anymore. I lost interest. My favorite shows would have to be from American shows and the list is quite long so i would just say The Vampire Diaries. (Yes, Ian Somerhalder is Smexy) Blushing Day Dreaming

Why do you like Qubool hai?
-I used to love it because it was so different from the rest of Indian shows i have seen. It was a refreshing story where the girl was so opposite to the other sati savitri's of Indian Televison and she used to talk back to people. She fought for what was right. New Concept — It was actually a very very good show. I used to sleep, eat, dream QH until..until.. until.. Unhappy They had to mess it up after that whole Ajmer track and also the whole dragging of wedding celebrations. Oh well.. It was bound to happen i would've known. Ermm

How did you come across JaaNu AT?
-I don't know as i said i was obsessed with QH so i was obsessed with the forum too so i used to keep an eye on every post and one fine morning i woke up logged in from my phone and i was like WTH is JaaNu AT? *opens the thread* Ermm When i read the intro page i was like HELL YEAH! Shocked This seems so like me trollin' type of AT. I actually never knew this AT would be more important to me than the forum itself. This AT has given me the most amazing friends ever. I am glad i joined it, i swear.

Why do you love/like JaaNu?
-Who cannot love JaaNu? Shocked I mean look at them for heavens sake. Blushing They are my one and only OTP. A jodi made is heaven honestly. They give me butterfly's. They are the best couple ever and there can't be anyone in this world that can take their place. How many times have you really seen someone call her Hubby by the name of Jammy. Oh these two cutie pies.Blushing Blushing I can write a whole essay if i had to. JAANU ZINDABAD! JAANU MERI JAAN. Hug

Your first post in this AT
*goes to search* Ermm

I was just checking my first post and really, This was me? I totally forgot how excited i was about this AT even on my first post. Now i feel proud of myself.ROFL and omg! Shocked 28th May? WHOAH! It's just been 3-4 months since we know each other? It felt like we know each other since years. Embarrassed

Your most embarrasing moment on this AT
-This AT has given me way to many embarrassing moments as the members of this AT really love to bully me the most. Especially Hummy A.K.A PieryRose. LOL Well, my embarrassing moment has to be..

1- When All these girls were talking and teasing me about this someone from the AT. (Trust me i had nothing to do with all of this) Shocked LOL They discussed it in whole AT how that person is after ChaiWaali and bla bla and that person wasn't supposed to be on the AT, out of nowhere He came and read all the convo D'oh and said "Sudhar Jao tum sab" ROFL LMAOOO! Talk about embarrassment. Ermm I had nothing to do with it. Also, Another time when they Made up this name JoshBin I swear you guys. Why always me though? Mujhe ainweyin corrupt bana dete ho. Meine kya Bigada hai? LOL

2- Hummy has given me the worst names on this AT that so many times an outsider has came and asks who is this 'Dustbin' I am like OH SHIT! D'oh i don't know Ask Hummy as she is the Trashcan. ROFL

Your Most memorable moment on this AT
-Every moment spent on AT is memorable to me. I am not even kidding, but as i have to choose one or two it will be when we all wrote an 18+ OS on JaaNu. It was so much fun. Then once we played this Truth and Dare game and they gave me the dare to write a post about the bashers of the forum and give gaalis in Punjabi. Haha! It was hilarious and we had so much fun.

Btw, i actually love it when you people say 'going to have Cup-Of-Chai' Embarrassed You homies are my chaddi buddies. Hug

Person You like the most on the AT
-Do i have to choose One? Well it's ME. Okay Okay, i am kidding LOL it's "NaNoHuFaZaViDeJoHi" Yeah thats the name. Ermm LOL But tbh everyone is special to me from this AT. Hug

Your Favorite JaaNu AT title Uptil Now
-All the Titles of these AT's are amazing and most of the credit goes to 'Noops baby' but i guess my favorite has to be "Paachas Shades Of JaaNu" for some obvious reasons. That also used to be the Hot Topic on this AT. ROFL

Your Favorite JaaNu Scene in QH
-Obviously every JaaNu lovers favorite scene has to be the 'SuhaagRaat' one. Dayummm! How sexy they looked humbister-ed together. Blushing That scene was to die for. I also love the spontaneous hugs that Tanu baby used to give to Jammy. LOL

Your Thoughts About JaaNu Chemistry and their Future
-Like i said, JaaNu are my one and only OTP. Nobody can ever replace their sizzling chemistry. Day Dreaming About their Future well now i don't see their future together as Now Zoya is in and Tanveer out so not in this jaanam. Yes it's heartbreaking. Broken Heart

Two Lines About the Members Of This AT

Do i have to write a line on every member? Like the ones i know? If yes i will edit in a while. LOL

Two Lines About Sonia (Mis Cherie) the founder of this AT
-Well, She is an amazing and funny person. A great friend. I miss her though i wish she came here and didn't disappear. Disapprove

Your Thoughts About JaaNu AT
-BEST AT EVER made on India Forums. I am glad i joined this AT and i met the most amazing people here. *GROUP HUG* Hug

Guys I love each and everyone of you. No matter where we all are. I am sure i will never forget this AT and the amazing people i met here. You guys Are my true Homies. LOL Always having my back and always there for each other. I love you guys. Approve *wiping tears* i think i should finish this off. I will spam gifs in further posts i don't want the first page to be stuck.

P.s Noops i see you used the joker in the main post. I love you for that. You are the best. HugDancing partaay! And Lastly, i love all the members of this AT. Embarrassed

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Dilshaad Cool
WHoa WHooo!!! 50th Thread ppl 
happy times emoticon Special Congratulations to everyone of this AT. 
Wait wt is tht am hearing smiley listening to music emoticon  let mah feet feel dah beat   
happy feet penguin emoticon  Oyee DJ Billi on dah dancefloor cat headphones smiley    
awesome song PurLOL Btw tht grey goose is mineEvil SmileROFL

Your Name (UN) Dee/Problem_Child i also go by Pc ,Pine,D'dawg etcROFL bt just DeeTongue

Your DOB (optional)  ...year hmm Ermm nah stalkers..stalk some more maybe u mite guess it or ntLOL

Your Favorite shows In the beginning Qh was shaping up to be my fav indian show bt wt happenedD'ohtoo many bumps in the road i guess.However i did love MJHT and DMGLOL.
My fav english show would be Friends man i loved tht show everything from i'll be there for you to joey's how u doinEmbarrassedLOL and Grey's Anatomy..i knw it wasn't as awesome as the first 4 seasons bt i like itEmbarrassedLOL and lately Vampire Diaries.
Fav Pak serial would be between Humsaafar and ZGH both were amazing.

Why do you like Qubool hai
Well i liked it really in the beginning coz it was like a a breath of fresh air in indian serials.
Different concept..new faces with experienced ones.It didn't seem like the normal saas bahus shows where the answers are rite in front of ur face u just need to open ur eyesSleepy kinda thing.It was like the first time we we're seeing the opposite contrast where the girl is modern and guy is traditional whereas the norm is tht the girl is traditional.So tht appealed to me greatly..u know would she change her ways for him etc and i wanted to see hw they'd compromise bt nw i dunnoD'oh.To me something went amiss ..maybe its just coz am the type for passion and angst who knows Sleepy

How did you come across JaaNu AT My love for themEmbarrassedROFL actually no i was just roaming the forum bored and i saw AT and i was like wah? and one clicked and tht was it i got hooked like a fish on a rodLOL.

Why do you love/like JaaNu
What is there to not love about them?They are truly Rab ne bani di jodiEmbarrassed.They don't just set the screen on fire ..oh no they set the bar on fire for all those other jodis out there in television.Passion..history..chemistry..angst u name it they have it babyEmbarrassedCool
Watch them once and u'll want more.
Your first post in this AT
UmmErmm i need to search ..please hold

Your most embarrasing moment on this AT
Me ? Hmm am beshaaramROFL.Honestly i don't think any yet ..oh wait when everyone thought i was JoshROFL man i was likeD'oh

Your Most memorable moment on this AT
Every moment on this At is memorable with fun and mischief in the air.
Bt the best moment is when we're all online togetherEmbarrassedTongue

Person You like the most on the AT
Well i can say i like everyone here bt thts saying i love all 147 memebers um so noLOL
Bt to choose one i can't because Jaanu At isn't about one person or thing.We're all a team and sort of a crazy family in a crazy wayLOL and without one the other is incomplete coz simply its nt wht we do tht makes it fun or memorable its just who we have fun with.You guys knw who u areLOL..need i say more...
Your Favourite JaaNu AT title Uptil Now

Your Favorite JaaNu Scene in QH
Jaanu ki SRBlushingBlushing.She ..him...factory...lip stick mark.
Need i say more bout tht extremely steamy sceneBlushing

Your Thoughts About JaaNu Chemistry and their Future
Jaanu is the best bas enough said and they'll remain the best.
Even if they are nt together in this jaanam they'll get each other in the next 6LOL
bt for this one they can reside together in our hearts for making us melt with their onscreen passionLOL
Two Lines About the Members Of This AT
Two lines each...i need a whileLOL

Two Lines About Sonia (Mis Cherie) the founder of this AT
Well hello there Miss CherieEmbarrassed main tumhara problem.
We have not have had the immense pleasure of meeting yet bt khudos to you for creating an awesome ATTongue.
Your Thoughts About JaaNu ATEmbarrassed
Jaanu AT is awesome ..its nt like other Ats where its either a spamming ground or a worshiping fort..its a place where u can meet awesome ppl ,have fun,express urself and nt be judged.No fighting no drama nothing just plain old fun and laughter.

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-ElmoFuj- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 March 2012
Posts: 22769

Posted: 14 August 2013 at 7:43am | IP Logged

Your Name (UN)

Wese tou Faiza, but known as Fuj, baby catcher, gif waali, barbie killer, and aur bhi bohat kuch. ROFL 

Your DOB (optional)

Age 17. 14th Sept. 

Your  Favorite shows

IPKKND Day Dreaming , QH ofcourse, Veera, Ask-i-Mamnu, Oyle Bir Gecer Zamanki, The big bang theory Heart

Why do you like Qubool hai

The story about two brothers seemed very new to me, and it attracted me how they showed the girl coming between them. Plus the fact that it was a 4lions show, the only PH that makes shows that are somewhat my taste.

How did you come across JaaNu AT

I found this AT on the first page of the forum one fine, sunny day and i was like DAFUQ?! ROFL and then i opened up to see it was all humour and sarcasm and i was like HELL YEAH! This is the place for me! LOL

Why do you love/like JaaNu

The chemistry DUH. Like who is more hotter than JaaNu? Aray their name says it all. JAANU MERI JAAN, JAANU! Day Dreaming

Your first post in this AT

Page 79 of thread 1 to be exact. ROFL

Your most embarrasing moment on this AT

When I asked a simple question from my precious JaaNu-ians which was regarding Tanveer's pregnancROFL my lovelies teased me so much saying baby's come from the sky. ROFL hence my title, baby catcher. ROFL

Your Most memorable moment on this AT

Every moment with my lovelies is memorable but the truth and dare game on the AT was the most memorable. LOL

Person You like the most on the AT

This is like choosing between your pets ROFL im kidding. ROFL choosing between sibblings. Like Sadia said '
NaNoHuSaZaViDeJoHi' Big smile

Your Favorite JaaNu AT title Uptil Now

THIS ONE ACTUALLY!!! Ab Tak Pachaas!! SUPERB!!!!!! 

Your Favorite JaaNu Scene in QH

SR ofcourse, ye kesa sawaal hai? ROFL

Your Thoughts About JaaNu Chemistry and their Future

Together forever. Star-crossed lovers hain, 7 jannams saath rahenge beshak Zoya idhar udhar rahe. ROFL

Two Lines About the Members Of This AT

Mere Jaanu's!!! Heart 

Best people on the forum i've met ever! Love each one of them! <3 why? Simply because they know what Sarcasm is, they know how to have fun and how to be friends. 

Two Lines About Sonia (Mis Cherie) the founder of this AT

Oh Sonia! Hug how i wish she was with us too on our joruney to the 50th, but she is an awesome person. Ive talked to her many times, she really knows how to have fun and she's the coolest in the AT. Afterall, she gave us this AT, didnt she? LOL

Your Thoughts About JaaNu ATEmbarrassed

Best ever place on the forum. No politics, no fighting, no chamchagiri, bus simple people with their own minds who respect each and other. The most fun-filled place, where people can have REAL fun without hurting other's feelings. Love this place. JaaNu AT forever. Heart

Edited by -ElmoFuj- - 16 August 2013 at 8:33am

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pieryrose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 3:10am | IP Logged


WOW.. JaaNu AT crosses 50 threads.. and that goes for a celebration.. and InshAllah, we will be able to witness a full century..

Your Name (UN)
Aishath umaima.. meaning little mom.. but not a real mom yet.. dont know when that would be Ermm

Your DOB (optional)

Your  Favorite shows
IPKKND. obvious.LOL and i like korean shows.. man , those are awesome.Embarrassed the list is too short that it will take 500 pages to write..
Why do you like Qubool hai

to see  billo's stone eye.. maar dala.LOL. honestly there isnt anything i like abt QH.. because i have stopped watching this show... so the question should be changed to  why i dont like QH..LOL

How did you come across JaaNu AT

one fine morning, i woke up , brushed my teeth. had a great morning shower.. and then ate  breakfast.. and then i opened my comp.. and directly went to QH forum.. those days i was so much into QH., so i spent 24/7 on this forum.. checking the latest threads.. and i came across this  particular thread called JaaNu AT.. and thanks to sonia A.K.A Miss cherie( she really must be a cherrie) i found out it was a trolling post..and i never knew we would come this far..

Why do you love/like JaaNu
this is the most sexiest question i ever came across in my life LOL
the reasons are endless
1.billo's stone eye
2. koochi koochie hugs
3.billo calling asad JAMMY.. . kitna delicious naam hainaEmbarrassed
4.they are the least annoying couple i saw in the television history.
5.asad calling tannu makes me sing  JaaNU meri jaan
6.they have more skinship than the lead couple on QH.. gul mata ki jai ho
there are many reasons why i love them, but too lazy to write.. oops..how can i forget billo wearing  50 yards salwar kameez and seducing jammy.. that is also one reason i love them..

Your first post in this AT

first post .. omg . this is hard to remember.. and hard to find. so lets go find the mission impossible. #finding my first post in this AT..

Your most embarrasing moment on this AT
me getting the hindi grammar wrong.. there was a time i did write one sentence very confidently thinking it is perfect.. and i became the laughing stock because of that hindi sentence.. its not embarrassing anymore..thanks to grammar police A.K.A shabnam A.K.A noopur..
Your Most memorable moment on this AT

when people compliment me on the posters i make for this AT.. its a great feeling..thanks so much guys.. i love you all . MWAAAHHH. *red lipstick marks should be on ur cheek*LOL

Person You like the most on the AT
i LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS AT..  there is no one person... if there is one person the name would be in the Guinness world record.. and the name is
a DROP OF DEW in a CUP OG CHAI  and a  NUT was drowning and the girl drinking chai was listening to ZOOBIE DOOBIE  song at that moment, girl named VIYA  got married to a MALLIK and had a PROBLEM CHILD the next day  and the day was a THURSDAY, with lot of rain pouring down from the sky and another girl was with a basket in her hand CATCHING BABIES  , other  two girls were   singingZARA ZARA BEHEKTA HAI  and the girl named FATIMA  died due to happiness of failing in her exams and she travlled to HEAVEN with a BLISSFUL  smile

u guys can hire a detective to unlock the code..Sherlock homes is busy

Your Favorite JaaNu AT title Uptil Now
I LOVE ALL THE TITLE... the titlewali will get a promotion some time soon LOL
my most fav title was Teri shirt ka mein Button jammy.. i had a good laugh over this title.. and i came to know it was actually a song..and that too a romantic one.. LOL

Your Favorite JaaNu Scene in QH
the JaaNu Suhaagraat was my fav one.. what a scene.. i had a nose bleed when i was watching that R rated scene..LOL their sizzling chemistry set the screen on fire.. and from my eyes smoke was coming..LOL and i love her neatly braided/plaited hair was on his chest. LOL

Your Thoughts About JaaNu Chemistry and their Future
their chemistry results  in  biology.. meanig billo is ready -made mom.. with just one hug..they are going to have a happy future.. in the jungle. the next jungle book sequel is gonna be on them..
Two Lines About the Members Of This AT
you mean to say write a line for each memeber? that would take ages LOL
here i go..

and i completed the dare LOL

Two Lines About Sonia (Mis Cherie) the founder of this AT

Soniyo.., O Soniyo..Tumhein Dekhta Hoon To Sochta Hoon Bas Yehi..tum jooo.. ek baar apni face dikhadooo.. saare kaam bulake ek baar JaaNu AT pe aaye.. and that was so lame.. SONIYA WE REALLY MISS YOUCry

Your Thoughts About JaaNu ATEmbarrassed

this is most comfortable place on this forum. ./ fun place where there is lots to laugh about and joke around... and to be honest, i never thought i would make such great friends here.. i just love you all.. HugHugHug

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