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~** HAIDER [U/A] - Updates Thread - D-DAY!!! YAY!! **~ (Page 129)

vssaras IF-Rockerz

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Shahid Kapoor Takes on Hamlet' with Haider'

Mumbai " At the UTV office, Shahid Kapoor is in jaunty form. A lot of wisecracks and small talk later, we sit in the conference room for a chat. His excitement level is so high that he accidentally knocks down his mug of coffee and rushes for tissues to wipe the mess on the long table. As the PR requests us to keep our queries restricted to "Haider" and UTV, he twinkles, "You can ask me about Khoobsurat,'" and guffaws. So is he feeling threatened by Fawad Khan, I quip, and he looks daggers at me! Banter over, we move to the Q & A. Excerpts from an interview:

Q: Did you ever imagine doing this kind of role?

A: Never! An actor is always surprised at the way filmmakers perceive him. I never thought I would get to play Hamlet, say, "To be or not to be," hold a skull in my hand, film in Kashmir, get to act with artists like Irrfan, Kay Kay Menon and Tabu. That's what makes acting a great adventure " different people see you in different ways and want to mould you differently.

Now, every time I start work on a new film, I go with a clean slate, unlike when I used to think of the way I would do it. Now I know that a film is the journey of the filmmaker and once he starts downloading information on me, that's when I start the process of understanding and processing it.

More than "R ... Rajkumar," this film has liberated me, and it is not easy to go bald and go and act for hours. Just moving from a Prabhudheva to a Vishal Bhardwaj is scary but fun. I am ready for anything today. And this is a different version of "Hamlet," because the original may not have connected with the Indian audience. The freshness was clear, as Kashmir gives it freshness and a different subtext.

Q: Do you think people wanted to see you in the kind of entertainer that "R...Rajkumar" was, which is why it worked while so many films like "Kaminey" and others did not?

A: I don't look at it like that. If I do another film like "R ... Rajkumar" it will probably make more money. The first time is the test, in which the audience decides whether they like you in a specific kind of role, especially if you are switching genres. For the producer, it is about putting the money on you. That film opened up a certain genre for me.

An actor has borrowed dreams, not his own. It is about participating in someone else's dream. Right now it is "Haider" and I am now going to be a part of the world of "Shaandaar." We are like kids in a candy store offered a choice.

The old-school theories have been blasted in the last decade. I have heard a lot of that. Their kind of films work too, but the old school is convinced that films like "Taare Zameen Par" and "Munna Bhai MBBS" would never work.

Besides, you must do a film when you are ready for it, not because others are doing the same thing. I used to wonder whether I would be accepted or whether people would laugh at me in Prabhudheva's film, but our convictions worked, because I am not this toughie who can send 30 villains flying! (Laughs)

Q: What do you have to say about the fact that on Oct. 2, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, we are getting two violent films?

A: (Guffaws) But my film also has family emotions!

Q: And the clash with "Bang Bang!" " what about that?

A: A five-day weekend must be enough for two good films. If either film falters in audience expectations, it will not do well. The lack of a second release will not affect it positively, except maybe by ten percent.

Q: You are completely confident about "Haider"?

A: You see, a film whenever it is completed, looks completely different on the editing table. That's when we find that it's been such a long, interesting and even unpredictable journey.

Q: You said that you are in a happy space. Is that about the released hit or the two films you are doing?

A: I think I have realized that being happy with the process makes you a better actor and person. Earlier I would be very concerned about the result and would be disappointed with flops. That's why I am in a happy space.

vssaras IF-Rockerz

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5 daaays [:D/]

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Promoting a film can be real fun as you will figure out from these cute snaps of Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor.

The two have been on a whirlwind tour to different cities to promote their coming film Haider, slated to release on October 2. We've already treated you their photos from Dubai promotions. Now, check out these snaps that show Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor en route for promotions from Bangalore to Ahmedabad.

PHOTOS: Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor promote Haider' in Bangalore

You'll spot Shahid Kapoor giving away a variety of expressions while a co-passenger looks on confoundedly. Shahid cried' while leaving Bangalore, but lit up when he spotted himself in a magazine.

Meanwhile, Shraddha Kapoor is already feeling butterflies in her stomach.

"Butterflies in the stomach 6 days to go for #Haider!!! #2ndOct" Shraddha tweeted.

Watch: Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor smooch in 'Haider' song Khul Kabhi Toh'

Haider (watch trailer) is Vishal Bhardwaj's adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet. Apart from Shahid and Shraddha, the film also stars Kay Kay Menon, Tabu and Irrfan Khan.

Catch more cute snaps of Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor ahead.

(Photos: Twitter)

Also check out: Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor have jolly time on 'Comedy Nights'

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Our films captured only geography of Kashmir earlier, Vishal has captured its history in Haider : Gulzar

Vishal Bhardwaj calls himself Gulzar sahab's alter ego, Gulzar sahab calls him his extension. 

While Vishal has done most of his work with only Gulzar sahab, he cherishes his working with Vishal as Vishal understands poetry and allows him to get away with his experimentation. You see them together and you can make out their love and respect for each other. Ahead of Vishal Bhardwaj's upcoming film Haider, an adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet, we talk to Vishal and not just his godfather, but father, Gulzar sahab. Excerpts: Conversation with Gulzar sahab:

You have shot many films in Kashmir including Aandhi. What are your memories?
My daughter Bosky (Meghna) always longs to go to Kashmir as she grew up there. We used to go there every year and thus, many of her childhood memories are of Kashmir. In the 60s and the 70s, there was a tradition to picturise songs outdoor and the favourite destination was always Kashmir. At that time, it was a fantasy to shoot there and when we would sign an actor or actress they would always ask, where will the outdoor be picturised, hoping that the answer would be Kashmir. We had a regular driver there and can you imagine, his name was also Gulzar. Of course, the difference was that he was a Kashmiri. His children and grandchildren are still in touch with me. He lived in one of the bastis of Srinagar and we would go to his house to eat a meal even though we always put up in those days at the Oberoi. Many years later, when I was making Hu Tu Tu, I went to Srinagar to meet Amrish Puri ji, who was at that time shooting there, to offer him a role in the film. Kashmir was going through a bad phase at that time and I had gone after a long time. The hospitality industry had taken a beating and thus, Oberoi was operating only with one section. I told people there 'Main Gulzar ko talaash kar raha hoon'. They advised me against going out. Later in the evening, to my surprise, I found Gulzar waiting for me at the hotel lobby. He had come to know somehow that I was there. I had that kind of rapport even with the boatmen and people, who would take us to Char Chinar. On that small little land, there was a bar and a restaurant and we would have a drink there. Our films captured more of the geography of Kashmir; in Haider, it is history that Vishal has created. And that's the most beautiful part. It is for the first time that Kashmir will be shown in this kind of detail, be it of its people, places, mohallas or its journey. He has done everything I did, but in a better way. I have seen Haider. For me, Kashmir was not just a landscape. I also have a special connection with the river Jhelum, as I was born on the other side of it, in Dina in Pakistan. I knew and had a relationship with its people.

Our films up till now have only showed the physical side, in Haider, he has shown the life of people that really touched me. Kashmir has multifaceted beauty. It is the only place where you will find a village to a hill station to a kasba to a waterfall to a jungle and that's the beauty of it and that is why, rightly so there is the famous proverb, that if there is a paradise on this earth it is here, it is here, it is here.

READ: Vishal Bharadwaj: Kashmiris are such lovely people and they gave us so much love

What does Vishal mean to you personally?
Can you imagine so many years back, I shot Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi Shikwa Toh Nahi song at the very same spot that he has shot Bismil song. In that song, I was looking at the presence of somebody to be there, without whom my life was not complete. So somebody came on that location to shoot on that location after 20 years and that is Vishal. Meri kami poori ho gayi. His shooting at the same location independently shows how souls meet. He is my son, my extension. It isn't easy to define the relationship I share with him. He is like a son, a brother, a disciple, a colleague, and a companion. It's a sharing of souls that is difficult to define. There are few relationships that you can't define. Vishal is the closest in that. It's a bond of belonging. Actually you will reduce it by defining it. It may sound very cliched. A rose will not be the same if you peel off its petals. A rose will remain a rose only when it is together with all its petals.

Your view on Vishal's work?
As a director, he is in pace with the time and is reflecting it very strongly. Thematically, I have said that before and even technically, his films will be treated as text books in film schools after 15 years. That's the big quality of his films. I have a difference of opinion with him, when he says that he has adapted Shakespeare though. I don't feel that they are adaptations. I feel they are original films. They remind me of my times and not of the ancient times. Yes, in his films there is a basic structure of placing of some characters from Shakespeare, that he has taken, but I don't know what else has inspired him. A story is an adaptation only with its characterisation. His adaptation, which I concede as he insists, is that of the common people and common struggle of my times as against in Shakespeare's plays that pertained to the feudal system and the monarchy and therefore, reflected their issues. Shakespeare was a great playwright and writer and I don't mean to take away his greatness, but in our democratic times, talking of the common people like Vishal does, is more closer to Munshi Premchand than Shakespeare.

Your favourite song from Haider?
There are two. The most popular one is Bismil. My favourite one is So Jao, the grave diggers. It has a depth and a philosophy behind it. Vishal and me differ in our expression. While he thinks it is black humour, I call it a philosophy.

The recent floods in Kashmir have done so much damage in reversing the trend of positive tourism?
It's a tragedy that has happened to people. It's actually an international affair, not a national affair. Since this is closer to us, we feel the hurt even physically, though emotionally you feel the same for any such international calamity. In Assam, every year it has been happening. Why should writers only from Assam write about it and not writers from others parts of the country? Military did a lot in Kashmir, but when political people start taking credit for it, it hurts a lot.

Conversation with Vishal Bhardwaj:

What does Gulzar sahab mean to you?
My existence is because of him. What will you be without your father?

If we make a mistake he needs to be harsh right? 
I feel in all these years he has disciplined me. And that's how I have learnt about life. I have learnt the value of time, the habit of coming on time. Delhi se jo bhi aata hai, woh punctual nahi hota hai. We all conveniently give the excuse of traffic when we reach late in Mumbai. But I have never seen him using that excuse and he still reaches early everywhere. We all feel scared if he calls us somewhere as we all know that he will reach ahead of time, so we need to reach 15 minutes before him. He told me one thing that I want to remind him that he taught me 'Never accept your own mediocrity' and that has become my mantra for life.

You have only worked with him mostly. Any special memories?
We have made so many of our songs in such strange places. We have made so many songs roaming around travelling together. Whenever we are travelling together, a song is made. We were writing antras of Ibn-e-Batuta standing in a line at the airport. We have made songs in a bus. I remember my first meeting with him. The first meeting was very special even though it is far away and looks like a fairy tale for me today. He was to come to a studio to compose an ad jingle and called me from Bengali sweets house in Delhi as he was not able to find the way to the studio. I asked him to wait there and went to pick him up. I remembered his entire collection of poems by heart and was obsessed with his poetry. Nobody has his kind of expression. Subconsciously, my fascination of Shakespeare comes from his film Angoor that to me is loosely based on The Comedy Of Errors. Ijaazat was my most favourite film. You always ape your father. Look at my kurta. I am also wearing white. I wear one more colour, that is black. Someone told me you are his alter ego and that is why you wear black.

Between the both of you, who is more stubborn?
Gulzar sahab said, 'I can give you my last word on that. Mujhe yeh maloom hai ki agar koi mere khilaaf bolega, toh yeh uspe patthar marega. I know he will take care of me. Yeh meri taraf hai.'

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^^Can I like this IV 1000 times

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