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DC Reflections - 29 (Page 3)

chitmanas Goldie

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 8:28am | IP Logged
redwine and poona, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas about this wonderful show, it's like watching taking a walk down memory lane and connecting up some missing dots
poona, i can't tell you how much i enjoy your posts, they are truly wonderful
redwine, kya likhti hai yaar, god bless you

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Arshi.Sugi.IPK IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 8:51am | IP Logged
Superb Analysis Smile One of ma fav episode Smile

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tvbug2011 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 4:00pm | IP Logged

Ruby, AWESOME analysis!! What can I say, I am just speechless at the way you've connected the dots. Until I read your piece, hadn't guessed the haq hai tumhara clutch connect to this epi's clutch. And I have to admit that while at some point I'd also registered that Khushi was not unaffected by Arnav, actively seeking out his company, but that she'd staked her claim this early on had not compl registered. So love that you pointed it out so plainly.

And again your insights into Payal's "kya bigada hai isne aapka?" What a question!! One that clearly flummoxes yet disturbs him, so that when Anjali repeats the question to him when he's back in his room, he has to frustratedly admit, "Pata nahin di..." How to admit to Anjali, what he could not admit to himself. And no doubt those penetrating questions of Payal's were playing in a loop in his mind. Well done, Payal! This is the one episode where we get to see Payal's back-bone at its strongest. Doesn't back down even from ASR.
And oh yes the bangle-breaking scene during PayAsh's wedding! Finally, he was able to (literally) kiss her hurt better. No doubt he could have managed as good a grip on the glass fragment with his fingers, but the mouth added a certain piquancy to the act, and was no doubt satisfying as hell.Wink
Incidentally, the Mujhe Karne Do is mirrored some episodes later by Khushi when she's up all night caring for an Arnav laid low by her Gopi Bahu antics unmindful of his diabetes.
And yes the shared graze, the PH's wink, wink at the blood donation cliche in other serials, or an exchange of something deeper, more elemental even? The miscing of souls, I like to think.
Finally, have to point out that Arnav was always so shareef that even when he had the opportunity, he touched her no more than was just necessary. The unconscious Khushi would never have known, but Arnav just restricted himself to pushing the lock of  hair back into place, wiping away a stray tear, and then, just, barely grazed the softness of her cheek with his fingertips. Had it been Shyam, who was happy to gaze down Khushi's cleavage whenever the opportunity presents, well it could have been another story altogether. But it was Arnav, and by now there's love as well as lust.

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Ipoona Goldie

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 6:50pm | IP Logged

"And yes the shared graze, the PH's wink, wink at the blood donation cliche in other serials, or an exchange of something deeper, more elemental even? The miscing of souls, I like to think."

Shocked   Holly cow!!! How can I be so dense!!! Really????

I thought blood exchange sort of implies a brother / sisterhood ... I know I have a best blood sister from Seventh class ... Poked our wrists with compasses and held them together ... Still best friends ... Years on ... Tongue 

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PSharada IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 7:14pm | IP Logged
Lovely write up. Absolutely loved reading this again.

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S003 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 7:56pm | IP Logged

He took her to her home .. to be bombarded by REALITY .. her sister asked him a question .. which he was running away from .. a reality he was not ready to face ... an answer which he could not give ... she asked him .. 

" Kya bigaada hai isne aapka " 

the answer was ... she has taken by sanity .. she has touched my heart .. she has become a part of me ... a part i have not wanted to believe i have ... a part .. MY HEART ... now does the significance of the dialog .. which KHUSHI spoke during the Payash sangeet make sense ... HUMARE PAAS DIL hai ... DIL toh Arnav ke paas bhi tha .. but that DIL was hidden between a hard BLACK cloak of ANGER ... a DIL which was touched that night in a remote guest house .. the moment he cradled her in his arms... 

Her sister ... continuously makes him face the reality .. she asks him .. "you are waiting for the day that she crumbles & asks u for help right " ... that was the reality .. YES PAYAL did see a lot ... a lot more than many saw .. she saw the fight Arnav had ... the need to for KHUSHI to ask for HELP ... but ofcourse since it was a courtship which even the lead pair dint know about .. PAYAL was unable to figure out the need Arnav had for Khushi's call for help.

The sister rejects his help vehemently .. she refuses to let him tend to her .. she refuses to assuage his guilt & ushers him out of their home .. 

He goes away ... but pauses .. when he hears the words .. SHYAMji .. his body a freeze .. his heart working overtime .. but override by the MIND .. which questions .. what can he be doing here ? So he goes away .. 

Red few things are as good as reading an analysis of yours.


Why am I here? well because I heard that Star Plus has IPPKND 2 coming out soon and well I want to vent.

SP seems to have made the worst decisions with regards to this show. The absolute worst, except may be pulling it off air when Barun decided to leave.

To start with they never really understood the USP of the show. This show while the story lacked originality the treatment was very different. Things fit together and each character was beautifully and painstakingly etched out. They failed to grasp the kind of popularity it had with the online audience or the even that there was an audience outside of what they thought they should be leading. I remember reading that Khushi OTT did really well with the audiences in rural areas, but the show was never popular with that audience so why then push it down their throats. And now... they have decided to use the title again. Well you see that is shooting yourself in the foot isn't it. You are inviting direct comparison to the what IPKKND was, so that means the new show has to literally blow everyone's socks off every single day because a good show will be compared to the amazingness that was IPKKND and fall flat!!!! Why are they putting their own foot in the kuladi? why I ask... and lets just say if Rabba Vey is used I won't watch the channel again I swear ( a little extreme I know but hey).
But since I'm here and the discussion is about this episode let me just say a few things about it.
The man behind the mask... today we glimpsed at the guy who cares so deeply for his di that he becomes a child following her around, care for someone else. For Arnav a very drastic and dangerous event brings out the fear he has of losing the people he loves we have seen it time and time again but this time was the first time we saw him care and act on it. ...
I don't think it was love that made him drive to the guest house rather it was duty... the very thing that Khushi will accuse him of not doing in a few episodes. He feels responsible this girl would not be in this situation if it wasn't for him, so he drives there to rescue her like he would do any other person. Then he saves her... and is on his way out of the place to take her back to her home safely when she stops him... And immediately he is pissed... to him yes he messed up but he also rectified his mistake so that should negate any residual blame and he turns to explain just that... when he is faced with fiery Khushi!!!!
Before he can think he is physically assaulted by the girl he rescued!! the shock of that makes him forget the position of power he normally has... he is lost in the accusation and suddenly he is back to feeling guilty... which pisses him off... how dare this girl make him feel guilty!!! Which is why he lashes out and accidentally hurts her... It is when she faints do we get to see what Mr. Raizada has been hiding all along... TENDERNESS...
I won't talk about Khushi holding on to him because RED has done a fantastic job. But what I will talk about is Arnav and Anjali... unknowingly Khushi has brought out Arnav's tender side which he is hiding by being doubly ferocious especially with anyone who dares contront him... at this moment it is Dadi!! I loved that the tenderness and concern was shared with Anjali the only kink in his armour... And I LOVE ANJALI REPRIMANDING HIM AND MAKING HIM FACE HIS GUILT.
Arnav has for so long hid behind his armour that he himself has forgotten that there is a kind soul imbedded deep within him, and today Khushi Kumari Gupta reminded him of that long lost boy he once was...
That was my two cents



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redwine1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 8:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tvbug2011

Ruby, AWESOME analysis!! What can I say, I am just speechless at the way you've connected the dots. Until I read your piece, hadn't guessed the haq hai tumhara clutch connect to this epi's clutch. And I have to admit that while at some point I'd also registered that Khushi was not unaffected by Arnav, actively seeking out his company, but that she'd staked her claim this early on had not compl registered. So love that you pointed it out so plainly.


First of all ... THANK YOU ALL for the wonderful encouragement ... 

U know i have often mentioned it here .. to me the character KHUSHI was vastly different than what most people conceived her as ... my vision probably was as close to the makers ... cause like them i was as flummoxed when the audience in general asked for a redemption track ... 

On the second viewing ... do u really see the 'manhandling' Arnav ... she pushes him .. he retaliates by stopping her ... anyways .. barring the almost kiss on Diwali ... it was always KHUSHI who led albeit very subtely the whole courtship ... 

Lets look at the Holi sequence ... she is the one who makes him speak it out .. she gives him a glimpse of what she feels .. & he JUMPS right in with his feelings  .

Look at the dhaba incident .. she pushes him to acknowledge his reason for anger when some random guy pushed her .. she questions his mad rage to kill ...  .. Now remember Nani's dialog ... " Chattan ko hillane ka kaam toh KHUSHI bitiya ki hai" 

Even in the marriage ... the first time he stood up & proclaimed her as his wife ... in front of the public gathered at the muh dikhai .. when he says .. " Khushi meri patni hai .. aur yeh ek jayaz rishta hai" ... she never backed down ... she makes him run after her .. makes him work to bring her home ... & finally shoves it down his throat ... "KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA SINGH RAIZADA" ... she makes him face the fact that buddy this is 6 months rishta u think ... well think again .. she keeps rubbing the fact that this aint gonna end ...  & the most revealing of all dialogs ...  " humne aapko itna majboor toh kar diya ke aapko humse shaadi karni padi " ... 

WOW what a dialog ... remember the guy who pinned her to the glass in his room & said .. i DONT BELIEVE in marriage ... SHE GAVE IT RIGHT BACK TO HIM THAT DAY ... 

KHUSHI as i have often mentioned was the HEROINE .. a very misunderstood heroine .. cause most people watching Indian soaps .. want  "tortured" heroines ... & the one thing which is great about GUL KHAN is that ... Her HEROINES are more HERO than the HERO ... 

Be it KHUSHI ... Be it Geet .. Be it Zoya .. they all fought for what they want ... their feminity & gentle nature hide what is the most awesome STEEL nature ... 

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spsharmila Goldie

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 8:40pm | IP Logged
Ruby, take a bow Clap 
I become speechless every time I read your posts..totally awesome Clap 

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