Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

DC Reflections - 29

redwine1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 August 2013 at 9:02pm | IP Logged

Biwi ho tum meri ... HAQ hai tumhara ...                                  MUJHPE ... 


Welcome to yet another edition of Reflections, On their Shagun ceremony .. Arnav asked Khushi a simple question ... "Toh ab tum meri nahi ho? " to which Khushi replied .. " Hum to aap hi ke hai" 

For some reason in their entire courtship ... these particular dialogs gave me a very warm feeling ... & on a rewatch of tuesdays episode ... i realised why ... 
Well the entire courtship of Arnav & Khushi was led by Arnav .. he was the aggressor .. or so we all thot ... RIGHT ... BUT ... well .. the pictures above speak for them selves ... KHUSHI STAKED HER CLAIM ... way before ARNAV  ... She staked her claim that night when he lay her on her bed ... & she refused to let him go ... she held on to him ... 

Well ok grab ur remotes ... & go the SUHAG RAAT scene .. its a pure reflection of this scene ... SO this week ... KHUSHI STAKED HER CLAIM ... a CLAIM which at that moment ARNAV did not acknowledge openly  ... BUT HE KNEW HE WAS MARKED ... HE WAS MARKED FOR & BY HER 


She lay there on the muddy ground ' her breath stopped .. her heart beat paused ' lifeless ..' just when he had managed to overcome all the odds ' & finally embrace her .. she was GONE '

He howled to the heavens ' he cried out his anguish ' & then when all failed .. he cradled her in his arms & brought her to his heart & whispered ' KHUSHI '

She whispered back ' hmmm 

That was all it took ' the meeting of the heart beats & they were one '

CUT TO this weeks episode '..

He had banished her to the far out Guest house cause her presence around him was weakening the walls around his heart .. the ice berg was melting .. the mountain was being moved '

But to his abject horror he found out the guest house was on its verge of falling apart ' & with it his heart screamed that its beats were being stifled ' he anxiously heard his worst nightmare being spoken out ' KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA ' was missing '..

His heart propelled him in full speed & he rushed to the ill fated guest house ' he searched high & low ' he found the small things of hers which always poked his heart ' her abandoned phone which was not blaring that shocking ring tone .. her bag lay by the wayside ' not hanging on her delicate shoulders '

Fear now enveloping him '. He looked frantically for her .. when he heard a scream '. A scream which pierced his heart ..a scream which was his siren song 'he broke down doors to be with her ' NO BARRIER was going to stop him '

He pulled her to safety '

Her knight came charging to save her ' but a little late '.  She comes charging at him & pours her bag full of woes on him '. She pushes him .. pushing his prejudiced thots .. pushing his beliefs .. pushing his barriers aside ' only to be pinned by him '

The passions which had been ignited one rainy night ' were raging over ' needing an outlet .. they look into each others eyes '. Speaking one set of words from their mouth ' & another with their eyes ' while his mouth was refusing to take the blame .. his devastated eyes screamed his anguish .. screamed his regret .. screamed his guilt ' the passion which raged to an inferno now crumbled into a river of aftershock '. The river of HURT scalds him .. burns him ' & his last remaining barrier falls away in ashes '.  the strain of it all was to much for her tender self .. & she falls in his arms ' in a dead faint 

He picked her up in his arms .. cradled her to his heart & the knight in shining armor rescued his damsel & led her on his white charger '


He lay her on the bed '. & she clutched his shirt '. NOT LETTING HIM GO ' CLASPING HIM TO HER ' unconsciously.. her heart whispered what she wouldn't be able to say to him '  U R MINE '



The hand clutch of IPK '.

The most incredible moment of unspoken love ' the most incredible moment of staking claim ' the most incredible way to say ' U R MINE

That's the first time .. Arnav's heart beat in rhythm with Khushi ' as he cradled her to him ' he BROUGHT HER CLOSE TO HIS HEART .. removing his self erected barriers '. & she LAID CLAIM '. Well guys what else is left to say but ' " PYAAR TO HONA HI THA"  '.

Now who would've guessed this was courtship .. this was staking the claim .. this was the first fledging steps towards tumultuous emotions ' isiliiye friends .. it was called '. "Iss Pyaar Ko KYa Naam Doon?"

The clutch found its way in so many scenes of IPK .. it was like the quiet unspoken words .. the eye locks .. the fall & catch ' but .. IT had more significance .. since it was the ONLY WAY ' KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA .. ever verbalized her feelings for ARNAV ' till she said ' " Hum Bhi aapse I love you dammit"  '.

The clutch of the collar .. was her way of BINDING him to her ' if he forced her into marriage ' SHE HELD HIM into the marriage ' (forward to the grih pravesh episode ' a forced marriage yes ' but the moment he brings her close to his heart ' by cradling her in his arms '. SHE CLUTCHES HIM TO HER ' )

Arnav never acknowledged this claim of Khushi's openly ... but he knew he was hers ... & whats more she was his ... the reason for the anger when she get engaged to someone else .. the reason for the mad dash anger when she is hurt by someone else in a dhaba ... the reason for the concern when he sees her about to fall in a faint on Teej .. the reason for TUM THEEK HO ??

This clutch & cradling ' continues ' till the end of the courtship ... Khushi staked her CLAIM ... & then one day ... SHE RENOUNCES THAT CLAIM ... she leaves him ... ' & that day once again she clutched his collar  'but this time to DRIVE HIM AWAY .. & this time .. HE HOLDS HER HANDS TO HIS COLLAR .. saying '

   "Biwi ho tum meri ... Haq hain tumhara ' mujhpe"

Thats the day Arnav acknowledged OPENLY her claim on him ... YES HE TOLD HER ... I AM YOURS ... 

So the loop which opened in episode 28 found its closure in episode 304 ... but the loop always played like a undercurrent through out the series ... 

There was guilt in him that night  .. her anguish pierced his heart ... but there was a feeling of relief as well .. HE WAS FINALLY ABLE TO PROTECT HER  ... the feeling to HAVE & HOLD .. which he rejected on the day he let  her fall from his office ... which rose to new heights in a remote parking lot amidst torrential rains .. FINALLY got closure .. he got to SAVE her ... now do the words ... HAMESHA SAMBHALTA RAHOONGA ... ring a bell ... well those were words .. which he always promised her thru his eyes .. it was only on that day that he whispered it back to her .. 

He took her to her home .. to be bombarded by REALITY .. her sister asked him a question .. which he was running away from .. a reality he was not ready to face ... an answer which he could not give ... she asked him .. 

" Kya bigaada hai isne aapka " 

the answer was ... she has taken by sanity .. she has touched my heart .. she has become a part of me ... a part i have not wanted to believe i have ... a part .. MY HEART ... now does the significance of the dialog .. which KHUSHI spoke during the Payash sangeet make sense ... HUMARE PAAS DIL hai ... DIL toh Arnav ke paas bhi tha .. but that DIL was hidden between a hard BLACK cloak of ANGER ... a DIL which was touched that night in a remote guest house .. the moment he cradled her in his arms... 

Her sister ... continuously makes him face the reality .. she asks him .. "you are waiting for the day that she crumbles & asks u for help right " ... that was the reality .. YES PAYAL did see a lot ... a lot more than many saw .. she saw the fight Arnav had ... the need to for KHUSHI to ask for HELP ... but ofcourse since it was a courtship which even the lead pair dint know about .. PAYAL was unable to figure out the need Arnav had for Khushi's call for help.

The sister rejects his help vehemently .. she refuses to let him tend to her .. she refuses to assuage his guilt & ushers him out of their home .. 

He goes away ... but pauses .. when he hears the words .. SHYAMji .. his body a freeze .. his heart working overtime .. but override by the MIND .. which questions .. what can he be doing here ? So he goes away .. 


He tries to go away .. but his siren had him in his grips .. he peeps in from the window .. his need to make certain that she is well .. overriding all common sense ... when he sees her wound being tended to ... the need to be the one to patch her up was welling in him .. he wanted to rant & rave that its my right to do this .. i gave her this wound .. i need to patch it up .. but that night DM was not in a mood to assuage his guilt.

Now grab ur remote to the famous bangle breaking scene during Payash havan ... she is trying a bangle a gift which was not given by him ... the bangle breaks & she gets pierced .. in the same spot that she was hurt a stormy night couple of months back ... 

he stops the car getting off to tend her ... BUT she pulls her hands out of his reach ... BUT THAT NIGHT .. he had acknowledged to himself ... that .. SAANSEIN RUK JAAYENGI .. if something happened to KHUSHI .. so he grabs her hands ... & angrily tells her .. "KHUSHI MUJHE KARNE DO" 

He finally  got the chance he wanted that night ... a chance to right the wrong of the night ... he inadvertently caused her harm .. a night when his heart before beating .. would've collapsed .. in a mass of rubble ... 

Yes the cut in episode 28 found its connect in that beautiful episode during Payash pre marriage havan  ... 

He sits in his car ready to drive away ... HE DOES NOT WANT TO LEAVE her ... HIS HEART is at war with his mind ... his mind is satisfied that she is in BEST HANDS .. but his heart tells him ... SHE IS ONLY SAFE when she is with him ... WEll what Arnav dint know then .. his heart was RIGHT ... there was EVIL lurking around the corner .. JUST waiting to pounce on his love ... OH well ... if Arnav had listened to his heart .. we would not have got 398 episodes of sheer bliss right ... Wink

He reaches his house ... which is in a furore ... a house which never saw him react thus .. a house which was used to his ANGER .. but never saw him UNRAVELLED ... a sister .. who could glimpse his real nature .. for the first time .. gets a glimpse of a confusion raging in him ... a confusion which only makes him utter the one word .. KHUSHI ... 

This is Anjali's first notice of how much KHUSHI affects him .. & how his rude behaviour of KHUSHI hurts him far more than it hurts KHUSHI .. hence she gives him that talk to post marriage ... after Arnav faint incident ... 

She helps him the cost of being shouted at by the gentle tigeress Payal ... she finds out for him ... THAT SHE WAS OKAY ... YES SHE WAS OKAY .. YES HE WAS OKAY .. 

Both had visible Physical signs of their skirmish ... a scar on both their hands ... but what was invisible was the DEEP MARK ON THEIR SOULS ... That night their souls connected .. that night both of them were marked .. THAT NIGHT DM showed to us ... HER HAND OF CARDS ... THE KNIGHT SAVED HIS DAMSEL ... & the EVIL lurked around ... Two GENTLE tigresses ... hovered ready to apply the balm .. 

Episode 29 - 

In episode 28 if u saw the hearts connect ... in episode 29 you saw the hearts talk to each other  ... he is sitting in his room lost in his thots of her ... caressing his wound the same way he had caressed her face ... rubbing the blood .. the same way he rubbed her tears .. he was in SHANTIVAN .. sitting on his bed in his room .. but he was present in Gupta house .. sitting on the bed & softly caressing her face ... 

The whisper soft caress of his fingers .. gently removing her strand of hair ... runs a shock thru her system .. she is ruffled .. & wakes up with a scared shout ... " Nahin " ... 

Up above the world so high .. DM sighed ... WHAT THE ... they both are so not ready to face the pie ... well ... she had plans ... he needed to be jolted awake .. he needed to be set down a peg .. his heart needed to be ruffled a bit ... his EGO needed to be let down a bit ... & well she had just the idea .. who would do this ... she smiled ... OK KHushi time to wake up & smell the SUGAR .. or ok EAT the sugar ... SUGAR burst needed ... as she would have to begin the FIGHT .. the FIGHT to CLAIM what she had STAKED ...  A fight to become the WORLD OF ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA 

Phew .. i know a long one .. but the episode 28 was so mind boggling .. just had to pen down the connects .. sorry wrote a small bit of 29 .. but on friday will do justice ... Wink  am hoping Poona will do the needful .. along with Mayu ... TV bug am waiting ... 




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love_for_serial Goldie

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Posted: 13 August 2013 at 9:12pm | IP Logged
Beautiful Analysis! I was waiting for DC to open today, just for this clutch scene. I had the same feeling that Khushi was always attached to Arnav, maybe she never understood it.

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GirlOfFire Goldie

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Posted: 13 August 2013 at 9:42pm | IP Logged
Beautiful writeup as usual, Ruby. 

There is one thing that I'd like to point out in this particular scene (not just episode). When Khushi faints. 

The series of expressions that go through Arnav's face. From anger to bewilderment - then bemusement and finally to mesmerized wonderment. This is the power of Khushi over Arnav. 

When he moves that flick of hair (again another haq-wala touch - he does it over and over later on) first wiping her tears with his thumb and then just looking his fill of her. He is in no hurry to rush out of the building. He could stand and stare at her all day. And for the first time - he doesn't have to hide these feelings - even from himself. 

And then she puts her mark on him - unconsciously.

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redwine1 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by GirlOfFire

Beautiful writeup as usual, Ruby. 

There is one thing that I'd like to point out in this particular scene (not just episode). When Khushi faints. 

The series of expressions that go through Arnav's face. From anger to bewilderment - then bemusement and finally to mesmerized wonderment. This is the power of Khushi over Arnav. 

When he moves that flick of hair (again another haq-wala touch - he does it over and over later on) first wiping her tears with his thumb and then just looking his fill of her. He is in no hurry to rush out of the building. He could stand and stare at her all day. And for the first time - he doesn't have to hide these feelings - even from himself. 

And then she puts her mark on him - unconsciously.

THANK U  girloffire ... Big smile

U know for me the flick of hair which comes in KHUSHI's subconscious .. had a far higher significance ... IT WAS THAT  flick of hair which woke up sleeping beauty ... 

it was a wondrous moment ... it is Arnav caressing his hands sitting in Shantivan .. in the same way he caressed her face ... & she feels his touch ... thats the first TELEPATHIC CONVO of this couple .. Embarrassed

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SaRun. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 August 2013 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
As Always AmazingClap

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mayukatta IF-Dazzler

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 leave me alone ASR iam in no mood to talk...

not to u!!
they are crazy.. how can they.. i loved it so much!!
he is gone!!
(i said go and he is gone!!)
you know what..? I REALLY DONT CARE!!
(what? he listened!!)
ah!!! i so so dont like this Cry

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msin IF-Rockerz

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Ruby very well said.Clap
This hand clutch of Khushi was iconic... ..Arnav also remembers it in dhaba when she faints out of fever..and still clutches on to to him.,

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iritz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 August 2013 at 12:02am | IP Logged

VM of the Day...

Ae Bhai... hua kya???

Arrey Samjho ho hi gaya !!!

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