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I will always protect you and love you (VIRIKA FF) (Page 3)

HayatM Senior Member

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 1:00am | IP Logged
Nice story!:)
Interesting start.
Continue soon

avni_19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 2:38am | IP Logged
woww wowww n wowww... amazinggg superb concept.. read all the 3 parts in one shot... tooo greattt..

plsss PM me when u updateee... u r writing tooo great... hope Viren n Meera both are safeee... 

looking forwarddd... :)
-Aaliya.KryAn- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 3:30am | IP Logged
Loved it.
Continue soon and PM me too.
TeriMaaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 August 2013 at 6:15am | IP Logged
really nice ..
thanks fr the long parts 
continue soon

NishuM IF-Dazzler

Joined: 18 July 2012
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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 1:12am | IP Logged
Nice story...
great going..
continue soon..
sushmakryan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 August 2012
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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 11:46pm | IP Logged
awesome update continue soon and pm me 
virika-23 Senior Member

Joined: 05 August 2013
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Posted: 16 August 2013 at 11:57pm | IP Logged
amazing update continue soon 
tasha_tacker Groupbie

Joined: 13 August 2013
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Posted: 18 August 2013 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
Chapter 4
The next day it was the day of the dance, Jeevika was in her room deciding what to wear. Abhi came in her room.
Abhi- "Damn yaar this is your room?!"
Jeevika- "Yup"
Abhi- "Yaar i wish i was special V.I.P."
Jeevika laughs- "Anyways what are you doing here?"
Abhi- "Well i was missing my clone and i think i may have accidentally packed it in your bag, have you seen it"
Jeevika- "Nope! I put everything in my drawer and everything, and i haven't seen it"
Abhi- "Hmm..then where would it go?"
Jeevika- "I don't know! Anyways i gotta go change"
She goes in the bathroom and changes into her black dress, she puts on some make up, finishing her look off with a french braid.
Abhi- "You ready?"
Jeevika- "Yup"
They both leave. They went to the Dance which was in the huge Gym. Jeevika saw Viren and Viren saw Jeevika they both walk up to each other.
Viren- "Wow your looking really pretty today Jeevika"
Jeevika smiles- "Thanks your looking quite handsome"
Viren smiles- "Uhh...wanna dance?"
Jeevika- "Sure"
It was a romantic slow song playing, Viren starts off with putting his hand on Jeevika's waist while Jeevika put her hand on his right shoulder, they stare into each other's eyes, Jeevika was blushing a little, Viren smiled. They were done dancing after the whole song finished.
Viren- "Umm...i am gonna go get a drink you want one?"
Jeevika- "Sure"
Viren- "Ok i'll be back wait here"
Viren was getting the drinks for him and Jeevika.
Meera was talking with her friends. The men arrive at the school and they searched everywhere they read the sign that said school dance is today at 7 pm.
They then saw all the teenagers dancing and hanging out outside the gym and stuff. They run inside. One of the men noticed Meera already but he wanted to get a closer look to make sure its her. Meera noticed and then remembered the picture, she was remembering Viren's word; "Mustafa Ibrahim very dangerous guy that can kill anyone without being accused" Meera then quickly walked slowly looking around for her brother then back at the man who was following her. Just then one of the other men shot a gun up in the air. Everyone screamed Viren then turns around he saw Rajiv Singh there he then quickly went in the way backs o Rajiv singh couldn't see him and went to the other side looking for Meera. Just then Rajiv Singh saw him  and was about to shoot him, but Jeevika saw and pushed him out of the way and they both fell on the floor.
Viren- "you ok?"
Jeevika- "Yeah you?"
Viren- "I'm fine"
Abhi saw Meera running so he followed her, she went all the way to the nearest exit which was the window she ran out there, but two of the men saw and went after her. Meera was running and she saw Abhi next to her.
Meera- "Abhi what the hell are you doing here?"
Abhi- "Trying to protect you"
Meera- "Abhi you have to go its not safe for you to be with me"
Abhi- "No"
Meera- "What about your sister?"
Just then one of the men was aiming for Meera's head but then Abhi made her duck and he pushed as they both rolled down a huge hill top. They made it to the highway and kept running, there was so many buildings with small alleys in between so they went in there Abhi grabbed her hand and they stayed quiet hiding behind the clothes line.
Man- "Where did the boy and the girl go? Chalo they are probably hiding over there" pointing in the other direction.
Abhi and Meera then go through the back side and knock on the door. Somebody opened it and it was this old lady. she let them in.
Meera- "Hi My name is Meera and this is.."
Abhi- "Abhi"
Old lady- "Nasreen"
Meera- "Oh well i will call you auntie"
Nasreen- "Of course"
Meera was so dumb she didn't notice Abhi was bleeding on the arm.
Meera- "Abhi what happened?"
Abhi- "One of the men cut me with the blade"
Nasreen- "Here sit here"
They make him sit.
Nasreen- "I'll get the bandages and make him some green tea which will make him feel better" She goes to the other room.
Jeevika and Viren looked everywhere and didn't see Meera. Rajiv singh went after them and Jeevika and Viren both ran in the woods. They saw a small little cabin and ran in there. The men went pass there and didn't even see the cabin.
Viren sat there guilty, Jeevika sat next to him.
Viren- "She's gone...I lost her"
Jeevika- "who Viren?"
Viren- "My sister"
Jeevika- "Tell me what's going on?"
Viren- "there are these men who are after my sister cause before my dad passed away he put the house name and everything to Meera my little sister. I took Meera here so she can be safe but i don't know how these men found us"
Jeevika- "Viren look! I don't think that those men took Meera! I think Meera is safe right now"
Viren- "What makes you think that?"
Jeevika- "Don't you get it Viren! If the men are after Meera then they would have tooken her by now but they are looking for us right now if they had Meera then they would've been gone"
Viren quickly got up- "Do your have your iphone with you?"
Jeevika- "Yeah hold on" She takes out her phone
Viren tried calling on there- "No signal"
Jeevika- "What about your phone?"
Viren- "I dropped it somewhere in the campus"
Jeevika- "I lost my brother! I don't even know if he is safe or hurt"
Viren- "Don't worry Jeevika your brother is probably fine"
Jeevika- "i hope your right! Yaar its cold in here"
Viren- "Yeah!" He then saw some matches and there was a few sticks and everything in the middle so he lit up the fire.
Jeevika- "Better" she smiles
Viren sits next to her. Jeevika looks at him and he looks at her they stare into each other's eyes. They came closer and closer, they kissed each other on the lips, they kept kissing so passionately. They let go a few minutes later taking a breath. Then they kissed again. They forgot everything that happened its like they were the last two on the planet. They layed in each other's arms sleeping.
Nasreen- "Here you go!"
Meera - "Thanks! Abhi take off your shirt"
Abhi slowly took off his shirt. There were scratches on his body and his arm was bloody. She put a bandage around his arm after cleaning up the blood. Nasreen comes with the green tea. Meera makes him drink a sip little by little.
Nasreen- "Beta what happened? Who are these men after you?"
Meera- "Well my dad who died cuz of this case that he won those men wanted revenge for there boss going to jail cuz he   was guilty in the case. My parents got shot, but they put all the will and everything on my name and now those men are after me cuz they want the whole property and money. My brother wanted me to get married  but then i didn't listen he told me about what was happening and then we thought about coming here to America cuz we thought they would never find us. They got to the school. I lost my brother, i can't find him anywhere but Abhi was my first friend who came with me and he protected me but he wass hurt now"
Nasreen- "Beta you must be careful but you can stay here as long as you want"
Meera- "Thank you so much auntie"
Nasreen- "No problem beta! Anyways you kids must get some sleep"
Meera- "Yea"
Nasreen- "Well i am poor so i live in this building these are where people can't afford that much so i have only two rooms"
Meera- "Well U can sleep in your own room and i will stay with Abhi in the other room"
Nasreen- "Are you sure?"
Meera- "101%"
Nasreen- "Ok then i have already put a pillow and blanket there"
Meera smiles- "Thanks" 
Nasreen leaves to her room.
Meera- "Abhi come on get up we have to go to the other room"
Abhi gets up with the help of Meera. They go into the room. Abhi lays on the bed.
Abhi- "Meera you don't have to worry that much i just got a cut on my arm"
Meera- "Shut up Abhi let me take care of you"
Abhi smirks
Meera- " You sleep on the bed and i will sleep on the floor."
Abhi- "No Meera"
Meera- "Abhi Please"
She then goes to sleep but Abhi doesn't he just lays there on the bed. He then gets up and picks Meera up and lays her on the bed then he lays on the floor going to sleep.
Viren wakes up and sees that Jeevika isn't next to him. He then looked around and still didn't see him. He goes outside and saw Jeevika at the lake and he goes there putting on his shirt.
Viren- "Jeevika what are you doing?"
Jeevika- "Just getting some water i heard that Arizona's greatest lake has the cleanest water cuz its man made water so just getting some water"
Viren- "Wow you know about all this so much"
Jeevika- "Well i live in this country for this past 4 years"
Viren- "wow i have been living in India my whole life with so many worries"
Jeevika- "And soon those worries will go away" she says squishing his cheeks which made him smile
Viren- "Anyways we should leave from here soon  they might find us"
Jeevika- "Yeah but can we sneek into campus first cuz i gotta grab my back pack it has important things"
Viren- "sure but why are we sneaking in there"
Jeevika- "Cuz the school is gonna be filled with police and everything news reporters, blah blah you know what i mean"
Viren- "Hmm...your right"
They both hold each other's hand walking to campus then they quietly sneak into her room from the window. She grabs her back pack and everything, she changed from the uncomfortable dress she wore since night into her skinny jeans and tank top she wears a jacket and puts on her sunglasses. Viren was waiting for her since he grabbed his stuff too. They both left and went into the city looking for Meera.  
Abhi wakes up and saw that Meera wasn't on the bed anymore. He got up and didn't see Nasreen nor Meera. He then went outside and saw people selling vegetables and everything he then saw Meera and Nasreen selling vegetables. 


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