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I will always protect you and love you (VIRIKA FF) (Page 2)

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Hey guys! I just wanted to say i hoping to gain more likes and comments on each update! Plzzz send me a friend request on this forum and if u have any Virika stories that u wrote plzzz message me them cuz i would like to read some! One more thing i do not update on Weekends!
Chapter 2
Viren then remembered that there is one place where Meera would always go when she is upset. So he grabbed his keys and drove to the place. He stepped out the car and saw the beautiful lake. He then saw Meera sitting near the lake crying. He felt so guilty so he walks up to her and sits next to her.
Meera- "what are you doing here?"
Viren- " Meera look! I am sorry that i haven't been being there for you! But there are reasons and its not safe for you to be here, i will tell you when the time comes"
Meera- "Nows the time i mean like bhai you guys are trying to make me get married at such a young age! And i am supposed to go to college and become what i want and then get married when i have fully completed my education, you have to tell me why i have to get married at this age"
Viren then holds Meera's hand- " Long time ago the reason why dad died was cause of these men" Meera interrupts 
Meera- "You said cuz he died in a car accident!?"
Viren- "Mom said not to tell you the truth, she said when the time comes...then mom passed away remember thats because of those men."
Meera- "Who are these men??"
Viren- "Well dad was doing a case and so these men are really dangerous the day he won that case he was coming home and then those men shot him"
Meera started having tears coming down her eyes. Viren held her hand tighter.
Viren- "Meera don't cry! I know this all hard for you and believe me it was hard for me"
Meera- "What about mom? How did she die?"
Viren- "She got shot"
Meera cried even mor, Viren hugs her tighter.
Meera- "Bhai what if something happens to you! If they even come near you then i will die! Your my life bhai! If u were gone too then i would have killed myself but u gave me strength i don't wanna leave you"
Viren- "Don't worry Meera i am never gonna leave you! I will always be there with you"
Meera- "But Bhai why do i have to get married? I mean i am still so young and your older why aren't you getting married?"
Viren- "Cuz...they are after you!"
Meera was shocked, she started to have tears coming down her eyes even more. She never thought about her life being in danger.
Meera- "Me?" She says in a teary tone
Viren- "Yes its because dad signed the house and everything on your name! And those men want the house well the leader of those men! Meera thats why we want you to get married cuz the family lives in Mumbai! You will be safe there"
Meera- "No Bhai i am not leaving you i wanna stay with you""
Viren- "How Meera? You are in danger"
Meera- "I am not gonna be in danger as long as you are with me! Nothing can happen to me! Cuz you are my brother and you are gonna protect me right?"
Viren- "Of course i am gonna protect you! Thats why i want you to go far so you can be safe"
Meera- "Bhai can't we just go to College its in America! Do you think the bad guys will ever find out about us going to Arizona?"
Viren- "Meera! Maybe you are right! If we are gonna go to Arizona then we will have to leave tonight"
Meera smiles- "Your coming with me Bhai right??"
Viren- "Of course i am! I can't live without you if you are gonna be so far away from me!!!"
Meera smiles- "I love you Bhai" 
Viren - "I love you too" then Viren kisses her forehead and they hug.
Meera- "Just promise me you will never leave me"
Viren- "Never!"
Then they quickly leave and come home. Bua was at the door.
Swamini- "Where were you guys?"
Viren- "Bua! I told Meera everything"
Swamini- "Viren you know what can..."
Viren- "I know Bua but she isn't gonna have to get married cuz we are leaving for college! Its in the America, those men won't find us"
Swamini- "Then you guys should quickly pack and leave"
Meera- "Wait what about you Bua who is gonna be with you?"
Swamini- "Beta you don't have to worry about me! I am gonna go to your aunt's house its all the way in Dubai they won't find me there! Meera you just take care of yourself and don''t leave Viren"
Meera smiles and has tears coming out of her eyes at the same time, Swamini kisses her forehead and then Viren grabs Meera's hand and they run upstairs.
They quickly pack there clothes and everything and leave to the airport. Taking Swamini's blessings with them. 
Swamini to herself- "Hai Bhagwan please keep my Viren and Meera safe! Please don't make it hard for them! They need each other to live! Give them strength"
Abhi comes home. He saw Badi B in the living room watching T.V.
Abhi- "Hey Badi B i am home"
Badi B- "Oye Abhi! Come here look the cricket match is on"
Abhi - "Arraye Badi B come on we live in America! You should be watching sports like football, basketball or soccer.
Badi B- "I will always love cricket! Your Grandfather use to be a cricket player"
Abhi smiles- "Badi B your so cute"
Badi B smiles.
Just then Abhi gets a call on his iphone.
Abhi- "Kya?" He stands up "Right now? they never sent me a letter that college starts in 4 days i was gonna leave next week with Jeevika! Ok Ok! I will come by tomorrow don't worry yaar" he hangs up the call
Badi B- "What happen?"
Abhi- "Well my friend Rohan says that college starts in 4 day! Jeevika and I aren't even fully packed and ready yet"
Badi B- "U should pack quickly and bring Jeevika home now"
Abhi - "Badi B what about you?"
Badi B- "Arraye Abhi beta! Remember that when you and Jeevika are gonna go to college i am supposed to go to the Nursing home"
Abhi- "Then i will drop you right now"
Badi B- "Not now beta i want You and Jeevika to drop! You go pick up Jeevika"
Abhi- "Ok Badi B i will be back in a few minutes"
He then runs to his car and starts driving he calls Jeevika
 on his iphone.
Abhi- "Hello Jeevika! I am coming to pick you up right now so come outside"
Jeevika- "What Bhai why now?"''
Abhi- "I'll explain on the way home just come out"
Jeevika quickly comes out- "Bhai whats wrong?" She sits in the car
Abhi- "I got a call from Rohan and he says that college starts in 4 days"
Jeevika- "4 days but we aren't even fully ready"
Abhi- "Thats why we gotta get there by tomorrow too"
Jeevika- "Oh god! But what about Badi B?"
Abhi- "We have to drop her off at the nursing home!"
Jeevika- "I am really gonna miss her! I mean we were supposed to hang out with her"
Abhi- "I know"
They quickly run inside and pack everything leaving there rooms empty. Jeevika packs badi b's clothes and they help her in the car. They got to the nursery. And help her out. They signed in and took her to her room.
Jeevika- Badi B we are really gonna miss you!" She says hugging her.
Abhi- "Are you sure your gonna be ok here?"
Badi B- "Of course beta! Just promise me that you two will call me everyday and you guys will never fight and never leave each other's side"
Abhi and Jeevika- "We promise"
Badi B- "Good!"
Then Abhi and Jeevika seek their blessings and kisses there forehead then both of them leave.
Badi B- "Hai Bhagwan! Please protect my grand children! Always keep them happy!"
She smiles.
Abhi- "Jeevika you ready?"
Jeevika- "Yup"
They sit inside the plane and were off to Arizona.
Viren- "Meera hold my hand i don't want you out of my sight! Stay by me the whole time"
Meera- "Ok Bhai" She grabs his hand tightly
Viren looks at her- "You ok?"
Meera- "Yeah just a little scared"
Viren- "Don't worry they won't find us as long as you don't leave me"
Meera smiles and they walk inside the plane and were off the Arizona.
Meera was just looking out the window and had tears coming out of her eyes. Viren saw.
Viren- "Meera you ok? Why are you crying?" He says holding her hand.
Meera- "Bhai i never thought that my life would be like this! Is this a dream or is this real life? I thought stuff like this doesn't happen! Bhai your gonna become a lawyer so can your life ever be in danger"?"
Viren- "Meera i am not scared! I becoming a lawyer cuz of Dad, Meera i am not scared of anything! No one can hurt me cuz your my strength and I am yours nothing can hurt us as long as we wills tand by each other's side!"
Meera hugs Viren so tightly that she never wants to let go of her big brother, she feels safe in her brothers arms, her dad passed away when she was really little, but Viren was always there for her and was like her dad. She fell asleep in her brother's lap.
~2 days later they make it to Arizona.
Abhi- "Jeevika! Why the hell were  you taking so long?"
Jeevika walks outside wearing skinny jeans and cute top.
Abhi- "Seriously it takes you that long to change"
Jeevika- "Hey a girl's gotta look cute"
Abhi smiles and they both go to Phoenix.
They got to check out the campus lots of guys were staring at Jeevika. So many girls were drooling over Abhi.
They went to the wall since it showed the room number.
Jeevika Choudary....No Room mate (special V.I.P.)...#132
Abhimanyu Choudary...Rohan Nanda...#759
Tanya Mirza...Sheena Khan...#681
Stephanie Corpuz...Danielle Cambell...#814
Viren Vadhera...No room mate (special V.I.P.)...#129
Meera Vadhera...Jenny Bhatt...#740

Jeevika- "Arraye Bhai I am V.I.P. wow!"
Abhi- "Thats great Meera i am really proud of you" he hugs her
Jeevika- "And your with Rohan! That was a lucky one"
Abhi- "Yup"
Jeevika- "Wow The Vadhera's go to this University"
Abhi- "Wow  thats cool and i bet Viren Vadhera is gonna be in your class since he is V.I.P!"
Jeevika- "Probably"
Abhi- "Anyways i will see you later let me go meet Rohan"
Jeevika- "Ok Bye"
She walks into her dorm and it was huge. It had a flat screen, mini fridge with drinks and snacks, her room was painted her favorite color pink and her bed was queen size.
Jeevika- "Wow i can't believe this room is to myself wait till Rohan and Bhai sees this.
She starts unpacking her clothes and everything.
Viren and Meera read the board of room mates.
Jeevika Choudary....No Room mate (special V.I.P.)...#132
Abhimanyu Choudary...Rohan Nanda...#759
Tanya Mirza...Sheena Khan...#681
Stephanie Corpuz...Danielle Cambell...#814
Viren Vadhera...No room mate (special V.I.P.)...#129
Meera Vadhera...Jenny Bhatt...#740

Viren- "Wow i am V.I.P."
Meera- "Congrats Bhai" she smiles
Viren- "You think your gonna be safe?"
Meera- "Obviously now cuz the bad guys won't find us"
Viren- "Ok But be careful i will see you later let me go to my dorm and unpack"
Meera- "Okay Bhai see you later" 
They leave. Viren was walking to his dorm with so much stuff, he bumps into a girl and he drops his things.
Viren- "Shit" He kneels down to pick up everything and so does the girl. They didn't even see each other's faces yet. Until the Viren got up and then he helps the girl up. 
Viren- "Sorry i had so much stuff in my hand and so i didn't know! name is Viren"
The girl says "My Name is Jeevika"
Jeevika- "I am sorry too! I was in a hurry so i dropped your stuff"
Viren- "Its cool"
Jeevika- "Wait your Viren Vadhera?"
Viren- "Yeah why?"
Jeevika- "wow its really nice to meet you i heard lots about you when i was in India last year on Vacation"
Viren- "Oh well nice to meet you to"
Jeevika- "Your V.I.P."
Viren- "Yeah how did you know?"
Jeevika- "Oh well i am V.I.P. too"
Viren- "Really thats cool!"
Jeevika- "What are you studying?"
Viren- "Oh I am studying Law gonna become a lawyer"
Jeevika- "Nice"
Viren- "What about you?"
Jeevika- "Doctor"
Viren- "Thats nice! You seem pretty cool"
Jeevika- "Thanks"
Viren- "Wanna be friends?"
Jeevika laughs- "Sure"
Viren- "Anyways i gotta go put my stuff in my room i will see you around"
Jeevika- "Ok Bye"
Abhi- "Hey Rohan whats up?"
Rohan- "Abhi Yaar! You are here Great to see you yaar"
Abhi- "You too"
Rohan- "It's funny how we got the same room"
Abhi- "Yeah"
Rohan- "Where's Jeevika?"
Abhi- "She is in her dorm unpacking and stuff! You know she got "special V.I.P."
Rohan- "Thats cool! Anyways there are some cute girls i saw at Starbucks wanna go?"
Abhi- "Hell yeah let's go"
They went to Starbucks. 
Viren walked out of his dorm and was walking around campus lots of girl were just staring at him. One girl came up to him.
Tina- "Hi I am Tina what's your name?"
Viren- "Oh i am Viren"
Tina- "Well Viren my friend over there thinks your really cute and she wants to ask you out on a date but she's too shy"
Viren- "Who is your friend?"
Tina- "Riya" she says pointing over there near the coffee cart, she kept smiling at him, Viren was a little freaked out.
Viren- "Look Tina she looks like a nice girl but i seriously don't have time for relationships but nice talking to you sorry if i hurt your friend" he then leaves putting on his sun glasses.
Abhi and Rohan walk into Starbucks.
Rohan- "Ok Yaar act normal and order something"
They walk up to the counter.
Rohan- "Hey sweet heart can i get a vanilla bean cappuccino please?!"
Girl- "Ok and you sir?"
Abhi- "Uh can i just get a Iced coffee please"
Girl- "Ok that will be $8.43"
Abhi- "You want me to pay?"
Rohan- "Yeah i forgot my wallet back at our dorm"
Abhi- "Ok Here you go!"
They got their drinks and sat down at a table, there were so many cute girls Rohan started flirting with. Meera walks into Starbucks with her laptop, she ordered a Chocolate Cookie Crumbled Frappuccino and sat down at a table. Abhi looked at her and kept staring at her.
Lots of girls were trying to flirt with Abhi but he wasn't paying attention.
Rohan- "Abhi Yaar what the hell are you doing?"
Abhi- "Oh Nothing! But look at that girl"
Rohan- "Wow she's cute you should go talk to her"
Abhi- "Yeah!" he then gets up and sits at her table.
Meera- "May i help you?" she smirks
Abhi- "My name is Abhi"
Meera- "Meera"
Abhi- "Nice to meet you Meera"
Meera- "Umm.. Nice to meet you too"
Abhi- "uhh...first day here?"
Meera- "Uhh yeah what about you?"
Abhi- "same"
Meera- "Look if you are here to ask me out then i am sorry i don't wanna date players"
Abhi- "What makes you think i am a player?"
Meera- "Well you are your friend over there were sitting with some girls"
Abhi- "But i saw you i wasn't paying attention to those girls"
Meera looks at him- "Really?"
Abhi- "Yeah!"
Meera closes her laptop.
Meera- "Wow first time a cute guy like you is talking to me"
Abhi- "You think i'm cute?"
Meera- "Yeah is there a problem?"
Abhi- "Nope! I don't think you are cute! I think you are beautiful"
Meera smiles
Abhi- "Wanna be friends?"
Meera- "sure" she laughs

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nice concept dear...
superb update...
keep updating...
n wlcm to IF
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Interesting start

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luved it!!
cont soon...
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Hey guys reminder that If you want a PM then please add me to your buddy list! And i have also made this chapter longer!

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Hey guys i wanted to continue with a Chapter 3 cuz i was really bored! so here you go and plzzz comment and like. If u like the update then plzz do add a comment with. Enjoyy!!
Chapter 3
Abhi- "Hold on i know who you are!?"
Meera- "Really who am I?" she laughs
Abhi smiles- "Your that girl from cover girl magazine my sister loves cover girl."
Meera- "Yup"
Abhi- "Wow i hope my friend Rohan doesn't find out that you are from cover girl"
Meera- "Really why?"
Abhi- "Cuz he is gonna flirt with you"
Meera laughs- "Well i just model and everything to make money"
Abhi- "You're a Vadhera aren't you?! so why you need more money?"
Meera- Cuz i gotta make money on my own" she smiles 
Just then she gets a text from Viren on her iphone
TEXT: Meera meet me at the water fountain now! Really important! ;)
Meera- "Oh i gotta go meet my brother"
Abhi- "Oh Uh your leaving?"
Meera- "I have to"
Abhi- "Wait can i have your number?"
Meera smiles- "Sure"
They then gave each other their numbers and Meera leaves. 
Swamini was leaving and quickly gathering all her things going to Dubai. She was about to leave when these Men came in and broke the door open breaking everything. Swamini was screaming.
Swamini- "Tum log? What are you doing here?"
Man- "We are here for your grand daughter! Our boss wants her?!"
Swamini- "Well tell him don't even touch my grand daughter"
The man gets angry and grabs her by the neck choking her.
Man- "Tell me where she is or else i will kill you"
Swamini- "Never"
Man- "Ok then you boys go look in every single room and if you find anything then show me"
The other men look around the house.
Man- "Oye Sundar! Come here tie Swamini up in this chair"
Swamini tried so hard getting out.
Swamini- "Tum khabhi nahi mere bache ko haat lao gaye"
Man- "Arraye mera pas ek naam hai! Rajiv Singh"
Rajiv- "And i'm just doing my job"
Just then a man came down.
Man- "Sir! I found this letter which has Meera and Viren's Name on it and its from a School in Arizona"
Rajiv- "Oh toh iska matlab yeh hai ki Viren and Meera America gaye hai! Abh hum jaraye hai America"
Swamini- "Please don't do this"
Rajiv- "Aye Shut up! You better keep your mouth shut cuz you are lucky we haven't killed you! set her free and pack your bags boys cuz we are going to Arizona"
They leave the house. Swamini quickly runs out the house.
Viren- "Well Meera! I have found some pictures of the guys who trying to look for you cuz they were on Google and so just in case if i am not around and if you ever see these men you have to run! Picture #1 (shows pic) Rajiv Singh he is the second leader! He got bitten by a poisonous snake the leader of the group saved his life blah blah blah! Moving on picture #2 Mustafa Ibrahim he is a very dangerous guy who can kill any one with out being accused cuz he changes disguise. There are lots of more man and finally the Leader of the group who is after you is Mukesh Pandey he is a don of a village.  Meera if any man ever is looking at you in a weird way you have to run." He said caressing her hair. "And you gotta come straight to me or somewhere safe"
Meera- "I know Bhai! Don't worry"
Viren- "Good anyways you hungry?"
Meera- "Well just had a chocolate cookie crumbled Frappuccino from Starbucks"
Viren- "Sounds tasty! was it good?"
Meera- "Was Heaven!"
Viren smiles- "Then i would like to try some"
Meera-"Great let's go"
They walk into Starbucks.
Jeevika saw Abhi and Rohan.
Jeevika- "Bhai"
Abhi- "Jeevika where were you the whole day?"
Jeevika- "Well i went to the mall and the mall and only the mall"
Abhi- "Lots of shopping"
Jeevika- "Yup"
Abhi- "Anyways the dance is tomorrow night"
Jeevika- "But school just started!"
Abhi- "Yeah but for a fresh new year they always have a dance"
Jeevika- "Wow! Good thing i bought 3 dresses"
Abhi smiles.
Jeevika- "Anyways i am dead tired"
Abhi- "Ok see you tomorrow love you good night" he hugs her
She leaves.
Viren- "Meera you should get some rest now"
Meera- "Ok Bhai see you tomorrow"
Viren- "Love you Good night" he kisses her forehead and leaves
He was walking to his room when he bumps into Jeevika again.
Viren- "Oh hey Jeevika"
Jeevika- "Viren hey"
Viren- "How was your day?"
Jeevika- "Great"
Viren- "Thats cool"
Jeevika- "How about yours?"
Viren- "Good"
Jeevika- "Hey Viren i was thinking you wanna hang out sometimes?! like get a coffee or something?"
Viren- "Sounds good yeah i would love to"
Jeevika smiles- "Cool can i have your number?
Viren- "Sure" He gives her his number and then leaves

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Absolutely brilliant totally loving it
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awesome one
pm me when u update

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