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He is an actor who taught others the true meaning of acting.

He is a man who never needed words to invoke emotions into his audiences.
He makes us laugh, he makes us cry, he makes us blush slightly with delight.
He is a performer who has made acting without words a trend.

He is someone who can fake a blush at a moment's notice.

Oops, ERROR!!!

It's not Charlie Chaplin we are celebrating today, but rather, his biggest fan!

The charismatic, the enigmatic, the charming, the mosthandsomeGautam Rode!!

There are not many people in this world who follow their idol with their heart and soul.

But, Gautam is one of the rare few who not only followed his idol, but did everything he could to be like him.

He admires the Legend's work, and he has many fans who admire his own.
Gautam Rode, being a perfectionist, believes in giving his best. He is a director's delight, as well as a headache, as he insists on taking retakes after retakes until he gets that perfect shot!!
 Is he a boon or a bane? That it for his directors to decide.

Right now His Highness must be sitting at home killing mosquitoes, or, who knows, maybe having a gala time partying in a pub.

We Wish Mr. Boring A Very Happy Birthday !!!Party

Before we start the celebrations of this handsome hunk's birthday, let's have a brief introduction of Gautam Rode.

Today we are finding the real Gautam Rode behind the facade of an incredible actor.

There is an old saying, "not everything you see is the truth, at times your eyes can betray you."

And all these years, the person you've known as Gautam Rode, is him but is also not him.

In fact, he is hidden behind his perfect illusion of acting.

But, we promise, after reading this thread, you shall be aware of and know the real gem that is Gautam Rode.

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After Indian Independence on August 15, 1947, little did we think that exactly after 30 years... No! A day before 30 years of independence, we were going to be enslaved by the looks of a handsome hunk...Yes ! It was the day..August 14, 1977, the most handsome hunk on Earth was born and named as Gautam Rode..

New Delhi!This place is well known for many historic reasons. But for us fans, this place will always be known a as where Gautam Rode first stepped  foot in the world.

And we must say, what a lucky city New Delhi ended up being on August 14th, folks, for its palaa became sat-rangi with Gautam Rode's presence within it  ! Big smile

Gautam Rode grew up with a very thorough education, school-wise and life-wise. (Issi liye toh he is handsome hunk and Mr. Nice Guy. Wink)

To date, we have been seeing Gautam Rode in many advertisements, music videos, and television shows... Recently, this sultry gentleman bagged the main lead as Saraswatichandra and has breathed life, love, and dimension into his character... and not to mention, enslaved us all with 22 minutes a day for 5 days a week because of his par excellence in talent, body, expression, mind, and soul... all of which are seen in his acting! Blushing Blushing

As Gautam grew, he furthered his good looks with equal intelligence with rigorous schooling. Army Public School and Bhagat Singh College in New Delhi must be definitely proud to have Gautam as their ex-student and kudos to them for achieving success in shaping up Gautam as a complete human being through their value-based education. (IF Thumbs up)

Through his mastered education, he earned a BCOM and ALMOST cruelly kept his good looks to himself by becoming a stockbroker like Father ji. However, like we said before, his intelligence was at equilibrium with his hunky beauty, and thus, a star was established!

To date, although Mr. Hunk doesn't seem to have the time to do so, enjoys learning new things.

We say that man proposes but God disposes.

And Gautam Rode will definitely agree with this statement hands down!!

He wanted to continue with his father's business in the share market but God had other plans for him.

Just by chance, he got some modelling assignments from his friend who runs an ad agency and that was... luck by chance!!

The beginning of a rich career in the show business.

Gautam Rode came to Mumbai in 1998 and bagged more and more modelling assignments which gave him an edge into television.

From ads to music album to TV serials to anchoring of reality shows to films, Gautam Rode knows it all.

In 2002, his acting career took off in Bollywood with the film"Annarth." He made his comeback in 2009 in Ram Gopal Varma's horror flick "Agyaat," a film which defied the stereotype and in which Gautam Rode was recognised for his good performance as Sharman , a self-obsessed man.

Since then Gautam Rode has been experimenting on screen and getting good reviews too.

"I am doing the best kind of work on television," says the man himself.

He has hosted popular shows like - India's Got Talent and Nach Baliye and his anchoring skills are praiseworthy.

He has a rich career in television and has left very good impressions in serials like "Baa Bahu aur Baby", "Lucky", "Teri Meri Love Stories"...

He is currently seen as Saraswatichandra in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's show"Saraswatichandra" in which he simply marvels by bringing life to that complex character which sometimes seems weak and sometimes strong!! A role for which he has bagged two awards - "Favourite Beta" for his convincing portrayal of the ideal son on TV and "Favourite Jodi Award" for his amazing chemistry with his co-star J.Winget.

Gautam Rode is definitely in the best phase of his career right now. But he has not reached there overnight. Coming from a non-filmy background, with "no acting in his blood", he is a classic example of an actor who has progressed by leaps and bounds and who has got better with time just like old wine. His hard work has eventually paid off.

Gautam Rode is considered as extremely professional and humble and is loved by all his co-stars and colleagues.

" I love watching Saraswatichandra and Gautam Rode is doing really well," says Shaleen Banot

"Gautam is a wonderful person, a brilliant actor and a good friend," adds his co-star who made her debut with Gautam with Star Plus 'Teri Meri Love Stories'

"I have worked with Gauram Rode in Saraswatichandra, i had very few scenes with him but i realized he is not only a good looking actor with a great physique but he acts very well." says Mitil Jain who played a cameo in the show

Thanks to his self motivation, hard work and persistence, Gautam Rode is at the summit of his career.

A standing ovation for this man, Gautam Rode, who has a natural talent to grasp the character rolls and to express the emotions of the particular character he is portraying along with the different poses, right voice modulations and correct expressions.

Thank you for not taking up the Stockbroking business and for entertaining us with your brilliance.

Fame comes only when it's well deserved, and when it's well deserved, it's as inevitable as destiny. Although Gautam Rode's journey before fame was a long one... (one which involved much modelling,  dancing, and looking sexy for the camera) becoming a household name (varying from SugaLips to Dobochandra) and being a small screen heartthrob was his destiny.

There was a period when he had just handful of money, and his landlord was banging at his door.

(kya karein... hot people ko bhi rent dehna padta hai) And although Gautam had every reason to be worried and tensed about his fate, he remained faithful to himself, his family, and his friends, all the while working extremely hard and striving for excellence in all his work.

Everybody has to go through the phases of struggle and Gautam was not alien to it either, but he kept the fighter in him alive even at difficult trying times. (That's how he got those bulging muscles, from  his constant "bhaag Rode bhaag" after kaam dhandhaa)

For him, Saraswatichandra sealed the golden deal to fame, (or a golden eggs laying goose bhi chalega) and at last, his hard work, effort, and undeniable talent shone radiantly to the whole world through his daily depiction of Saras. (his depiction of Saras is just as brilliant as his assets... aur kyaa assets hain inke bhai.)

People like Gautam Rode are born to rise and rule hearts, no stock broking business (must have made Daddy Rode a little pissed... but not to worry... nobody can stay mad at hot people for too long) nor any evil landlord knocking at his door could cause hindrance to his destiny. (We are sure that landlord must be now lining up  outside his home to get a glimpse of the star.) Nor could it stop him from achieving his dreams... And Gautam, we must say, although the journey to fame was a long one, it was indeed an excellent way for us fans to get to admire your go-getter personality, and many attempts at perfection. (Fame comes with a heavy price, and it's time to pay up, and bear with your crazy fangirl's butterings.)

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A tribute to the hunky man, Gautam Rode,

For the showers of talent he unleashes every evening in Saraswatichandra contrast with the sun-like radiance of his grandeur, which make every man and woman go, "Suraj, don't touch us, warnaa jal jayenge!!"

On 25th February 2013, audiences were introduced to a new hero 'Saraswatichandra!!

Imagine if the name of the hero is so unconventional, then how his introduction be in the show?

Saraswatichandra, with a bare and Grecian torso, emerges out of water amidst vedic chants, boldly showing off a body which could give the likes of John Abraham a good blow to the bicep and a run for their money.

A rare personality with a sensitive interior under a strong willed resolute, rooted in his mother, is presented to us 'a placid character, a man all into himself, hiding a vulnerable child inside and waiting to unleash a passionate streak.

Now imagine if the character is so "hatke" and challenging, then how will the actor be who has been chosen to portray it?

We can totally understand the kind of insomnia that might have plagued SLB while trying to find his perfect wala package to play Saras. But, thanks to Gauti Pie, his saviour... otherwise known as his  Knight in the Shining Dhoti, came to his rescue. And thus a perfect casting coup was pulled off by SLB.

And this is how Gautam Rode, an actor par excellence--- a complete bundle of good looks, good voice and with a body to kill for, mashed with excellent acting skills was revealed as Saraswatichandra.

Actions speak louder than words...and when those words are uttered through such controversial lips..

you get the gist of the 20-minute-a-day-wala-gift that is Saraswatichandra.

Saraswatichandra is all a subtle man with multifaceted roles. He is a son, a businessman, a friend, a great human being, a man of wisdom, a passionate man, a man with a golden heart, *cough cough* a man with fetish for sexy waists *cough cough*  and a man with child-like innocence yet a very man-like body, who assumes each role and fulfills his duties with his heart... all the while causing problems to ours.

Portraying this complex character is a career-making role which any actor will give up his right hand for!! Luckily for Gautam, he didn't have to put a limb at stake, nor did he have to negotiate an arm.

Otherwise we would have had to make do with a handicapped Saras... but we're pretty sure he'd be perfect playing Saras with one arm too.. Embarrassed Wink

Saraswatichandra is basically a man all about minimal words and emotions alive.  And who can portray this man as perfectly as you, with your brilliant teeth, almond-shaped eyes, soothing voice, bushy eyebrows, (including the mole right underneath the right one) and bulging pythons, Gautam Rode!!

It is amazing how you use your eyes, lips, face, hair, feet, legs, watch, back, shoulders, green tea, shoes, rings and overall full body to bring  subtle variations and emote in so many ways, touching our hearts and provoking emotions in us such as filling tubs with aansoon, ruining our chances of looking normal in front of our friends and family, and making our hands, heart, feet, face, sabh sweaty (in the most innocent way possible, of course BlushingBlushing)

What fine emotions Gautam Rode!! You make Saras says everything without actually uttering a single word (yeh toh Mr. Bean nikla Shocked) And this is only the work of an actor of great caliber!! (Or a mime artist... yaan phir yeh sach much Charlie ka Chaplin hua.)

Saraswatichandra is sometimes very emotionally weak yet so strong, ever ready to sacrifice his happiness to see his loved ones happy and smiling. He would never think twice if he had to put his life at stake to save someone, and beware when the matter is of Kumud, his love,  he can put anyone's life at stake. ;) . He is a hero in the truest sense'but a flawed one!! An endearing character which we can connect to, thanks to the man himself, Gautam Rode, who puts life into the character of "Saras" yet takes the life out of us with his brilliant assets, looks, efforts and talent.

Gautam Rode you are doing a tremendous job in portraying subtleties whether it is Saraswatichandra as.

Your unrivalled suaveness makes Saras the perfect business tycoon of the century and not to forget your voice modulation and eyes bring the character to another level. (What business he actually runs? We have no idea, but he surely makes it sound huge. Tongue)

Your "bromance" and chemistry with Aniruddh is a breath of fresh air in the show. We totally love your "dostana," it is also another breath of fresh air.

You portray the big and protective  brother by saving Yash and Kumari and being a role model to Danny so effortlessly. But we really wish you were a bhai kind of bhai when Chulbul ka cheat copy was making an omelette out of you.

Unfortunately, you are an awful potter. You're only good at nain-mataaka, not making the matka. However, we do enjoy your bulging pythons while you're spinning the chakar... woh bhi excellent acting. Wink

Boy, never ever make those tedha wedha pots. You are talented at only Skyping, handling Dubai deals, and that's it!

The wise man with a golden heart, you simply rock Gautam Rode and how! Gautam Rode as Saraswatichandra the vulnerable child!!

This tribute to your talent will be incomplete, Mr. Rode, if we don't talk about the heart wrenching "Lake Scene" where you were just outstanding, turning into that vulnerable child who found himself in the same tragedy again. The way you are able to scare the living wits out of your fans is phenomenal.

You put life in Saras' character, capturing Saras' pain and twisted and pulled at the strings of the hearts of your audience. The gamut of emotions you portrayed was brilliant, heart touching and had that "hila ke rakh diya" quality. Humara dil hil hil ke mil gaya... congo shongo bey... EXCELLENT ACTING!!!!! !@!#@^%$^U

Take a bow, Gautam Rode!! Or two, or three, or four or five or jo bhi...  
Whether you are awarded by Juries or not, we sure do appreciate you  as viewers!!

Our hearty farty congratulations, Gautam,  for winning the "Best Beta Award" as Saras.

It was not a surprise for your audience because nobody portrays the perfect son as you do (specifically the rondhu bondhu type.) Whether it is the anguished Saras rooted in his mother or the "love deprived" son trying his best (very subtly and discreetly) to make his father proud of him, or the unleashed anger you displayed as Saras when he found out about his mother's suicide note, you are simply outstanding!! (Next time, friends pukaar kar, tweet bhejo to get more tissues... pichli baar padosi ka bhi toilet paper bhi kam ho gaya thaa.)

Allow us to digress here. We simply loved the "Reconciliation Scene" between Saras and his father. It was a precious interaction (along with all the India wale machar who kaated the Dubai wale.) It was quite tricky reproducing father-son vibes without going over the top. But Gautam, you were bang on (what a bang it was, yaar) as usual and it was heartwarming to watch the barriers between Saras and his father coming down slowly like melted candles (like our hearts by the end of the episode... melted softy softy.) Loved the awkwardness, the hesitation, the love (wait, this is a baap-beta interaction right?) You portrayed during the reconciliation of the father and son.

Hats off to you!! (coat, pant, shirt, socks bhi... sabh off!)

What to say to you dear Gautam (koochi koochi ji.) You portray Saras the "hatke" lover ' the angst, passion, aggression with a hint of childishness, with so much conviction.

Not once do you deviate and leave the "gentleness" and "tenderness" which are the trademark of your character. (Like the constant crying, puppy faces, mole under eyebrows, wagera wagera)

The way you make Saras call Kumud!!  The way you render a soft, tender modulation to this single word!! Simply wow!! No wonder all the girls are willingly too happy to bunk their Chemistry class to watch your sizzling chemistry on screen!! (Speaking of education... Saras is not a businessman, but, he is a Doctor who took the business deal of curing all patients suffering from heart palpitations... Moreover, he could be his own doctor tools, because he can easily bring us back to life with his electric defibrillator.)

Thanks to your versatility, including Lover Saras' emotional outburst, jealous pangs and "Dobochandra-ness" are always a treat to watch!! (Humara motto hai: 22 minutes of Gautie Pie a day, and life will be more than okay.)

Saluting the brilliance and hard work you put in your character to entertain us, to touch us and to pull at our heart strings (but slowly... otherwise they will break.)

When Gautam makes this amazing facial expression his fans get amazed. So many subtle expressions at once on one face, with right amount of intensity. Truly, he is one gifted actor.

You can literally feel the whip of Gautam's wrath with his perfectly done angry expression. It is very easy for an actor to over-do or under-do an angry expression, but Gautam manages to do it perfectly yet again.

How can one look so amused while being so irritated? Annoyed is definitely one of Gautie Pie's best expressions. The slight flare of his facial features, and the annoyance found in every inch of his body language proves his mastery of expression Embarrassed

With such fluster in an expression, you have to wonder if it's Saras who's anxious or is it really Gautam? The nuance of nervousness, the slight quiver of the lower lip... It takes a master to get such an expression perfectly... Par excellent, Master Ji.

We are positive that everyone who's watched this scene died a little inside. The sincerity of regret in Gautam's eyes with this apologetic expression is enough to make us all want to get on our knees and forgive him right away. How does he manage to pull such flawless expression  without much effort? Well, well done! Smile

When we saw the first glimpse of a curious Saras, we all swooned at that cute expression. The honest eagerness on his face with each passing second defines why he's in the profession. His anxious  searching eyes makes our hearts jump with absolute delight! What a performance, Gautam.

We bet, no one can resist this charming  infectious smile. A delighted expression by Gautam is so radiant and powerful that it makes the world smile along with him. From the playful upturn of his lips to the dimensions of happiness in his eyes, he illuminates our screens with his presence! Embarrassed

Who doesn't love to watch the introverted Saras squirm? One of the most enjoyable ways of adoring Saras is watching him get embarrassed about something.  His flushed face
Gautam Rode ne phirse dil ka haal kharaab kardiya, aur apne embarrassed laal chehre ke saath humari zindagiyon ko bhi sat-rangi kardiye. Embarrassed

The not-so-innocent shaitani of Saras is heart-churning enough to make our whole week... and it's all thanks to Gautam yet again for being such an excellent actor. Gautie Pie's flirty expression is not only playful, but looking at it, dil ko kuch kuch hota hai. Embarrassed 

Iss  bohati light and airy expression ke saath humara haal-e-dil heavy duty sa ho jaata hai. Gautu's funny expressions and playfulness make him look like the happiest person in the world... Aur unke saath hum bhi happy ho jaate hain, kyun ki woh khush lagta hai. Blushing

Jitna kam Saras bolta hai, utnaa hi woh expressions se communicate karta hai.  So naturally, when Saras is hurt, humein bhi andhar chot lagti hai... aur yeh sabh hai Gautie Pie ki flawless acting ki waje se. Itni dukh bhari aankhein honton ke lafzon ki zaroorat ko mita deti hain... Aur woh dukh jo Gautie Pie emote karta hai hum sabh ko breathless bana leta hai. Big smile

Zara dekho toh sahi unh aankhon mein... Gautam Rode's expressions of fascination reflect how fascinated we are by him. His expression of being in love really makes chokriyan, chokre, aunties, uncles, daadis, daadaas, gore, cheene, bache, everyone want him to fall in love with them. Ek musaafir bhi inh aankhon mein kho sakta hai... toh hum fans kyaa cheez hain?ROFL

Haila, yeh aashiq ki jalan. Iss jealous expression ka hum kyaa karein? Har ladki chahti hai ke koi par excellent, hero type ka aadmi uske liye jale... Yahaan Gautam jalne ki acting karta hai (zara dekho, woh bhi apni full body use karke) aur yahaan humara chaain jal jaata hai. The slightly narrowed eyes, the red tip of his nose... shirt taarne ki kiya zaroorat, jab chehra hi itna haseen hai. LOL

Aur yeh dekho, hum Gautam ke gonchus ka leader... jo ek Lover Boy ban kar itna pyaara sa gonchu lag rahaa hai. Apne aap ko itna conpooos banake, itna funny scene kiya, aur woh bhi 100% perfectly! Itnaa innocent expression dekh kar mann khush ho jaata hai.. and that's all thanks to the beauty of Gautam's efforts. Hug

Gautam Rode believes acting in emotional scenes are more challenging than acting as a lover boy. He takes every emotion as a factual challenge and studies it to perfection. And jab result aata hai, toh uski mourning expression ki tarah bilkul dardh bare, bilkul emotional hote hain; humare bhi goosebumps ho jaate hain. In one of his interviews he said those are his favourite scenes and he keeps asking for retake until he is satisfied with it. And as you can see, he knows what he is good at.

Yet again Gautam manages to pull that naughty, mischievous look with complete ease, we bet it comes naturally to him, he has this naughty side which everybody is aware of, and incorporating the same expression in Saras's character might have been a piece of cake to him.

When he speaks, words seem like wine on his lips, and when he pouts, it's his expressions which play havoc on our senses. Women would die to kiss away that pout.

Those sinful pink lips (which ironically are not pink in the GIF) are enough to make anyone his fans... Toh chodo uski expression ki baat

Just like a snake goor goors to mesmerize his pray, Gautam Rode does the same to enchant his fans with his sad expression. Those big, shiny eyes allow everyone to feel what he feels automatically, because the expressions is so sincere (sach mein heart attack hota hai be.) Somehow, there is no escape from his mesmerizing gaze, and all of us victims easily give in to him.

When Gautie Pie gets scared, we get scared because we know from his well done expression that we have to get scared which makes Saras scared as a character and makes us scared from the amount of talent Gautu has... Look how scary his scared expression can get to scare people!
If scaring is a talent, then Gautie Pie has a scarily high amount of ability to scare his audiences... So scary that he probably scares himself.

Now we are shocked because Gautie is able to shockingly able to make such a shocking shocked expression that is able to shock the living shock out of his audience... So we ask, what is the point of electric shocks to revive our hearts, when we already have such an electric shock such as Gautie? Wink

Pink charah hai,
Pink rose mein.
Pink karna hai with pink pyaar.
Pink ko kaho, pink naa karein,
Already pink hain humare gaal. ROFL.
Haiii, tera blush... blushing blushing is making our blood rushing. It's so easy for us to be
crushing... Tum ho hi itne dashing! Look... we're again blushing! Embarrassed Embarrassed

Har nazaare nazar se naa dekho,
Nazar mein kyaa rakha.
Kuch nazaare nazaron ke saamne,
nazaraana banke hai rahaa.
Dekhne waalon, jo dekhna hai dekho,
Mujhe nahin dekhna...

Tu hai somber,
But you look like a bomber
Terrorist nahin, doosra dil phodne waala
Kabhi tera bhi turn aaye.

Tera jo bhi safar hai... usmein zaroor suffer kiya hoga,
Lekin, bhai sahab, zaraa hum naazuk kaliyon ko zaraa chodh do,
Tumhare saath suffer karna, bohat hi dil-par-chaunt paunchne waali baat hai.

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No secrets are kept, no truth is hidden

For his eyes, pierce through the thick fogs


There is something in eyes ' something mysterious

Words are not needed when it comes to his expressive eyes


Heavy lidded bedroom eyes in brown colour as captivating as his smile

His warm, beautiful gaze acts as a mini-shield for people with tough hearts


Eyes acting as windows of his heart, radiating interest and empathy

A myriad feeling impart as he amuse people with his deep brown pebbles


Words are not needed when it comes to his deep eyes

A simple gaze is more than enough for anyone to melt


Those eyes shine brightly, brilliant light in dark skies

Glimmering with confidence and hope, with every blink


Behind those beautiful eyes lies the loveliest soul

So warm and so passionate, but not everyone knows!

Personal Details:

Name: Gautam "Gautie Pie" Rode

Nicknames: Gautie Pie, Gautie, Gautu, Rode, Hot Guy, SugarLips, Rodu, LambehLashes.

Date of Birth/Time/Place: August 14th, 1977 in New Delhi, India [a day before Independence Day... ladies ;) ]

Religion/Caste/Gotra: Work ethic.

Height/Weight: I claim to be 5.10"... but I could be in the ranges of 5.7" to 6.2"... shaadi karke dekhlo ;)

Complexion: White as the snow in Kashmir and the doves in Punjab.

Educational Background and any Academic achievements: Graduated from Primary school, secondary school, and received a BCOM in college.

Nature of work, if Service then organization Name and Achievements if any:  I play the role of Saraswatichandra more than I play the role of Gautam Rode... Jalebi Bhai ki male version body hai meri...  Currently dominating Star Parivaar with the "Best Beta Award" and the best "International & National Jodi Awards" alongside Jennifer Singh Grover... Also currently at the front of the line, waiting for the "Hottest Dude on Our Channel Award" from Star Plus.

Annual Income: $$,$$$$ courtesy of the Bank of Bhansali

Brief Description and hobbies: I enjoy stealing women's hearts with my "practical" personality, and lying in interviews claiming that I don't know how to woo girls, even though I gain new female fans by the hour. I enjoy going to the gym to maintain my manly looks and also love to show off my biceps, prominent pecs and abs on camera. Former model hoon... so meri aadat hai grooming karne ki. I am not the chichora type of Delhi boy, but rather, the London Boy... Sophistication mera doosra naam hai.I can also speak in Punjabi if you don't understand the language. I am a vegetarian, not a foodie, however, despite my alluring body, I eat potatoes.

Quick Facts: I say "No" to drugs and alcohol... but say yes to vegetables and ajeeb-looking shakes.

Looking for a girl who is honestly, very comfortable and understanding... just like me!

Immediate Family Details:

Father: Surendra Rode, Retired Stock Broker

Mother: Sangeeta Rode, Jewellery Designer

Sister: Full time Mom, full time daughter, full time sister.

Contact Details:

Email Id:

Address: 420 Tedha House, Ghoomti Gali, Andhere Khopche.

(Also known as My Mom and Dad's House)

Phone Number (Landline/Mobile): 69-69-69-69 ( Call Me ;-) )

You can tweet me at @gautam_rode with your rishta proposals and faaltu chit chat ;)

Closing Notes: Say no to dowry... Only looking for a mast chokri to marry ;-)

Disclaimer: I claim to be boring and practical... However, nobody really believes that... I am immensely talented & good looking, although I will never tell you that. Pehle date par zaroor green tea, tie ya perfume leke aao... mujhe free cheezein bohat acheach lagte hain :-)


Gautam Rode... Who's better to tell you about me... other than than myself ;-)

Rahul Mahajan, Ooorf Raseela Bhai, Jalebi Bhai, Gau Mata, Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Gautam Rode claims to be a boring man (haan... when it comes to bore people you are really boring.) However, the constant liveliness in his interviews proves otherwise. The best things about Gautam Rode are his down-to-earth nature, and his friendliness (But no over-friendly... because Gautie Pie no likey to touchy.) Not only is he able to make everyone feel at ease with his warm smile and twinkling eyes, but his extreme generosity and constant striving for excellence makes it very hard for anyone to not appreciate him for who he is. (Abh kyaa kahein... amazing bandha is amazing.)

True to his sun sign, Leo, (oooh, hot!) Gautam Rode is adamant on staying positive (We wonder what's his blood group... A+, B+ ya Ooo+ ?) and is very passionate about doing what he does with all his heart. (It shows when he gives those biggg bhaalu wale hugs) He is charismatic, bright, cheerful and his presence has a very powerful grandeur to it. (itna barah presence hai toh...)

Gautam Rode says he's able to get angry very quickly, Shocked  but says his temper cools off just as fast. Big smile

He is a fitness junkie and believes in leading a balanced, healthy lifestyle. (Which is why we get to check out his bulging pythons and prominent pecs every single day.)

He has a few funny habits such as rubbing his nose when he's thinking, pursing his lips when he's oblivious, smirking slightly when he's paying attention, using his eyes to communicate what he feels, and raising his eyebrows slightly when he's listening. (Haan Gautu... we notice everything BUAHAHA Wink

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sweetly_sour IF-Sizzlerz

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You are our FAIR AND LOVELY (Ek Chand Ka Tukda),  our McDOWEL'S (Mera Number No. 1) love, and on this special day, we wish you have a KELVINATOR (The Coolest One) Birthday, and may you always be like GREEN PLY PLYWOODS (Forever Young,) be in  DISNEYLAND (The best place on earth) and enjoy life like COCA COLA (Jo chahe hojaye, coca cola enjoy.)

We are your crazy fans, our love for you is like HUTCH (Wherever you go, Hutch follows,) and also FEVICOL (Yeh Fevicol Ka Jod Hai Tootega Nahi) because you are our desired RAYMOND'S (The complete man.)

Gautie Pie your story inspires us to believe like HERO MOTORCORPS (Hum mein hai hero,) when your CEAT (Born Tough) fate asked you to join the Stock Broking business, but you were also KAWASAKI BAJAJ (The Unshakeable,) and your heart was like LAYS (Be a little Dillogical) and you followed your dreams and achieved it like ADIDAS (Impossible is nothing.) Ultimately making your father proud and he said KURKURE(Tedha hai par mera hai,) which gave all your detractors and waging tongues a CENTER FRESH (lagaye zubaan pe lagaam) and made them a CHLORMINT (Dobara mat puchna.)

We will forever be thankful to SLB kyunki God gave him MENTOS (Dimaagh ki batti jala de) at the right time and he casted you as Saraswatichandra, for he was sure like PEPSI (Yeh hi hai right choice baby) for the role.

You stole a million hearts when you emerged from Dubai waters, you were like FROOTIE (Fresh n Juicy,) your flexing muscles and body made our hearts feel MIRINDA (Zor ka jhatka dheere se lagey) and drooling pankhies said DOLLARBIGBOSS (Fit hai Boss.)

When we asked the secret to your handsome looks, you were like RUPAFRONTLINE (Yeh Andar ki  baat hai.)

You AIRTEL (Express Yourself) so subtly as Saraswatichandra, you are theBINGO (no confusion, great combination) of talent and looks. Whenever you come onscreen, HERO HONDA (Desh ki Dhadkan) goes Dhak Dhak and like PEPSI (Yeh Dil Mange More) of you.

After a few months of watching you daily, we expect your hatke ways of being a FORD ICON (the ultimate josh machine,) and make us wonder Maybelline (Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline.) Sach bolein toh you have become a good wala disease of some sort, like TATA SKY(isko laga daala toh life jinga lala) which makes our blood rush, and our mouths turn upwards.

Your professionalism has no match and  your passion to succeed is like BMW(the ultimate driving machine.) You manage to excel in everything you do because L'OREAL PARIS (You are worth it.)

May you always have a positive attitude of BPL (Believe in the best) and get SANSUI (Better than the best) in life. And in every new venture of life we will be ICICI (Hum Hai Na) with you. May you always be like CANON(Delighting us always), but we're not worried because we know you're DE BEERS (A Diamond Is Forever.)

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sweetly_sour IF-Sizzlerz

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One of the finest things about Gautam Rode is his fashion sense...

Jo bhi pehnta hai, acha lagta hai.

For example, the first outfit we saw Gautie Pie wearing... The classic "dhoti." In this outfit, we see Gautam Rode wearing nothing at all, *ahem ahem* We mean.. "almost" nothing at allWink, besides a few feet of cloth draped around his waist. Certainly a sight for sore eyes!  

Those taut rippling muscles, well defined arms and his alabaster skin are making him simply irresistible.

So the million dollar question (courtesy of the Bank of Bhansali)  friends, is: Agar dhoti aisa hai... toh 
kachcha kaisa hoga? (Kindly censor your thoughts.)

And then comes the bow tie. Gautam Rode rocks the "Suit and Tie"

The tux, exquisitely cut, and a perfect match for his suave manners, making him look no less than James Bond *thud*.

A well fitted suit, carrying with it a hint of a smile, making it a bit magical.

Then comes the killer casual look... and by that we mean the yellow t-shirt.  

Gautam Rode is looking classy even while relaxing, taking the style factor up a couple of notches.

The T fitting perfectly, accentuates his broad shoulders, and this man manages to look effortlessly stylish.

"Yellow yellow, dirty fellow, We love you, chello!" BlushingBlushing

Gautam Rode's classic blazers, always make him look devastatingly hot, radiating an air of confidence, all the while minus-ing arrogance in his demeanour.

The navy blue jacket moving smoothly over his shoulders, looking well proportional to his physique,  the words Gautam Rode and fashion disaster in a single sentence can seldom be found.

And now we approach his prized possession: Gautam's watch. We have seen him wear that watch, at almost every occasion, and it seems like him and his watch are undetachable.

Although, that makes sense to us, since his watch adds a zing of a dapper look to him.

This UB (Unbuttoned shirt), with a spread collar gives that flattering look to Gautam's face.

The shirt precisely matching the contours of his body, gives him a lithesome appearance, yet displays nothing effeminate in his bearing. Gautam Rode can carry any look with ease, with that God gifted body and face.

His lustrous mane forever tempts us to run our hands through it. Jet black hair, contrasting with creamy skin make Gautam Rode look like an ageless Prince Charming... Perhaps that's exactly what he is!  We could never imagine that such lustrous hair could be natural, but it is.


This brilliant spectacle in front of us, who is generally referred to as Gautam Rode, looks hot in those stylish hard rimmed spectacles, which make him look ber hot (if not more) and add a hint of drama to his face.

If Gautam would've opted toward the stock broking business, then he'd have surely been Delhi's hottest stockbroker.LOL

Gautam in a Sherwani is a sight to behold!!!

He effortlessly carries that regal look in a sherwani, with rich etiquette of nobility,  just like a Sapno ka Rajkumar, which every bride desires.

Nothing beats the radiance that comes with his Hindustani attire.Blushing

Kabhi jo aye khaab .. khaab me oh aye ..

Neened tutne pe bhi uski khaab na jaye  

Sab ki  khaab hai usse  dulha ki roop me deknaa hai,

But, uski khaab hai dulha banke  chup na.

Haila! Embarrassed Blushing

Now the best part about Gautam Rode's fashion sense is his ability tolook good in nothing at all Wink. If you can carry off the "in commando" look, you can carry off any look. When Gautam goes shirtless, all  wandering eyes can't stop checking him out.

And this concludes the overview of Gautam Rode's Fashion sense... hai naa hatke?? Wink 

Disclaimer: personal life personal hai... we cannot disclose. Yet, here are a few facts that Gautam has provided, and we've collected.

Full Name: Gautam "Gautie Pie" Rode

Age: Still Young

Mother's Name: Mummy

Father's Name: Daddy

Sister's Name: Didi

Occupation: Claims to be an actor... However, is also a professional robber, as he has been stealing women's hearts for a while now.

Current Salary: Depends on SLB's mood.

Relationship Status: married to work ethic.

His Likes

1. His favourite colours are blue and white.

2 .His favourite song is "Abhi Naa Jaoo Chodkar" from Hum Dono.

3 .His favourite travel destinations are Leela Resort, Trivandum Beach and London.

4. He's happiest when he spends time at the gym.

5. Likes speaking in Punjabi (if you cannot understand the language ROFL )

6. Enjoys excessive attention.

7. Adores drinking green tea.

8. Has a knack for drinking triple shot espresso coffee during Monsoon season.

9. Likes "practicality" and "positivity."

9. Enjoys to mimic the meow of cats on camera (specifically after reading usernames on Twitter.)

10. Loves to talk.But lives the silence.Smile

11. Adores being there for his family and friends (which is indeed, an admirable trait!)

12. Enjoys to belly dance (Shakira bole toh...  his hips don't lie.)

13. Excessive work, since he adores to work extra hard to get into Saraswatichandra's character.

13. Watching a lot of films in his spare time.

14.Calling his twitter followers his friends (which hence proves he's sociable!)

15.Has an endeavour to become a successful actor (which in our opinion, he's already become.)

16. Getting things for free ;-)

His Dislikes

1. When he's asked to take his shirt off (as much as we'd like to see that body of his, he feels molested... but he takes it off anyway!)

2. When he's asked if he applies lipstick (iss khambakt genetics ka kya karein)

3. Horror movies (see reason in point 4)

4. When people touch him excessively (It gets germs on his well-sculpted body.)

5. Spiders.

6. Not living in the present.

7. impracticality and negativity.

8. Partying (he claims to be boring, even though he's undeniably charismatic during his interviews.)

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SahirsBeard IF-Rockerz

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Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story. 

Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
they are vexatious to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. 

Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs;
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals;
and everywhere life is full of heroism. 

Be yourself.
Especially, do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love;
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment
it is as perennial as the grass. 

Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself. 

You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. 

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. 

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy. 

Max Ehrmann, 1927

Today is your day to celebrate

Today is your day to be the star

Dance to your favourite music
Sing to your favourite tune 

Laugh with all your heart 
Enjoy with all your might 

Have a millions of smiles today 
Chase all your enemies away

Let your heart be filled with love 
Let your world be filled joy 

Eat a giant slice of cake 
With your favourite chocolate cream

Smiles and hugs, Laughs and jokes 
Every single day 

Let the whole world knows 
Today is your special day 
Happy Birthday!

Dear Gautam,
I'm wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday's done,
I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
More than you can know
Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Gautam Rode!

By Rida(Mysterygirl_me)


By Aanchal(SilentPromises)

May your birthday be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter, love, and cheer.

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-B.N.K- IF-Stunnerz

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A special thanks goes out to those who've gone an extra mile (or two, or three, or four) and helped us in completing the thread. You are those whom without this thread wouldn't have seen the light of the day.

-B.N.K-, Veera25, Sweetly_Sour

Veera25, Sweetly_Sour, -B.N.K-, Omshreejanu, Hunnybunch, Arshicritic, Lakhy

-B.N.K-, Veera25, Sweetly_Sour

Nikki_SAS_Holic, Sweetly_Sour, -B.N.K-, Veera25


-B.N.K-,Veera25, Chand1234, JewelsCreation, Itritz, -Mema, Nikki_SAS_holic

-B.N.K-, Veera25

This thread has been designed by 3 specially trained amateurs, who've forsaken their sleep for months for this thread, and were almost on the edge of pulling their hair out.
One was having a panic attack, another had a high fever... and the other was just enjoying the misery of the other two... but stil, the thread's done, naa?

-B.N.K-, Veera25, Sweetly_Sour

That is how they worked for all the sections, putting in their combined extra effort in making this thread reach the heights of perfection. We sincerely hope you guys liked it.

On a lighter note, WE REGRET NOTHING!

You're still here reading the thread?? What??? Go Spam with your wishes for the birthday boy. Scoot! LOL LOL

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