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RTMC OS-MY IRRESISTIBLE WARRIOR last part pg 11 ON 4/10/2013 (Page 7)

richa_kapoor IF-Stunnerz

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PART - 3

NANDANI was looking here and there covring her face with her scarf. Only her oceaned eyes are visible,which are full of vaguness. Conflict of her thoughts made her full of uncertainty. Blindly she walked off the party hall. Her all maids are mixed with comman ppl inside party hall. She is looking here and there when a strong hand gripped her arm and pulled her to face him. She glance him and certainly her heart start thumping badly on his single glimpse. Her head start spinning again coz the hands were the same of man who kissed her passionately in their very first meet. Uncertainty and fear of his action trembled her tip to toe. His hard grip proved very harsh to her deligate wrist. She cat resist him any more and winced in pain. Hearing her moan Prithavi came to alive again,or else he was too drowned in her oceaned eyes. Prithavi loosen his grip but not let her free. He doesnt even know but the fact is he is falling for this staranger girl strongly. She had an vast effect on him,which he cant denied. Prithavi raised his arm and remove the veil of her scarf to get the glimpse of her universal beauty,her angelic face which mesmerized him completely and he lost his all sences.

Nandani's skin come to alive with his mere touch. Her body betraying her mind and wants to feel him more. His slight touch is able to tremor every fibre of hers. 'hume jane deejiye',she pleads with a droodling lips and her chimming voice is some kind of music for his ears. He gulp hard.

'kon ho tum or kyu aai ho yaha?',instead of leaving her he raised his que,with hope of spending more time with her.

Nandani turn cold as she is on the edge of lossing her fake identity. She is praying for herself.

'bolo na',Prithavi insist.

'dekhiye aap hume jane deejiye. Hum to yaha sirf apko bdhai dene aaye the.',she said quickly in a termore voice.

Prithavi smirked as he is also waiting for the same ans. She came here for him only. Prithavi step more closer to her and she stepped back until her back glued to the wall behind her. Prithavi trapped her between her arms. She scared what if any one can find her ture identity. He leaned over her scared face which unleashed the beast inside her. He gazed her pink petal lips. Astrong urge developed inside him to taste them again like last time. They were very soft and taste like a honey. His warm breath fanning her lips and she clenched her fists and eyes hardly. But this time luck is not blessing him like last time. Meantime her maids arrived there and broked their moment.

'senapatiji bdhai ho',one of them wished him to divert his attentions. He wont like their interfearence but have no option but to leave her. Her maids rush to her and grabb her arms from both side.

'tu yaha kya kar rai hai chal ghar chal bahut der ho chuki hai pehle hi. Ma baba krodhit(angry)honge yadi hum or vilamb(late)se gaye to',Prityusha pretends in front of him and took her away. Nandani sighed. Her breath is still uneven. She still feeling his breath on her lips,which make her heart thumped dreadfully. This time she only wanna go away from him,as far as possible. Soon she vanished from his sight but not from his thoughts. The remaining night he think about her only. He is lusting for her one glimpse.

Prithavi was amused on himself too. He was a born fighter never thought of any girl. Then what so spl about her which distract him always. Why he kissed her on their first meet? Why his beats ran faster then mormal when she is so close to him? Why? He start asking from himself but remained clueless.

Nandani who always filled the atmosphere with her gigglings,turn silent these days. Always lost in her thoughts. She was too found herself in the querral of thoughts. Her naughtyness, childishness,all are vanished the day he enters in her life. Her eyes wants to saw him,her lips wants to kiss him like he do and her body craved for his touch only. She forgot to smile and do mischevious acts. Seeing her gloomy her maids too turned gloom. They wants her like before so to make her happy they again took her to jungle for some fun. She too wet with them wanna get rid of his thoughts. But it was her mind only she trying to fooled. Though she knew its not possible.

All girls enjoying playing under the larghe sky. They played giggled and doing mischiefs with each other. They start playing Hide and Seek and Nandani is selected as a seeker. All her maids hide and she start searching for them. All her maids are very sharp,giving tough time to her. She was running in their search when her foot tripped with a stone in her way. She lost her balance and falls forward but luckily not falls on hard ground. She bumped on someone and her sences told her about his identity even without glancing on his face.
His pure male scent,same rock hard chest and same strong firm grip on her arms. Her heart knew it he is here who saves her from falling. Gradually she look upwards from the curtain of her long lashes to confirm her doubts. He is smirking glancing in her eyes. Nandani quickly step backwards and get concious about her clothes. She quickly settled her scarf around her shoulders.

'aap yaha kaise?',Her eyes betraying her que. Her happiness is clearly reflecting through her eyes. Her heart is jumping in rejoice.

Prithavi grabbed her and pulled her onto him. She easily absorbed in his arms. 'aaya to shikar karne tha,par pata nahi tha khud hi shikar ho jaunga.',he said in a intoxic manner,while glancing her hystericaly.

Nandanii's lips fluffered found herself numb to utter any word. Her voice died inside her. He cupped her chin between his thumb and finger and raise to met her gaze. She felt strange welterness and wriggling to set her free.'hume jane deejiye',she pleads meakly.

'tum humesha nazre kyu churati ho? Pehli baar jab hum mile to tum murchhit(unconscious)ho gai thi. Dusri baar b tum bina baat kiye bhag gai thi.',he come more closer to her face. 'kyu bhag rai ho apne aap se?',he whispered in her ears and his lips grazed her earlobes,sending her ripples of sensation.

Nandani stands holding his broad shoulders for strength as she felt weaken at her knees. He pulled her more leaving no space between them. His thigh rubbed against her and she can feel his hardness. She gasped anticipatedly. She wanted to ran away from him. He jerked her body so that her chest was pressed against his torso. Nandani held his biceps. Viens in his biceps become more prominent. She felt as he would crush her in his strong arms. He held her waist and slammed his lips on her. He was wilder then last time. This desire and passion scared her. He start placing untamed kisses on her neck and she moaned in pain. She was so limp to handle the wild beast inside him. Soon she loosen up and he realized if he wont stop right now then she must fainted again on him. Prithavi pulled her back and glance in her scared eyes.

'dekho main janta hu tumra aise vyevhar(behaviour) karna uchit hai. Lekin kya karu main koi kavi nahi hu yodha hu. Aaj tak sivaye talwari ki khankhnahat k koi sangeet nai suna,rakt(blood)bhane k siva mujhe kuchh or aata nahi. Kisi ladki se kaise veyvhar karna chahiye kabi sikha nahi. Ghuma fira k bate karna mujhe nai ata. Tor seedhi spasht baat ye hai ki maine aaj se pehle kabi kisi k liye aisa mehsoos nai kia hai jaisa tumhare lie karta hu. Ab agr ise hi prem kehte hai to ha main karta hu tumse prem. Or tume pane k liye kuchh b kar skta hu. Par lagta hai tum shyad waise mehsoos nahi karti',suddenly he leave her and quickly moved from there on his horse without glancing at her for once. He left her bare.

Nandani cant able to think how to react. All her maids appeared from different directions and grabbed her attention towards them. His words were graved on her tiny heart. How easily he confessed his feelings to her but what about her. Is she too felt the same for him. Inspite of awaring her attraction towards him,she wont able to gave name to her feelings. Whole night spend in his thoughts and confession. She is hanging between her feelings for him and the fear of her true identity. What if he finds about her? Is he remain the same after knowing the truth. No he will not. He is very loyal to her father. He will never accept her then. She was scared of the future of their growing emotions towards each other. She know her father and his's loyalty towards him. Both were scared her to accept her love for him.

3 days passed and she wont decided yet. Prithavi was again send to battlefield to compress an another uprising. When she came to know about this her heart sinks with unknown fear. For the first time she prayed for someone's life and that was Prithavi. She wants him coming back alright as soon as possible. 20 days passed and she had no news about him. Her face loose all her glow. Neither she aware about day or night nor she pay attention on herself. Every time she only thinking about him and his words he said when last they met. He confessed her but she? She wont able to said single word to him and she is regretting for that. She wants him abck at any cost. Her eyes swelled seeking his way always. Finally after 25 days he came after winning again. Suryebhan chest widened with proud. His sword Prithavi again shines in battle field. But this time Prithavi wounded badly. King himself wondered how is it possible. No one can born who compete with his sword Prithavi and injured him. That thought made him suspecious. When Nandani came to know about his arrival her eyes gleamed and a lips curved automatically for a smile which was lost from many days.

Prithavi reports to his King and he hugged him. Suryebhan gave him leave to take rest until he need him again.
He went to his home where his servants serves him. They placed an ointment of herbs on is wounds. It was almost midnight and Nandani loosing her all patience. She wants to see him right now. Prityusha trying her efforts but not worked before her stubborness. She made a way of her going outside. she covered her face and Prityusha drooped her on his address. She gave her instruction and leave from there. Without taking a second thought she went inside. His guards trying to stop him but her quick moves took her inside and they just following her until she dumped on him. He came outside hearing the noise and founds her. He glance and knows she is his girl. He signaled his all men and they left them alone.

She sighed as they were alone now. She glance on his wounds and automaticaly her eyes sheds many tears. The cut marks on his chest and arms pierced her dreadfully. She caress her soft palm on his scars and glance in his choclate brown eyes,as she silently asking about his pain. Prithavi clenched her hand softly and wiped off her tears. Her stroke is very soothing and he forgot his all pain the moment she touched him.

'bahut dard ho raha hai hai na?,she asked almost in a whimpring voice.

Prithavi smirked. 'to tume isse kya farak padta hai?',he teased her by taunting her. He wants her to open up now as he tells her.

Nandani was waving with the air. Her heart is thumping,but forgetting all her bounderies she decided to broke all distance between them. She lifted her head and placed her lips on his cheek. This time he didnt do anything. He closed his eyes to feel that moment. Ripples of scotching fire ran through him. It was a small gesture by her but enough to arosue the devil in him. The was the first time she kissed him on her own will. Prithavi wrapped her inside his hard frame.

She remove his arms from her and drop her robe from which she is covring her naked form. Now she is standing completely nude in front of his eyes. He turn numb and his eyes widened at her this gesture...

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res oplz

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good one!

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Awesome update

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 4 PM me...


updates r just  , ...



i just... ...

4 ur ...ClapClapClapClapgr8 gr8 

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just wanna ......HugHugHugHugHugHugHug


P.S.: plz don't copy paste my comments...i only make it 4 my frndz...if anyone do it again as i saw many of my comments r copied i'll report it...u guys plz make comment urself...u can use my componets indevisual...but don't coppied it whole as my post...Angry
 P.S.S.: Plz guys also comment on my stuff...i tried to post comment in everyones...but my most of buddies didn't comment...if u not liked tell also...plz guys...ShockedOuchConfused
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i said u guys ealier if u don't like plz tell me...but it really hurts a try to reply each of u...many serials i don't watch but i read ur ff's ...checking out ur updated stuff's...n try to make a sweet comment which u guys liked...but u never check my any stuff...i really busy wid my studies...but also don't want to hurt my frndz...i try to comment ecah of u woh Pmed me...but only few of u ans my Pms...if don't want me to bother u...plz tell me...i never pm u.4 my any update...
but i updated 4 whom woh waited...i know just few..but i updated for them surely...but that surely ime said..that me really hurt abut u guys...Cryme uncontorled sob.sob..Cry
N.B.: Me not making any of this graphics this r from glitter-graphics 



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hi thanks 4 da pm n wonderful update! Well written
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whoa...thts  intense 

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