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RTMC OS-MY IRRESISTIBLE WARRIOR last part pg 11 ON 4/10/2013 (Page 10)

rai-kishori. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 September 2013 at 6:57am | IP Logged
Lovely Update !!!

manikka IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 September 2013 at 9:48am | IP Logged
tht was just awesome...
NehArabella Senior Member

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Posted: 20 September 2013 at 2:55pm | IP Logged
Ahaan di 1st night scene !!! EmbarrassedApprove
Kya baat hai Wink

Will comment after reading . Embarrassed
aditimaan Goldie

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Posted: 20 September 2013 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
wow superb.passionate they.scared 4 the moment when maharaj will know everything.they both specially prithvi have to bear worst consequence i think.waiting 4 next
ArchanaRoy Goldie

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Posted: 21 September 2013 at 4:09am | IP Logged
what a amazinggg baner me thuddd  love u richa make comment later 

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richa_kapoor IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 October 2013 at 9:21pm | IP Logged

NANDANI is weltring for Prithavi's single glimpse. She was in wrangler state,how she could manage to go there. On the other hands he was to lost in her thoughts. Though he was sitting in a court but absent minded.

King summoned an emergency meeting and no one is aware of the agenda. All important coutiers were present and wait for King to come and start the discussion. King came and all stood up in his respect. Suryebhan scanned all and sit.

'aaj ki ye sabha bahut hi vhesh nirnaye lene k liye bulai gai hai. Hum chahte hai use lene se pehle senapati Prithavi humare samaksh upastit ho.',King ordered Prithavi to came in front of him. Prithavi leave his space and swung to him. He stood bowed in front of him. King to stood up and came to him.

'Prithavi ek senapati k liye kya kya niyam or zimmedariyan hai?',King asked sternly. His eyes and voice were cold and he staring him suspeciously. He is waiting for his reply. 'Prithavi kuchh puchha humne?' he compressed him.

'apki har aagya ka palan karna or apne prano ki aahuti dekar bhi rajye or maharaj ke samman ki raksha karna.',he said in one go without glancing at king for once.

'or? Ye to senapati k kartavye hue? Is rajye ki parmpara k anusar kuchh niyam bhi bane hai senapti pad k liye jinka nirvah karna har us purush(man) k liye avshyak hai jo is pad ko grahan karega. Is padd ki garima ko banaye rakhne k liye kya kya niyam hai Senapati Prithavi Singh? Kya shapat li thi tumne is padd ko sweekar karte samye?',Suryebhan shout loud on him and asked for the ruels and regulations designed by a state for a chief commander.

Prithavi hesitated. His voice leave him alone. His guilt concious made him weak. For the first time in his life he had no ans to his King's questions. Suryebhan's eyes turn red and he glaring him and raised his voice with every second. He asked again and again and Prithavi repeat his oath,which he taken at the time he select for the post of chief commander. 'main apna tann or mann dono is rajye ko samrpit karta hu. Jab tak is padd pe rahunga tab tak keval or keval is rajye ki seva karunga. Kabi kisi kanya ko mere jeevan me prevesh karne ki anumati nahi hogi.',he repeats his oath but not with that confidence he had on a time of his joining. His voice is tripping badly.

'ye sab jante hue bhi tumse itni badi galti kaise ho gai?' he roared at his full volume. 'Prithavi hum tume antim avsar dena chahte hai. Hume us ladki ka naam bta do. Hum us ladki ko humare senapati ko uske kartavye se vimukh(divert) karne k apradh me mrityudand denge or tumhari pehli or akhri galti samajh kar tume shama kar denge.' king is trying to manupulate Prithavi with his words. He wants to know the name of girl who divert Prithavi's mind these day. By his secreat sources he only got to know that Prithavi had some random girl in his life but still he is unaware of whole truth. Suryebhan wants to know the name of girl so that he shall punish her in his own way.

Prithavi stand unmoved and silent. No sound is coming from his mouth,which towered King's recent. 'humne kuchh puchha tumse?'

'Maharaj jab aap sab jante hi to ye b jaan leejiye in sabme us ladki ka koi dosh nahi hai niyam bhulakar apradh maine kiya hai usne nahi.'Prithavi collect his courage and for the first time he answer back to his king.

King's fists tighten. He gritted his teeth. But he wont loose a man like him so controlling his anger he again tried to violate Prithavi's mind. 'Prithavi humne tume kabi b sharirk sukh bhogne se mana nai kia kintu ek saink k jeevan me rajye prem k alwa or kisi prem ka koi sthan nahi hota hai. Isliye us ek ladki k badle hum tume 10 kanaye uplabadh karwa sakte hai. Jitna chahe sukh bhog sakte ho kintu us kanya ne tume tumhare path se bhatkane ka pryas kia hai jo hume sweekar nahi hai isliye hume uska naam bta do taki hum apne rajye ke saamne use dandit(punish) kar apni praja tak ye baat pahuncha sake ki niyam todne ka adhikar kisi ko b nahi hai.' Suryebhan triying to bribed him asked his lover's identity in eturn. He offered him more facilities just for Girl's name. He knows if Prithavi start loving anyone then he also start loving his life too. Right now Prithavi win all the battles just because he have no fear of his life but if someone comes in his life to whom he start loving,then an unknown fear is occured deeply inside. And Prithavi's last battle is a clear proof of his doubt. Though he won the battle but for the first time he injured badly. No warrior is born on this earth who can even think of defeating him and now he came injured. Sureybhan was doubted at the very moment thats why he send his spy after him. But his spy too not able to find about girl's identity.

'maharaj aap mujhe jo b dand dena chahe sweekar hai kintu main us kanya ka naam apko kabi nahi btaunga.' he denied throughly. His voice having a confidence and love for Nandani.
Though Prithavi doesnt knew anything about her enegmatic love but he pretends in front of King and demands for punishment instead of telling anything about her.

King's blood boiled and it burst like valcano on Prithavi. For the first time he saw oppression in Prithavi's voice. He raise his hand and one of his servant came with his hunter. Suryebhan gripped its handle and asked for the last time as a caution but Prithavi stick with his silence and he start beating him with his hunter. Prithavi bear all his anger without answering him back and moving from his place. Suryebhan beats him continously.

In her room Nandani's weltrenedness increased pacefully. A strange pain encirled her. She doesnt feel good and roamed in full pace. Her heart beat raised suddenly and urge of seeing him raised more. Meanwhile Prityusha entred in her room. She looks pale and scared. Nandani grasped her both arms and scanned her pale feared face throughly.

'kya hua prityusha? Tum itni dari hui kyu ho?',she asked worridly.

Prityusha's voice died inside her. She found no words to tell the reason of her fear but now it become very necessary she collect her courage and tell her everything. Prityusha told her every bit of the conversation of King and Prithavi and also told her that King is punishing him for loving her. Nandani burst in tears. Now she got why she is feeling so restless. Nandani ran outside and Prityusha held her wrist to stop her. She pleads and Nandani flinch off her hands strongly. Suddenly her eyes turn red not because of crying but of her recent on her father. Her fists clenched and determinly she moved ahead. All guards trying to stop her but she neglect all's order cum pleads. She waved towards King's court where no women supposed to be enter. She entered like a wild wind and her eyes viewed most painful sight of her life. She is in agony.

Suryebhan is beating Prithavi brutualy and he bearing his every knock. Nandani rush in the direction follwed by many guards who trying to abrupt her way. Suryebhan raise hunter again but this time Nandani was standing between him and Prithavi. Suryebhan get a biggest shock of his life. His hand struck in air seeing Nandani in front of him. She is glaring her father furiously. Prithavi was still stand bowed unaware of what going on.

'rajkumari Nandani aap yaha kya kar rahi hai? Aap janti hai na kisi b rajkumari ka is tarah sabke samne aana varjit(banned)hai. Firr is gustakhi ka sabab?'he roared loud throwing his frustration on her.

She moved her arms behind herself covring Prithavi from his knocks. Prithavi knows her touch. He looked upwards and she slanted back seeing his love. Both glance each other. Prithavi was also in shock. Now he knew his love is not a normal girl but is King's most beautiful daughter. His mind scold him and heart beat raised at sudden. He never ever imagined that he become the back stabber of King to whom he worshipped like God. He never ever disobeyed him and now get involved with princess herself.

'hum apko inhe chot pahunchane denge. Apko naam janna hai na us kanya ka to hum apko btate hai.',Nandani snap back rebelliuosly.

Suryebhan's eyes widened with shocked. It was hard to engulf this weired behaviour of his daughter. Her words piked his prestige and he wont tolrate this insult of him that his daughter protecting one of his mere servant.

'aap hosh me to hai? Isi samye yaha se chali jaiye isse pehle ki hum bhul jaye ki aap humari beti hai.',he cautioned her last time.

Nandani still glaring him.'hum jante ki hum kya keh rahe hai. Or hum apko inhe or chot pahunchane nahi denge. Apko ko janna hai na ki wo ladki kon hai jisne apke senapati ko bagi banaya hai to theek hai suniye hum apko btate hai wo kon hai. Wo ladki hum hai.',she said strongly and all turned all courtiers amzed. Suryebhan's muscles turned more promenient. His nose fluffered and eyes emitting fire on his daughters mischief sply in front of his courtiers. 'ha pitaji wo ladki hum hai. Hum Prithavi ko tann or mann dono se apna pati sweekar kar chuke hai. Ab chahe ap ise sweekar kare ya na kare hume koi fark nahi padta. Lekin isme Prithavi ki koi galti nahi hai. Wo to humara naam tak nahi jante. Ye bekasoor hai apko jo bhi dand dena hai hume deejiye. Apke niyamo ka ullanghan humne kia hai inhone nai.',Nandani continued with her straight forward talk. She took all blame on herself and demand for punishment for herself only.

Her cheekiness is wont tolable for a man like Suryebhan. It lanced his ego and fake pride. His anger now at no end. He wont even care that the person standing in front of him is his own daughter. he raised his hunter again to punish her also. But before it touched to a delicate skin of her one strong hand gripped its another end.

Prithavi clenched the hunter fron another point before it harms Nandani in any way. For the first time ever Suryebhan saw furious eyes of Prithavi.
He always found Prithavi stand bowed in front of him. This is first time he saw his eyes staring him with so much anger.

Prithavi felt guilty until Nandani's words made him realize that their love for each other is pure and divine. They wont commit anything wrong. Though she wont tell him about her identity but her love for him is not fake. And today for sake of their love she is standing in front of her father without any fear.

"It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not."

Prithavi's grip is so hard that king wont able to snatch back his hunter. King signaled to his guards seeing he wont able to match up with him physicaly. One of his guard attack on his head to make him unconcious. Prithavi's head blow with hard piece of sword and he bleeds. His grip getting loosen and eyes going blurred.

'fek do ise karagaar me kal subah sabke saamne iske jeevan ka nirnaye wahi hoga jaha aaj tak sabhi quaidiyo ka hota aaya hai.' he commands his men roughly.

Prithavi falls on floor and Nandani crying seeing him in this position. She leaned on him and sobbed badly,holding him tight. Suryebhan came and fists her hairs. He dragged her up with her hairs made her winced in pain.

'le jao ise bhi. Is gustakh k baad hum wai rajkumari ko bhi dand denge taki praja ye jaan le ki raja ki ichha k virudh jane ka parinam kya hoga.',he said rudely and threw her down.

His guards come and took her away along with Prithavi. They dragged both brutually and put them inside the cage next to each other. Prithavi were kept under chains so he wont made escape.

Few a while Prithavi regain his concious and found himself in darkness of jail. His was fully covered with chains. Even after having caught In this condition he wont loose hope. Braves never fears and made new ways for them. He was roaming welteredly when he hear sobbing sound. His heart told him that she was near.

There is a small window in his cage so long above which was the only source connecting him to next cage.

'Nandani tum ho waha par? Dekho mujhe pata hai tum hi ho.'Prithavi wants to confirm first,so he asked politely.

Hearing his voice,Nandani stood up and looking at the source from where voice is coming. She look upwards and found window. Though she wont able to reach to there but her voice can do it. Prithavi's voice create magic and again filled her with energy.

'Prithavi aap theek ho? Prithavi hume shama kar deejiye. Humari wajhse aaj apki ye halat ho gai hai.' she worried for him only and apolozise as she found herself guilty for his condition.

'chinta mat karo Nandani main theek hu. Or tume mafi mangne ki koi avshyakta nai hai. Isme tumhari koi galti nahi hai. Maharaj ka niyam maine toda hai.', prithavi trying to console her.

'kintu humne apse satye chupkar apko museebat me dal dia. Kintu hum dar gaye the apko khona nahi chahte the. Prithavi satye jaane ke baad aap humse ghrina to nai karenge na?' She asked hoarsly. The fear of loosing him killing her and she scared what he think off her now.

'nai Nandani kaisi bate kar rai ho. Kabi shareer ne b prano se ghrina ki hai. Tumhare aane se pehle sirf dil tha ise dhadkna to tumhi ne sikhaya hai.' he wants to be with her. He knows she needs him.

'kintu ye sab hota hi nai yadi main apke jeevan me nai aati to. Mere hi karan ye sab hua hai. Or kal peetaji hum dono ko saza denge.',She burst in tears not for herself. She was scared for his safty only.

'kal kya hoga main nai janta. Kintu mujhe humare pyar par pura bharosa hai. Ek pal k liye mujhe b laga maine galati ki. Par firr ehsaas hua agr ye glati hai to aisi galti k liye mujhe har dand sweekar hai. Nandani bhagwan pe bharosa rakho. usi ne hume milaya hai aage bhi wai hume rah dikhayenge. Humara prem koi galti nahi hai jiske liye hum pachhtaye.' he do his lvel best to comfort her. But the wall between them made him efforts less. He wants to embrace her love her,console her but the gap between them wont allowed him to do so. Both glued to the wall between them and try to feel each other. Both's eyes were wet and lusting for each other's sight.

Sun dawn. Last night is soo long and dark but today a sun of new hopes is rises. Both were blank regading their future. King took them to the same ground where he punished his culprits in a weired way.

No one can imagine that they have Prithavi one day here. But the truth were present. Prithavi was standing in mid of the ground to face thw ild beast and at one end nandani was standing,both's hand up,tiding with rope tightly.

Today the game is going to be different. Two culprits were going to be punished together. Thats why King's men send two lions together in a ground. One for Prithavi and another for Nandani.

Prithavi fumed seeing King's cruelity. He wont even leave his own daughter. But this is a high time for him to get alrert because both's lives were completely depends on him only.
Lions were come out of their cages and Prithavi was alone to save both's life. He had to be quicken and fasten at any cost. Both beasts were hungry for human flesh and blood. Their big paws were raising towards both. Prithavi felt the same,when he was toddler and trapped between the lions. On that time he was alone and saved by the king but today his love's life is also depends on him and King himself put their lifes in danger.

Crowd were present to see this blood game again. All wants to know what is gonna happened next. Every passing sec raise beats of several hearts. Two lions were come across each other. Prithavi's eyes were roaming all around and every body part of him is active. First of all he had to divert both lions towards himself so save Nandanii. So he attacked on both one by one in a flip of sec. Both lions roared as they were accepting his challenge. Both beast get angry on Prithavi as he hurts them. Both jumped on him and jumped on another side. He trying to make them tired before he attacked or killed them. Prithavi is not like other culprits. He was trained man. He knows which is the best time to attack on the opponent. Prithavi read their each and every move first then made his moves. He made them tired by pocking them and made them ran here and there.

Its true that lion is very strong and powerful but there is one lack behind his extreame power,which is his body weight. Lions tired very soon if they continously chasing their target for long time and unable to hit their prey. Prithavi tactfully make them tired and when their bodies give up he bring out his hidden knief,he always kept inside his clothes for safty purpose,and stabbed both lions ony by one. He killed both lions before they cause any harm to him and Nandani.

It will never happen in the history of this blood game when beast died and prey remain safe. Prithavi rush towards Nandani and opened her ropes. All crowed were praising his bavery and sighed he will remain safe but not King. He doesnt like that both were still alive. He taken this as his biggest defeat. He wants to listen their shrieks and see the sight of their blood. But it aint happens and his all dreams shattred of punishing both.

He is fuming and want to covert his defeat into his win at any cost. So in rage of anger he threw pike towards Nandanii in odrer to kill her first because she is the one who become the reason of Prithavi's uprising.

All crowed turn stun on his action. Every eye is following the pike which is going to pierced her body any time. But King forgot that nandani is now with her prithavi and no evil power can harm her. Prithavi hear the voice of air and alerts. He quickly turned and grabbed the pike before its edge even touch her body. Prithavi's anger now reached at its top. He forgot everythin and glared king furiously. This time King crossed all the limits od brutality.

'bas maharaj bas aaj tak apke kiye hue upkar ke badle maine kai gunah kiye wo bhi sar jhukar. Par aaj apne wo sab vasool kar liya wo b sood samet. Ab apka koi rinn (debt)nai hai mujhpar.',he said recentfully and threw that pike back on King. Before Suryebhan get alert and do something Pike was alredy pierecd his body. He died on the spot and al crowed turned paniced. They wont understand what to do now.

Prithavi freed her and she hugged him tightly. Prithavi cupped her face and kissed on her forehead,then embraced her. She was crying and he stroke her back lovingly.

Both parted and he grasped her hand. He headed towards outside and no one had a courage to stop them. Prithavi is turned into a wild beast and no one wants to face his wrath.

'ruk jaiye aap dono.', a strong voice came from behind.

He rooted on his place with her. Amatye,chief advisior of King is coming from behind with mahaguru.

'ruk jaiye Prithavi aap dono is rajye ko aise anath chhodkar nahi ja skte. Aarynagar ko apki avashyakta hai.' mahaguru trying to stop them.

'shama kare mahaguru kintu main ab aise rajye me nahi reh skta jaha jeene ki ichha karna bhi gunah hai.',he rejects his offer.

'to isi ko to badalne ki avshyakta hai. Aaj jo tumhare sath hua wo firr se kisi or k sath na ho uske liye bahut zaruri hai ki koi aisa us gaddi ko sambhale or ho rahe julmo ka ant kar ske. Maharaj Suryebhan ek krur raja the unke ant k sath sab theek nahi hoga. Kisi aise ko is rajye ki baag dor sambhalni hogi jo sabko sahi disha dikha sake or rajye ki surakha karne me bhi sakham ho. Or tumse uttam vikalp koi ho hi nahi skta.', chief advisor gave his points to convience him. They wants him to crowned himself.

'mahamantri sahi keh rae hai Prithavi. Rajkumari se vivah k pashchhat aap is gaddi k swabhavik utradhikari bann jayenge.',Aamatye told him the way how he will become eligible candidate for crown.

Both glance each other. she gave her approval silently and Prithavi agreed with both Advisior and Aamatye.
Prithavi pehle maharaaj ka antimsanskar karna hoga. Firr 40 dinn ke pashchat jo bhi pehli puranmasi hogi usi dinn apka rajyeabhishek or vivah dono vidhiya purn hogi.'Amaatye declared loud to tell the crowed about their would be king and queen. All applouse in support.

Prithavi followed whatever chief advisor and aamatye told him. He do Suryebhan's funeral and after 40 days in early morning they do all the rituals and crowned him as a new king of Aaryenagar. People were filled with enthusiasm and new hope for their better future.

The moment he sit on king's seat,the feel of responsibility bounds him more then before. First the law he passed was the abolish of practise of blood game. From now no culprit will be punished in this kind of inhuman ways. He stop all partial practices of King. He gave equal rights to both men and women.

All people of him welcomed him whole heartedly. In evening whole state were decorated and shine like a bride. All enjoyed life for the first time without any fear. Nandanii is dressed up in bridal wear and both sat near fire kund. Aamatye gave instructions and both followed. Finally both get married in presence of all with complete rituals. Both's pure Love completes them and not only completes them but end's all other's pain and tortures. His love gave him courage to end the endless tale of cruelity. Both lived their life happily ever after. In PRITHAVI'S kingship Aaryenagar reaced to the new heights of progress,happiness and upswing.


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darshika121 Groupbie

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thank u di...Tongue
lovely ss u gave us really lovelyStarClap
prithvi was a very good kingStar
thank u

ab jaldi se TISHNAGI ka bhi ud de do...i knw iam greedy pr kya karu control nhi hotaTongue
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good work!

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