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GurIka's SA Tour:Updts/Pics/Vid:All in One:Updted Pg1

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Posted: 11 August 2013 at 3:44pm | IP Logged
Gurmeet and Kratika's Magical South Africa Tour Updates-Pics-Videos all Together Cool

There have been lots of posts doing the rounds with Updates of GC-KS from Durban and Johunsbrrg Embarrassed .. So I thought of putting all pictures , videos and updates in this one single thread , so that it becomes easy for the members of the forum to see it all in one thread and that too on Pg 1 itself Cool

Credit for all the pictures , videos and updates goes to all the members who have been collecting these pics and updates live from Durban and Johunsberg .. Full credit to the respective owners of these pics and updates .. ClapClapClap

So Here we go ... Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Gurika Durban Stage act Written Update by Hanii

I m going to update you guys since im from Durban and have just been for the show about an hour and a half ago, so Gurmeet had the grandest entry, he entered on a platform, and said the famous rishi kapoor line "Tumne kabhi kisise pyaar kiya" ? and he danced to a few songs, when he was done, he said this is my 2nd time in S.A and i am getting so much love here, thank you! Kratika came out next, wearing an orange spotted lehenga or skirt and a black blouse. She danced to Fevicol Se and Aa Re Pritam Pyaare. When Kratika came out she said that she wants someone to take back as a dulha, and this small boy said i love you, and she said i love you too :-) We heared Gurmeet screaming Kratika from the backstage and the MC said this is true love, they want to get each others remarriage (Punar-Vivah) done LOL. When Kratika came back, they called volunteers (boys) to dance and for Kratika to choose a dulha, and they chose a certain boy as he danced very well. The MC said that Kratika said she wants the boy to be Ghar-Jamaai so if he is willing to go back to India with her, he can marry her, he said he will go and he will bring her back here, so kratika accepted his proposal. Gurmeet came out and called girls on the stage and he told Kratika, not in front of you so she left and Gurmeet danced with each of the girls. Aarti came out and said "Hai Hai Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai Mere Saamne", yash ji, you are here,having a gala time with these girls, and she pretended to cry by saying, yashji please dont leave me, for our 4 childrens sake, ansh palak payal aur sabse naya Ayuu. she said thanks girlls for coming up, but im still not giving yashji to you'll. Yash danced with 2 background dancers and Aarti said you danced with these girls and he said those were girls ? =)) and he said "Arre time bahut kharab hai aaj kal" and she pulled his ear and took him away, At the end, they thanked durban, the audience, the organisers and someone else, who had helped them here and that was it. 
*Please forgive me if there are any errors as i am updating at 01:03 in the morning in South Africa and I wanted to update you guys
Thank You :)

Gurika Johunsberg Stage act Main Written Update by  nanand

Finally, I've gotten round to doing a WU for the PV1 fans. I'm sorry it's taken so long, and more bad news. I am struggling with my pics and vids, so as soon as I have those, I will post.

Gurmeet and Kratika were excellent! Gurmeet was the first one on stage, well actually not on stage, but he was the performer. He came into the arena riding a motorcycle! The crowd went absolutely crazy. Then he got on stage with the support dancers and danced to a remix of Badtameez Dil and a Justin Timberlake song. The hosts really made a fuss over him being the last winner of Jhalak Diklaa Jaa, and he certainly didn't disappoint. His dancing was amazing and I bet anything that he would give Justin Timberlake himself a run for his money. When his dance was over, he took the mic and started talking to the crowd, he was very funny. He said that in all the shows he does, he always gets girls to dance with him, today he will get some boys to dance on stage with him. He called 4 guys on stage to dance and told them they must copy him. He told them he'll be doing a Punjabi-style bhangra. Obviously the boys from the crowd couldn't even keep up with his first 2 steps haha!

Then next it was Kratika's turn, she came out wearing a beautiful black top and orange skirt, screaming like a rockstar! She spoke before she danced saying she's sooo happy to be there. She danced wonderfully, to Fevicol Se. I tell you, she is an enigma, and seems completely different in real life, as opposed to the role she played in PV1. 

When Gurmeet came out again for his next performance, he said that he would be dancing with people from the crowd, and for a change he decided to choose some people from the top of the arena, stating they almost always get left out at these kinds of shows, and he chose some girls, all younger than teenagers to dance with him on stage. He romantically twirled one such young girl around and she just gushed, saying "I love you YASH!", over and over again. It was very cute. Then he called "Aarti Ji on stage, as they had teddybears to hand out to the crowd. As Gurmeet was talking to the girls on stage, Kratika made funny faces, and told the crowd that he's busy romancing and doesn't care about his "Aarti Ji" now. Again, Gurmeet insisted on going to the back of the arena and throwing a teddybear into the crowd at the top, because they usually get left out.

Kratika came out for her next performance wearing black skinny jeans and a black biker jacket – SO not "Aarti-ji"! Sorry, but I was not familiar with the song she danced to in this performance. The crowd gathered below the stage, and when the hosts came back, they teased her saying she told them that she wants to take a SA man back home with her, and teased her again about having met someone in Durban the night before. She was giggling very hard, so I am not sure if that was true or not haha!

Finally, they both came out for their last performance, and Kratika (like Surbhi), pulled a baby up from the crowd onto the stage. Gurmeet took the mic and said, "Aarti Ji, you already have 4 children back home, now you want a 5th? No Way!", and the crowd erupted into laughter. They finally danced together to Ishq Wala Love, and it was so sweet – you can tell they're very good friends too! When Gurmeet spun her away from him, he did cartwheels to get back to her, and you could see that wasn't planned, as Kratika burst out laughing and they couldn't continue dancing. 

They left the stage hand in hand, thanking the crowd for their love and support. 

I hope my update makes up for me taking so long to write it for you guys.

Gurika Johunsberg Stage act another Written Update by 

Hye guys ..I just got this info from my fren in Johannesburg , SA ..
She attended the concert n told me that Gurika were awesome onstage together..
They looked comfortable n interact with the fans around...She excited  watching their performances so much even though she is a big fan of the Qubool Hai stars..
What impressed her was that Gurmeet ran into crowd and throw little teddy bears to the audience there...Day Dreaming
But she do admit Gurmeet was a terrific dancer ..n one more good news guys ..Both Gurmeet n Kratika did solo act n do one performance together..Day DreamingSurely this is a happy news for all AarYans...
My fren also said she will try to ask her other frens about GURIKA pictures during the concert..
Once I got sumting ..I will share here ..!!SmileSmile 
Thanks for the time on reading this my fellow AarYans..Clap

For Pictures and Videos , Scroll Down to Next post Embarrassed

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Durban Pictures

Gurika Pictures clicked by various fans in Durban Embarrassed (Will b updating more)

Gurika Airport and other Casual Pics meeting fans

Here I come with an exclusive pic for u guys love u all:-)

Photo: Gurmeet our man in black♥♥♥

USA Officers Escort Bollywood Stars, KwaZulu Natal:

Two Bollywood Stars visiting South Africa to perform at the 'Night of the Stars' concert in Durban and Gauteng have spent two days with members of Reaction Unit South Africa over the past weekend.
Gurmeet Choudhry and Kratika Sengar known as Yash & Aarti from the Zee TV Serial Punar Vivah arrived at the RUSA Offices in Verulam, KwaZulu Natal, on Friday night for dance practice in our boardroom. The stars then visited the offices again on Saturday morning after Yash had made a request to test drive the RUSA BMW M3 Response vehicle which is not popular in India. Both Stars were then taken to a local shooting range and spent several hours firing off handguns and rifles before flying off in the RUSA Helicopter.
Qubool Hai Stars, Surbhi Jyoti known as Zoya & Karan Singh known as Asad arrived in Durban on Saturday morning and was escorted to an Umhlanga Hotel by members of Reaction Unit South Africa.

Both Yash & Aarti expressed their gratitude to RUSA Members during the concert on Saturday night.

Credit - Reaction unit South africa

Bollywood Soapie Stars A The Shooting Range:

In this pic Kratika Sengar know as Aarthi, test fires a Taurus 9mmp handgun. The stars were in Durban to perform at a show in City Hall on Saturday night. Members of Reaction Unit South Africa provided the stars with security during their stay.

Bollywood Soapie Stars At The Shooting Range:

In this pic Bollywood soapie start Gurmeet Choudhry (Yash) from popular Indian Serial, Ounar Vivah, test fires a Dash Prod Rifle.

Credit - Reaction Unit South Africa
Zee Stars Lift Off In The RUSA Chopper:

Zee stars Gurmmet Choudhry (Yash) and Kratika Sengar (Aarthi), were taken for a flip in the RUSA helicopter during their stay in Durban, KwaZulu Natal.""

Bollywood Soapie Star Tests Drive RUSA Response Vehicle:

Gurmeet Choudhry, Yash, a popular Indian soapie star, had the opportunity of test driving the RUSA BMW M3 response vehicle during his stay in Durban. Members of Reaction Unit South Africa were tasked with providing security for the stars during they stay. Director of Reaction Unit South Africa Vinod Balram is seated with him in the vehicle.

Gurika solo performances and duet/joint interaction on stage Pics

@kratikaonlyon stage live 

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Photo: Kratika Sengar - Durban -South Africa.

Embedded image permalink


Photo: Ks Rocking here ..!!



XDC and Sitaare performers in concert with @gurruchoudhary truly our favourite. pic.twitter.com/n8KpYRjVWY

The photo they tweeted its the dance troupe who danced with the stars there.

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Johunsberg Pictures

 Gurika Pictures clicked by various fans in Johunsberg Embarrassed(Will b Updating more)

Gurika Airport and other Casual Pics meeting fans

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Gurika solo performances and duet/joint interaction on stage Pics
(Will b updating more)

Embedded image permalink


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Durban Videos

Videos of various GC-KS performances in Durban (Will b updating more )

Credit for this  video goes to GCHT Page Embarrassed

Aug 22, 2013 3:13am

Johunsberg Videos

Hopefully someone will upload Embarrassed

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 Thanks for this thread Jyo much easierEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Their comfort level is so visibleClapClap what more can we ask for.. this is more than group performance for me!TongueEmbarrassed

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Thank you so much Jyo!!
Here's a pic you've missed:

Glad to help.

Love Gurika Heart

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Thanks for putting it all into one thread Jyo! 

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Thank you very much everyone for the pics and the vid...You guys are awesome Hug

And thankuu Jyo for putting this thread up Heart Heart

GC & KS look awesome and they look like they had the time of their lives, I was missing their masti and this weekend was able to see that through the pics, recaps of their events Embarrassed Big smile 

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