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#4 FF: Spending nights with Mr. Raizada(Note: P42)

Gazal.. IF-Dazzler

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                                                                                      HeartBanner credit: ipkknd4evaHug

Hello Readers!

 I am touched as well as thankful to every reader here, who love this FF so much that they had made it possible for me to open thread Four of this beautiful love-tale.

Woah! When I started this FF, I mentioned in the beginning that I am IPK fan and always expect the unexpected in this FF. But, I think in that course I forgot that you too are IPKians and you all won't be less than me in giving surprises!Embarrassed

Thanks a ton guys for your love and appreciation which encouraged me write more and better! With a wish that I continue to make you smile and gift you same pleasure I have while writing this story, I open this new thread of Spending nights with Mr. Raizada .

Index :

Chapter 20 : Pg 1 (Scroll down)

Chapter 21 : Pg 20



P.S. : New readers, Buddy me for PMsEmbarrassed


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Gazal.. IF-Dazzler

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                                                                     Heart Banner credit: ipkknd4evaHug


                                 Spending nights with Mr. Raizada  

Chapter 20 :

"Arnavji!! Arnavjii!!" Khushi's smile fade away and she jerked him again and put her hand on his heart, only to feel weak heartbeat.


"His heartbeat is getting low'Akashh'Akash his heart beat is getting Low!!" wailed Khushi.

Akash drove as fast as he could'his heartbeat increasing with every decreasing heartbeat of Arnav. While Khushi kept on jerking Arnav and rubbing his palms, Aaksh continued driving fast while Payal kept mumbling all the prayer she knew.


Finally they reached nearest hospital, where Akash stopped the car just in front of gate. It was small and did not seem very well equipped. But, that time Arnav needed an urgent operation so, Khushi quickly came out of car and went inside to ask for ward boys to carry Arnav inside but due to rains none was helping her.


Akash was sitting inside along with Payal, helplessly watching Arnav's fluctuating breath. Frustrated and disgusted watching helpless Khushi outside begging for help and his friend almost dying he banged out of his car and standing at the main entrance of hospital shouted,

"WHAT KIND OF HOSPITAL IS THIS??? Huh?? My friend is dying outside and you all are refusing to come out to help because its damn raining??? Are you made of mud that you are going to melt?? Pls I beg you help us'he'll die'PLEASE!!" and finally he broke'numb from inside'helpless being crying for the life of his friend.


Just then only a doctor came out of small operation theatre. He saw Aaksh crying and instantly asked him'

"What happen young man?"

"Doctor!! Doctor!! Please help! My'my friend is dying outside and none of your ward boys are helping! Pls, examine my friend fast or else he would die'pls!" begged Akash.

Doctor gave a dirty glance to ward boys and shouted at his top voice,

"I WILL DEAL WITH YOU ALL LATER! Now get up and get the patient inside! Mind it, if anything happens to patient I won't mind registering complain against you!!"

Ward boys quickly got up and sped outside and brought Arnav inside.


"Don't worry Mister! I wont let anything happen to your friend! Though we are less equipped, but I will try my level best to save your friend! Don't worry! You quickly fill the details at reception!" said doctor to Akash.


While doctor gave instruction to ward boys and nurse'Khushi kept rubbing Arnav palm all the way he was being carried to operation threatre.

"Arnavji'Arnavji.." Khushi kept whispering non stop, taking little of air in between as if chanting prayers. Whenever she caressed his forhead, his eyes would open a bit and then close back again.

In between of his heavy breath he too kept chanting her name'as if her name was giving him strength, giving him hope to breath'to live!


"Ma'am pls wait outside here!" suddenly nurse broke Khushi's concentration on Arnav's breath and rolled Arnav to small operation theatre.

As the operation door closed at her face, she kept staring at it. mind numb, a situation where she wants to cry, but she can't, she wants to wake him up and ask the person who hurt him so much'where she wants to be at his side, but can't'where she wants to eradicate the thought of losing him, but she can't. All she could at this time was, finally fall down on her knees and sit in corner of nowhere and wait for doctor to come.


Akash and Payal completed all the details at the reception and came towards operation theatre. They too didn't sit for even a while and kept measuring the hallway. 

Khushi kept sitting in a corner, ignoring pleas of Payal to sit on bench atleast. Nothing was running in her mind, except his heartbeats her hands a while ago registered'that dreadful moment of again and again flashing her mind'his bleeding form, his weak whispers.


After an hour or so, finally operation was over and after few minutes operation theatre gates opened and through it came out exhausted doctor. Khushi, hearing the door open quickly got up, as if she was given electric shock and ran towards the doctor.

"How's Arnavji??"

Doctor didn't speak a word. There was similar disappointed look on his face. As he continued his silence, Khushi jerked him hard'



Suddenly trio heard voice of wheel. All looked at the direction of sound. Through the poorly lighted operation theatre came out Arnav's body, again wrapped in number of bandages. Silence from doctor and Arnav's body wrapped in bandages left Khushi numb, weak. Instantly, she fell on ground, eyes filled with tears, heart throbbing at an undefinable rate.

As his body reached nearby room, doctor finally spoke'


"I don't want to give you any false hope'I am sorry'but'I'see'I have stitched back those open wounds, checked for internal injury and didn't find any. I operated him well'but'if'I mean'if he is not taken out of whatever stress he is going through, I am sorry to say, but'you might end up losing him!"

He continued," I have talked to other hospital and had made arrangement for ambulance for patient's better treatment. But, I am telling you, your friend should be out of stress he's carrying because that's causing lots of problem and not letting any treatment or medicines cure him! After an hr he'll gain conscious. You can meet him, but one at a time!"


Saying this doctor made his way to his room. Khushi was still sitting on floor, trying to register what doctor just said..

Loose him'No! She can't afford to lose him! Never! And how dare he try to leave her?? He promised to be with her..! Then how could he?


While Khushi continued to cry, caressed by Payal and Akash totally worried, an hour passed by and finally a nurse came and announced that they could finally meet him.

Though trio were dying to meet him, but Akash felt it was good if Khushi made the first step. Quiet feeble and totally broken now she got up from her place and with the remaining strength in her body she walked towards the ICU door.



While shivering, she opened the door. Inside, he laid there, eyes open looking at dilapidated ceiling. Even though he heard creak of the door he never turned his eyes towards it and continued staring at the ceiling'as if it contained something'something which was either giving him pleasure or pain which his face was not expressing.

Slowly, as her anklet played around her feet, she walked towards him. He still didn't move or look towards her and kept his eyes still at that part of ceiling. Khushi too said nothing and continued her silent weep. After few minutes, gulping down she softly kept her hand over his hand.


His silence was killing her but still she kept mum. Finally, after hearing her uncountable sobs he broke his silence'

"That ceiling is my life Khushi'"


Khushi first looked towards Arnav and then towards the dilapidated ceiling.

"Withered, used, ignored" he continued.


"She used me as much she wanted to! Took out my life from me! Made me equal to a puppet! And I'I just let myself get used! Let my life be governed by her, by her happiness! Let my love flow out of me, leaving me with nothing!" he paused and looked towards Khushi with teary eyes'

"This is what I deserve Khushi! This is what I deserve! She said I am a big fool'yes Khushi, she was right'I am biggest fool!"


Khushi said nothing and in a click of second hugged him tightly'forcing all her body weight onto him. Crying like hell, almost lying over him.

At that moment, she confess, she had become selfish'she had become selfish because for that moment all she wished that he break his silence'say something'do something! And he did! Every drop drenching his hospital dress was fear that was brimming out of her'fear of losing him'!


Arnav too didn't wait for even a single second and wrapped his hand around her tightly and finally broke into tears'letting his tears whisper his sorrows, into her ears.


Precap :

 'and in disgust shouted,

"I am gonna kill that lady!! I swear I am gonna finish her off this moment itself!!"

Is it Arnav or Akash or Khushi?Wink


Hospital scene where ward boys refused to come out happened in real at my place. Only difference in this story and that incident is that, Arnav was saved but sadly, that person is no more!Broken Heart

PMs later!Embarrassed

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congratulations for the new ThreadParty
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when will we get an update ?
nice update...felt bad for arnav...hope he gets out of this mess

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Congrats 4 d new thread... Big smile

Heart wrenching update...

I ws feeling lyk crying seeing Arnav n khushi's state... Cry

N d hospital scene u mentioned, I agree it happens in real...

Gud1... Clap

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Wohooo Finally u updated :D
Amazing update it was
Khushi doesnot want to loose Arnav...
Arnav feeling betrayed for whatever Lavanya has done to him
but i guess she left it was for good
Now both ArHi can confess their love for each other
Update soon Gazalwa

P.S Congratulations on a new thread Party

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congrats for the new threadParty

loved the update dear...

gosh arnav is in such bad state because of that laAngry

khusi payal and akash all are soo worried for him...Cry

and arnav feel so fool of himself...he is depressed as he has come to know most shocking truth...Cry

i hope he finds hopes with khusi ...cant see them like thisCry

only khusi love can save him from this problem Confused

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