The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

Constructive Crictism/Feedback Thread

lostmymusic. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 29 September 2008
Posts: 25078

Posted: 10 August 2013 at 4:47pm | IP Logged

Hello TBPians!

Now, as we all know, most of us are not entirely happy with the way TBP has been shaping up lately. Many of us have many complains with the current tracks and characterization. This has led to many people to either quit the show or simply lessened their interest in the show for the time being. And they are not to be blamed. A daily show faces many ups and downs and its only natural for a show to reach a point where the momentum seems to be lost. However, as ardent fans it kind of becomes our duty to let the makers of the show know what is lacking and what works for the show as their target audience is us and ultimately, they want to satisfy us. The CVs (creatives) of the show may never directly reply to us, may also even take time in heeding to our cries but its a fact that they do look out for feedback on many social networking websites as well as India Forums.

So, use this thread to voice out your opinions, give feedback and suggestions regarding the current track. Please remember, this is NOT a Frustration Thread where you will take out your anger. This thread is not to be SPAMMED at all. The purpose of this thread is to provide a platform to all the users to gather at one place to have a chance to convey their feedback directly to the CVs.

Constructive Crictism

criticism or advice that is useful and intended to help or improve something, often with an offer of possible solutions


a reaction or response to a particular process or activity

Some rules to be remembered:

- Spamming is STRICTLY not allowed i.e. do not chat about anything other than the intended purpose of the thread.


-Attacking and bashing, be it direct or indirect, of ANY person directly involved in the making of the show (writer, producer, director or actor) will NOT be tolerated.

- If you feel like some member is crossing the line in any way, do not retaliate harshly. Our TBP Forum members are very cordial and patient with each other but sometimes frustration does get to even the best of men. Try to sort out the issue as civilly as possibly; if not, you can always report that post or contact the DT via PMs.

- Respect everyone's opinion. This isn't a debate topic.It's not important that 10 out of 10 people will share the same opinion. Some people will say something different, that doesn't make them wrong. You can discuss their opinion with them but you can NOT, in any way, force them to change their opinion or to take it back.

- Always follow the India-Forums rules; major one of them is that discussion of any Social Media content is strictly NOT allowed. So, if someone said something on FB publicly, do NOT bring it here!

The Buddy Project Development Team.

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lostmymusic. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 29 September 2008
Posts: 25078

Posted: 10 August 2013 at 5:15pm | IP Logged
My points.

- Seedhi si baat hai, TBP is a CHARACTER DRIVEN show. Characters make tracks, characters make this show. Compromising the basic characterization for a track or bringing in overnight changes in their behavior and expecting us to just "go with the flow" is wrong. We have lived with these characters for over a year now, I don't think it is wrong for us to say that we know these characters well enough. Character development is one thing that is always appreciated but overnight changing the basic traits of any character is ridiculous! Expecting us to just accept it is even more ridiculous.

- Making every character revolve around just one thing is so bleh and not working at all. Parallel tracks should be brought back; I wonder why were they even gone anyway? TBP has always managed parallel tracks wonderfully. This not only satisfies fans but gives each character the time and space to grow, something which TBP has accomplished wonderfully till a few weeks back.

- Core soul of the show is not romance between two characters. Agreed, that couple has a massive fan following but what of those people who don't watch the show just for romance? As creatives, your job is to satisfy each kind of fan and I know it's not my place to say but it's high time you do your job.

- Each character is important, each character has fans and each character deserves to be explored in depth.

- I think it's about time to cut off all the dilly dallying and give what fans have been wanting for a year now. We know what we want, you know what we want, so what's the problem here?

On a more specific note:
- Avi-Panchi-Omi track should be polished. It used to be the BEST written track of the show's one year long run and it's a tragedy seeing it go down the waste as it has so much potential.

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springkissed Goldie

Joined: 02 March 2013
Posts: 2087

Posted: 10 August 2013 at 5:43pm | IP Logged
Thank you mais for making this much needed constructive criticism corner, these are list of my complains, and this is  one of my last honest effort at saving this show from completely going down the drains. 

1) Buddies are not a gang, they are called buddies for a reason, thus they have their own lives. Stop revolving all the buddies' lives around kisha. It was okay that they helped them with the date and everything, but there is no need for buddies' involvement in kisha every step of the way. Granted that kisha track is going good, but every other track is just static, and not moving forward at all!

2) Fix the Jeemichi track! It has become boring, it needs more substance. Jeemi's uping each other is not fun to watch anymore. Bring forward a reason for their animosity, and let panchi solve it maybe, or just bring back chillar and dhakkan fight. All in all, DO SOMETHING! because right now Jeemichi track is plain predictable and boring! Also, fix vichi! because they are losing the charm they had before. (jeemi- avi and omi) (vichi- panchi and avi)

3)Show more rahi scenes! If not couple than atleast give us their friendship back!! TBP without rahi does not feel complete, they are not some casual friends, so stop pretending that they are! We all know their deep and one of a kind friendship, and we all love it thus we want it back! Bring back that best friend wali possessiveness, bring back our nonu and moti! Just GIVE US RAHI SCENES! The whole making rahi disappear because you guys have to focus on their love lives is just stupid and ironic considering this show's name is THE BUDDY PROJECT. That means friendship is very important, but surprisingly this one of a kind friendship is being put in the back burner for so called "love". 

4) There is no need for a new girlfriend for piddhi, if you want you can just bring back avantika, we all liked the piddhi-avantika track. and if you had to bring a new character than why not just bring back bobby? 

5) Overall, TBP is not what it used to be. The crisp writing is missing, the whole excitement that should come from watching TBP is also missing. Maybe this is because anand sir is not the writer anymore. Bring back anand sir, or just please fix all the problems because this is not the show we all loved to watch! This is not the show we used to pride ourselves over! Bring back the essence of TBP that has gone missing somewhere. This is really a request from a TBP fan who wants to keep watching and enjoying TBP but is not able to because this is not the same TBP anymore. 

The whole "expect the unexpected" tagline does not work anymore because TBP now has become predictable! The unpredictable TBP has now become Predictable. Ouch

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..DamonCrazy.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 October 2009
Posts: 11592

Posted: 11 August 2013 at 12:41am | IP Logged
So so so needed Maisy! Thank you! Like I told you...I don't have too much time for long replies, but this is extremely necessary.

Ok...I am a die hard KiSha fan. Trust me, they are the reasons I started watching TBP in the first place. And its GREAT that after all that ranting & begging, we finally have them out of the 'mushy diabetes inducing phase' & the fire back. But like Maisy said (spicySugar..) said...TBP is a CHARACTER driven show. It does not hinge on romance, it hinges on characterisation & the BUDDIES of the 'BUDDY project'.

See most youth shows have this formula. The whole show majorly focuses on the romance & look looks between the couple/s, with some 'friendship' moments thrown in where the side character 'friends' are always involved in matchmaking the leads or partying with them or maybe standing alongside them in some social reform type of track in the show. With maybe one profound friendship moment a month. And dramatic tracks added from time to time to add spice to the show. TBP wasn't like that! Our couples have great chemistry, but romance was always subplot, with the main plot being related to the Buddies or them & Jaitley.

There have never been side chracters in the show. Yes...maybe not all character are given as much importance as the leads, but every character was treated with dignity & substance, & NOT just as people providing comic relief & doing jokery all the while. That seems to have changed now. Every character in the show, except maybe Avi, seems to have no goal in life but to try setting up KiSha/plannning for KiSha/talking about KiSha/'aww'ing over KiSha/patching up KiSha/doing all kinds of stupid tomfoolery which don't make anyone laugh. Naam ke liye there are VeeNi/JeeMiChi scenes which are repetitive & don't move those relationships forward one bit! And RaHi is practically non existent, even they aren't really moving forward. Everyone's personal lives have come to a standstill. And so has everyone's character development, because they are all to busy with KiSha's 'Love', INCLUDING KD & Kiya, who seem to have very less on their mind except each other.

And last, but not the least, the most important & THE strongest relationship of this show is that of the Buddies & JJ. Making that just dissapear isn't going to any good to the show. Love tracks as sub plots are fine, but unless TBP once again has main storylines involving all the Buddies & their struggles & growth, & JJ's role in it, TBP cannot be the same refreshing & unique show.

I don't know the reason, but truth is that TBP has lost its depth. There was always so much to read into in every scene, so much to marvel in every bond - duos, trios, couples, the entire gang! Anand Sir knew the characters inside out, along with the workings of the show so having him back would of course be the best thing. If there are peoblems with that...well if CVs are reading this, pls do look into the indepth workings of the TBP of before & replicate them. It hurts to see such an amazing show falling deeper & deeper, making the people who breathed it quit or be on the verge of it.

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aishwarya2905 Senior Member

Joined: 30 April 2012
Posts: 555

Posted: 11 August 2013 at 12:48am | IP Logged
Give us a Proper Rahi TRACK...

Rahi is stone dead now..
otherwise I have no probs with the show!

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niya_ss IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 February 2012
Posts: 3346

Posted: 11 August 2013 at 1:42am | IP Logged
i just want RAHI magic back...Heart

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-Razzy- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 13 October 2012
Posts: 3286

Posted: 11 August 2013 at 2:31am | IP Logged
A Much needed thread !!

TBP is simply not what it use to be !
first all the episodes used to be so planned and most importantly so perfect that even one scene wouldn't look fillerish or just for the sake of it.
nowadays episodes got so many fillerish scenes that can be easily replaced with the much needed ones

regarding KiSha (KD-Kiya) right now the track is going good , but in future or correctly to say in past , being in the relationship their individual characters were being lost
the fire and ice kisha (which we fondly call them) doesn't need stares and look-look session to show the love or chemistry between them
please let them have some scenes where they actually talk to eachother and develop a strong bond
KD's character was becoming really weak after being in a relationship , its getting its grip in the current track now , so please maintain it , he is in love , but he still is that 'Stoneface '
KD doesn't know a thing about Kiya's like or dislikes , so atleast give them a track where they can know eachother's world deeply

and at the same point , just under the word 'reality' stop including buddies in every KiSha scenes !
yeah friends do help and are interested in their friends love lives , but this is going to extreme...
buddies have their own lives , their own issues , their own problems ,
please stop making their world revolve around KiSha
it will be good for both KiSha and Buddies ,
as we even know that the only involvement of buddies is to tease KiSha or plan every thing in their relationship , which is really unfair to the characters of Buddies
please don't make them loose the potential (which they so have) in such fillerish scenes

in one point : want a really good KiSha Love track please they deserve one !

the another thing happening to recent tracks , leaving kisha every other relation is in confusing mess ,
there is not a single RaHi scene which shows their old bond ,
as all of the above said just to show their respective love-lifes don't ignore rahi like that , even rahi's bond is getting messed up as they are only being showed as casual friends , but they are not that !!
they share a strong bond which has just dissapeared in thin air 
please show some rahi scenes where they don't need anyone else gossip to start their talks 

ongoing JeeMiChi track 
its becoming nothing but a competetion where avi-omi are competetors and panchi is the prize they wanna win 
the track was really awesome previously but now its really becoming somewhat boring 
 i really don't like the way avi's character is turning up , he was used to be the one who scarifised his love for his love's happiness and now this smirking avi is just a big let down to his character 
please fix vichi , they are loosing the charm they used to have !

and the most important bond the Buddies-JJ 
it was the whole real concept of TBP , buddies-jj bond is ocassionally shown , and even JJ's life is so less discovered 
we don't even know the past of JJ's life , after avantika-jj track , i haven't seen a single JJ centric scene ,please bring JJ and his Jokers track back !!

TBP was always prosperous as they treated each character with equal importance , try to maintain it ! don't mix couple bond with friendship ones
in TBP friendship carries the most special bond and from the very first episode it was shown to us
want that back...
as Anand sir is no longer the writer , i can seriously feel his absense ,
he has created TBP and all the characters so ofcourse he is the one who knows them inside out , so please cvs if you are reading this please bring anand sir back , he is the one whose amazingly unique concepts had brought TBP to the no 1 position,
yup all the cast and characters are important but just because of anand sirs writing we have fallen in love with TBP !!

Summarizing in two lines:
" Just Want the old TBP back 
where we expect the unexpected "


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..DamonCrazy.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 October 2009
Posts: 11592

Posted: 11 August 2013 at 3:34am | IP Logged
Guys Anand Sir has sent this link to channel! Its a great oppurtunity so use it well!

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