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SaJan FF:That's How I Fall for You[UPDATED LAST CHAPTER 15 DEC 2014]

-Marie- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 August 2013 at 2:50pm | IP Logged


               That's How I Fall for You...

                             A Journey from  lust to love...

All stories are same revolving around a guy n girl...falling in love..forever ?? with changes of twists n events..which somehow can be compare with any other situation or character..just different use of expressions,words,presentations make any story beautiful or disaster .A small effort to be different however can't promise...Few questions whose answers we find rarely...

Why Girl's can't betray? Why only Guys are shown possessive lovers or flirt ? Why only A Guy can go to any length in love , jealousy , ego or lust ? Why only typical simple girls are shown as most deserving to get love  ? Why a modern one can't win a chocolate heart throb  Guy of her college ? Does being a spoiled one means any one can hit on you ? Does it mean she is not respectable as a typical one does and are allowed to be call as wh**e or s**t ? Can anyone destroy themselves ? n we should let them do  ? What happens if  you cross the line ? Double standards ?? Hypocrisy..? or just now used of ? set up mind already ? traditions or laws ?

What if roles are switched ?

What if being with someone means nothing more than a need...???????

A girl goes to any length to make him her belonging..Nothing Matters to her...Only one thing she knows...She owns him.. Does a guy  can be really own ?

What happens when a spoiled hot young daughter of a billionaire gets her favorite toy ? Till What length she goes to prove herself ? she allows a young heart throb Cool Dude to enter in her life and then what happens ? Why ? How ?

What happens when he goes to any length for ... ...??

How it feels to be heartbroken ? How it feels to be rejected by a girl  ? How it feels to be betrayed  by a girl ? Is it easy to forget her ? to forgive her ? can good memories are replaceable by bad ones ?

Does life is so valuable for her ? Will she get her desperate wish ? Will she ever consider happiness to be longer than a moment ? to be mean more than money and other meaningless things ?

Why hating her  more means to give himself more to her ? Why owning by her is so special ? Why it is kinda humiliation for a man to be owned or governed by a woman ? Why realization is always painful ? Why cursing fate is more easy than living it ? Why living by tamed of someone is consider miserable ? does it need just a different point of view to be felt ?

Why everything happens for a reason ? good or bad ?

Every person in your life has reason behind it ...mostly just coz of needs ?

If one carve to see love ? to feel love ? to be loved ? to love someone ?

         Not Always it hurts... Is there any stop of pain ? sorrow ? loneliness ?

Someone Special is for you anywhere in world ? Huh? Really ? Seems Like Someone lost mind !!!!!

                                        Intro of Main Leads



Gunjan Malothra,only daughter of Mr.Raj Malothra and Mrs.Indira Varma, billionaires .Her mother left her father when she was just five years old...Their divorced happened on her birthday...She grew up in boarding school.To her , calling father means to ask for more money,more luxuries..nothing more..even when she was back for vacations during school years it seems empty mansion for her full of everything a person can desire being a kid...servants but sadly no parents...With time she had learned.. There is more important things in life of her parents...Business..their own lives..She used to visit her mother in early school years..but later as her mother got married to her lover..gunjan stopped visiting her..his father seemed more busy in business...he didn't marry so gunjan don't feel left out..but now after passing school and growing up in a young girl she was well known of various love affairs of her dad..but she hardly now cares about them..what she whenever she wants..or wishes...Being a college girl n passed her so called mature or legal age according to she was fully enjoying her whole freedom being a girl in her early twenties along naturally blessed by beauty..Classy flirt girl in college...every guy wishes to be her next boy friend...They were nothing more than her barbie doll toy whom she had left since she had passed 5th age ..but playing was something she didn't get tire of now...Sarcasm arrogance attitude are pinned in her personality..but still have friends..or at least some who does call themselves to be her friends...Mayank Sharma is not only one of her closest buddy but also her family friend..The list continues with benji,adhiraj,neil,arman,uday...Nupur,Suhani,Dia were somehow her girl friends who were somehow get along her..otherwise it used to be other girls being jealous or gunjan feeling irritating of their typical girlish behaviors was hard for her to be along with them..For her , it is only Money of her father she needs to buy herself anything she loves or wishes to ... !!!!!!!!


Samrat Shergill, only son of Mr.Rohan Shergill and Mrs.Shilpa a luxurious life in Delhi because of his forefathers being landlords...and flourishing family business ..have a sister named Ridhima Shergill who is a teenager...He grew up in an environment where he had loving n caring parents..which certainly had made his charismatic personality more enchanting..Being only son is one of reason to be more loved by everyone in family...his parents are his life..meaning more than anything..wishing to become someone on his own his parents could be proud of him...and admiring the hard work done by his parents in raising up him made him more responsible and mature...his mother certainly had made him a guy to whom anyone can desire...dream of every girl...Basket ball champion ...leading a team on national team in his early twenties even was among one of his achievements .he had earned by his hard work n parent's prayers..despite many good qualities he is not any saint..he is like usual college going guys who loves girl's attentions..and enjoy their popularity fully..but still he has goals and focused...To stand on his own feet.without help from his father..he decided to move in city of dreams..Mumbai..he transferred his college studies to Mumbai to start sorting out his passions and interest..he was most welcomed to join his family business or enjoying just being a landlord's son..but he prefer to taste different shades of life...he was great guitarist and was lead vocal artist in his friend's band..but he preferred to be alone...wanted to be known as guitarist..but all he want that everything he achieves in his life should be on his own...Love...Someone Special..He hadn't think something special about it...just he consider to live the moment he has ..rather than worrying about tomorrow .he had girlfriends...who get stick to him...but he never get attracted to anyone more than couple of weeks..didn't get stick to anyone specially that he would have consider to make it forever...move on is really easy for him too...he  still thinks there is must a perfect match for him in world out there...n he will met her ..He believes to be just the way he is...!!!!!!

Their characters may have more stored which will be revealed with each update..

Samrat to enter in excel college as fresher where Gunjan is a ruling diva...

Has destiny stored something special for everyone in their life or this thought just makes life a bit easier to live ??

A bold tale of unexpected various adventures encounter attraction,infatuation,lust,love,romance,anger,betrayal,arrogance,jealousy n loads of unexpected events...!!

Samrat passionate to translate his dreams into reality but will he remain focus ?

Gunjan Live by taking risks...Will she remain the same ?

Will they able to cross each other paths ? What will happen ? Will they become SaJan ? Or will remain only Samrat and Gunjan...Two strangers who met n get ???

Except the most Unexpected Thing To Happen :)


This story content may don't reflect common thoughts,believes,faith,feeling,event or happening..may u feel content offended...uncomfortable..or whatever...It is just a Fiction Tale written for nothing except as a writing piece..The characters,story line,dialogues anything are intend to just make this tale different from regular piece of writing so if you don't like anything in it regarding make over of characters or anything then Soory This didn't mean to hurt your feelings..and i would like to request to you dn Avoid this Page Next time please :)

Samrat is the same cool dude with bits of changes..but here gunjan totally has opposite nature...Events in story is inspired from MJHT and molded to make it suitable with story needs..You can relate the story as inspiration from western culture with eastern touch somehow :) :P

DON'T RELATE ANY CHARACTER TO LIVING ONES OR IN ANY OTHER WAY..It is purely FICTION.. The updates would make you one point it would be like they are deeply in love while other moment there is nothing...may be at any point it is love but mostly lust..crush...just attraction..infatuation...falling in love...or different emotions..About that i am apologizing seriously straightforwardly i may mess up in this ..but would try best to make u feel what characters are feeling at certain situation...

Mistakes of tense or grammar please Forgive me.. it is not my mother tongue n i can not be good in this simply :P

Suggestions And Comments about the story n characters to make this tale a bit more than ordinary are mostly and greatly welcomed :) I am looking forward for some positive responses :)

I don't know what you will expect from it says..That's how I fall for is two sections of story..past ,present and future .some things would be disclose with each update about character's past , secrets, lies or realities ...the fiction is may be long n stretched one ...i had thought many titles like you own me,Expect the Unexpected,that's how i lost him,beautiful disaster or longed desire...but so far i find this title best to describe this tale...It is not a total emotional depressing or suffering crying story  of a guy n girl..not something like hate n love...or anything else serious tragedies... physically attracted.. going through some exceptional situations face different ups and downs dealing with their inner...fighting with fate trying to figure out extraordinary live..a better mend break up...just to live the life accepting all the circumstances..unlike any fairy tale or normal tale it is just a small effort of promising A different Tale..from physically to emotionally attachment..Will  get succeed or not let you guys decide it n keep me update with this info :)

I would like to thanks  my amazing regular readers and friends to make me able to write in better way..I would not take names as every single one of you guys are special for me because i am here just because your response made me to :) and i would like to thank some great fiction writer ,Vm or siggy makers whose SaJan Work inspired me to write...



Tanzeel,Maria,Ashi Api and Many more who wrote on SaJan and make it possible for us to keep them alive in our memories and certainly made us think in different perspectives.. :) Few of them may be forgotten or move on but they gave us extra ordinary piece of writing..

That's How I fall for you...  is a love  story of two strangers that happen to meet n greet with each and then...for their needs...or the situations... How far it is the way together they consider or reality is different?? Will they ever end up to be together ?? forever something like exists ???

What happens when Journey on  Road of lust  destined to love...??Just Another ordinary love story with some unexpected Events trying for a promising roller coaster ride having unexpected Journey of Two People ..!!

Stay Tuned to This FanFic to Explore Some Unexpected World !! If You want pms kindly send me friend request  if you don't want then don't like or comment :) Silent readers are requested to press like button if they think it deserves..while regular readers need to comment even how worst  they have consider it to let me know :P Criticism is always welcome and anyone who thinks story can be better in other way please do suggest :)

Yeah A New FanFic With Same old Concept with new Characters  to Bug all SaJan Fans:)

Other Characters!!

Here are some characters used in this update !!

Miss Vain[Gunjan's Maid]:

Head of Servants in Malothra's Mansion..Hated by she consider her as spy from her father..with whom she wish to share least relation..!!

Mr. Varun[Gunjan's Baba]:
Anjan Srivastava
Extremly honorable n oldest servant of Malothra's Family.. Hence is given much respect .. and is the only person loved n respected genuinley by gunjan in whole Malothra's Mansion..!!

Mr.Sexana[College's Principal]:
Jaineeraj Rajpurohit
Principle of Excel College n Family Friends with Malothra's Family... Gunjan takes full favour of being his relative.. Mr.Sexana consider her as own daughter as have no daughter..n genuinly wishes better things for her..!!

Mr.Rohan Shergill [Samrat's Father]
Anupam Bhattacharya
Extremely loving n caring person.. his family means a lot to him specially his son.. loves his business.. n enjoying the blessings of life !!
Mrs.Shilpa Shergill[Samrat's Mother]:
Shilpa Tulaskar
Just a typical loving and caring woman ... making her family an ideal one !!

Mr.Raj Malothra[Gunjan's Father]
Mohan Joshi
A typical materialistic n womaniser.. loves his only daughter...but just can't help in changing himself..resulting in a failed marriage..n a stubborn kid!! still nothing much changed !
Mrs.Indira Varma[Gunjan's Mother]
Anjali Mukhi
After a failed marriage is pretty happy in her new life however miss her daughter !
Ridhima Shergill[Samrat's sister]:
Shilpa Anand
Seventeen years old eye candy for whole family..dearer one for her brother..she is still a kid from heart n brain..innocent..n sweet .!!
May be few will be introduced later with story need :)

Preview of Chapter One

The Unexpected Clash!!

"Arman this is your first and last warning if you ever tried to cheat over me I will kill you n I mean it"

"Gunjan Malothra doesn't back off right ? Scared princess ?"

"What ? I am offering you help miss ?"

"I am asking about locker room , Miss Starey"

"It is on right from here , Mr.Attitude"

Wishing Everyone who celebrates eid "Eid Mubarak" and Stay blessed everyone else too !! Press like button if you wish to get updates of this FF !! Embarrassed
Thank you!!

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-Marie- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 July 2012
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Posted: 09 August 2013 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
                                                            PM List

Chapter One:
                      The Unexpected Clash

 Chapter Two:

                From strangers to Being Friends 

 Chapter Three:
                                         Fast And Furious Winds!    

Chapter Four:
                           Light as Feather and Strong as a Rock!!

Chapter Six:
Chapter Seven:

                                               Trust me in a world like this

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BabajiKaThullu IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 August 2013 at 2:53pm | IP Logged

  That's How I Fall for You...

                             A Journey from  lust to love...

[Ohk title said it all. story will start from Lust to Love.. ]

Ohk the way you questioned in first para about a Girl. well I know story wil be different. Gunjan will be spoiled brat and will love samrat but her bitter life will refused to accept him and she will betray him.

and Samrat will started to hate her but he wont be able as he will fall for her more

Totally different Gunjan hmm Loved her in her character.. and her gang is awesome no doubt

Samrat's character as expected.

Samrat passionate to translate his dreams into reality but will he remain focus ?

Gunjan Live by taking risks...Will she remain the same ?

these questions will be main USp of your FF..

this story will be on past present and future right?

then make sure you wont confuse people with these three... Give a clear picture.. and Yup its perfect idea to make people stick to story and stand on their toes. as it will be in past present and future.. and i know nothing will be expected as u said

siggies awesome everything FAB..!!

i am glad u r not writing typical story but with old concept and new flavor

u changed your writing style..

secondly you improved a lot. i specially liked your FF in this writing style.

secondly.. for a change you changed characters. wasnt in mood to read typical ghisa pita love story.

wanted something new.. and i am sure in your ffs i will get everything..

about characters.. i can relate to Gunjan's character more .LOL about Samrat's character as usual
 but this time with caring family and caring nature liked new added flavor.

secondly you are gonna show this story in present past and future make sure you wont confuse reader by this LOL

in this story slight change was Samrat entered to collage and Gunjan was diva of collage ok good to see that

different concept i am sure it will be ur best story till now.

preview was good.. hmm there will be bet or something..

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Joined: 04 April 2010
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Posted: 09 August 2013 at 8:22pm | IP Logged
Congratulations MARiE 4 your new story. Concept is looking different n we all know that U R a GR8 writer so,readers can expect a well execution of characters. Start is good ,eagerly waiting for next part. Best of luck Thumbs Up

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SwaNia_2 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2013 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
Cool   Update soon. Waiting to read. Tongue

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358674 Goldie

Joined: 21 June 2008
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Posted: 10 August 2013 at 1:13am | IP Logged
superb concept
looking forward to it Thumbs Up

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Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 February 2011
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Posted: 10 August 2013 at 2:41am | IP Logged
WoW !! New story !! Tongue Concept is looking different... [very hard for me to imagine Gunjan in this character LOL] but,I know you'll do full justice wid your story n your characters.

Please,try to update soon... {Kuchh toh story samjh mein aaye Embarrassed} desperately waiting for 1st part. Smile

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juhi_sajan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2013 at 4:41am | IP Logged
nice concept marie, really different from the real sajan storyEmbarrassed
it will actually be a treat to read a vast change in gunjan's character, but its a request from my side that please gunjan ya samrat ko hi unki story ka villain mat banana, I mean modernised thoughts and characters tak thik hai,but don't make their characters too offensive for us to read , it was just a request, hope you did not mindEmbarrassed

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