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Arhi SS | Who Knew? #2 COMPLETED *Awarded*

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                            Who Knew?

Thread 2? Really?? I never thought I'd reach a second thread for this, thank you guys! I'm sure you have all heard it several times before but where would this story be without it's readers? Lots of love for everyone who took out time to comment/like!

And now onto the last part! Scroll down and enjoy.


Chapter 14 (last) : Below
Thank You Note : Pg. 12

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Chapter 14 

Khushi had arrived home during the late afternoon in Lavanya's car. She recalled the previous night when Arnav had freaked out after a call from Di. They had talked it out properly, and realized that they would have to tell their families at the latest.


She looked over at Lavanya who was currently talking nonstop about her budding relationship with NK, how they had met initially, how she felt about him and so on. Khushi though, did not quite pay attention as she was too busy fussing over a certain Twinkle who the Raizada's had suddenly chosen for her Arnav. Sure, Khushi was happy with her matchmaking skills with Lavanya and NK, and had even asked Arnav what he had thought about them opening up a matchmaking business. How romantic, just the two of them, secretly setting people up...of course he had flat out declined immediately. Her thoughts left that blissful dream and went back to the problem at hand, what if the Raizadas didn't want her anymore? What if they no longer liked her?


She was welcomed home with warm greetings from her Amma, Buaji and Babuji. They noted that she seemed unusual, happier even, and maybe slightly nervous...and Khushi wanted nothing more then to tell them the reason of her sudden flitting emotions. However, she decided to play it cool as Arnav had advised her, and tell the right person at the right time.


After a relaxing shower and large Khushi Kumari Gupta style meal made by her mother, something she had missed terribly during her trip, Khushi approached her father's study and knocked on his door softly.


"Babuji..." She said softly, interrupting him as he sat engrossed in some file.


"Yes bitiya, come in."


Khushi took hesitant steps as she sat on the chair across from him, on the other side of his desk. She felt as if she was sitting in her principal's office during her childhood days, getting in trouble because she had brought jalebis into the classroom when she knew it was not allowed. Her heart was racing, but she also concluded that her father was the most understanding man she knew.


"Babuji, I have to tell you something."


"Yes bitiya, tell me." He smiled softly, looking up from his paperwork.


"I...Arnav and I worked things out...and we're back together."


"Back together?" Shashi frowned. "Did that happen when he visited you in Goa? I thought he was going for business. I know he asked for the place you were staying in, but I thought he wanted to apologize. It is his fault that you both broke up, isn't it?" Shashi thought he deserved an award for his acting skills; the look on his daughter's face was quite priceless.


"No! Babuji, we both decided that together!" Khushi interjected.


Ah, young love! Shashi thought. "Anyways, I do not think he is good for you. We have already started looking at other alliances for you."


"Babuji please, you can't do that! I love Arnav. And he loves me, we are happy now!"


"Happy now? Were you not happy before?"


"Well no, that's not what I meant...but before...never mind. The point is that we want to be together. He is probably talking to his family about the same thing right now."


"Are you sure about this bitiya? You have already broken this relation once, isn't it possible that it may happen again? Perhaps Arnav is just not the right boy for you." Shashi concluded.


"Babuji...he is." Khushi pleaded softly; for once she seemed to be begging her father for something.


Shashi was supposed to mess around with his daughter some more according to Devyani's plan; however seeing his Khushi's pleading watery eyes rendered him absolutely helpless. He could never deny his little girl, even if he was merely acting.


"Okay bitiya, we will go to their place in some time and sort things out. Just...don't cry." He cleared his throat and looked away.


Khushi wiped away some tears and a huge grin broke out on her face. "Thank you Babuji, you're the best!" She squealed as she went over to him and hugged him tight.


"Whatever makes you happy bitiya."


Khushi giggled as she left the room, hoping things would be okay after all! She wanted to call Arnav and tell him the good news, but halfway down the stairs, Khushi realized that she had in fact left her phone up in Babuji's study. Turning on her heels, she made her way back up to get it.


She had left the door slightly ajar on her way out, and was about to walk in when she realized her Babuji was on the phone. She would have just walked in and out quickly, not wanting to disturb him, but she heard the name Arnav come out from his mouth and her eyes widened. Why was he talking about Arnav? With whom? She peeked from behind the door and listened carefully.


"Devyani ji, the job is done. We will be on our way soon, has Arnav arrived yet? Ah...okay. Yes, yes she told me that they worked things out and that they are in love. Badhai ho!" He chuckled. "Yes, be prepared, we will be there soon! I will hang up now."

Khushi gasped, this was something she had always wanted to do. She gasped sometimes when she was acting but the real thing was not the same. She wanted to gasp upon hearing some great secret as they did in her favourite Bollywood movies sometimes. Here, she had heard something astounding! How could it be? Were they working together? Why else would her Babuji call Nani to tell her all of that? When she got a hold of her shocked features, she went in to get her phone, pretending as if she heard nothing and left. Minutes later though, she sat on her bed telling Arnav everything she knew...




Commotion in the Raizada household was often seen, however today the members were something else. There were wedding catalogues laid across the table, while the women animatedly discussed wedding preparations and clothing! They knew nothing was official until Arnav and Khushi said so themselves, but they were so thrilled about the news Shashi had notified them of, that they could not possibly resist. Akaash sat idly wishing that he had gone on that business trip instead of Arnav.


The doorbell had rung soon after, interrupting them all from their peaceful afternoon of planning.


"Arnav Bhaiya is home." Hari Prakash said in a panicky voice to everyone.


"Already? He's early! He said an hour, it's only been half!" Anjali exclaimed. "Hai bhagwan...Nani, we have to clean this up!"


"You're right bitiya. I will do that! Everyone must act normal! Manorama, you bring your make up set and start applying it here." Nani ordered.


"Wow Sasuma! Aaj two layerj of makeupwa?" Manorama exclaimed cheerily, putting on her pink glasses as she strode off to get the object of her desire.


"Anjali bitiya, go find your pooja ki thaali." Anjali nodded obediently.


"Payal bitiya, you and Akaash can go to the kitchen and..." Nani frowned, as she was not quite sure what Payal and Akaash did in there so much.


"Ok Dadi ji!" Payal exclaimed, steering Akaash away.


Nani picked up all the magazines and hid them under the table. "Hari Prakash, go answer the door!" Nani whispered eagerly, as she bent down to pick up her goat. She briefly looked around and smiled pleasingly. The house looked normal.


Hari Prakash practically ran to get the door, and was rewarded with Arnav's angry expression. "What took so damn long? I've been ringing the doorbell for ages!"


"Sorry Arnav Bhaiya."

He looked around to find his family where they usually were, yet his eyes narrowed for an unknown reason. Something was fishy, and he already knew what. Taking long strides, he placed his briefcase on the sofa and asked Hari Prakash to get him some coffee.


"Chotey, you're back already?"


"Yes Nani. I tried to make it back sooner than later, there are some things I want to discuss."


"Of course, go ahead."


"Haan haan bitwa tells tells!" Manorama grinned as she took a seat beside her Sasuma. Anjali joined the trio with her favourite object in hand and smiled her sunny smile.


"Chotey, what's up?"


Payal entered the room on cue humming a certain lullaby about twinkling stars, making Arnav's eyes widen slightly in horror. When she was sure he wasn't looking, she let out a small laugh, as did the rest of the family members.


"I want to talk about this whole Twinkle deal."


"Ah, yes! They are coming to see you today." Nani said smugly, enjoying her game very much.


"Well that's good then, I made it on time." He smiled, making his family members stop in their tracks.


"What?" Anjali asked.


"Well you told me to make it on I am." He said. "I wanted to talk about her...but seeing as I will be meeting with her today, I'll just wait." He shrugged casually. Nani's jaw had dropped, along with Anjali's.


"You want to see her?" His Nani queried.


"Well yes...she's my childhood friend and all." Arnav said, trying not to show the grimace that threatened to break out on his face upon the mention of the girl who scared Arnav Singh Raizada to death. "And after the last fiasco..." Arnav shook his head.


"I'm going to take my coffee to my room, let me know when they arrive then." Arnav smiled again, taking the mug out of Hari Prakash's hands and heading upstairs.


"Now what! Why does he want to see Twinkle? What's going on Nani?" Anjali shrieked.


"Calm down bitiya, we will wait for Khushi bitiya and her family to arrive." Nani said in an assuring tone, something both of them needed at the moment.



"I did what you said, and I think they bought it." Arnav said into his Bluetooth.


"I can't believe them! They thought they could trick us? They could trick us?! We'll show them Arnav!"


"Khushi, I know that you get a little competitive sometimes, but remember that this is not a competition..." Arnav said.


"Oho Arnav! Just think about all the things we could do...they haven't found out that we found out that they found out! You know?"


"What!? Look, I am not doing anything more your ridiculous mind comes up with!"


"My ideas are ridiculous? You are the one who suggested eloping in Goa!"


"Well, I don't see why that would have been a problem! It's not like I am marrying you for some idiotic reason and left you, I would have married you because I wanted to!"


"Don't worry Arnav, maybe in our next life, we'll marry like that! Wow, wouldn't that be cool?"


"No, not cool. But it seems filmy enough for you...Okay I'm hanging up now, just get here soon please."


"Awww, missing me? I miss you too!" Khushi said cutely.


"Actually I wasn't, I just wanted to get this over with...but nice to know how you feel!" He grinned cheekily, and hung up before she could yell at him.




The doorbell rang, interrupting the nervous Raizadas, and once more Hari Prakash rushed to the door. It opened to reveal the faces of Shashi Gupta, along with his wife and daughter. Arnav made his way downstairs on cue.


"Shashi ji, aap?" Nani asked feigning shock.


"Namaste." They all held their hands together in greeting. "You must be wondering what brings us here...our daughter Khushi here told us about how things worked out between your grandson and her. She says they would like to get back together." Shashi said as they all walked languidly to the living room area. He looked on at their nervous faces as an awkward silence passed and he wondered what was going on!


"Err...yes..." Nani said, not quite sure what to say anymore. "Well why should we listen? I bet it was your daughter who had caused them to break it off in the first place!"


"My daughter? It was definitely your son! My bitiya was so happy with everything...I can't imagine why she would even want to do so!"


"How can you say that about my grandson? It is your daughter's fault." Nani said, hoping Arnav would interfere and defend Khushi. She was thrilled when he did start talking; however it was nothing as she had hoped...


"I don't know what Khushi is talking about! I never said that." Arnav interjected.


"Chotey, I thought you both had worked things out!" Nani exclaimed suddenly.


"Worked things out? What makes you think that?" Arnav frowned, while Khushi held in her laughter because her plan was working.


"We know you went to Goa to talk to Khushi and get back together! Shashi Uncle told us!" Anjali said.


"Yes well, I realized I didn't want to once I got there...but what does it matter? You guys fixed my alliance with Twinkle, didn't you?" Arnav asked.


"No! That was just to get you here and scare you!" His Nani exclaimed, and then the words died in her throat as she realized she had given them away.


"I knew it!" Arnav said, looking at Khushi. "You guys had this all planned, didn't you?"


"Yes Chotey, we did. But we just wanted...wait a minute. What do you mean you knew it?" Anjali asked with her eyes narrowed.


Arnav looked at Khushi once more, and the two burst into laughter at once, to the point where they were wiping away tears. The rest of the family members stared out in shock, and especially the Raizadas who could not recount the last time they had seen Arnav laugh this much.


"That was funny, you must admit Arnav." Khushi said as the laughter slowly died down.


"What's going on?" Shashi asked.


"We were just messing with you Babuji! I overheard you talking to Nani and we found out about your little plan. So we decided to play along too." She grinned up at her father.


" guys actually got back together?" Anjali made sure.


"Yes Di." Arnav smiled. "We...are together."


Anjali breathed a huge sigh of relief, thanking Devi Maiya for granting her wish. It had to have worked, she had done various poojas and fasts after all, and this was her hard work and sweat not going to waste.


Nani and the Guptas also broke into smiles, relieved that it was all fake after all. What would they have done otherwise? Oh, it was terrible just imagining it! Just as fast as the happiness on their faces came, it subsided and was replaced with anger. These kids deserved it after all! They had been playing around since the start.

"Well I guess they turned the tables on us Shashi ji. But just because we are thrilled you two are back together, does not mean you are off the hook. The both of you have major explaining to do..." Nani said sternly.


So they had all taken their seats, while Khushi explained everything with a sheepish smile playing on her lips. She told them about her ridiculous 1 month deal with Arnav, that they would pretend and break it off when the month was over. How they had annoyed each other to no end initially. But what they did not assume was that they would fall for one another in midst. She explained that it was the reason for their break up, but they had realized how wrong they were eventually. Khushi explained how Arnav came to Goa and confessed, and how everything would be okay from now on.


The family members smiled at some parts, shook their heads in disappointment during others...but overall they were overwhelmed with joy. Both families had been so convinced that their children would never agree to marriage...yet here they were all in love and happy.


Arnav took the time to explain that they were not ready for marriage yet...he promised that it would happen eventually, but only when they both wanted it to happen. There was no rush after all, and the family members were satisfied with that.


One week later...


Khushi smiled as she looked at their entwined hands. Pure bliss. She reveled in this particular part of their day...the evenings when he would pick her up daily so that they could spend time with one another. They both took time out for this particular event, Arnav from his work, and Khushi from her studying as she was planning on starting Law School very soon. Arnav was terribly supportive, mostly because he knew that no one could make a better lawyer, he had always said with a chuckle.


The families had loved the idea of them. Sure, Arnav and Khushi fought and argued quite a bit, and sometimes even decided they did not want to talk each other. But one would be blind not to see their care towards one another...they always made up in some strange way, and they always would. The Raizadas prayed that this change in their Arnav remained forever, that he would never go back to his arrogant stuck up, always working nature. And the Guptas prayed that Khushi would tone down the craziness in their lives after spending time with someone mature such as Arnav...who were they kidding, everyone secretly loved Khushi's crazy side! Life would be boring without it.


Arnav and Khushi liked to change it around from time to time; sometimes they would just go for a drive. Sometimes it was gol gappes, or sometimes it was Arnav's choice of a movie. Today however, they took a stroll in the park where they had come during their first date.


"I think I ate too much!" Khushi groaned suddenly, making Arnav roll his eyes. They had gone out for dinner before this, and Khushi had stuffed her face with food.

"Do you think I'm getting fat?" Khushi asked suddenly with a pout. "I mean, since the first time you saw me, have I gained weight?"


Arnav looked at her and bit back a grin at her adorable face. "Fat?"


Khushi gasped. "You hesitated! That means I've gotten fat." She shrieked.


"When did I ever say any of that?!"


"It doesn't matter Arnav." She replied dramatically. "I know what you're thinking."


Arnav sighed and settled Khushi down under a large oak tree, making them both sit and not caring about much else. As she still examined her absolutely thin figure, he took the time to snake his arms around her waist and pull her back against his chest, as they both leaned against the tree.


"Stop being ridiculous, you are perfect. No matter what your weight is, I will always love you. I fell for your crazy head, not for your figure. Understood?" He asked.


She nodded with a smile, completely satisfied by his answer.


"But...I guess you have changed since the first time I saw you. You've gotten bigger." He smirked.


"What?!" She tried releasing his grasp on her waist to turn around and look at him properly; however he had no plans on letting her go anytime soon.


"Well yes. That's quite obvious, think about our first meeting." He probed.


"At that AR party? When I went with Lavanya?"


"Nope, that wasn't our first meeting." He said, holding her tighter.


"Arnav that was our first meeting. I don't remember ever seeing you in person before that, what are you talking about?"


"We met when we were younger too. Try and remember..." He smiled.




Arnav Singh Raizada had always hated hospitals. They were stark. The uncomfortable, rigid beds found in every room, the suffocating smell of antiseptic. There was never any colour, always the overwhelming brightness of empty eggshell white. But mostly, he hated it right now because his parents were in the hospital. Even at the age of 8, he understood that there was a chance they would not make it, that they might...die after the accident that had occurred recently. He did not want to lose his ma, she was his world. How would he cope without her? Ignoring the cries behind him from his Di and Nani who tried calling him back, he ran towards a small secluded section of the hospital. Wanting some solitude, needing to be alone. There were very few chairs and a window where the sun light was making its way out through the slits of the blinds. However, this was not what had caught his attention. There was a small girl sitting by herself, looking down at her lap as her eyes squeezed shut and she recited something under her breath. The colourful clothing stood out in comparison to the hospital colors, and he liked that.


She looked a bit younger than him, and he also noticed that she was very pretty. He did not know why, but he chose to sit down beside her instead of the numerous empty chairs that surrounded them. She must have heard him, because she opened her eyes and stared at him with her wide hazel eyes.


"You must be Babuji's best friend's son!" She muttered. "I was praying for your Mamma and Papa just now, until you interrupted me."


Arnav frowned at her. "How do you know about them? And about me?"


"My Babuji came to visit your Mamma. He said they were friends when they were younger...and he told me to wait here until he came back." She shrugged. "I hope they are okay."


Arnav angrily looked away, what did she know? He tried not to cry. And then, he felt her hand on his. He did not even know this little girl, and no other girl had ever talked to him in this manner. Sometimes because they thought he had cooties.  But mostly because they were always too scared...but she...she was something else. Despite his anger, she was still here and hadn't run away.


"I lost my Amma and Bauji when I was an accident. I was adopted by Babuji...he brought me home and now I am 6! I hope your Amma and Bauji will be okay." She said as her tiny hand squeezed his.


His red rimmed beautiful brown eyes stared at her big doe like hazel ones, and he felt himself relaxing for some odd reason.


"What if they are not okay? What if they don't come back?" He asked.


"Sometimes Devi Maiya takes people from us. But Babuji says we have to learn to move on."


"But I don't want to live without them..." Tears started streaming down Arnav's face, and Khushi held his hand tighter.


"Don't cry! It will be okay!' She said sweetly, giving him a comforting smile as she showed off her two front missing teeth.


They sat there for a couple of more minutes watching the view from outside the window. Soon, the sun was setting and Arnav felt the sadness spread through him.


"My Ma loves the sunset. It is her favourite part of the day; we watched it together all the time!" Arnav told her.


"Really? She is like me then. I love the sunset's like an old friend waving goodbye to you. You know they're leaving but you also know that you will see them again." She told him with a smile, and despite all the bad things that were happening with him, he felt his own lips curve up into a smile.


Eventually, Arnav's Di had come to get him and Khushi's Babuji had come to get her, separating them, releasing their hands from each other's grasp. Neither knew the other's name, but Khushi prayed that her new friend would find happiness. And so, he did her.


Flashback Over


"I remember when you were telling me the same thing while we were watching the sunset on our first date. I couldn't put my finger on why it sounded so familiar."


"I remember feeling nostalgic as well!" Khushi admitted.


"And then, when I visited your Dad before Goa, and he told me about how him and Ma were best friends at one point. It all made sense then." He smiled, kissing her hair.


She smiled widely, turning in his arms and cupping his face and planting a kiss on his cheek, trying to distract him from the bad memories their first meeting had probably brought back for him. "So we have known each other for some time...I can't believe that was you!"


"Mhmm...strange isn't it?"


"Yes...who knew? That you would be that same little boy whose tears made me sad till date, every time I thought about him! Who knew that I would spill my drink on you that one fine day...and we would do everything that we did!"


"And who knew that I would fall for someone as crazy as you...and that you would change this Arnav Singh Raizada so much?" He smiled, his eyes crinkling in the process.


"Who knew that I would fall for you? And that we'd love one another..." She giggled.

And so Khushi turned back in his arms, her back once more to his chest as they watched the sunset in peace. It was a great joy and relaxation after a long day, the colors gave them warmth to comfort each other, to exhale the calmly mood, a sweet embrace. An anticipation for dawn, Khushi thought, that the new sunlight would lift them up for a new day. A new day with her loved ones, family and friends, but more importantly a new day with her Arnav. With that thought, she closed her eyes with a smile and settled more comfortably in his embrace.



                                                     THE END


***A/N: I can't believe this is done! My first SS...I am sad it's over, but happy about all the love and support I've gotten in the midst. You guys all rock! Thank you to those who have continuously commented and liked, I have so many names on my list, you guys know who you areStarI have always enjoyed light hearted stories, and comedy. This here was my try at it. So if I made you smile or laugh at least once throughout the whole thing, my job is doneSmile

I hope you enjoyed it. Leave any comments or feedback, about the chapter, about the whole story, everything is appreciated. I have gotten some PMs asking if I will continue writing after this...I will for now! I still have my ongoing FF here - I will be concentrating on this for now, and I also have some ideas for OS's. If I come up with anything new, you guys will be the first to know!

Silent Readers, i have finally finished the story and I think I deserve some kind of feedback, whether good or badSmile


Also...Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating! For me at least, Ramadan flew by! I cannot believe Eid is here already. I hope you all have a lovely day, I know I will be spending lots of time with family, and of course collecting money from elders...something I will always do no matter what my ageLOL

Mucho love and happy reading!


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Congrats 4 d new thread
update soon

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Congrats on thread 2! Party
I had stumbled upon thread 1 yesterday!
It was sooo good, i couldnt stop reading!!!
Read all the parts at once!
Waiting for chapter 14! 

Awesome update!!
Aww they had met when they were younger and they still remeber!!!
Loved this ss a lot!
Little sad that its over! Cry
Keep writing Big smile

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Cant wait for the last chapter! :)

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Congrats for new thread
update fast yaar
cant wait

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