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Jeannie aur Juju

| Jeannie Aur Juju |200|Episode Celebratiion||

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                               | Jeannie aur Juju Ki 200 Episodeee Celebration |


                           Hii Mitraaams Toooday is a Veeery special Daaay JAJ completed 200 episodeees
                                     This Monday 12 august 2013 is the day of the 200th episodeee!

                                 the show full of and Magic

                                     with the awesomee charecters and guest


                                                                     200 Episodee Celebratiion


   | We forum members wanna congraaats JAJ with completing 200 episodeees! |
                          Keeep rocking and giving us Funny episodeees!

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Jeannie :

The female protagonist of the show , a 2000 year old Jeannie who was shut in a bottle and thrown in the sea,who was later saved by Vikram Khanna(Vicky)  with whom she calls him love at the first sight and calls him "Juju" .Later she follows Juju to his house and later Juju agrees to keep her in home.She loves him very much and wants to get married with him but her main obstacle is Priya Vicky's girl friend . She is very
emotional at heart and can do anything for her Juju.At times she is very naughty and she loves to trouble Chatur babu and Priya which brings trouble for Juju.She is filmy and always seen watching TV programs with great interest which irritates Juju.She tries to get romantic with Juju , sometimes she succeeds and sometimes she failes . Some of her dialogues are "Mujhe sharam aa rahi hai" , "Aap iss duniya ke sabse ache Juju ho".

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Captain Vikram Khanna :

The male protagonist of the show ,a commercial pilot in Priya Airlines  who found Jeannie's bottle on the island where his plane crashed . By
releasing Jeannie from the bottle , he became her master but he treats her like a friend . He is short tempered and really gets angry soon but
he is very honest and has a caring nature at heart. He is very much confused between Jeannie and Priya and because of that he always gets in to trouble . He is slightly falling for Jeannie but he does not know about it and like Jeannie he can also do anything for her . Whenever anything is wrong in the office and Boss asks an explanation from me , he convinces him on such a way that he covers the actual truth from Boss and also gets himself impressed by the Boss and is frequently termed as "Priya Airlines best pilot" which makes his friend Vela jealous . Some of his common dialogues are "Oh Hellooow" , "What is this".

Priya Seth :

She is also a main character of the story . Boss's daughter , who is raised with very much love and care . She is Vicky's fiance and she also loves him very much . She is like a 2nd Boss for him and sometimes she is dominating . She has a
luxurious life . She does not like Jeannie at all as she is always seen with Vicky and sees her as her rival . During a track she was shown having a soft corner for Johnny as he really understood her and even helped her in a further track . Her kind side is shown when she cheers "Jeannu"(Jeannie)who cries when Dr dr is afraid by seeing her face .Her main dialogue is "Tum toh kuch bolo hi math".

Gold Glitter Flourish

Virendra Lakhanpal :

He is Vicky's friend cum colleague who is jealous of Vicky for getting more praises than Boss and he is also a pilot in Priya Airlines . He is known as "Vela" in the show and Jeannie calls him "Velu" lovingly .He was arrogant and selfish at the starting and he was the one who stole Jeannie (when he came to know about Vicky's secret) for his own interest. But later when he realized that he is in trouble because of his wrong deeds , he gave Jeannie back to Juju and apologized for his mistake and he was a changed man. At the present tracks he is extremely funny ,cheerful and sometimes really stupid which makes us rolfing .He even helps Juju and Jeannie and he has a crush on Gia (with whom by coincidence shares the same birthday date) but he always ends doing silly antics whenever he tries to be close to her. He tries to act smart with Rahul who usually outwits him at the end . His usual line in the show is "Vicky mere dost".

Gia :

She is the elder sister of Jeannie who has come from Jin Land to meet her on her(Gia) birthday and Juju thought her to be a stranger . She took a instant dislike to Juju due to his short temper and bothered him much at the very starting .
As the time passed away she and Juju's enmity was gone but still they fight a lot with each which usually angers her and makes her to turn Juju in to something or the other , she is studying Ph.D on magic and she has superior powers than Jeannie. she loved Jin Jimmy(Who was later killed by Jin Jorehaan)  who used to play flute for her even when she was turned a stone statuette by Jin Jorehaan .She even wanted to take Jeannie back to Jin Land with her but she changed her decision as she has seen Rahul (Jimmy's exact lookalike) whom she believes to be Jimmy's reincarnation and now she is trying to catch Rahul's attention but she is usually brushed by him .
She is a great support to Jeannie whom she calls "Jeannu" lovingly , she helps her a lot and loves her very much . Her main dialogue is "Main hoon Gia jo socha woh kiya".

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Jin Johnny :

He is the dashing dabbang Jin who escaped from Jin Land as he was wanted for hypnotizing everyone there . Jeannie and Juju found him in the old house which was looking like a ghost house (Thanks to Johnny).
Where he kept everyone in an fainted condition except Jeannie and Juju. He wanted to accompany them but Juju refused . Jeannie secretly kept him in a small box . Later Juju found out about that and was mad on both of them but afterwards he has not much objection . Johnny imitates Salman Khan and calls Juju "Pandey ji" and Jeannie as "Rajjo
Which really irritates both of them . He took a instant liking for Priya much to Juju's dismay and he calls her "Suman ji"  He is extremely sweet and a gentlemen with Priya . But slowly he began to hypnotize everyone in the office which caused much trouble and chaos . Juju with the help of Jeannie sent him back to Jin Land Jail and at a much future track he comes back as a cameo after he was freed from the Jail for behaving good and he helps Juju along with Duggu dadi to save Jeannie from Jin Jorehaan and he goes back after his work is completed . His main dialogue is "Aap bhi kamaal karte ho_____ ji".

Rahul Trivedi /Jin Jimmy :

He is Chatur babu's and Durga bhabhi's nephew who also works a commercial pilot in Priya Airlines like Vicky and Vela . He is quite charming and cute and he is Gia's love interest . He never gives any lift to Gia but he has some feelings developing for her about which he don't have any knowledge . He has an extra ordinary english and he Vela always have funny and furious fights mostly regarding Gia . He makes fun of his uncle (Chatur babu) by calling him "Golgappa moushu". His righteousness is shown when he gave back Jeannie's bottle to Juju with out any selfish and wrong thoughts .He sees Juju as a senior to see and gives him much respect unlike Vela whom he calls "Senior sir ji" .Now he knows that Gia and Jeannie are no ordinary human beings but he keeps quite due to Jeannie's effective threat to him. calls himself a "Brahma chari" The one who don't like girls and he is a devotee of lord Hanuman , he always preaches about his "Banaras wale guru ji". He neither likes when Gia is close to him nor when Vela is close to her .
He secretly likes when Gia praises him .His main dialogues is "Hum na dekhte hai baaye na dekhte hai daaye asz becoz hum hai desi bay." and
"No nat at al".(Correction : No not at all).

Gold Glitter Flourish

Chatur Ganguly :

He is Vicky's neighbor who is always seen peeping in to his house with his binoculars aka "His 2nd pair eyes" he is fondly known as "Chatur babu"he is extremely the funniest in the show . He is a writer from the bengali background and thinks himself very talented . From the time he saw Jeannie he thinks her to be a ghost and calls her "Bhoot ledki" He is desperate to expose Jeannie to the whole world and he always enters Vicky's house from the balcony which makes his character more amusing. He tried many times to expose Jeannie but he always fails and sometimes his plan backfires due to Jeannie's magic . His wife Durga bhabhi thinks that he has gone insane and she requests Dr dr to treat him . But Chatur babu slowly involves Dr dr in his "Bhoot ledki" matter , he does not like when Rahul teases him by calling him "Golgappa moushu" and he has a unique way of laughing and showing his teeth .He is a good person as well and he never really harmed Jeannie and Gia even though when they did magic on him and he even helped Vicky when he fell down from the stairs. His main dialogues are "Oodi baba " ,"Bhikky babu humne bhoot ledki ko pakad liye".

Durgha Chatur Ganguly/Durga bhabhi :

She is wife of Chatur babu who likes to dominate her husband and keep him under her thumb . She is like a royal bengali tigress and she has adorned a complete bengali attire and speech which sounds sweet . 
She wanted Dr dr to treat him but by Chatur babu's influence Dr dr also became like him . She does not like his habit of peeping in to other
people houses and she can believe anyone but not Chatur babu . She always favors Vicky when there is chaos created by Chatur babu in his (Vicky) house . She also makes Chatur babu to help her in household work which he does not like at all . However she plays an adorable and a funny woman in the show . Her main dialogue is "Tum paagol hogaya hai".

Glitter divider

Pratap Seth :

He is known as Boss in the show as he is the Boss of Priya Airlines .
He is a quite smart businessman who knows to make profit. He is extremely disciplined and likes everything in order . He is a loving and caring father to Priya and always wishes for her happiness and cant see her sad . He trusts and thinks Vicky worthy of anything the most
and often calls him "Priya Airlines best pilot" He is also a good friend of Dr dr as well and shares a friendly bond with Brij Khanna (Vicky's father) and he wants to save money in an extra ordinary way (In a track of JAJ). He also suspects that Vicky has another girl in his life other than Priya . His main dialogue is "Vicky my boy".

Doctor Cyrus Doctor :

He is a psychiatrist in Priya Airlines . He is known as "Dr dr" by everyone especially by Boss which irks him . He is intelligent yet eccentric and a knowledgeable person . He thinks Boss as his friend and treats Priya very kindly and he calls her "Priya Dikri" . He is also desperate to prove that there is a Jeannie in Vicky's life and also calls him for regular checkups . He never believes that Vicky is altight in spite of Vicky's and Boss's convincing . Whenever he spies on Juju , he always ends up becoming Jeannie's scape goat . He was supposed to treat Chatur babu but by his influence he also began to believe in ghost and joined hands with him . He always faints due to fright which is caused by Jeannie's magic . Jeannie always scares him by telling ghostly stories of Gia which dreads him . He is really a funny character and he adds humor to the show . His main dialogue is "Oh khudai ji".
Gold Glitter Flourish

Duggu dadi :

She is Jeannie's grand mom from Jin Land , she calls Jeannie lovinly "Jeannia" , she came as Jeannie called her as she needed her help to win Vicky's love . She also used her magic on Vicky which made him angry . She involved Jeannie to date Vela to make Vicky jealous ,it dint effected him much but they managed to break their engagement . She is really a loving grand mom to Jeannie and a wise old lady who knows to make people obey her , She is much powerful Jeannie compared to any other Jin or Jeannie and the only one who can face Jin Jorehaan . After Jeannie came back to Juju , she made her first exit . Again she came back on Jeannie's wedding to Vicky (Jin Jorehaan) and  at that time she helped Juju to save Jeannie along with Johnny . She made her last exit after her work has done .

Doctor Dang :

He was a cameo in license track of JAJ . He is a friend of Dr dr who
 called him under the pretext of introducing machinery which will strengthen the security of Priya Airlines. Actually he was called to
detect any "Non human" (Ghost) in the office . He is quite funny but is different from Dr dr . He has a good knowledge of machinery . He created a lot of chaos in the shows and later Boss asked him to go when he came to know the truth .

Glitter divider

Jin Jalebi :

She was also a cameo appearance in the license track . She was a inspector who came to earth to test Jeannie to see whether she is worthy of having a license or not . She was very strict with everyone .
She even made Vicky a pizza when he bad mouthed her . She is a perfect inspector , neither too strict nor not strict at all . In the end she has shown joyfully dancing with Jeannie , Juju when Jeannie's license was renewed .

Chapri :

He plays a minor role in the show . He is a peon in Priya Airlines and he is also a funny character like many other ones in the show . He is loyal to Priya airlines . He often misinterprets instructions and creates chaos .

Gold Glitter Flourish

Doctor Jeev and Doctor Jantu :

They are the Doctors from Jin Land who came to treat Jeannie when she fell ill due to being locked in the fridge . They were really awesome and funny . They liked playing chess and making "Shayaris" (Poems)
which irritated Juju a lot . They even made Dr dr jealous as he thought that Vicky is allowing them to treat him even when he is there . Dr dr
even fainted as they did things which were not possible. But in the end they treated Jeannie . They were really good hearted as they forgave Vicky for being rude them very easily . They made their exit after Jeannie was cured .

Jin Jorehaan :

The main antagonist of the show . He was the one who trapped Jeannie in the bottle but he managed to loose her and that's how Vicky found her . He is very bad , always want to destroy everyone . He wants to marry Jeannie forcibly . But Juju saved Jeannie in time and he was shut in a bottle by Jeannie and thrown in a deep sea . He was really so scary and cruel , he also killed Jin Jimmy . He again came back by the help of his special servant Junglee Jeannie.

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Junglee Jeannie :

Another antagonist cameo of the show . She came to Vicky's house as
Jhumri , Jeannie's doll and childhood friend . Vicky was already suspicious about her . She is the special servant of Jin Jorehaan who
was supposed to free Jin Jorehaan from the bottle . She was seen on "Sampu parvath" . Vela was caught by her but later Jeannie , Vicky and Gia saved him and defeated her . She also was bad like Jin Jorehaan though not that bad like him .

Khabri Jin :

A tiny blue Jin who appears daily in the Jin news paper which Jeannie has issued for herself .He sometimes gives valuable information to her and helps her . He does not have a good impression of Vicky as he thinks that he is quite arrogant and gets angry quickly .

Gold Glitter Flourish

Velli dadi :

She is Vela's grand mom who came to mumbai to see whether Vela is living with comfort or not . She has made to believe that Vela is the owner of Priya Airlines and Gia is his wife and even that Vicky  , Jeannie are his servants and they live in his house which is in fact Vicky's house . She was a little mean to Vicky as she made him to go out and sleep and always scolded him even when he did the work correct . She loves Vela a lot and in the end she reveals that she knew the truth and showers praises on Vicky and later she makes her exit from the show .

Sushmita Brij Khanna :

She is mother of Vicky and wife of Brij Khanna . She worries about Vicky a lot and wants a suitable girl as her daughter-in-law . She has a tendency to forget names which confuses everyone especially Vicky's father and Jeannie calls her "Kuku" . She is a funny and sweet character in the show . Her main dialogue is "Mye kya ji ."

Glitter divider

Brij Khanna :

He is father of Vicky and is known as "Tuku" by Jeannie . He is a close friend of Boss . He is for ever nostalgic about "Kuku's tendency of forgetting names . He plays a good father and is cheerful and he also worries for Vicky .

Jhunjhun :

She is a young Jeannie who has lost her way on the earth and as fate would have been , she encountered with Vicky and she liked him , she named him as "Teddy" She is a very naughty girl as well as cute . She has a very innocent look on her face . Juju at first thought that she is so harmless but soon he came to know the truth and now she is troubling Juju so much and Juju is helplessly bearing it . She was a student of Jeannie who has suffered much because of her .

Gold Glitter Flourish

Jin Jacky :

Another handsome and cute Jin from Jin Land who is Jeannie's and Gia's childhood friend who imitates Shah Rukh Khan . He actually came there as he needed help from them to win his lady love at Jin Land whose father does not think worthy of him . They agreed to help on condition that he should act as he loves Jeannie very much to make Vicky' jealous . He did the job too well and Vicky really indeed was super jealous . In the end Vicky gave him the engagement ring to Jacky to win his love . Gia also thought him a magic trick and he was sent back . He was really indeed so charming and cute .

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By Mehda:

Jeannie aur Juju is a great show! Great is just one of the million superlative adjectives I can use to describe it. The theme is modern yet grounded in traditional values, different yet appealing to even the conventionals, grand yet down-to-earth and fantasized yet relatable. It is about a Jeannie with supernatural powers who was released from her bottle by Vicky, a pilot. From then on, we are taken on a hilarious joyride revolving around the lives of these two strikingly different yet united individuals. The twist in the tale comes from Priya, Vicky's childhood friend, who is also his girlfriend. They are unofficially engaged and Vicky works at Pratap, Priya's father's, airline company. Jeannie however is madly in love with Juju and shows it at every opportunity. Vicky is confused and torn between the two. Jeannie using her supernatural powers often troubles Chatur Babu, Vicky's irritating neighbor and Priya. There are several more unique characters in the show, all of whom are capable of winning hearts. The show thus has a complex but very free-driven story which everyone of us can relate to.


                            By Summi 





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^Timee for somee music^

Yay party timee Party

JAJ the beest show eveer . Keep rockiing and entertaining us with the funny n great episodes .

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congrats for 200 episodes
awesome post siham

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jeannie aur juju 200 episode 
keep rocking everyone

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Mitraaams How areee ya Favoriteee Characters
..SupreMe.. IF-Stunnerz

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My favorite characters other than Jeannie and Juju aree

Gia, Rahul, Velu n Chatur babu (Actually love all the characters except Batman and his servant)

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