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friday update €" 23/8/13


Devi loves story continues.€


Devi wakes up and call out for Mathan. She calls several times, Mathan wakes up but then ignore Devi , and pretend sleeping. Devi goes near him and looks at him lovingly€ whispering€ Pavam Mathan, he is sleeping peacefully, I shouldn€™t disturb him€ he has been very good to me all the day. She says that she will no longer disturb him and will back to her house tomorrow. She then returns back to her bed. Mathan then open his eyes and thinks back about their past incidents. Some flashback in between. €


The next morning, Mathan pack up Devi belongings and ask her to recheck, he doesn€™t want her to shout for anything missing items. She also shout back, telling that she will not comes to his kevalam house but she saying with some loves mix in. Ram comes there with an auto and tells Devi that she can go now.  Devi tells Ram to bring Mathan after two days to her home, coz lawyer will be there to settle about her wealth. Then she will pay Mathan as per their agreement.  She was looking lovey dovey at Mathan while speaking to Mathan. Ram is  happy to hear that Mathan will get his part.


Then Devi leaves in the auto. Mathan tells Ram that he feels relieve that devi left, but he feel losing her. Ram look at him shock, but Mathan quickly brushes out his thoughts, telling him is not love but sympathy towards Devi. Basically she is a good gal, but due to no proper pasam and love in her home she grows up as stone hearted gal€


After a while Devi gets down and pays the auto guy. Surprise, she returns to Mathan house. Both ram and Mathan shock to see her. She tells them that the auto guy doesn€™t know way to her home. Ram quickly out to assist the auto guy but Devi has other plan. She wants Mathan to send her in his bike. She doesn€™t want Chids and people at home mistaken them. Mathan agrees and send her by bike.


On her way riding bike, Devi looks at Mathan lovely and also looking other loving couple riding bike. She notices how close they are. Mathan reach Chids home and drop her at the entrance. Devi slowly gets down sadly. Chids is looking at devi and so does Barathy who looks at Mathan angrily. Chitti comes there and welcome both of them. She carries devi bags inside and ask them to come in. Devi goes inside the house alone and Chitti asks about mapillai whereabouts. Devi lies to her saying,  Mathan has some urgent work and will come back after two days. Chitti asks her whether she wants any drinks, Devi politely refuse her. Chitti insist bringing juice for and goes to kitchen. Devi comes there and Chitti tells her that she is surprise to see a changed devi. She is very very happy. Devi says she also happy to see devi changes. Chitti brings juice and sits with Devi








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Bommalattam Monday Aug 26th Written Updates
Episode 216

Sivagami comes searching for Devi to give her a glass of milk. She is surprised to see Devi sleeping in dark. She wakes up Devi and Devi keeps saying Madhan let me sleep some more, switch off the lights Madhan. Sivagami jolts Devi to reality and teases her. Devi drinks the milk and chases Sivagami.


Kathirs home, Kathir stamps Ram on his way to the restroom and screams Sorry Devi, theriyama mithichutten multiple times. Ram teases him. Kathir fights back but stands alone and smiles patting his head!!  


Next morning, Ram brings tea. Kathir pours it out into 3 glasses and declares tea shop owner cheating on quantity of tea. Ram says tea quantity is correct . One tea for me and one tea for you. 3rd one yarukku. Kathir says namba Dev.. and stops.. Ram smiles. Kathir makes up saying saving  to drink later. Ram teases Kathir some more. Kathir admits Devi was around for some days and we have been sharing everything in 3 parts. So pazhakka doshathala I poured into 3 glasses. Dont run your imagination wild.


Kathir writing, Ram updates.. I met the financier .. he is ready to give the house back to Devi. He is feeling guilty of leaving Devi on streets. But he too is in need of money. He is ready to forgo the interest part. Only principal of 2 crores need to be returned and he has given us a weeks time for the same. Golden opportunity for us to help Priya. Kathir says I dont need a week for this. Tomorrow lawyer will come. The moment I sign the concerned papers. Devi will get her share of properties and she will give me the promised amount immediately. Ram wonders if Devi will give. Kathir is confident that Devi will not cheat since she has changed a lot off late. Ram says if the house is redeemed that will be the first success for Kathir. Kathir dreads about his luck and prays all Gods that atleast this wish of his should turn into reality. Kathir asks Ram not to tell Priya about this and that they should give to her as a surprise only after they pay the amount to the financier and redeem the house keys and papers. 


Sivagami cooking with Bharathys help. Sivagami says this is my fort and will not give up to anyone. Devi comes in and asks Sivagami if she can cook vetha kozhambu since Kathir likes it  a lot. Bharathy seethes. Sivagami is happy that her chellam knows about her hubbys likes and dislikes. Devi says Kathir will come tomorrow when lawyer comes. I want him to eat his favorite food. Devi in all smiles. Bharathy in her mind says Not only potato fry and vetha kozhambu are his favourites but cheating nambi vantha girls also. When you realize that your smile will fade away. Sivagami asks Devi your hubby washes your clothes? Devi perumaya says of course not only that. He makes tea for me. All meals are served as per my request. In so many years of married life did chithappa ever make a tea for you. Sivagami says forget making one for me, he never bothers to give me a days break too. Even if am unwell I have to cook for him. Devi brags some more about her darling hubby and irritates Bharathy. Sivagami gives tea and Devi complains less sugar. Siva says I prepared it like the one I prepare for Bharathy. Devi taunts I am not diabetic like others. I am fit and healthy. So add a lot of sugar. Bharathy says I too am not sick. But I want to remain cautious . Devi says I care a shit about the future and believe in living in the present. Bharathy and Devi argue some more. Bharathy decides to walk off. Siva pleads her to make vathu kozhanbu since Bharathy is specialist in that.


There was a phone call and I missed a few minutes..   Guess it will be repeated tomorrow and Roja will update us. If it is not repeated, I shall watch the video later and update.




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Tuesday 26 /8/13 Episode No 217

Nithya u did not miss much - Chithi asks Bharathy to make Vattal kozhambu , Bharathy refuses and the brat barks at chithi - "I asked YOU to make. What you make is good enough "

Coming to today's kanraavi (Ayyo, mudiyalai ppa - Stalin, kOnjam yethanum seythu intha kashta kaalathai interesting aa sOlla koodatha??)

The brat is in the garden and mooning over her time with Kathir - all the scenes that Roja managed to miss purposely are replayed - Yenna da ithu Roja kku vantha sOthanai?? - Chithappu perceives Roja's agony and comes to her rescue. Gloats that the brat has finished her sentence successfully -"now all you need is to get  the signature in the divorce application form, you are free and I will take CARE of your properties" Brat is head over heels in love - the app.form goes sukku nooru.

Selfish Chids and Badri meet the lawyer. To cut a long story short, they want the lawyer to postpone the signing padalam. Lawyer wonders and the duo inform him that Kathir is a real nice guy and they would like the brat to go and spoil his peace of mind. Lawyer agrees to the conspiracy.

Roja kku neram nalla illai - she is stuck with that brat !! Some more mooning and chithi comes to break it. Mentions kathir and the brat is all eager "Vanthuttara?" Chithi answers in the negative and brat goes back to her mooning session - Roja escapes this for another week - yaruppa Tuesday's original updater? Unakku punniyama pOgum Raja, Odi vanthudu mma


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Bommalattam Wednesday Aug 28th Written Updates

Episode 218

Updates by Sumi

Reva dreaming ..actually sogama dreaming (??) abt her hubby darling...CHithi says un vootukar...Devi's face la 1000 watts bulb erinjing...vandhutara..asks bulb devi..i mean bulb maadiri palich face devi...Chithi smiles...and says no..not yet..but u go frehsen up...And u should look palich when ur husband comes..Devi says ok and sends her chithi out...

Badri and chids talking...Badri asks chithi devi ready aa nnu...CHithi says yes ...Kitchen la bharathi asks the same kostin...Chithi says devi rombha missing her husband..porandhu veedu nyabagam poi pugundha veedu nyabagam vandachu dum dum dum...Bha confused...Chithi says devi cant live without her vootukar for even 1 nimit..(oh ...devi veetuku vandhu innum 1 nimit aagalaya??)...Bha still confused...Confused

Now its Nats chithappa turn...come sto devi's room and tells her to be just sign the i'll take care devi ma...(sir..neenga devi ma devi ma nnu solradhu en kaadhula pei ma pei ma nnu vizhudhuConfused)....Devi ma appadiyae shock aayitangaDead

Kathir/madan comes and Chids welcomes him...Nats,Bads ellarum welcome panranga...Chids and Bads leave sto see some dcouments...Santosh comes and bha saapda koopdranga...romance vera idhula...(very good phamily)...Kathir sogama smiling...Ouch

Devi's room...Devi ma crying crying...aamma photo parthu crying...Chids and bads watches this azhugatchi scene ...Devi says (to her photo mom)...she misses her so much...and polambing...She says she loves madan...But madan oes not love her...She says she wants him...and rombha kashtama irukku to tell this to appa and chithappa...Chids and Bads very happy...Devi continues..i dont want any property..i want only madan...and cries..Chids and Bads leaves the palce silently...

Bharathi takes sweet and kaaram to kathir and dog kku saapdu vaikara madhiri vakaranga...And says..snow me and santosh real husband and wife (real..real nna..manuacturing date expiry date ellam pottu nalla pack pannirukka parcel aa?)...Kathir says congrats...Devi comes and smiles at kathir..Kathir busy drinking coffee...thirumbavae illai devi pakkamOuch...Bharathy watches devi's face expressions...Oru vazhiya kathir thirumbhings and  aacharyama looks at devi's new homely avatar...

Chids calls lawyer and tells him to call Nats number and says heart attack nnu sollunga..i cant come nnu phone pannungaLOL(Ada paavi chidambaraLOL)...Lawyer says ok..

Here Nats super  enthu va irukaru...Lawyer's asst calls him and says Lawyer at hospial..heart attack...Nats sad...and informs thi soagamana matter to everyone...Devi happy...chids notices her happy face...Nats says lawyer illainna enna ...we will call hhis asst kumar and proiceed with this case,...Chids says we want a very experienced lawyer to handle this lets wait for our lawyer come back..ellarum ponga ippo...Kathir says tata to devi..Devi meimarandhu standingDay Dreaming...kathir vinodhama looks at her and  again says tata and leaves ...LOLsabai kalainju pochuParty...Devi mattum avanga lala land la flying...Goes near her mom's photo and says thanks...Chids and Bads happy..Chids says naama pan is working ...ellam nalladhukke...


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Thursday, August 29th, Episode 219-by atina
Kadir is so sad ..standing outside of his house. Here comes Ram, and asks about what happened in CHid's house. Kadir replies," dei I was so happy thinking even for us soething good is going to happen and we will get the money nu...but at the last minute that vakkel's junior called and told the sad news that the advocate got a heart attack and he is in the hospital nu...look at our fate better talk to the financer once more and get more a month or so daa"
Kadir tells," dei Ram Barathy talked toi me daa...she gave me coffee and sweet and told ragasiyamaa...intha sweet ..I am giving to you because I and santhiosh are living happy...Ram I was so happy to hear this daa..if my love towards Barathy is true then I should be happy when I know that she is leading a happy life...yes..I still love my old Barathy but noth the wife of will not understand daa..only if you love then you will know all this"
Ram replies," I will not do the same mistake you did daa...what about did not tell anything about her?" Kadir smiles and tells," Devi...? when we heard this news about the vaakkeel everyone was shocked but Devi was standing in one corner and loosu maathiri sirichukittu irunthaa daa"
will continue later..( nithya if you have time please continue this update maa..)

next part by Roja

Chids and Bharathy discussing some official stuff -  Bhoopathy will be paid as the office driver. Sivagami gives accounts saying that she managed to save 10,000 rs as Devi does not waste any more in this house. Then the talk about Devi's bank account surfaces. Devi says that she never bothered to check and does not care if it gets topped up or not. Sivagami raises the issue "so now where will the brat be? Here or with her hubby?" Goes on to say that Devi does not switch on the air con and does not sleep well. Chids addresses darling daughter -  "so what now? You plan to stay here? And that hubby of yours will also come here?" Bharathy is shocked -  a look which says "are u nuts? Me living under the same roof with my ex and present?" Devi alleys her fears " he won't come here and stay " (Appa da , Bharathy thOppai le Thenum Paalum kalanthu kOtti tte pO ) Chids says then Devi should go to her hubby's place. Now Bharathy's turn to needle Chids " well you always get what you want !! You chased her the last time and she went and lived there . Now you want a repeat performance and so why don't you go and leaver her there?" Chids knows that his bluff is called -  does a thiru thiru and menu muzhungal -  Bharathy looks victorious. Brat leaves the arena.


Some time late in the night brat arrives at Kathir's palace and robs Ram of his sleeping quarters. Poor Ram leaves -  enge ppa sleep? Thinnai? Nadu theru ?? Morning -  Chithi comes down crying and says that brat is missing. Bharathy suggests that she should call the brat. Phone rings, Kathir asks Ram to attend -  hmm avar engiyanum padukka edam thedindu iruppar !!  - finally picks the phone thinking it is his and hears Sivagami. To cut a long story short Kathir sees Devi sleeping on the floor and freaks. On the other side, Sivagami smiles, Bharathi needles Chids -  "mission accomplished?"

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friday update " 30/8/13



Kathir meets Ram at teashop. He starts mumbling how to handle Devi and her attitude. He also scolds Ram for letting alone and never wakes him up. Ram says next round he will be in street or staying at fren house each day. Kathir says he might ask Devi to just go away and he doesn't want to be part of her drama. Ram asks him to remember his promises and ask him to be patient until they get the money from Devi. They have help priya and their career.Ram advice him to go along with the plan and get things done.


 Sanguthala meets her fren Ganesh (who acted has her husband) at her house. She shares her plan with him and asks him to help her to take revenge on Santhosh who spoiled her her life. Ganesh is happy to help her at any cost. Sagun tells him to pretend hitting her in front of Santhosh and from that she will get more sympathy from Santhosh. Ganesh refuse to hit her, but he will pretend scold her hard, but Sagun doesn't want that. She wants a real acting from Ganesh, she knows its pain to get beaten but she willing to be hurt and enjoy Santhosh pain. She wants Santhosh to be in miserable pain, regrets on his action and live in scare of unable to share this secret to anyone.                                                                        

As plan, Santhosh comes there visiting Sagun. She invites him inside and Ganesh watch them from outside. Santhosh ask her about her well being and she is talking about life thatuvom. She saying santhosh is the only comfort for her. Then she starts her plan that, she wipes something from his face and make scene intimate. Ganesh comes there and start his drama. Ganesh scolds Sagun and start beating her. Santhosh intervene and fight with ganesh. Ganesh accuses Sangu hiring rowdy beating her own husband. Ganesh warns Santhosh that he will be nastier towards his life. Santhosh stand helplessly.Barathy meets Badri uncle and share her thought about Chids plan. She accuses Badri uncle also with Chids and pretending knowing nothing. Badri tell her that he doesn't know much about Chids plan. Barathy tell him that Chids idea to accept Kathir as mappilai even he knows that he is mosamana guy. Bar says that she unable to talk to Chids due to various reason that's why she discussing with Badri. She says that she married to Santhosh and she doesn't want to hides anything from her husband. She says,  imagine what will happen if Santhosh knows the real truth,,,, kathir was her boyfren, what will happened to her life then. She will definitely unable to face that situation.  Santhosh believed in her and what will happened if he gets to know that devi has cheated him. She doesn't want to lose her husband at any cost. Thus, she decided to reveal the truth to Santhosh... Badri stands shocks... THODARUM

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