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||Lo Agai ChhanChhan-#7: Revelation||

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Lo Agai ChhanChhan - #7

Hi everyone Hug
Sorry for the late edition.
To the whole ChanMan Deewanis here, Our NewsLetter Team and the whole ChCh DT presents you our Seventh NL Party

Lo Agai ChhanChhan Day DreamingDancing

I would like to thank all the members of our NL team for submitting everything on time and being such a  co-operation  Hug This would not be possible without you guys...Thanks a lot for the Love & Support Hug


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Summary for the Week 29th July to 1st August

Another fast moving week. We saw the wrap up of Sonali's track ' without too many details on Sonali's side of the picture Confused The main achievement was that Umaben's mask of fake sweetness and unquestioning acceptance of Chhanchhan as bahu was dropped, and her true colors were revealed to Chhanchhan. The week reflected the new changed equation between Chhanchhan and Umaben.

Monday ' Chhanchhan is shocked and upset at the revelation that Umaben never wanted her as a bahu and wants to break her marriage. How is she to save her marriage and also save the family from breaking up with the shock of Umaben's deceit?

Manav persuades Chhanchhan to return home.

Chhanchhan tells the whole Sonali story to the family, with a twist at the end ' it was she who was mistaken in her saintly saas, Umaben is as pure as the driven snow and Sonali was talking about a different Manav entirely. Her mistake ' and she is deeply apologetic and ashamed, how could she have thought that a mother would not be worried about her son's happiness? Ouch Ouch, that hurt!LOL

And finally, the confrontation between Umaben and Chhanchhan, where Chhanchhan discloses that she does know the entire truth, but only to save Umaben's lies from being exposed and to save the family from breaking, she hid Umaben's part in the proceedings. Leaving Umaben deeply embarrassed ' she wasn't so smart as to fool her chit of a daughter-in-law after all and she can't try the same tricks again.

So Umaben is forced to accept Chhanchhan as Manav's wife, but still refuses to accept her as BS bahu. Will, obviously ' otherwise the show would be over! Wink And the clash of ideologies begins in open.Clap

Tuesday ' The confrontation continues ' Chhanchhan tells Umaben that she doesn't want to end all traditions, but she believes they don't have to be enforced at the expense of the freedom of individuals. And she will prove that to Umaben, but without allowing Umaben's image to be sullied, or the family to break up.

Umaben doesn't believe that is possible, moreover, she doesn't want any changes in her home, she is perfectly happy with the way it runs. So she plans to separate Chhanchhan from the family physically by sending her to another house, this time with Manav, as her plans to separate them have not worked at all.

A small glimpse of the different reactions of the family members to the news of the division was interesting to show the different viewpoints.

Wednesday ' Manav wheedles his mother as usual to change her decision. Umaben discloses to Ranjana in oblique terms that she is embarrassed to face Chhanchhan.

Chhanchhan confronts Umaben again, and Umaben tells her that while she has accepted her as Manav's wife, she still feels Chhanchhan will be bad news for the family and hence wants her influence minimized. Chhanchhan vows to show Umaben otherwise.

Umaben doesn't have much choice ' the winds of change are already beginning to sweep through the house.

Starting with a small, yet common issue ' traditional vs modern medicine. Two of the children come in contact with friends with chicken pox. Umaben panics at the news and immediately starts preparing poojas to ward off illness, neem leaves and other traditional remedies. Chhanchhan has no objection ' if the kids are vaccinated, they are safe.

And she is shocked to find that the kids have not been vaccinated. Hence she offers to rush them to the doctor immediately.

Umaben doesn't believe in vaccination. Her MIL did poojas, and what was good enough for her MIL is good enough for her. Poojas it has to be.

Chhanchhan doesn't object to the poojas, but feels it should happen concurrently with vaccination. But Umaben is stubborn ' either pooja or vaccination. Ranjana sides with Umaben, Kaumudi is very doubtful but doesn't have the courage to disagree openly.

Chhanchhan is equally stubborn. Wisely she enlists Manav's help, and the next day, she disappears with all three kids to the doctor, with Kaumudi's permission.

Thursday ' Umaben waits at the temple, the priest refuses to do the pooja without the kids, and helpfully adds that it has to be done in the next hour. Umaben, what happened about your policy of bribing the doorman to keep the Gods awake? Confused

Umaben avoids talking to Chhanchhan, and tells Manav to hurry up. She really shouldn't have insisted on speaking to Manav while he was driving ... he gets into an accident. Since it's his fault, and the other lady involved is extremely gracious about the whole thing, he and Chhanchhan take her to hospital for first aid, thereby missing the pooja deadline.

At the hospital, the bombshell drops ' lady in question is Mukut bhai's girlfriend. And Mukut bhai is completely unapologetic about his affair ' he doesn't like his uneducated, unsophisticated village wife, who only knows how to cook and clean. He needs a more intellectual companion.

Mukut bhai, you realized this after so many years of marriage and two kids?! Shocked

Chhanchhan and Manav return home in shock, wondering how to deal with this problem.

Umaben accuses Chhanchhan of missing the pooja deliberately.Chhanchhan has more urgent and important things to worry about! 

This week was filled with the Lovey Dovey & cute ChhanMan scenes like Manav Taking Chhanchhan to home 
& then the face off between Umaben & Chhanchhan but what can be awesome then a Romantic kiss in taaza hawa
Manav : tum yaha kiya kar rai ho ?
Chhanchhan : taaza hawa khany ayi thi *Just like our wedding nite *WinkWink
& then . ...

It goes without saying that the scene between Uma Ben and ChhanChhan would be this week's most dhamakedar scene of the week. It was indeed a relief that the show is back and back with bang. We got to know the real reason behind Uma Ben's refusal to Chhanchhan becoming bori sagar bahu. We cannot blame Uma Ben looking at her background how the dahej given by her parents helped in establishing bori sagar family business and made it what they are right now. We have also seen though ChhanChhan belongs to modern ara but values elders and most importantly relationships as she herself belongs to a joint family. It was her goodness that she didnot expose her mother-in-law infront of the whole family and decided to confront her one-to-one. It proves that she wants to bind her in-laws instead of splitting them.

Anothter dhamakedar scene would be when Manav and ChanChan saw Mayuri and Mukut. The Truth about Mayuri being Mukut's girl-friend and that he lied about going out station due to official work in reality be was with her came as a shock to Manav and ChhanChhan. Here I dont blame mukut bhai's reasoning though. Arrange marraiges offen proves to be a disaster if the husband and the wife have totally different mentality and this is very well portrayed common situation many house-hold suffers. None are to be blamed as they both are right on their own. Kaumudi bhabhi is a traditional woman and she thinks about the whole family, but in all these she hardly gives time to her husband and a husband is bound to complain and seek for that companionshiop in other woman. However extramarital affair is not a solution when he has responsible for his own kids. he should have been more vocal about it and could have spoken to his own wife.

It would be where CC wants to take kids to the doctor for the chicken pox vaccine but UB wants to treat them by using her old remedies.

hehe it was that scene where UB tells about how her MIL treated Chickenpox and dadaji says, ur MIL made food in a chula and why are u using a gas stove then? That is cz the times have changed! And UB's face through it all and when Manthan quoted dadaji telling 'dadaji definitely gave a good example! chula, gas and stove' LOL

honestly I am having such a hard time! this was one fabulous week!! arrghhh! rewatching all the episodes in search of one!!
Ok got one! its that time when Mukut says he is going away for 2 days on business,
the way he didn't even deign it necessary to infor him wife! And the quick flash of pain across poor Kaumadi's face.. that was quite heartless and irritating!

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This week it's none other than the smart, the vivacious, the beautiful'not Chhanchhan, its Dadaji!! Tongue

I love the way he accepts and even practices modern ways if they are good. Like how he asked all the husbands to serve breakfast to their wives. The Borisagar house is supposed to be full of boring and old-fashioned people but only Uma ben and a few other people are old-fashioned and dadaji and the dad, they are modern,yet traditional which is really awesome . Keep rocking Dadaji. I regret listing you as the most irritating character that week.

Again a hard job, it was a good week man! Ok i really have no sensible one to pick, so i will pick Ranjana for panicking and thinking CC meant to complain about herself and actually going to the lengths of preparing chaas to appease and butter her up!

It has to go to ChhanChhan. First of all, when UB decided to send them away from the house...CC says she would make an earnest effort to learn from her Mother in law living with her and not far away. And then seeing little kids in the pain, she took them to the doc to get them vaccinated. 

There's no shaatir dimaag this week. Every character who could take this spot was as dumb as a donkey inclusing Uma Ben.Maybe Mokut bhai [or Manik bhai, manchand bhai? 'Sorry I'm confused, what's the two-timers name?] can  be the most shaatir dimaag, but it doesn't take a very clever man to two-time 'a buffoon with a dheela character can do it too.

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main bhi woh bahu nahi bana chahti jo gher ki chabi apne kamr m latkayeLOL rake or na hi main LOL
woh bahu banana chahti hon jo sab ki azadi per taala lagaye Embarrassedyeh larai apki or meri nahi hai mumy jee yeh larai do alag alag soch ki hai Approve

jiss gher m zindagi  ka sab se ahem rishta jod ker ayi hon  us gher ko kabhi  tootne nahi dongi 

This week we got to see a very pretty Chanchan in a beautiful green and red lehenga..Day Dreaming Perfectly blended with her new hairstyle and flawless makeup .. This look was one of her best one so far .. Just for this lehenga she can own this title ..Heart however, we have also seen her in a nice blue and a cute red dress .. 
Again, Chanchan is the fashionable person of the week .. 

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by .-Nikki-.


Here is your winning siggy

Once Again

by SublimeSanz..

Here is your winning siggy

by -unknowndesire-

Here is your winning siggy

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ll ChanMan OS ll ChhanChhan Hai Na ll

by LazilyAnonymous

Here is your winning siggy


Here is your winning siggy

Actual 8 reasons for chanchan low trp.

by deepika09

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Today I have a gripe with Sanaya! yeh quite surprising right? Ok the thing is ever since the huge revelation took place the characterization of UB has been made clearer, she has impactful dialogues to give weight to her stand! I am empathizing with her despite holding exactly opposite view point of practically every single thing in life!
But on the other hand after the closing scene on Monday I fully expected Tuesday to have more dialogues for CC to clarify her stand. It was not enough in comparison to UB.
The same was the case with the subsequent scenes b/w UB & CC on the next 2 days too. 

So somehow CC's emotions, her turmoil isn't coming through as much as I would have liked it to, and compared to Supriyaji Sanaya is falling a little behind for the first time! But having seen her acting from before as well as her part on Monday closing scene where when no dialogues were required she was so impeccable and matched Supriyaji step to step I am more prone to believe that something is lacking in the writing and that is what is being seen. So please do pay a bit more attention the CC's exact words and reactions.. Be a bit more
elaborate.. I know she is quite normal and none melodramatic.. and unlike UB heavy philosophical and very deep dialogues might not suit her, but being more eloquent even using quaint wordings may do the trick!

But truly in every other aspect FABULOUS!! Amazing week filled with MINDBLOWING episodes!! Keep up the good work!!! Clap

This week is the week when actually this serial started with its main  promised theme Star.. the clashes between two ideologies .. We witnessed one of the best Face off done by two brilliant actresses .. Clap
The revelations , the clashes and the consequences started with a bang and were executed in a very good way .. We had nice and subtle Chanman moments as well Embarrassed
And a new track of adultery came which leads to more interesting tracks in near future  .. 
Hence, for the dhamakadar start the rating is .. 


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Awesome work team Heart Congratulations to all the winners

This week was nice and entertaining of course but sorry I couldn't find anyone with a shaatir dimaagTongue

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