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C.I.D Update - June 16th 2006

Return of the Dead Child


By: Belle1989

    Mall: The CID Team is there and they are looking for the man called Chidiyaa. They finally find him, but he goes out of their grip.
    Just in the same mall, a bunch of children are playing. A lady named Sheena comes and looks at a child. She buys popcorn and gives it to him. She calls him Sunny...the child says that he isn't Sunny, but Akshay. Sheena tries to lure and drag him away, but Akshay keeps on shouting and says that she isn't his mother. Just then, Akshay's mom Malini comes & sees her child being taken away by Sheena. Sheena pushes her and Malini bangs her head on a pole. Just then Sheena's ex-husband comes & takes her away saying that their child died 3 years ago. Sheena still believes that her child Sunny is alive and that she would take him.
    Prad sees that Malini and her son are crying. Prad asks her to stop crying. Malini tells Prad that her child was going to be kidnapped by someone. Prad says not to worry. Just then Daya arrives and tells Prad that the chudiyaa has left.
    Building: Malini is putting Akshay to sleep. Akshay is scared and asks his mom whether the aunty would come again and kidnap him...she says that she won't come. After she puts him to sleep, she glances over at the window and sees that Sheena is there.
    School: Malini is taking Akshay over to class. She is scared and recalls the mall incident. Akshay is scared as well & tells his mom that he doesn't want to go to class. She says that she will stay right outside his classroom. Akshay goes and takes his seat beside the window. Malini runs over to the principal's office & asks for permission to stay outside Akshay's classroom. The principal says that the school doesn't allow that & that she should be rest assured that he would be safe. Malini goes outside.
    Classroom: Smoke suddenly emerges and everyone runs outside. The teacher notices and tries to find out where Akshay is, but can't find him. Just then Malini comes over and asks for Akshay & cries.
    CID Team arrives and asks the teacher & students if they saw anyone. They said no. Muskaan (CID Inspector) goes outside the window and finds a harmless bomb. They re-enact the scene and find out that it was easy to kidnap a child. They question the guard and street-dwellers if they saw anyone come oustide w/ a child - they said no. Daya says that perhaps the lady took Akshay in a car. Prad says that the car must have made stops at traffic signals - they will have to ask people.
    Near traffic signals: They ask the newspaper boy, beggars, etc and show the picture of Akshay - they say no. Just then, a vegetable seller sees it and tells Daya that he saw the child, & he was banging on the window,but doesn't remember anything else. Daya bribes him and says that he will buy all of his cart. Then, he fesses up and says that the car was a yellowish colour, lighter than usual yellow colour. Daya thanks him and gives him Rs. 200. Just then, the man calls Daya again and points to him the colour of the car. He also says that a man was driving the car.
    Garage: CID Team goes to the nearest garage and asks them whether the model MONTO GX in a yellow tinge has come here. The manager says there are 6 like that. Fred, Muskaan, Daya, and Abhijeet each check a car to see any fingerprints on the windor, but find none. Fredricks reports to Prad that there are only 5 cars here. The manager says that the owner of the 6th car is here. The owner turns around & it turns out to be Harsh.
    Prad questions Harsh and asks him where the car is. He says that he doesn't have it, but his 1st wife has it. Prad then lets him know that a child had been kidnapped. Harsh gets scared. Prad asks him where he had been the whole day...Harsh says that he was at his office Link Co-operative at a meeting. Daya double checks this and calls his office to find out that Harsh was telling the truth. Prad tells Harsh that if Sheena calls him, he is to report to the bureau immediately.
    Sheena's house: Sheena is trying to feed Akshay, but he isn't eating it because he misses his mother. He runs away to a room, falls on the bed, & cries. Just then, a bell is heard and Sheena opens the is Harsh. Harsh immediately comes in and asks her where the child is. Sheena says that they have got their child back & that no one can take him from her. Just then the CID Team arrives and Malini arrives as well. CID find the child and gives him to Malini. SHeena is crying and tells them that they can't take her Sunny away. Malini leaves. Prad asks her how Akshay could be her Sunny.
    Sheena recounts the story...FLASHBACK: It was 3 years ago when Sunny had been killed by drowning. She used to work late and she had hired a Nanny named Nisha. When both she and Harsh arrived, she found that neither Nisha nor Sunny were there. They then found a note which said that "I WOULD BE SUNNY'S MOMMY". Sheena cried and cried. Then days later, they found Nisha's car in a pond & found Nisha's body, but Sunny's wasn't there. PRESENT: Sheena says that she stil believed/believes that her son is alive because noone found his dead body. She says that both Akshay and Sunny look soo much alike.
    CID Bureau: They take a 2-year-old Sunny's picture and try to enhance him to a 5-year-old boy. Muskaan does this and finds out that it is infact Akshay. Sheena is happy and relieved. Prad says that they must go over to Malini's place to get Akshay's DNA samples.
    Malini's Place: CID Team asks the watchman whether Malini is at home. The watchman says that she left a while ago with a child quickly. Prad says that why did she go and that they were there to protect her from Sheena. Anyway, they go inside Malini's apartment and find that everything was in place, food was still hot, dining plates were set up, etc. They speculate that she must have gone to a relative's place, and try to find some phone book/important document, but they don't find any. Abhijeet says that she must have called someone before leaving. So, they try to find a telephone, but find that there is no connection. Prad asks Fredricks to bring in a spare telephone from the CID jeep and dial Daya's number. He dials and Daya takes down the phone's number. Prad says that they will check who called at this number.
    They find that at 6:40 a man had called from a cell phone from Andheri West. They zoom-in until they find that it was actually from their bureau. All are surprised and Prad is laughing..he says that the mujrim is very clever.
    Airport: Malini is there with Akshay. She is crying. Then we see Harsh entering and telling Malini that they have to leave because CID found out. Just then, the CID Team arrives and catches them red-handed. They take Akshay/Sunny away and Malini cries a lot. Muskaan slaps her.
    Bureau: Malini says that 3 years ago, she had kidnapped Sunny. She killed Nisha because she was going to reveal everything to Sheena. Both she and Harsh loved each other very much, but Harsh was married to Sheena. They were going to get a divorce, but she knew that Harsh couldn't live without Sunny. So, she decided to kidnap him and make him their child.
  • Prad says that they will receive a bitter punishment for seperating a mother from her child.

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C.I.D Update - June 23rd 2006

Body in the Suitcase

By: Belle1989

    It is night and the camera shoots a hotel and then goes to a hotel room 404. Inside, famous actor Kenniraj is inside with a woman named Reshma from Delhi, who aspires to become a great actress. He asks her do to her stuff, like showing her walk and emoting emotions. He is really impressed, but tells her that if he really wants to be impressed, she has to do a small favour for him *ahem ahem* (you get the idea). Reshma refuses this and slaps Kenniraj. Kenniraj is upset and angry and tells her that he won't leave her alone and she won't get out. He goes towards her and she screams loudly. Late at night: Some drunkards are outside and they see a lime-green suitcase on the road. One of them believes that there is a bomb inside and check to see if there is anything ticking (there's none). So, they open the suitcase and scream. CID Lab: Niyati says that this is a girl's body which is cut up into 5 parts. The murderer didn't want to hide her identity for some reason since her face is still intact. Daya sees the x-ray of her mouth and sees that she has a teeth filling, thru which they can find her address. Niyati says that she already did and has found more info. She tells Prad and the team that she found a card in her pant pocket reading DILTON P (the rest after P is covered in blood). Daya checks on KHOJ.COM to see how many places have DILTON P in their name. He finds 6 results - Just then Niyati says that the last word in the P word is "e" - Daya immediately finds out from the list that it is DILTON PALACE. CID Team goes to the receptionist of the hotel and show her Reshma's picture to her. The girl is surprised and says that she did come over. Just then the hotel manager comes over and says that she had gone to Room 404 to meet Kenniraj - the famous film star. Manager tells them that Kenniraj has held a permanent booking at his hotel, Rm 404. Prad tells the manager that he wants to go to the room to investigate - the manager is nervous and scared, but opens the room door eventually. Prad, Daya, Muskaan, Abhijeet & Fredricks find the room is spick and span. There is no sign of blood. Prad asks the manager which type of vaccum they use - the round type or the long stick one - the manager replies the round type. Prad says to change the type since it doesn't go into all the teeny-weeny areas. Just then, Prad goes to the sofa and checks underneath that there is a broken earring. Prad tells the team that they have to find Kenniraj soon. Hotel: Prad asks Abhi to bring all the staff who worked yesterday between 8-11 pm. Staff come in and Abhi shows the card found in Reshma's pocket. One man says that it is for valet parking. Prad asks Muskaan to go with the guy to check whether the car key is still inside w/ the hotel. Muskaan goes w/ the staff and finds that Reshma's car key is still there (that means she didn't go away in her car). Then, Prad and the rest of the team come over and Muskaan shows them Reshma's van. Behind the van, we see the sticker PRESS written on it. She was a news reporter from Taja News Channel. There are 2 scenes continuously shot. Fred and Prad are there at the Taja News headquarters, while Abhi and Daya are with Kenniraj. Reshma's boss tells them that her name was Neha, was from Mumbai, and lived in a Malad flat. She didn't come yesterday to work because she said that shw would stay home and watch TV. Meanwhile, Kenniraj says that her name was Reshma and was from Delhi. She was aspiring to become a famous actress. He says that he didn't kill her and that they shouldn't suspect him. He says that Reshma revealed to him that she was a news reporter blowing off his true nature and he let her go. Then, Kenniraj goes to his room and calls over his secretary Brijesh. He tells him that he had given him 10 Lakhs to cover up the girl incident, but CID found about it. Brijesh said that he gave the person 10 Lakhs to do something about this Reshma girl, but never knew that he would kill her. Bureau: Prad is wondering why she might have lied to Kenniraj and then finds out that perhaps Neha was trying to expose Kenniraj's dirty nature and thus went undercover. He says that many people came to his room and found that the girl was not there, so perhaps he must have hid the girl under his bed or in the bathroom. TV News Line Bureau: It is a news channel office and a man comes over to the assistant director of the news channel and tells him that his news channel will go to #1 if he gives him money cause he has something to give in return. He gives the man the money and checks out the tape and is very happy. He asks for the man's name and how he got it and he reveals to him in his ear. Kenniraj watches the news and sees all the happenings that went on with Reshma the other night. Everyone is able to see his true nature. Kenniraj is ashamed and screams for Brijesh and scolds him. Meanwhile, CID Team reaches Kannath's office (assistant director of TV NEWS LINE) and ask him who gave this tape to him because he might be the killer. Kannath reveals that his name was Prateek. They go over to Prateek's house and his wife Bina opens the door and reveals that she knew that the CID would come. Prad is surprised. She tells that Prateek is resting in his room as he got a big blow on his head. Prateek comes over to the CID team. He tells them what happened and how he got hurt. FLASHBACK: While Neha was with Kenniraj exposing the truth, he was in his room 202 recording the whole incident. When Neha left Kenni's room, he stopped the recording and he heard a knock on his door - he was surprised to think that Neha would come to his room too fast as there were 2 levels between his room and Kenni's room. Nevertheless, he opened the door and received a huge blow. When he woke up, he found that the room was scattered all over and that the robber had come to steal his CD, but the robber didn't know that he made duplicate copies and hid it under the bed. He then gave that CD to Kannath. Prateek says that he didn't kill Neha, but some one else did. Prad asks Prateek if he could check his room. Prateek says ok - they go over to room 202 and find things all over. Prad sees many huge equipments and asks Prateek how he got them here - Prateek says that he carried them here. Just then the manager says that Prateek brought the stuff over in his lime-green suitcase (remember the one with Neha's body). Prateek is surprised and Daya gives a huge slap. Bureau: Prateek says that he didn't kill Neha. Just then, Bina (his wife) comes over and tells the team that she killed Neha. She suspected that they had an affair and read his SMS that they were going to meet at DILTON PALACE @ 7pm in room 202. So, she went there and knocked on the door. Prateek meanwhile looked thru the hole and was surprised that Bina was here. He hid in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Neha came over and saw Bina. Neha entered the room and Bina came in too and accused her of having an affair with her husband. Bina pushed Neha and Neha suffered a huge blow on her head and died. Prateek came out of the bathroom and saw it and Bina cried. Prateek had an idea to cover it up and cut her to pieces.
  • PRESENT: Bina is crying and says that she shouldn't have suspected him and he is a good husband to have protected her.


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C.I.D Update - June 30th 2006

Monsoon Mystery


By: Belle1989


    There are 4 men walking around and it is raining heavily. They talk about how they killed a man and that they have to find his buried treasure. So, one of the man digs the ground and finds a dead body and screams.
    Next thing you know, it was a film shooting. The director commends the actor in giving a great reaction - in other words he acted well. The actor says that he is not kidding, but that there is a real dead body inside. The director sees it and wonders why because there was supposed to be a dummy.
    Meanwhile at the bureau, Prad scolds Fredricks since he missed Kalia - a suspect for another case. Prad asks him whether he was drinking at the bar. Fredricks says no. Prad asks Daya to check his pocket and Daya finds it, but reports to Prad that he doesn't have anything. Fredricks is frustrated because he has worked at the bureau for 9 years without any promotion and telling yes sir, no sir, etc.
    CID Team arrives and asks the director if he knows who the girl is. The director says that he doesn't know who she is. Prad asks him then how come the girl is buried here - the exact spot where the shooting is taking place. The director tells him that the art director had chosen this location. Prad asks where the art director is. The film director tells Prad that he has been missing ever since they found the dead body.
    Lab: Niyati is there with her assitant doing some tests. It seems that there is a bullet stuck inside her head. So it would mean that either the gun power was weak or the person shot from afar. Meanwhile, Daya tries to reconstruct her face, but to no avail, since her face is destroyed. Prad asks Abhijeet for the list of girls who were reported to be missing. Abhijeet finds 6 such girls, and they go over them. Prad asks him to stop at a girl named Lalitha (Lali). Then he asks Daya to find out whether her face matches to the one of the body - they match perfectly. But Abhijeet checks the computer and finds out that the report says that she has been found!
    The team goes over to Lali's house and when they knock the door, no one opens it. So, they break the door and go inside. One room is locked and her husband is inside with a gun. He is scared. Team asks him to open the door. But he doesn't because he is scared. Meanwhile, Abhijeet climbs over to the window and points the gun at him - at the same time, Prad and Daya come in and ask him what happened. Her husband says that he was scared that it was the kidnapper who always called him. But Prad asks him why he filed that his wife has returned - he says that because the kidnapper said that if he didn't take back his complaint, then he would have killed his wife. He says that he didn't kill his wife.
    Lab: Niyati shaves Lali's head and finds that in addition to the bullet, there were many scratch marks - maybe her husband hit her on the head.
    Team goes over to the neighbours' house and question about their fights et al. One man says that they always used to fight, but one night it was a lot. He heard a gun shot and then saw her husband come out with a heavy suitcase. That's all. Prad thinks whether her husband killed her.
    Lali's husband tells them that he didn't kill his wife and that he didn't hear a gun shot. They are in the CID Jeep right now and the kidnapper calls him. Team has their recording machine ready and finally Lali's husband picks up the phone. He keeps on talking to the kidnapper so that Daya could find where the kidnapper is calling from, since it displays PRIVATE NUMBER. They come to Andheri West, get out and find the man. Lali's husband is surprised and says ROCKY???
    Rocky finally confesses that he had called him because he needed money to become an actor. He went to a director who asked to bring 50 Lakhs and then only could he be the hero. So, he didn't know what to do - so he found out that Lali and her husband always used to fight a lot and thought that maybe he could extract money from them. So, one day he went to their house and installed a bug under the table so that he could hear all their conversations.
    FLASHBACK: One day Rocky heard a huge fight between Lali and her husband and even heard a gun shot. Then, he saw her husband come out with a heavy bag (perhaps it contained her body) and drove off. Then, it was silent and then he saw a car come and Lali went in it. Prad asks him if he saw the plate number and the make of the car. Rocky says no because it was raining heavily.
    Prad says that since Lali left her house, she would have needed money. He asks Abhi to check their bank account and where it was used for. They find out and come to a cottage. Her husband is also there and is devastated to find that Lali had an affair. Prad says that both Lali and her lover were here. They see that the door is locked and break open it. No one is there, but Abhi with his x-ray glass finds blood stains. They open up a cupboard and find a dead body.
    Lab: Niyati finds that the body had a film roll inside his throat. Perhaps the murderer was looking for it and killed him. So, the man hid it in his throat.
    Bureau: They see the film on the projector and find out what the mystery is - they find Lali and her lover. The lover had a badge of his office. (ID Card)
    They go over to his office and knock the door open - he is not there. But Prad sees that there is a window there and finds that Jaish (Lali's lover) is inside.
  • Bureau: Jaish reveals all and says that he killed both people. He killed Lali because Lali wanted him to take a divorce from his wife and then she threatened that if he didn't, she would reveal everything to his wife. He also killed the other man because he had the proof which would tell his wife everything about their relationship. Then, he cries.


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C.I.D Update – July 14th 2006

Film Piracy Racket

By: Belle1989 (it will be a brief one though)

        They find the next day that Pravin is dead.

        Prad and team go over to the theatre where Yogesh Kumar is and tells him that he is the culprit. Yogesh says that it could never be him and why he would ruin his own film. Prad shows the lighter and Yogesh remembers that he had given this to his friend Akshay. He says that Akshay will come over and see his movie today. Prad says ok.

        Akshay comes over and Yogesh is angry, but keeps his cool. Yogesh cunningly tells him that he is worried about piracy and blah blah. The movie starts, but Prad stars in it and Prad talks about how film piracy is illegal and that people should be punished. Akshay is sweating furiously and asks Yogesh what kind of a joke it is. He goes away, but CID Team catches him and Prad tells Akshay that he will rot in jail for 10 years.

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C.I.D Update - July 21st 2006

Mysterious Mr. Arvind


By: resham_tam

The case starts with a dancing school scenario. The girls are shown practicing when they hear the sound of their colleague with their teacher. They open the door and the girl continues talking to the teacher tht u dont say anything further, I know wht u did with kavita and i m nt the same , teacher asks as to wht she is saying bt she continues her saying and then CID  comes and he is surprised to see them and asks wht they r doing here? ACP says tht they have come to find abt missing kavita and asks the girl abt her, she says tht kavita was one of the students here and this teacher did something to her and CID catches him and questions him and searches his rm. They find a bag and take it with them along with the teacher. They open the bag and find greeting cards there. The cards have something written in it.," To arvind with luv frm kavita" and they go in search of this man called arvind. They ask the girl abt arvind and she says tht she doesnt know much except tht he works for mehrer industries. They go to the company and questions abt kavita bt he denies, daya shows her photo bt he doesnt identify. ACP asks frederix to keep an eye on him. Frederix watches him and follows him closely. Arvind calls someone and asks to come at a place. Fred follows him and sees him with a woman in red sari. He calls ACP.

CID reaches Arvind's place and asks him abt the woman bt he denies and ACP says tht his officer will nt lie and asks him to get them in. He gets them in and they question abt the woman bt he denies knowing her and says tht he was off for a week and was nt there when this happnd. CID doesnt believe him and searches the house. ACP finds shoes heels and ask arvind whether he doesnt wear it. Next Daya brings knife full of blood and once again they go on questioning bt he denies. Then ACP calls for watchmen and questions abt arvind.Two of them said tht he went Delhi last week bt one of them said tht he came on friday. CID moves towards him and asks abt it. he says tht arvind came on friday and he saw him. Arvind denies bt the watchmen continues tht he saw him and he saw light in his rm so he went there and heard some voices. So he came back bt then after a few mins he saw a shadow walking on the terrace. They all move on the terrace and search. Daya moves upwards and stops at the hole and opens it. He finds a body of girl and matches it with the photo. It is kavita.

CID again questions arvind bt he says tht he does nt know her. They take the body to the forensic body and niyati investigates the body and draws to the conclusion tht she had died in 72 hrs. Meanwhile Fred show some paper in kavita's pocket, ACP finds some letters written on it naming badshah and andheri west as the add. Here abhijit is finding the truth of arvind whether he had been in delhi in his office. He sees caps around and the boss tells him tht arvind bought it for him frm himachal. Abhijit is surprised and says tht how is this possible if he ws in delhi then how he can bring cap frm himachal, the boss says he doesnt know and asks his secretary to bring arvinds details abt delhi trip. ACP says tht this delhi story is nt folding and asks arvind abt it. He doesnt say anything and says tht he was nt there bt in manali., since fred asks him abt the cap.

Arvind says tht he brought this cap frm manali as he was with his gf and he didnt wanted the affair to come out , abhijit asks nt to cook any story, he says he is nt and says tht 5 yrs back he shared his rm with another arvind and he had the keys. ACP asks where he is now , he says in ahmedabad. They reach aMD and asks him bt he says tht we stayed together bt i didnt entered his house as my sister's wedding was there. And he says tht there was the third person named badshah with them who was his frnd and got to see there all the time. First arvind disliked him bec of this. And they come to know his real name as VIpul.They asks him where he stays and reaches there only to find nt there and someone is present. They asks him abt badshah and he says tht he is gone to cyber, they asks why, the lady officer shows them some papers and ACP says tht this work he is doing internet blackmailing of girls.

Vipul is in cyber and The lady officer comes there and he asks who she is, she says the no. of girls she maybe tht and he starts running bt daya comes and catches him. Vipul confesss tht kavita knew by internet name Arvind and he called her on Arvinds rm since he was nt there. He tries to mess with her bt she holds knife in her hand, he moves ahead and he calls for someone behind and then folds her hand and the knife cuts her stomach. Daya says tht u dont know how many girls wd have fallen prey bec of this internet.

The case ends.

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C.I.D Update - July 28th 2006

Killer in the Jungle


By: resham_tam

A man is shown running in the bushes in a national park and is frightened and then he sees someone on his back and is attacked by it and he falls down. Here a group of students say to save animals and park and decide to go in the park for their study. Some boys come and tries to play with the girl bt she says tht she will go ahead with the study of the park and tht boy says tht he will teach her the lesson. Students comes inside the park and gets scared on hearing noises of panthers. And then they find some body. Here Abhijit is talking regd some case and daya receives a parcel in which the photos of girls r inserted and abhijit asks him abt it and he says tht his sis is behind him to get married. All laugh and abhijit says tht in this office only one person can laugh. And ACP comes. Everyone gets back to work and lady officer receives the call and they follow the case in jungle.

ACP says tht this is the case of forest police bt they say to have  a look in the body and they wonder as why this body has been given the impression of being killed by the panther since its stomach is tore and they sent the body to forensic. They find something : pendant  which is near the body.

Niyati investigates the body and looks inside the body and finds an eye in the body. And she tells ACP tht this eye is of an fish since tht person must have eaten in bengali hotel as this is a bengali dish and tht she has found salt in the body. Daya says tht they have to search for the hotels where this man must have eaten the food. Meanwhile some reporter goes to interview in a jungle , the man named ranaji and she starts to interview him bt he sees some one moving behind the bushes and goes there. She searches for him bt in vain and then the asst also dissappears and nat tht reporter goes behind to find ranaji bt she is attacked also.

CID gets this report and goes to jungle only to find ranaji's body and then they find injured nat and admit her to the hosp. ACP asks her as why is she sure tht panther attacked her and she shows the bruises. They take the tape frm her and watches. The forest guard watches the tape along with CID. And asks Daya to stop at some point and increase the vol. Then he identifies the voice of the bushes and say tht it is of lions and nt panthers and says tht this jungle doesnt have any lions. ACP says tht this is the brain of human and he is sure of it.

CID goes to the htl and asks for the manager and asks abt the dish tht they have and asks them if there was any person who eaten tht dish and tht too without salt, the waiter says tht there is one reg customer called shashank. And then CID asks for the address. They reach there bt the house is locked so they open the door and finds , muskan comes up and gives the photo of shashank to idntify and the waiter idntifies and phone rings , its shashanks wife and asks abt him as if speaking to him. Daya says tht shashank is dead. his wife comes to the bureu to identify bt is scared and then abhijit shows the body's hand having a teel on it , she identifies and abhijit asks where he worked , she says tht they were in need of money of 5 lacs and he workd for his close frnd dinbandhu ray. In bet they show a girl and a man exchanging money and she asking him for the work done and he replies yes and then tht man is wearing claws.

Dinbandhu denies and says tht he has removed shashank frm the job and he doesnt know tht he is lost frm 3 days and has stolen money and ACP asks him abt ayurveda bt he denies and then they start to go bt ACP corners him saying tht he wants a medicine for his sis and he tells tht medicine. ACP says tht this man is hiding something. They go in jungle and say tht every ans is here and wonders wht dinbandhu is interested in. B4 tht they trace the map of the jungle and says tht panther follows the same trail and dinbandhu also is interested in this location. CID takes the help of the pendant as something shd have been marked on any one of the trees and they searched for the tree. Daya find it and climbs on the tree and they find stones. They investigate abt the stones and thy come to know tht the per stone cost around 60000 Rs. ACP says tht dinbandhu is after this  only .

CID trails in the jungle on a particular way guided by the forest guide and they hear some voice. They fire and hear the sound of the man and follows him and puts him down , the man is the same with the claws and they find recorder with him and asks him to speak the story. They go with him and find some men in the lake finding heere. All men run and dinbandhu is caught.  He says tht he killed shashank bec he knew abt him and stolen the heere to cure his child. CID asks him why they cut his stomach , they reply to find tht heere. ACP says tht u proved once again tht man is the worst animal, poor panthers r blamed fr nothing.

Case ends.

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C.I.D Update - August 11th 2006

60 Feet Underwater


By: resham_tam


The case begins in a bar where everyone is dancing and two men r dancing, and they r talking abt their love life and where the second one shows the photo of the girl he is in love with, to which the other says tht she is going to be my wife. And they see a man approaching them with a box in his hand and he fells to the ground and everyone moves aside feeling it maybe a bomb. CID is called and it investigates the box and they come to a conclusion tht bomb is nt there. They wonder as why then he was carrying it. They cut the box with a penknife and see its empty. They take the body to forensic and niyati says tht she is nt understanding the murder and says tht someone had killed him. ACP says tht I thought its mosquito bite, she laughs at this. And says tht see his leg and it has some wounds. And they find a key in his shoes.

They wonder as wht is the murder ? And then they say tht why the man carried an empty box and they come to a conclusion as to where this man was heading before he came in the pub. And they say it might be a lake which is ahead and they move all there.



The scanners r placed near the water, and ACP is seeing it through main scanning camera. Daya is in the water and searching for actual proof. ACP locates something near scanner no. 5 and abhijeet tells him , Daya goes to look for it. And finds a heavy box . Abhijeet arranges crane and the box is pulled of a crane and then with the help of key it is opened. They find some collection of old age stamps. They go for verification of them and the person says tht it costs upto 4 crores (something to tht no. cant remember) and he calls up the main person behind these stamps and he gives the info tht indeed these stamps were sold to Raghav. CID walks to his house to find robbery taken place. All ask as to wht happnd? They say robbery. And then they show the photo and  the person identifies it saying tht its his brother. The woman breaks down on hearing abt her  husband. They ask who saw the robbery, they say Martha, their housekeeper, female officer questions Martha saying abt wht happnd? She says tht raghav was upset., for something. Cid searches for clues in the house.



Cid questions everyone as to wht happnd and where was everyone during tht time? ACP questions raghav's son, he says he went to the film and then call centre for work. ACP then asks his brother tht he must have called him, he says yes bt at 8.00 p.m. in office. ACP then records martha's statement saying tht raghav was in house when robbery took place and tht she banged on his door several times bt in vain and then the robbers came inside and threw her onto the floor and she became unconscious. Everyone says tht Martha said tht raghav ws inside the rm , wht was he doing at tht imp. Time? They raise fingers on everyone saying tht this robbery is an attempt to hide something. And they take thm to forensic for blood test.


They open the rm of raghav which is supposed to be only used by him with the help of tht key.They find chair upside down and say tht someone fell down frm it and they find bottle of beer which is empty. They find blood and say tht he must have fallen upside down. And it must be in such a way tht he has been murdered and then thrown like this. Everyone searches the rm and ACP has a doubts on Martha. He asks her to be called in forensic also. They search the rm and ACP finds stamps in the rm of raghav. Muskan opens one drawer bt she is hit by something and she falls down unconsciously bt says tht something got into her neck, and ACP asks daya to take her to the hosp. ACP shows abhijit the stamps which r fake and says tht open the drawer and he holds a paper. Abhijit opens the drawer and something stucks on the paper which had killed raghav. ACP says tht during this Martha was at home and so everybody. ACP questions Martha bt she denies . ACP then asks everyone their real reason and Raghav's son stammers. He  gets caught and accepts tht as he needed money he robbed the house. Raghav's wife shows anger on this. He is blamed for the murder bt he denies saying tht he didn't do tht.



ACP says tht raghav used to sell fake stamps and says tht everyone is responsible for it. CID plays a drama, and all r locked in the rm and then the lights r turned off. Raghav's brother is sufforcating, and his wife and Martha blame raghav. CID says tht they r helpless and have to wait until morning. Bt raghav's brother says tht there is the key and its in his drawer. A duplicate key. Daya opens the door. And raghav blames everyone bt daya slaps him and he accepts tht since he came to know tht raghav was selling stamps and making profits he decided to kill him as he considered him as his enemy and nt as a brother. And says tht he entered the rm when nobody was here and it was acc to the plan bt his nephew did everything wrong by putting up a robbery.

ACP says tht u r trapped forever.



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