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ArShiFF: The Dawn of the Dawn - Thread 3 - COMPLETED

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Thread 3

Thank you all for encouraging me to write this FF. I cant believe we are already entered third thread. Continue your support like you always did, if you like my writings. Love you all.


Thread 3


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Chapter 15 - MahaaUpdate
Part 1

From beneath the corner of his eyelids, Arnav noticed the door closed and looked at Khushi who stood smiling nervously. With papers in one hand, he walked towards her dragging his feet slowly and observed her from head to toe with every appearance of interest.

First thing he noticed is her hair flying dramatically in the air that is blowing from the A/C vent above. Her layered tresses subtly danced around her cheeks, adding to her divine appearance. She didn't seem to mind the disturbing locks on her face and so didn't make any effort to tuck those behind her ears. She styled her hair into loose curls and left it open to fly as if to punish him.

Trailing his eyes from her locks to her hair partition line, he noticed her maang filled with bright red sindoor. It seemed like she wore subtle makeup on purpose to allow her sindoor on her maang to pop up as bright as it could. Suddenly, confusion crossed his features and met her eyes. Khushi exactly knew what he is looking and thinking. She thought she is well prepared to answer his questions but the way her husband is gazing at her married symbolism intently, made her flush red and blushed profusely without her knowledge. Thats right, for some unknown reason, she is now seeing a husband in him more than a friend. She decided to enter this relation to heal him as a friend. But his one glance shook her up meddling with her conscious. And she became more nervous and uncomfortable. She struggled to keep eye contact with him.  He approached her closely with questioning look on his face.

As her locks cleared from her face in intervals, he managed to get a glimpse of her pink cheeks, smoky eyes and lips painted in nude color. Her eyes still looked little dull and her face pale even with pink blush on. He felt sudden pull to ask her about her health. But he was afraid what to answer her if she asks reason behind his concern. What will he say? that he loves her. NO she belongs to someone else and he has no right on her. She is still recovering may be. He mentally noted of her health and buried questions inside him.

He approached closer to her to ask several unanswered questions but the delicate cast of her features stunned him sensuously making him forget what he wanted to ask her at the first place.

She wore diamond drop earrings in dangles perfectly matching her diamond studded mangalsutra, that rested on her chest proudly befitting her elegant beauty. He looked at the mangalsutra with no pervert thoughts behind where he is actually looking, her heaving chest. 

*** Credit to the Original Uploader

She noticed where his eyes are hooked on and spoke softly in low tone, You are making me uncomfortable. She didnt move or hide herself to his surprise but she had eyes lowered shyly.

And he spoke nothing but acknowledged her with subtle lopsided smile.  

The room is extremely cold and thats how Arnav always preferred be it home or office. Khushi is not in position to move an inch since she is surrounded by a masculine figure but the cold air from vent above started bothering her exposed waist. She adjusted her pallu to cover her waist without making it too obvious. But nothing hides from Arnav Singh Raizada. As a dignified man, he didnt dare himself to look at her waist. His eyes were glued to hers as her brows contracted peeving over the cold air.

Khushi with her downcast eyes, fidgeted with her pallu nervously. He raised his hand and using the tip of his fingers, he tucked her locks behind her ear. She didnt move or took step backward to his surprise again but she did close her eyes and fisted her palms tightly which said enough that she is not completely approving his touch. He tried to withdraw his hand but his heart didnt approve it. It challenged him to want her more. He trailed his forefinger in the air to touch her cheek but then he remembered NK kissing her cheeks. He closed his eyes, clasped his fingers into his palm and remembered the night. He gritted his teeth controlling his inner urge and looked at her angrily and accusingly; and suddenly he dropped his hand to the ground and stepped backward.

The situation soon took on a different color.

What are you doing here? Waving the papers in his hand, he asked, What kind of disgusting joke is this?

It is not joke Arnav. Papa resigned and he appointed me in his position.

You? What the FFF? He didnt complete the word as he soon realized her presence, maintaining his dignity. Is he out of his mind? Is he thinking this as some kind of penny business?

He wouldnt have spent his time and health so many years, had he thought this as some sort of penny business. He knows very well what he is doing, in fact better than you and me. Khushi replied keeping her straight face.

Oh really? He just knows too well that he resigned because I asked him to get out. Shame on him that he is mixing personal and professional lives.

If his family is involved in his professional life, I dont think there is any shame in mixing both. What do you say Mr. Raizada?

Listen, I worked very hard day and night to bring my company to this position. I will not let anyone cross my path or ruin my everything even if that has to be you. I am cancelling your appointment order. You have 30mins to pack your stuff and leave.

She took step forward looking into his eyes and asked calmly, Are you sure you want me to leave...(after pause, she added) you?

He expected her to cry, beg or even fight. But she surprised him with unexpected question. He looked disturbed and turned around to face his back to her hiding his turmoil and asked himself the same question. What is she talking about? Job or me? The answer is too complicated to voice it out as he didnt dare to find what she is exactly referring to. Then he remembered her relation with NK. He chose his answer even though his heart ached hearing it out.

YES! He turned around and put up a blank face devoid of emotions and said it again, YES.

It hurt her and instantly her eyes welled up but she made sure not to drop a single tear out. She took a gulp sucking her tears in.

Fine then! You have 15mins to come up with reason why you think I am not suitable to this position. You better come up with some solid reason Mr. Raizada. Else I do know how to mend my ways to take this position.

Dont you dare threaten me!

No Mr. Raizada. I am just warning you. Here is my complete resume. I am afraid if you will have enough time to go through it in 15 mins. Read it carefully. I dare you by the end of 15th min, you will realize you will never find a better candidate than me. I will be in my cabin. Do let me know your final decision.

She turned to leave but turned around and said, It was nice meeting you again Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. She stressed each word of his name angrily. She was fine until he dragged Shashi name between them. And she proved she is no less than Mr. Raizada in spitting fire.

For the first time in 8 years, someone actually shut him off beyond words. He is still in shock that she challenged him which no one did till date.


As she exited, Arnav threw the papers on the floor and paced across the room angrily unable to think straight.

Why the hell she entered my life again? His mind riled up.

She never left you at the first place to re-enter! His heart tried to convince his blocked mind.

Why is she killing me with her meaningless questions? His mind raged.

She is asking the questions that you are supposed to ask yourself! His heart reasoned out.

Why is she not with NK? What does she want from me now? It was an anxious moment for him. His mind is worried, uncertain and wavered restlessly.

Ask me, Follow me, and Believe in me. I will show you your supernal world. His heart tried to relieve his anxiety, convince his flickering mind and lift up his melancholy mood.

He opened his eyes and took deep breaths relaxing his tightened muscles and soothing his mental anguish. He picked up the scattered papers and settled himself on the couch. He started reading her resume. It was the lengthiest resume he had ever seen.

On the first page, his eyes fell on his own company name AR Designs and role Executive Designer. He was shocked, stunned and looked extremely perturbed. He started reading every paragraph, every sentence, word to word. He read every client name listed on the resume and he remembered working with them through all these years. Some of those works dated back to 7 years. He leaned forward and massaged his forehead with his forefinger trying to understand for how long she has been working for him without his aware. He went through the client list again and then it dawned to him that she's been working with him ever since he started.

He immediately grabbed the phone lying on the side table and paged Aman to come in with Sharma's file. That project was recently completed a month ago.

Soon, Aman entered with the files and handed over to Arnav. Arnav swiftly opened the files and flipped the pages as fast as he could until he found what he was looking for. Her signature on the designs, Khushi Kumari Gupta.

Her signature not very legible but he could make out that its hers.

He stood up from his seat and walked to Aman to get further confirmation. 

Whose signature is this?

Sir, its Khushi's signature.

Khushi, who? He is still not convinced.

Sir, Khushi Kumari Gupta, your wife! She was our Executive Designer.

What the? Why didnt you tell me before?

Sir, I thought you knew...

Oh shut up Aman. Get out from here.

Poor Aman. Will he ever get mukthi from mighty ASR?

2 mins remaining for the 15min mark to end. As Aman turned to leave, Arnav barked,

Where is Khushi?

She is in Mr. Gupta's cabin.

Arnav in 2 long strides grabbed the landline phone to page Khushi. Aman stood still looking at Arnav.

What are you waiting for? GO! He barked once again and Aman escaped without turning back.


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Chapter 15 - MahaaUpdate
Part 2

Her phone kept ringing and ringing. He took the phone set in his hands and walked towards the common wall between their cabins. Both cabins are separated by glass wall and each side has blinds to open and close. He opened his blinds and much to his riled up mood, he noticed her smiling and talking over phone. I am sure she is talking to that as*h***. He swore under his breath.

Khushi on the other end didn't pay attention to him watching her through the blinds. She was speaking to Shashi to let him know that she is settled and everything is fine. Really? wait lady, storm is on the way!!!

Boom!!!! Arnav stormed into her cabin without knocking the door.

Khushi sensed his anger and immediately she cut the phone saying she will call back later.

She stood infront of him putting up puppy face.

If you are done with your boyfriend calls, will you bear me for few mins. We need to talk.

I was talking to my...

I dont care with whom you talk. Lets get to the point. You worked with me on all these projects?

Yes. I did!

You worked with me, with my company for 8 years. And I didnt know anything about it! Why was I kept in dark?

I think thats what our parents wanted us to be until we reach this year. She spoke softly and continued, but I didnt know either until 4 years ago.

Parents, parents, parents, freaking parents. Everybody ruined my life! He yelled and his eyes turned moist and red.

Aisa nahi hai Arnav, they just wanted..She tried to calm him touching his shoulder. She couldnt see him in pain.

He shrugged her hand off his shoulder and stepped back, Aisa hee hai, Khushi. Aisa heee hai! Dont you see, Thats exactly what happened. One single letter ruined my peace, that I am still searching to this second.  I was living my life like king until they dumped you into my life.

She is hurt. Tears rolled down his cheeks and nothing registered her mind other than his words that she is dumped in his life. She is all prepared to hear from Arnav but to listen him say these things in real, hurt her badly.

I am dumped into your life? I think you forgot Mr. Raizada. Let me remind you, you had option to back off. In fact, it was YOU who forced me into this marriage. Dont you remember that you married me to get that property.

Haan haan, I married you for the property. Not because I lov...He stopped mid way. He cursed himself and turned the other way hiding his battle of emotions for her.

What happened? You were saying something? She provoked him.

Leave my story. I married you for the money but you married to elope with that guy right? What happened? Why did you come back? He asked in threatening tone.

That is not the question of the hour. Whats your decision about my job?

Dont change the topic Khushi. Tell me why you are here? You were planning to go with that guy right? He asked curiously.

If you had asked this question when I came to your house that night, I would have answered. Now I dont think there is anything to answer you.  

Nothing to answer me? He barked at her. Achaan, I get it. He must have used you and dumped you on the same night, haina? As menacing as it sounded, it was painful for him to say these words; he was also afraid to hear that she might have got hurt or abused by someone. He grew restless and wanted to know if anything of that sort happened to her. Speak up dammit, did he hurt you? He yelled at her impatiently. He mentally swore to kill NK if she was scarred in any means. Khushi noticed the pain in his eyes clearly.

She was so hurt to hear him talk so cheaply but before she could rile up to give him tit for tat, his concerned words, the way he asked her did he hurt you calmed her rage. And she remembered what her dad said about dealing Arnav. By now she realized that Arnav Singh Raizada doesnt always speak what he feels but just the opposite.

Mujhe kuch bhi hua ho, how does it bother you?

Ofcourse, it does bother me because I am your hus...Thats not the point. I need to know if he hurt you?

I am confused Arnav. One moment you are abusing me with your words and the other moment you are worried about me? Which is you?

He had no answer. He went blank and didnt know what to say.

I will see how many days you will put away this topic. And he screamed AMAN!

Aman came running into their cabin.


Get her appointment letter.

Aman got her appointment letter.

Arnav signed and handed over the papers to Aman and walked to Khushi. Your countdown starts now, Khushi Kumari Gupta.

Singh Raizada! She completed adding more fuel to his irritation.

He could say nothing but leave the cabin with Aman.

Aman, setup meeting at 3:00PM with Khushi. I wanna finalize Mittal deal today.

Yes Sir.


Aman, any news about NK?

No Sir. Our sources enquired most of the IT companies but they didnt hear anyone named NK.

Most of the companies? who will search the rest? Me?

Sorry Sir. I will ask them to speed up.

Hurry up. As Aman was about to exit, he asked, And listen get me Mittal files.

Sir, Khushi is looking at the files now. Do you still want me to get it?

Arnav turned to Aman fumingly and tucked his hands in his trouser pants and spoke in threatening tone, I want everybody in this company to get one thing straight. She is Mrs. Raizada to you all not Khushi. She is not your childhood buddy I assume!

Yes Sir. I mean No Sir. Sorry Sir.

Arnav with irritated expression on his face, sighed Aman to leave.

He is not able to understand what is happening in his life for last 3 hours. Never even in his dream he thought she will be the one behind his success. He then remembered his first interview he gave 4 years ago. When the interviewer asked if there is any lady behind his success, he said none. He was so confident that he is what he is today purely by his hardwork. He wondered if he would have made it so big without people like Shashi, Khushi, Payal and Akash in his life. Nothing made sense to him. He didnt understand if he need to focus on her reasons behind helping him out for so many years or on her return to his company and that too at this awkward point of his life. And worst thing is, he is not getting any answers from her.

Why is she here? Did he hurt her or is he making her do this? But why? Or did she leave him?

Will she ever leave him for me? It sounded very delightful to his ears. Never not even in your dreams. Stop living in fantasy world Mr. Raizada. He prompted himself.

Guptas are making my life hell. He muttered under his breath. Thinking of her, he got tempted to see her through the blinds.

He walked along the glass wall several times contemplating if he can steal a glance. Finally, unable to resist, he opened the blinds only to find hers closed.

Dammit, Arnav! Stop being so desperate. He swore himself mentally.


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Chapter 15 - MahaaUpdate
Part 3

Khushi grabbed herself a chocolate from the food court and settled herself in her chair thinking about their fight in the morning.

He must have used you and dumped you on the same night? His words kept ringing in her ears.

Khushi took the bite as her vision became blurred with tears.  She sniffled as she chewed the chocolate. When he initially asked her why she returned, She wanted to tell him that she left NK to be with him. She wanted to give him one tight slap and tell him that she came back to him never to leave him again. But she realized, he is after all a man. And men dont think or use their brain especially in these matters. And what will she say if he doesnt trust her. How will she convince him if he asks her the guarantee that she will stick with him for life long without dumping him like she did to NK. Will she ever be able to explain to him? She struggled to imagine what would be his reaction. 

Idiot! She swore under her chin.

Just then, Aman knocked at her.

Aman, Meeting? I am almost ready. Give me a min. Let me take my files.

Please do it fast. Mr. Raizada already left and he doesnt like to be late to anything.

She quickly grabbed the files in one hand while she carried her chocolate in the other hand and walked out with Aman.

Why are you people so afraid of Mr. Raizada? You know he is not that bad.

He is our boss and there is no second chance in his dictionary. So why would anyone take risk with the boss. Aman spoke candidly.

Hmm point noted.

Aman opened the door for Khushi and she noticed Arnav already sitting in the room waiting for them.

Mittals are pressurizing...Even before Khushi took her seat, Arnav started.

Khushi without paying much heed to him, she chattered on, Wait for a sec, let me settle down. Otherwise I will not be concentrating. She spoke adjusting herself in the seat. She tucked her chocolate between her lips while she flipped the designs using her hands.

He couldnt help but admire her innocence and faint smile appeared on his lips.

As she looked up at him, he turned to ASR mode and looked at wooden plaque hung on the wall that said,

No food or drinks allowed...

She followed his eyes and read the plaque, sorry last time. I will keep in mind going forward and she cooly continued to eat further much to his irritation.

He quickly grabbed the chocolate from her mouth and trashed it.

How dare...She was about to give him left and right for throwing food, which she hates if people do it. But she realized they are not alone and she cant talk to him like that in front of Aman, because sadly he is her boss too.

She peeved, gritting her teeth behind her lips.

Khushi, I want Mittal's tender to be approved by EOD.

Today? impossible. I have to do lot of background check on that company.

Background check? No we dont have time. I heard good feedback about that company. I dont wanna lose their deal. Lets just go ahead.

No No, I am sorry. I cant put this company through the risk. I feel its not worth it.

Now you will teach me how to do business?

Aman on the other end, scratched his temple thinking, Mein kaha phus gaya hoon yaar? [[What have I gotten into?]]

At the other end their fight continued and finally both came to an agreement. Fine, you got 24hrs to prove it to me that they are bad apples. Clear?

Ji, Yes Sir.

Ji? Sir? What the..Khushi whats wrong...He totally forgot that Aman is in the room and he started barking at her.

She then looked at Aman and back at Arnav reminding him that they are not alone. Arnav quickly realized and mellowed down. Finally thanks to Aman, atleast both agreed upon something.

Aman, you carry on. I will page you I need anything.

Sure Sir. Mrs. Raizada, I will leave the files on your desk.

Aman? I told you not to call me Mrs. Raizada right? Call me Khushi. She said unaware of the warning Arnav gave.

Aman didnt know what to say. He could neither say yes nor No. He cursed himself for being a bouncing ball between husband and wife.

From the look on Arnav's face, Aman decided that best would be not to address her anything for time being. And he left them alone to do whatever they want and he escaped from there.

Khushi was about to getup and leave, Arnav continued his rants.

Khushi I wanna talk to you.

But I am busy now. You gave me only 24 hrs and I have lot more to do. She started leaving.

He walked past her and closed the door angrily. I said I wanna talk to you. Didnt you hear?

Kya hai? What do you wanna say? She pounced on him like tigress.

Lower your tone Khushi. I dont like anybody talking to me like that.

This is my original voice. Now what shall I do? You decide. Do you want me to talk or leave? And decide fast, because I have lot of work.

He fisted his palms in frustration and took deep breath.

He asked her softly, Khushi, why are you here? I tried to understand but I am not getting it. For the first time in my life I am so clueless.

Thank God. Finally good for you. It is not really helping you even if otherwise.

Khushi stop it.  I need to know why you are here. Dont keep me in dark, not anymore.

Fine, we will talk but not here. I dont wanna discuss our personal fights in the office. We will talk in the evening after work.

You better have some answers for me!

And you too! She blew her hair from her cheeks with attitude and left the room without turning back.

What is she upto? Arnav wondered.


Arnav came out of his meeting with client and he checked the time. Its 5:30PM. He had another meeting but he cancelled as he wanted to solve the day's problem, KHUSHI! He called her cabin. No answer.

He barged into her room but she is not there. He found out from Aman that she already left for the day.

Left for the day? Did she leave any message for me?

No Sir.

Dammit. Khushi Kumari Gupta, you are so dead in the morning, I swear. Then he remembered how she said Singh Raizada after her name. And he left the office totally confused and clueless.


Khushi called Payal and asked for her help to come over to RM in the evening, to which Akash and Payal instantly agreed. She explained what Payal is supposed to do and also asked Payal to inform Kaka about her arrival.

Khushi assured Shashi and Garima that everything went fine on her first day but Shashi understood that she is hiding the facts. And he didnt pressurize her since he felt they both need to sort it out without their interference. Garima packed all Khushi's favorite snacks and pickles. She also packed Arnav's favorite moti choor ladoo.

Amma, how do you know that this is Arnav's favorite.

Dont ask me. Lambi kahaani. I think you guys were around 4 years old. We kept maata ki jagaran one day and you both were adamant to stay up all night with us. We were happy that you guys were so religious at very young age.  Komal bhabhi and I were busy with making arrangements. And we kept big thali of moti choor ladoos in the pooja mandir. I was juggling between kitchen and mandir. Each time I entered pooja mandir, ladoos started disappearing. After few times, I got suspicious and counted. We made 108 but you know how many remained?? 78. We didnt know who was eating in our absence. Then we hid ourselves and noticed that, chote was hiding behind maata ki murthi and you were carrying one ladoo at a time in your tiny hands.

I wasnt eating? Khushi put up sad face.

Garima giggled and said, No, you didnt like sweets back then.

Tho, mujhe kya mila? He still does that. He makes me do what he want.

You are no less my dear. You used to do anything he ask just to get hug and a peck!


Back then, You would do anything to get a kiss and hug from people. And once he started kissing your cheeks, you didnt allow anyone to kiss you. Because no body kissed you like the way he did.

Khushi turned all red and embarrassed to even discuss this with her mother. But Garima didnt stop there.

He would always squeeze you into bone crushing hug, which you loved. Sometimes, we have to force you guys leave each other. Garima teared up. You guys were very fond of each other back then. You guys took each other name more times than you called us amma. Shayad isliye, even today you you guys are supporting each other unknowingly.   

Garima cupped Khushi's face and continued with tears, You know something Khushi, you always did whatever he asked you to do and he was no less. He was very protective of you and he made sure he did what you always expected from him, without you saying a word to him. But I am worried now.

He is still doing it amma. I dont want you take stress on this. I am going to be fine and I will fix everything.

Garima broke down and hugged her daughter. What happened with your life Khushi? I am very scared.

Seeing her mother, she started crying. She didnt know how to convince her mom but she is confident on only one person, and that is Arnav. She just hoped everything works out for them.

She wiped Garima's tears. Amma, trust me. I will be fine. I will call you everyday. I will update you on everything. Now smile. I want you to send me happily. I will come and see you often. Okay? Now smile.

Garima wiped her tears and said feebly, We are going to miss you.

Are you guys done with rona dhona? Shashi interefered. He was listening to their conversation but he didnt come to them earlier because somewhere he is sad that his daughter has very tough job ahead. But he has full faith on his daughter.

Chalo chalo, Khushi. All you luggage is loaded in the car. Shashi wrapped his arm around Khushi. Did I ever tell you that You are very brave girl. I am very proud of you. Let bygones be bygones. I wish you and Arnav all the luck in this world. Dont hesitate to call me if you need anything? OK?

Ji.  Papa, did I ever tell you that you guys are best. I dont think I would have asked for better parents. Thank you Papa, Amma. She hugged both of them, bid bye and headed to her future, Raizada Mansion.


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Chapter 15 - MahaaUpdate
Part 4

It was around 6.30pm Arnav entered his home and was surprised to hear Payal and Akash voices from the living room.

Fatty? Akash? What are you guys doing here?

Why? Cant we come and visit you?

Oh I meant, if everything is okay?

Everything is just fine. Jaldi karo, go an freshen up. We have surprise for you.

Surprise? What surprise?

Surprise supposed to surprise bro. Akash teased.

Akash, you know I hate surprises.

I know I know but you will love this surprise. Trust me on this one. Now go and get ready fast.

Fatty, you tell me. Whats going on?

I dont know anything. You get ready and come fast. Thats all I can say. Akash and Payal ignored him on purpose and started doing their usual chatter thing.


Khushi is 10mins away from RM and she is now one nervous wreck. She panicked like all new brides do. She thought she would be comfortable since she knew him already. But her mind raced a mile a sec and her palms became sweaty. She tried best to imagine his reaction. She couldn't really figure out if he would jump in joy or throw her out of the house. She mentally prayed that everything should go per her plan.


Arnav noticed a simple beige color sherwani laid on the bed. He rolled his eyes in irritation and left to bathroom to wash his face.

He got freshen up as fast as he could and remained in his business clothes ignoring the sherwani on the bed. Ofcourse, he is Arnav Singh Raizada. He will not do anything without knowing proper reason. And he headed downstairs and noticed Payal fixing arti ki thali near the entrance.

Whats happening fatty? He asked with confused expression.

You will come to know in mins. Then she turned around and looked at him. You didnt change?

Fatty, now stop all this and tell me whats going on.

Kitna impatient hain tu? I truly pity Khushi.


Just then Khushi came and stood the other side of the entrance.

SURPRISE!!! Payal and Akash shouted in unison. Arnav jaw dropped. He almost had heart attack with so many shocking surprises in one day.

Khushi wh...wha..what are you doing here?

She put up puppy face and fidgeted with her pallu. Then came her luggage. Her driver came with her luggage and asked where he should keep it.

Kaka stepped in and asked him to bring it in.

Everything is happening so fast beyond Arnav's understanding. Am I hallucinating or witnessing what is going to happen? He mentally discussed as great confusion crossed his features. He walked past Payal and Akash and came outside to talk to Khushi. He was so engrossed in his questioning that he didnt notice Payal taking arti of them.

Khushi, what is happening? What the hell are you doing here?

Khushi spoke nothing. She lowered her eyes to find his right hand. She nervously took his hand and entwined her fingers with his and entered her new home, first with her right foot in, looking into his eyes and gently kicked the kalash filled with rice.

Khushi? He had no words, he is feeling overwhelmed to see what is happening.

She then gripped his hand more tightly for support and with her other hand she lifted her saree and placed her feet, starting with right foot, in the tray filled with milk and vermilion powder.  She covered her both feet in the colored liquid and entered the house bare feet, making the impression of her feet on the marble floor, symbolizing the good luck and fortune to their new life, and her new home.

Arnav couldnt believe what is happening. The moment she caught his hand for support, he felt good, responsible and most importantly he believed in that moment as if it was just meant to happen.

Stop stop stop! Payal shouted bringing Arnav from his trance and immediately he withdrew his hand angrily. He was about to yell at Khushi but again he was interrupted by Payal.

New bride should not walk into the house. Groom should carry her. Payal said excitedly.

Arnav didnt want to put up a scene before Akash and Payal. He thought he will deal with Khushi once they leave and so he obliged to their demand and moved closer to Khushi to carry her.

To his surpise, before even he gestured to pick her up, she raised her right arm to loop around his neck. He is again taken by surprise. She is different today and she is not resisting anything he does. He mentally noted. He bent slightly to scoop her up, observing her every emotion. She lowered her eyes shyly and snaked her arms around his neck. He coudnt believe that he is carrying the most beautiful lady in his arms and he didnt dare to look at her. He was afraid if he will lose himself and cross his ethics and boundaries. He looked at her hands and loved the way she securely gripped his lapels.  

She could feel his racing breaths on her hands and could imagine his turmoil. She remembered what Garima said. Indeed what she told is true. Khushi thought he is going to resist and throw her out but to her surprise he did everything she expected him to do and shockingly, she did not utter a single word to convince him. And she thought her mother is so right about his hold on her. It was firm, very protective, warning every inch and bone of her body that he owns her. She didnt dare to look at him because she knew she would start crying. Ever since she broke up with NK, she wanted that warmth his closeness is providing at the moment. She so badly wanted to cry her heart out to her long lost friend and explain how she is betrayed in love.

As he was about to put her down, they couldnt stop each other from stealing glance. As she imagined, one look of his brought tears in her eyes. So many emotions ran through their minds. Their once fun loving friendship flashed in both their minds.

Her tears didnt make any effort to stop and his heart didnt stop bleeding to her tears.

My friends, the night is still young for your guys and not for us. You guys have fun. We will leave. Akash teased them patting Arnav on his back.

Khushi wiped her tears and hugged Payal. I told you he is not that bad. But still be careful. Gussa zyada haina? Payal advised Khushi.

Khushi nodded, Thank You Payal. I dont think all this would have been possible if not you both here.

Shut up and dont say thanks. We will catch up later.

As they were about to go, Arnav called Payal and Akash...

I will walk you guys outside. He walked out with them.

As they were about to leave, he hugged both of them. I am sorry for whatever I said yesterday. I didnt mean a single word.

Chillax yaar. Akash hugged.

Fatty, whatever you guys have done inside, it means alot to me. It is still an understatement but I really dont know how to thank you guys. Thank you for being part of my life. His eyes turned moist and he struggled to keep his emotions under control.

Hume patha hain. Ab ja ja, she is waiting for you. Payal tried to lighten up the mood.

They bid bye and the left the place.


Arnav entered house determined to get all the answers tonight. He didnt find her in the living room. Then he heard her voice coming from the kitchen.

Kaka, I will help you out setting the table. Khushi found talking to Kaka.



Come with me.

Ji, one min, let me just...Before she could complete her statement, he dragged her into his bedroom.

What are you doing? Chodiye! Leave my hand.

He dragged her into his room and locked the door.

What the hell are you doing here?

Ji, main..

Stop saying that Ji. Its irritating me. And stop beating around the bush and I seriously dont like surprises and you are leaving me so clueless right now.  

Am I leaving you clueless? Anyone who deal with you has right to say that but you. Why dont you explain why you came to save me other night. I never called you, Why did you come? Why did you cry seeing me safe? Why did you take all the blame for breaking our marriage? I am clueless about everything you say and you do. What you say nothing match to what you do? So now tell me who is actually kept in dark.

He is totally taken aback. He didnt expect her to confront him and he never realized that she observed all these.

I am telling you again and again Khushi. Dont give yourself too much credit. I saved you because I owe you a favor. I took the blame because per our agreement, I am, in a weird way helping you go away with that man.

Oh really? Chalo teek hain. Woh hee sahi. You saved my life and so I owe you one now. I am here to return the favor by working without any pay and taking care of you until I completely repay.

Repay and Favor? What nonsense? You are not returning any favor for your kind information. You are in fact messing up with my brain. I never felt so blank in my life.

Good for you. Your pea size brain needs rest.

What the? My brain is pea sized...

Yes I dont know if there is anything smaller than that. Agar hota tho, wohi rakh deti thi...

Arnav shut his eyes tightly controlling his rage...Uff listen, so you wont tell me the truth.

I think I told everything you need to know.

OK fine then. This is the last time I asked. And dont think I will not find out the reason. I will trace it down and you will not even know how. And listen to me carefully, Aaana teri marzi, per ab tera jaana meri marzi hogi. [[It is your decision to come, but it will be my decision to let you go now]] He was about to leave but he turned back and spoke in threatening tone, And this time I will not give damn to any NK or any other shit. He stormed out of the room.

Thats exactly what I want Arnav. She mentally spoke while observing him walk away. She felt good hearing him say that. She felt she succeeded in her first move.


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PhoenixTears IF-Dazzler

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res Big smile

Congratulations for the new thread, eagerly waiting to read the much awaited meet Big smile

Yayyy!! me first but I will be out of town till 3rd Aug so will be reading & commenting later Confused


What a fantastic chapter deepthi, as expected Arnav is still in denial mode but poor baby, he is so much confused. I just love, love, loved his last clearly shows how much he is affected by her and khushi got what she wanted. Fabulous chapter, all 3 parts were equally amazing. Arnav's anger, Khushi's stubbornness, Akash-Payal's love for their friends, Shashi-Garima's care for their daugter, each n every emotions were perfectly written..Pure excellence! 

As much as I was excited about reading this chapter, you made me more happy than what I expected.. And poor Aman, he is surely gonna have tough time between this egoistic couple. So nice to see Khushi giving a second chance to her life and Arnav realizing that unintentionally it was Khushi as a woman behind his success. Again, wonderful updates, loved it. Cant wait to read next and see what you have planned for them.

Thanks for the PM too, you are immensely talented in portraying so many emotions, simply superb ClapStarClap

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aayt IF-Rockerz

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wow thread 3 not bad good going
4 parts u made my day so here u go khushi ji at AR all dressed to kill
full in to MRS raizada mode how could MR raizada resist  her
she was all kool calm n poor arnie baby confused hell to make that worse she was make round around
he is possessive husband hmm one part of is hopping against hope
payal n akash didn't ask about happening between them y?
did they knew about contract n all that divorce thing
she entered at RM with full protocol like a new bahu
he declared to give a damn to NK n she can't walk out that's what she wants
this is going to be very interesting lets begin the fun actual fun
love every bit of this updateSmile

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congratz for the new thread...

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