Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VM ff -To be loved by you (Ch23/pg129)

aysha1989 Goldie

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Posted: 30 July 2013 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Hello everyone!
I'm here with a Virman ff after a very long break... Hope you all are doing great Smile

Alright my introduction for the people who don't know me...

I'm Ayesha an ardent fan of Virman... This is not my first work on Virman but don't think that I'm not nervous about it... I'm really really really nervous... Embarrassed

I was like very apprehensive about posting this story here... So I decided to declare few things before I post the first chapter...

I know we have many young readers here... This is not a mature ff but I want you girls to know that this is just a story... a fantasy... I'm not trying to imply anything by writing this story...

That's it... Now tell me who is in for the journey 'To be loved by you' with our adorable Virat and Manvi?

I need a new pm list... I don't think my old list will do... Help me with it by liking this post

My previous work on Virman

Beyond Control - VM FF

Second Chance VM SS

Forever VM OS

Chapter 1 - Page 1

Chapter 2 - Page 7

Chapter 3 - Page 12

Chapter 4 - Page 17

Chapter 5 - Page 21

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Chapter 7 - Page 30

Chapter 8 - Page 35

Chapter 9 - Page 39

Chapter 10 - Page 47

Chapter 11&12 - page 53

Chapter 13 - Page 60

Chapter 14 - Page 67

Chapter 15 - Page 73

Chapter 16 - Page 80

Chapter 17 - Page 87

Chapter 18 - Page 93

Chapter 19 - Page 101

Chapter 20 - Page 111

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NivFemirist Senior Member

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Posted: 30 July 2013 at 11:03am | IP Logged
Dancing eeeyaaa i am glad that u r back with one more FF. I still read ur BC Big smile and i wud  like to apologize since i discontinued commenting on ur FFEmbarrassed I ll try to be regular here Embarrassed Thanks for writing againSmile

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kulsum_virman IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 July 2013 at 11:05am | IP Logged
wowww you are back after real sooo long time...eeeksss am super duper excited Big smile
didnt expect you to be posting another story after beyond control but was really hoping for it...welcome back and really excited for this one...Big smile
waiting for the update do pm meSmile

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ShivRajput IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 July 2013 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Aysha I love to read anythn written by you... Post asap.. Cant wait.. Big smile

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aysha1989 Goldie

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Posted: 30 July 2013 at 11:14am | IP Logged

Chapter 1

The sky was clear with the sun spreading warmth with its blistering rays, Monday mornings were hectic around the globe, kids whining to get back to their ordinary routine and adults fumbling around to get back to work after the long weekend So could Chaudary house be any different?

A girl in her early twenties came rushing down the stairs calling out for her mother,

"Mama I'm leaving for college" she screamed as she hurried towards the entrance,

The lady who was busy in the kitchen turned and furrowed her brows even though she couldn't see the young woman,

"But have your breakfast before you leave honey" she hurried out of the kitchen to have a glance at her hyped daughter,

"Nahi mama I have no time for that Pooh must be waiting for me" the fastened her sandal and straightened her top,

"But Mannu" Padmini tried to convince her daughter,

"I promise to have something before classes Pakka now bye mama... Love you" she pecked her mother's cheek before fleeing out of the door, 

"This girl" Padmini muttered under her breath,

"Now what?" a man dressed in a three piece formal suit descended down the stair with a knowing smile, "Did you ma daughter duo have an argument early in the morning?" he completed by holding Padmini by her shoulder,

"What argument she didn't even have time to stand and talk to me" Padmini complained to her husband,    

"Is that the reason for your foul mood?"

"Nahi ji She throws so many tantrums when it comes to food Never has her breakfast why doesn't she understand that it isn't good for her health" Padmini shook her head disappointedly,

"Bachchi hai Samaj jayegi" he smiled remembering his princess,

"I really hope so" they both smiled at each other before settling down for their breakfast,


Here Manvi was peeking through the bushes as if she was searching for something more apt if we say someone,

"Aaj toh bahar aaiye I didn't see you for two days" she mumbled with a hopeful look,

'Main late toh nahi hui na' she took her phone out to check the time It was 8.30, the usual time he comes out to leave to his office, she squeezed her eyes shut facing the sky, 'please God Let me see him just once before leaving to college you know how my day turns out if I don't see him please please she chanted continuously however her chant was interrupted by the phone which was screaming for her attention, she bit her tongue before answering the call,

"Where the hell are you Mannu I'm waiting for you from the last fifteen minutes College nahi jana hai kya late hokar phir mein detention main nahi aungi you know how sadu Ms. Mirror mirror is" Her bestie Pooja Otherwise the silent and calm one out of the two rambled

"Sorry meri maa Chilao mat Mein abhi aayi" she hung up the call before Pooh could say anything and looked at the house in front of her with longing eyes she knew how her day was going to be without seeing him, the man who stole her heart 5 years back.

Manvi tried to act normal in front her friend by plastering a smile on her face, she didn't want to hear another lecture which will probably last for the rest of the day she might be wrong with her desire for him but she couldn't help it neither could she help her stupid heart which beats in an abnormal speed when she gets a glimpse of him nor could she stop the blood which rushes to her cheeks Yes she was hopelessly in love with her neighbor Oh how clichd can this get?         

"At last Mannu I thought that we are going to face the wrath of Ms. Mirror mirror today also God saved us from the misery" Pooh heaved a sigh of relief as soon as Manvi got on to the passenger seat, they both drove to school in Pooh's car as they didn't want to miss the chance of being together during this few minutes, they were that close since the day they met, it was like that they knew each other since forever but not from their first day of the junior year.

"Woh chodo did you go through the project we got Mein toh pagal ho jaungi Pooh upar se we have to complete that in pairs Patha nahi kon hoga meri partner" Manvi tried her best to divert the topic away from her delay to join Pooh she couldn't lie to her friend She didn't even want to try,

Pooja narrowed her eyes but didn't turn to look at Manvi, she was behaving weird, she never had any problem with working in pairs or groups unlike her, Manvi was a social bird, and she was in good terms with almost everyone in their college.

"We'll have to work for about one month to complete that, even do all those researches going to places with your partners, Management studies interesting toh hai par it gets crazy sometimes" Manvi continued and that was more than enough for Pooja to get distracted If there's one thing she dreaded at college then it was working with those useless boys in her class their lecturer always puts them as one female and male when it comes to pair work, 'Oh God it was going to be worse than last time because of the hectic schedule' Pooja mumbled under her breath and Manvi heaved a sigh of relief for succeeding in her mission.

The rest of the journey to college was filled with Manvi's rambles and Pooja's sighs, the girls entered the college and there started the rollercoaster, just the beginning of last year it was this bad how was it going to be at the end of the year, this single thought haunted them all day and night.

It was after few hours Manvi was laying her head on the table as Pooja joined her for the lunch break,

"Hey Mannu Kya hua?" Pooja asked settling next to the dull girl,

Manvi raised her red face to look at Pooh, "Don't ask me My day was terrible and I don't know how worse it's going to get" Manvi completed covering her face as Pooh waited silently for her to continue, she knew that she didn't have to ask anything further, and she was right

"It was all fine in the first lecture, I had to grab something to eat before the next one and that delayed me to the second one and there started the hell, I went late to the class and uss sadu Mr.Mehra ko woh kaafi tha mujhe black list mein daal ne khi, upar se patha nahi what happen to me class mein concentrate nahi kar payi he was keeping an eye on me like a hawk, the whole period I was flushed and irritated, then I was running for the next lecture, tabhi Raju had to just carry Mr.Mehra's coffee and I banged on him ACCIDENTLY" she stressed, making a face "It all spilt on him and his books" she completed silently

"Kya?" Pooh screamed and burst out laughing while Manvi glared at her heartless friend,

"I don't find anything funny here" Manvi grumbled whilst folding her arms in front her chest,

"Achcha baba Sorry Phir kya hua" Pooh controlled her giggle looking at Manvi's pout,

"Aur kya sab account mein leke" she sighed dramatically before continuing, "1 hour detention..."

"Awwe That's harsh" Pooh sympathized,

"I wanted to go home early Meri saat he aisa kyun" She made a crying face,

"Kyun kuch important kaam hai kya? You said that your parents won't be home till late tonight, better stay at college other than staying home alone"

"Nahi woh nothing important" fumbling, she was looking for an excuse, "I just wanted to have time alone you know for myself Kabhi kabhi lagtha haina" She covered, not satisfied with her excuse

"Mannu look at me and tell me the truth What's your plan? Kya karne waali thi?" Pooja was all serious,

"I told you na just"


"Alright fine I I just I can't do this Pooh I didn't see him for two damn days" Manvi gave up covering her face with her hands, frustrated with the situation,

Pooh sighed loosening her hold on Manvi's arms, she didn't know how else she was supposed to make Manvi understand, she has been doing this for the last four years now, from the day Manvi revealed her crush on him to her, she didn't know much about him but whatever she knew was more than enough for her to oppose Manvi's liking towards him, her friend will have to give this up now, whatever the feeling she has for that person will not bring any happiness in her life, what she was fantasizing is far away from reality, she was calling for her own disastrous doom,

"Kyun?" Pooh asked,

Manvi gave her a surprised look, she was expecting for a long lecture on how she should forget him and all that,


"Why couldn't you see him yesterday? I mean you live next to each other and you were out with your parents only for one day So?"

"I don't know I tried but it just didn't happen Aaj subha bhi nahi Did he have a fight with aunty again?" She wondered aloud,

"Does it happen frequently?"

"There's something going on these days Mama had asked me not to go there for few days"

"And you were planning to sneak when she's not around Right?"

"Haan" Manvi accepted sheepishly, but defended herself, "I had to do something I'm going all insane with this,"

"If aunty asked you not to then there must be a reason behind that right she's not the person who asks you to not to do things just like that"

Manvi was about to argue but it was time for them to get back to their lectures, so they parted there ways with loads of thoughts ruling their minds, 


Manvi stepped out of the college gateway with a heavy heart, It was almost half passed five and the roads were unusually quiet, she regretted her decision of walking home, her father would get upset if something goes wrong, they must be thinking that she would reach home with Pooh, but she had sent her away saying that she would call her dad to return back as it would be late. But now the quite streets and clouded sky was making her feel nervous, she was not the person who roams around the streets alone, she was a confident person only when she was comfortable not when she herself was all jumbled up in a mess. 

'It's nothing Manvi just half an hour You'll be home safe and sound,' she tried to assure herself, she felt her nerves settle as her mind drifted to the day she had seen him, she had been only sixteen when she saw him for the first time, too early to fall in love they might say, God knows how But she did. It was love at first sight for her, yeah maybe maybe not she didn't know, can anyone tell when they exactly fell in love with someone, that magical moment She didn't think so, call her childish, call her immature But she didn't even have her eyes for another man from the time she saw him, it was only him for her, her heart somehow felt his hearts enormous need for love, name it her hearts terrible need to love or just the moment But she knew that it was him and no one else.

The only person who knew about her feeling for him was Pooh, but she was highly against it and never tried to cover the dislike too, today was the first time where she had listened to her talk about him without trying to put some sense into her. It was surprising but calming in a way, her terrible need to share her feelings with someone had made her do things which even she didn't imagine of doing.

There was an ear piercing noise and Manvi froze on the spot, she was so immersed in her thoughts that she failed to notice where she was walking, she raised her head after she heard a vehicle door open and close with a bang, her frozen heart stayed frozen looking at the person in front of her,

"What the hell are you doing in the middle of the road?"


So how did you'll like it? Do tell me... I really need to see your comments...
And pardon me for the errors Embarrassed

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NourinNiShal Goldie

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Posted: 30 July 2013 at 11:23am | IP Logged
First of all..sorry for unressing this late..Do I even need to mention how flawlessly and beautyfully u write? still cant get over ur beyond control..and this is another master piece of urs..loving the story Heart

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SNTG Senior Member

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Posted: 30 July 2013 at 11:28am | IP Logged
ayeshaaa... yes, yes, yes i m ur new readerrr and i have read ur story beyond control like for 20 timesss by counting yes  seriously 20 timesss... the whole story and dear i m sssooo happyyy that u are right back and now i can read and comment ur story tooo...ohhh u updated 1st part tooo i m going to read it nowww:D

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Syed695 IF-Rockerz

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Awesome..!!! U r writing after some time...Lovely start...like her crush since the age of 16..wow...and pooh as tried explaining now eager for the story to unfold as m sure Virat is the 1 in front of her..Waiting for next..!!!!

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