Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

~*~ Happy Birthday Gunia aka |Persephone| ~*~

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happy birthday animated gif photo: Happy Birthday Animated gif birthday33q7.gif

The hall had been decorated with multi-coloured streamers flowing all around the ceiling accompanied by the purple and green balloons sprawled on the floor.

Saraa - Hey all! 

Saraa comes on the stage with a mic in her hand and a smile on her face, only to be pulled back by someone.


Tia - Goodbye Ball!

Tia [Whispering to Saraa] You need to go lose some of that extra fat Saraa, I can take the stage for you

  Tia turned and whispered at a huffing Saraa who now stood without a mic in her hand and there definitely was no smile on her face.

TiaSo people, we're all here to celebrate the birthday of our dearest, noblest, kindest, sweetest, prettiest, most beautiful...


*10 minutes later*


..most amazing, beautiful, disciplined, caring..


*Another 10 minutes later*


...cutest, most awesome, helpful, mind-blowing...


Fariha - And the people have been tortured enough! (Saying this Fariha pushed Tia as she lands at the bottom step of the stage and continues) Yeah Gun is all of that (In the crowd Gun can be seen blushing), especially when she bribes her team to say the nicest things about her (No sooner did the words escape that Fariha clutched her mouth in realization as she saw Gun glaring at her) Jeez, just kidding, I am also on her team, and she definitely did not give me these awesome stilettos I swear.

Everyone giggled as Fariha got down trying to pacify and making amends to Gun who was huffing with her nose red as Fariha followed her around.


Hershi - I think we've all established the fact that this is Gun's birthday party. If you all could please gather around the cake so that we can cut it.


'Hershey's chocolates, Hershey's chocolates' the voice resonated throughout, making people turn and catch the chocolates that came flying their way. Hershi immediately threw the mic which swiftly landed on Saraa's head as she saw the stars of the daylight and ran behind the voice.


Amna - These aren't the Hershey bars, they are just normal chocolates.


"I never said these were Hershey's bars, I meant these belonged to Hershi" Pooja yelled and ran off as she saw Hershi stalling her with Fariha's stilettos in hand.


Just then another figure enters the stage.


Fatima - Clown


People looked on amused, expecting something.


Fatima - ROFL


Confusion clouded everyone's faces.


Jenifer - Oh will you shut up already! (Coming in front of Fatima, Jenifer started to speak, and boy, no mic could do justice to the way her voice boomed across the hall) You useless people, you're not really needed here. It's a private party, only for the weirdo's who belong to Bollycurry. So the rest of you, can flee the scene before I do some real damage. (She laughs wickedly as the crowd frantically rushes towards the door and makes an exit)


Sonia - Told you all Jen was capable of things beyond our imagination. But nai, you had to see a live example. Go ahead, challenge her again. This time ask her to evacuate a metro station instead of a party hall, so that there's at least a hope that we might win the bet.


Amna - What are we gonna tell Gun? Now that all the guests have left, she won't feel all that good.


They all looked at each other and shouted at once.

'I'm not doing it'

Except for one person, who was still holding her head?

Saraa - No! I don't wanna do it either. (She whined as she was pushed in the direction where Gun was being followed by Fariha)


Everybody stood in anticipation, as few minutes later, Fariha and Saraa came out, their heads hung low.

Aradhna Do I need to catch up? I'd like to forgo the catching up.. just summarise for me all that Saraa, Amna and Pooja did, please.


A second later, Gun's voice reached their ears before she came jumping into the room, moving her limbs in what looked like a victory dance as she hummed la lala lala la lala lala.


Hershi - Looks like bechari ko sadma laga hai (She whispered to them) Gun are you okay? (She placed a hand on Gun's shoulder)


 Gun - I feel so happy. You guys, this is the best day of my life. You know how we all had a bet if Jen can send off the guests from my party.


Gur - No no no, not we, you did not know anything about the bet. It was the rest of us who placed that bet.


Gun - Well, the next time you don't want me to know, avoid including Fairy (Fariha tried to hide behind the pillar as everyone glared at her) Like I was saying, I too pitched in some money. But unlike you all, I put my money in Jen's favour. Needless to say, I won a humongous amount, that is all of your money, so it's very natural for me to be dancing around.


Everyone gaped with their mouths wide open and eyes growing bigger than possible.


Gun - Anyways, I'll take off now. This money in my clutch seems to be screaming at me, to spend it asap. Plus moving to a new place takes a lot of money; I'll keep some of it as your good wishes. But that doesn't mean you're off the hook, I shall be expecting some good house-warming presents too.


Sending a flying kiss in everyone's direction, Gun walked off to accessorize herself while the rest of them were too shocked to react.


A few seconds later, they all sat down with sad faces, rueful at the way the events had turned up. If you think this is what they would do, dude you just don't know them.


As soon as Gun left, all of them hogged on the cake with the speed of the wind. The other appetizers also finished in a similar manner after which the dance floor suffered it all.


Gun or no Gun, the party kept going on.


Aaashh! If only things happened like we wanted them to. But Gun's birthday party is so much different than how it could've been. Yeah! Yeah! She has this traditional party where all love her so much, the venue is decorated according to her taste, she's got gifts, lots of them and she gets the biggest piece of cake too (Aaarrrghhh!). I guess its okay; it's her day after all (Sigh).

Let us just tell you that Sonia and Gur are the wise ones. While, Saraa, Pooja and Amna happen to be the naughty spammers. Fariha is the "late lateef" while Fatima talks in her own language which is emoticons. Jen is...well, Jen. Tia and Hershi are the coolest of the gang while Aradhna is still catching up on the conversation. But Gunia, you're the best out of this lot. Because you're the coolest Alpha and friend anyone could ask for.


With that dedication from the BollyCurry (especially the Drama Central group) out of the way. There's something special that Shifali and I would like to show to you guys, well we're not going to do the traditional first posts of Gunia (which I might add would be fun if we did add those) but no, we're going to show to you exactly how Gunia talks to us about..well, everything on WhatsApp. This is her special style:

This is how she started talking to me (Saraa) one fine day asking about her birthday preps.

And then she continued with her interrogation of what her friends are planning on doing.

And apparently, she's scared..of what? I don't know. Let's find out together.

Ignorance is a bliss, right Unz?

Now that we have the embarrassing stuff out of the way, this is just something I really appreciate about her, whatever she has going on in her life never comes between her attitude towards others. Love you Unz! NEVER CHANGE! Hug

Embarrassing moments over and out! Big smile


^That's Gunia at the moment. We're pretty sure! ROFL

But come on over everyone, group hug time! We're finally done making the thread of the year! Big smile

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This is part 1 of the messages from your fellow DT members as well as the ones you work with who don't have the official title. Wink

gun gun guna re ... gun gun guna re .. gaana re ..
yesss this is the song that pops up when I see or think of her,  it's her birthday... my message *thinking, .* as I have loads to say, loads to talk, loads to wish for her.
so starting of with the Birthday wish !!!
Wish you a very very very happy and amazing birthday Love Hug  Wish you all the happiness, prosperity, health, peace, love, friendship and harmony in life. Wish you tons of good luck !! loads of best m best days for you ahead !! hameshaaa Embarrassed 
Aug 1st ,  rewind * goes into flashback, exactly a year back, I saw a birthday thread for  luvya4ever , that is when I realized a person, Gunia existed in IF, LOL 

and on a personal note, ours is not a happy go lucky friendship lol, we had our shares of ups and downs,  misunderstandings, agreements/disagreements/fights and patch ups, but then we came out strong, surpassing all downs and we got to know more and more about each other. Gun is one of the awesomest person I met, she is smart, she is witty, she is confident, she is warm and friendly, she is straightforward, she is caring,  in one word  a sweetheart Day Dreaming 
Ok I think I am doing lot of bak bak LOL... but Gun,  do eat good food (for the picky eater you are ) don't skip meals, study hard, work hard, and party harder.. ofcourse with a cheesecake Embarrassed I know you love it  !!!
Wish you loads of smiles and happiness and contentment in what ever you do hamesha!!
Happy Birthday once again hun Hug


TRAITOR! Big smile Happy happy birthday you loser. Hope you have a great born day.. Actually no... have a horrible day.. And please do hand over all the chocolate and cake to me. Ugh. I hate writing these birthday messages cause I never know what to say. So.. let's pretend I'm writing stuff about your birthday and all that other dumb stuff people write for birthday.. people.. Big smile Anddd.. yeah. Bye.


Gun Gun Guna re, Gun Gun Guna re, Gun Gun Guna re Gana re Party

Many Many Happy Returns of the day Gunia. Wishing you all the best for the future may God bless you and keep u in the pink of ur health. May you have success in all that you do.

Have a blast of a day and a wonderful time. May you receive a lot of gifts and surprises LOLEmbarrassed

Take Care and have a fabulous year ahead!



One thing for sure, everytime i listen to the song 'Gun.. Gun.. Gunare' from Agneepath, i would recall your name LOL

We never got the chance to work together before but thanks to MSN, we got to chat various times and sadly MSN is resting in peace now. During our few chats, i know that your an awesome person and most of all, a good friend. 

A small gift from me : 

[Look below for the gift]


Gungun!!! Here's wishing you a very very Happy Birthday!! I pray you have many many more to come!Heart

As a mod, you've been one of the fairest and best mods we have out here, and I am so glad to actually work under you! You've always taken into consideration the sentiments of ALL the members, and been just to everyone, regardless of whether or not the person's been a friend to you! Its been barely a couple of weeks but I've learnt SO much, and I know there's still so so much to be learnt! And I know that everyone out here would agree with me on this one!

As a person, you're probably the coolest and the most chilled out person I've gotten to know on IF! I remember the first time I was actually intimidated, but as time passed, we've become really good friends and I'm so grateful to have gotten to know you!

My best wishes and prayers are always with you, and I pray you become one of the most successful docs out there!! Know that I am always there for you, you just need to drop me a WA!!

Lots and lots of love,

Ritchelle Hug


[Look below for the gift]


Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Gunia. Wishing you a life time of happiness, luck and Success Big smile


Gun many many happy returns of the day Hug...May god bless you with lots of love , success and positivity in life and may u continue to reach greater heights of success in your life and career/.. Enjoy your day to the fullest Party


gun, Gun, Gunia, 

hey baby, happy birthday. you are a rockstar, you know that right? if not, then know it. I wish I would make something for you and give you on your birthday but alas I am just done sending my wishes to you only. Many Many happy returns of the day. May God bless you with health and happiness and prosperity. And be the amazing person you are always.


Happy Birthday, GunGunHug

Best wishes for the happiest day filled with love and laughter. Hope you enjoy gungun day and shares your cake with us. Your gift will come your way soonTongue.


Hey Hey! Hug

So, a birdie told me it's your birthday. NAH. That birdie was me.

Man, so I absolutely loveee that we have come soo close now. It's pretty awesome. And like last night you threatened me. I shall not do anything like that, if you know what I mean. Wink


So, have a great day and don't drink too much. Don't do something I wouldn't. And that list is pretty short! LOLLOLLOL

PS: Let's dance now. Tongue

Love you a lot more than you can imagine.


Guniaaa! Hug It's your big day!
You know, this is actually one epic message because I took literally FOREVER in getting this to our Big Boss, ahm ahm, Saraa Madam LOL but nonetheless, it's here!

Wish you a veryyy Happy Birthday my love!
To be reallyyy really honest, I'm extremely glad to have met you through IF and just look at this! We've come a longgg way from two strangers who started off moderating one of the craziest and coolest forums around the block Cool to BC and now, there's no end to our awesome bond! <3
I just want to let you know that I truly feel blessed to have you as a friend and mentor ALL along! Hug

May this day and the year ahead bring you tons of happiness and A's ;) or there's no happiness for you LOL so I'll pray for those aces my dear :P

[Look below for the gifts]


Hi Gunia,

Wish you a very happy Birthday and may you get the best things in life. Enjoy and have fun!




Many Many happy returns of the day!! Hope you get the best of out life as you deserve it! You're one of the only limited close friends I keep and this friendship will be treasured forever! Haha, it's fun to send you random texts at random times LOL Still, I miss the whole long PM chats we used to have ONCE UPON A TIME Tongue Me sucks at long birthday messages. So ending with, this beti of yours is proud to call you her daddy Hug Happy Birthday again! <3

Ps: for a gift, trouble partner ji Approve

Lots & lots of love,


[Will be added in a bit]


Dear Dady ji

Wish you many many happy returns of the day

May God bless you with health, wealth, prosperity, and peace of mind and everything that is best for you

wish a very Happy Birthday from the bottom Of My Heart.

I wish you to celebrate all the wonderful things That makes you so special, not just on your special day, But on every day of the year! Happy Birthday once again!

Loved Deepali


Dear Guniya,

        Wishing u a very very ..

As we observe your birthday now,
Your cake and gifts don't matter much.
These common things aren't really you,
Ribbons, paper hats and such.

We celebrate a person who
Brings happiness to everyone,
Someone who gives more than she gets,
And fills our lives with joy and fun.

So Happy Birthday, and many more!





Have a super duper day and an equally awesome year ahead !!Loads of Best Wishes alwaysHug


Happy Birthday Guniya
I hope you have a wonderful Birthday filled with Love & Fun!
Have a great year ahead!!



Wish you a cheerful celebration on your birthday with your loved ones, family and 
Hug  friends. Have a splendid day with cake, love and gifts. Hug

Celebrations add color to our life and birthday is one of them. I wish you unlimited happy days and celebrate hundreds of birthdays. Happy Birthday Hug

Lots and lots of love
HugFrom SunaraHug



Guess what??!!!!!

Today's your Happpy wala Birthday! Party 

So Saraa told me to write how i met you.. and all i know is.. I met you through Shif mama .. Shocked I think Stern Smile Shif mama told me she was adopting me Day Dreaming and then she said I need to meet my hone wala papaji soo I met you Blushing and im an orphan no more Day Dreaming ROFL

This message is a little funky sorry ROFL im on meds.. so a bit deliriously writing this..idk if IM making any sense  ROFL

anyways.. i got to know you somehow and i remember working with you at NB5  and you have been like a mentor to me when it came to DTing..Embarrassed learning from the best Hug and together along with Jyo jyo bee and Pooji.. we ROCKED QH DT. Cool and now IM green ROFL 

Okay I really have no idea what im saying LOL

Anyways.. my point is that it was AWESOMEEE working with you... and learning from you Embarrassed and i think we got closer as friends too which I adore Day Dreaming 

You are such an awesome person..KICKa**.. bindaas and I love that about you! Keep being the honest, sincere, butt-kicking doctor that you are Hug

May you have MANYYY more Birthdays ahead Papaaji!!!

Love you sooo MUCCHHH !!


Your Baachaa,



OmG! Its Gun's birthday!! yayy!! LOL
Wishing you Many Many Happy Returns of the day Gunia.. Hug Have a great one! Big smile
I have only met you months back at QH forum and can say that your soo sooo soo sweet and helpful..Hug Always adviced me with whatever help I wanted and answered to my silliest doubts, pleads n dunno what not! LOL
Thanks for being so helpful and so fun loving.
Your contribution towards QH forum is just mind blowing! Keep up the good work. Stay blessed.

Lots of love,
Jyoti aka Jyo Embarrassed

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These messages are from the BollyCurry Buzzers. The first one though, you have to guess who it belongs to. Big smile


The Alpha





A Teamie

? Team



Subject ' Birthday wishes for Gunia


Date ' 1 August 2013




I hope this letter of mine finds you in good health and high spirits (despite the fact that you're in the process of moving). I feel very obliged to have this opportunity to wish you on your birthday. I just want to say please have a great life ahead, may all your wishes be fulfilled and may you retain the strength to tolerate your subordinates (and the other alphas too, they're a big pain right?).


Just keep enjoying your life to the fullest, score sexy grades in the med-school and continue being the Gun who we all love and adore.


Yours sincerely



okay, okay, not old old, just a little bit - mature?
I jest, I jest, you love it, here have some cookies.
But seriously Gun, a very happy birthday to you, may all your dreams come true, etcetera etcetera. I wish you all the happiness in the world, and I am honoured to count you as a friend.

[Look below for the gift]



GunGun! Here's wishing a very Happy Birthday to one of our favorite Pujabi-American kudi! Hug You've been a great person ever since I got to know you a little, and I do hope you remain the same. From your never ending fights about the real Hitler in BC, to your super-awesome ways of coordinating with Fari in order to make EHM the best forum ever and sweeping all the awards, ALL these small things together, have made you the person you are today, on I-F. I've had the pleasure of working with you twice already, and I'm looking forward to more in the near future! Have an amazing day, and an even better year ahead of you! Heart hugs and kisses, Sonia xx


[Look below for the gift]


Today is your birthday
What to get you? ? 
Maybe a birthday's card
Or maybe money

Today is your birthday
What to get you? ? 
Maybe stylish clothes
Or maybe toys

Today is your birthday
I know what to get you
I will get you
A birthday's party

With all your friends
With great food
with amazing drinks
You will have a blazt!


[Look below for the gift]


A lil birdy told me August 1st marks your birthday (actually you announced it quite gaudily on WhatsApp, self proclaiming that day as 'your day' if someone else was to have her birthday as her day as well, but we'll pass that remark without much attention). What I must bring to attention, however, is the fact that I am unfamiliar with this celebration called birthday. So the birdy continued to tell me that it's a day dedicated in giving you your favourite things. I must confess, I was not too happy with this. People's favourite things usually coincide with my favourite things *cough cookies cough*. Worry not, at the nick of time, a niggle in my brain told me that you actually no like cookies or cake. Suddenly, as by stroke of luck, I remembered what birthdays are. 'Tis a miracle! So...


Many happy returns blah blah blah. Here are your gifts! *eagerly thrust a bottomless mug of caffeine, a soda fountain and a forever-filling plate of cupcakes* Big smile


Hey Gun! Hug

Happy Birthday! PartyDancing

Hope you have a great day! And it's as amazing as this thread Saraa tried making. LOLLOLLOL



Happy Birthdayyy Gub!! Congratulations for being a year older, which means a year closer to becoming an old lady! hahahah! I'm so happy to have made an awesome friend through BC! May your day be filled with lots of smiles and sweets and exotic drinks. Wink Hopefully you will be a bad@$$ and not remember how you spent your birthday *wink wink* Take a shot on behalf of me!! OOO AND YOU BETTER SEND ME SOME CAKE!  hahahah! I hope you get all the happiness that you deserve.

Much Love, Hershi


Many many happy returns of the day, GunHug I remember when I was a newbie buzzer, you were the first to answer my questions at the help desk. And of course, when I got a chance to work with you in the Misc team, I had a total blast. I still miss it, btw. So I hope you have a wonderful year and a wonderful life ahead. May God bless you alwaysHeart


Happy Birthday Gunia!! Hope you have a fantastic Birthday and year ahead. Thanks for being your awesome self LOL Hug


[Look below for the gift]

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This is a special one, Gunia. Only a few sent this part in [shows stern eyes to the others who didn't] but basically, this is how the people first got in talks with you. Or in Saraa's words, how they found out the weird you existed. Approve

Hey Gun! The first time I interacted with you was when you guys were recruiting. I remember seeing a random pm, about the recruitment and how we had to send an article. I sent in my entry and forgot about it, but I got back a reply, from you. After that day I waited for your message without even knowing it (definitely not in a romantic way ok?). It was you who told me that I'd been selected. I'd never expected to make it into BC, dude I didn't even know what you guys did! But here I am, crazily in love with you all. Initially, I was so happy I was in your team (That I still am and if you're reading this ' Banshee and Jen I love you tooo *chuckles*). I really liked your name since day one. I was glad I could come running to you for any problem I had. I didn't know everyone when I was new, but come to think of it, you all are family now. So thanks Gun for letting me in here, and be a part of this crazy psycho family called Bollycurry. Happy Birthday to you - Pooja

This might get a little silly, but I'll just go ahead with it. I don't exactly remember which forum it was, but I do remember that you were an Veteran Member back then, with the username luvya4ever. When I first read your comment somewhere, I was like 'woah' I'm having a formal conversation with a Veteran Member, I think I'm getting popular. LMAO. I began asking you various stupid questions and you probably stopped replying or something LOL. Although we just had a super small conversation, I reckon it was lame, but nice. PS- This happened about 3 years ago, I wasn't even a Coolbie in those days, and when I finally got you as a Mod in EHM, I got freaked out wondering if you remembered that tiny lame convo. Haha.

First encounter, only after I joined the DT , she came to wish me in SNS DT thread (on Nov 30th hahhah went and searched for our first communication Wink) and offered to help me . .. and from then on she has been my unofficial mentor and guide and I can say she is the BEST  mentor one can have  (what say Ritch, !!)  and then we had some innumerable PM exchanges over time,  got to know more about her, she was there for me hamesha, helped me with lot of stuff :))  thanks hun!!

As far as i remember, i first spoke to Gun in BollyCurry. She was in the editors team and somehow, turned out to be the sweet one among that nasty bunch. *frowns* But, she was and will always be my favourite editor. <3 ..and ex triplet, i guess.. considering how she's my aunt or something now?

My first encounter? I'd sent her a PM to report some happenings on the EHMMBH forum, way back in the days when it was a very...hyperactive forum! LOL ROFL

But since that is way too boring, I'll list out my best encounter with her..

So as you all know, I've only gotten promoted quite recently. Now I was discussing something with Gun on WAs when she asked me if I liked to decorate posts; and when I replied in the affirmative, she told me she'd PM me a post she wanted me to beautify.

Imagine my shock when she asked me to decorate my own promotional post ROFL! And yes, I did decorate like half of it!! LOL

And this is why Gungun is the coolest person out there. Cool

I don't remember exactly where/how it was. As far as I remember, I just found out "luvya4ever" will be my co-DT and initially of course I was under the impression that she'll be hitler-ish and what not, but in no time did I find out that she's the complete opposite! That day and today, we're cooler than ice! Cool yeah, that was lame LOL

Oh man! I don't remember how we met? How did we? Confused I think it was in the EHMMBH DT thread where I was talking to Farii and I got super scared when you came in. And then I called you Unia once you told me your name was "Gunia" and now it's Unzie Kunzi! ROFL But it doesn't matter how we started..it's all about where we are at the end! Agreed? GOOD! Approve

My first encounter with her  was when i meet her at EHM Forum and that was an amazing experience for me You have been an amazing person to work with and you did a splendid job moderating the entire EHM.QH and chanchan Forum with so much of maturity Clap..Really missing u there nowCry

I met Gunia in the Chhan Chhan forum  giving me tips advice and a sweet friend I am glad I met such a friendly person.

I first got to know u on exactly 23rd March this year! Yah the day when CC forum opened up and that day i bugged u a lot! LOL And I sent a panic PM asking about WUs! And from then on I got to talk to u and have always enjoyed interacting with u!! Hug

*This is Saraa's edit. I didn't know which one Rosh wanted to add as the encounter..since her message was super long. So, adding this one.*

So Saraa told me to write how i met you.. and all i know is.. I met you through Shif mama .. Shocked I think Stern Smile Shif mama told me she was adopting me Day Dreaming and then she said I need to meet my hone wala papaji soo I met you Blushing and im an orphan no more Day Dreaming ROFL

So i seriously don't remember how we met. Maybe in EHM Forum or was it C&V Forum. I think C&V in Fari's thread. OK, never mind. Point is that we met YAYYY and we are goody good friends now double YAYYY!!

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A few which don't have a message with them were made so you could have one too many to use and feel special, Gunia! LOL

This one is from Aarti herself:


This is made by Aarti but is from the BC Buzzers:


And this one is also by Aarti but from the IF DT:


And this too:


[Will be added in a bit]


[Will be added in a bit]

So, I was too lazy to make something (I WILLL SOON! SHUSH AND READ ON)

I asked this one friend of mine to make a VM for you. Her username is Meeph and she's awesome. Thank her, okay? Big smile

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfeE68csysE

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This is reserved for moi message. Cool

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THANKYOU to all the people who are mentioned below and hopefully Shifali and I won't forget anyone, but if we do, then please forgive me. Sleepy

18shabbo for the main banner.
lonelyshadow for the graphics help throughout.
kweetrockstar for the script.
OnlyHope for the moral support.
EVERYONE for sending in messages and gifts.
And the few special people who made the graphics last minute just to make the thread pretty; aartipartyy, -naureen786- , ..Prinzy.. and .MeriAashiqui.
And google for the tiny graphics.

And now for the best part, please use this signature to show some love for Gunia.

Link: http://i1.minus.com/jbcRr0KKiudsoO.jpg

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Happy Birthdayyy to the coolest DT on the block! Cool

Already sent in my message/gift but had to res my super special spot in the super special forum for a super special Mod Cool
PS: I love how Saraa and Amna both started talking to you in VS/C&V, respectively, in my threads! LOL I'll forever be a link Day Dreaming

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