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Nayi Umr Nayi Chunauti - Parvarrish - Agla Padav
Nayi Umr Nayi Chunauti - Parvarrish - Agla Padav

SS: Decision Making in Life(Last parts&Ques Pg 10)

Shwets1502 IF-Addictz

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Part 1 - Rising Situations

Lucky is waiting outside his house ringing the door bell. He is wondering why nobody is opening the door. He takes the spare keys from his pocket and opens the door and goes in. The house is very silent. He cannot find anyone. He goes to the kitchen in search of Sweety but she is not there. He cannot find dinner also. He knocks Rocky's room and opens. Rocky is having his headphones on and is busy doing something on his computer. He looks up at Lucky when he opens the door.

Lucky: Where is your mother?

Rocky: She is in her room. She asked me to inform you that dinner is in fridge and you have to heat it and eat.

Lucky: [confused] She had dinner?

Rocky: No! She was behaving strange I thought better not to talk. I got some important admission work Dad!

Lucky: Yeah..ok...carry on. [closes door]

Lucky looks at the kitchen and then upstairs. He is thinking if anything could have possibly gone wrong in the day. He decides to go upstairs and check on Sweety first and then have dinner. He opens the door and sees Sweety lying in the bed. Lucky is confused. He goes and sits on the bed.

Lucky: [slowly]Sweetyji!

Sweety does not give any response. Lucky feels she is probably asleep.

Lucky: [touches her and wakes her] Sweetyji! Are you sleeping?

Sweety slowly turns to his side. Lucky clearly notices that she is not well.

Lucky: [concerned] What happened Sweetyji! You are not well?

Sweety gets up slowly and sits.

Sweety: [weakly] You have come? You had dinner?

Lucky: Leave all that. What happened? Are you alright? You have fever?

Sweety: Nothing Luckyji! Just head ache. I will be fine.

Lucky: Did you have medicines? Why didn't you call me?

Sweety: Enough of the quiz Luckyji! I did not want to disturb you.

Lucky: [angry] You call me home for small things and now you won't...

Sweety: Luckyji! I am fine. Now go..freshen up and have your dinner.

Lucky: What about you?

Sweety: I don't feel like eating. I will just have milk.

Lucky: You be here. I will bring it.

Ginny comes in with a book.

Ginny: [looking at Sweety awake] have got up finally. Please help me with this test I have tomorrow. Please? I am very nervous.

Lucky: Ginny! Your mother is having severe headache. Study by yourself today, please? Manage today without your mother.

Sweety: It's ok Luckyji! I will manage...Come Ginny..what..

Ginny: [little annoyed] It's ok! I will study by issues. [leaves]

Lucky: Ginny...

Sweety: Luckyji! I could have managed...she needs me now...

Lucky looks at Sweety and goes downstairs.

Next day, Sweety is sitting at the dining cutting fruits. Ginny comes home from school and throws her bag on the sofa and goes upstairs. Sweety is confused what is wrong with Ginny. She goes to Ginny's room and sees her sitting on her bed angrily. Sweety sits near her.

Sweety: Ginny! What is wrong beta? Is everything ok? Why are you so angry?

Ginny: Nothing go..

Sweety: But can share..

Ginny: Ma...I am telling's go...I want to be alone...

Sweety gets up slowly and leaves the room confused. Ginny has been acting weird for the past few weeks. She is not telling the reason also. Sweety comes down and sees Lucky waiting.

Sweety: You have come so early?

Lucky: You only asked me to come early as you wanted to meet forgot?

Sweety: Oh yes! I forgot...Listen Luckyji! Ginny is behaving very odd nowadays.

Lucky: Like?

Sweety: She is not speaking properly...she is always angry...don't know what's wrong...I am very worried.

Lucky: [concerned] May be something happened in school? With friends? Or teacher said something...

Sweety: Then why doesn't she share it with me...

Lucky: Sweetyji! May be it is nothing important...if she wants to share with you she stop worrying and let's go. You informed Ginny?

Sweety: No...I'll go inform Rocky. He has gone outside. [leaves]

Lucky takes phone to inform Rocky. Rocky is at his friend's place. He has been spending lot of time with friends now as he and his friends want to get into the same college. They have given their entrance exam and is waiting for results. Rocky takes the call.

Rocky: Haan Dad!

Lucky: We are leaving to hospital now. Ginny is alone at home. So try to come early. Ok?

Rocky: Oh! [looks at time] Ok..I will reach home in 45 min. Don't worry. I'll take care.

Lucky: Ok..Bye!

Rocky informs his friends that he need to leave. They all have a last minute discussion regarding their courses in the college. Results are going to be out tomorrow.

Sweety and Lucky reach home late. They are exhausted. Rocky switches off the TV and looks eagerly for some answers.

Lucky: Sweetyji! You go upstairs and relax. I'll bring something to eat for you.

Rocky: I and Ginny ordered food and ate. I did not know whether...

Lucky: It's fine beta. Sweetyji! You go and take rest now.

Sweety gets up and goes upstairs. Rocky looks with tension. As soon as she leaves he asks Lucky what doctor said.

Lucky: [sighs] Doctor asked to take various tests. Only with the results, they will be able to tell something.

Rocky: But mom usually have headaches right?

Lucky: This time it is quite severe..that's why we are scared. I'll make something for Sweetyji. [leaves]

Rocky goes behind Lucky to the kitchen.

Rocky: There is nothing to worry right? I mean..

Lucky: I seriously don't know Rocky. I am equally worried. [pauses] Leave that...UHmm...tomorrow is your result right?

Rocky: Yes Dad! If I get the cut-off mark...I will easily get a seat in the group I want...

Lucky: [smiles] You will. [searches] Where are the vegetables?

Sweety is having food. She is tired from all the tests. Lucky is looking at her with concern.

Sweety: What's the need for so many tests? It's just a headache.

Lucky: Sweetyji! Doctors will have their reasons.

Sweety: What reason Luckyji? You think it's something serious. I have some disease.

Sweety blurts out her fear. She is scared what if she has some major problem.

Lucky: Everything will be fine Sweetyji! Tests are just to confirm that there is nothing wrong. You don't worry. Eat your food and sleep.

Sweety: But Luckyji! What if something happens to me? What if..

Lucky: Enough Sweetyji! [holds her hand] Nothing will happen. Trust me. [teasingly] You always showed yourself to be so brave...what happened now?

Sweety is in no mood. Lucky thinks what to do now. He is equally scared too. He cannot show it as that will make Sweety worry even more.

Sweety: How much did the tests cost?

Lucky: Sweetyji! Leave all that...please! Now take rest. Leave your worries. Worrying will affect you more.

Sweety looks at Lucky annoyed. She feels Lucky is not understanding her state. She completes the food, takes medicines and goes to sleep. Lucky keep the plates in the kitchen. On his way back to his room, he goes to check on Ginny. He sees her studying and thinks better not to disturb her and leaves.

Next morning, Lucky and Rocky are still sleeping. Sweety is in the kitchen preparing breakfast and lunch for Ginny. She feels much better after having the medicines. Ginny comes downstairs reading a book and sits at the dining. Sweety brings her breakfast.

Sweety: Good morning Ginny!

Ginny: [still reading] Good morning Ma.

Sweety: [takes the book away] No reading while eating...

Ginny: But Ma...I have an important test today. I still have one more chapter to study. Please give the book.

Sweety: [shocked] You still have one chapter to study?! What were you doing all these days?

Ginny: [annoyed] You never even knew I had a test until I told you. I know what I am studying Ma. I will manage. [starts eating]

Sweety is very confused with Ginny's behaviour.

Sweety: Is everything ok Ginny?

Ginny: [without looking at her] Yes.

Ginny has her breakfast, takes her bag and leaves without a word. Sweety goes to her room to wake up Lucky. Lucky is already up and ready.

Sweety: Luckyji! Speak with Ginny na? Something is wrong.

Lucky: Leave all that? You are up and working? I asked you to take rest right?

Sweety: Luckyji! Why are you not understanding the seriousness of the problem? Ginny is having some huge problem she is not sharing. You speak with her..

Lucky: [surprised] Me?! What should I speak to her? I can I? You speak to her...

Sweety: I did try...but she is not telling me...May be she will tell you...

Lucky: [confused] But Sweetyji! What will I talk to her?

Sweety: You are her father too...You do something.  

Lucky: [thinks] Ok..will talk to her in the evening. Where is Rocky? His results are coming today.

Sweety: Haaye! I forgot about that. Let me go and wake him up.

Lucky: Sweetyji! [pauses] I am going to the hospital now to get the results. I will meet the doctor and come. Ok?

Sweety: [looks sadly at Lucky] Ok...[leaves]

Sweety and Rocky are looking at the computer for the results. Rocky is very nervous so is Sweety. The results come. Rocky has got high scores. Sweety is very happy but Rocky still looks serious.

Sweety: What happened Rocky? Your score is good right?

Rocky: Score is good Ma...but not good enough. [leaves the room]

Sweety is confused and goes behind him.

Sweety: Meaning? I don't understand...

Rocky: I have scored two marks less than the cut-off. [sits frustrated]

Sweety: [sits near him] So you can't get into the college?

Rocky: [nods silently] My dream is gone now. I can get into the college but won't get the course I desired. I have failed.

Sweety: There has to be some other ways you can..

Rocky: Yeah..I can get into the college but study a different course. I want to study computers only which I won't get now.

Sweety: So..??

Rocky: I don't know ma...I am going outside now..[leaves]

Sweety is worried. She is still confused what has happened. But she knows one thing, her son is not happy with the results. She calls Lucky but his phone is switched off. She remembers her results. She is even more worried.

Sweety is waiting in the hall. Ginny comes home and goes upstairs directly. Sweety had called and spoken with Ginny's teacher. The teacher also said that Ginny is very quiet nowadays. She is not speaking with anyone and is always reading her books. Sweety gets up to go when Lucky comes in. Sweety looks with fear at Lucky. He is holding her reports. She looks at him for some signal but she gets nothing. Lucky walks in slowly and sits on the sofa.

Sweety: What happened Luckyji? What did doctor say?

Lucky: Sweetyji! Please sit down.

Sweety sits down and looks nervously.

Lucky: Sweetyji! [looks around] Your reports came and I showed it to the doctor..and...

Sweety: and...

Lucky: Doctor said...there is nothing to worry about...[smiles] There is nothing wrong...and if you take medicines for few weeks it will be fine...

Sweety: [shocked] Are you serious? I are telling the truth right?

Lucky: [gives the reports] Check it yourself then...[laughs] You are absolutely fine Sweetyji!

Sweety is so happy. Her burden has come down. She is alright. She is normal. Lucky looks at her happily.

Lucky: I am so happy that you are alright. I was so scared.

Sweety looks at him surprised and then understands. She looks at the reports again and feels relieved.

Sweety: Why did the doctors ask to take the tests then? [realising] It's all a way to mint money Luckyji. They just take advantage of our fears.

Lucky: I don't care about spending money Sweetyji. Now we can be happy that there is nothing wrong for sure. [smiles]

Sweety: [smiles, turns serious] But Luckyji! We have a problem. Rocky's results came and he did not take the cut-off. He is very sad.

Lucky: [concerned] Where is he now? In his room?

Sweety: He has gone out. Ginny is in her room..Go and speak to her first please? I am very scared.

Lucky is feeling odd to talk to his daughter. He and his daughter has not shared a very open relationship. They have a great bonding, but when it comes to sharing, Ginny has always done it with Sweety. He has never come in between them. Lucky gets up to speak with Ginny. He asks Sweety to call Rocky and speak with him too. He asks her to inform about reports also.

Lucky goes to Ginny's room and sees her studying. He knocks the door gently and goes inside. Ginny does not look at him but continues to study. Lucky takes her book away and sits near her.

Lucky: What's wrong beta? You are always studying nowadays? Did anything happen in school?

Ginny: Nothing Daddyji! I want to study well...that's all. Is that a problem?

Lucky: Ginny! I know about you...I know this is not the reason...You are not speaking well to your mother also. [realising] Are you angry because she did not help you for the test?

Ginny: [silent] It doesn't matter if I have test or not, I study or not.

Lucky: [surprised] Why are you saying that? You mom was not well beta that's why she couldn't...

Ginny: That's not the reason...

Lucky: Then??

Ginny: Nothing Daddyji! Leave it...

Lucky: You won't tell your Daddyji? I and your mother are worried beta...Tell me..

Ginny: [thinks, slowly] I think I am going to fail in my board exams.

Lucky is shocked.

Ginny: I am not able to study. How much ever I work hard, I am not getting marks. I cannot remember anything [slowly in tears] I study the entire night but still I cannot get good marks. I am fit for nothing Daddyji! I am going to fail.

Lucky is shocked and does not know what to do. He did not expect this to be the reason.

Lucky: [hugs her] Ginny! No...stop crying..first stop crying. This is nothing. You are just feeling stressed and nervous about exams. You are very capable. Don't think negative.

Ginny: [shows him a test paper] I studied the entire night for this test and has got only Just Pass.

Lucky: [understands the seriousness and yet] It is just a test. You still have time for the main exams. Leave all this..Listen to me...You can do it. Let's plan what to do. Don't lose hope. I promise...I and your mom won't tell anything if you get low marks. So don't worry.

Ginny: But I want to get high marks...

Lucky: That's great. Keep the same thought in your mind. We will work it out. Ok? Now give a smile. Come on...let's go downstairs. Your mom's reports came and she is perfectly alright.

Ginny smiles slowly and both go downstairs. Sweety sees Ginny coming down happily and is relieved. Ginny hugs her and apologises for her behaviour. Sweety looks at Lucky surprised who signals her that he will tell the matter to her later.

Sweety: I am happy you are alright.

Ginny: I have Maths test tomorrow. I am going now to study for it. [looks at Lucky]

Lucky: You start your preparations. Your mother will come in few minutes and sit with you. Ok?

Ginny: [relieved] Ok...[leaves]

Rocky comes in and goes to his room. Sweety stops him and goes near him. Lucky follows.

Sweety: Rocky! What happened?

Rocky: [sad] All my friends except 2 or 3 of them have got the cut-off.

Sweety: [confused] what?

Rocky: I don't know...try for some other college...[looks disinterested]

Sweety: Why don't you take a different course?

Rocky: I want only Computers.

Sweety: Rocky! You cannot change the results now...check for the other options and go ahead.

Rocky looks at Sweety and Lucky. They are not understanding his disappointment. His friends will go to the college where he wanted to go, study the course he wanted to study. But he cannot do that. He knows it is his mistake, he should have got the cut-off marks. But he cannot accept the fact that now everything is over. He leaves to his room frustrated.

Sweety: Luckyji! Speak with him na..

Lucky: Kya?! No! Who am I? Official talker of the house...Rocky is a big boy now...he will decide what to do. He will inform his decision when he makes one. It is his future. He needs to decide. Let's just support his decision. [pauses] I am hungry Sweetyji! Please give something to eat.

Sweety comes to her room after preparing Ginny for her test. Lucky is going through some files and closes them when she comes.

Lucky: Is Ginny fine?

Sweety: She needs confidence Luckyji. If she gets good scores in one test..she will pick up.

Lucky: And Rocky?

Sweety: I don't know. I don't know what he wants. I am not able to understand the procedures also.

Lucky: [serious] Hmmm...You had your medicines?

Sweety: Will have now...[has her tablets and goes to bed]

Lucky goes and locks their room, turns and looks at Sweety. He knows she is very happy but he cannot hide it anymore. He has to tell it. He knew something was wrong for a few days now. 

The parts will be longer as I will be completing in 2 or 3 parts itself. LOL

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skyforceguy IF-Dazzler

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great start. Ginny's state was understandable. I'm wondering what will rocky do now!
Sweety's hearth.. Hmm !

Lucky's talk with ginny could have been longer and more detailed. Btw it was fine. :)

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Shwets1502 IF-Addictz

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Yeah I am bringing in situations where right decisions have to be made by all the four. 

LG scene...LOL I can write an OS on them...but I am slowly building it...Lucky has just temporarily diverted Ginny's mind. 
skyforceguy IF-Dazzler

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ya i get it. Hoping more such scenes of ginny . And not only with lucky.. With all 3.

I am also wondering how kids react on sweety's health. Again one request, whenever the mother gets ill, its not only like the father conversates with her... Kids staying away looks odd yaar. Make all 3 have scenes with sweety. Only lucky will look odd.

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Shwets1502 IF-Addictz

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Matters are not yet serious for we will have talks in future...

I am bringing in a twist with the health one Wink 
and I won't go in any tragic way...I want to keep it in a common way...
skyforceguy IF-Dazzler

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thats fine. I am very much looking forward to the storyline.

Lucky understanding sweety and his kids is fine and justifyable. But include others also, with ginny and with sweety both.

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Shwets1502 IF-Addictz

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Storyline is going to be in total for sure...
Ginny and Rocky will have tracks of their I may not right RG here...LS will be interacting with both of making their decisions. 

I am not bringing anything major here...But yes...Kids also taking care will come...but in later portions...

I am just writing simple, sometimes short...but natural talks...without much least for me...

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