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Resisting You (On Hold) Note on 22 (Page 6)

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 August 2013 at 4:26am | IP Logged
Hello again!
I guess am on a roll with this storyLOL
Do read , comment and criticise


Mayi's house

Mayi felt an ache on her neck as she got up from the uncomfortable position on the sofa. It took her moment to register why she had deserted her soft bed for the sofa. Looking at the time she groaned. It was 10:30 and she usually reached her office by 9:30. If she was taking a day off she reported so to her personal assistant by 9. She checked her phone to find five missed calls from Louise. She waited after dialling her assistant.

"Mayi! Where have you been? Are you alright? Did you take ill or something?" her secretary's husky voice sounded frantic now.
Mayi smiled at her concern. It wasn't common for her to take a leave , she enjoyed her work. She had been late a few times but other wise was particular about punctuality. Naturally her assistant was concerned.

"Relax Louise, I am fine. Just tired after last night. Do you know if Brandon is in the office?" Mayi asked after soothing down her assistant.

"Yeah he came in fifteen minutes ago. I was about to call him to enquire about you" Mayi heard paper rustling as  her assistant shuffled through them " You remember the meeting with Burton right"

Mayi cursed softly " It completely escaped my mind. In the evening right. Are we all prepared for it?" she moved towards her room while running a hand through her hair. She decided to take half day off  and prepare for the meeting from home. After having a discussion with Mandy and Theodore.

"There's a slight problem. Mr. Burton called Kenneth today. He has demanded a few changes in the deal which is not to our favour" Louise informed her boss.

Mayi frowned irritated by the sudden change in Burton. He had been giving them a hard time ever since they began having talks with him for the take over of his resort in California. It was to be a gift to their mother on her upcoming birthday as she had always loved telling them about the place which she had visited as a child. The resort was slowly getting wasted away with Burton paying least attention to it. Yet he had put up unwanted demands throughout their talks. Mayi knew for a fact that they were the man's best option and she wasn't about to let a man with least concern for his money win.

" Louise do me a favour and inform Brandon and tell Burton that we are holding the talks for now" Mayi said 

"Are you sure? He may slip off you know, there are other contenders for the deal" Louis sounded unsure.

"He won't let us go Louise I know that we are his best option but we need Brandon's view on the matter. Jessica is of with her dance troupe today so it will be difficult to get her, I will do that." Mayi replied "Also tell him I am taking the day off. If he needs me just give a call and I will be there"

"Are you lying about being fine Mayi?" Louise was suspicious "Will I need to come up with an ambulance after the next call I give you"

Mayi laughed at her assistant's over thinking . She had finished her daily toilette in between the call and her hair was now pulled up in a pony. She was craving for a shower and breakfast . In the end her stomach won and she decided to go make breakfast for herself and Mandy. She froze mid step when she saw a white towel clad figure standing near the stove. Her mouth was slightly open as she took in the broad back with rippling muscles as the figure moved. The white towel looked skimpy on Theodore Sinclair's well over 6 feet and broad well built physique. If the man had so many females swooning over him when he dressed in designer suits Mayi wondered what this site would do to them. She gathered her scattered senses just in time as Theodore turned and fixed her with his chocolate brown gaze.

"Mayi! Mayi! Are you there?" Louise's voice jolted Mayi.

"Yeah , yeah I am here. I will call you later then and don't forget to tell Brandon and if he asks why I am taking a leave tell him I am fine" Mayi said keeping her gaze locked with Theodore.

She placed her phone on the kitchen counter and crossed her arms over her chest.

" Good morning Miss Blair" Theodore raised his coffee mug towards her.

" I suppose you didn't leave yesterday" Mayi stated moving into the kitchen and pulling open an overhead cabinet.

"My sister invited me to stay over . I hope you don't mind" Theodore said his tone suggesting that he didn't give a damn.

" No her family is welcome here. Just that they should be better clothed" Mayi replied pointing at his towel.

Theodore grinned
" Sorry for this but I had to take a shower and well I didn't have a change of clothes. As we speak my driver is bringing over a pair" he leaned towards her "My nudity won't disturb you for long"
Mayi felt heat rising on her cheeks and was glad her dusky complexion wouldn't give away a blush.

" Your nudity doesn't concern me Mr. Sinclair , thanks for the concern though" she replied in clip tone making Theodore smirk "Now if you will move over I need get breakfast ready"

" So you do the cooking around here. Can't remember my sister ever making so much as a pancake" Theodore got into small talk.
He could see that Mayi was uncomfortable with his presence and attire. For some strange reason this delighted him.

" Mandy can whip up an excellent dish if needed. But she isn't here often as you know, so yes I cook for myself" Mayi replied keeping her eyes trained on the omelette she was preparing. She was trying hard not to stare at Theodore's exposed chest. But the devil evidently knew he looked good and was giving her a hard time. He faced her now sipping the coffee.

"Why exactly did you decline my offer yesterday?" he continued quizzing her.

"Many reasons Mr. Sinclair. One I am not interested in a deal relationship. Deals are meant to be made in business. Two I have no need for the money you offered neither the fame. Three you are arrogant enough to believe that I would agree to the proposal. I agree that there might be women available to do the same but Hiranmayi Blair isn't one of them" Mayi replied bluntly.

"Who?" Theodore asked frowning.

" Hiranmayi that's my name" Mayi replied briskly , breaking another egg over the pan.

"That's a pretty mouthful. What does it mean?" Theodore asked curious about the name of this delectable woman. He had comfortably checked her out as she was busy with cooking. Dressed in cotton shorts and loose t shirt she looked as attractive as she did in her fitted dress the night before. Her hair he thought was better left open.

"Mr. Sinclair more than me shouldn't you be concerned with your predicament" Mayi said glaring daggers at him.
The man was infuriatingly nonchalant. His sister was worried sick for him , his reputation was at stake and yet here he was making small talk with her dressed in nothing more than a towel. In which he looked sexy the hormonal part of her added. Mayi cursed herself.

" I know where I stand Miss. Blair but I am afraid I haven't found a solution yet" Theodore replied through pursed lips.

"Find one soon then brother we are running out of time" Mandy said coming into the kitchen. She stifled a yawn and took the coffee mug she was offered smiling gratefully at her best friend.

"Just one more day if I am right. Wasn't the wedding planned for Wednesday?" Mayi enquired while setting the table for them.

"Yes and we have to find a girl before that" Theodore replied.

"Still on that idea brother dear?" Mandy asked sitting down at the dining table.

"Mandy I have to agree with him. There isn't a better solution" Mayi said hazarding a glance at Theodore who looked amused more than surprised.

" And where do you propose we find a trustworthy female Mayi" Mandy asked frowning.

"Don't you both have anyone you can trust?" Mayi asked looking between the siblings.
Theodore excused himself as the door bell rang. He mused while walking back with the bag his driver delivered. He had a faint idea where this was going and surprising himself he felt excited.

He saw his sister and Mayi deep in conversation and retired to the guest room. Emerging ten minutes later dressed in a polo shirt and cotton pants he joined the women who were now thinking.

"No it can't be done Mayi , that girl is already infatuated with Theo , though she can be trusted not to run away with money. You heard him yesterday. He wants a deal with no emotional attachments" Mandy wrinkled her nose at the idea. Her brother in her opinion needed a solid lady by his side to ground him. She had often considered Mayi as an option but simply shook the thought away. Mayi was much too romantic at heart to be her brother's type. The girl believed in giving everything over to only and only person she loved. While her brother wasn't exactly bad at heart he had had his fair share of women. Though she never pried into his private life she didn't think he was waiting for the perfect girl.

"Which girl are we speaking about?" Theodore narrowed his eyes at Mandy.

"Well I suggested Brooklyn" Mandy said with a sheepish.

"Have you gone nuts sis? Brooklyn Madison indeed! She is a crack job and will give me another headache. She seems to be obsessed with me but I am sorry to say , I don't like her" Theo looked shocked at his sibling's suggestion.

"She sounded like a nice girl to me" Mayi frowned at Theodore.

"Miss. Blair I guess I need to remind you this is a deal not a marriage. Brooklyn is more likely to consider it the latter and also will try her best to turn the deal into one" Theodore replied sternly "I am not ready for an emotional involvement and I probably won't be for the rest of my life. Thanks to Rebecca" his expression darkened.

Mayi felt slightly sympathetic towards him. The man really did seem affected by his loss at certain moments even though he acted all okay at others.
Mayi balled up her fist and breathed deeply. She had to make her offer now. She had an inkling that Theodore already knew this by the keen way in which he was watching her.

"I will take up the deal then" she let out in a single breath.

Mandy choked on her coffee and both Theodore and Mayi got up to help her.
With eyes streaming Mandy looked up at her friend as if she had grown an extra head. Realisation dawned on her and she narrowed her eyes.
"You are doing this for me" Mandy stated.
Mayi gave a hesitant nod . Her friend could read her well.

"Mayi please! You have to do no such thing. I trust you with my life and we can find a person for sure" she pleaded not wanting her friend's believes to break.

"Mandy you know that time is short. We have just a day with us and we can't waste that on hunting a girl. I mean do you know a way to test the girl's trust worthiness or hardness of heart" Mayi said glancing at Theodore who was watching her intently.

"Any way my point is I have no need for wealth and neither will  fall for Mr. Sinclair here you know. I believe he is a much too arrogant for me" Mayi stated blatantly.
Theodore smirked at this. He thought Miss . Blair sounded over confident now. He could very well work his charms on her if needed to. Theodore scolded himself at the thought. He didn't need her to fall for him. He just needed a wife to show.

" Mayi you really needn't do this" Mandy said quietly.
"I want to and I also know you would do it for me where I in your place" Mayi smiled reassuringly at her.

When his sister still looked unconvinced Theo sat down beside her.
"Mandy rest assured your friend will be safe in my hands. I don't think she needs to be protected though. I very well believe she is capable of violence if provoked" he smirked at Mayi , whose eyes turned to slits.

"Cut the crap Sinclair" Mayi retorted reminding Theodore of someone saying the same to him. He couldn't remember who.

Mayi chastised herself for her slip of tongue. There was no need of reminding him about their shared past. They were making a deal and nothing more.

" Sorry Miss Blair. Let's sign a deal then" Theodore stood up and extended his hand.
Mayi locked her gaze with his and took his hands. She felt a slight trepidation and wondered what she was getting herself into.

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Paint.It.BlacK. IF-Rockerz

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res-- will soon catch up wth the previous updats n reply ...Smile

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bookworm-ALS-- IF-Stunnerz

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ah, excellentLOL
I really really like the bond between these two besties!Embarrassed

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.effervescent. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 August 2013 at 6:39am | IP Logged
oooh .. now co mes the fun part .. ..
the deal is made .. .
I loved the soft teases . .
n a past???
they havE A PAST??
interesting .. very interesting!!
cant wait for the next part!!

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dreamyjennice IF-Sizzlerz

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Superb yaar...but plz pm ms next time...this is so so crazy awsome

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Paint.It.BlacK. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2013 at 9:12pm | IP Logged
that was very interesting start nidha.Clap
read all the chaps..wonderfully written! looks like an intriguing affair is on the way!Embarrassed
loved the sibling bond!
Please continue...
And thanks a lot for the pm. :)

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.SmokeySilence. IF-Stunnerz

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I finally caught up with the story. good job Nidha. Theo and Mayi are fun to read for sure. and the way Mayi agreed it's more of a challenge for her and also for her best friend but Theo is naughty and I hope he wont make it difficult to Mayi by showing his charms LOL 
afterall being a charmer if one beautiful lady isnt getting attracted would surely hurt some male ego LOL 
and they have a past. thats interesting. im loving this story. please continue and I think you should start writing it in wattpad fictional section too. there people read more fictional stories than IF since here people are rather used to with fan fiction on set characters. 
all the best and do continue Hug
Eid Mubarak Party

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2013 at 2:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bookworm-ALS--

ah, excellentLOL
I really really like the bond between these two besties!Embarrassed
I guess portraying besties have become sort of a fetish for meLOL
Zara and Piya , now Mayi and Mandy.
Thanks ShreyaSmile

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