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Resisting You (On Hold) Note on 22 (Page 4)

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 August 2013 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by luckdiya

its really Interesting
add me in ur pm list
Thank you dear. 
Will pm you!

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 February 2011
Posts: 8334

Posted: 01 August 2013 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by alicia212

wow great story plz update soon
cong on the new story
thanks for the pm
Thank you Alicia.
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 February 2011
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Posted: 01 August 2013 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by snitchseeker

nice story keep it up
Missed talking to you dear.
Thank you.
Do read on
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 August 2013 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by prettyji

Thank you Pretty.
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 August 2013 at 10:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Abhiya_Visu

Wow dear this is different story 
It's interesting
 Please pm me when u update
Will do.
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 August 2013 at 11:47am | IP Logged
What's up people? 
So first let me warn you that since this update is from my phone there might be slight technical glitches here and there.
Since I have the chapter ready and since probably I won't find time to update later am doing it now.


Mayi's House 
Theodore wondered why had God created women. With the exception of his sister no woman who had been a part of his life did him any good. His  mother never much liked him. The women he dated were either looking for fame or for money , in most cases both. Since high school this had been the norm. The last woman being the worst.   Thinking of Rebecca made him want to curse himself to the deepest hell. To think that he thought the traitorous witch loved him! He should be titled idiot of the year. She had so easily wormed herself back into his life and he had allowed it. He had been swayed by what he now recognised as crocodile tears. Anger coursed through him and his chocolate eyes were ablaze as he locked his gaze with his sister's friend. He saw her eyes turning to flint and immediately cooled his emotions. 

Here was another woman who was giving him a hard time. It wasn't surprising though. From what his sister had told him her friend Mayi was a woman with self respect. She ran the Blair Group of Enterprises along with her mother and two siblings. Theodore had occasionally noticed her picture along with her family in the papers. They were pretty rich and influential. The family mostly became food for gossip owing to the great bond they shared despite not being connected by blood. It had impressed him as he knew first hand how a bond of blood could mean nothing. 

" You really think any woman will agree to this - this highly outrageous proposition? " Mayi's outraged voice broke his reverie. He gazed steadily into her night black eyes before answering coolly   

" I don't think , I know there will be many women who would jump at the idea" it was the truth and he knew no other way of stating it. Women vied for his attention and he was usually not too uptight about giving it. He had been known for his ever changing girlfriends before Rebecca. He gritted his teeth thinking of her.   

He focused his gaze on Mayi. She wasn't a classical Indian beauty he knew that having seen a fair share of beautiful Indian women. She was attractive in a different.She was of a curvier frame than most women he had seen. The fitted blue dress she wore clung to the right places of her body which seemed to accentuate her attractiveness . Raven black her hair framed her  slightly round face and cascaded down to the middle of her back. More than her looks she demanded attention with the way she carried herself , graceful and sophisticated. He registered that he vaguely remembered seeing her some where else  and also that he was lavishing her with pure male appreciation.  He wondered if he had lost his marbles. Only twenty four hours before the woman he loved had deserted him and here he was admiring another woman. 

"Of course you would. After all you probably think money can buy anything and anyone?" Mayi felt her anger rising. The nerve of him to think that she would accept such a proposal. If he hadn't looked so damn confident that she would fall straight into the deal she might've accepted the idea for Mandy. Her best friend was really concerned for her brother.  Even though the said brother seemed to be soon forgetting the misfortune that had befallen him.

" I was just stating a fact Miss Blair. I am sure my sister would've done the same were the situation reversed" Theodore replied incensing her further. 

The gall of that man! She glanced at her friend whose expression suggested that they felt the same.  Her brother didn't know them well if he thought that Mayi needed to do something like this to prove herself to Mandy. She wasn't about to tell hin that either. She had had enough of him.

" I am sorry Mr. Sinclair , I am declining this offer." Mayi said shortly ,barely controlling her irritation " I will take your leave now"  
Turning to her friend she mumbled an apology before stalking off upstairs to her room. Theodore watched her leave slightly surprised that she had turned down  the offer. But then again she didn't need money or fame. There was no reason for her to agree to this. Some women would've agreed to this in order to get into his bed. Theodore wondered if she hadn't considered the idea and immediately shot down the thought. Any such suggestion would probably result in him earning a solid smack from her  expensive heels.  
" You can't stop being a prick can you?" he turned to see his sister scowling at him  

 " I was telling the truth when I said there would be other willing women. You know it as well Mandy. There is no short supply of females who crave attention" Theodore replied bluntly making his sister wince.   

" That maybe the case dear brother but there are still women on this earth who have self respect and who don't care about superficiality. Mayi is one such woman. Besides I was referring to you using me as leverage. Don't ever do that again. I trust her with my life." Mandy replied the firmness in her tone supporting her statement. She rubbed her temples. She could feel a headache building up. She was fed up of screaming at her brother and cursing the retched Rebecca mentally. 

  " If you don't mind Theo we can discuss this tomorrow. I am too worn out right now. Take the guest room and get some sleep. We will figure something out in the morning" 

  Theo felt bad for putting his sister through trouble , she was the only woman he genuinely cared about and he didn't like how worn out she looked. He engulfed her in a warm hug and placed a kiss on her forehead. 

"Don't worry we will be fine" he muttered not feeling so sure. He had no idea what to do but knew that he had to figure out a way soon.

** ** ** ** 
Mayi had been pacing restlessly in her room. Unable to get any sleep she had long since abandoned her bed. She had heard Mandy coming up and also a door closing below indicating that her brother had probably left. That man was infuriating even when he had trouble hanging above his handsome head. The way he had calmly explained the deal to her even stating the money he was ready to give her , she was sorely tempted to strangle him. Mandy , after an initial suggestion had looked chagrined at the idea. Mayi groaned thinking of Mandy. She was more than sure if the situation was reversed her friend would've helped without blinking.  Then why the hell was she so reluctant?  Just because the arrogant Theodore Sinclair insulted her? She had dealt with his kind before and she still could. Was there any harm in getting into a contract marriage just to prevent the damage to the name of a powerful family? The only harm would come to her dreams.  She had always wanted a marriage based on love. Even though this deal was for a short time she felt like she was insulting the very sacredness of marriage. On the other hand she wasn't really committing . She plopped down on her bed exhausted from the pacing. Sleep was yet to grace her with it's presence. Feeling overwhelmed she got out of the room and walked towards the balcony that faced the back garden. She was not too surprised when she found Mandy there. " Sleep didn't visit you either " Mayi commented with a slight smile.  

 Mandy smiled back in reply and continued gazing at the moon. Mayi joined her near the railing shivering slightly as the cool wind grazed her bare thighs reminding her that she was dressed in shorts.  

 " I am sorry, you know,  for what Theo said earlier" Mandy apologised.  
" It's water under the bridge hon. Your brother was being a jerk, I will admit. But he probably was too worried." Mayi said, wondering slightly as to why she was defending the said jerk.  

 " He had no right to make the suggestion that you had to prove yourself , whatsoever. If it was someone else I would probably have hit them"   

"Ah bummer! Bad luck that he is your brother" Mayi feigned disappointment earning a chuckle from Mandy.  

 " We will figure out a way you know" Mayi placed a gentle hand on her friends shoulder.  She looked absolutely beat up. 
 " I am worried about Mom's reaction Mayi. You know how she is with Theo" Mandy's forehead creased with tension. "Theo didn't even  introduce Rebecca to Mom. That's how dysfunctional their relationship is. Not that it would've been any good" she barely controlled gnashing her teeth in anger.  

 " She will understand Mandy. It wasn't your brothers fault. He didn't wish for this to happen" Mayi reasoned.   

" I so badly want it to be that way Mayi. But I know Mom ,for some unknown reason she has never really liked Theo. Not that she showers me with attention but she at least seems to like me. But with Theo , I sometimes wonder if she  hates him and that scares me. Theo isn't all that bad you know. Yeah he can be a jerk but he does care for people" Mandy sounded sad .   

" Hey just relax okay. It's almost three in the morning.  Let's sleep now and worry about this tomorrow.  I will take the day off tomorrow" Mayi gently guided her friend to her room. She was worried her friend would fall ill if she didn't rest.   

After leading Mandy to her room and making sure she was falling asleep , Mayi plopped down on the sofa that lined the left side of the first floor hall. She went over all the things since walking into her home. So far , she grudgingly agreed, Theodore's suggestion was the only solution even she could think of. The alternative was turning Sinclair's into fodder for gossip columns and magazines. Though it would eventually blow over if Mandy's mother was what her daughter described her to be she would give Theodore a hard time. Probably for the rest of his life. This would most definitely stress out her friend. Mayi considered Theodore's suggestion. How hard would it be to find a girl who would agree to a price without later giving the Sinclair's a headache and also not get emotionally attached to Theodore. He had made that very clear. Just as she thought about it she knew it wouldn't be easy. They had very little time at hand and there wasn't any technique available to check a woman's reliability. Should she agree to the proposal? Theodore's confident face swam into her mind and she scowled. It would mean agreeing with him and that was the last thing she wanted to do. Surely he or Mandy knew someone else. Someone fitting and reliable enough to be presented as Mrs Theodore Sinclair.  God knows if anyone would believe that Theodore Sinclair ,one of the most wanted bachelor and famous player in New York , had dated her. She wasn't hideous but she wasn't the most beautiful woman either and Theodore had always been seen with the best. 

Even if they could be convinced ,was she ready to do this? She certainly had no fear of getting attached to him in anyway. He had not made much of an impression on her.Her family would most certainly go ballistic if they came to know and she couldn't hide this from them what with the lavish and very public party the Sinclair's were throwing on the weekend. 

In the end Mayi decided that she would take up the deal. But not before asking Theodore or Mandy to think of someone else they knew who was trust worthy. Her friend needed help and that is what she would do.

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bookworm-ALS-- IF-Stunnerz

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Ah, excellent... So Mayi will take up the deal :P

Do continue soon... I like the way you wrote this update...thumbs up!

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BeyondHorizon IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by FeistySoul

Aww! You always make me feel special , when in reality you guys are my inspiration. I am glad I could befriend such amazing peopleBlushing U r an amazing writer Nidha Hug n I only wish u had written ur FF LIYE in the forum coz its a wonderful FF n when it comes to PKYEK most of the readers stick to the forum n almost everyone write their stories there. Characterisation wise there r only three writers I have ever admired - Poco, Tanzie n u Star
Honestly for a long time now I have been avoiding writing on any couples specifically.  I have kept many of my recent works cast free. I kinda enjoy that. I defo agree with u there n many a times I wish I could write my stories on characters that I create rather than readily available characters from TV series or movies. But I suppose I cant Confused
You know the fact that you understand my characters much better than me both delights and scares me. Scary because I may not live up to your  expectations. U got to be exaggerating Shocked I am a mediocre writer myself. So I am no one to say anything abt anyone's works but I can say one thing - I am an avid reader n if the writer can captivate me with their writing then I go too deep into the story n analyse everything LOL Thats the reason Tanzie n few others have to put up with my essay sized comments which is normally half teh size of their update ROFL
Yep Mayi here is our heroine. I wanted a heroine who would stand up to the hero and that's what I am creating. Innocent pretty heroines are good but for fiesty , focused heroines are better. She definitely is no damsel in distress. Innocent ones r nice but its too cliched. Being a feminist myself I like to see a confident female lead n tats wat appelaed to me the most here.
Theo is more than what he appears how much more I have no idea as of now. Even I am unravelling him as I go. Theo is a mystery for sure or more rather an enigma if I can say so. I will wait to find out more abt him Embarrassed
I think that has always been my comfort zone. Take the story on with the characters.
I am glad you found this good. Please do not ever hesitate to criticise me if ever you find the need. I will accept it just the same. Darling I am the Too-Frank-To-Be-Polite types LOL I speak my mind most of the times. So dont worry abt tat Embarrassed

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