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Resisting You (On Hold) Note on 22 (Page 10)

MistiAbhiya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 August 2013 at 8:36pm | IP Logged

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.SmokeySilence. Coolbie

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Posted: 20 August 2013 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
Did i mention i like Theo.. he is such a tease LOL but i love Mayi.. she is just too good.. n i hope Theos mom doesnt give her a hard time. im loving the story Nidha.. 

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.rumki. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 August 2013 at 3:53pm | IP Logged
lovely update

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CoffeeAddict IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
Hey Nidha!

I just read the prologue. It's nicely written. Though the story idea is a little cliched, I'd love to see how this story turns out.

So this is more of *reserved* post for after I read all the chapters.


P.S. I've heard the name Mrunmayi, Hiranmayi is a name I'm hearing for the first time.

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 February 2011
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Posted: 27 August 2013 at 6:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by CoffeeAddict

Hey Nidha!

I just read the prologue. It's nicely written. Though the story idea is a little cliched, I'd love to see how this story turns out.

So this is more of *reserved* post for after I read all the chapters.


P.S. I've heard the name Mrunmayi, Hiranmayi is a name I'm hearing for the first time.

Hey Pree,

I agree the idea is total clich , wouldn't claim otherwise.  I am playing this by the ear and seeing where this goes. Let me see if I can capture my reader's or if I will completely put them off.
I will wait.
Hiranmayi means doe eyed. It's a name that stuck with me after watching one of those exceptionally good movies you get once in a blue moon. I couldn't get the name to go away and hear it is.
Love you as well
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 February 2011
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Posted: 28 August 2013 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
Hello all !

Silver Moon Hotel   

Mayi's eye contact with Rachel Sinclair remained intact as she sat down on the chair Theodore had pulled out for her.  Thankfully she noted that her back faced the entrance. No one would easily notice her. She wasn't sure she wanted anymore scrutiny as she steadily met Mrs. Sinclair's arctic gaze. Mayi noted Mrs. Sinclair's subtle scrutiny of her person. The older lady pursed her lips as she finished scanning Mayi  from top to bottom.  

Theo broke the ice by saying   
" Mother this is"   

" Mayi , Hiranmayi Sinclair" Mayi interjected offering a smile and deciding to take the bull by its horns. If the lady wasn't impressed by what she saw Mayi would make sure that she put her best forth and her best was never being meek 
" Nice to meet you Mrs. Sinclair"   

Rachel Sinclair hazarded a smile that didn't reach her eyes

" Indeed. You must have something unique in you to have captured my son's heart" Rachel said with a smirk.

Mayi glanced at Theo for a moment.   " I don't know about capturing Rachel but your son definitely has a heart in the right place and that's not an easy trait to find"   

" We both know who owns the heart darling" Theodore said while picking up her hand and placing a chaste kiss on it.   

Heat suffused her cheeks and Mayi suppressed an urge to snatch her hand away. Show of affection was definitely not her comfort zone.

 "I can definitely see how much smitten my son is" Rachel continued smiling , her tone betraying that she didn't like what she saw.  
" I can't say I wish for more Rachel. Theodore loves me and that's all any woman could wish for" Mayi said , her eyes fixed on Theo's.   

" Tell me more about yourself Mayi" Rachel probed further.   

" I work along with my mother and siblings in my family business" Mayi replied " The Blair Enterprises , owned by my mother Victoria Blair"   

" Victoria Blair , the one who owns this hotel " Rachel Sinclair brows rose in surprise.   

" Yes the very same" Mayi conceded     triumphantly noting that Rachel Sinclair was slightly shocked.   

" Mom the waiter is here" Mandy quickly interjected as she saw her Mother getting ready to fire the next question.

 Next few minutes were spend in placing orders. Rachel Sinclair showed obvious signs of impatience to continue her interrogation. 

Theodore gritted his teeth wanting to escort his mother out. The woman knew how to sorely test a person's patience.   Gently he squeezed Mayi's hand placed on her thigh. Startled she turned to him with narrowed eyes.   

" Are you okay?" he asked in an undertone only they could hear.

" Yes , I am fine Theo" she replied with a genuine smile understanding his meaning. He squeezed her hands once more to indicate that he was there with her.   

" So tell me Mayi do you help in this hotel's running?" Rachel fired as soon as the waiter left.   

" Yes but Silver Moon is mostly handled by Mom while I help my brother and sister with other ventures" Mayi replied .

" You must be quite a busy young lady , I wonder how you managed a relationship" said Rachel with a glint in her eyes.   

" Finding time is always about priorities isn't it darling?" Theo echoed as he took Mayi's hand placed on the table.   

Mandy's brow crunched in worry. It would not do for Theo and their mother to start a battle of words here. Even though Mayi knew about their mother Mandy didn't want her to witness it first hand. 

" Work is a big priority son" Rachel Sinclair replied icily.   

" I agree with that Rachel but it's never bigger than family. That's my mother's motto" Mayi interjected , giving Mandy a reassuring glance noting how tense her friend was. 

" Your family must be happy about this union. Being married to one of the most influential family is no small thing" Rachel Sinclair made no effort to hide that she considered her name superior. 

" They are happy that I found a great man. They really do not care for much else" Mayi replied , her gaze cold.   

Theodore was grateful for the food that came at the moment.  A moment longer and he would've escorted his mother out. She was trying her hardest to trample Mayi down and he was sure any lesser woman would've crumpled. He truly understood why his sister admired Hiranmayi Blair now. The woman was made of strong stuff.

 Mayi was glad for the reprieve she got while they had the delicious dishes. The food was as promised by the restaurant excellent. Rachel Sinclair begrudgingly agreed to the same. Mayi now appreciated first hand just how difficult a woman Rachel Sinclair was. She considered herself far too superior and this attitude though not alien to Mayi wasn't one she entertained. She noticed that Rachel held easy conversation with Mandy while with Theo it was always in clipped tones. His answers were equally unenthusiastic. She wondered what could cause such a rift between a mother and her child.   

The evening couldn't come to a faster closure for her. Rachel had some other meeting and hence had to make haste. She still showed interest in wanting to grill Mayi and the other three were thankful for her other appointment. She gave her son and new daughter in law an awkward hug each before affectionately hugging her daughter.  Theodore was a thorough gentleman as he escorted his mother up to her car and placed a kiss on her cheek.   

" Tiresome wasn't it?" Mandy asked Mayi as she watched her mother's car speed away 

" Your mother is difficult I agree" Mayi said reluctantly not wanting to hurt her best friend's feelings.   

" It's okay dear. I know how hard my mother can be. It's a surprise I turned out to be like this. Most people expect me to be like her" Mandy grimaced at the idea.   

"You Amanda Sinclair will never be anything like that. I will be there to kick your behind if that happens" Mayi threatened playfully. 

" Of course Mrs.Theodore Sinclair" Mandy teased back causing Mayi to grimace. 

Both girls ended up laughing and that's how Theodore found them. He smiled at the happy picture they presented.   

" Have I missed something?  I didn't think the evening was this delightful" Theo teased the girls leaning against his car.   

" The evening was highly entertaining" Mayi shot back with a teasing smile.

 "My pleasure that you could enjoy Mrs. Sinclair" Theo dipped his head lightly 
"Let's hope the same happens tomorrow evening"   

" Dear Lord!" Mayi exclaimed shutting her eyes " Another tiring evening"   

" Relax it will go fine" Mandy rubbed her friend's shoulder gently   

" Yeah but from tomorrow it's official right and the paparazzi will be bound to hound us for at least a month" Mayi looked slightly sick at the idea. 

" Look let's worry about all this at home okay. Mayi I need your car as my brother dearest wouldn't part with his precious car" Mandy scowled at Theo " I will see you tomorrow evening. I have an assignment tomorrow morning and tonight am staying at Heather's place. I will be able to reach the shoot faster from there.  Theo will drop you home"   

Mayi reluctantly handed her keys. She didn't like the idea of a drive home with Theo. She had been looking forward to the silent ride  home to take her mind off the upcoming spectacle. Mandy would've been a welcome presence but Theo didn't fit her idea of relaxing presence.   

" Hey honey , relax. I will be with you throughout okay.  Not to forget Brandon , Jess and Victoria.  It should be easy" Mandy tried assuring her friend even though she had her own misgivings.   

"Yeah it should be. See you tomorrow" Mayi hugged her friend wanting the physical comfort. 

Theo cleared his throat to indicate that he was still there. Mayi glanced once at him before looking back at Mandy.   

" Dress to rock girlfriend" Mandy said with a smile.   

"You know me" Mayi winked at her.  She watched her friend walk away before turning towards her contract husband. 

" After you " Theo opened the door for her.   
" Thank you " she gave him a tight smile.

 "You did well Mayi" Theo complimented her his eyes focused on the road.   

" Gratefully , I was honestly a nano second close to loosing my cool with your mother" Mayi admitted rubbing her temples.   

" My mother is an expert at giving headaches. I apologise on her behalf" Theo said noticing her gesture.   

" It's okay at least I know what I am going to deal with for the deal period" Mayi replied glancing at him.   

Discretely watching his profile Mayi acknowledged why many females often fell for Theodore. He had an intriguing air about him. His eyes alone could pull you in for a long time. They could keep you guessing as well as show you rare moments of deep emotions.   

" Find something interesting" Theodore broke her reverie his voice  playful.   

" Just thinking why so many women fall for you" Mayi replied looking away.   

" Interested in falling" Theodore asked his tone curious.   

" Not in the least bit Mr. Sinclair.  You are one of the most known players around here while I need a stable man. One who appreciates all the little things of life." Mayi shot him down.   

" Like? " Theodore probed further.   

" A quiet Sunday evening together spend at home" Mayi replied feeling sure that he must think of that scenario as quaint.   

" Well a Sunday evening spend in bed is definitely fun for me"  Theo said with a smirk.   

Mayi felt heat rising in her cheeks as she glared daggers at him. How typically male!   " Displayed your single track mind didn't you?" she asked icily.   

" What ? Aren't you interested in that aspect of life?" Theo continued.   

" I don't find it necessary to make a blatant display of it" Mayi shot back.    

" I did notice that" Theo said bringing his car to a halt near her house. He turned to face her " You seem to have a problem with display of affection"   

" If you are referring to being kissed in public then yes I am not used to such things" Mayi replied frankly 

 "That won't help now Miss Blair , you have to behave like my wife , as a woman I have dated for one year" Theo said.   

" I am trying you know but you are a little hard to adjust to " Mayi gritted her teeth.   

" Is that so? " Theo said softly, moving closer to her. He watched with interest a sole strand of hair caressing her smooth cheek. He noticed her stiffening due to his closeness. 

Gently he turned her face towards him. He noticed her pupils dilating in surprise. Her eyes were an alluring shade of black. He could read emotions in them so clearly.   

" What are you doing?" Mayi asked entranced by his warm brown pools. She wondered what they were trying to tell her.   Before she could think more warm lips took hold of her soft ones shocking her. He limbs went limp for a moment as a strange sensation overtook her. She couldn't put a  name to it but it wasn't unpleasant. But soon the practical side of her brain took over and she began shoving Theo trying at the same time to pull her lips away. Theo though seemed not to notice her efforts. Finding no other way she used her sharp nails to pinch him hard on his arm. That caught his attention.   

" Bloody hell woman! What was that for?" Theo roared looking outraged.   

" I should actually be slamming your arrogant head against the wind shield for taking advantage of me" Mayi eyes were ablaze.   

" Advantage!  What are you fifteen?" Theo's eyes were the size of dinner plates.   

" No I am not and for that very same reason you should understand Theodore Sinclair that I do not entertain kisses from strangers" Mayi said firmly " I am not a teenager who can be won over by kisses. Actually even as a teenager you didn't impress me" 

" What?" Theodore's brows creased.   " Nothing , I will see you tomorrow" Mayi quickly covered her blunder and got out of the car.   

You fool! Mayi scolded herself You nearly told him!   

 She quickened her steps and hurriedly opened her front door. Slamming it shut she closed it. Even now her breath was erratic. She was ashamed with herself for not stopping him sooner. For even a second she shouldn't have enjoyed his kiss and the fact that she did disturbed her. Mayi groaned thinking of the quagmire she was trapped in.

Theodore was in a similar predicament. He had kissed more woman than he could care to count. Begrudgingly he remembered that even with Rebecca he had shared wonderful moments of passion. Untill now. Right at the moment his lips had touched Mayi's all other such moments faded from significance. It was a simple kiss yet it send his senses soaring. He had never felt a desire this powerful. Her lips had parted lighted allowing him a small taste of her and it was exquisite. Even when she had unceremoniously pulled away the fire she evoked had not simmered down. He was in dire need of a cold shower now and wondered just how many he would need seeing as he was in a deal with the temptress. 

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dreamyjennice IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2013 at 3:20am | IP Logged
Wow...amazing kiss...haha...Theo u t gone

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bookworm-ALS-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 August 2013 at 9:53am | IP Logged
Actually even as a teenager you didn't impress me" 

This line is the bestLOL
Good that she fought him..good for Mayi! Theo better work harder. LOL.

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