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Resisting You (On Hold) Note on 22

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 July 2013 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
Hello all!
The name is Nidha and I have been around in IF for quiet a while. I began writing (if this could be called that) in here and have loved the place ever since. I have tried my hand at FF , OS and random piece and result are not too bad.
The thing is lately I have taken on a fetish for romance. the kind where there is a tall dark handsome filthy rich hero paired opposite a heroine who gives just as strongly back as she gets. 
Now am thinking why not try a hand at that. Since this is no FF, I thought of posting it here in WC.
Two writer's in Wattpad , Rosesareread27 and Tara Simpson have inspired me. 
My Didu and my good friend Mandy , have given me the go ahead.
Since I am a proud Indian and bit of feminist (my husband will disagree here and say I am feminist in every bone) my heroine is Indian and the hero an American.
So here goes the introduction


He thought he had seen all that he could of temptation. He didn't want to see anymore. But rarely ever did fate listen to them.

She thought she could resist temptation and didn't think of herself as one. Little did she know


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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 February 2011
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Posted: 29 July 2013 at 1:15pm | IP Logged

Silver Moon Hotel

Upstate New York

A relieved sigh escaped her lips as she slumped down near the open bar. Though she loved her heels and pretty evening gowns, after playing hostess for a whole evening, they really did get on her nerves. She was thankful for the silence that now prevailed in the hotels grand party hall. She wanted nothing more than to kick heels off and crawl into her soft bed. Wearily she rubbed her eyes and twiddled with string of her mask. She smiled softly thinking of the incredibly good time she had behind the anonymity of the mask. Many a flirtatious male had asked her hand for dance and she had a really good time with few of them. She thought of gifting Louise, her personal assistant , with the girl's favourite  brand of Swiss chocolates for suggesting the idea and also selecting the perfect dress for her. Although for the dress the credit goes to her best friend as well.

"Mayi!" she heard her brother call as he approached. She smiled at him as he sat on the seat near her "That was one hell of an evening"

"Had a great time with ladies did you?" Mayi playfully ribbed her brother.
Brandon rolled his eyes at her. Brandon Blair had an incredible combination of good looks, athletic build and charm. Simply put a lady killer.

"I am sure he did. I swear I saw him doing unspeakable things a little while earlier" her sister , Jessica , said plopping down to her left.

"Oh puh-lease Jess, I am not sure you had much time to notice anything else other than the face of what's -his- name" Brandon shot back at his sister.

" Jase , his name is Jase you moron and like I said I am serious this time" Jessica scowled at her sibling.

Mayi and Brandon , snorted simultaneously. They knew just how serious their sister could be.

Lost in their playful banter, they didn't notice the older lady walking towards them. Veronica Blair smiled at her kids as they continued bickering amongst themselves. No one but those who knew them would guess them to be siblings. After all who  would think of three people from three different racial origins of being siblings. Brandon her son was a typical American guy , tall , tanned and extremely handsome. Jessica , her eldest daughter was blessed with oriental looks, slender figure, pale skinned and amber eyed. Hiranmayi , her youngest , was of Indian origin with dusky skin , curvaceous figure and beautiful black eyes. 

"What are you three on about?" Victoria came to a halt beside her son and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey Momsy! We were wondering which one of us you loved more" Jessica replied with an impish smile.

" Well who doesn't know that, it's me of course" Brandon said, pulling up an imaginary collar.

"Dream on you two, it's me, right Mumma" Mayi said , smiling sweetly at her mother.

"Well how about we decide that the old fashioned. My favourite among you will be the one who cleans up after our Sunday lunch" Victoria replied with a sly grin.

All three of her children groaned collectively. Every Sunday the Blair family made it a point to have lunch together. No matter how rich or how influential they were , Victoria always wanted her family to be bonded together strongly. Theirs wasn't a bond of  blood. It was a bond born from love for each other despite the obvious differences. She may not have given birth to her children, but they were her life just the same.

An hour later

Mayi parked her Audi in the basement of the penthouse she shared with her best friend Amanda Sinclair. The girls had been together through high school and university education. Mayi couldn't have wished for a better friend. Supermodel Amanda Sinclair was the golden girl in all senses. Absolutely gorgeous with a heart in the right place. Nothing, not even the fact that she is a Sinclair, one of the richest and most influential name in New York, could turn the girls head. Right now she was busy with the preparations for her brother's wedding in two days. 
Which was why Mayi was surprised to see light in her home's central hall. A screeching female voice greeted her as she opened the door with her key card.

"I warned you Theo! I BLOODY WARNED YOU" Amanda Sinclair shrieked at the top of her voice. She spun around at the sound of the door closing.

"Mandy , what's the matter?" Mayi asked cautiously , her eyes sliding over to the tall figure standing near the glass door that lead to the gardens.

"What happened? What happened of course, Mayi better ask what didn't happened?" Mandy, her best friend's voice was dripping with fury.

" Okay , what didn't happen?" Mayi rephrased her question.

Amanda opened her mouth to explain when she was cut short by an alluring yet rude male voice.

"None of your business. This is family issue" the tall figure turned and pierced her with a pointed look. Mayi found herself at the receiving end of Theodore Sinclair's deadly gaze. 

Mayi was about to reply in kind when Mandy beat her to it.

"Don't you dare take that tone with her brother. Don't you bloody dare" she warned in a deadly serious voice.

"You , my dear brother, have lost all rights to talk after what you did. I told you a thousand times Theodore to think with your brain rather than with your balls. But did you listen? No. You let that witch back into your life and look what she has done. Mom will eat you alive Theo , not to mention the media , what with the hype created about the damn wedding."

Theodore Sinclair's wedding was the typical much hyped about rich and famous wedding. With only a slight difference - the identity of the lucky bride to be was a well kept secret. It was a feat Mayi had praised much considering the ever developing skills of paparazzi and media. Apparently , Theodore was to marry the girl in two days time and then at a grand celebration coming Saturday he would introduce his wife to the world. 

Mayi deduced that something has gone wrong with the said bride. 

" I know I am a fool Amanda I don't need reminding. I just never thought Becky would do that" Theodore said, his voice strained.  For a second pain was evident in his chocolate brown eyes but soon he masked it.

"Don't take her name again Theo. One day I am gonna catch that lying little witch and that day will be her end. She will regret ever playing with my family and brother" Mandy was beyond furious now.

"We have to think of a solution now. What the heck do we tell the people we invited on Saturday" Mandy said calming down.

" Mandy, sorry for interrupting, what happened?" Mayi asked , her patience fast thinning. Though she loved her friend and her family would be always welcome in the house, she was home from a long evening and was craving some sleep. She wanted to know if she could help somehow and if not she could politely excuse herself from between the siblings.

" Oh am sorry Mayi. Well it so happens that the brilliant girl my brother selected" here Mandy threw her brother a cursory glance "has escaped. With a substantial amount of his money"

Mayi gaped momentarily at Theodore. She felt really bad for the man. From what Mandy had told her, her brother was genuinely in love with the girl and in her opinion sincere love didn't deserve such outcome.

"Thank you for that Amanda. Now can we discuss the problem at hand" Theodore said with barely controlled anger.
 Amanda sighed and glanced at her brother. As much as she loved him, she still had an insane urge to throttle him.

Mayi shuffled uncomfortably as silence settled between them. She didn't know how to help yet she didn't want to leave her friend. She glanced at Theodore noting that the years had changed him greatly. There was no trace of the boy she once knew in him.

" I think we should find a replacement" Theodore spoke after about thirty minutes.

"What?" both the girls said simultaneously.

"Hear me out first. The media would devour us if they get a wind of this. The only way to avoid a spectacle is to replace Rebecca with someone else. I am sure we can find plenty of women who would be ready for a right price" Theodore explained.

"Not much change there" Mayi muttered. Theodore looked at her sharply but didn't speak. Mayi knew that the more pressing matters was what lead to his lack of comment. 

" And then what have another gold digger escape with more of our money. Don't get me wrong brother I don't give two hoots about the money but I definitely am not interested in funding any more gold diggers" Mandy snorted.

" We should also consider the fact that the girl may fall for him" Mayo added reasonably.

"Then it will be her bad luck" Theodore said , boring his gaze down at Mayi "If this is a bad suggestion, pray tell me a better one"

Another moment of silence followed at the end of which both the brother and sister looked up at Mayi , saying at the same moment.


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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 July 2013 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
Anyone interested please read, like and comment.
I am open to both criticism and compliment
Like this post if any of you want pms on next update.

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BeyondHorizon IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 July 2013 at 11:45pm | IP Logged

This FF is so interesting Nidha n I already told u my views on it Big smile Ur a fantastic writer n I am certain u will do a great job Clap The fact that we dont have any known fictional characters makes for a fresh change for all IF readers Smile For me it defo is a welcome change. Coz when we read on FFs on a certain couple or show, the characters are already etched into our minds. That leaves little room for imagination. But here its new characters n they unfold as the story progresses n this would mark the sign of a true story teller Star 

Coming to the first chapter, I loved the equation between the three Blair siblings Embarrassed I am assuming Mayi is the lead n Theo is the quintessential dark shady guy here. Since ur the writer I am sure there's more to Theo than what meets the eye n Mayi is no damsel in distress. She is woman with a mind of her own which makes her stand out even in the crowd. I am waiting for their story to unfold Smile Do update this one soon Hug
Great going sweetie Thumbs Up I will be interested to read anything u write Embarrassed as being ur reader I know u always weave the story around characters n this is something I look forward to while reading any story. Usually its always been the other way around. Story dictates the actions of the characters but for me consequences of the decisions that the characters takes moulds the story. Great start dear Clap

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dreamyjennice IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 July 2013 at 12:06am | IP Logged
Awsome nidha..I agree to mandy...we can imagine whoever we like and this hives you scope for experimenting as well...this is very good and I really like ego guy and girl hiving it back ti back...brilliant...do pm me next time and plzplz update fast...

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shreya11mehra IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 July 2013 at 12:07am | IP Logged
Awesome dear

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bookworm-ALS-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 July 2013 at 12:49am | IP Logged
Okay, me liking this story Nidha :D
I was guessing that Mayi would be coerced into the marriage and there's a hint of a history between the two leads.
Continue soon and do PM me

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MistiAbhiya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 July 2013 at 2:57am | IP Logged
Lovely concept plzz pm me next timeSmile

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