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Mr. Raizada...Arnav Singh Raizada dont even look up from his laptop. Yes Aman...Sir, here is somebody for you. Well, tell him Mr. Arnav Singh Raizadas time is to expensive to waste it on some  unimportant stuff...Mr. Raizada...I think you should receive should not think Aman...just do as I say...Mr. Raizada...enough...get out of my office...Mr. Raizada...some other voice speak to him...this time his glance move up...what the...who are you?


One small, thicker man stands already in his office. He looks through his glasses to Arnav.

Behind him Aman who shows with his hands that he is absolutely innocent.

Mr. Raizada my name is Chandan Verma. I need to talk to you...please Mr.Raizada...its very important...Arnav look to Aman. He just wants to tell him to call Guards as Mr. Verma continue to speak.


Mrs. Raizada send her lawyer...Arnav became his killerface. If this b*tch want my company or money, tell her that Arnav Singh sir you should listen to me...its really important...


Arnav lean back in his chair. Good I listen. But I warn you Mr. Verma if you tell me something what I dont like I promise I will drop you out of the window.


Mr. Verma is getting obviously nervous. He swallowed hard. Remove his glasses and pulled them again on and take some papers out of his bag.


Well Mr. Raizada...Mrs. Khushi Singh Raizada send me to speak about the conditions...conditions?...for what...let me read...its easyer. Now Mr. Verma start to sweat.



Mrs. Khushi Singh Raizada cedes Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada the full amount to GR Company.

With this write she forgoes on all rights GR Company. From now on Mr. Raizada is the olny owner of GR Company. She guarantee to not try to get GR Company in any time in the future.

From now on she will break all connections to GR Company and to Raizada Family. Mrs. Singh Raizada decide to delete her name from all documents. From now on Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada is the olny owner of GR Company and he is free to do with GR Company what he wants.


Arnav look unbelievably to Mr. Verma. What is he saying?


He continues. With this write are terms linked...oh...really?...Arnav lean forward and look deep in Mr. Vermas eyes. Im eager to know, Mr. Verma. Mr. Verma look again down to his papers. He take his tissue out and dry his brow. He start to read.


Condition one is, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada anxious to bring the divorce between him and Khushi Singh Raizada as soon as possible. He will do everything to bring the divorce between them as easily as possible.


Arnavs face is getting white like sheets.


Condition two is, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada agree to leave Khushi Singh Raizada for all her life live in peace. He will not try to start contact to her. He will not intervene in her life. Not in her professional, not in her private. He will never try to come near her, even if he sees her on the streets.


Arnav feels how his stomach turns around.


Condition three is, Mrs. Singh Raizada will from today never again call herself Mrs. Singh Raizada. She deliver her name and take her girlname back. From now on her name is Khushi Kumari Gupta.


With sign from Mr. Raizada is this paper valid. Should Mr. Raizada break one of the Conditions, then 50% of his company will go back to Khushi Kumari Gupta.



So Mr. Raizada im over with reading now you just need to sign and everything is arranged.

Mr. Verma give him the papers in his hands. He look at them and on the last side he sees her sign.

With small letters there stand written Khushi Singh Raizada. He knows it was the last time she write his name near to her name.



Mr. Verma you can leave now. But Mr. Raizada you can sing the papers and everything is over.

I said you can leave now, dammit. Mr.Verma stand up and walk outside his office with confused face.

Arnav look again to the papers.

Something totally unespected happen today. The person from i was thought that she was a golddigger, the person from who i thought that she want my sway, was after my status, throw everything away and was openly sh****ng on everything and show how many guts she have. 

The person who I know my whole life proof me how her real character was. The person who look after my mom, the person who calls me hundred times per day, the person who was my friend in highschool, the person which i never want as my wife was now finally away. Forever. And i dont even need to share our company even if we work so hard on it. Together.


Today she left everything behind. Even me. I look again on the papers. My deepest dreams come today truth. I touch her name with my fingertipps when my office door get open.

ASR are you here? It was Sheetal.  My manager. I brought us champagne. I look with questioned eyes to her. She is gone and I think we need to celebrate this.


Hi my name is ASR and I am one of the biggest Actors in India. I have a lot of money. A lot of fans. Girls around me. One absolute hot Manager names Sheetal. And oh yeah I forgot, i just lost my Wife.



I am standing here on the airport from Delhi and wait for my flight. I have nothing at my own except the things in my bag. I asked my  Buaji for money for this flight. I am flying to Australia. I was already there. I look around in some hope that he came. To take me back but I know he will never come. Because he dont love me and never will. Its ok. I can live with this. I hope. I wish him all luck in his new world. With her.


Hi, my name is Khushi Kumari Singh Raizada, oh correction. I mean Khushi Kumari Gupta and this is my story. It calls MIL KE BHI NA MIL SAKE.






I Look again down on the papers ignoring Sheetal. I didnt reply on her comment. I didnt even ask her from where did she know. All I know in this moment that I need to be alone.




She stops in her movement, the champagne bottle in her one hand and two glasses in the other.


Excuse me?...


I said Leave...


I didnt even look in her face. She was such a beautiful woman. Long legs, well proportioned butt, beautiful hands with perfect manicured nails. Her hair half long with big curls and her eyes green. 

Khushi was totally different. While Sheetal always wears suits or dresses, Khushi prefer traditional clothes. While Sheetal prefer shorter hair Khushi like her hair very long. Sheetal never wear braid but Khushi love to wear it.


Khushi was very traditional while Sheetal modern in all ways. And I mean really modern and in really all ways. In short they are totally contrasts.


Sheetal was still standing there her face shown disbelief. I look to her like I usual look to people which are getting on my nerves. It is a glance which I use to signal my impatience and power.

And she is really getting on my nerves right now. She still stands there but I use my next movement which always works. I stand up and use my fully manly appearance and speak with this special voice.


Dont you hear me?...get lost...


She turns around and left my office fast. On the way she placed the Champagne some table and I hear something braking outside. Probably she droped the two glasses on the floor. She would never do this in front of me. Yes it works always. My power and rude ton work always on others to be scared of me. 

Only one person was not so much impressed about my words and movements. Only one person would still stand there and look deep in my eyes. Warning me that her Devi Meiya is protecting her and I should speak more polite to her. 


I look back to papers and remember how I met her first. 

I was young and play cricket outside with  neighbours. One truck came and we saw that somebody is moving in our house. We live in big house with a lot of flats. One woman came out of the truck and look around, right behind her one girl. She had long hair and big brown eyes. She observed with them the area and her eyes stopped on me.


We exchange short our glances and then everyone go his way. She was busy helping her mother and I was busy playing with my friends. There were two free flats in our house. One was right next door and one on some other floor. And now guess in which of them she moved in? Exactly! Flat next door.


All children from our house go to the same school but she wasnt there. I didnt saw her for longer time till our moms became close friends. We have two things in common. I mean me and Khushi. We lived both with our moms and were half orphans. We both lost our dads. Her mom brought her often with her and I observed how she sat there in our living room.


Sometimes I saw her staring at me and sometimes she had her block with her. She was busy with it and ignored me totally.


I didnt like to be ignored from her so I did everything what young boys do to get her attention.



Mr. Raizada?...


I look up to see who dare to disturb me now. Aman. One day I am going to hurt this guy. He is getting slowly on my nerves with his Mr. Raizada.


I am sorry to disturb you but your next Appointment is now...


I look at my watch and check the time. The meet for my next film is in few minutes. Great.

Three Months full of work. I look down on the papers and take them in my hands. I decide to read them later again to make sure that everything is all right. Maybe I let them check from my lawyer. Placing them in my Safe I made my way outside my office to sign my next Blockbuster.






The plane was already starting and I realize that my life is going to change totally. I was already in Australia but it was clear that I will go back to India one day. This time I buy just one oneway Ticket. I am staying forever away from India. 

Finally no more pictures of him on some walls. No commercials on TV with him. It will not be  too difficult to forget him there. India was full of his images. On every street or big buildings there were pictures from ASR. It wasnt enough that the commercials for his movies were everywhere, no there were commercials for Cars, Decorations, Smartphones, Furniture, and, and, and.


He had his fingers everywhere. He wasnt just one Actor. He was owner of few expensive and very successful companies. Well actually, we. I was the one who was whole time on his side. I was the one who work with him on his dream even this wasnt mine.


How do I come to this all? I still dont know. I worked hard to support him as a loyal wife and friend.

But this wasn't my dream. He could be in the central point. He dont have problems to be followed by paparazzi.



I decide to think on something else. I look around and think what can I do next. I forgot to buy me a book and my sketch block was in my case.

Maybe I could look some films. I look to the screen and try to choose one film. I decide to ignore Bollywood films. The last thing that I need is one film with him and some heroine, dancing and admiring each other in the rain.


Should I tell you one secret? He cant dance. No I am not joking. I mean it serious. He hates to dance and he is really bad at this. You will laugh but we train to dance in his office. Secretly. Because he didnt want that somebody know that he is not this super duper Talent like everyone think.

Well I am really talented. I can dance. Ok, ok enough. I will not gossip anymore.

I look around and some questions passed my mind.


Was he now with her? Are they happy in a hug, celebrating his new freedom?




I should really stop thinking on him. Its over. New life is beginning. He has probably sign already the papers, totally happy and I should now be happy too.

I chose some comedy and try really to enjoy the film. I decide to forget the past and start new.


My new amazing life is beginning and I forced myself to be excited about this.  





I enter my office again and bang the damn door behind me. This whole day sucks. My head was full of thoughts and I couldnt concentrate on nothing.




This appointment was horrible and why was she whole time in my head? I hear some voices which came near the door. It was Sheetals and Amans voice. They enter my office without knock or asking if they can come in. I fisted my hand in anger and because I know what is coming. I hear Sheetal speaking.


ASR, what does this all means?...This is such opportunity...why did you do this?...


I look into her face and ask myself what is on her so special that I found so attractive?


ASR, how could you miss this chance?...The Remake of Mughal-E-Azam is amazing idea and would shoot you over the top of everything what have to do with Indian television...


I shook my head about so much ignorance. Sheetal was talented when it is about to take care about my partners or organize my appointments. But she has no idea about financial affairs. She came from one rich family and did this job for her own fun. Yes she was talented to get me good projects but she never took care about money. And she was not interested in this.


I took my whole power of peace and explain her what she would probably not even understand if I take one whole day to explain.


Yes, Sheetal...this is one amazing project...but as good I can win, I can also loose...and I can lose a lot...This is too much risk and I have responsibility...


Responsibility for what, ASR?...


Responsibility for my employees...I cant invest so much know that the original film was the one of the most expensive films in the Indian history...and the remake should be even more expensive...I cant take this risk, Sheetal...


I am your Manager, ASR and I know what is good for you...and i know that you are richer than rich...this movie will be just peanuts for your wallet...


At the moment i have enough money...

Yes, you have enough money to buy whole India...

We never know what comes tomorrow...I will not do this Sheetal and take risk that so many families lose their jobs...Khushi would say this too...


In the same moment when I spoke this out I realize what I just did. I thought again on her. It was totally weird. When she was around me I didnt even spend a single thought on her and now when she is gone I couldnt stop my mind of thinking on her.


When they told me everything about this next project and I sit with them in the conference room, I was whole time asking myself what would Khushi say to this all? I came to the result that she would not be enthusiastic about this and I decide to refuse the offer.


Oh, you speak again about her?...well was not she the one who took the money from our company and spend it somewhere?...


Enough Sheetal!...

Ok, she is getting again on my nerves but I still try to explain. I would never need to explain something like this to Khushi. She would understand without any question. Too many families would lose their jobs if this film cost too much money and flop.



It wasnt so that Arnav Singh Raizada and I mean me had no self-confidence. NO! I am more than good and I would take this risk if its only about me here. But not if I have responsibilities for so many people.


I know what the problem you think I am stupid?...since this Lawyer was here you are totally nervous and restless...


So thats it! I dont have patience anymore.


I think you should leave now...


Oh, you dont want to hear what I have to say...well the truth is Mr. ASR that Khushi stole money from us and now she is running away...I dont understand why are you behaving like this?...Have you forgot what you told me last time?...


I walk to her and didnt even want to hide my anger. I dont like how she spoke and I will definitive show her, her limits.


Enough...the correct statement is that she stole money from her own if there is one us...then it means me and Khushi...there is nowhere you, Sheetal...


Sheetal left the ironical loud from her. Her own company...oh, come on...this company was never hers...she was normal employee never threat her like somebody whom this company belong...and the funniest thing is that nobody here knows that she is your wife...

So what do you want to say now, ASR?...


I was shattered. Speechless. I knew that what Sheetal spoke out was true but to hear it from somebody let me feel bad. All I know right now was that I need to be alone. I dont know if I should be angry or even feel ashamed right now.


I need to think about everything. I need to be alone.


Get out...right now...she was about to speak but I didnt want to talk to her anymore. So I use again my dont dare to contradict glance and was calmed that it works.  Finally she turns around and leaves.

Aman followed her silent.


I walked to my table and took the divorce papers out which Khushi already signed.

And then this feeling come over me. All I know I need to go out from here. 






I look on my small watch to see how many hours I was already on the way. Four hours and there are still about eight hours which I have to fly. I remember the time when I was already in Australia and he came to pick me up. He came and helped me to pack my bags. He didnt even spend some days with me there to meet my friends and learn my surroundings. No he wanted to fly back as soon as possible. 

My life was great till then. I mean I was not disappointed. No really, I wasnt.  I was full of hope and just happy that I saw him again. He shared one lunch with me somewhere in one restaurant and I was so thankful. I just imagine that this was our first date. We went back to India and my first few months there were very exciting.


But then day by day my life got worse and worse.


Do you know how it is to be with one person married and to learn slowly, day by day that exactly this person never wanted you?


I was blind for years and mistook his friendship with love. And then Sheetal came in his life and I saw him looking at her like he never looked at me. She was like sweets which he could never taste and I was the reason for it.


He never asked me to follow him or to give my dreams away for him but I was searching for possibilities to be near him. Whenever he needs to decide something on his work he asked me for my opinion and this let me feel needful or be one important part of his life. But you know what? In all this years there was one thing which I was wanting from him so desperate. I was craving for this and I get it only one time.


A Kiss!


Today I understand that this one time when he kissed me he was testing if he could have such relationship with me but stupid as I am, I thought he feels something for me.

Anyway, i am happy to see my old friends and i promisse myself to start new. I will definite force myself to be happy and be open for somebody new. But first i need to get one job and find one place where i can live. I need to pay Buaji the money back which i loan from her.


And one thing more which i need to do as soon as possible, but this will be the hardest part for me. And this is to forget him. I know i can do this. He was for so long one part of my life but i need to do this. 


I know my life is very sad at the moment but I am sure its getting better.



Arnav: black

Driver: blue

Woman: pink




I walked outside of my office and look around on the streets. All people seemed so busy. It seems like no one noticed the other. Everyone was busy with himself. I realize that even I am like them. The air in my lungs was heavy. Every breath burn inside my chest and I ask myself what was the reason.



I remember how I scold her last time in my office.




What is this...what is this Khushi?...i saw her gazing on the floor...look at my face, dammit...why don't you answer?...her underlip shake and she fisted her could you? could you do this?...i never thought that you could act so low, steal money and stand here like totally innocent little girl...

I knew that it was mean what I said but I was damn act like some kind middle class female with cheap low could you sink?...i look into her face and couldn't believe what I saw. She was crying now and this made me damn angry.


You stole money from my company account and don't even want to explain...why are you crying, dammit?...i yelled now so that everyone outside could hear me but at this moment I didn't care.

She turns around and run outside the office.


This was the last time that I saw her. I didn't even hear a word from her. No call or email. Nothing! I thought she need time to get courage to look into my face but she never came back and my proud was too big, to call her. I thought she will come back like she always came to me. 

No matter what happen she always came back but not this time. And in the moment I saw this lawyer I thought she want more money from me. But when I look now on this divorce papers in my hands I realize how wrong I was.


I feel how my palms start to sweat and wonder why. Why am I so restless? I look around again and notice how noisy it was outside and around me. My driver walked to me and talk...Mr. Raizada?...your car is here...he shows on my car...he look with asking face and I knew that I need to answer but I need also few seconds to reply because my mouth was dry...give me the key...

I will drive by myself...but's ok...just give me the key...he placed the key in my palm and we both hear some noise coming from side. We look at the same direction and notice few people running to us.



My fans. My crazy fans which follow me everywhere. How could I forget them? Usual I enjoy the attention which I became from them but today not. Today for the first time since I became popular I hate being it. I run to my car and drive fast away.


I was driving for more than one hour and finally I held. But when my eyes move to side to look outside I became the shock of my life. From all parts of this town I land here. The place where I saw her for the first time. The place where we grow up together. 

The place where everyone knows Arnav the good cricket player and not ASR the super star. Taking one deep breath my hand open automatically the door and I stepped outside.


I wish is have my sunglasses on so I leaned back into the car to take them. My eyes fell on the divorce papers and I took them with glasses out and close the door. My feet's start to move from alone to the entrance of the building where our mothers once lived with us. The place where Khushi still live.


I realize that I wasn't here for a while. Actually since my mother died. I asked myself if she is at home. I know what stand in the papers but ASR is not afraid of nobody. And if I even need to share this damn company with her, I didn't care dammit. All I know I want to talk with her. The big question is will she talk with me?


I was now on the floor where this two flats of our families lay. I knocked on one of the door and wait for her to open. I wear my glasses even it was not so bright here but for some reason I feel better wearing them so I didn't take them off. I walked to the other door. 

The door of the flat, where she lived with her mom before we get married. I knocked there also and wait for the answer. I really don't know how long I was standing now here and knock on this door. All I know is that I knock really loud and if I continue I could broke the door.


One voice resounded behind my back...she is not there...I turn around and look into one woman's face which was not familiar to me. I want to talk with Khushi...she is not there...where is she...I don't know...all I know is that she left the keys at the caretaker and she will never came back...this is what she told me...







Gosh how much I hate this flight. Being caught on this one seat, no distraction and my mind went again and again back to him. No matter how much I try to forget I still think on him. All this stupid questions don't want to leave my head. Did he already get the divorce papers? How did he react? Did he fell in Sheetal's arms and cry some tears of happiness? Well he never cry and I know that he was very reserved with showing his feelings. The only feeling which he shows is his uncontrolled anger. When he is in bad mood, oh boy run as fast as you can.  And if someone make one joke don't await from big ASR to laugh. He never laughed.  


You will laugh but I told him once that I believe that he go to basement when he want to laugh. He didn't find it funny but I couldn't stop laughing because there is so much trueness in this joke. I am wondering how is it possible for him to act this all feelings when he don't even know how it works in real life. 

Anyway I am hardly trying to forget him and it's really hard for me. I look to my neighbor and I could formally count his teeth's. His mouth was so bright open while he was sleeping and snoring.



Ok, I open my bag and took my mp3 out to hear some music. Can't wait to see my two old friends.     For the first time till I decided to leave India, I was happy. Yes, and even one smile form on my lips. 

Swini and Monisha I am coming. I know my life is going to be exciting from today. Not exciting in this ASR way but just exciting in the way having friends, life, fun, privacy. In short, just simple life.


Nothing with him was simple. Anyway I took my mp3 which I got once from my mother in law and scroll down through my songs and stop when I saw this one song. This special song which attended me since my wedding. In this one song lay so much hope and wishes. 

The words of this one song tell the story of my heart. I close my eyes not to see the name of this songs but it start to play in my head and I could hear the lyrics even if I didn't want. I remember how I hear the song on my wedding night. I don't know why but from this night on, this song start to attend me.  


I couldn't resist so I put the headphones on and start the song.


Kabhi Kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai


Sometimes the thought crosses my mind..

that you've been made just for me..

Before this, you were dwelling somewhere in the stars..

you were summoned to earth just for me...

Sometimes the thought crosses my mind...

that this body and these eyes are kept in trust for me..

that the dark shadows of your hair are for my sake alone,

that these lips and these arms are charged to my care...

Sometimes the thought crosses my mind..

just as the shehnaii sounds on the roads...

that it is my wedding night, and I am lifting your veil...

You're shrinking for shame, blushing in my arms...

Sometimes the thought crosses my mind...

that you'll love me like this our whole lives through,

that you'll always lift a loving gaze to me like this...

I know you're a stranger, but even so,

sometimes the thought crosses my mind...




Wow, I have tears in my eyes. Not even this loud snoring from my neighbor can stop me from this.

I remember how they placed me on the bed. Everything was decorated with flowers and candles. Our mother's decide to live together so that we have some privacy. I was sitting there with my mehndi and jewelry. 

I looked down embarrassed in the moment he enters the room. As every girl I was dreaming of this special night. The night when I became woman. His woman. I hear him walking to me and dug my hands into my lehenga.


I chose the red color even it was not my favorite. I like green but I chose red because it was his favorite. I feel how he took place near me and bit my underlip to control my excitement. The words which he spoke next destroy all my dreams but at this moment I didn't realize what this means.


You can go to sleep, Khushi...the day was hard and we need to rest...


In my head I was, I am not tiered...I want my wedding night...I want you to make me yours...but this words didn't left my lips.


I thought on the next day he will complete our marriage but nothing happen. I am not like this naughty girls, but I was waiting about twenty years for this night and my expectation was big. Anyway, the day passed by and nothing happen. He distanced himself more and more from me and I was searching his nearness. No matter how far away he went from me I always find my way to be near him.


Today I realize how wrong I was. How young and innocent. How much I wanted him to love me. But you know what? I give it up. And I gave my promise anyway. I can't break it. It's impossible for me.




Arnav: black

Khushi: red

Aman: blue

Woman: pink

Men: green


I want to talk with Khushi...she is not there...where is she?...I don't know...all I know is that she left keys at the caretaker and she will never come back...this is what she told me...


What do you mean she will never come back?...I don't know Mr. ...this is what she told me...

I couldn't believe my ears. My eyes popped formally out by her words. I try to control my boiling strange feelings. I feel how my palm form to fist and this damn divorce papers deep inside it. This woman turns around and I make my way downstairs to the office of this caretaker to take the keys.


It took me some time to convince him that I am husband of Khushi Kumari Gupta. I thought to show him even the divorce papers but then decided that this will create more problems for me. It just needs few rupees to get the keys and I made my way back to the flats.


On the way I asked myself when did she start to call herself Gupta again and could immediately after this question kick my own ass. I remember how I asked her to keep our relationship or better say marriage secret. No one in our office should know that Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada was already taken. And we both knew that my chances in the Film industry were much bigger if I was officially single.


Standing on the floor I asked myself which of the flats to open first and decided to open the one where we last lived as couple. Well actually we were never one. It took me some time to find the right key and enter the flat.


I stood now inside and look around and noticed that the furniture was the same like years before. Was it really years ago that I was here? My feet start to move from alone and I realized that I was observing every part of the flat.


There was some kind of nervousness inside me and I really don't know why I feel this way. I was never scared of something or feel insecure. No, Arnav Singh Raizada is not a coward. There was only one day and one night where I felt like a coward. This one night which show me that not everything is under my control and this was my wedding night.


I knew that our mothers what us to marry and I knew that her mother was very ill. They both wished us to be together as husband and wife and even if I hate that someone tell me what to do or force me into some situations, I was not able to refuse this please of our mothers.


So, yes I married Khushi to fulfill our mothers last wish. Well actually her mothers last wish. My hand touched different furniture while I walked through the whole flat. I remembered our suhag raat which actually never happen. I couldn't go this step with her at this evening and not in every other night. She sat on our bed in her wedding dress and I manage somehow to tell her to go to sleep. She didn't say a word and I was busy to control my feelings. I was whole night awake, thinking how to escape the situation and make the life for her and me livable and in the next morning I knew that I need to go away.


Yeah I know what you guys think right, married one girl to fulfill the wish of your mothers and then didn't have guts to say that you actually didn't want it...and yes I can say you are right. But to my own apology I can only say that I was young. Very young. And the other important thing is that I didn't want to disappoint our mothers. I mean it's Khushi. My Khushi.


And what did we do if one friend need a help? What would happen to a young girl like Khushi without her only family member? I don't even know why I tell you all this. I mean Arnav Singh Raizada don't need to explain anything, dammit. I start to open some drawers in hope to find some traces where she could be. There were some bills and letters from some companies from them I never hear.


I found even some bills from hospital from my mother.  

I decide to continue searching and then later check the bills and other letters. I was now I front of the wardrobe and open it. It was empty and in this moment I realized that she left. Really, left. All looks so, like she pack her bags in hurry and I saw some boxes on the floor of the wardrobe. I went down to crouch and open them one after other. There was the jewelry of my mother. Even the jewelry of her mother. Everything was still there. I couldn't remember all pieces which she got on our wedding but some of them was familiar to me. Between the gold bangles of my mother I saw the thin necklace with dark pearls and took it in my hand. It was her Mangalsutra. The same one which I put around her neck on our wedding and which she wore some time but after our arrangement not anymore.


I asked myself why she didn't took this jewelry with her, because after all this pieces are hers. It makes me more and more restless to be here. Damn, I need to talk to her. As soon as possible. I took my smartphone out and start to dial Aman's number.


Hello...hello Aman it's me...I need you to find out where Khushi is...this is your priority from now on...


Wait is there the biggest idiot in the world?...excuse me?...yeah Arnav Singh Raizada the biggest idiot in the world...I could also say looser...Aman are you drunk? the are you talking with me dammit?...I speak with you like I think it's right to talk with you...shut up, Aman or I am going to fire you...oh, you don't need to...I am just quitting...but before I hang up I want you to know something...


The money which you thought Khushi stole...well it was me...what the...oh wait and listen it's getting better...don't worry I transferred it just to another the money is still there...I am not interested in your damn money...all I want is Khushi...and you...I could hear him laughing know what...since I start to work for you I want this woman...but she never look at me...never...


No matter what I much I tried...never...and then came Sheetal and I saw my chances growing because I saw Khushi always gazing at you and I thought when Sheetal is there Khushi will finally realize that you are unreachable for her and give me maybe one chance...but then, one day I find out that she was your wife so I held myself back and try to be just one good was busy to slobber after Sheetal not even noticing how amazing your own wife is...I couldn't believe what I hear. What Aman all said to me. I was just about to give him some piece of my anger when he stopped me again.


You should really listen what I have to say have this amazing and beautiful wife and hide your relationship with her in front of the one knows who she is and she got normal pay from you...I mean what kind of as*hole are you?...hey and don't ask me how I find's my job to find out things for you...and guess what ASR...sometimes I find things out for myself...because I am so good in it...but you know this already...


So I come back to Khushi...this amazing woman...beautiful Khushi...shut, no listen...I am not you know that she paid the hospital and doctors for your mother? now you know...and do you know that I needed to give her pay earlier because of this? do you know that she needed to take second job to pay bills for your two flats and your mother?


I was silent and my mouth was dry. If he was in front of me right now I knew I would kill him with my bare hands. This is how I learn about you both...and it was not her who told me about your marital...and you are asking yourself probably now why she never asked you for money...well I think it's because you never behave as her why should she?...

Do you know who was there for her? all this years, who was on her side? still she never looked at me like she looked at you...I never saw this love and softness in her eyes when she looked at me like I saw it when she secretly look at you...If she were mine I would give her all rights...I would let the world know to whom she belong...and what did you do? didn't even noticed how much this amazing woman loved you...right?...


Anyway, I decided to handle...I put the money on other account and put here and there traces that the money was was one test for you and off course to proof Khushi how much she meant to you...I wanted to open her show her that she is wasting her time in you...and all happened like I idiot don't even give her the chance to proof herself right...and she was whole time innocent...


I took my phone firmer in my palm. Damn I want to break everything. I want to break his bones. Oh, I bet you imagined how to hurt me right I right?...listen buddy...damn your buddy...woah...why are you angry?...I helped wanted Sheetal and I we both are going to get what we want...I don't understand why do you care for Khushi...your eyes were always on what's the problem right now...the problem is that I lost my wife because of you...really?...i think this was your own fault...after all you was the one who hold this amazing woman away from yourself...I mean I can't understand you know how often I imagine to kiss her...shut the f*ck up...


Easy...easy buddy...I would be very careful what I say...listen I left you the file with informations about the account where the money is and everything what you need to know till you find one new PA...I left you even some money from myself to pay some bills from Khushi if she forgot to pay...I took one deep breath. All I want right now is to find him and teach him how it is to mess with me.


You don't need to pay anything because she is my wife. Got it? MY WIFE!... Oh, really?...I remember that she already sign the divorce papers...why don't you just accept that she don't want you anymore...and now guess who is going to be there to give her his shoulders to cry on it?...who is going to give her all love which she deserve?...who will win her heart and her soul?...who is going to make her his wife and let her forget that the name Arnav even exist in her past?...

ENOUGH!!!...shut up...just shut up...


Ok, I really need to stop because I need to go right now...upsss I need to speak carefully...I don't want you to find out where she is...I need some time alone with her...where is she?...this is something I would never share with you...


Bye...wait... where is she?...try to find out..till then I will win her why don't you just forget her and go to Sheetal...she is better for you...characterless and coldhearted...just like you...

Keep you money, ASR...I am interested just in Khushi...


He hang up and I was screaming again and again, wait. I try to call him but his phone was off.


I broke my damn phone on the floor and fisted my both palms. It was Aman! Aman was behind this all and I knew in the same moment that he was right. I hated him like no other person but he was right.






I am there. OMG I am finally there. I couldn't pack my bags fast enough. This guy which was snoring the half way look at me with some mysterious glance and I couldn't sort this glance. I didn't know what his glance mean and I took my small mirror to check out my face. Everything was fine so I looked down on my body if my clothes were dirty but there was also everything ok.


Hey...I just want to ask you if you want to drink some coffee with me?...

I look unbelievably to him and stopped in my movements...well actually...I noticed that I was just about to tell him that I am married but stopped then when the realization hit me and I remember the already signed divorce papers.I thanks...oh, ok...I remember his open mouth and his teeth's and get all over my body goosebumps. No, he was definitely not the right one for the first date after my divorce.


I really hurried myself to come out of the plane feeling his presence behind me. While we were waiting for all people which was before us to walk to the exit, he tried again and again to talk with me.


Finally I was out and looked around where my friends could be and my eyes fell on this two sweet girls in my age which look around searching for me, too. In the moment they saw me they run to me and we all three start to scream in excitement. Hugging and kissing and even leaving some tears we start to chat with each other. Swini and Monisha were my friends when I was last time in Australia. We spend a lot of time together but when I flew back to India, we lost a little contact.


As you know I was busy running Mr. ASR behind.





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I am dancing on my bed...I am so ecstatic...


It's party time for me...

I am the first ever commenter of this FF which is written by my lovely DI...Cool Big smile

She is one of my favourite writer and also a very sweet DI Heart ...i literally begged her the first place in this FF...and we were really happy when she posted this FF...

thank you di for not making me wait long to post this oneHug...though you are going to update this after a month but still I'll be very happy to read the first chapter again and again...

Now about the plot...i just loved it...wonderful...Thumbs Up

I have read many stories in this forum and have many favourite and this FF is one of them...i just loved the way you wrote everything including everything that a first chapter needed but not giving away the mystery behind arnav and khushi's relation...

i want to know how they got married? Why did arnav doubt on khushi?  Why he considered khushi as a gold-digger even if both had made the company with their hard work...and other etc. etc. soon...

I feel sad for khushiCry...because she had to leave her family her own company which she must have built with equal passion as that of arnav...also she had to leave...her childhood friend...her husband...her lover...her arnav...Broken Heart

but i liked that she left him to have his own life with the person he loves (as she thinks). I felt pity for khushi when she was in airport but still hoping for arnav to come and stop her Broken Heart ...

And I want to kick arnav for being so mean Angry...i want him to suffer Evil Smile to make khushi go through hell and not trusting her even when he knows her from childhood...

I want to see him regretting for the mistakes he had done...her absence affecting him...him missing her...and having a hard time finding her...Evil Smile

also i want to know if he love her????? But he seems indifferent expect for getting surprised by the clause Wacko Shocked...

But the best thing of the first part was the clause... But what a clauseClap...Khushi is really intelligent...even if Arnav wants to talk to Khushi he can't do it because of the clause. 

But she doesn't know that if arnav is determined to do something he will get it no matter how and when...hope their families support them at different times...

And how can i forget sheetal... I hate herAngry...she is talking about celebration when Arnav has lost his wife...and Arnav loves sheetalOuch (as per khushi) but i don't think it's true...

Now I want you to update other FF's regularly whenever possible so that i can get more updates of theseWink...


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This is awesome - I absolutely love it!! Can't help you with a name though - if I was that creative, I would be writing FFs too instead of reading them!! But I really like the premise - very different - just like all your stories. They have a very unique aspect to them... Can't wait to read more - even if it is named 'no name' or 'anamika'!!

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Well the title should matter on how the story is going to be based.
If Arnav in the following updates wants her back then my idea would be "Not Letting Her Go"
If Arnav eventually starts loving her later on after she leaves it could be "Game Of Love"
I don't know what's the concept of the story as I obviously read just one part but these are just ideas.

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Wooow what a start...eagerly waiting to read more
thanks for pm

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