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**~Sharam~** SHRT PART9~ PG2

iqbals4ever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 August 2006 at 6:11pm | IP Logged
ok guyz i'm sooooo sorry i didn't continue this story becuz of school and that i enjoy being a reader rather than a writer not becuz it takes me a long time for me to come up with something and write abt it it jus takes me forever to type sorry guyz once again here's the link of the first seven parts and the next part is below. Enjoy!


Part 8

Back at school:

Sh: Man, school is no fun without Angad. All we do now is go to classes and sit in the cafeteria at lunch that's all we do.

Ma: it's not so bad at least we can have some fun without Angad it's a good experience.

Josh and Shabbir look at Manek thinking he's weird.

Ma: what you guys have never hung out without Angad before?

Sh: ya we did but… we never did anything fun without him like playing pool, or teasing girls and that stuff.

Ma: So you've never teased girls without Angad?

J: No…. it just never came in our minds.

Ma: uhhhhhhh! You guys don't have a life just like Prithvi.

Sh: Hey! Don't insult us by comparing us with Prithvi. We've had girlfriends before and we weren't chickens to bother other girls, smoke and do all the other stuff but not without Angad because it wasn't fun without him.

Ma: It can be if you put a little effort in building the fire.

J: What do you mean?

Ma: What I mean is girls aren't that hard to annoy say one bad thing and they'll freak out in you're face in no time and all you have to do to keep on bothering the girls is add more fuel by saying more crap about them or just come in front of their face and that's it!

Sh: Hey not every girl is like Anitaah or Mishty.

Ma: But Rano is…

Sh: So?

J: he's saying that you have a crush on Rano.

Sh: (angry) I do not have a crush on Rano!

Ma: Well I was thinking of something else, but I think I believe that idea to that you like Rano. Right Josh?

Sh: Josh believes me don't you Josh?

J: (giggling) well you do enjoy picking fights with her, she's the only girl you fight with!

Sh: Thanks for turning on me man.

J: You're welcome.

Ma: Well you Shabbir you can also bug Josh about Aaliyah….

J: (Josh looks at Manek as if he's going to kill him)

Sh: What! Josh you like Aaliyah… wait but you're going out with Kali one of the hottest girls in school.

J: I know.

Sh: THEN WHY THE HELL ARE YOU CRUSHING ON AALIYAH!!!!! Not that that's a bad thing… I'm just asking since you were the one who broke her heart in the first month of Grade 9.

J: I know, I know I hurt her a lot!

Sh: Then what you doing man? You said you were just going to play with her and that was it no relationship or anything, what happened now?

J: I guess, I started to like Aaliyah. In that one week we were together, I had the best time of my life.

Ma: But that was two years ago, you can't change what happened… how you hurt her in the end, and besides you're with Kali now, the one of the hottest girl in school you should just stick with her.

J: (whispering to himself) Even though I like Aaliyah, I have to pretend to like Kali who drives me crazy!

Ma: Did you say something Josh?

J: Hmm! What? No! Nothing. You were saying something about Shabbir.

Ma: Oh yeah! So what do you say Shabbir? Will you humiliate Rano in front of the entire school or should I?

Sh: No! That's ok. I'll do it. I don't want you doing something stupid like the way you did with Kripa.

Ma: Shut up man! I don't want Anitaah to know.

Sh: (shocked) She still doesn't know about what you did to Kripa?

Ma: No and she doesn't have to find out unless you open you're big fat mouth!

Sh: (laughing) Ok chill, she won't find out but I'm not going to be the only one bothering a girl, someone else has to do it to, any volunteers?

Ma: I can't do it Anitaah will drive me crazy with her whining and fake tears.

Sh: How about Prithvi?

Ma: Are you kidding me? He had a hard time asking Mishty out on a date and a hard time kissing her and Kripa. Honestly, I have my doubts about him. What if he's not interested in girls but in… in guys!

J: Ok now Manek stop, Prithvi is just a bit shy that's it.

Ma: Shy! He's not shy he's just not interested in them! Last week Kumud, Kali's sister asked him out and he said no! I mean she might not dress like Kali but she's good looking and he said no to her!

J: Man if I had a brain I would've asked Kumud out instead of Kali.

Sh: Dude, you're crushing on Kumud and Aaliyah while dating Kali, give you're heart a rest!

J: Shut up Shabbir! And if you guys don't want Prithvi to tease someone, I'll do it.

Ma: You? Won't Kali rip you apart for teasing a girl much less looking at one besides her?

J: Well she went to India for a month with her family without leaving any contact so she won't know about this.

Sh: You sure about this Josh and let me guess who you're going to annoy the hell out of.

J: (laughing) If you already know why are you asking?


Back at the hospital…


K: (laughing) Angad stop making those funny faces please! You're making me hurt my cheeks!

A: well it was better than before when all you use to do was frown all the time!

K: I never frowned at school… well maybe a few tears but I never frowned I don't know what you're talking about….

A: What were those tears for Kripa?


Angad wanted to know why Kripa cried those tears alone and why she had a beautiful mask of happiness and joy all the time when her eyes gave away of how she really felt inside sad and alone.


A: What were those tears for Kripa? You can tell me.

K: (blurted out) I don't share my secrets with just anybody!

A:( hurt) Oh I guess you don't consider me a friend yet.

K: No Angad it's not like that it's just that I don't like talking about things that happened to me a long time ago. I mean whatever's done is done why bother remembering and hurting yourself don't you think so?

A: (Angad thought for a little while) Yeah I guess you're right why remember a horrible incident in life when all it's going to do is cause you pain. But Kripa if you need anyone to talk to you know I'm always there for you even though you don't think of me as a friend.

K: (outraged) I never said that!

A: Oh yes you did you said you "don't share you're secrets with just anybody" remember?

K:( blushing) well, I take that all back.

A: Friends?

K: Friends.


School Next Day…


Josh and Shabbir are going to prove a point to Manek that they can have fun without having Angad around go and start annoying Rano and Aaliyah. During class, Josh just sits beside Aaliyah and stares at her and tries to move closer to her and try to talk to her but she quietly moves away from him to another desk. Shabbir tries something different and it gets Rano all mad.


Sh: Move over chasmish so I can sit down.


Sh: What chasmish? Agar mein chashmish ko chashmish naa bulao toh phir aur kya bulao? Sahi hain naa chashmish?

R: Shut up! Don't you dare call me chashmish again otherwise it won't be good for you!

Sh: What are you going to do yell at me and swear at me you do that all the time and it doesn't make a difference so what are you really going to do?

R: Nothing! Just leave me alone.

Sh: No way! You're fun to annoy. Shabbir takes Rano's glasses off her face and starts screaming. CHASHMISH AANDHI HOGAYI!

R: Shabbir GIVE ME BACK MY GLASSES RIGHT NOW! You know I can't see…

Sh:  OHHH! What did you say Rano? You can't see Saahil without your glasses? Rano likes Saahil! Rano likes Saahil! Rano likes Saahil…


R: DON'T MESS WITH ME SHABBIR OBEROI OTHERWISE IT WON'T BE GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!! AND I DON'T LIKE SAAHIL! Rano walks out of class before it even started Aaliyah followed Rano.

J: Wow! She's never been this annoyed with you that she would actually slap you. Btw how's you're cheek.

Sh: Oh Shut up Josh! You know this was all for fun.

J: So you were expecting the slap?

Sh: Shut up man!


S: What are you two doing out of class and why is Rano looking so angry, Aaliyah?

Aa: Nothing Rano and Shabbir got into a major fight.

S: So what's new about that Shabbir always bothers Rano.

Aa: Yeah but this time she slapped him.

R: So what if I slapped him Aaliyah and you want to know something new, Simone? Josh has started to take interest in our little friend Aaliyah again!

S: Whoa! Congratulations Aaliyah!

Aa: That's not true and you also know that Rano he just came and sat beside me…

R: and looked at you so intensely like he was in love with you.

Aa: Ok Rano you've made you're point now stop.

R: No!

S: Ok! You two can both stop this argument about yourselves and worry about me!

R: Why what's wrong with you?

S: Nothing it's just that you two have guys going after you and I have none. And the guy I want to date he won't even look at me.

R: Ughhh! How many times am I going to tell you this that Prithvi is not you're type find someone better or better yet, no one at all.

S: Can't do that Rano he's in my heart forever!

R: Why the hell are you so melodramatic?

Aa: besides you're crying over Prithvi.

S: No girls. He's the one I want, and there he goes. Prithvi! Prithvi! I want to tell you something!

P: Oh God! Better make a run for it or I'm going to be stuck with her till the end of the day.

Simone runs towards Prithvi and he runs away from her around the whole school.]

Aa: Do you think Simone will ever give up on Prithvi?

R: Not until the day she dies or just until graduation.

okay that's part 8 hope you guys like itSmile


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KKAUR Groupbie

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Posted: 10 August 2006 at 8:51pm | IP Logged
Continue soon
Simiran Senior Member

Joined: 19 January 2006
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Posted: 10 August 2006 at 9:19pm | IP Logged
That was very good I was waiting a long time for u to contuine ur fan fic plz keep on writing I like this story a lot and put more AK parts thanx.
SNoorien92 Senior Member

Joined: 12 August 2005
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Posted: 10 August 2006 at 9:34pm | IP Logged
wow!!! haha i was remembering your fan fic randomly a couple of days ago, but had no idea what it was called.

so yippie!!! you continued. hehe

continue soon. can't wait.

xyounngLOVE IF-Dazzler

Joined: 13 July 2006
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Posted: 10 August 2006 at 9:38pm | IP Logged
yay! FINALLY!!!!!!!! please continue soon!!!!!!!!
Numera89 Goldie

Joined: 18 February 2006
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Posted: 11 August 2006 at 1:35am | IP Logged
plz continue soon!!!
blah_blah IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 August 2006 at 2:27am | IP Logged
omg!! finally!!!

but it was a AWESOME part!! Clap
iqbals4ever IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 August 2005
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Posted: 11 August 2006 at 3:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Simiran

That was very good I was waiting a long time for u to contuine ur fan fic plz keep on writing I like this story a lot and put more AK parts thanx.

thanx and there are more parts with AK to come but plz plz can u cont soon for Pyar HuaCry i really luvd the parts u wrote for the story so far so can u plz cont that story Cry

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