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FF-TohseNainalaage piya Sa-Chapter 9-Pg 55

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Hi Friends Big smile


I came up with another story Tongue , few days back Rajani opened a poll Arrange Marriage/Love Marriage. That poll triggered this thought ...thank you rajani Hug

This is simple love story when 2 strangers with little bit reservation from past come to face to face...how they cope and move ahead in Arranged marriage...

Below is first chapter, do let me how it came out '.I will give my next part tomorrow else Wednesday morning '..


Chapter 1



"We are the people, who pollute the very air we breathe and our river we are destroying; we are killing our surrounding by filling it with fatal elements which in turn putting poison in our own system. We are the people named for effectiveness and also we are the people busy preparing bombs which can wipe out human civilization in minutes ' And We are the very same people who went out to help the hungry ones in Somalia, extending a hand to sooth lurking poverty in streets of afghan, watching mass murder in Nepal, burning from inside after hearing violence of Hitler in his concentration camps ' we are the very own people trying , stumbling to balance the equilibrium with nature , with our surrounding , with this world '

'.We are not one ' we are individual; different from one another'We got brain which can construct good thoughts and can nourish destruction. God left us choice, to choose what to be '.either to construct or to destroy everything we built '.god left us the choice and it is with us now."

"Hi there " , startled by the voice Ashuthosh looked up from his laptop , adjusting his glasses which slumped till his nose he stared at the door way , the little frown narrowed and irk which lingered in his head dissolved when Jason came to his side

"You got 5 more minutes "Jason spoke patting Ashu's back roughly '

" I dint knew that you are so keen to get rid of me '.." Ashu mocked

"Not me, blame Simon 'I think he is still bit mad at you for taking this decision" Jason replied with bit of annoyance.

Ashu smirked '

Closing his laptop, wrapping his things in his black leather bag, checking his drawer for things which he might have missed out to pick 'he walked towards the door'.

"so it's a goodbye then huh  ...?" Jason gave him unease look

Nodding his head Ashuthosh looked at his room briefly 'white polished walls, window with view of nearby park, wall posters about neuroscience dangling on one side of the room..small couch where he used to eat his late lunches exhausted after never ending surgeries 'small photo frame on his table, empty right now, aching to be filled with happy moments once again'so many memories, so many moments captured, blurred, burned under this very own roof '. Taking lungful of air, Ashuthosh sighed.

"So when is your flight back to India? Jason asked accompanying him till the entrance. "Tomorrow, early morning flight to Dubai and connecting flight from there on '.to Mumbai "

"ok '." Jason replied

Handing over his badge, Ashuthosh looked out at vast Manhattan sky, the big lush green park surrounded by autumn tree ready to bloom once again '..

Standing there Ashuthosh remembered those early days, when he joined as mere intern for internship program with the help of his scholarship and extra odd jobs 'he did fine, he survived, Decade has passed since he set foot in this soil, in this country 'sharing red bricked dungeon like room with his fellow interns and eating Chinese take away full of lettuce and salted chowmein..He did fine, he survived.

He went out on his own, climbing the ladder of success, never once he turned back, not once he lost focus '.lunging towards places where he can grow... Days passed and years...with each year, he did well, exceptionally well making his baba proud after finishing MS in neuroscience and even more when he got promoted as chief surgeon '..

His life was good, comfortable 'full of glittering success and expensive things filled in his closet. He was safe inside his bubble from where everything looked perfect.

It is after his brief trip from Washington, He received phone call from his baba. It was unusual to get a call from his baba at such odd time, startled Ashu picked up the phone " Baba '.is everything fine? Its midnight there isn't it ?"

" Ashu I need to tell you something '"he recognized kind of aloofness in his baba's voice.

" what happened '?" Ashu could barely mumble

"There is place here, nice one '.I visited last Saturday'.uhm , you see.. Since you are planning to settle down in US'and moreover what I will do here in this big house all alone! I am thinking to shift there '."

"Which place '.?" Ashu asked quizilly

" it's an old age home '..I will have company '"

He went still ...it is as if his conscience kicked him on his face. The bubble around him busted, exposing him to the harsh reality..

He stumbled back with sheer force of reality wherein he completely ignored his baba '.the person who bought him up single handedly after his mothers untimely death 'who put his all wishes dreams backstage and worked hard to give better future for his son '.for him

Controlling his choked voice he whispered "No, you are not going anywhere baba'I will come back "

" Ashu , don't be stupid ..you have bright future , I don't want you to spoil.."

Ashu cut short the words  ..." Baba , listen to me 'nothing will go away , I will lose nothing by coming back 'and beside , I got offer from Mumbai JMH hospital , they asked me to join in case I plan to settle down in India 'I think , I will accept the offer .."

"Ashu, I don't want you to lose any opportunities '."

"I don't care, I don't mind 'losing any opportunities but I don't want to lose you '" Ashu replied.

There was no response after that for a long time, after a while he heard his baba's voice " you make me so proud each and every day 'sometime with your success and sometime 'like this with your words" , brimming with emotion Ashu mumbled hasty good bye and soon after that planned to shift back to India

"Time to be emotional huh '.?"Jason looked at him with his light blue eyes 'jerking back to reality Ashu sighed

Smilingly he patted his back '." Yes '."

"Good luck with your new role "Jason shook his hand firmly...

"And good luck with you and Cassandra'."

"Don't, miss the wedding '" Jason gave his toothy grin

"not for all the tea in china..." patting his back, Ashuthosh walked towards parking lot and with a final wave he left...


Ashuthosh looked around, it's small restaurant with old furniture and enforced mirrors hung on side of the walls. There were paintings sketched by local artist hung near the entrance. The place looked like minishaft with dim light dangling over his head '..

"Would you like to try Akutaq'?" Mallika looked up from menu,

" what is that ''?" ashu asked

" its Eskimos ice cream '.made of whipped raspberry and meat "

" Ice cream with meat '..!!! no Thank you " Ashu made a face

" it's good , try once 'I tried this in Alaska when I went with Niraj "

Ashu shook his head "so its final then, you are leaving '" Mallika asked him after a brief pause, her voice sounded aloof and sad.

"Yes '." Ashu replied

"Will you call me ..Be in touch with me?" Mallika mumbled her words

" I am not sure '..How is Niraj ? Did you told him that you are here to meet me" Ashu enquired

" Niraj is fine '.and No I did not told him that I came to  meet you "

" why ?"

" he 'he does not like me anywhere near you'..since he know that we were together once "

"He don't trust you '..?"

" he trust me but not you '.."

Ashu scoffed "really '.?? "

" yes , he still think you took it bad '.do you ?" Mallika asked him carefully

" no I am not '..I am over you, if that's what you are referring to" hearing Ashu's words Malika's face saddened

" baba was mentioning about some girl he chose for me '." Ashu whispered

" will you marry ?"

" yes , I think so '.."

Mallika closed her eyes " we were so right for each other ..you spoiled everything Ashuthosh"  she mumbled after a brief pause

Ashu scowled, his frown deepened and he glared at her "it's easy to blame 'but it's tough to take the blame" Ashu muttered annoyingly

" but you did '.spoiled it . You were never there in that relation ... it was always me, only me "

"So you cheated on me and left '. If I remember "Ashu gritted his teeth

" I had to '."

" yes , I think so '..Now at least be loyal to your new boyfriend" Ashu muttered sarcastically

"Ashuthosh '." Mallika glared, tears brimmed in her eyes "careful with your words'."

She whispered under hiccupping breath.

Ashu looked away

"I don't want to fight with you now  ...When you are leaving! Anyways 'wish you all the luck" Mallika whispered.

" you too '" he mumbled ,getting up from his seat " I need to go back now'." Ashu replied

Mallika grabbed his hand just when he turned to go "be good to her '..The girl you are going to meet, everyone will not take it '.everyone will not be like me" Mallika whispered

Ashu's face tightened " I know how to be '.and beside I know that she is not going to be like you ..Because I don't want her to be like you, unfaithful!!!...now if you will excuse" Ashu got up from his seat

Closing her eyes tight shut, she took lungful of air to digest his words, after a brief pause she mumbled "Will you call me '.."

"No, I don't think so '."

"We were friends once '" Mallika looked at him pleadingly
"but not anymore '" Ashu huffed out his words '..

"Don't be so heartless ''so harsh" Mallika mumbled

"Now I am heartless '.." Ashu scoffed...As he stood to go away "don't hate me Ashuthosh, I am sorry '.for hurting you, for everything"  her choked words wobbled out.

Closing his eyes tight shut he stood still controlling his hurt , his anger which is bubbling from his inside , after a brief pause , he stared at her and replied "I don't hate you but I don't want to jeopardize our already complicated life anymore ..So it's better if we stay away from each other's life'Anyways Good luck with your new life and ' good bye"  telling this , he walked away from her , walking under dark overcast night , her words haunted him more and more " don't be so heartless '.so harsh "

"Is that what I am now  ..." he gritted his teeth as memories of her unfaithfulness lingered in his mind , making him angry , hurt and Freezing his inside with a coldness which unnerved him '.


"Nidhi 'come here" CV called his daughter who was setting up medicine cabinet.

Holding a glass of water and tablet case she came to his side "medicine time '.here you go, eat this, this will make your heart even stronger" telling this she extended her hand.

"How much more you can lie to your baba 'huh?" Cv asked her solemnly

" I am not lying , I spoke to your doctor 'you are doing really great , you need to trust me baba" she smiled reassuringly

"Not anymore 'after this last hospital trip "

"Don't sound so low 'nothing will happen to you nor I will let it happen" she sat closely giving out anxious look

"Yes 'not until I find one handsome prince to my daughter "

Hearing this Nidhi rolled her eyes "not again baba '."

"What do you mean by not again huh 'what's wrong in that?, how much more I will live '.considering my situation " Cv grimaced

"You know what, you are very smart, and you are perfectly using this opportunity to emotionally blackmail me, because I cannot say no" Nidhi looked at him annoyingly

CV chuckled

" do you have any one in your life '.is that why , you always refuse?"  he asked looking into her eyes

"ohh common baba ..That is not the reason "

"Then what is the reason?"

"There is no reason; I just don't want to get married so soon '."

"Soon!! ..I see 'you are almost 26 '.how much more you want to wait "

Nidhi looked down guiltily "I don't want to force you beta 'but looking at my situation, I don't want to take any risk '.I know you are strong, you don't need anyone to look after you but I don't want to leave you behind all alone '."

"Baba, why you talk like this '.nothing will happen to you" nidhi cringed

When her baba did not responded, she mumbled slowly "ok fine '.I will meet him 'if it's make you happy "

Hearing this Cv's face glowed with happiness "Listen to me ,I will not force you if you don't like him '.you can say No 'no one will force you , I will not tell Db until you say yes. Think about this thoroughly and take your decision '.between can you meet him tomorrow" Nidhi jumped from her seat

"Baba...Tomorrow!! Isn't it too 'umm I mean early? I don't even know his name "

"Ok then, you can go and meet him this weekend 'I will talk to his baba and arrange "

"ok'" Nidhi replied, suddenly unsure and anxious of whole thing

Slowly letting go of her baba's hand , she got up and walked out of room, just then her baba called out for her  "by the way 'you said , you don't even know his name 'his name is Ashuthosh '.Ashuthosh mathur "





Take it back or let me go
its better if I tell you so
I hurt you once before and I'd do it again

Everyone I know is gone
and I don't even know myself
I'm saving up

To take a trip to Mexico
I heard it's the place to go
I want to see the colors of another sky'..


Nidhi increased the volume and leaned back in car seat

Slow Rhythmic sound of song spilled out of CD player soothing her stressed out nerves , Nidhi frowned thinking about weekend meet she have with MR Ashuthosh "god..." she muttered under her breath

Carry me home on your shoulders
Lower me on to my bed
Show me the night that I dreamed about before'.


" Aww , I love this line " Anjie mumbled dreamily.

In turn nidhi sulked


"We are here '" Anjie murmured pulling nidhi out of her thoughts, Getting down Nidhi followed her inside '.

"When is aunty coming back '?"Nidhi asked

"Tomorrow 'nidhi are you fine with pizza, I am going to order for myself? "

"No not for me, I am not much hungry  ..."

"When will you be hungry '.tell me what is the last proper meal you had huh?" Anjie scowled

" oh , please don't start again ..I am eating!"

" yes , I can see that '." Anjie gave her stern look.

"Uncle was telling, you are working too much, these days '.What's up?" Anjie enquired

" oh don't ask ..you know my boss right , he and his corporate rat race Huh ! He treat us not less than a rat "Nidhi replied gloomily

"Why don't you change 'opt for something else "

" it's not easy as you think , to start all over again '."

" but if you don't do ..How will you grow" Anjie came to her side holding box of chocolate?

"Here take some '..Sometime, we have to get out of our comfort zone to grow nidhi"

Nidhi rolled her eyes "ohh please leave it  ...I will manage; by the way my boss mentioned my name for next promotion but I declined '"

" why .." Anjie screeched

"Because there are other people who deserve that post '.!" Nidhi whimpered looking at Anji's glaring eyes

"And who is going to decide that  ...who deserve what?" Anjie grumbled "I have seen you working, 16 hrs, 17 hrs '.18 hrs at a stretch '.spoiling your health, neglecting your food  ...you gave yourself to that job and when they recognized your effort  ...you think someone else deserve that!!" Anjie rumbled

Bending her head down nidhi sat still, this melted Anjie as she came to her side "when will you understand your worth'.! When will you learn to give importance to yourself, world out there is not kind nidhi '.it will walk over you, if you let it '"

Nidhi just shrugged her shoulder "there is another news"

" what now ..?" Anji feared

"I am going to meet someone this weekend" Nidhi replied '"seriously?" This bought smile on Anjie's face" That is something to think about '.who is he and what does he do?" she replied pleased

" His name is Ashuthosh '.baba told me he Is a surgeon '.he was working for some hospital in Manhattan ,came back from US last week now settling down here '."

"Wow  ...You saw his pic, how does he look "

"No, I did not  ...I don't want to" nidhi replied sullenly

"What's wrong with you 'its time, you settle down "Anjie glowered.

When she did not replied, Anjie glared at her "don't tell me, you are still not over that Amar thing 'its history now ok" Anjie gave her stern look

"No, not because of that '."

"Then what ..?"

" I will meet him 'he is 33 , gosh! Isn't it too old '?"

"No I think  ...It's fine 'uhmm meet him once, you get to know how he is'" Anjie reassured

"ok .." she mumbled , lying on couch disarray of thoughts lingered in her mind " how he will be , what kind of person he is '.what does he like , how he talk , what are his ambitions , hopes , his wishes ..What does he expect from me ' Nidhi wondered..

Understanding Nidhi's plight Anjie mumbled "no need to think so much '.even Richard gere is 30 something , isn't he cute" Nidhi rolled her eyes " ohh yeahh ..richard gere "and scowled at Anjie

In turn Anjie just chuckled. " I can see that you are having great fun looking at my condition Ms Anjalika solanki'.let me wait till your turn "Nidhi grumbled

Which made Anjie chuckle even more  ..." ohh nidhi, don't worry, everything will be fine '."

"I hope so  ..." nidhi stared back at her with new found anxiety.


It is few days since Nidhi agreed to meet Ashuthosh , Nidhi came out of office and slumped in car seat 'rubbing her forehead and huffing out frustrating sigh , she started the engine ' phone ringed and her whole face lightened just for a second when she caught sight of caller ID " Thank god anjie 'you called "

"What's up 'everything fine at office end, how was your day?"

"It was total shitty day!" nidhi grumbled'. "It is getting so frustrating to work with my boss, that guy never get satisfied with my work '.do hell with him" she murmured

Anjie chuckled "acha, I called to ask, what happened with Ashuthosh '..You are supposed to meet him tomorrow right? When are you going to meet? Did he call to finalize the place to meet?"

Startled nidhi slowed down her car "oh crap Anjie 'I completely forgot about that and no  ...he did not called till now '.wait a second I am getting some call hold on "

Nidhi looked at flashing unknown number in her display screen "Anjie, this is some service call 'wait a second, I need to blast these people left and right! They called me 3 times to check whether I need insurance 'because of them I got shouting from my boss '" Nidhi growled

"Go on, I will be right here '" Anjie chuckled

Putting Anjie's call on hold, Nidhi picked the other call and even before they could speak she spoke in her furious voice

"Before you start, let me clear one thing I don't want any of your platinum /gold /silver /diamond or whatsoever card '" she screeched

"Hello Miss  ..." someone interrupted in other end

"I don't like if someone interrupt me in middle , listen to me first 'ok I am already full of debt which can bury me alive and I don't even need any of your insurance '.you got that ??"

"Uhmm'Ms Verma!"

" listen to me first , I don't want any of you insurance Because I am fine, I am not going to die so soon...And I will be really grateful if you stop irritating me day and night 'I hope you got my point, because I am just not interested" she was literally screeching in the end.

"huh you done now, can I talk '.?" He sounded annoyed

"What? What is there to talk? I said I don't want! Who is your supervisor, pass on this call...you need training to control your tone of voice'"

"Nidhi'" he sighed in exasperated voice "This is Ashuthosh here 'huh I believe your father must have told you about me" ' His voice was husky, deep and gravely, the sound of his voice had profound effect on her senses...her inside squirmed and tummy knotted with new kind of excitement and anxiety "oh crap 'did I just shouted at him?" she grumbled to herself "oh yeah you just did that" her inside squirmed

Biting her lower lip she wondered what to respond

"Ms Verma, are you there?" he called out for her when she went still

"Sorry   'I was just  ..." she blabbered

"That's fine  ...Ms Verma; I do understand '" he replied calmly "so is our plan to meet still on '?" He asked

She flushed "crap" she mumbled under her breath

"Yes 'I think so  ..."

"Good, will you come for coffee tomorrow then 'is it fine with you?"

"Yes  ..." she could barely whisper

"Fine, I will message you the venue details shortly 'bye for now" and he is gone '.

She sat there still and trembling from head to toe "hell!! What a disaster "she whimpered, picking up Anjie's call with her trembling hand, she whispered "anjie '.I messed up "

" what happened ?" Anjie enquired

" it was Ashuthosh and I shouted at him thinking that it is some service call '"

" you did what '?" Anjie gasped

" I shouted at him '."

" Gosh! Nidhi 'why can't you do one thing properly "

"Stop being so snappy and tell me what to do now '?"

"Did you apologize?"

"Yes I did" Nidhi whimpered

"Then  ...Leave it, nothing will happen '

"You think so '?"

" I hope so .." Anjie mumbled uncertainly

"Between how he sounded '.? Did he spoke properly '.?"

"He sounded fine'." She whimpered "but bit cold 'and frigid" She murmured in distressed voice.

"Don't worry '.everything will be fine "

"Yes that is the mantra  ..." she snapped before disconnecting the call.


 Will be waiting or your comments...Thanks Smile

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Shrikhand IF-Rockerz

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Tum log na bohot gande bache hoCry itne din se chup aur gayab the aur ab ek ke baad ek mast mast OS likh rahe ho jab mere exams hainCry katti SaiCry

waise Sai title mast diya hain Clap and i have saved the page so jaise thoda free hoti hoon i'll read and comment..thanx for this treat babesHug mujhe OS padna bohot pasandEmbarrassed ok chal then bye thanx once again

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saibanu IF-Dazzler

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[QUOTE=Pardeshi.Mithu]Tum log na bohot gande bache hoCry itne din se chup aur gayab the aur ab ek ke baad ek mast mast OS likh rahe ho jab mere exams hainCry katti SaiCry

Sorry ...LOLLOL, i thought to write this OS long time back but could not pen down because i was so caught up with work 

waise Sai title mast diya hain Clap and i have saved the page so jaise thoda free hoti hoon i'll read and comment..thanx for this treat babesHug mujhe OS padna bohot pasandEmbarrassed ok chal then bye thanx once again

@Red :-I like that song Embarrassed

This is OS going to be long one Mithalee ...atleast 10-12 chapters Wink, and review ! no problem ..take your time , i will wait for itSmile

swati62 Goldie

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Wow wat a lovely start to wat promises to be an amazing OS . Love the storyline pls continue soon.

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mudraswathi IF-Stunnerz

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Thank you very much for keep writing Sai.Big smile

I will come back after reading this part.

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Suvika. IF-Stunnerz

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fantastic start Sai..arranged marriage scenario...both of them reluctant yet willing to comply their parents..and it has all the makings of an FF...so better change the title from OS to FF..

Mallika came and went...is she going to stay gone or pop in between somewhere again?? will wait to see that. and unlike the usual scenarios..they were in a relation but broke up...and HE was the reason behind it...very interesting scenario. and i applaud you for this. 

loved their first convo...came out very well...all awkward, stiff and formal after the initial MU about the insurance guy...both their reluctance has been portrayed very well.

good luck Sai..

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Originally posted by swati62

Wow wat a lovely start to wat promises to be an amazing OS . Love the storyline pls continue soon.

Thank you so much Swati Hug

Next part , I will give tomorrow evening or Wednesday morning Smile
saibanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 July 2013 at 1:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mudraswathi

Thank you very much for keep writing Sai.Big smile

I will come back after reading this part.

Not a problem Mudraji ...take your time but thank you for liking Embarrassed

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