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FF "Meant To Be"... Thread 3, Chapter 23, page 95...

lovely_nikki IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 July 2013 at 11:02pm | IP Logged

Yay this is my 16,000th post Party   Dancing

And Thread Three of "Meant To Be"


                                                            Story So Far of " Meant To Be"

Yash met Aarti and fell in love with her at first sight. He started to weave beautiful dreams for a bright and beautiful future with Aarti.
But all his dreams came shattering down, when Aarti ended up marrying his younger step-brother Prashant. He became angry and resentful towards Aarti and Gayatri Ma, as they both and hurt him badly and made him leave SM.
But after Prashant's accidental death, circumstances made him marry Aarti and adopt her daughter Palak. Even though he claimed to hate Aarti, he's still in love with her. And he once again decides to accept Aarti as his wife and move ahead in life and start a new and beautiful life together.
But unfortunately, a Major Storm came into their life and circumstances made him come face to face with Aarti's painful and sordid past.

How will Yash and Aarti face this storm? Will they emerge victorious after the storm passes away? Will they be able to love each other once again? And most importantly how will they come out of the memories of this painful past?

We have yet to see all these things...So stay tuned with "Meant To Be"


Hey my beautiful and wonderful readers, My Companions, I want to thank you all from the Bottom Of My Heart for staying with me so far and for making this a memorable Journey for me and this FF "Meant To Be"

Without your guidance, and encouragement and persuasion, we wouldn't have reached so for.

Along with you all today we've reached the Third Thread of "Meant To Be" and (as one of my friends pointed out ) without any Spamming. That says all, that how much you are loving this story.

So thanks for supporting me and showering me with your love, guidance and blessings.
I hope that you'll continue to do so in the future also.

Love you all.

NIKKI. Heart

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lovely_nikki IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 July 2013 at 11:02pm | IP Logged



Promo 3 in the following post Embarrassed

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lovely_nikki IF-Stunnerz

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                                                     Promo- 3 of "Meant To Be"

"I was in so much pain Yash. I was pleading him, begging him. But he didn't listened to me and then he..." 
Everyone were standing in the living room not knowing how to react. The only sound, one could hear, in that room was everyone's sniffle and Aarti's cries. They all were scared to hear what happened next. 

Aarti was standing there shivering and shaking. Yash went and put his arms around her and hugged her tightly. When Aarti hugged him back tightly he said in a chocked voice "It's ok Aarti. If you don't want to talk about it we won't. Don't be scared. I'm here with you. I'll never leave you. You are safe in our home, in my arms. I won't let any harm come your way. I'll always protect you, Aarti I'll always protect you"
Aarti said in between sobs " No Yash I want to say. I want to tell everything. After he was done, he ..."

And there was stunned silence in the room, as Aarti sat on the floor and broke down. Her cries and screams were echoing in the room.


Stay tuned to find out, what happened next. What did the devil do to her...

This promo scene will come after 4-5 chapters. So I hope that till then you'll wait patiently.


NIKKI.  Heart


Special note in the following post 

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lovely_nikki IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 July 2013 at 11:03pm | IP Logged

OMG I can't believe it took me more than THREE HOURS to just Edit and post the update, including with the promo and special note Shocked  Shocked  Ouch


                                                Special Note of. "Meant To Be" .

Hi all I'm back to bother you all once again with my special note...Big smile

First of all I'm so sorry for the delayed update. Actually after doing two updates weekly, since last 2-3 weeks, I was sort of drained out. And so my mind was not cooperating with me and working properly.Cry

Secondly this update was full of emotional scenes. Which are hard to write. Cry
I wasn't able to write it, till I couldn't feel the emotions in it. I had to imagine and visualize the whole scene before and while writing it down. 
The next 5-6 chapters will be more emotional than this one, so I, not sure how much time it'll take me to write them.Cry

And by now you all know that I write every scene in Detail, and I want perfection in every scene that I write. So this time also I didn't wanted to post anything till I was hundred percent satisfied (which I never am ) Ouch
And since I love detailing, you'll get Extra Long Updates every timeEmbarrassed
And I'm sorry in advance that in this chapter and the next upcoming chapters I'll show Yash is also responsible for what happened with Aarti. Right now each and every member is sort of responsible for Aarti's condition. And they'll all repent in some way or the other. Confused

Regarding Yash, well I didn't show him in too much pain, cause he doesn't know the whole truth yet and his mind is still slowly processing what's going on. 
And if you know me, you would've noticed that I avoid writing such scenes which are repetitive. That's why I didn't showed Yash marrying Aarti by applying Sindoor to her out of anger. I opted for a more subtle way and got them married in a more traditional way. The same way I'll try to show Yash dealing with the truth in his own way. Smile

In this story I'm trying to show that everyone has flaws and no ones perfect. No one is born as Bad Or Negative. It's the circumstances that makes them act accordingly. And surprisingly Prashant is also included in that. Shocked

So I want to thank you all for bearing with me so patiently and always encouraging me to move ahead. And most of all for accepting all the characters along with their flaws. Hug

And from now on I'll do only one update per week, as I've to work on "Because Of You (BOY)" also, as some of you are waiting for it. But my first priority will be "Meant To Be" only. Embarrassed

So once again Thank You all from the bottom of my heart, for making this journey so memorable for me.  Hug


NIKKI.  Heart


Chapter 18 in the following post...

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lovely_nikki IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 11 November 2012
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Posted: 28 July 2013 at 11:03pm | IP Logged


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caller123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Sorry cannot help peeking.Wink
Yay me first.PartyDancing
Wow I'm the first one to wish you! Congratz my dear!Hug
I'm waiting for the new promo.Day Dreaming

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lady_dove Senior Member

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Posted: 28 July 2013 at 11:14pm | IP Logged
Sorry nikki, u tempted me,anyways congrats and waiting for the promo.

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princess121993 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 July 2013 at 11:21pm | IP Logged
Firstly i want to congratulate

Firstly, a very hearty congratulation for ur 16000th post.  party time di. This shows how much dedicated you are to this forum. In such a short time u made 16000 post. Its not at all a small thing... I am so happy and proud of u you rock and keep rocking di...keep smiling always...

Coming to the promo

Firstly i just love the pic u used for the promo. U know what this was the pic i had guess u would use but i didnot mentionthis pic seems so real and so matchable for the current situation u mentioned in the promo..n the hug...its is so full of warmth, care, love and everything..

and after reading the promo, i am and still shocked. OMG aarti went through hella lot of hell...and something more is about to come. OMG...what happened more? what more did that python did to her?omg...now i am scared...but i am still happy with the fact that aarti is now getting support from yash..which is the most important thing. Cant wait for this track to get unfold. Do try updating soon (as per your convinience)...

Coming to the special note
di, the way you were spontaneously giving an update, i was so happy with u and proud about it. But you are right when u do some stuff this spontaneously u r bound to get tired. So its normal. DOnt worry...I agree writing emotional scenes are really very hard but the way u have written this update...i salute u for this...u just rock...omg i just cannot imagine if this update had the capacity to make me sit still the entire time i read the update, what will the other upcoming updates do to me..
I am loving ur x-large updates very much...and u dont need to be sorry for anything,,,,its your story...u can show it anyway u want...n i really agree with the fact that no one is born good or bad its the circumstances which make one bad/good/...a very well point u have pointed out here..di...awesome job...excellent job(u said u cannot write quotes, are u sure?)
Keep rocking di and i am going to follow you where ever u go...hehehehe...n i will always like to be ur support system...always (as u support me for eveything)
so keep rocking and keep updating...will be eagerly waiting for ur every update...

Now finally coming to the update

As i mentioned earlier and also in the pm and i am also mentioning here...

This is the awesomest update di...very emotional...yet very strong

The way you have shown aartis emotions...from fear, to cry to shock..everything ...its just fantastic...i am literally out of words to describe how i felt reading it... i felt as if i was imagining all the scenes...i felt as if i was feeling very emotion u mentioned for aarti in this scene...I was sitting still throughout the update...(my friend was visiting me...she kept talking and i kept reading this update without paying attention to her..she saw my shock face and she got scared looking at my expression as i was so involved in the story..for once everyting stopped for me)

OMG...aarti really went through hell...due to this freaking prashantand the only reason he did this to aarti was to take revenge from yash...he spoiled her life...i just feel so pity for aarti and so angry and frustated towards that stupid urghh(u know who i am talking about)

She even got scared of yash when he came in for her...n this was bound to happen...as he had crossed his limits...(well it was his frustation but still..he did cross his limits)

i am so glad gayatri was there was aarti everytime...but i dont understand when gayatri was aware of the entire truth, y did she let aarti suffer? what was the point in that? (i know u will soon answer this question as the story progresses)

Poor yash even he started feeling guilty for aarti...For a bit i was angry as he should not have forced himself on her...but on the other side i feel bad for him as he with many other family members were always in dark the entire time...finally the truth came out...the bitter truth..that aarti and prashant never had a happy life and prashant made her life hell...yash will now start feeling more guilty and even more as gayatru confronted him with those bitter words...n omg slapped him..

in a way i support gayatri a little as she cared for aarti very much...but i am also way too angry on her as she was the one who hid the truth from the family...if she had taken the step to tell the truth to yash atleast, this day would not have come...

i loved the way u showed angry, confused, full of guilty feeling yash...trying to find points and joinning them...his anger and frustations towards aman is also justified as he also hid from him...yash would have never expected aman to hide such things for him

i knew it...i knew it akash and aarti were cousins...i knew it..poor aarti...literally feel bad for her

again loved yash and palak scene...it was so very very touchy and awesome...palak is seriously an angel...she could do the magic which no one could do...she could calm her yash papas anger...this is so adorable...

the last scene was the awesomest...the way u showed aarti's changed emotion for yash seeinghim taking care of her daugther...this is jut brilliant...the way u described those two situations through dr kiran...brilliant...have no words di...this is just the best...i love iit...i love it...i love it...

thanks for giving us such a wonderful update di...i think this is again one of ur best work...u just simply rock...

keep giving us ur wonderful updates...i am greedy for more now...

please update soon coz i cannot wait for the promo scene...

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