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||Lo Agai ChhanChhan-#6:Yeh Dooriyaan...||

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Lo Agai ChhanChhan - #6

Hi everyone Hug
Sorry for the late edition.
To the whole ChanMan Deewanis here, Our NewsLetter Team and the whole ChCh DT presents you our Sixth NL Party

Lo Agai ChhanChhan Day DreamingDancing

I would like to thank all the members of our NL team for submitting everything on time and being such a  co-operation  Hug This would not be possible without you guys...Thanks a lot for the Love & Support Hug


Big Applause & Thanks to the members of our NL team...ClapClapClap

Summary of the Week: DiyaS
ChhanMan Scene of the Week: -unknowndesire & appy_indy-KD
Dhamakdar Scene of the Week:  appy_indy-KD
Tu Tu Mein Mein Scene of the Week:  appy_indy-KD
Dooh! Scene of the Week: appy_indy-KD
Irritating Scene of the Week:  .chanchan.
Character of the Week:  -unknowndesire
Duffer of the Week: .chanchan.
Bahu of the Week:  appy_indy-KD
Shaatir Dimaag of the Week: ..hrideyy..
Fashionable Person of the Week:  GodhuliLogon
Fashion Disaster of the Week: GodhuliLogon
Dialogue of the Week: _Mehak_
Rating of the Week: _Mehak_
Message to the Makers:  _Mehak_
Icon of the Week: _Mehak_
Siggy of the Week: .Tanya.
Avi of the Week: .Tanya.
OS of the Week: N/A
Active/Popular Member of the Week: GodhuliLogon
Active/Popular/Effective Thread of the Week: Godhulilogon
Song of the Week: N/A
Title and Theme of the Week: Roshini1494 and appy_indy-KD

Winner Siggies: appy_indy-KD
NewsLetter Logos: 18shabbo
Getting everything together & working on the final posts & layout: Roshini1494 & appy_indy-KD

NewsLetter Heads: Roshini (Roshini1494) & Appy (appy_indy-KD)

Enjoyy this edition of NL and your feedbacks are most welcome Hug

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Summary of the Week 22nd ' 25th July

A dhamakedaar week ... and a very fast-moving one!

Monday: The rift deepens in the ChhanMan relationship as Manav is annoyed and upset with Chhanchhan for doubting his mother's intentions, while Chhanchhan is very sure that Sonali changed her words, and she starts to doubt Umaben more and more. More words are exchanged between them. Ouch

Dadaji has a panic attack and the doctor tells the family that it is essential that he mourn his wife and accept that she is gone forever. Chhanchhan decides to step in and disappears with the urn containing Dadaji's ashes on the morning of the 'barsi'. She reappears with an empty urn and tells Dadaji she has immersed the ashes in the river. Shocked

Tuesday: Dadaji is deeply upset on seeing the empty urn, and finally allows himself to break down and grieve for his wife.  The entire family is relieved to see him cry. Chhanchhan reveals the real urn, and the family prepares for the immersion in real. Dadaji and Babuji both appreciate Chhanchhan's efforts in helping Dadaji to recover from his loss. Dadaji allows Puchpuch into the house, much to Umaben's fury! Tongue

Manav is grateful to Chhanchhan for helping Dadaji, and asks her to try to trust his mother. Chhanchan replies she will try, but inwardly she vows to reveal the truth about his mother to Manav. 

Chhanchhan sees the discord in the Mukut-Kaumudi relationship, as Mukut seems to have no respect for Kaumudi or regard for her feelings. Confused

Chhanchhan receives a receipt for two gold kadas, while the kadas have been delivered elsewhere. Her suspicions are aroused again.

Wednesday: Manav continues to remain blinded to his mother's true nature. He hands over his first salary to her, with a barbed remark aimed at Chhanchan. Dadaji intervenes and makes Umaben give it to Chhanchhan instead. Umaben is furious again but can't say anything in front of Dadaji. Big smile

More tension between Mukut and Kaumudi ' Kaumudi makes pakoras for Mukut, instead of appreciating them, he remarks that chutney is missing. Manav thinks Mukut has ordered flowers for Kaumudi, Kaumudi is thrilled.

Manav asks Chhanchhan if she minded that he gave his salary to his mother. He tells her that his mother has helped bring it out of financial crisis many times without ever asking anything for herself, so he can do anything for her. Ouch

Chhanchhan decides it is time she confirmed Umaben's true intentions for herslef and also brought them out in front of Manav, so she stages a fight with Manav and leaves the house. Umaben is delighted and cleverly stops Manav from rushing after her. Manav falls for her sweet words. Ouch

Thursday: Chhanchhan reaches home, and gets busy with Simple in detective-work. Manav and Chhanchhan miss each other, Chhanchhan calls Manav. Manav on Kaumudi's urging, goes to meet her, but Simple manages to ensure that he doesn't get any time alone to talk to Chhanchhan. Wink

Chhanchhan follows Sonali to a parlour ' would strongly advise Chhanchhan never to go there again! LOL And tells her that her Manav is having an affair with another woman, so she has walked out on him.

Sonali panics ' kya ladki hai, she doesn't mind marrying an already married man who is in love with his wife, but doesn't want to marry a man having an affair. Shocked She and her dad call Umaben to a temple, Chhanchhan and Simple follow them and record the conversation where Umaben admits that she wants Chhanchhan out of the house in 30 days, she tried to break up their engagement with Thakkarbhai's help and she has given her word to Thakkarbhai that Sonali  and Manav will be married. Angry

Chhanchhan is shocked and heartbroken to hear Umaben's words. And now she is caught in a huge dilemma ' should she tell Manav the truth about his mother, with all the proof on record? Or should she keep quiet? If she tells him the truth, she saves her marriage and her relationship, but she will break up the family ' because Umaben is deceiving not only Chhanchhan and Manav, but also the entire family.  Confused

The night scene where chhanchhan and manav were behaving cold towards each other. giving cold shoulders and trying to defend their anger. The scene was well conceived with good dialogues. It showed a different side of manav altogether. A mummy's body. Though it wasnot his fault at all. He was bound to defend his mother without any proof. Chhanchhan should work more on proofs rather then act impulsively.

Well it goes without saying that the scene between chhanchhan and dadaji during dadiji's barshi where chhanchhan was able to bring tears on his eyes for the first time and pulled him out from the fantasy world where he lived with his dead wife, imagining her still survivng. It was the most heart wrenching scene till date. I loved the fact that chhanchhan actually didnot immerse dadiji's ashes but she just told a tiny white lie make dadaji understand that there is a life beyond and that he should move on.

It has to be a very kiddish scene between ChhanMan, when they fought over an alarm clock. LOL Chhanchhan you sould check thouroghly before you blame your hubby's mom. dont forget he is after all a mamma's boy LOL. My tipni (advice) would be that check your surroundings patiently and then put the blame otherwise it will back fire you. LOL

The scene between Uma Ben and Manav where uma ben asks manav whether he ate anything since morning or not. Just like a shatir mother she caught him and nailed it in manav's head that it is the mother who as concerned for her child more then that of his wife. 

When Kaumudi bhabi makes pakodas for her husband hoping he would love it and praise the pakoras if not her but her husband is so Dead .What does he think of himself? He's no Shahrukh Khan that he will get any girl of his choice.Anyways Kaumudi bhabi is awesome and he should know that he is blessed to have her. If only he had praised the pakoras ,a little at least.

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Chanchan who been on a mission finding proof to show to Manav that she wasn't lying to him about his Mother fixing his marriage with another girl CC has finally come to know the true face of her MIL and is now stuck with a decision on whether she should tell Manav the truth about his Mother or not?   

Uma Ben! ROFLThat lady doesn't know that she has a vixen as her bahu and that bahu is trapping her in her own jaal.

ChhanChhan ofcouse, starting from handling dadaji's past and bringing him out of that phase, then accepting that manav will give his first income to his mother and gracefully she respected her mother-in-law when uma ben gave the money back to her as per dadaji's instruction. then being there for kaumudi bhai and telling concoling her. and finally bringing out the evil motives of her mother inlaw over sonali issue.

This week shatir dimaag is not in a negetive way but positive one..
thsi week shaatir dimaag goes to our lovely chhanchhan...
the plans she have to bring Uma ben's real face infront
of manav.
that fake fight leaving house is a clever yet very nice move by CC..
who says only negetive character can be clever...Wink


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I'm choosing it from Dadaji and Chhan Chhan's convo, where she is trying to convince Dadaji to immerse Dadiji's ashes for her moksh (peace). . It is little emotional one...but heart-touching though.

"aap dadi ji se bahut pyaar karte hai, aap ke rohne se unka dukh bahar jaye ga..yaadein nahi...
jab aap apni aakhein band karte hai...unhe dekhte hai na..
kyunki woh aap ke saath hai...unka saath mehsoos karne ke liye aap ko iss kaalash ki jaroorat nahi..."

This week definitely it belonged to Chanchan .. It was a week of vibrant colorful dresses for her .. Three of the salwar suits have nice embroideries and color combinations as well as very well fitted ..  Although her life became darker with UB's evil plans but the CVs kept her onscreen presence colorful..

Sorry folks... this week no one else deserved this title.. Embarrassed

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by ..Enchantress..


Here is your winning siggy

by SublimeSanz..

Here is your winning siggy

by SilverFlame

Here is your winning siggy

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Here is your winning siggy

GOLD Award Segs.[SBS/SBB] WU+Vid add*

by Joshep_A

Here is your winning siggy

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The show is moving forward on a good pace, so i really don't have anything to complain about. But still I want to tell cvs to watch out for some things like there is no sign of PP these days, and if they can also include some office would be great. We see Manav is already making profit, but It will be good to see how Manav is adjusting himself in the office and how he's using his skills.

This week we saw manav and chhanchhan's misunderstanding...
chhanchhan making manav meet sonali..
chhanchhan making dadaji realize the truth of his wife..
chhanchhan leaving the house after a fake fight and making umaban think that they have seriouse problems between them..
the episodes this week were apppealing and good soo i woulld rate this week


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Lovely NL :D

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