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I am making this thread entirely as my Creative corner...  Including all the stories poems in it. i hope its convenient for readers

The Case of Kidnapped Girl
Part 1 (Page 47)
Part 2 (Page 60)

Brother's Promise (Page 63) 

Thodi si Khushi {Non-investigative Short Story} (Page 67)

Revenge (Page 79)

Twin Story By Snehal and Sonali

Chunauti (Page 101)

My Poems

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wow...nice promo. and nice to see you...Smile

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Originally posted by Sonali.

Hi guys... I am back and with a story... This is my first story and promo is below


A dark night and a old mansion... A young girl standing in the mansion with blood stains on her hands and face... Asha scream... CID team - Abhijeet Daya Sudhakar Fredericks and ACP sir standing near the mansion.

Voiceover: Kaun hain yeh anjaan ladki aur kya hain iske iraade? Jaaneke liye Dekhiye CID 

SONALI, kahan chaly Gayey thy aap...Confused
GD Pareshan ho Gaya THA na...Wink
Lovely PromoEmbarrassed
Ye Dekhna hay CID ya Parhna...LOL

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Ah a new promo full FW style! Can't wait for this Sonali! Big smile

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Visrom you are always the first one to motivate and appreciate... Thanks buddy

GD I am sorry dear these get no time and yes... Padhiyee CID Tongue

Shreya I am glad you like the promo

The story has not come out as I felt it would and is really large...

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Originally posted by Sonali.

Visrom you are always the first one to motivate and appreciate... Thanks buddy

Absolutely True abt VIS DII...

GD I am sorry dear these get no time and yes... Padhiyee CID Tongue


Shreya I am glad you like the promo

Me too...Wink

The story has not come out as I felt it would and is really large...

its OK, we are in a Waiting mode...Big smile

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13 Saal Purana Case

It is 8 in the night. Abhijeet, Daya, Nikhil, Fredericks and Poorvi are moving towards home in Qualis. Daya is driving when he suddenly notices a girl near the airport waiting for the taxi. Daya halts there in order to offer her lift. 

Daya: Mumbai kab aayi Saumya?

Saumya: Aree sir, aap log? yahan?

Abhijeet: Yeh sawal toh hume poochna chahiye bhai! Tum Mumbai kab aayi? Yeh batao...

Saumya: Abhi kuch dar pehle. 7 baje ki flight thi. Driver ka phone tha gaadi beech rasste mein band pad gayi... iss liye Taxi ka wait kar rahi hoon

Daya: Chalo tumhe ghar drop kar de.

Saumya: Oh! Thank you so much sir..

Abhijeet, Nikhil and Freddy get down to escort the lady to her seat and adjust her bags.

Saumya: (sitting comfortably) Fredericks sir. kaise hain aap.

Freddy: main teek hoon Saumya. Tum kaisi ho?

Saumya: First class (smiles) Aap log ghar jaa rahe ho kya?

Freddy (nods): Arre tumhe maine team se milvaya hi nahi.. Yeh Nikhil hain (shakes hands) aur yeh Poorvi (shake hands)

Poorvi: Kya karti hain aap?

Saumya: Mera textiles ka business hain

Nikhil: kahi aap woh mashoor Businesswomen Saumya toh nahi jinki tasveer Pichle mahine ke Business Today magazine mein chappi thi? (Saumya embarrassingly nods) Kehte hain ki India ki sabse successful business tycoons mein say aap ek hai. It's a pleasure to meet you maam.

Saumya: the pleasure is all mine. Waise bhi main aaj jahan bhi hoon sab aap hi ki team ki badaulat hoon.

Abhijeet: Oh come on Saumya... Humne kya kiya hain? Aur waise bhi Itni poorani baat hain...

Saumya: Baat poorani zaroor hain magar aaj bhi mere zehen mein ekdum tazza hain.

Poorvi: Aisi kya baat hain sir? Hume bhi toh batayee

Abhijeet: Baat 13 saal poorani hain...


It's 10 at night, A Qualis is moving on a deserted road. It has Daya, ACP sir, Abhijeet, Asha, Sudhakar and Fredricks. Suddenly the vehicle gets a jerk and stops.

ACP: kya huva Daya?

Daya: pata nai sir (tries restarting the car) Shayad gadi garam ho gayi hain.

Abhijeet: Sir, baat toh sahi hain! Hum shaam se drive kar rahe hain... Gadi toh garam hogi hi! aur sabhi thake huve hain... Wahan ek khandar nazar aa raha hain... Aaj wahi ruk jate hain... kal dekhte hain...

ACP: thek hain chalo.

Everyone get down, Sudhakar, Freddy and Daya move the vehicle to the corner of the road and join others. The place looks dirty with some hay at one end... Team creates hay beds and get ready to sleep. Meanwhile while creating a hay bed Sudhakar notices a mansion in the dark.

Fredricks: Kya huva Sudhakar? Aise kya ghoor rahe ho waha?

Sudhakar: Woh dekho waha Fredricks, Haveli hain shayad!

Fredicks: Haa yaar Poorani Haveli! Dekh kar lagta hain Ramsay brother's apne horror film ki shooting yahi par karte honge (They share a friendly laughter)

Abhijeet, Daya and Asha Lit bonfire with the help of some wood that they have gathered from the nearby jungle.

Asha: Sir, yeh bonfire dekh kar college ke picnic ki yaad aa gayi nai?

Everyone join with an approving laughter... They chat for some time and then finally go to sleep.

After Some time

Asha wakes up due to some unusual noise. Initially she ignores it but later she decides to find out the reason behind it. She observes the nearby mansion and comes to a conclusion that the noise is actually coming from that mansion. She moves in direction of the mansion.

Asha is now stand at the mansion's door which has glass planes. Trying to gauge what's going on inside Asha come closer to the glasses and peeps when suddenly a lady in white Punjabi suit with blood stains on her hands and mouth bangs on the door. Asha is awestruck with the scenario and screams.

Hearing her scream, entire CID team is stark awake

Abhijeet: Yeh toh Asha ki awaaz hai..

ACP: Asha yaha nahi hai! Kaha gayi?

Sudhakar: Sir ho sakta hain woh uss Haveli ki taraf gayi ho...

Daya: Chalo Jaldi... Dekhte hain...

At the mansion door...

Asha: Dawaza Kholo... (takes her gun out) Kholo warna goli chala dungi...

Girl opens the door and Asha steps in.

Asha: Kon ho tum? Yahan kya kar rahi ho? Aur ye khoon kaisa?

Girl: Kho... Khoo.. Khooon ho gaya mere say... (she starts weeping)

By the time entire team has entered the mansion

Asha: Kya? Naam kya hain tumhare aur yaha kya kar rahi ho?

Girl: Mera naam Saumya hain... Main yahan apne doston ke saath picnic manane aayi thi! Yeh aadmi Richard bhi humare saath aaya tha... shurvaat se hi iski mujh par buri nazar thi... abhi jab main so rahi thi iss ne mujh pe haath dala aur aapne aap ko bachate huve mere haathon se Khoon ho gaya (weeps)

ACP: Abhijeet, Daya! Dekho andar laash hain kya?

Abhijeet, Daya, Sudhakar and Fredericks move in

ACP: Dost kaha hain tumhare?

Saumya: pata nahi

Daya: (loudly from the other room) Laash hain sir,

ACP move in with Asha and Saumya...

Abhijeet: Maut shayad sir par chot lagne ki vajah se hui hain

Fredericks: Sir yeh dekhiye... Yeh bags mile hain

ACP: Saumya, yeh bags tumhare doston ke hain?

Saumya: ji sir

Asha: Naam kya hain tumhare doston ke?

Saumya: Mehul, Neeraj, Megha aur Neha

Abhijeet: Bags yahan hain matlab woh log bhi yahi kahin honge!

ACP: Hmm Dekho Daya

Daya, Asha and Sudhakar move out to look out for the friends. They move all around and finally reach near jungle.

Daya: Kya lagta hai tum logon ko? woh log jungle mein gaye honge?

Asha: Ho sakta hain.

(Meanwhile Sudhakar notices) Ek min sir, woh dekhiye... Woh jhadiyon ki taraf se dhuaan aa raha hain

The trio swiftly move towards the bushes only to find them smoking.

Daya: Yaha kya kar rahe ho?

Mehul: Tumse say matlab? Aur ho kaun tum?

Daya: Hum kaun hain isska pata chal jayega.. Chalo... (Catches Mehul's collar and drags him, Sudhakar pulls Neeraj's hand)

Neha: yeh kya battamizi hain? Chodo unhe varna

Asha: Warna kya?

Megha: (takes a gun out from her purse) Goli maar dongi

Asha snatches the gun from Megha's hand and drags the two girls towards the mansion.

Neeraj: Hain kon aap log?

Sudhakar: Hum log policewale hain! CID

Megha: C... C... CID! S... S... Sorry sir... Woh gun nakli hain... Woh lighter hain maam gun nahi... aap check kar lijiye...

Asha: Chup chaap chalo

They reach the mansion... Girls scream after looking at Richard's dead body

Mehul: Richard... Sir yeh... yeh... yeh kaise huva? kisne kiya? Saumya?

Saumya: Ussne meri izzat lootne ki koshish ki thi Mehul... Main aur kya karti?

Neeraj: Par Saumya! Tumne toh isse maar hi diya

ACP: Uss say sawal karne say pehle yeh batao... Tum log itni raat gaye baahar kya kar rahe the?

Neeraj: Sir woh hum logon ko neend nahi aa rahi thi toh hum tehelne gaye the

Daya: Tehelne nahi sir, Drugs lene... (Daya searches the boys) Seedhe Khade raho... Yeh dekhiye sir... (Finds cigarette packets from their pockets)

Asha does the same with girls and find lighters and cigarette packets from the purses of the girls.

Saumya: Tum log Drugs lete ho?

All the four friends murmur in humiliation

Abhijeet: Richard ko tum log kaise jaante ho?

Mehul: Sir woh Richard, mere dost ke uncle hain... Unhe aisi poorni jagah aana pasand tha... issiliye hum unhe bhi le aaye

Saumya: Lekin sir main shurvaat se keh rahi thi ki inke intentions mere taraf sahi nahi hain... par kisine meri baat nahi mani

Megha: Sir aisa kuch nahi tha... Richard aapne kaam say kaam rakhne wale aadmi the unhone humse baat tak karneki koshish nahi ki... Toh woh sirf iske saath battamizi kyun karenge?

ACP: Yahan aane ka plan kis ka tha?

Mehul: Sir mera tha?

ACP: Iss jagah ke baare mein kisne bataya tumhe?

Mehul: Mere dost ne

Daya: Kunsa dost? kahi wahi toh nahi jiske uncle Richard the?

Mehul: Ji sir...

ACP: Naam aur patta batao uss dost ka

Mehul: Sir woh.. Sir woh

ACP: Sir woh.. Sir woh kya laga rakha hain? batao jaldi...

Mehul: Woh uska naam Pankaj hain... Par sir uska pata mujhe nahi malum

Abhijeet: Dost ka pata malum nahi? Phone number toh pata hoga?

Mehul: Nahi sir

Asha: Kamaal hain jis dost ka patta nahi malum phone number nahi malum uske bharose par tum yahan... Mumbai say itne dur chale aaye?

Daya: Batao kaise Jaante ho tum Pankaj ko? Aur sach sach batana warna... (Tightens his wrist)

Mehul: Woh sir... Woh ek drug peddler hain...

Asha: Kya? Ek drug peddler ke kehne pe tum apne doston ko yahan le aaye?

Mehul looks down and ACP senses something is wrong

ACP: Mehul! Kya chupa rahe ho tum?

Mehul: Kuch nai sir

ACP: Sach sach batao... ab tak hum tumse sharafat say baat kar rahe hain... Hume apni sarafat bhoolne pe majboor mat karo

Mehul still looks down... ACP looks at Daya from the corner of his eye and Daya moves towards Mehul.

Megha: Sir woh Pankaj ne hume Saumya ko yahan lane ke liye kaha tha... Aur saath hi mein yeh kaha tha ki uska ek aadmi yaani ki yeh Richard, humare saath jayega...

Asha: usne kaha aur tum log maan gaye?

Megha: badle mein ussne 3 mahine ki drugs hume free mein di thi...

Neha: Uss ne humse yeh bhi kaha tha sir ki raat ko ghar se bahar jaana aur 1-1.30 ghante baad wapas aana

Saumya: Apna shauk poora karne ke liye tum logon ne meri zindagi ka sauda kar diya?

ACP: Inn logon ko apne nashe ke aage kuch nahi dikhta... Toh kya tum? aur kya Tumhari dosti? Fredericks, Sudhakar... Inn logon ko Bagal wale kamre mein le jao aur inn sab pe acchi tarah se nazar rakho... (All the 5 friends move with Fredericks and Sudhakar) Tumlog dekho yahan kuch aur saboot milta hain kya?

Everyone is searching for some kind of proof when Asha notices footprints behind the curtains.

Asha: Sir, yeh dekhiye... yeh footprint... ya toh un do ladkoon ka hain, ya Richard ka

Daya: Ek min Asha, ek min (slowly moves the curtain) yeh dekiye sir ye khidki par mitti lagi hain... (Carefully avoiding to stamp over footprint moves towards the window and peeps) Sir woh dekhiye waha neeche mitti par bhi kuch footprints hain..

Everyone looks down and then move out to carefully notice the footprints on the flowerbed below the window... There are some footprints on the flowerbed and some on the wall

Abhijeet: yeh footprints dekh kar toh aisa lagta hain... Jaise koi yahan se kamre ke andaar gaya aur fir yahin say bahar aaya...

ACP: Daya.. yeh saare footprints uthao.. Gaadi mein plaster cast toh hain naa? (Daya nods) Abhijeet inn deewaron ki aur uss kamre wale footprint ki bhi photo le lo... (Duo moves towards the car to get camera and plaster cast) Main tab tak Salukhe ko phone karta hoon

In sometime ACP returns due to lack of network he couldn't make a call... Asha is waiting for Daya so that she can help him taking the plaster cast of the footprints... She yawns and looks at watch... It is hitting 3 'o' clock. Just then Abhijeet and Daya returns... ACP notices the tiredness on his officers faces. Daya and Asha get busy in taking the plaster cast of the footprint while Abhijeet is clicking the photographs of the dead body and footprints. ACP gets into the room where crime had occurred in sometime Daya and Asha join them...

ACP: Abhijeet le liye saare photos (Abhijeet nods) Yahan network nahi hain Salunkhe se baat nahi ho payi aur abhi kuch koi PCO vagera bhi nai melega subah bahar jaa ke phone kar lenge... yani ke ab subah tak kuch nahi hoga... Tum sab log thak bhi gaye ho... Toh kuch waqt ke liye so jao...

Abhijeet: Arree nahi sir... Waise bhi 2-3 ghantton mein subah ho jayegi...

Daya: Baat toh sahi hain sir... Main ek kaam karta hoon... paas ke Police station mein inform karta hoon.. Aur saath mein wahan se kuch halka sa khane ke liye le aata hoon. Sabko bhook bhi lagi hogi..

Asha: Sabko ya tumhe? (Winks)

Daya: Sab mein main bhi toh aaya naa Asha... (Smiles naughtily)

ACP: Wahan se Salukhe ko phone kar ke bula lena

Daya nods and moves towards the vehicle while Abhijeet and ACP sir move into the room where Sudhakar and Fredricks are waiting with the 5 friends.

Daya is driving on a vacant road. He is actually exhausted due to a weary day and equally tiring night. He looks at his phone, its having some weak network...  He halts his car on the corner of the road call Dr. Salukhe, tells him the entire story and requests him to come to the spot by morning. After getting a yes as an answer from Salunkhe he disconnects the call. He moves ahead and suddenly notices a garage nearby, since his vehicle had problem, the earlier night, he moves inside to get it checked. He notices a car moving out of the Garage. It is a Mercedes, the man on the driving seat looks familiar but due to tiredness Daya pays no heed and moves out of the car.

Daya: (to the garage guy) Kya baat hain bhai? Aaj yeh garage subah ke 4 baje tak khula hain?

Garage Guy (GG): Arree garage toh band hi tha saab par woh aadmi sunne ko tayyar hi nahi... Yeh dekhiye karborator se thodasa khachra nikalne ke liye mujhe 5000 rupayee dekar gaya.

Daya: Lagta hain usko kahi bahut jaldi pochana hoga... Khair yeh meri gaddi baar baar ruk jaati hain... dekh zara..

GG: ji saab

Daya: aur sun yahan aas paas kuch khane ke liye milega?

GG: Kya mazak kar rahe hain saab? Iss waqt kaha kuch milega? Agar aapko bhook lagi ho toh biscuit hain mere paas... Chai banava deta hoon...

Daya: Arre nai yaar sirf mere liye nai meri poori team ke liye chahiye... Woh poorani haveli ke area mein hum ruke huve... raat ko iss gadi ki wajah se rukna pada..

GG: kitne log hain saab?

Daya: 9-10 log honge

GG: Accha mere paas yeh kuch bisciut hain (Shows a huge container full of biscuits) aur chai banakar tharmaas mein de deta hoon...

Daya: Arree nai yaar inti taklif uthane ke zarurat nahi... Bas yeh biscuit de do! Aur inke paise le lo...

GG: kya mazak kar rahe hain saab policewale se main paise lunga kya?

Daya: Kisne kaha tumse ki main policewala hoon?

GG: Aap ki kamar pe toh aapka batch laga huva hain saab...

Daya: (notices that his batch was hanging on his waist) Kafi tez nazar hain tumhari (smiles) inn biscuits ke paise le lo chup chaap...

GG: theek hain saab... lekin biscuit ke saath chai bhi leni padegi... Aap log hum jaise aam logon ke din raat ek karte hain hum log aap logon ke liye itna toh kar hi sakte hain

Daya smiles appreciatively... In some time the vehicle is repaired and Daya pays the garage guy for repairing the vehicle, tea and biscuits. In some time he reaches nearby police station, meets Inspector in charge Vijay tells him the entire incident and takes him and his team to the crime spot.

At the crime Spot

Everyone is sitting around in the room

Asha: Yeh raat kafi lambi lagti hain hain naa sir?

Abhijeet: Haan khaas kar tab jab hume iss tarah subah hone ka intzzaar karna pade...

Daya: Toh tab tak yeh chai aur biscuit kha ke time pass kar lo boss

ACP: Aa gaye tum Daya?

Daya: haa sir, yeh Inspector Vijay hain aur yeh unki team... Vijay, yeh humare ACP saab, Yeh Senior Insp, Abhijeet... SI Asha, SI Sudhakar aur SI Fredericks

ACP: Aayiye Inspector Vijay main aap ko dead body aur case bata deta hoon... Shayad tumhari kuch maddad ho sake... Tum log tab tak kha lo...

The team comes ahead..

Abhijeet: (to 5 friends) Aao tum log bhi kha lo...

Asha: aarree baapre tum toh poora dabba hi utha laye... pehle main chai de deti hoon (segregates the paper cups)

Fredericks: Arree Asha gloves toh nikalo

Asha: arree main toh bhool hi gayi..

She puts one finger of the glove in mouth and pulls it... And the does the same with other hand glove. She then pours the tea into one paper cup and takes a sip from one of the cup suddenly she starts breathing heavily then runs outside and vomits. By the time everyone runs behind her.

Daya: Asha tum theek toh ho?

Before she could reply her head starts spinning and she faints. Entire team is awestruck to see her in that position...

ACP: Vijay yahan paas mein koi hospital hain?

Vijay: haan sir yahan se 30 mins ke doori pe ek hain... Aap havaldar shirish ko le jayiye

ACP: Abhijeet, Daya tum log jaldi se Asha ko hospital le jao saath mein iss havaldar Shirish ko bhi le jao

Abhijeet Daya and Shirish rush Asha to the hospital.

Sudhakar: Ye Asha achanak yeh sab kuch kaise ho gaya sir? Ab tak toh theek thi...

Fredericks: kahin bhook se toh behosh nahi hui?

ACP: (in annoyed tone) Fredericks! Asha ne kuch khaya tha kya?

Sudhakar: Shayad nahi sir!

In hospital

Abhijeet, Daya and Shirish are waiting outside the ward.

Daya: Achanak halat itni kharab hone ki kya vajah ho sakti hain boss?

Abhijeet: Kuch samaj mein nai aa raha hain yaar! Abhi tak toh theek thi has bol rahi aur achanak...

Doctor comes out of the ward

Abhijeet: Kya baat hain Doctor saab? kya huva hain usko?

DR.: Ye zeher ka asar lagta hain!

Daya: Par Dr saab humne kal raat ko 8 baje khana kahya tha ek dhabe par... Asha ne bhi wahi khaya tha jo humne khaya tha jo humne khaya... Aur uske baad hum mein se kisi ne kuch nahi khaya...

Abhijeet: kahin usse zeher kisi injection wagera se toh nahi diya?

Dr.: Nahi zeher toh mooh say hi andar gaya hain. uske hoth neele pad gaye hain...

Daya: ab tabiyat kaisi hain uski?

Dr: abhi stable hain... Accha huva jo usne vomit kar li varna bachana mushkil ho jata... (Abhijeet and Daya have a tensed expression) Kuch der der tak observation mein rakte hain... jaise usse hosh aaye gaa aap usse ghar le jaa sakte hain... magar kam se kam 2 hafton ke complete bed rest ki zarurat hain...

Abhijeet: aap fikr mat kijiye usse poora aaram milega.. Par kya aisi halat mein uska mumbai tak safar karna theek hoga?

Dr.: usse jitni kam taklif ho utna behter

Abhijeet: Theek hain Doctor... (Doctor leaves) Daya tum gadi lekar ACP saab ke paas jao... Main yahan Asha ke paas rukta hoon. Tum log jaate waqt yahan aana hum Asha ko lekar yahin se niklenge

Daya: Theek hain boss... Shirish tum bhi yahin ruko... Shayad koi zarurat pade. (Shirish nods)

Daya leaves


At the crime spot

Salukhe (observing the body): Boss iss pe zehar ka asar lagta hain!

ACP: kya baat kar rahe ho Salunkhe? Maut sir per chot lagne ke karan nahi hui?

Salunkhe: Maut kis vajah se hui hain yeh abhi bata pana toh mushkil hain... Par isse zeher diya gaya hain yeh pakki baat hain... Yeh dekho isske hoth aur nakhun neele pad gaye hain... Baki baatien main postmortem ke baad hi batuga

Daya enters...

Daya: arree sir aap aa bhi gaye?

Salunkhe: Khandala Mumbai say kitna dur hain Daya?

ACP: Asha kaisi hain Daya?

Salunkhe: Asha ko kya huva? (ACP explains him the entire story)

Daya: sir.. abhi theek hain... Doctors kuch der observation mein rakhna chahate hain... thodi der mein discharge de denge

Sudhakar: Lekin Dr. ne kaha kya sir?

ACP: haan! ye iss tarah behosh hone ki vajah kya hain?

Daya: Sir unka kehna hain ki zeher ka asaar hain!

Sudhakar: Par usne toh kuch khaya hi nahi tha!

Daya: wahi toh samaj mein nai aa raha hain Sudhakar akhir yeh huva kaise

Fredericks: Gloves sir!

ACP: kya?

Fredericks: Daya sir aap ko yaad hain chai parosne se pehle Ashane aapne gloves apne daaton se utaare the!

Daya: arree haan Freddy! Kahin yeh zeher un gloves mein toh nahi tha?

ACP: Salunkhe tu bata sakta hain?

Salunkhe: bilkul bata sakta hoon... Kaha hain woh gloves?

Fredericks brings those gloves... Salunkhe applies a solution on the gloves with help of the brush and the colour changes...

Salunkhe: Zeher hain boss!

ACP: par yeh zeher Asha ke gloves pe aaya kahan se? Ek min ek min tum sab log bhi aapne aapne gloves aur tum paachon aapne hathon ke test karva lo..

Everyone undergoes the test on their gloves and hands...

Salunkhe: Pradyuman.. tumhare aur tumhare poore team ke haathon aur gloves pe zeher hain... Yeh ladki Saumya isske haathon par bhi zeher hain... magar inn charron ke naa haathon pe koi zeher nahi hain

ACP: isska matlab yeh hain Salunkhe, hum sab ne kisi aisi cheez ko chua hain jiss pe zeher hain aur inn charron ne usse nahi chuva...

Sudhakar: Sir woh vase.. shayad uss vase pe zeher hain... Hum sab ne usse chuaa hain...

Fredericks: Nahi Sudhakar... Maine uss vase ko nahi chuaa... toh fir mere haath mein zeher kahan se aaya?

ACP: Salunkhe main chahata hoon ki uss kamre mein jahan katal huva hain waha ki har ek cheez ki test kar... Dekh kis par zeher hain aur kiss par nahi...

Salunkhe: haa theek hain.. main test karta hoon tab tak tum log aapna haath aur mooh ek acche se saabun se acchi tarah say dho lena...

Daya: Sir, haath dho kar main hospital jaata hoon... Abhijeet Uss ke haathon par bhi toh zeher hoga! Kahin usse kuch ho naa jayee..

ACP: Theek hain Daya!

Daya leaves with Vijay in his vehicle... Vijay drops him at the hospital... Meanwhile here at the crime scene everyone is ready with their hands and mouth washed

Salunkhe: Boss uss kamre mein lagbhag saare cheezon par zeher hain!

ACP: Mujhe laga hi tha...  Sudhakar, Fredericks, bahut sambhal ke saare cheeze evidence ke taur pe collect karo.. Fir hum log laash ko lekar mumbai ke liye nikalte hain


Daya is driving really fast... he screeches the breaks of the vehicles at the door and comes running towards Asha's ward. Shirish is standing out however he is not able to locate Abhijeet.

Daya: Abhijeet kahan hain?

Shirish: Andar ward mein hain sir

Daya hurriedly opens the ward door... Asha is sitting on the bed and Abhijeet on a table near the bed...

Daya: Abhijeet... issi waqt jaake haath mooh dho lo

Abhijeet: arree Daya tum? kya huva?

Daya: Baatien baad mein hoti rahengi boss... Pehle haath mooh sabun se dho lo please... Aur haa woh gloves pehle dustbin mein fek do

Asha: Kya baat hain Daya? Sab theek toh hain?

Daya: Main sab batata hoon pehle Abhijeet jaisa maine kaha waisa karo

Abhijeet gets up, goes to the washroom... washes his face and hands with soap and comes back... Daya tells them the entire thing that happened when he had been back to the crime scene. Both of them are astonished... Meanwhile doctor comes with discharge paper

Dr: Discharge papers ready hain

Abhijeet: Dejiyee main sign karta hoon

DR: (handing over papers to Abhijeet): Tum bahut kismatwali ho my girl (Asha smiles) warna jo zeher tumhare shareer ke andar gaya tha woh chronic yahni ki jaanleva tha.. Thodisi der aur ho jaati toh tumhari maut bhi ho sakti thi...

Daya: kya aap bata sakte hain doctor yeh kaunsa zeher tha?

DR: Yeh toh batana mushkil hain... Haa itna zarur bata sakta hoon ke woh ek snake venom yani saap ka zeher tha...

Abhijeet: (handing over Asha's discharge papers) ye lijiye... Asha ke liye koi parhez doctor saab?

Dr.:  haa yeh list Maine likh di hai.. Jyada exertion mat Karna.. Aur kam say kam 2 hafte rest Karna...

Asha: okay doctor...

In the meanwhile ACP sir and his team reaches the hospital. After finishing all the hospital formalities Asha, Daya and Abhijeet move with the team for Mumbai.


Here the team reaches Mumbai... The Vehicle halts Below Asha's residential complex... Asha is all ready to get down...

Abhijeet: Ruko Asha Main tumhe ghar tak drop karta hoon...

Asha: arree nai sir main chali jaungi!

Abhieet: Are you Sure? (Asha nods) Accha yeh tumhari dawaiyaan aur case papers to le jao (Pulls Asha's hospital bag and suddenly the thermas tumbles down) Aree Daya yeh tumhari Chai toh reh hi gayi yaar!

Fredericks: Asha ko itni neend aa rahi thi sir ki naa ussne khud chai pee naa hume peene di

(Everyone laughs)

ACP: par humari neend uda di uska kya?

Asha: Sorry sir agge se kabhi bhi main gloves daaton se nahi nikalungi (laughs)

ACP: koi baat nahi... Aapna khayal rakhna

Asha: yes sir

Daya: take care Asha.. (Asha waves to the team and leaves) Case khatam hote hi dobara Khandala Chalte hain... Yeh tharmaas bhi lauta denge aur picnic bhi ho jayegi... Kyun sir

Abhijeet: haa sir itni bhaagdaud ke baad picnic toh banti hain...

ACP gives an angry look

Sudhakar-Fredricks: Please sir

ACP: pehle yeh case khatam ho jaye fir dekhte hain...


In the bureau

ACP: haan Daya! kiske naam par hain woh  haveli?

Daya: Pitambar Tyagi...

ACP: Aur iska itihhaas? 

Abhijeet: Woh famous Businessman Bhishambar Tyagi hain naa? yeh Pitambar unke bade bhai the, jo ab iss duniya mein nahi hain

ACP: kya? mar chuka hain fir bhi haveli uske naam par? Tab toh iss Bhishambar se baat karni padegi...

Daya: yes sir...

ACP: Aur yeh bacche? inka kya background hain?

Sudhakar: Saumya, aanath hain... Navjeevan orphanage school se school khatam karne ke baad ab wahi pe part time teacher ki job karke apni padhayi aur baki kharche chalati hain. College mein charitable quota hain padh rahi hain aur hostel mein Megha aur Neha ke saath rehti hain.

Fredericks: Megha, Maharashtra ke ek chotese gaon Akola se hain aur yahan padhayi ke liye aayi hain.. Goan mein mata pita ke saath rehti thi... Pita kisaan hain... ghar ke halaath thek hi hain par Megha ke pita ka sapna hain ki woh padh likh ke woh bada naam kamaye... Issi liye usse Mumbai bheja hain

Sudhakar: Neha ki kahani koi alag nahi hain sir, Poona se Mumbai padhne ke liye aayi hain... Mata pita bank mein naukri karte hain... ghar ki halat bhi theek thaak hain... I mean middle class ghar ke log hain sir...

ACP: Aur woh do ladke

Fredericks: Neeraj aur Mehul bachpan ke dost hain... Bachpan ek hi school mein padhe... Aur bade hokar ek hi college mein admission le li...

Sudhakar:dono ke pita business partners hain aur iss waqt Singpore mein hain... Mehul ki maa mar chuki hain aur Neeraj ke mata pita ka divorce ho chuka hain. Neeraj ki maa apne dusre pati ke saath Delhi mein hain.

ACP: In charron ka apas mein rishta kaisa hain?

Sudhakar: Neeraj aur Neha ekdusre se pyaar karte hain aur Mehul aur Megha bhi...

Fredericks: Megha, Neha and Saumya bahut gehri salheliyaan thi

Abhijeet: Accha toh in dono ne Saumya ke saath itna bada dhoka kyun kiya? Sirf drugs ke liye?

Sudhakar: Sir lekin aise koi aur baat toh samne nahi aayi hain

ACP: aur woh drug peddler Pankaj... Uss ke bare mein kuch pata chala?

Abhijeet: Pankaj pichle 3 saal se iss kaam mein hain sir.. Uske khaas adde hain Excel college ka campus jo ki in bacchon ka college hain... crossroad signal aur Rejoice club... abhi toh woh kissi bhi adde par nahi hain... gayab hain Sir... Humne khabri laga diye hain... jaldi pata chal jayega...

ACP: aur woh mara huva aadmi Richard?

Daya: Richard, ek NGO ke saath kaam karta hain... Waise toh autistic tha aur goonga bhi magar accha insaan tha hamesha maddad karne ke liye tayyar.. Uske office say pata chala hain ki eve teasing toh kya uski khilaf koi mamuli shikayat bhi nahi gayi hain.

ACP: Toh fir Saumyako dekhte hi achanak kya ho gaya usse? kahin yeh Saumya jhooth toh nahi bol rahi?

Daya:  Ek aur baat hain sir par pata nai yeh kitni important ho sakti hain case ke liye...

ACP: Kya?

Daya: Richard jis NGO ke liye kaam karta tha... Umeed woh Digambar Tyagi trust foundation ka hain... Yani ki Pitambar aur Bhishambar ke pita ka

Fredericks: ajeeb ittefaq hain?

ACP: Inttefaq hain ya kuch aur yeh tum log pata karo... Filhaal Abhijeet, Daya inn charron ke college se pata karo inn logon ke barre mein.. Freddy Sudhakar tum dono aas paas ke drugs dealers se paata karo...

Everyone nods and leaves meanwhile Dr. Salunkhe calls ACP in the lab


In the college

Abhijeet and Daya enter into principals cabin.

Abhijeet: Sir hum log CID se hain... Khandala ke paas ek purane ghar mein ek khoon ho gaya hain jahan aap ke college ke kuch students the... Hume shaq hain ki khhon mein unka haath hain

Principal:(astonished) kya baat kar rahe hain sir? kaun hain woh students??

Daya: Saumya, Neha, Megha, Mehul aur Neeraj... Inke baare mein aap hume kuch bata sakte hain?

Principal: Ek min sir... (makes a call) Seema Andar aana.. (Seema enters) Sir yeh Seema hain... Inhe jo bhi chahiye uske information de do... jisse bhi chahe unse baat karne do...

Seema nods and duo is about to move meanwhile Daya notices a goup photograph on the wall

Daya: Sir yeh aadmi kaun hain? (Pointing to a man in the photograph)

Principal: Yeh humare trustee hain Bishambar Tyagi! Yeh photograph humare pichle annual day function ki hain...

Abhijeet: Accha... (Duo look at each other and move out of the room) Yeh Bishambar Tyagi ka naam iss case mein dusri baar aa raha hain... Mujhe lagta hain kuch gadbad hain yaar

Daya: hmm.. Abhijeet yahan ki pooch taach khatam kar mujhe bahar jaana hain... Tum ACP saab say baat kar loge please

Abhijeet: Baat toh main kar loonga Daya magar tum jaa kahan rahe ho?

Daya: Sab batunga boss bas thoda sa time do...

Abhijeet nods.


In the lab

ACP: Bol Salunkhe... Kya patta chala?

Salunkhe: Jaise ke tum jaante hoo boss jiss vase se isse mara hain uss pe zeher tha.. Yeh zeher Black Mamba naam ke saap ka tha... yeh shareer mein jaate hi kul bees mins mein insaan mar sakta hain...

ACP: Magar Salunkhe, Asha ko hospital pahunchate pahunchate aadha ghanta lag gaya tha...

Salunkhe: Tumne hi toh kaha tha ki usse ne ulti (vomit) ki thi! ussi ki vajah se zehar ka asar bahut kam ho gaya aur humari Asha bach gayi.

ACP: Shukar hain... aur isski maut ka waqt?

Salunkhe 12.30 baje

ACP: matlab humare wahan pahunchne se theek aadha ghata pehle.. hmm..Aur woh joote ke nishan?

Sakunkhe: Nahi woh inn logon mein say kissi kay bhi nahi hain.

ACP: Iss ka matlab Salunkhe... In paanchon ke alava uss haveli mein koi aur bhi maujud tha... accha ek aur baat yeh zehar kaha mil sakta hain

Salunkhe: Dekho boss yeh saap toh aam taur pe Africa mein paya jata hain lekin... research ke liye iss saap ka zeher kisi bhi lab mein miljayega...


At Bishambar Tyagi's office

Abhijeet and Sudhakar enter the house..

Abhijeet: Hume Bishambar ji say milna hain...

Man: Sir bina appointment ke kissi se nahi milte...

Sudhakar: Dekhiye baat kuch serious hain... Hum log CID se hain

Man: CID?? ek min sir (makes a phone call) Sir 10 min mein aa rahe hain

Sudhakar: Aap ki taarif?

Man: Main Vishal hoon Vishambar ji ka manager aap andar aayiye naa please

Bishambar Tyagi arrives

Bishambar Tyagi: Kahiye officer main aapki kya maddad kar sakta hoon?

Abhijeet: khadala mein jo aapke bhai sahab ki jo haveli hain uss mein khoon ho gaya hain...

Bishambar: kya? kisne kiya khoon aur kiska?

Sudhakar:Pata chal jayega Bhishambar ji.. Pehle yeh bataye iss haveli ki chabi kis kis ke paas thi?

Bishambar: Uss haveli watchman Gagan ke pass...

Abhijeet: Ek baat batayiee yeh haveli Aapke marhoom bhai Pitambar ke naam kyun hain? Unke baad saari jaydaad aap ke naam ho gayi thi naa? toh yeh haveli kyun nahi?

Bishambar: yeh haveli bhaiyaa ke shaadi ka gift tha pitaji ki taraf se... Mera manana hain ki bhaiyaa bhabhi ki aatma aaj bhi us ghar mein basti hain

Sudhakar: aapke watchman Gagan ka number dijiye...

Bishambar: Vishal... Inki poori maddad Karna...

Vishal: yes Sir

Abhijeet: ek min Bishambar ji! Kal shaam ko aap kahan the?

Bhishambar: Officer! Main aap ke saath co-operate kar raha hoon aur aap mujpar hi shaq kar rahe hain?

Abhijeet: Sorry Sir yeh humari duty hain..

Bishambar: Main ghar par hi tha! Aap chahe toh mere naukaron se pooch sakte hain

Abhijeet: Theek hain... Aur Vishal aap?

Vishal: (almost stammering) Ma...Ma... Main bhi ghar pe tha sir!

Abhijeet: Theek hai

The team moves out from office...

Abhijeet: inn dono par nazar rakhna

Abhijeet contacts Khandala police station and ask them to bring Gagan to Mumbai CID office.


In the bureau

ACP: Haan Abhijeet Kya bataya Bishambar Tyagi ne?

Abhijeet explains the entire story...

Sudhkar: (entering) Sir yeh Vishal jhooth bol raha hain... Woh kal shaam se mumbai se bahar tha sir..: itna hi nahi sir Bishambar Tyagi ki kali wali Mercedez Khadala ke aas paas dekhi gayi hain sir... Toll nake se pata chala hain ki raat ko 8 baje us gaddi ne Mumbai ka toll cross kiya aur 11 baje Khandala ke andar enter kiya

ACP: iska matlab yeh Bhishambar bhi jhoot bol raha hain...

Sudhakar: nahi sir... Bhishambar ke anusaar pichle 3 dinon se yeh gaddi garage mein thi... Garage ke malik Pinto ka kehna hain ki yeh gaadi unse Bhishambar ke manager Vishal lekar gaya Kal shaam 7 baje?

Fredericks: baat yahan par khatam nahi hoti sir, Black Mamba saap ka zeher jo hume uss vase aur kamre ki baki cheezon pe mila tha... Woh zeher Becure naam ki research laboratory se chori huva tha... Humne wahan ke logon se poochtaach ki toh pata chala waha ke assistant ne yeh zeher ki chori ki bas thodese paison ki lalach mein aur woh paise dene wala yahi Vishal tha sir Bhishambar ka manager

ACP: Itne saboot kafi hain usse arrest karne ke liye fir bhi Abhijeet, pehle iss Vishal ke ghar ki talashi lo... Khaas kar uske joote ke check karo

Abhijeet: okay sir

Everyone is about to leave

ACP: ek min Abhijeet... Yeh Daya kahan hain?

Abhijeet: woh sir usse... usse theek na lag raha tha toh maine kaha thoda aaram kar le...

ACP: Theek hain

Sudhakar receives a call saying Pankaj has been captured by poona police and is being brought to Mumbai


At Vishal's house

Abhijeet, Sudhakar and Freddy raids at Vishal house and find some really crucial evidences. CID take Vishal to the bureau and all the gathered evidences to Salunkhe's lab...

At Asha's house

Asha is relaxing.. While her mom is cooking soup for her.. Suddenly her phone rings

Asha: Hello.. Kaun? Saumya? kya huva? itni ghabrayi huvi kyun ho?... Kya? Kahan ho tum... Accha fikr mat karo main aati hoon... (She tries calling ACP sir but the phone is not reachable... She then calls Abhijeet) Sir... Yeh Saumya par attack huva hain woh cross road ke pass hain... Main usse bachane jaa rahi hoon... Okay sir...

Asha: (about to leave her home) Maa... main abhi aayi

Asha's Mom: kahan jaa rahi hain tu? aur yeh soup yeh kaun peeyega?

Asha: Aakar peeti hoon Maa Bye

Asha stays 5 mins away from cross road.. She reaches there in no time... at short distance she notices a man dragging Saumya into the car... Asha aims at his hand and fires... The man is hurt and thus losses his concentration Seeing this Saumya tries to run from his clutches 3 more men come out of the vehicle one tries to help his friend who is hurt by Asha's bullet while the other 2 tries to pull Saumya inside the car... Asha swiftly moves towards the car pointing gun at them she rescues Saumya from their clutches... Seeing her attention diverted for a second, the man helping his injured friend snatches gun from her hand but before he could understand anything Asha slaps on his hands from beneath in upward direction, he losses control on the gun, it flies in air and falls down...

Goon 1: aye... mana ke tu hoshiyaar hain par hain to ladki woh bhi akeli aur hum chaar (other 3 laughs)

Asha: (smiles) hmm Ab dekhte jao yeh akeli ladki tum sabka kya haal karti hain!

Asha fights ferociously with all the four goons... In some time they totally submit to her

Goon 1: maaf karo maaf karo please...

Goon 2: Humse bahut badi galati ho gayi jo humne tumhe chunauti di...

Asha and Saumya laughs Meanwhile Abhijeet arrives with Daya

Abhijeet: hume der toh nahi ho gayi?

Saumya: haan sir, kaash aap thoda jaldi aate... itna badhiya action aapne miss kar diya

Duo looks at the conditions of the goons

Daya: Abhijeet, dekho toh humari ghayal sherni ne kya haal kar diya inka (Duo laughs and put the goons into the jeep)

Abhijeet: Chalo bhai sherni ke vaar ka saamna kar liya ab sher ki dhaad ka saamna karna bureau mein. Saumya tum bhi humare saath chalo

Asha: aap log alag alag?

Daya: Car mein beitho batata hoon


In the bureau

ACP: Asha, kaisi ho tum?

Asha: theek hoon sir

Daya: (bringing the goons in) Innki halat dekhkar andaza laga lijiye sir, yeh kitni theek hain..

All the cops including Asha smiles...

Goons are taken to interrogation room. They tell that they have received Supari to Kidnap Saumya and hand her over to him. In the meanwhile ACP explains that Pankaj has been brought to the bureau where he confessed that He offered free drugs to the four college friends just because he was offered a huge amount to do so. He also recognised Vishal as the person who offered him money. While Gagan the watchman also said that Vishal took the keys from him 4 days ago. he also said that he need to do some renovation in the bungalow so he wanted the keys.


In the lab

Entire CID team present with Vishal

Salunkhe: yeh joote (showing the shoes) jo tum is Vishal ke ghar se layee ho woh in jooton ke nisahon ke saath match kar gaye jo hume us haveli ke uss kamre mein, bahar ki deewar par aur uss mitti par mile the... aur yeh bottles jo tumhe iske ke dustbin se mili uss mein bhi ussi Black Mamba saap ke zeher ke cheete mile hain..


In Bereau

ACP: (moves towards Vishal) Boliye Vishalji... kya kehna hain aapka? Humare paas aapke khilaf itne saboot hain ki aap choot hi nahi sakte.. Toh chup chaap vajah batayiyee

Fredericks (enters the room): Sir Bhishambar Taygi ji apne wakil ke saath aaye hain

ACP: (to team) kahiye Tyagiji, kya maddad kar sakte hain hum aapki?

Bhishambar: Vishal ko chood dijiye sir, main uski zamanaat dene ko tayyar hoon.

Daya: Uski zamanat toh aap de denge Bhishambar ji par aapki zamanat kaun dega?

Bhishambar: k..k...kya?

Daya: Ji haan... Kal raat aap ghar par nahi the... balki Khandala mein the... Woh Kali Mercedez Vishal nahi balki aap khud drive kar rahe the... Aapke karborator mein khachra fas gaya tha aur aapki gaddi band pad gayyi... wahi raaste par jo garagewala tha aapne usse jagaya apni gaadi repair karvayi aur uss garage wale ko 5000 rupayee ka inaam dekar aap chale gaye...

Bhishambar: jhooth... Kya saboot hain tumhare paas?

Daya: Chotu... (the garrage Guy enters) Saboot nahi chasmadith gavah hain humare paas.. (Bhishambar is flabbergasted) Ab aap soch rahe honge mujhe kaise pata chala? Jab aap uss garage se bahar nikal rahe the main andar aap se thodisi duri par tha... Aapne mujhe nahi dekha par main aapko dekh liya tha...

Bhishambar: theek hain main wahan gaya tha! Magar iska matlab yeh toh nahi ki mera Richard ke khoon se koi lena dena hain...

Abhijeet: lena dena nahi hain toh 5000 ki bakshish kyun dekar gaye isse? (pats on chotu's back) Aur inti jaldi kya thi khandala se nikalneki?

Bhishambar: Meri meeting thi.. agle din

Daya: Aur Khandala gaye kyun the aap kisse mile the waha...

Bhishambar: woh ek... ek...

ACP: koi kaam nai tha bas dushmani nikalni thi Richard say... Apne hi NGO mein kaam karne wale ek mulazim se kya dushmani thi tumhari?

Daya: Jaldi batao warna

Bhishambar: haa usse marne ka plan mera hi tha... Mera ek bahut hi poorana raaz jaan gaya tha woh issi liye marna pada

Abhijeet: kaisa raaz?

Bhimshambar: 20 saal poorani baat hain... Pitaji ki maut ke baad humari jaydaad ka batwara nahi huva... Mere bade bhai Pitambar jo ki pehlese company ka MD tha business apne hisaab se chalata aur mujhe technical department mein daal diya tha... Mujhe poora business chahiye thaa.. Iss liye maine Bhai aur bhabhi ki gaadi ka break fail karva kar unka accident karva diya... Accident mein woh toh mar gaye par ittafaq se unki 1 sall ki beti bach gayi... Maine usse bina kise ke kuch pata lage apne hi ek orphanage Umeed mein daal diya... Kisi ko kuch pata nahi chala... Magar ab Uss bacchi ke baare mein Richard ko pata chal gaya... Woh aaya tha mere pass yeh kehne ke liye ki ya toh main uss bacchi ko apna lu yaa fir woh uss ladki ko sab kuch bata de dega...

ACP: Woh jaanta tha woh bacchi iss waqt kahan hain?

Bhishambar: haa jaanta tha aur iss liye uska marna zaruri ho gaya tha..

Abhijeet: Par marneko toh tu usko accident se ya kisi bhi aur wajah se mar sakte the fir aise kyun?

Bhishambar: Iss liye kyunki main chahata tha ki uski maut ussi ladki ke haathoon ho jis ki woh itni bhalayi soch raha tha...

Saumya: (in humilation) Kya matlab?

Bhishambar: haan tum bilkul sahi samaj rahi ho... Saumya tum Saumya Tyagi ho...Pitambar Tyagi ki beti.. Accha hota jo uss waqt tum bhi mar jati ya fir main tumhe mar deta... yeh sab hota hi nahi... Khair... Richard sirf autistic hi nahi balki goonga bhi tha... Baat karne ke liye woh logon ko choo kar apni baat samjhata tha. Mujhe poora yakin tha ki yeh saumya usse galat samaj legi aur iss liye maine yeh plan banaya.

Daya: iske doston ke bare mein kaise pata chala tumhe?

Vishal: Humne Saumya ki saari information nikalvayi... iske doston ke bare mein pata kiya... toh hume in char doston ke bare mein pata chala... Hume yeh bhi pata chala ki yeh charron drugs lete hain aur unka regular peddler hain Pankaj. Humne Pankaj ko kuch lakh rupyon ko lalach diya. woh maan gaya.. usne waisa hi kiya jaisa humne kaha

Abhijeet: Yeh zeher ka idea kyun?

Bhishambar: Yeh Vishal ka suggestion tha... Main jaanta tha ki agar Richard Saumya se baat karne ki koshish karega aur jis tarah se woh baat karta hain logon ko choo Saumya toh kya koi bhi ladki yeh samaj legi ki woh usse battamizi kar raha hain... aur yahin huva.. Vishal ka kehna tha ki agar woh zinda bach gaya ya inn bacchon mein se koi usse hospital le gaya toh woh bach sakta tha bas issi liye zeher ka istamal karna pada...

Vishal: aage ka kaam bacchon ka tha... humne unhe bataya tha ki woh log saumya ko ehsaas dilaye ki uske haath se khoon huva hain... wahin ghar pe pichwade mein woh bacche Richard ko gaad dete aur Saumya ko desh chodkar jaane ke liye kehte... Maine ticket ka bandobast kar deta aur Mehul kehta ki yeh sab ussne kiya hain... Saumya yahan se chali jati aur jaydaad par haq maangne wala koi nahi hota...

Fredericks: tumne Richard ko yahan aane ke liye kaise manaya?

Vishal: Maine usse jhoot kaha ki main usske saath hoon.. Main Saumya ko sach batana chahata hoon magar yeh baat agar Bhishambar sir ko patta chali toh woh mujhe maar denge... Fir maine usse kahan ki Saumya apne doston ke saath picnic jaa rahi hain... Main tumhe uss group mein ghussa sakta hooon magar agar tumne uske doston mein se kisi se baat ki toh sab gadbad ho jayegi kyon ki uske doston mein se koi Bhishambar sir ka khabri hain... Usne meri baat pe bhorosa kar liya aur Richard waha chala gaya

Asha: Bechara! khair yeh sab toh plan tha toh tum wahan kyun gaye the Vishal? Apna plan kaam kar raha hin ya nahi yeh dekhne?

Vishal: Nahi! Khoon karte waqt Saumya ki photo kheenchne... Agar Saumya ko baad mein pata chal bhi jaata ki woh iss jaaydaad ki malik hain toh hum usse blackmail kar paatee...

ACP: aap ne bada safe game khela Bhishambar ji... sab jagah Vishal ka naam isstemal kiya... Magar fir aap Khandala kyun gaye aur woh bhi aapni gaadi mein?

Bhishambar: Main koi galati ki gunjaish nahi chahata tha iss liye main whan gaya. par jaise hi maine aap logon ko dekha main wahan se nikal gaya... Yeh gaddi maine jaan booj kar Vishal se mangvayi thi... Main nahi chahatatha ki Vishal bhi mujhe dekhe iss liye main gaadi Haveli se 3 Km door park ki thi... Par meri gaadi ne muje dhoka de diya...

Sudhakar: Aur who gunde kyun behje tumne Saumya ke picche?

Bhishambar: Main Saumya ko gayab karke maar dena chahata tha... Jiss se lage ki Saumya achanak gayab ho gayi.. Magar meri kismet hi kharab thi

ACP: mujrim chahe kitni bhi koshish karle koi naa koi galti zarur kar baithta hain Aur bhagwan tum jaison ka humesha saath nahi deta.. Sudhakar le jao isse aur local police ko phone kar ke keh dena Saumya ke woh chaaron dost Mehul, Neeraj, Neha aur Megha ko bhi arrest kar le.

Saumya: (sobbing) Bechara Richard meri zindagi badalna chatata tha mera haq dilana chahata tha aur maine usse uski zindagi hi cheen li!

ACP: Ro mat beta... Akhir jo woh chata tha woh toh ho gaya naa... Tumhe tumhara haq toh mil gaya... Bas afsos iss baat ka hain ki usse khamokha apni jaan gavani padi...

Saumya: ji sir, aap logon ka bahut bahut shukriya ki aap logon ne naa sirf mujhe mera haq dilaya balki meri jaan bhi bachyi...

Daya: Shuriya karna hain toh Asha ka karo bhai jaan toh issne bachayi hain tumhari (laughs)

Asha: haan aur agar shukriya karna chahti ho toh mere saath mere ghar chalo aur woh maa ne jo palak soup banaya hain usse khatam karo

Everyone laughs.


Back to present era

Saumya: Issi liye main kehti hoon meri yeh zindagi aap ki team ki badaulat hain...

Nikhil: Sir yeh toh bahut hi adventurous case tha...

Daya: Haa yeh baat toh hain...

Saumya: ACP sir, Sudhakar sir aur Asha maam kaise hain?

Abhijeet: theek hain... Sab mazze mein...

Daya: Asha aur Sudhakar about Mumbai CID mein nahi hain...Sudhakar about Poona CID ke saath kaam karta hain air Asha ab Delhi CID mein hain...

Saumya: Sir kya aap log abhi bhi touch mein ho?

Abhijeet: haan bilkul hain... Poorane saathiyon ke hath itni asaani se nahi chootate.

Poorvi: Sir, kya aap kabhi Hume milvayenge? Asha ma'am aur Sudhakar sir se?

Daya: Haan zarur milvayenge... Hume bhi barso ho gaye unse mile huve...


There is a unusual shine in Abhijeet's, Daya's and Fredy's eyes... And the Qualis heads towards its destination...

Edited by Sonali. - 04 October 2013 at 4:15am

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gadhadada IF-Addictz

Joined: 27 August 2010
Posts: 74944

Posted: 25 July 2013 at 3:31pm | IP Logged

SONALI, I definitely enjoyed this Ride...EmbarrassedClap
UR Story takes me to 2000 and after that Golden era...Day Dreaming
I really Loved the Casual Convo between Team, Leg Pulling, Teasing, yawn, Hunger, Laughs and Lies too...WinkEmbarrassedHug
U have a Classical Spark to write a Beautiful  and Well Written Story...ClapStarClap
Everything was so well maintained and Well Detailed...ClapClap
the all pros and Cons of Story, Motive, Investigation, Clues, Accidents, Incidents comes Apt and Properly...ClapClapClap
just One Confusion, why that Venom does not absorb in SOUMYA hands and face either She touched it with bare hands not with Gloves and She used to touch Her Face in Screaming na...ConfusedConfusedConfused
WOW, Sometime feeling happy to see New and Emerging Shines...EmbarrassedBig smileBig smile
its really gives Extra faith that when we about to leave, we Shifts Our Responsibilities to Desrving Strong Shoulders which Entertain people...TongueTongueTongue
Thank you Very much Yaar... Hug

Edited by gadhadada - 25 July 2013 at 4:36pm

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