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SurYa OS : Sandhya Pregnant

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Suraj and Sandhya are finally married and somewhere deep inside their hearts they knew they loved each other.They were now going on an outing which was more like a date and surprisingly Bhabho had said yes for it.The both were very excited for the outing and wanted to look their best and impress their partner.

Sandhya after a lot of thinking finally chose a red saree for herself and the ever so color co ordinated Sooraj took out a Blue Kurta for himself for the outing.

 Sandhya is dressed in a red coloured saree andSuraj wore a blue colour kurta when he saw her and was very happy to see her."Aap Bohot Khubsuraat  lagrahi hai Sandhya ji". 

They went on a hillside areathen from there they went to eat ice cream this time which was of Sandhya's choice.

 There were some boys starring at Sandhya. Suraj got really angry after seeing this and seeing the way those people were staring at her continuously and that too with not so good intentions. "chaliye Sandhya ji yaha se chalte hai" Sandhya asked "Kya Hua Suraj ji? "Achanak se yahan se chalne keliye bolrahe hai?"Sandhya didn't notice the guys' starring at her.

Suraj doesn't answer. Then they went to Bazar nearby where Sandhya buys a gift for Suraj but she doesn't let Suraj see her buying her gif for him other side Suraj bought a Saree but didn't showed it to Sandhya.

 Then they went to have a dinner. The place was very romantic as hall was vacant and there were only SurYa. A romantic music was playing in the background and they ordered Rajasthani food.

 They were sitting looking into each others eyes and then Suraj holded her hand and kissed her hand. Sandhya blushed and Suraj said to her "I love you Sandhya ji" .

 Yes! He finally told her.. it has been difficult for him, he has been trying it from since one month how to say his sandhya .!

 Finally he overcome his difficluties & say her those three magical words " I love you " He wanted same reply from Sandhya but she didn't reply,.. Suraj became sad ..

he thought did he do a big mistake by confessing his feelings to sandhya may be she doesn't feel the same for me.. "aab mein kya karoon?" there sandhya  was busy in listening to music. She was doing this intentionally to see Suraj reactions. 

Then it started raining. Suraj  was running towards the hotel but then he realized that sandhya was enjoying the rain. 

He said come soon Sandhya ji otherwise you will be ill. But she didn't listened and moved towards him and dragged him also in the rain.

 Sandhya was enjoying and then Suraj was looking at Sandhya. 

He holded her hand and said Sandhya " aap aab aur bhi zyada khubsoraat lag rahi hai" then suddenly there was loud thunder . 

They both hugged each other and Sandhya was also responding well. She was breathing heavily when Suraj hugged her tightly. 

He said Sandhya ji" mein apke jawab keliye intezar karaha hoon". As she was already in his arms so she was becoming weak. 

She looked into his eyes and said Suraj ji kya aap mera jawab nahi jante? Sauraj said main apse sunnna chahta hoon. She said it is very late & its raining too we must go towards hotel.  Suraj again didn't got the answer.

 They were on their way inauto. Sandhya felt sleepy and she was in Suraj 's arms. 

When they reached hotel Suraj took their room keys & went towards their room.. Sandhya  was awaken till that time. 

Suraj was also not in a mood to forgive Sandhya and also that he want his answer today only. 

Sandhya wake up & found her lying on bed Sandhya stood up and Suraj ji suddenly took her into her arms .

 Sandhya said Suraj  ji chodiye koi dekh lega. 

Suraj said apne mujhe bahut pareshan kar liya hai ab meri baari hai.

 Ab aap kahin nahin ja payengi. Apko jawab dena hi hoga. Sandhya was smiling.    

Sandhya said Suraj ji chodiye aap change kar li jiye nahi to apko sardi ho jayegi. 

Suraj  said nahi pehle aap jawab dijiye. 

Sandhya was worried about him and then she hugged him on his forehead and said Suraj ji I love you , main sirf apki hoon aur aap sirf mere hain. Suraj ji became very happy and said main apke bina nahi reh sakata hoon. Sandhya said please change your clothes and took a towel and start wetting his hairs and then suraj also started wetting her hairs. Then sandhya went to change. She was removing her jewellery then suddenly  suraj came kissed on her neck. He came closer to her and then kissed her forehead and cheeks. He lifted her on his arms and put her on the bed. He started putting his fingers in her hairs and kissing her neck. Sandhya was also becoming restless and she also was responding. then both of them were happy to loose each other to persons they love.


Few months later Sandhya became pregnant.. bhabho was very happy as next generation of Rathi family is going to come.. by now she became a protective saas.. she decided sandhya's lunch, dinner meals.. what she should eat & what she shouldn't eat.. what she should do during these days.. her rest.. she started taking her proper care.. also gave off from the household.. she instructed meena to take care of Sandhya specially.. As these days are very critical.. she shouldn't be under any tension.. she should be always relaxed & comfortable..


6 months latter..At 2:30 am .. SurYa room


"Suraj ji" Sandhya screamed

 Suraj wakes up from his sleep

 He sees Sandhya who is sitting on bed

 " Kya Hua Sandhya Ji? "

 " Ji Suraj ji who.." Sandhya stammered

 " kya hua sandhya ji boliye?  Aap ne itne raat ko chilla kyun rahi thi? " "kuch chahiye kya aapko? Aap theek toh haina? "

 " Suraj ji mujhe ice-cream khaana hai abhi!!"

 Suraj was shocked hearing that.

 Then he let out a sigh " Abhi? Iss wakt? Raat ke 2:30 am ko?"

 Sandhya looked angry hearing his words she got out of their bed walk towards suraj side , Suraj stood up stood up. He understood it was a sign of her pregnancy

 "Suraj ji " Sandhya said angrily

 Suraj smiled a little bit

 "Mujhe Abhi issi wakt ice-cream chahiye "

 "Theek Hai Sandhya ji !" Suraj kept his hands on sandhya's shoulders to calm her.

 "dhaanyawaad,"  Sandhya turned around to walk back towards their bed

 Suraj smiled a bit & turned to leave for her ice cream.

 " Yeh lijiye aapki ice cream!" Suraj spoke as he brought ice-cream for his wife as he walked in into the room but Sandhya didn't repond to him

Sandhya looked at him & said , " Kaha hai  ice cream?"

"yeh lijiye," Suraj replied  her as he went to sit on the couch beside her.

 "Nahi , yehi nahi"

 "Mujhe samaj nahi aaya aap kya kehna chati hai? "

 "Suraj ji ... maine aapko VANILLA ice-cream lane bola tha!" she turned her gaze away from him and crossed her arms above her oversized belly.

 Suraj was shocked to hear that . Then look down at ice-cream which he brought for sandhya & looked back to sandhya

 He wondered " Sandhya ji ne toh yeh nahi bola tha konsa flavor ka ice-cream laana hai "

 "Sandhya ji..." Suraj spoke

 Sandhya turned to face suraj

 Suraj placed the ice cream down on the side table and took a hold of his wife's shoulder as she looked into his eyes.

 " Aapne shayad vanilla lane keliye bola hai par humare bacche ne." He placed his hands on

 Sandhya's  stomach ... par humare bacche ne chocolate ice-cream lane keliye bola hai' aur

mein isliye wahi chocolate ice-cream leke aaya hoon'.

" Aap kya bol rahe hai? Suraj ji !"

 "Ji who..!" He looked up at his wife, "at least I don't get mood swings every second." He thought

 Sandhya looked at Suraj with an angry look and then began to laugh.

 " Aap mujhe sehan kaise karte hai? Meri icchayon ko puri karna? !" she spoke between her laughter.

 Suraj too started  laughing along with her, came to a stop. He took a hold of her hand and spoke softly as he answered her question, " Kyunki mein aap se bohot pyaar karta hoon sandhya ji "

 Sandhya's laughter came to a stop as tears formed in her eyes.

She became emotional hearing those words from Suraj's mouth.. tears role down from her eyes

 " Kya Hua Sandhya ji ?" Suraj asked worried as Sandhya placed her hand on her stomach.

" Humari bacche ne laath maara." she smiled through the slight pain.

 Suraj smiled as a proud father.

 " Mera baccha " suraj spoke

 "usne mujhe hurt kiya Suraj ji " sandhya said

 Suraj looked up at Sandhya in shock as a confused expression crossed her face.

 Sandhya realized what she said and blinked her eyes; she smiled gently and spoke to him.

 " Sorry! Who mujhe pata nahi.. pata nahi mein aisa kaise bol gayi.. shayad pregnancy ke bajase yeh sab horaha hai..," she stammered..

Suraj hugged Sandhya.. his eyes were filled up with tears of happiness at that moment

 "I love you! I love you so much!" he spoke into her neck.

 Sandhya smiled shly.

 "Mein aapse bohot pyaar karti hoon suraj ji," she whispered.

 Suraj spoke " toh aapne mujhe who ice-cream keliye maaf kiya ya nahi? ?"

 She looked at him for a second and then remembered her craving.

 " nahi mein yeh chocolate ice-cream hi khaaungi aab, aap ne itne pyaar se mere liye lekar aaye hai .. who bhi adhi raat ko.. "

 "mujhe pata hai aap bolte nahi kuch par aaj kal aapko meri baja se takleef hoti hogi aise beech raat ko neend se uthke ice-cream leke aana aur maine aapko yeh bola mujhe yeh flavor nahi dusra flavor chahiye.. Mujhe maaf kardiye Suraj ji " Aag se kaisa kabhi nahi bolungi..

 Suraj smiled a bit hearing her words.. Then he told her " are aap maafi kyun maang rahi hai? Ismein apki koi galti nahi hai mujhe pata. Aur rahi baat adhi raat ko neend se uthke ice-cream lane kit oh sandhya ji aap mere bacche ki maa banne wali hai .Mera bhi kuch kartave hai uss bacche ke taraf aur aap ke taraf.. mein bas wahi nibha raha hoon "

 "Mera yakeen kijiye aap mujhe aap keliye yeh choti choti cheez karke apke chehre pe jo khushi dekhne ko milti hai use mein bhi bohot khush hota hoon." Suraj said.

 Sandhya sheded her happy tears. Suraj cuts between "chaliye aab aap aur der maat kijiye warna ice-cream puri ki puri pighal jayegi.. "

 Sandhya joyfully ate her ice-cream.. Suraj watched her eating it .. He smiled at her.. After that he made sandhya sleep also he lied down at his bed side & looked over his sleeping wife face.. He was very happy..!!


 Sandhya: Suraj  main maa bane wali hoon? I am pregnant ?

Suraj :  he becomes very happy & hugs sandhya


Next morning :

Sandhya wakes up and see Suraj  sleeping ,she similes and kisses him and leaves and comes with whipping her wet hairs and suddenly Suraj  hugs her from back


Aap jake tyaar hojaye yeh lijiye kapde and send him and then puts bangles,bindi,necklace earings and all this while Suraj  without going for bath looks at her and when she was abt to put sindoor her hold her hand and puts the sindoor

@SurYa room

Suraj  in blue coloured kurta and pyjama, sandhya in red ghagra.. today is there godhbharai rasam

 And both side side by side and godbharai rasam takes place

And the ceremony funfilled by dancing here it goes'''

 waree jawa, waree jawa, waree jawa sau sau baree, sau sau baree waree jawa sola singar karke godee bharayee lesaiyyan saiyyan saiyyan saiyyansaiyyan se khelee bahut abb, chhotu ko khilayee lesola singar karke godee bharayee le, sola singar kare ware jawa, waree jawa, waree jawasau sau baree, sau sau baree waree jawachhotu jo aave ghar me, nani ko bulavenadi badalke unakee loree sunave nadee, masee kee 

chhotu jo aave ghar me, aave unke mama mama, ya chacha, mm chacha...chhotu jo aave ghar me, aave unake mama daton se nala pakde, hath se pajama oh teree hasee bhar bharke, ghar me chhidkave oh sola singar karke godee bharayee le sola singar karke godee bharayee lesaiyyan saiyyan saiyyan saiyyan saiyyan se khelee bahut abb, chhotu ko khilayee le sola singar karke godee bharayee le, sola singar karke

godhbharai functions ends

Sandhya: arre Suraj  aap kab aaye acha hua mein abhi chai bane ne hi wali thi aap ke liye bhi bana deti hoon janti hoon aap ko bhi maan kar rahe hoga

Suraj : misss'.. nahi bahut miss kar raha tha and takes her hand and plantes a kiss

And they drink tea in the kitchen only

@they go in the room

And see few things regarding baby like how much shud u carry the baby how to feed the timings and what diet mother should follow after post pregnancy and all and then have dinner they both eat in same plate and feed each other

Next morning Sandhya is feeling bechan bt doesnt

Sandhya in the room was cleaning finds the samples and suddenly get pain unbearable pain she picks up the phone and tries calling Suraj  bt refrains thinking he'll be busy she is  tears as she is not able to bear the pain and some how comes down and Suraj  calls and she pics up trying to hide bt she shouts loudly

Sandhya: Suraj  mujhe bahut dard ho raha gahr mein koi ahh'.


Suraj  rushes to the house and finds Sandhya is literally into tears and face is become pale taxi

Suraj : bas thodi der aur Sandhya please

And they reach and doctor take her to the room and she is shouting

Outside Suraj  is getting nervous hearing Sandhya screams Suraj  says he is in hospital and der her hears babies cry and has tears of joy

Doctor brings the baby to Suraj

Doctor: congratulation aapko beta hui hai hai aur Maa aue bhi theek hai aur aapka intezaar kar rahi hai unhe nahi pata ki unhe beti hui hai gives the baby in



Suraj  : speechless he is waiting outside as they have taken baby for check up and then gives to Suraj  and he goes inside

Sandhya with tears of joy in her eyes waiting to see the baby

                                                                          Sandhya and Suraj both are extremely joyful to see their little bundle of joy and their symbol of love finally in form as a baby.

Their feelings were out of the world.They had now stepped into the beautiful journey of Parenthood.The most wonderful experience and the most prestigious and sacred bond.

Suraj:Sandhya tum nahin jaanti aaj tumne mujhe duniya ki kitni bari khushi di hai,main bata nahin sakta mein kitna khush naseeb hoon ke mujhe tum jaise patni mili.


Sandhya:Suraj ji aisa mat kahiye.Mein bohat hi khush nasib hoon ke meri shaadi aapse hui.Agar mein apne career k liye aap ko chor deti toh iss khoobsoorat rishte kko kabhi nahin samajh pati aur aapke bache ki maa kabhi nahin ban sakti aur iss baat par mein apne aap ko kabhi maaf nahin kar sakti.


Suraj:Sandhya mein ne kabhi nahin socha tha ke hamare rishte mein bhi aise haseen pal ayenge

Par bhagwan ki kripa hai hum par.


They saw their little angel cuddled up into his mother's arms seeking refuge from the world.

Their symbol of love was finally bought into life.


Both Suraj and Sandhya knew that now their life would change and happiness will flow in because they had their little one with them by their side to enhance their bond and bring the whole family a smile on to their faces.


Both Sandhya and Suraj knew how much Bhabho wanted a heir and a boy more of it.

They both proudly handed over bhabho her grandchild and all of them couldn't help but stop the tears of happiness which were flowing out from apparently everyone's eyes seeing the little one in their arms finally after a wait of 9 months.





The house where no one seemed to say a word against anyone's wish where smiling seemed to be banned.In that very same house the little Surya had bough tons of happiness. For everyone.

Everyone was on their toes to always attend to his every need.Suraj and Sandhya had comparatively become closer than before.They could now confess their love without hesitations because their bundle of joy was there.Surya was a calm child and like bhabho used to say "Bilkul mere suraj ki tarah shaant aur suljha hua".


Little Surya would make his parents run after him every now and then because no matter how "shaant" he was infront of others,he was indeed a naughty little kid who was loved and pampered by every individual of the house.


It is truly said "Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever-fresh and radiant possibility."


Their dreams had now come true.They were parents.Bhabho was finally delighted on becoming a grandmother.She had always wanted a grandchild and with this child her relation with Sandhya had improved and taken to new heights.Bhabho was no longer the Bhabho people feared or hated.The love of the infant had bought her life to a new turn and to different heights.


Things had changed and everything was now completely well with both Suraj Sandhya and the other family members as well.

They were blessed with Surya,the creation of God who came into their lives taking away all the grief and sorrow and who had bought immense happiness to their lives.

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Awesome OSStern Smile

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Are you written  that Big OSShockedShocked can't imagineStern Smile
Between Nice OS

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Very nice fanfic.Embarrassed

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something wrong

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Originally posted by -Deepali-

Are you written  that Big OSShockedShocked can't imagineStern Smile
Between Nice OS
yesh.. I wrote it Stern Smile

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Nice Ermm

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Amazing os great work well done

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