The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

Meeting the CAST *ORIGINAL pics & Video added*

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Video Added - 


Sadly the pics which i clicked with Bharati and sonal has my best friend in it. I can't post them! So heres my pics with BOUYSSS!  Oh god look at me with fahad.. so shy and awkward *BLUSHES*  hahahha! I loved the middle with kunal. we look lyk bhukkads ! HAHAHAH! Samridh toh ..hes a hottie

OH MY GOD! Shocked  IAM STILL SHOCKED! I CAN'T BELIEVE I MET THEM. Now that iam lil stable ..Iam making this post! Well Everyone wanted the details so here it is..

Starting from the start I was running late due to rains . Well I blame my laziness & OFCOURSE RAINS! Angry .. had many things to do'Print letters,Collect the cake, look good LOL hahaha, drive that DAMN CAR IN SUCH HEAVY RAINS! AHHH I WAS DAMN NERVOUS! I remember my besti telling me to switch off my parking lights during the drive becoz I was so lost LOL LOL. I was praying to god that let them be there for some more hours.. thought they will leave due to these stupid rains.
Skiping the journey! & TRUST ME THIS WAS THE MOST DANGEROUS AND DIFFICULT journey becoz my eyes were not on road' they were just dreaming of meeting the cast!

When I entered their area I saw the blue gate that bharati described in her msgs & everything around me faded. I was waiting for the watchman uncle (btw who was a sweetheart)  to show me their parking lot so that I can park this damn thing & enter that gate in SRK KUCH KUCH HOTA HAIN STYLE & Scream !  ROFL

We entered! OH MY GOD' Guess! who was sitting outside his makeup room  LOOKING ALL HOT & SEXY! Blushing

'Fahad' I screamed 'yeah but that was only audible to my besti hahaha I was so excited that I grabbed the umbrella from her hand & starting walking lil faster & she got all drenched!  ROFL AWWW IAM SO Sorry vedu <3 hahahaha I was not able control myself! LOL When we reached him he got up & asked, 'Piyu?' I shyly said, 'yes' Embarrassed & he said 'you are brilliant in your editing'. Inside I was on 100TH HEAVEN  Shocked Embarrassed LOL .. I DON'T KNOW' TELL ME HOW WILL U REACT WHEN U SEE UR FAV FAV FAV STARS & THEN THEY SAY YOUR NAME?! I can't describe this feeling. Blushing  He was wearing 'Kisha emotional hug scene' Blue Shirt! Man he looked SUPER HOT with his SEXY spikes ! Blushing TRUST ME!  EVEN HOTTER THAN WHAT HE IS ONSCREEN.. IF THAT'S POSSIBLE! He invited us to his makeup room! AHHH OMG We were sitting in his makeup room! Kill me! He started the convo becoz I & my besti were just staring him & our cheeks were hurting from smiling so much! HAHAHA! Awwie he ordered a coffee for us.

And he asked 'where do u stay' then 'did you guys had any problem finding the address' I was answering him like a two year old answers his  'ANSWER IN ONE SENTENCE ONLY'  Test LOL ! LOL Can't blame me.. When you look into his BEAUTIFUL & EXPRESSIVE eyes ..*KABOOM* you are DEAD right there. Wacko And he was SO DAMN POLITE..that i wanted to hug him for being such a sweetheart! I HAVE NEVER EVER SEEN SUCH DOWN TO EARTH CAST! Okay coming back to fahad! LOL  LOL

He asked us general questions & praised me for my work! Man Such a Cutiepie! He said 'Bharati had told me that you are going to visit us & right now she is giving an interview. She will be here in few minutes!'  he called dada to ask about bharati & then gave us a cute smile ! Day Dreaming 
If this was an anime .. I would have those stars in my eyes! 


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After 10 mins' Bharati entered.. My jaw dropped to the floor ! SillySHE WAS LOOKING LYK A BARBIE DOLL' SOO EFFING CUTE! Day Dreaming She was wearing a black dress (Kisha washroom scene) with rollers in her hair! O-M-G I think I developed a girl crush on her! Blushing I know you would say .. 'we see kiya everyday on the show & we know she is cute' but trust me.. She looks totally different from what she looks on screen 'B-E-A-T-I-F-U-L  & H-E-A-V-E-N-L-Y' just like an angel! Day Dreaming I was tongue tied but then too..managed to say 'hi' when she greeted us with her beautiful smile! Then she also praised me for my edits..again I managed to say thanks & she continued to praise me .. Shocked 'O-M-G' that's what I said when she finished talking' I was so LOST IN HER BEAUTY that my brain was taking tym to process that 'my' kiya ..'My' KiSha are praising me  Silly' she laughed & said ' You have already used that word lyk million tyms in msgs' HAHHAHA EMBARRASSED ! ROFL Aww I love her and Fahad!! Adorable people! <3 

She also asked general questions .. Man I Remember I didn't say anything except 'Thank you' for first  5 mins becoz I was nt believing my eyes that my ArHad were sitting there 'like what? 10 inches away from me!??  Wacko 

We gave them their letters.. They were surprised and HAPPY! They were like.. we can't believe you guys did this for us! 'You guys make us feel like movie stars or something!' I shyly,' Oh yes! You are movie stars atleast for us'. Day Dreaming

Fahad asked 'who wrote my letter. its really nice!' I said Ayushi! Ayu GO DIE NOW! LOLA LOL

I also told fahad that my besti had decided to say this particular punchline 'becoz you are hot fahad' after EVERY SENTENCE whether its related or not..

for eg ' I say..I love tbp & it's the most unique show ever..& then adding *dramatic effect* 'becoz you are HOT fahad'  with *index finger pointing at fahad* BUAHHAHAHA ! THEY LAUGHED their heart out! ROFL

And after few minutes APNE Omi bhaiya entered 'HOTTT! MAN! Samridh rocks that kurta getup! Star I was like' Man they look so different than onscreen!!

He is such a kindhearted person ..and of course according to me the most funniest ! BUAHHAHA WE DIED LAUGHING ON HIS JOKES. LOL Bharati told him what We and Fahad were talking about. 

Then He was telling us that he loves to stay fit & he quickly added, 'becoz you are HOT fahad' HAHHAHA! ROFL Oh damn our tummies were paining! HAHAH! ROFL Damn his bond with Bharati is SUPER ADORABLE! They treated us just like their friends!  Bharati was telling how she calls him & manish (avi) Husband & Wife HAHAH!ROFL CUTEEE! He bonded so well with us ..Especially with my besti!! She is a Kattar Fahad fan but now she can't stop talking abt samridh! He is THAT AWESOME! Embarrassed We told him how we want omi to have a girl in his life becoz we can't see him sad.. he said,'Koi nai toh KD hain na'  BUHAHAH ! LOL he gave us dairymilk in OMI STYLE! Awieee! Day Dreaming I gave him his letter which was written by mais' HE GOT SO HAPPY! MAIS 'THEY KNOW U NOW. EVERYONE KNOWS U NOW! AHH DIE NOW LOL! LOL

Fahad had a shot with Kunal & Samridh..He invited us to watch them live Shocked & called set dada to bring an umbrella for us AWWW !!  AHHH ! Watching them live' that too three hottie in one scene*OHGODSTOPIT* Blushing

Scene- RV reads the notice board and gets happy to know that ruku baby is his partner in a theme based video competition or something lyk that. Just then KD enters & RV tells him the good news. KD gets happy assuming that kiya is his partner but all his dreams are shattered when he learns about omi being his partner LOL! POOR KD!  On the other hand OMI is super happy Buahhah! Shooting is not an easy task..RETAKES PE RETAKES! Poor them! Awwie it was soo cute of Fahad to come and ask us if we r getting bored. He came like 4-5 tyms ! OMG! SO ADORABLE! 

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Fahad & Kunal also introduced me to their director & creative head! Creative head told me to purse my career in editing! Man I can't believe they showed my vms to them! It was overwhelming !

After a while they finished and we were back in Bharati & Palak's Makeup room! Samridh showed us Palak & Bharati's beds & told us how Bharati's bedsheet is all clean n nice and palak's bedsheet is lil dull hahahha! Its becoz bharati is a cleanliness freak. In her defense she called him health freak! BUHAHAH SO CUTE! 

They said they are dying to work together (Kiya & Omi) . We HAD a blast with those two. 

Fahad used to come in between the breaks .. to say 'HI'' AHHH!! <3 

Then suddenly the temperature rose' HOTTIE ALERT! And enters our Third Hottie ! OH MY! It was KUNAL! Mais's MAN! He was wearing a white tshirt & brown honey jacket! Uff I and my besti looked at each other & I whispered in a low voice, 'HOTNESS' HAHAHAH! Bharati introduced us & we shook hands with him! He gave us a million dollar smile.. & I Still I can't get his image outta of my head! Actually everyone's.. when they first met us! *fansmyself* Iam never gonna wash that hand! Eer..atleast for a day! 

He said he really loves my editing & as usual I blushed! LOL KILL ME.. WHY GOD.. WHY DID U MADE ME SO SHY?! Then I gave him his letter & he was like 'I think I know mais'! AHHH ! <3

He posed for pics ! I told kunal that you have many fans all over the world! & Samridh joked.. Its unbelievable for kunal to have fans in UK US! HAHAHHA & we said you are loved too ..Samridh immediately said 'Now this is Believable BUHAHAHA!  & its was kunal's chance to take his class.. He said 'Yeah you have fans in Ulhasnagar & my besti added.. Dharavi too ! HAHHAHA WE ALL LAUGHED LYK MANIACS! I can't believe my besti and samridh bonded so well! IT WAS FUN! then Kunal had to go for the shoot.

One Hottie exits another comes' FAHAD! Again he said 'hi' and as usual my besti who is a FAHAD FAN.. blushed ! He started teasing her.. by asking, ' KYA ? KYA?' Rasing his voice with every 'Kya'lyk hes scolding her.  HAHAHHA Awiieee he teased her so much! It was such a fun sight!

My besti told them how iam planning to work in a BANK & Iam letting go of my passion just becoz I think iam not that good. LOL Everyone was like.. You should definitely pursue ur dreams. Bharati said,' you can be our TBP's editor' HAHAHHA I WAS LIKE,'NO I can't match your editors' & she asked fahad  the same thing.. He was like.. Yeah she can be but she is in her Important year (last year) and after a year I don't think TBP will last. But Then If u guys showered us with such love I guess it will be onair for years! They were being too humble & sweet! <3 

Fahad told me that he has my vms in his cell.. I WENT CRAZY AFTER HEARING THAT! He played  'Say you remember' VM and pointed out his fav part where kiya is dancing and KD walks towards her . He said 'Brilliant Creativity' I had nothing to say except a thanks. *DIES*  I also showed them my cell Live wallpaper which had these KiSha images changing at 3 sec per speed! They were amazed & happy! <3

Yeah I had fun convos with them abt the show & their characters.. We did all the masti!  but then I was too shy when everyone talked abt my editing. I was lyk' 'OH STOP IT',YOU! *Blushes* LOLA

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We also met Sonal. Such a cutie! Hahah she calls bharati 'Didi' Awiiee. HHAHA OMG she is too conscious about her skin & always irritates bharati! They were so cute! And also met Nikhil but i think he was looking lil dull & upset about something . Anyways he thanked us for the letters Big smile

I forgot to mention.. Arhad are such a cute sight to watch! LOL They always try to pull each other's legs! BUahhaha! They were like.. 'Hope you don't mind we are always like this with each other' hahhaha I said,' No ways. Fans will be SUPER HAPPY to know that'  Blushing

After posing for pics.. It was their snack time. They ordered Noodles for us but I merely touched it LOL  Becoz Honestly I WAS NOT HUNGRY & YOU KNOW THE REASON! LOL

We were talking abt 'Main sharabi' Blushing They were lyk its our Fav KiSha scene' & we said the same'. Bharati told us abt a offscreen moment of this last main sharbi scene where Kiya falls in KD's arms & they stare each other for lyk 30-40 secs ..During that scene poor Fahad & Bharati were lyk ,'OUCH! MY BACK. ITS HURTS!' ROFL BUHAHAHHA Awiee! Bechare! But she also said 'IT WAS THE BEST SCENE OF KISHA AND IT CAN'T BE REPEATED!' Day Dreaming

Then she started telling us about everyone's likes dislikes

She started with Fahad. He loves sketching & also loves to edit pics!

Palak loves to dance . she is currently doing BMM (Massmedia) from mithibai college!

Sonal  is currently doing correspondence in arts

Kunal loves photography!

Nikhil is a classical singer! He loves sufi songs.

& then poor samridh looked at her and made a face HAHHAHA He was like.. Mere bare mein kya? LOLAA SO CUTE & she said,' Tere bare mein bola na.. that you love to make BODY' & We laughed! she also added that 'he is a good human being' WHICH I AGREE! <3

Then Bharati's makeup artist came & Samridh went out. WOAHH I again fell in love ith bharati when she was applying her gloss! <3 Such a Diva! After 10 mins we went to the main set to cut the cake. IT WAS SUCH A BLAST! Dancing

Left one is brought by CREW & right one by US! They started singing 'Happy Birthday TBP' Awieee

Whole cast & Crew  posed for the pics & attacked on the cake LOL. LOL Kunal, Fahad, Nikhil, Bharati, Sonal & Samridh feed us the cake. Embarrassed

And Fahad posed for cute SRK STYLE pics with my besti (which sadly I can't post becoz its her personal pics) . Then Kunal Samridh & Bharati also clicked pics with us ! Embarrassed

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THEY WERE SO WARM AND WELCOMING. Didn't even notice that we have been there for 5 HOURS! They never made us feel lyk its our first meeting..Infact it was lyk ..meeting your long lost friends!  NO STARRY ATTITUDE NO..NOTHING! Star AND IT WAS SO BELIEVABLE! They Bond so well with each other! nazar na lage! The real buddies!  After the Celebration.. we decided to leave but not before saying bye to them. LOL So we went to Bharati's makeup room! She and Kunal hugged us & said you guys are welcomed anytime. Thank you for making us feel special with all those edits and letters. We said to samridh,'Bye Bye toffee guy. Keep rocking' Then we went to Fahad's room. He came out & hugged us! AHHH I'LL WILL NEVER TAKE A BATH. ROFL HE told me that please purse your dream & thank you for visiting us!He also told me to make a special vm on his journey! And Guess what He walked us to the parking LOT & Stood their till we unlocked our car! WHO DOES THAT?!! AHHH SUCH A CUTIE! He said goodbye & Take care. MAN I LOVE HIM! <3 I LOVE HIM! DHAGSDADHJSAF! Blushing

Once we locked the door and were ready to go.. WE BOTH SCREAMED! AHHH WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TODAY?!! HAHAHAH Thank god that the windows were up LOL or else pakka pagal khane mein rehte!ROFL

We went home with UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES! DAMN THAT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE .. LIKE SERIOUSLY..Iam  NOT Saying just FOR THE SAKE OF SAYING it. I REALLY MEAN IT..! I never ever felt so special in my entire life. THEY MADE ME BELIEVE THAT IAM THE STAR AND THEY ARE MY FANS! This is INSANE! I love them so much! Never thought that I'll meet them that too..lyk iam meeting my friends! EVERYONE IS TOO GOOD! Star No wonder THIS SHOW IS ON TOP! After meeting them I feel more connected to TBP! Crew is SUPER NICE! Director,creatives,set dada, makeup artist, editor' EVERYONE! AHHH I WANNA CRY NOW! UANNN! I MISS THEM ALL! Cry 

Ps ' I don't remember half of the things but these are the highlights of our meeting. THERE WAS MUCH MORE! But I don't remember Hahhaha! Kitna yaad rakhu?!!! Itne memories, INTI MASTI.. ! Embarrassed


pps - iam sorry for grammatical mistakes! Iam still in shock. LOL Videos will be posted at 8! and all original pics too! :)

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Kunal knows me?

Kunal knows me..

He said, "I think I know Mais.."



I shall start from the start! When Piyu told me that she was invited, I was literally NUMB as I read the message then I started squealing and jumping and asking all these questions and she was bloody offline! LONGEST TWO HOURS OF MY LIFE! Angry But she came OL and we got into discussing and everything and MY GOD! I think I bugged her THE most in this week! ROFL Messaging her everyday and asking her details and all the stuff...but I was just SO DARN EXCITED!!!!

Okay, this post is OVERFLOWING with ArHad love and I'm just too happy! BACHA!! YOU DESERVED IT! YOU FREAKIN' DESERVED IT SO DAMN MUCH! And they are right! DON'T LET GO OF YOUR DREAM! Omaaa! Just reading this, and you've given such amazing details, I feel like I'm actually there and meeting them! DAMN! YOU LUCKY GIRL! MA SHA ALLAH!!!!

Samridh is a true GEM of a person! Arey! I died last night! HE REPLIED TO MY MESSAGE ON FB!!! I was SHOCKED seeing his name in my FB inbox and he was so touched and appreciative to it and I was all ShockedShocked Actually, I'm still all stunned and ShockedShockedShocked GAAH! IF FREAKIN' LOVE THIS CAST SO DAMN MUCH!!!


Eeeps! Fahad was so concerened for you guys! I dunno about KD, but Fahad has been growing on me and after your encounter, hands down! I am a fan of this guy! He's so SWEET!!!

Ye jo tu itne saare letters le kar gayi thi...did ya give them all? LOL Sorry, I'm just a little impatient to know their reactions on my essays ROFL

YOU WERE IN PALAK AND BHARTI'S MAKEUP ROOM!! Wish my Angel was there but aah! BHARTI IS LOOKING SO PRETTY! Ma Sha Allah! Embarrassed She and Samridh really are so sweet together...yeah! Me too waiting for some Omi-Kiya scenes!1 Big smileBig smile

Saara time tou you were blushing girls ROFL

Arey! "Say You Remember" mein even my favorite part is that when KD walks to her as she's dancing! Shocked OMIGOSHCONNECTION!!! Stern Smile

Uff! The cake looks delicious...which is nice to know because it had a tragedy behind it ROFL But all's well that ends well! This was a treat to read! THANK YOU SO MUCH BACHA FOR MAKING US SO HAPPY! I know we weren't there physically and I know you haven't written every second of the day but my god! Jo bhi hai, ek dum mast hai! You deserved it girl! THANK YOU AGAIN!! Hug

Love ya so!!

P.S - I'm STILL waiting for the details of that thing you told me last night! Aisa na karo aur jaldi batao! I'll die warna! Cry

P.P.S - Did Kunal really know me?! Shocked


Oh and one more thing...THOSE PICS ARE AMAZING!!! Day Dreaming

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Ladki you are SO LUCKY! Though just partly. Because the other part which made all this come true is your talentsHug

FAHAD HUGGED YOU?!?!?!?! *faints* Yaar...HE IS SUCH A SWEETHEART<3 If there is a 0.1% of me somewhere which was left to fall in love with him, just didDay Dreaming. MERA HERO!!!! OMG HE WALKED YOU TO THE CAR!!!!!! *dies over & over* Such a gentleman<3 I WANTED TO JUST DIE OVER & OVER when I read that! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU TO INFINITY MY HERO<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Girl crushing on my diva? Sorry...beat you to itDay Dreaming. OMG...Bharti Bharti Bharti<3 She truly is, & will always be my DIVA<3<3<3<3 I love this beautiful & absolutely gorgeous & stunning girl, INSIDE OUT, so FREAKING MUCH!!!!<3<3<3<3 And she's such a sweetheart to have invited youDay Dreaming. It must feel so good na to have theese people whom we adore so much appreciate your work<3 GAH I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!

ARHAD<3<3<3<3 Mere amazingly epic ArHad<3 OMG THEY HAVE SUCH AN AMAZING BONDDay Dreaming. Those pics are KILLING ME!!!! And there fav KiSha scene is "Main Sharabi"?:O OH MY EFFING GOD!!!! For some reason...that makes me want to DIE HAPPYDay Dreaming. I am so in love with themDay Dreaming. Hear that ArHad? I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCh!!!!!!<3<3<3<3 a GEM!!!! Nothing else at all<3 I fell so hard for him after reading all this. And his reply to Maisy too! HE IS SUCH A SWEETHEART!!!! And him & Bharti are so adorable<3 She calls him & Manish husband wifeROFLROFL. So bloody cute!!!!! Now toh even I'm looking forward to some MiYaDay Dreaming. Yaar my love for this SHOW increased by a twnfold because of these guys!

KUNAL knows Maisy?:O OMG KUNAL KNOWS MAISY!!! *jumps up & down, does the Ketchup dance & sits back to ginish her comment* MAISY MAISY MAISY!!!!!! Yeh raha tera belated birthday gift!!!! I AM SO BLOODY XCITED FOR YOUHug. Your MAN knows YOUDay Dreaming. And uff...he is hotBlushing. Damn he looks so good! Yaar something about his smile is so charming, I can so understand why you went into dream mode Piyu<3 Geez...Him & Bharti sending you guys off together makes me all giggly for some reasonBlushing. This guy is as wonderful a person, as he is an actor<3

Sonal calls Bharti 'didi'? How super cute! But she calls Kunal "Bhaiyya" too for that matterROFL. She keeps irritating Bharti?ROFL. Oh & Piyu...SHE REPLIED TO MY LETTER:O Damn the cast is so so so sweet<3<3<3<3 She was really nice & sent me a friend request too! OMG...this is my first celebrity personal interactionDay Dreaming

You saw them shoot? :O Wow yaar! And uff mera hero...asking you if you were bored 4-5 times *fangirls* AND HE HUGGED YOU!!!! You didn't faint na?LOL And I dont mean inwardly;) Palak, Manav or my Superstar:( Koi nahi...we get so many cherishable momemts from YOUR trip...THANK YOU SO MUCH PIYU!!! And I agree with the cast! You shouldnt give up your editing! I mean...I see so many really good fantastically edited VMs. I am sure everyone else does too! And was YOU who Amar & Shakti had remembered, YOU whom Bharati invited on sets & YOUR VMs which literally leave me dazed! You arent JUST talented, you really do have magic in your hands, which does some kind of magic on us! Dont let it go!!!!! And I SO LOVE YOU for making this as special for us as it was for you<3


PS...Tu ne 'woh' wala letter diya?Embarrassed
PPS...Bharti & Palak share their makeup room! EEEPS<3<3<3

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OH EM GEEE ShockedShockedSilly
Holy SHIT! I just read it and i was crying the whole time.. Shocked
I'm just NUMB after reading this Shocked
YOU MET THEM!! You are one lucky gal.. Blushing Urghh im so jealous Stern Smile
OMG OMG OMG Fahad is such a down to earth person. I did know that before but i didnt expect that he would be so humble like this. ClapClap He's one of the best actor and human being i have ever come across... Embarrassed I hope to god i'll be able to meet him once... Cry 

Bharti is such a beautiful person. Both inside and outside. Embarrassed She is truly a kind and warming person Big smileI love her attitude Heart I hope i will be able to meet her sometime too Ouch

Samridh Day Dreaming Im starting to like him more and more and especially after i read this LOL He's such a genuine and a funny person. He's a GEM and his girl will be truly lucky... Blushing

Kunal- He knows you Maisyyy ShockedShocked OM*G Im so jealous of you too Stern Smile *sigh* He's one hell of a charming guy... Blushing I love him and his acting Heart

ArHad pulling each other's leg Day Dreaming They are just awesome Embarrassed I love them so much Heart

ROFL i just love Bharti and Samridh's relationship.. They are just so funny.. ROFL I was laughging throughout their whole conversation... ROFL

Sonal is a sweety Embarrassed And she's very pretty too Embarrassed

Awww Palak was not there... I would have loved to hear what she said Embarrassed 

This comment doesnt even cover half of the things i want to say. Shocked Probably when i gather my senses (which will never happen Silly) I'll try to write more Big smile

Im so happy for you Hug And i agree with the others. Do pursue your dream.. YOur works are too good to be hidden.. Hug

*sigh* i just want to write more and more but can't find any words. One thing im sure of. HANDS DOWN this is the best cast and crew i have ever come across! Thumbs Up Both offscree and onscreen...

And those pics are amazing piyu Heart

Love those guys a lot and forever Heart

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