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Don't let me go...[Updated at Pg.43 24th dec 2014]

-Marie- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 July 2013 at 4:28pm | IP Logged
                         A SaJan Short Story

Excel College Cafeteria..

Two Girls having convo at a a guy walks in with a girl..They moved to their regular table n we could see them smiling as the guy walks up to counter for bring their food..

"Hey See Samrat Gunjan are here today..So Cute Couple na. "

There was little excitement n admiration for the couple who was now busy in having their food..

"Gunjan is a Big star and is now changed a lot since she got the movie.."

There was something in the tone of other girl that tensed the atmosphere a bit..

"Yeah but who cares? She is a star n she should be like a star..but somethings never change..She is still with Samrat..How lovely nah..."

The first girl still had same dreamy tone..

"So What? She have to...otherwise who could face the media later to answer n now at this time she of course doesn't want her carer to ruin..."

Now the thoughts were more reflected in her bitter words n tone...

"What nonsense?Why would she leave him ?they love each other.."

The first girl now frowned at her friend..

"You are so Stupid..Gunjan is now a star..she is not the same girl she was when she had joined our college...and how can u say they love each other? Things change with time..."

The second girl confidently spoke up affecting on the first girl...

"No feelings and relations don't..If such things would have happen people will never marry.."

But the girl soon pushed away coming thoughts n replied her again towards couple n smiles as saw the girl holding the guy's hand ..n she stares at their eyes as was trying to read them..

"Divorces happen too.."

The second shrugged away her shoulder in disgusting way as saw her practically drooling over the couple

"That is because people doesn't want it to work out.."

The first girl shot a glare to second one this time..

"Leave it i don't want it to drag to general perception I am Saying about Samrat and gunjan..their relation is now changed..they don't seem to be together is more like forced..."

Now the second girl tried to chose decent words n her tone had lessen bitterness..

"Your sense of humor suck dude...if it is all forced dn why samrat still bring her favorite food to their table himself ? when they are with their friends even then they both are stick to each other why? and they only come in parties together..did u notice they were holding hands when they came in cafeteria..? And last day did u notice samrat had to go for basket ball practice n  gunjan remained upset n sad rest of day in college? and did u really not noticed whenever gunjan takes off samrat spent whole time with his cell or spent whole day playing basket ball missing out every single basket ? What is this all?"

The first girl was now totally fed up of her constant negative thoughts about her favorite couple of college. 

"That is i am saying they are just faking up this...of course if they are both invited they Have to come...n who knows about what thing she is upset? it could be anything else n most probably would be that how she get rid of samrat..?..n u know what it is all your imagination that they are still couple..n samrat of course is pissed of at gunjan and can still find a new girlfriend...Break ups in college is so common dear.."

The second girl started her speech making the other girl's eyes widened...She was shocked...n surprised...She never had been so confident while telling her imagination or thoughts about the couple n here she was ranting whole analysis like she herself is at their place...

"Just hit your head somewhere Pathetic Thoughts...I Really don't want to listen your logic n leave me alone.."

The first girl's reaction made the second girl frown a bit..she was her best could she react like that ? that too on some random couple ?

"What? I m saying true it is all fake n ..."

She tired to continue her analysis.. but the first girl totally shut up her..

"Let me live in delusion ,Genius..please  for God's sake leave.. They are more real to make me believe than your description about falseness..."

The first girl walked out from there...


"Samrat do u think this time exams will not be enough tough ?"

Gunjan looked at samrat n samrat stopped eating his sandwich n looked at her who was staring at her sandwich rather than eating..he sighed..could his girl friend ever learn not to be tense ?
"Huh?Chashmish it should be me to ask..."

He tired to sound cool as much as he can to make her chill too...Gunjan looked at samrat..she make a face as thought could he ever be serious ?

"Samrat you know how much this stupid movie is disturbing my life? I m just so sick of all that..."

Gunjan held his hand across the table n looked in his eyes showing her she was genuinely sick about everything..

"Chashmish exams will be so easy don't worry i have all notes of lectures u missed out..and mam you are just rocking in just a little more patience after movie will release you will rule the world..okay now stop being worried.."

Samrat squeezes her hand to let her know it is going to be fine everything as he is here with her..he couldn't help but winked at her as just mentioned trailers..she blushed as she still remind his teasing about her appearances n everything..n she had only felt relief when he praised her on seeing trailer ...She smiles as she could see his dream in his eyes..she don't wish to see anything except his smile n being with him...

"Hmm..You makes everything so simple..i would have never able to do without you samrat.."

Samrat smiles as she finally had smiled...he always misses it as due to stress n over burden she is always tired...he couldn't help but shakes his head as she just couldn't stop this...she is capable of doing that still she wishes to credit him his success..he wouldn't be agree on it if she hadn't actually fight to make him agree on this...

"Can we have our food chashmish ? We will continue with my praise later in boring lectures.."

Gunjan smiles widely as she get his fake annoying expression...and ate as he offered n gave him back..n just then saw nupur n mayank walking to them..

"Yeah...Sound Good as Look Di n jiju is coming..They will get piss off on hearing my usual worries again..."

Gunjan had whispered last sentence n samrat chuckles..who would have clear idea of this as he is always there to calm down the fire between two sister's fiery fights...

"Aww.Sweetheart don't wory i can listen to you but you should have time ..."

As he whispered back while giving her a side she loved the hug..she glares him falsely for teasing her on this...she had always try not to give him reason to complain but still it comes...


"I am Just kidding sweetie..."

He assured as they both stares n smiles...

"Hey Samrat Gunjan.."

Mayank spoke as they came near to them..Sayank hugged while gunjan who had gotten up to hug her di..stopped in mid way as nupur spoke n sat across the table.

"Wow Today how we are seeing you guys together ?"


"Don't say me "Di" never calls me..."

Sayank exchanged the looks..they are always their to cool down the heat between the two sisters who never fails to impact on each other lives...

"Relax Morena Express..She always calls you when she gets free..."

Samrat looked at nupur n his eyes had a pledge to not ruin this moment..but nupur glares him as how he is always like that ?

"Yeah Don't take her side Samrat..She have changed a lot..She is just not our gunjan..I don't know why you are still with her...?"

Nupur totally showed her anger towards gunjan who was clearly trying to stop breaking down..she would have if samrat wouldn't had hold her hand under the table the moment nupur had started speaking..he knew nature never changes..

"Nupur.. Stop it .. we are here after long time together..we can talk anything else? that can make us smile..[Mayank showed nupur eyes..n she make a face but decided to keep silent..].Thanks..Gunjan...When is your movie going to be release?"

Mayank asked samrat  along nupur had moved on to bring their coffee...

"Next Month Jiju...after exams.."

Gunjan stated sadly..n samrat nupur heard her sadness..n exchanged looks..samrat glared nupur telling her to calm down now for sure...where nupur had a soory they walks back...

"Wow.. that's cool...You are already superstar gunjan..Your Intro in trailers is all the time on Tv screens..and songs we can hear anywhere we go on earth.. What say samrat?"

Samrat smiles while seating next to her..n gave her a side hug...

"Of course Mayank.. I m asking her to feel relieved she is going to have all the deserving success after her hard work..By the way Nupur there is a news for you from our side.."

Samrat looked at nupur who looked at sajan ..with excitement n soory feelings..

"What? What is the news? Gunjan you guys are coming..."

Gunjan smiles as she got up n moved to nupur n kneed down in front of her just like a small girl do to speak to her mother who is angry with her..

"Over for dineer di...and specially for you di..i am soory di genuinely..."

"Gunjan Leave na..You know i always get upset quickly...soory.."

Nupur feels emotional n hugged gunjan..she just don't know how to put her anger in a box n throw it so can not hurt her little sister but..she just can't accept the fact ..Gunjan is now growing up..n now Gunjan needs space to face the world..n Gunjan should..may be she is still in secure as she is since their childhood...protective for her sister...

"It's okay Di..Will you make my favorite diner ?"

Sanayak exchanged glances as showed now they both don't exist for sisters..their  presence is meaning ful till there is no patch up..

Just then rest of gang walks in n heard gunjan..there was a wide smile on all friends after long time..

"Gunjan at dinner ? WOW call for party guys Nupur Mayank we all are coming at your place tonight.."

Nupur smiles at dia who invited herself along they get free from greeting each other n hugging ...they settled again..

"Your Most welcome..but you guys are hosting it with me..while today gunjan is our special guest.."

"Perfect Nupur Gunjan deserve to have some fun.."

Gunjan smiles as heard samrat who was looking at her already..gunjan felt herself she glanced at whole gang..

"Thank You Guys..Let's go for class.."

She spoke while getting up n gathering her books..n everyone sighed in disappointment..yes somethings never change...n it is gunjan...she is this way...studious...

Samrat stood up too..while other just galred him for supporting gunjan at that time too...he gulped their glares silently as joined gunjan in walking towards class..n he looked at gunjan as she slid her fingers in spaces between his fingers..n both smiled as they hold their palms...Meant to be together...

This is just first installment of a small Short Story basically and inspired from Ashiqi 2Embarrassed..I always wanted to write on Gunjan's Film I would have love to see situation in this way..they did it halfway m just completing it Leave Your Comments ..This is basically after six months gunjan started filming her movie..n now it is pretty end to their college life n Gunjan's would lead how Mjht season one should have ended in my way..I want a title for this Help me in sorting out thank you Suggestions n honest comments are appreciated (: (: 

Dedicated to...I forgot the name of girl.. I will edit if i wil get it later..Sleepy


[thanks to ayesha]

Part#1 - Page 1

Part#2 - Page 5

Part#3 - Page 10

Part#4 - Page 12

Part#5 - Page 14

Part#6 - Page 17

Part#7 - Page 21

Part#8 - Page 23

Part#9 - Page 26

Part#10 - Page 28

Part#11 - Page 31

Part#12 - Page 33

Part#13 - Page 36

Part#14 - Page 36

Part#15 - Page 37

Part#16 - Page 39

Press like button or comment for PM..Thanks to aisha for the index <3

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HSFA IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 July 2013 at 4:36pm | IP Logged
Ha look as always who resed on the 1st spot Cool I rock u see Wink 
Well coming to your SS. Wow just Amazing! Clap
Beautifully chosen scenerio and brillantly put together <3 
Your writing talent again surfacing beautifully as all your other works. 
I could imagine the entire scene it was so well written. 
Brought back the memories of MJHT days. Gunur's sweet fight Awww I love their bond<3 Embarrassed
Sajan's light hearted romance Day Dreaming missing them more now!! Angry and its all your fault! 
Waiting for the next update and it should better be quick Tongue
Itna lamba comment kia phir kehti hai k angel tum comment nahi karti. Yeh dekh lena! 
Who you should dedicate it too? Shocked Really? Thinking so much hum kis liye hain. We Crazyholics rock ROFL humein dedicate karo ApproveLOL 
Love u always <3 

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jyothi- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 July 2013 at 4:48pm | IP Logged

Sajan short story is good.

Nice cont.
Thanks for PM.

Edited by jyothi-m - 22 July 2013 at 10:40pm

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pakpearl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 July 2013 at 5:14pm | IP Logged
WOW...res,res n res LOLLOLLOL

Amazing topic...
It was really a hard turn in Sajan's love life...
I m so eager to know what comes next...

Tha talk between the two girlsitself seems to me more about Monaya ...
Girl-1 was a passionate Monayaholic  like usSmileBig smile 

while the other one represents certain fans who r habitual of talking ill of Monaya n indulge in spreading  baseless rumours!!!

Together forever...Soulmates...Eternal love...
Not even death can apart... The reason to live...


Edited by pakpearl - 22 July 2013 at 6:14pm

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SwaNia_2 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2013 at 9:13pm | IP Logged
Right Fauzia, the chat between the 2 girls and I was like, Marie, too good yaar.

But seriously, awesome. I loved the story. Like we saw yesterday, one always there for the other, always. Just a call and there they are, with each other. I love my MoNaya .

Please continue soon,Marie. And could you just keep showing that other girl, how much close SaJan are, contrary to what she may think, how cheap and downright disgusting her thoughts are...( I am strictly talking about the character in the OSWink)

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AdorableDevil IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 July 2013 at 10:03pm | IP Logged
another nice stuff my mature fav little writer sis 

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Luv-In-Mist IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 July 2013 at 10:40pm | IP Logged
hey marieSmile...this is WOW dear.Thumbs Up.pls do continue..thanx for d pmSmile 

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Glowing_Star IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 July 2013 at 12:27am | IP Logged
It's awesome yaar! Loved the starting! Cont soon :)

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