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Hi peoplez...As you all know im extremely fond of writing of writing poems and sharing it with you guys is a bigger pleasure...So i thought  of integrating them all in one place so that you guys can read it and i can continue writing for my love for writing and my love for HimEmbarrassed
Here are most of them and many of them dont have dont mindEmbarrassed

Traps of Fate
You snatched my beloved
You caught him in your trap
Now he's in it you don't know how to react
Had he loved me instead...
I would have given him a palace of my dreams
FIlled with joy happinness and innocence
With the chirping birds and gurgling stream
The water sweetened by love
What did you give him?
An expressionless, indifferent look
Next time I'll get him by hook or crook...

Valentine day special
The flowers bloom in eternal freshness
Wafting out a fragrance so rare and exquisite
As I sit on the stretching meadows wondering
Why all beautiful things are rare and precious
My patience tests my love for you
I sit there waiting, I see the sun blotting
Filling the skies with romantic hues
Its the 14th of February,past noon
i am waiting with a patient smile
Has my heart reached to to you
Do you not hear its desperate plea
Has my rose withered without your sight
Do i bear the brunt of uncertainity of seeing you today
I assure myself nothing is wrong
Are you stuck in a traffic jam?
Why is your cellphone engaged
Are the heart  networks busy?
Or have you gone off to meet Dr.T?
If you want to , please do it on Rakshabandhan
Ah! I can see you now walking towards me
Your hair dancing in the mellow wind
Your eyes taking the beauty around you
Your face resplendent with happiness
Poof it vanishes...the mere reality of it is
OMG...Why is it just a dream?
The relief of love
The world seems crumbling under pressure of exams
More to study more to achieve to impress
Oneself, in the path of life all is about success
And money, but love is priceless,it is blind
Under your heart, the world seems wonderful
My beats are in resonance with yours,
My blood pressure's rising due to excitement
My brain is hallucinating or not?
Am I seeing u here?Have you come to rescue me?
Are your strong arms ready to embrace me 
And lift me away from this calculating world
Thank You
To AS <3

The Man of dreams
Storms hailed in the core of Scotland,
The princess stared ahead distraught ,
She was hailed for her beauty and her heart 
And her whole delicate making was called an art
But none she found to suit her life
Though every prince wanted her for wife
On the nearby shore lived a archer
Whose eyes as bright as lightning and sharper
Than the arrows he wielded, His smile
Divine, majestic and true and not beguile
A tall , dark handsome man 
Who every damsel wanted for her clan

One day the princess stood on the demon rocks
Surrounded by suitors, here she had too make a decision
Though everyone tried , no one had precison
The arrows they shot were more like that of Cupid
Oh!How could dad select someone so stupid
Alas in her thoughts she was immersed! Close to edge
She stood and her foothold lipped over the ledge
Down she hurtled those rocks , unbound
There her suitors stood dumbfound
Who wade through those cursed waters?
Even if meant they were her suitors

The archer from afar saw the splash,a damsel
He thought was in distress, never did he guess it was the princess
Whoever it was, without a thought he plunged into the sea
Though his sister gave a heart rendering plea,
Dont go brother, she cried, we wish you be alive
But his rippling muscles fought the water ,to survive
He came back with the princess ,no clue he had
The princess loved the archer and told her dad
That riches came from within and status too
Do you know how those princes stood ?you have no clue
Let me have the biggest treasure of my life
Let me be an archer;s wife
An archer who can make the world swoon
And carry all ladies over the moon
But a man so humble and talented
To leave me totally enchanted!!Blushing

About Dayabhi dying sometime
The hearts we bound for a tearful journey last week
We held our eyes shut when you cried out in pain
We winced when the bullet pierced
We abandoned all hope and just prayed
And then we were reminded of the friend with you
Inseparable you were,he would never let you go
He fought for you with tears and will
Filled us with a new hope to watch you safe
Come with many more tales of friendship
That bonding that never depleted over the years
Overcame everything  ,a obstacle crumbled
The handsome guys who won hearts
And each other's trust

ACP Leaving during CID Grahan
The day i saw you leave
In all shame, abstained of the glory you deserved
We believed it was for a reason
A reason that couldnt be disclosed
A reason that was within ur drooping mind enclosed
I shed a tear in apprehension
Now you're back of dejection no question 
But a nagging doubt ,wouldnt we have watched you faithfully
Without this greedy stunt?
For Shraddha Musaale's Marriage gift
After all the touchy flirting on show
You have seem to have found a life partner
A person to love you endure you
To culminate the romantic Scenes we saw
Dejected I hope not is my beloved
You found your love at last
So we need not share love but just our happy lives
Oh! Long lost sister ...Thanks for the will
Which made me the sole  proprieter  of his Heart
Happy Married life forever 
Yours lovingly (really for now)

When Abhi danced with a girl...
A girl in red blushes in memory of her beloved
She brushes her flying her hair
Back with a determination and love
A fierceness evolved in her to see 
Him dancing gaily with another
She checks her appearance in the mirror
She runs to the dias where he stands with another
Reluctant,shy,his hair dancing in wind
He gazes at her long ...bewitched
Leaves his partner in desolation
Through the echoing ohlala
He and the girl waltz in style..

The Castle of Everlasting bliss...
There exists a dreamland, an island
Surrounded by sapphire blue sea
Studded with rubies are the pillars
The doors coated with Gold...
Adorned by riches, a beautiful setting for a romantic evening..
Every morning a silence surrounds me 
Reminding how lonely I am
God surrounded with riches to please me
Yet the day you left, my heart sinks
Closer to the brim of disappearing
My doors are open for you,I regret
I realize money is not everything
Trapped within you eyes is an immortal fire I live to see
Your grace is royal,  not my worldly possessions
One morning as I stagger out of a nightmare
The doors creak with meaning and purpose
I see you standing in the doorway,a handsome figure
I run to reach you,hoping you're not imaginary.
I admire the calmness and protectiveness
The warmth and flow of affection for me'
I knew you would come back for me
Coz we just need each other to live
i knew you would come back, Aditya Shrivastav!!
The world seems crumbling under pressure of exams
More to study more to achieve to impress
Oneself, in the path of life all is about success
And money, but love is priceless,it is blind
Under your heart, the world seems wonderful
My beats are in resonance with yours,
My blood pressure's rising due to excitement
My brain is hallucinating or not?
Am I seeing u here?Have you come to rescue me?
Are your strong arms ready to embrace me 
And lift me away from this calculating world
Thank You
To AS <3

The Enchanter
A snake dances to the tunes of a charmer
Bowing its head to his supremacy
Just as we bow to our supreme disarmer
Who with a mere sigh enthralls millions
I feel with him, my heart dances in mere pleasure
Yet his modesty wins me over
I have nothing to say, his eyes say it all
My feelings are contained within a jewelled box,delicate
Next time,I will present it to you
Maybe you have millions of these
It 's an admirer's heart.
to AS <3

Awaiting a Pain, presence a pleasure
Days just dragged themselves to boast about their power
I waited for the day to see you-Friday..They call it auspicious
Your presence is all that makes a dull life worth living
Your every performance truly enthralling
After long we see you with your buddy, What had surpassed  that moment?
Nothing in my life,To see you together a true delight
Life  incarnate in your friendship, immortality glowing
Where have I seen a friendship like thine?
Nowhere, but the pain that grows in seeing you apart ,
I cannot describe the sinking feeling
But why talk about that when my heart's desire has been fulfilled?
Lest one is left- to meet you in person
To feel the sweet trails of your friendship
To recollect what is deep ,love ,bonding all fulfilled
About dearth of duo appearances
Those eyes convey a story untold
Of love and kindness and sometimes bold
I blink back the tears that fill my eyes
Why are you not responding to my cries?
Where is the friendship and warmth you two shared?
You just speak dialogues ,expression is spared
The look in your eyes' is no more the same
Is it some trivial fight or a matter of fame?
Gone are the days when you walked arm n arm
Saved each other from every harm
All is left is residual love
How could this happen ,how?
I told my friends what in an ideal pal was
Quoting your example, is that past?
Times have gone by again so have seasons..
For this cold rigidity are there reasons?
I still have my belief in your friendship
Infinite love for each other you equip
Nothing's gone wrong ,everything is fine
We will see you in future, untouched your love
As it gets older,it gets better 
Just like  fermented wine!!!

In reference to CID Mahabharat
In the lores of the yesteryear , they said
They great epics contained all that were
None emotion spared in the royal househoulds
Betrayal , love, bravery and sacrifice and patience
Jealousy , ire , cunning, shock and impatience
But this time i'm just dealing with real emotions
To watch the minutes of precious ballad
Yet recounted so mystical, so hear oh all , how i possess them
Betrayal by one loved to see him side another (sigh)
Love for all but dauntless passion for one
Bravery to deal with exam stress and watch mahadrama
Sacrifice my dinner at a popular restaurant
Patience to wait until the die is cast( literally)
Jealousy at that sleek cat smiling at her husband's misfortune
Cunning to win him over to my side as an ally
Shock at how emotionless a person can be
Impatience to wait for another beautiful drama
So ends the Mahabharata of Today
But wait...dint the then Arjuna love many?
Arjuna -the greek god?LOL  
is it just coincidential that i loved arjuna the most in pandavas?
was he just as captivating?
Was a slight gestures enough to make me blush?
I ponder day and night and wait for a sight
Of this modern day hero who thrills me
Who stills time by all pretexts
Exams no enemy , dad no fear to watch all obstacles i shall tear
For the history repeats itself , and a dusky , handsome man 
With trails of girls enthralled , stands unmoved
 Te Amo Abhijeet
When my laugh rings loud in peals
And my cheeks turn pink , fresh as dew
My eyes are filled with tears, Know its for you
When my heart stops dead, in fear or dread
When the path i tread becomes complete
When the heart lights up and sings a song
When the sound of your voice paves path for more
You are the immortal being who keeps  me alive,
No same shall be life without you 
Te Amo Abhi , Te AmoEmbarrassed

The fire of agony grows and hurts
Separation a penalty , reunion a rebirth
For deep in those eyes, a true love kindles
Just for me just for you the days dwindle
As bright as the morning sun your sight
As soft as the moon rays your smile
Glowing ,genteel and protective
No woman great enough to interfere
Te Amo Abhi ,Te AmoEmbarrassed

The words you speaks the pearls of deep
Sweet , precious ...Your presence a boon
Now no fear I know , your charisma unparallel
Ah! The marks of royalty in your ways
No matter what , I shall always be your princess
Though from a palace we did not elope,
No father wrath we had to Brave
But our love a magical story , woven around by
Angels of trust ,immortalised by spell you cast upon me
Expression a shortcoming to say what I feel
But one thing I can say for eternity,for we shall endure it together
Te Amo Abhi , Te AmoEmbarrassed

The CID and animal episode
I look in the mirror, a ghost of myself
And now since someone likes ghosts i dont mind
For all I try is to win him over,i may have done economics
 and not forensics
But so what ?every game has a winner,and here its just me
And one to support you, to hide your flaws
Its a battle to death , and to the shortcut to heart
And before you try any heroics next time...
remember im already aheadROFL

Oh! I heard someone shall be a zombie
One who already was though different her attire

For she seem to choose what was already mine
She laid her greedy eyes ,but her look failed to hypnotise
nor me nor him...we looked at her and smirked
What did you think?With your wayward hair and green lens
You could act your part and scare nor attract

Sleek you might be, beautiful maybe,but strength he owns
Dare you try to harm him oh mean woman
You shall get what you deserve -from me and
That shall never be the greek god,drenched in rainROFL

To vis di...
As times fly with work above the head close
as assignments and deadlines,a nosse around the neck
when the thought of day removes the thought of sleep
when anxiety lays her hands on you from deep
All that cheers, all lively things a sore
a pain of exhaustion stems from within
there is a solution fear not,the thought of a face
a face no glorified but charming like a whirlpool
whose mismatched clothes add to regal charm
his one smile can form a beacon of love for us
think of him, immersed you will be,in a land of dreams
all life sweet , work a goal to attain this sweet pleasure
but a person shall be waiting for you with open arms to soothe
you and put to rest your anxiety, a face unseen a shadow it may be
i shall help you the best i can,talk to me ,relieve yourself
for the penance to attain that man of dreams begins again

On Adi sir's birthday

As resplendent as the blazing sun

As sweet as the fragrance of fresh flowers
As chivalrous as the best of knights
As graceful as a gentleman of royalty
As charming as a prince of dreams
Stride and attitude  unmatched, sparkled by humility
A gem among men that you are, precious and rare
Our hearts and your presence stills time 
Leaves us yearning for more art, that's what you nurture
And your passion and versatility a breakthrough
  Birthday wishes and a successful life and career
Throughout your life , you will continue to impress and win 

There many that have been left out...will update on the goLOL

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Lovely ones Apoorva..ClapClap
The thread name is Great..!!Clap

One small thing..Smile

Make the titles of poems in bold, separate each poem by a line and increase the font sizeBig smile

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The Island-P-

The Gift Box- P -

Story Of Mystery Coffee

Case of Andaman Murder , CID international, Diamonds- A woman's best friend

A Love Story-P-

The Dream Distant-P

A Glittering Dream-P

The Day I shot Gandhi-P

The Artist-

God of Acting 1,2,3,4-P

Letter to FW-P

The Beginning, or the End-P

CID song-P

An Ode to Trust -P

Misidentity - Story

The Golden Fort-p

A walk with a Butterfly-P

Timely Murders

KTG- the lamp post king-P

Rebirth- Non cid

Mr.India -P

Megaballad of Romance-P

Tiger, Tiger, burning slight-P

Checkmate Soulmate- NI

Friends, Offscreen- NI

Apologies, From a guilty soul- P

Chalo chai ka break hai ,NI

Our Miss Daggers-P

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The poems are all great..ClapThumbs Up
Love all of them yaar...Smile

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..optimist.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Congratulations on the thread dear!!! Clap Hug
All poems are awesome...!!! ClapStar
Keep writing ... Smile
It is looking better after making the titles bold!!! Smile

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Wow...lovely poems..Smile

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nsapo IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Neha, Reshma and Vis diBig smileHug

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lovely poems nsapo

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