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" A Journey That Will Live On Forever "
" A Journey That Will Stand Up Against Time"
" A Journey Where Love Conquers All"
"A Journey That Begins With Forever And Have A Never Ending".

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V O T I N G  R O U N D S

Hello All...,
Finally that time is here for us to have our voting rounds in our much pending  PV Adieu Special ,
of course we are very sad that the members of this forum didn't participate as well as we excepted. Only a few entires we have received. Wondering why???ConfusedConfused
Anyways, we shall still continue with the voting rounds with all entries that have been sent to ZeeTv Contest a/c. If your entry is missing from the Voting Rounds then PM me @ -Amanda- ASAP.

In this thread, all contest voting rounds is added, one after the other, so please do sure not to miss out of any.
Siggy Contest, VM Contest, OS Contest, Caption Contest, Slogan Contest.

We have all under one roof.!Wink

How to V O T E ?

We have a method of voting in this Adieu Special.
Please state which Contest you are voting for and the entry number that you are voting for.

If you wish you can vote for each contests in separate replies.

Whichever is easy for you the VOTERS!

On behalf of Punar Vivah-ZMD DT Members Jyoti06 & -Deepzz- and Myself (-Amanda-).

Thank You.

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V O T I N G  R O U N D S

Our First Voting Rounds will be on the Siggies. A total of 4 Siggies was received before the due date, now we take those entries into the VOTING ROUNDS. However, some rules do apply.

[ R U L E S ]

 Vote for only 2 entries. Subsequent Votes will be ignored.

 Do NOT edit your post after Voting... Those VOTES shall be disqualified.

 Participants CANNOT vote for their own entry.

 You CANNOT create MIDs to vote for your entry.

 DO NOT  advertise your entries through PMs or any other medium.If found doing so your entry will be disqualified.

 Voting Closes on  11 August,2013.

 If your entry isn't here then PM me @-Amanda- ASAP.

[ E N T R I E S ]

 # 1

 # 2



Happy Voting Members.Wink

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V O T I N G  R O U N D S
We have made it to the Voting Round of Our VM Contest. A total of 5 Entries were received. They are now here of your votes. Scroll down and looked at each VM and pick the best one.Wink However, while doing that follow the simple rules below.

[ R U L E S ]

 Vote for only 2 entries. Subsequent Votes will be ignored.

 Participants CANNOT vote for their own entry.

 You CANNOT create MIDs to vote for your entry.

 DO NOT  advertise your entries through PMs or any other medium.If found doing so your entry will be disqualified.

 Voting Closes on 11 August,2013.

 If your entry isn't here then PM me @-Amanda- ASAP.

[ E N T R I E S ]






Happy Voting.

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V O T I N G  R O U N D S
We have made it to the Voting Round of Our One Shot Contest. A total of 4 Entries were received. They are now here of your votes. Scroll down and read each OS and select best one / the one you like the most.Wink However, while doing that follow the simple rules below.

[ R U L E S ]

 Vote for only 2 entries. Subsequent Votes will be ignored.

 Participants CANNOT vote for their own entry.

 You CANNOT create MIDs to vote for your entry.

 DO NOT  advertise your entries through PMs or any other medium.If found doing so your entry will be disqualified.

 Voting Closes on 11 August,2013.

 If your entry isn't here then PM me @-Amanda- ASAP.

[ E N T R I E S ]

# 1

Trapped In The Car.

           ''YashJi YashJi!!''             

''what AartiJi? ''

''why are you so angry for Yashji?  Please tell me na? what have I done YashJi?'' Aarti then held her ears and gave Yash her best puppy dogs eyes as he was angry with her since morning

''I am sorry Yashji!'' Yash did not want an apology.

AartiJi: I am angry with you! A lot! You should know why! You forgot something yesterday! And sorry will not do at all AartiJi you should know by now what I want? I will NOT melt from your puppy dog eyes so quit it!  He said turning away from her with a grumpy face.. he turned around so he wouldn't melt in her eyes, he would have lost it that second if he didn't turn.

''If you were so angry YashJi, you would be smashing plates!'' She chuckled and put her arms around him from behind.

''I know I am melting you right now, now please just give me a hug!''       Yash walked away trembling as Aarti's touch made him feel like that. 

''Now something is wrong with YashJi.. maybe he is faking.. I don't know!'' Aarti said in her head. 

As Yash was walking out the door of his room he bumped into Pratik!

''Yash bhaiya?''

''Yes Pratik?''

''Are you coming with me and Pari to eat out?''

''Yes, Choti I will be back in a second, you head to the car I will be there.''               He walked off.


''Yes Bhaiya?''

''Are you coming with us?''

''why not? Double date hai?''

''now it is''

his face lit up! He loved to spend time with his bhabi and his bhaiya and also with his wife, but he loved being together with his family.  Pratik, Paridhi and Aarti headed out to the car. Pratik and Paridhi sat at the front and Aarti sat at the back.. They waited a couple minutes for Yash.. Yash then got in the car and looked straight to his left. He saw Aarti sitting next to him.


''Yes YashJi! ME! We are going on a double date! Fun right?''      She winked

''Forget it! I am going!''

Yash Bhaiya! Whats the point? Your in the car now!         Yash was about to leave when Pratik started the car engine

''PRATIK!! ''

''Bhaiya? Your really mad today serious! You look more annoyed not angry or you would be smashing plates!''

''REALLY YOU ASWELL.. why do I get insulted with plates? Plates? ''

''Look Yash Bhaiya! What did my nautanki bhabi do?''

''PRATIK'' said Paridhi

''Pratik!!! Do not call my biwi nautanki or GUNDI! I don't call Paridhi any of them words right?

''Yash Bhaiya, its because your polite unlike my HUSBAND WHO ISNT MOVING JUST WAISTING PETROL!!! So Yash Bhaiya what did my bhabi do to you hm?


And what is that SOMETHING YashJi? Tell me na? pleaseee''

''Figure it out AartiJi! You should know what I wanted?''

 ''so I forgot something hmm?''


Yash Bhaiya! You gotta tell her! Its annoying me''             screeched Pratik

''none of your business is it Pratik! Now watch the road before you kill us all!''

''Bhaiya, you do know I taught you how to drive! I passed before you remember? You were too scared to drive! Bhabi! How you used to ride a motorbike well your YashJi was scared to put the engine on PAAHAHAHA''          he burst out with laughter

''YashJi! You never told me that!!''

''AARTIJI''           he said in a embarrassed voice.

Aarti kept on teasing him all the car journey, but Yash wasn't taking any of it! The car came to a stop. Pratik and Paridhi got out the car and slammed the door making Yash and Aarti in shoc! As soon as they tried to open the door Pratik had locked the car doors.


''Pari! Just watch this! Their annoyingness would have been with us, and when we get back Yash Bhaiya is going to hate me for this but at least they will make up!!!

''Your so bad you know that right?  Two in one I guess?

''Oh great AartiJi! Look what you did! Panch sitaare!!!''

''HEY that's what I say!! Don't be sarcastic! That's my thing!''

''I wonder who started it off hmm? AARTIJI!''

''Actually YashJi, it wasn't me it was Pratik as he brung it up!!

''PRATIK!! He has done this on purpose!''

'' well we will be here for a while! HMM .. now tell me what I did please?''

''figure it out!''

''well I don't know what I forgot! Now just tell me now!''

''FINE I will tell you!''

''you better! I bet this really is a big deal for you!''

''yesterday night, you went to sleep without giving me my goodnight hug or my kissy''

''ARREYA YashJi!! Are being serious? THAT! Oh gosh! I told you it was going to be a big deal for you! Gosh! We have 3 kids Ansh,Palak and Ayu! Grow up! I have no time for anything right now! Ayu is only 3 months old!

''AartiJi!!  You have your babies! But AartiJi you see your my actual baby''

''YashJi please stop with the flirting ok?''

''you know how I role AartiJi! And I didn't sleep all night, that's why I am being 'grumpy''

''oh ram! Why didn't you sleep? ''

'' you see AartiJi is that if I don't get comfort at night (my hug and kiss) then I don't sleep well! You see I wont get sweet dreams about you Mrs Schindia''

''Your such a baby YashJi!! Your my baby! Oh teri come here!''

She gestured with her finger, telling Yash to come closer. Yash shuffled to the middle seat.. she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and smiled at him..

''Aartiji? Was that it? It is mid-day? Today you are not escaping from me! If you sleep before giving me a kiss then I will wake you''

''WAKE ME!! Oh hell no YashJi''

''Just watch me!"'

They were silent for minutes! It felt like hours! It wasn't awkward but they were just falling asleep. One because how hot it was and it was making them sleepy. Aarti was drifting away..she fell asleep on Yash's shoulder.. as Yash was also nearly falling asleep felt Aarti on his shoulder and felt like an electric shock and suddenly jerked up. Aarti looked straight up in Yash's eyes.. They were lost in each other.. Yash moved closer and closer to Aarti.. Aarti turned her head and rested it on the seat. Yash supported his arm on the window ledge. He tucks in the strands of hair on Aarti's face and gets closer.. They were inches away from touching lips.. They touched lips and explored their mouths for a pleasant amount of time. Then they heard a sudden switch unlock.. Pratik and Paridhi were  back! Yash quickly slid into his seat, Aarti face palmed herself' gosh! Why do they always get put in these situations!!! Pratik opened the door and popped his face in

''Yash Bhaiya!! Have you sorted out with bhabi?''


''so can we all eat together now?''

''yes! I am starving HAIYYEE''

''Pratik Bhaiya? You haven't eaten yet!!! ''

''no we just ordered food for you all!! And I locked you in so you could sort out this!!''

''I figured Choti.. you are  in serious trouble you know that!''

''at least I sorted your problem!!''

''I can sort out my own problems!''

''bhabi? What did you do then!''

''your Yash Bhaiya was being a baby!''

''I know bhabi! You know we were watching you all along.. you thought tinted windows? But what about the big window infront..!! I really patched you up big time!!''

Yash and Aarti looked at each other blushing but embarrassed as hell!! They all walked up to the restaurant bursting with laughter.. they all had big smiles on their faces!!                             

  The End!

# 2

My Dream - My Reality.

"C'mon everyone! A big clap for our sensational dancer, Yash Scindia.

Yash stomped his feet on the stage ending his dance and the entire crowd cheered loudly breaking into rapturous. Yash smiled widely letting out a beaming, "Thank You!"

He looked searchingly towards the crowd as he heard someone calling him when suddenly he felt a splash of water on his face. He jumped out of his bed realizing it was a pleasant dream.

His boss looked at him and shouted gruffly, "Who the hell do you think you are? You're late for work and mind it now you'll have to work till late. Go to the Hover Road and beg there for a week. Take this bowl and hurry up!

The man left and Yash looked up at the sky sadly and murmured, "Why did I have to land up here? Why did that fateful day hit my peaceful life?

Yash remembered 2 years back when he came back extremely happy from his school with his 10th standard results. Yash reached the lane of his house when he saw his little house and his father's adjacent shop on fire. He dropped his result sheet on the road and ran towards his house but some people there held him from going into the fire. He could hear people pitying him as he learnt his parents had died in the fire. Yash fell on the ground unable to believe his ears. His happy little world had come crashing down.

Yash cried remembering that day. He wiped his tears and whispered, "Why did you leave me mom and dad? Why did these bad people catch hold of me that day? Why did I land in this begging racket?

Yash heard his boss shouting his name again and he quickly got up to get ready for the job he hated, BEGGING.

Yash reached the road and started begging at the traffic signals there. Towards the evening, Yash stood by the side of the road tired when he noticed a tall and smart lady entering a caf. He was somehow stricken by her personality. Yash ran towards her but she entered the caf already.

The next day, Yash stood outside the caf hoping her arrival and as she came, he saw her closely.

On the third day, Yash followed her up to the caf and heard her talking on phone and came to know that she was a choreographer.

On the fourth day, Yash went to talk to her. He forwarded his hand to say a hello forgetting he has the beggar bowl in that hand. The lady looked at him and the bowl and said, "Your hands and legs are perfectly fine by God's grace then why do you have to beg? Can't you go and find some decent work to do? The lady angrily went off and Yash looked down. That day, at night, Yash lay on his bed and that lady's words kept echoing in his ears. It somehow instilled some strength in him that he lacked. Yash quickly got up, packed up some of his clothes and ran away from that prison. He kept running till he reached the caf and hid near it.

The next day, the lady came again and Yash went to talk to her. She was about to tell him off again when he said, "Please listen to me first." Yash told her all about the racket he was stuck in and asked for her help to rescue all the other people. The lady immediately took Yash to the police station and with the help of police, they rescued everyone. The lady saw Yash helping out everyone and smiled and said, Hi! I'm Aarti. Now, time to find a job." Yash smiled at her and nodded his head. Aarti left the place.

The next day, Aarti came to the caf and ordered her usual. Suddenly, she saw Yash coming with her order. She smiled wide and said, "It's good to see you doing something worthwhile." Yash smiled at her and thanked her. Aarti nodded her head smilingly and Yash left. Aarti had her coffee and came out. She turned back to notice Yash dancing in the kitchen. She ran back to the caf calling for Yash to sit with her. Yash looked at her blankly and Aarti asked him, "Do you love dancing?" Yash nodded hesitatingly. Aarti excitingly asked him, "Do you want to make a career in it?" Yash smiled and said, "Yes. I want to be a stage performer." Aarti nodded and asked, "Is your ultimate aim to be a choreographer?" Yash nodded his head negatively and confessed, "I don't want to sit, teach and direct other people but I want to keep dancing on stage and entertain people." Yash lost in the thoughts of his ambition, whispered,

"All have harboured passion,
Some want to impart it,
Some forever want to rejuvenate in it."

Aarti heard it and smiled. She coughed lightly to catch Yash's attention and asked Yash to come to her dance institute the next day. Yash nodded smilingly.

The next day, Yash went to Aarti's dance institute and on Aarti's insistence performed a dance. Aarti mighty impressed said, "Yash, you're superb. All you require is some nurturing. Would you mind if I teach you?" Yash nodded saying that he will pay the fee.

Next many months, Yash practiced with Aarti during the evenings.

One day, Aarti took him with her to a stage show where she was assisting the main choreographer, Pratik. While Aarti was making the dancers practice, Yash standing at the side kept following the steps. Pratik noticed Yash's beautiful dancing and asked Aarti is she knew him. Aarti nodded. Pratik called Yash and asked him, "I just saw your dance. Do you want to perform for my next stage show?" Yash nodded happily. Pratik asked Yash to report the following day at his studio for rehearsals.
Yash and Aarti went together to the caf to celebrate this little beginning of Yash's career. Yash said to Aarti, "Thank you for working on my dance." Aarti shooed his statement and said, "You had the skill in you. I just did what a choreographer does." Yash smiled and said, "Thank you my awesome teacher." They smiled and bid goodbye with a gentle hug.

Yash practiced with Pratik for the stage show every day renewing his passion for dance.

Finally it was time for the show. Yash stood behind the stage rubbing his palms in nervousness. It was his first stage show ever and he knew this could make his world. Yash peeped outside to see the huge crowd and murmured to himself, "This is my dream and come what may, I will live it." Aarti came from behind and patted his back. She looked at Yash and asked, "Nervous?" Yash smiled wide and said, "Not anymore." Aarti gave him a hug and said, "Good luck!" She winked and left.

The announcer said, "Now everyone! Please welcome Yash Scindia." Yash stepped on the dark stage. The first beat hit the speakers and the spotlight hit him.

Hai jo lahoo mera,
Behta chala,
Dekho junoon mera,
Kehta chala,
Khwaabon ka karvaan,
Jo behta chala.

Yash paused for a moment, looked at the crowd and hit the dance again.

Bezubaan kabse mai raha,
Begunaah sehta mai raha,
Oh ho ho
Khwabon ka tere, qissa hun,
Tera hi to mai, hissa hun,
Mujhko na kar yun juda.

Yash gave his final dance stance and the hall thundered with claps. Yash thanked everyone and went back stage. As soon as he reached a secluded area behind, he fell on his knees whispering, "Mom, Dad, I made it!" He smiled wide and blew a kiss up. Aarti came and hugged him saying, "Wow! You were phenomenal." Yash completed saying, "And now there's no looking back."

5 Years Later

Yash went to Aarti's dance institute. All the kids hugged him and he gave chocolates and kisses to everyone. Yash and Aarti went to Aarti's cabin and Aarti said, "These little kids adore you." Yash smiled and said, "I'm blessed." Aarti said, "Yes, because you have blessed them all with free classes." Yash smiled, "Well, this is just another dream of mine." Both smiled and Yash said, "Alright! I had my greeting session. Thanks ma'am!" Aarti playfully hit him, "Alright! I order my student to go." Yash laughed and left.

Yash walking towards the caf saw a boy begging at the signal. Yash got him to the side of the road and asked, "Do you have a dream?" The boy's eyes suddenly shone and then dropped back to emptiness. Yash let his hands into his bag and got out his only book, My Dream-My Reality. The boy asked, "Is it a story book?" Yash chuckled, "A story that is a lesson. Dreams are never far from reality. Read this, realize this and follow this.

Yash walked ahead and the boy looked at him admiringly.

The End.

# 3

His two arms circled my petite waist and held them strongly. Through the flimsy material of the golden  saree I was wearing, I could clearly feel his fingers caressing my waist. I felt his lips pressed against the back of him neck as his head nuzzled into the crook of my neck. His lips on my neck felt cold, very cold. It was scaring me. I didn't know why. They were making their way downwards slowly and gently, sliding. My eyes closed unconsciously and I slid my hands over his. All I wanted to do was savour this very moment. It would only last this long'and it did, but not the way I expected it to.

Many things did not change in our position. It was only that now I was lying face down on the ground with my vision blurred. His arms were still around my waist. It was only now that they were loosely hanging on. I wondered why. Shouldn't they be more secure? I stopped thinking as thoughts circling in my head only caused the headache to get more violent. I just shut my eyes and felt his lips stay right where they were a few minutes ago. It's just that now they were not moving. They stayed put'it was increasing my fear.

I wanted to keep my eyes open this time but I couldn't. The pain wasn't allowing me to. I was forced to shut them. Due to my position, I couldn't see him, I wanted to but I was helpless. This was all her fault, her fault only. I felt the saree I was wearing getting soaked with blood from the back. I could feel my heart palpitating against my chest, all because of what she did. Payal, my sweet little child.

When Arpita died, his first wife, she was fifteen and his only child. He was in love with me from a long time, and I loved him no less. The day we got married was heavenly, all my dreams were fulfilled. The only problem we had was Payal. After Arpita passed away, as influenced by her peers, she started taking drugs and consuming alcohol. We tried to no end to stop her. She was slowly falling into a depression and we tried to treat her with care and love, more than we already did. She never accepted his decision to marry me. She hated him for that, and she hated me even more for trying to take the place of her mom. Due to the depression, she slit her wrists and we admitted her in City Hospital where she took counselling. We thought it helped'it didn't.

It was our anniversary and he planned a huge surprise for me in order to make me happy. We had an enjoyable time together on the terrace but when we were standing together, she pushed him away. She drove a knife through me from the back. Along with piercing my body, she pierced my heart and my trust in her. I thought she started loving me as her mother. I thought she started appreciating me. I never knew that so much anger and pain was pent up inside her for her to attempt killing me. I loved her as my own daughter, I trusted her and I cared for her but all I received was betrayal.

I could not be angry at her. She was my own. She was my life along with him. I am forgiving her for this one mistake. Wherever she ran off to, leaving me bleeding in his arms, may she be happy.

There was only one question pricking my mind. Why? Why is HE like this? I can't watch him to know why. His arms were around me but as if they were just strewn. It was as if he was weak, too weak, as if all his energy was sucked out of him. I have to know what's wrong with him. Oh god, help me please.

Ignoring the pain I was bearing while turning around, I grabbed his jacket and opened my eyes slowly. His eyes were shut. He looked pale. His skin was cold. I gulped and prayed silently. God, why is he like this? Payal didn't do him anything, then why'

With my vision still blurred, I could see letters written on the canopy above. I struggled to read them but succeeded.

"You are my poison,

"And if I can't have you,

"I have to take another poison!

He drank poison'he drank poison! Why?? What happened to him? I was always with him, then why? I am practically inseparable from him then why? No, stay awake. Was it the fight? It couldn't be. Face it, it was.

I fought with him. I told him I would divorce him. I told him he should jump off a cliff. I told him he meant nothing to me. I told him he only wanted me for his physical needs. I made a mistake.

He wanted to take our relationship to the next level but I wouldn't let him and we fought. We argued. I declined for Payal. For her to completely recover and then we would take that step but he didn't understand and I told him how disgusted and angry I was but it was only then. I loved him with my life, he knew that. He knew that, right?

It was a common fight that he didn't understand. He was too deeply in love with me to take my hatred. How could you not understand this Aarti? You're an idiot. You should hate yourself. He's dead now'.he's dead! No he's not. I have a hope'.HE'S DEAD! He's gone'.forever.

It's okay Aarti'just now you'll meet him. Just now you'll be punished with death. Who am I kidding? This punishment will be its own reward. You'll be reunited with him yet again. We'll be together.

The darkness was engulfing me now. I could see a faint light in that darkness. Even though he was gone, I could feel his presence. He was there'not as a body, as a soul. My soul was departing also but before my last breath, I confessed once again how much I loved him'how much I loved Yash.

The End

# 4

Aaisa Waisa

Prateek - " Ansh don't scream, or else you'll wake up Dadaji, Dadiji and Buaji"
Ansh - " Sorry Chachu, now I'll scream slowly" and he winked at Prateek, who winked back and gave him a Hi- Five
Gayatri -" What's with all this noise? And Ansh what are you doing here, shouldn't you be in your room with your sisters? It almost your bedtime?"
Ansh  ( holding both ears with his hands )-" Sorry Dadi, now I won't make any noise, I was just going to my room" 
Gayatri -" That's ok you can go to your room and play with your Chachu, but only for a few minutes. You have school tomorrow"
Ansh -" Uff O, Dadi tomorrow is Saturday, and we don't have school on Saturdays and Sundays"
Gayatri laughed and patted him on his head " Ok baba you can play as much as you want, but with your parents permission. Now where's your momma?"
Ansh told Gayatri that Aarti was in the kitchen helping Vidhi, and he ran towards his room.
Gayatri went to the kitchen and saw Aarti working with Vidhi and she got angry" Aarti bahu how many times do,I have to tell you that you have to take proper rest? I know the other day your doctor told you that you don't have anymore complications in your pregnancy, but that doesn't mean that you work non stop. Now go to your room and take some rest"
Aarti -" Mummyji I'm perfectly fine, even the doctor said that I'm fit to do all types of physical activity" 
Hearing this Vidhi raised her eyebrows and coughed with a naughty smile. Aarti glared at her and then told Gayatri that she'll go in a few minutes after finishing some pending work. Gayatri nodded and left.
Vidhi laughed-" Um! So Aarti the doctor gave you permission to do all type of physical activity, uh? " 
Aarti -" What Bhabhi, don't you know how Yashji is? Till now he hasn't been able to confess his feelings for me and you think that something will happen between us? The whole family knows how he feels for me, but I don't understand why he's still not able to tell me about his feelings?"
Vidhi tried to console a upset Aarti-" who knows Yash Bhaiya might do it soon. You never know, these men are so unpredictable"
Aarti sighed " Bhabhi, I thought that as today is Valentine's Day,Yashji might at least wish me, but I haven't seen him since morning. He came from office, had dinner and then went to his room and told everyone not to disturb him as he has some important work to finish. Ever since we came from the doctors that day, I feel that Yashji's been trying to avoid me. He's not even talking with me properly. I don't understand why he's doing this" 
Before Vidhi could reply a panting Ansh came running " Mumma come soon something has happened to Papa, he's doing so much Masti and laughing so much. I've never seen him like this before, I'm scared that something is wrong with him, he smells funny also." And he ran away towards his room.
A surprised Aarti looked at Vidhi " Oh no! Bhabhi I think Yashji and his brothers had their special party today again. I'm scared you all know what happened when we had drank bhang and then when these three brothers had their special party last time. Do you remember that day Yashji wanted to say something to me, but he was so drunk that he couldn't say anything and the next morning all he did was keep on asking me wether he did any Aaisa Waisa with me the night before. I'm sure today also he has drank too much that's why he's behaving like this, or else Yashji and doing Masti at this time of the night and laughing, that's not at all possible"
Vidhi -" Aarti will you stop speculating and go and check what's wrong"
Aarti nodded and ran towards children's room. She could hear Yashji's and kids laughing and screaming from a distance also.
But she froze on the spot at the sight that greeted her. The whole room was in a mess, almost everything was on the floor. And Yashji was having a pillow fight with the kids. Aarti couldn't believe her eyes, The Yashji who liked and wanted everything prim and proper was sitting and laughing and enjoying in the kids room. Now she was sure that he was drunk. Her heart started to beat faster. 
Aarti looked at Prateek who was also standing there -" Prateek Bhaiya did you guys had another one of your special parties today?"
Prateek sheepishly said " Yes bhabhi, Pankaj Bhaiya and I, we both had only few pegs, but I'm afraid Yash Bahiya got a little carried away and drank too much"
Aarti hit her forehead with her palm -" ok now will you please help me take him to our room, as I don't want him to be with kids in this condition for long"
She than went to Yash and told him to go to their room. Yash stumbled a little. Then he went towards the kids and gave each of them a kiss by saying "I Love You" to them.
Just then Payal innocently said " Papa don't you love mumma? Why don't you kiss her also?"
Yash (in a drunken state) approvingly looked at Payal and then proceeded towards Aarti to kiss her.
A terrified Aarti stopped him before he could move any further "Ok Yashji I think that it's time for you to go to bed"
She pointed out to Prateek to help her in taking Yash to their room. And told the kids to go to bed. Vidhi assured her that she'll put the kids to sleep.
When they reached their room, Prateek suddenly stopped and said " Bhbahi I suddenly remembered that I've to finish up some work urgently, so you are on your own now."
Aarti was surprised at his behavior, she then alone tried to take Yash inside their room. After entering the room she asked Yash to wait while she locked the room.
The moment she locked the room lights went off. A startled Aarti turned around to check on Yash.
Aarti couldn't believe the sight that greeted her.
The whole room was beautifully decorated with flowers and was lit with candles. There were picture frames of her and Yash all over the wall.
Several emotions came at once on her face, she was overwhelmed, happy, emotional, surprised, shocked at the same time.
She then realised that Yash was standing in a corner and lovingly looking at her with a beautiful smile on his face, a smile that sent a shiver through her entire body. 
Yash slowly walked towards her, Aarti's heart started beating faster, now he was standing just a feet away from her. She wanted to lower her eyes but couldn't do so as she was completely lost in her husbands beautiful and passionate eyes. 
Yash gently tugged a strand of her hair behind her ear, which sent a shiver through her whole body.
Yash smiled when he saw the effect of his touch on his beautiful wife " So Mrs. Schindhiya, how did you liked my surprise?"
A shocked Aarti gasped " OMG, you are not drunk, all this while you were pretending."
Yash laughed at Aarti's shocked expression"Yes my sweet and beautiful wife I was acting and Prateek, Vidhi bhabhi and our naughty kids were also involved in this act, as they knew that I wanted to give you a surprise today. So did you liked it or not?"
Aarti angrily stared at him" Achha? So now you've involved our kids also in your pranks? You all fooled me, and now you are expecting me to answer your question? Well Mr. Schindhiya, I won't answer any of your questions." She slowly removed his hands and moved to the centre of the room with a smile on her face. She still couldn't believe that the moment that she's been waiting for so long was here, her heart was racing like crazy.
Yash came near her from behind and bent towards her and slowly whispered in her ears " Happy Valentines Day, my beautiful Aarti, I Love you"
Aarti's heart now almost stopped beating, did he just say" Aarti ( and not Aartiji) I Love You"?
Yash knew what was going on in her mind so he repeated again" Yes you heard it right, I just said, I Love You, my Beautiful Aarti"
Aarti couldn't control her emotions anymore. Tears started flowing her eyes. She turned around looked at her Handsome Husband, Her Yashji and hugged him.
Yash hugged her back, very tightly, as if he'll never let her go. Time stood still for them as they were lost in each others warm and loving embrace.
Yash gently stroked her hair " Aarti say something"
Aarti shook her head as she was too emotional to say anything.
Yash " Aarti please say something sweetheart, I want to know how you feel for me, I know that you love me but I still want to hear it from you"
He then with one hand gently raised her head slightly. Aarti slowly raised her lowered eyes and looked deeply into his big brown eyes and said " I love you Yashji, more than my life. You are my everything, you are my whole world. Without you I'm nothing"
They stood their gazing at each other, then Yash slowly moved towards her and kissed her. He waited for her response. Aarti kissed him back with equal fervor. Which then intensified their kiss. 
It was Yash who broke the kiss and then hugged her. They were again lost in each others arms. Until the physical warmth between them suddenly changed and intensified. They both felt it. 
Yash then whispered in her ears " Aarti you know very well that now even the doctor has given us permission, we can take our relationship to the next level. But I don't want to force you. So if you are not ready then please say so. I won't mind at all. I'll give to five minutes, if you are not ready then move back now only, or else I'll end up actually doing Aaisa Waisa with you this time"
Aarti's face turned a crimson red at Yash's bold demand. But she was too shy to say directly to him that she too was ready for it and wanted it as badly as him. 
She didn't knew how to tell him this, so instead of saying anything, she snuggled closer to him, as close as possible. She hugged him more tightly, as tight as possible. 
Yash got his answer. He suddenly bent down and lifted her and carried her to the bed. Their bed. Where they did Aaisa Waisa whole night. Where they truly became one.

The End.

Happy Voting!

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-Anarkali. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 21 July 2013 at 8:42am | IP Logged

V O T I N G  R O U N D S
We have made it to the Voting Round of Our Caption Contest. However, while doing that follow the simple rules below.

[ R U L E S ]

 Vote for only 2 caption per pictures. Subsequent Votes will be ignored.

 Participants CANNOT vote for their own entry.

 You CANNOT create MIDs to vote for your entry.

 DO NOT  advertise your entries through PMs or any other medium.If found doing so your entry will be disqualified.

 Voting Closes on 11 August,2013.

 If your entry isn't here then PM me @-Amanda- ASAP.

[ E N T R I E S ]

Picture # 1

Caption # 1
acha bataayiye aarti ji, yeh mujh pe zyaada ache lagenge ya aaap par Big smile

Caption # 2
"Aailah! aarti is this a wedding gift?
I am sure you will look very sexy in this Yash Ji"

Caption # 3
This seems good for the Fancy Dress Competition, right? ;)

Caption # 4
Well, this lingerie won't fit me.

Caption # 5
Yash: "Aartiji you think i will look hot in this?"

Caption # 6
Yash: "Aarti ji, I wonder if this is my size"

Picture # 2

Caption # 1
(yash to himself) : arre waah aarti ji...aap ne kabhi bhi meri office ke kaam pe help nahi 

Caption # 2
"yeh ladki kabhi nahi sudhregi...thoda to khayal kiya hota mere bazoon ka..."

Caption # 3
1. I hate that ice cream. Why doesn't she give me such looks?

Picture # 3

Caption # 1
"i am seriously telling you arti you need to join gym or yoga classes as soon as possible otherwise you have to pick me up from the next time"

Caption # 2
Oh God! This constant anger. I'm fed up now. Rather drop me down.

Caption # 3
Aahhh! Why the hell is she so heavy?

Picture # 4

Caption # 1
"I am trying to concentrate on my bowel moment. I am constipated since 3 days...
No wonder your wife was sleeping outside for last three days"

Caption # 2
Oh Lord! I don't wanna see her. She's so skinny. I'm not used to such skinny women.

Caption # 3
Sheesh! I love him, but this sweat, YUK!

Caption # 4
Yash: "Oh god, save me. If aarti'ji  catch this woman looking at me she won't spare me.

Picture # 5

Caption # 1
pllsss aarti ji, kal mera entrance exam hai...plz dnt seduce me...let me concentrate Geek

Caption # 2
"Thank god the reports are negetive. i dont plan to make a cricket team".

Caption # 3
Wait listen! Let's divide responsibilities for the huge number of kids we have got.

Caption # 4
Ish! You're so cute. No wonder Ishita is obsessed with you.

Caption # 5
Yash: "Here is what we are gonna do for the function"
 Aarti: "Yashji i cannot concentrate, your handsomeness is too much of a distraction for me

Picture # 6

Caption # 1
Aah! I want this designer saree of Ishita


Picture # 7

Caption #1 
ishita : akaash ji
akaash : hmmm
 ishita : mein kuch poochoo , aapse...
akaash : tum poochenge toh mein apna jaan b doongi, kahoo naa my jaan
 ishitha : toh mujhe divorcee do , aur meri aur yash ji ki shaadi karvaade LOL

Caption # 2
"chance pe dance baby... cvs of my previous show didnot even let me touch my onscreen wife...woh kasar yahan puri karte hai"

Caption #  3
This candle light idea is so old and it's funny. Why should one light up candles when there's electricity.. :P

Caption # 4
Ishita: "You are the apple of my eye"
    Akash: "You are the love of my life"

Picture # 8

Caption # 1
suniye ji, yeh aapka towel...aarti ji dekhenge to mujhpe shakk karenge

Caption # 2
Oh well! Ma'am, trying to scare me off trying to show only that deadly sort of hand?

Caption # 3
If I turn to look at him, I'll forget my mission. Oh Lord! Hold me on.

Caption # 4
Yash:"OMG, I think needs a manicure"

Picture # 9

Caption # 1
yash : jaldi jao ishitha...aarti ji aayenge toh humein  pakdenge...
ishita : pehle aap mujhe chodo , tabhi toh mein jaa paoongi naa Wink

Caption # 2
"yash ji aise mat chuiye humme.
Chhu lene do before my wife sees me touching you"

Caption # 3
Why does the director keep making all the girls fall in my arms?

Caption # 4
This pose is so funny! Though it's great to be in his arms. ;)

Caption # 5
Yash: "Oh Geez Is that Aarti coming?"

Picture # 10

Caption # 1
bua, bahoo aur babies...Big smile

Caption # 2
"Aarti: Can i have some time alone with my husband? Bachhey ka hawa mein paida karun?"

Caption # 3
Well, Vidhi bhabhi needs a break. Can't someone notice her being so lost?

Caption # 4
Oops! With so many kids around, I really feel like a father.

Caption # 5
Bua: "Yash really does look good from the side"ROFL

Picture # 11

Caption # 1
yeh kya aarti ji...jab mein aapko apna 6 pack dikha rahi hoo , aapko aamir khan ke 6 pack dekhna ka zaroorath kya hai Angry

Caption # 2
"Yash: try to learn something from me aarti. look at my physic.
Aarti: I bet you wont like if mine was as flat as yours"

Caption # 3
Why are you so scared? My chest is clean shaved.

Caption # 4
 I need to run, it's got too hot here.

Caption # 5
Wear something Yash ji! People blame you for being so hot.

Caption # 6
Yash: "I wonder what she thinking about my six packs"
     Aarti: "I want to look but im really scared"

Picture # 12

Caption # 1
"Tulsi Virani in the making"

Caption # 2
Wow! now even Paridhi has such a designer saree. Why not me?

Caption # 3
Uff! Bua ji is on again. I need to talk with Yash ji about her punar vivaah as well.

Caption # 4
Bua: " Mere Bhagwan Ki Kasam how come that Baby is looking so cute like me when i was a baby?"

Happy Voting.

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-Anarkali. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 21 July 2013 at 8:45am | IP Logged

V O T I N G  R O U N D S
Our Slogan Contest, Voting Rounds. Rules below

[ R U L E S ]

 Vote for only 1 slogan. Subsequent Votes will be ignored.

 Participants CANNOT vote for their own entry.

 You CANNOT create MIDs to vote for your entry.

 DO NOT  advertise your entries through PMs or any other medium.If found doing so your entry will be disqualified.

 Voting Closes on 11 August,2013.

 If your entry isn't here then PM me @-Amanda- ASAP.

[ E N T R I E S ]

To handle your own life,
   Punar Vivah is the helping file.

Sweeping into my life.
    Brightening my each day.
    Filling my heart with love,
    Is how AarYa made their way.

The AarYa of twists and tales,
    Showed life's various tastes.

 It's all about love, no matter who tries to break the trust.

 Life gives you second chances, you must grab it, lock it, savour it.

Happy Voting!

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-Anarkali. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 23 July 2013 at 2:26pm | IP Logged

Well, Punar Vivah have finished but that doesn't stop us from doing what we love. So that was the voting rounds for each contests. Please follow the rules that attached to each contest and post your votes here in this thread.

If there is anything you need to know concerning this Adieu Special, please me @ -Amanda-, Jyo @ Jyoti06 or Deepz @ -Deepzz-

We thank each and every member who took the time out to send in there entry to make Adieu Special something that we can remember. Entries were a bit a few but we are grateful to those who participate.

After Voting Rounds, All votes will tally up and we will announce our winners on the Last week in August just before September bumps in.

Once Again,
Thank You All.

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--Iqra-- IF-Rockerz

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Posts: 6693

Posted: 23 July 2013 at 5:27pm | IP Logged
Thank you so much Amanda, Dev Team, and everyone else involved in this!

Siggy Contest: Entry #'s 1 and 2.

VM Contest: Entry #'s 1 and 2.

OS Contest: Entry #'s 1 and 4.

Caption Contest:
Picture 1- Entry #'s 1 and 3.
Picture 2- Entry #'s 1 and 2.
Picture 3- Entry #'s 2 and 3.
Picture 4- Entry #'s 2 and 4.
Picture 5- Entry #'s 3 and 4.
Picture 6- Entry # 1.
Picture 7- Entry #'s 2 and 4.
Picture 8- Entry #'s 1 and 3.
Picture 9- Entry #'s 3 and 5.
Picture 10- Entry #'s 2 and 5.
Picture 11- Can't see the Picture! Embarrassed
Picture 12- Entry #'s 1 and 3.

Slogan Contest: Entry # 5.

Good Luck to all the Participants! Thank you! Excellent work!

Edited by --Iqra-- - 31 July 2013 at 4:13pm

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