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Simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are considered to me a person's greatest treasures.
And when it comes to you, these are your greatest assets.

Through life we encounter numerous number of people, some who come and go, some are acquaintances we meet on the road to life, while some are those precious people who unknowingly enter your life and create an unforgettable impression.
Let us all come together to celebrate the birthday of one such extremely special person. A person who is known for his extremely humble and down -to-earth nature.
An excellent actor, who lives his roles to such perfection that we are bound to think the character is for real.
A man who's one smile leaves countless smiles on the face of his fans .. 
A man who's one tear makes his fans shed a million of them LOL
He's the one whose charm drives countless girls crazy Tongue 
He is none other than ...

21st July 2013
Time : 7:30 AM 
Place : Kolkata
Alarm rings ... Alarm Clock 2

Shagnika's mum : Shagnika !!! Get up beta ... it's 7:30 AM ...

Shagnika : Mom's it's just Sunday ... let me sleep a bit more ...

Shagnika's mum : Dekh lo ! By the Way .. Deba called .. she said she needed to speak something very urgently with you about some party ...

Shagnika : Party ? OMG !!!! (Takes a look at the calender) The day is here !!!! PropellerPropellerPropellerPropellerPropellerPropellerPropeller

(She pics up her phone and dials Debasree)

Deba : Hello Shaggz !! 

Shaggz : Hey di .. you called ??

Deba : Haan .. wanted to tell saara intezaam ho chuka hai ... 

Shaggz : Achcha ? Toh unko kab bulaana hai ?

Deba : Main humaare event managers Pinkpearl aur Shreya se poochti hoon sab kitne baje tak pahunchenge ..

Day : 21st July
Time : evening 7 PM 

Shaggz's mum : Beta itni saj dhaj ke kahaan jaa rahi ho ? 

Shaggz : Mom aaj kisi khaas ka janamdin hai Embarrassed

Shaggz's mum : Shocked

Shaggz goes to the door ... and as soon as she reaches near it, turns right and climbs up the stairs near it to go to her room LOL

Shaggz : Chalo sab pahunch gaye honge main bhi pahunchti hoon .. (and with this she opens her laptop and enters IF LOL LOL )

Bhavana : Welcome IFians !!! To the birthday celebration of someone very special .. yes it's the birthday party of none other than ...

Vis ... Silence !! I have got a message from the managers of this forum that we have chances of the possibility of a celebrity entering the thread..

Mini : Really ?? Shocked 

Shreya and PP : Sorry !! We're late ... but not that late Wink ... with the help and coordination of some IFians .. we bring you all a special surprise !! With us we have visiting this thread none othe than the birthday boy himself ,...

AKA our very own


Nsapo : OMG OMG OMG !! My heart flutters like a butterfly even with the thought of him coming on this thread !! 

Visrom : Sir it's great to have you here today Big smile we all feel really privileged !!

Asto : Haila !!! It's Adi sir himself ??

All crazy Adi fans : StarEmbarrassedDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Adi sir : I'm absolutely flattered .. thank you all for this love and appreciation Embarrassed

Shreya : Sir, for you we all have a special poem written by the poet of our forums Nsapo as a gift Big smile

As resplendent as the blazing sun

As sweet as the fragrance of fresh flowers
As chivalrous as the best of knights
As graceful as a gentleman of royalty
As charming as a prince of dreams
Stride and attitude  unmatched, sparkled by humility
A gem among men that you are, precious and rare
Our hearts and your presence stills time 
Leaves us yearning for more art, that's what you nurture
And your passion and versatility a breakthrough
Birthday wishes and a successful life and career
Throughout your life , you will continue to impress and win ..


Bhavana : Sir ... Sir ... Sir ..

Shreya : Tumhaari aawaaz nahi niklegi Bhavana .. I'll say "Adi sir please go through the whole thread .. it's a small way for us to say Thank you for being so special" 

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Aditya Srivastav has acted in a no. of shows and serials but he is best known and recognised and loved by his fans for the character of Sr. Inspector Abhijeet. 

Aditya Srivastav first appeared on the longest running television show as a criminal named 'Paresh' for an episode named 'Stolen Gun' A criminal who has the guts to steal ACP's gun. 

After what we can call a guest appearance, Aditya Srivastav finally joined the cast of CID as Senior Inspector Abhijeet on 21st July 1999 (Surprisingly 21st July is Adi sir's birthday as well) as a tragedy stricken cop, who has lost his memory and had even forgotten his own mother. 
With the guidance by his boss ACP Pradyuman and the extensive support from his Junior Sub Inspector (then) Daya, he finally managed to fight all odds and realised that even though his memory was no more with him, he was still very much the excellent cop he used to be.
That was the moment when ACP Pradyuman invited him to join back the team. 

His Friendship with Inspector Daya is what adds to the specialty of the whole show. The bond that both this people share is whats makes them the perfect example of 'Friendship'.
They started off as a senior-junior, where Daya addressed Abhijeet as 'Sir'. But with time the bond grew stronger and deeper.

The common Dialogue 

Daya : Abhijeet !!

Abhijeet : Haan Daya ...

is one which is appreciated and awaited for all the fans of duo whenever watching the show.

These both have together have faced all possible odds, tacked all difficulties together. Supporting each other whenever necessary, they are proudly called the right and left arm of them boss' ACP Pradyuman'

For Abhijeet, ACP,Daya and the whole CID team is family. He relies on ACP and Daya regardless of any situation. 
He treats ACP like a father figure and Daya like a brother. 
Even a lucrative offer of becoming the ACP from DCP Shamsher is refused by Abhijeet who says that 
"He will never become the ACP at the cost of ACP Pradyuman"

Sr. Inspector Abhijeet is also known as being a master of disguise ... 

As he sometimes says " Mujrimo ko pakadne ke liye kabhi kabhi Behrupiya banna padtha hai" ..

Some of the excellent disguise scenes in the whole show have been those which involve Abhijeet. 
The transition from Sr.Inspector Abhijeet to a paan waala, Sardar ji, Taxi guy, Doctor and many others is so convincing that he perfectly manages to conceal the Cop in them and also nab the criminals !! 

The credit definitely goes to the extremely versatile Mr. Aditya Srivastav. His versatility is the reason he manages to perform every single role perfectly !!


Before joining CID he came in 2 episodes in disguise which mentioned later episodes
1 ' Arvind [mentioned it in Sr Ins Abhijeet-2010]
2 ' The Criminal [mentioned it in AKAKR-VII-2011]

1.Case of Reluctant Killer ( Killer )
2. Case of Missing Father (A Ticket Checker)


3. Case of Helpless Killer (Petrol Pump Man)
4. Case of Highway Robbery ( Asha's Husband Who Go For A Wedding Together )
5.Case of The Undercover Cop ( Drug Dealer )


6.    Case of The Highway Looters ( Truck Driver )
7.    Case of Fifty Thousand Enemies ( A Parlour Man)

8. Case of Multiple Puzzles ( Waiter And A Library Man )
9.Case of 639 Coins (Taxi Driver )
10. Case of Mysterious Matrimonials ( A Bell Boy )

11.Case of Deadly Betryal ( Disguised In Bar)

12.CID Undercover ( A Lawyer , A Delivery Man, Husband Of Muskaan)
13. Return of Dead Man ( Person Looking For Taipan Snake )
14. Poisonous Relationship (A Doctor)
15. Case of Double Identity ( Anshu, A Killer )

16. Case of Deadly Video Game ( Saadhu )
17. Case of Dangerous Lady (A man in a Bar)
18. Revenge of the Criminal ( A Senior CID Officer )

19. Case of Mysterious Daughter ( A Murderer In Jail )

20. Wax Bullet
21. Khooni Piracy Racket ( Pirated DVD Dealer )
22. Khooni Dandiya ( A Gujrathi, Tasha's Husband )
23. Raaz Lapata Kidney Ka ( Meet, Preet's Husband & also Doctor)

24.Khidki Ka Khooni Raaz ( Real Estate Agent Champaklaal)
25. Bank Locker Ka Rahashya( Salesman At The Auction )
26. Khoon Ki Holi ( Sonu, One Of The Dacoits )
27. Khatra Chemical Bomb Ka
28. Abhijit In Coma(A Doctor)
29. Kissa Gumnaam Qatil Ka (Raka, a Gunda)
30. Maut Ki Chalang(Peon on cycle)
31. Aakhri Chunauti Part 1(A Customer who want to buy a ''Desi Pistol")
32. CID Ke Jung Baal Mazdoori Ke Sang(A Supplier of Children for work)
33. AKAKR-1 (A drunkard)

34.Insaaf Ka Khel
35. Raaz Khooni Ke Khoon Ka 
36. Rahshya Qatil Kidnapper Ka
37. Kissa Pagal Aashique Ka 
38. Highway Killers
39. CID Mission Goa II
40. Ganesh Utsav Special
41. Case of Memory Loss
42. Aankhein
43. Khush Aatmahatya

44.Khoon Ka Deewana
45. Dahej Ka Danaav
46. Raaz Wheelchair Ka
47. Mission Shirdi II
48. Maut Ka Bulawa (Electrician)
49. Dulhan Ke Shraap
50. Khooni Drugs
51. Room No 303
52. Bank Locker Ka Raaz
53. Zehreele Fruits
54. Raaz Breaking News Ka

55. Khatarnak Virus Ka Rahashya
56. Mahabharat II [Arjun]
57. Abhijeet Khatre Mein II [Wardboy]
58. CID Mein Gaddar [Sardarji]

2013 CID Chhote Heroes
59. Khatre Mein Padosi

Wow !!! One actor .. so many roles in one show apart from the main character Abhijeet .. This is really worth applauding !! 

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Special Moments are what make life worth remembering and appreciating. 
Adi sir we CIDians can never thank you enough for some of extremely special and lovely moments and memories you've given us as Sr. Insp. Abhijeet ..
Moments that we'll cherish for an infinite time to come.

Scene TRIO singing 

One of the all time favourite trio moments ever !!

Scene from Bomb Robbery : DUO diffuses the bomb - helicopter blast - ACP Sir smiles seeing DUO safe 

Another of the favourite CID moments .. the slight traces of tears oh worry mixed with joy in the end in ACP's are Clap

Case Title -  " Talking Parrot "

Scene - Abhijeet Sir , flirting with the kidnapper LOL

A scene enough to explain the versatality of this star .. believe me if you've not watched this till now .. you've missed something really big !!

Case Title - " Case of the Headless Corpse "

Scene -  Dr.Niyati flirting with Abhijeet Sir  LOL

Watch this one and you'll undoubtedly go ROFL

Case Title -  " Puzzling suicides "

DUO singing Embarrassed

What can be a better treat than hearing our 2 favourite cops humming !!

Case Title - The twisted family ", " Wedding Jitter " , " Mysterious Mask " & " Bad Blood" 

Scene - " a collection of scenes of Abhijeet & Shruti Story " 

The Shruti series brought in front of us a totally different side of our dear cop. Love entering his life and leaving soon after ... this series is a must watch !!

Case Title - Ek Lapata Ladki

Scene - " look at ACP Sir's expression when Abhijeet says " Hummne bhi pyaar kiya hai..." LOL

ACP's expression on hearing what Abhijeet says is ROFL

These really special moments along with many others have left a deep impression on us CIDians' hearts ... we'll remember these forever Smile

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A special thanks to Debasree04 for much of the writing used in the above descriptions.  Smile

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Any birthday thread is incomplete without wishes and messages from fans and appreciators !!

Here comes the mail box .. filled with wishes !!

Wishing you a very very happy birthday Aditya sir.May the year ahead bring even more success and happiness for you...and thank you sir for portraying wonderfully the role of Sr.Insp.Abhijeet.


Wishing a very happy and joyous birthday to our dearest Aditya sir! It's been sixteen incredible years with you bringing Sr. Insp. Abhijeet to life on the screen every weekend, and you still keep bowling us over with amazing and unprecedented nuances. You are a true legend and there simply aren't enough words to cover your vast ocean of talent, finesse and splendor in its full glory. You'll forever hold an exalted position in our hearts and we wish to see you grace CID with your impeccable and majestic presence forever. May God bless you with everlasting happiness, peace and success in all your endeavors!

Hi,adi sir
today a v.special day 4 me bcoz it's ur B'day n u r special 4 me.
u always inspire me 2 do work hard.u r my hero,my idle n most important,u r d reason
of my smile.thank u sooo much sir 4 being a part of my life.
           Wishing U A V.Happy B'day
          Whatever U ask,may U receive,
                                             whatever U  seek,may U find,
           whatever U wish,may it will fulfilled,
                                              On ur Birthday & always
may u have many more years of happiness nd success ahead
i want 2 say few lines more 4 my dearest adi sir
                        Har inayat har khushi aapki ho
                               mahak uthe wo mehfil jahan hasi aapki ho
                        Koi bhi lamha aapka udaas na rahe
                               Khuda kare jannat si zindgi aapki ho

'Sabki zubaan per ho fasaana aapka
               khushiyaan dhunde aashiyaana  aapka
gham ke saaye bhi rahen door aapse
              duniya dekhe bus muskuraana aapka..
Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Sir
There ara lots of loving wishes for you in my heart today
Bcoz you're always thought of in a very special way...
May god fill your life with happiness and cheer
not just on this day but throughout the year..

You always surprise me with your acting..
You always mesmerize me with your appearance..
You always hypnotize me with your smile...
You always inspire me with your work...
You are very special person for me 

On your birthday, I wish 
If there is any Joy you wish for
God grant it may gladden your way
If there is any blessing you long for
May that be your Gift for Today
If there is any help you want for betterment, comfort or cheer
God grant it be sent on your birthday
To stay with you year after year...


Happy birthday to the most beautiful human being I know,
You are really special for me in life, and you mean a lot to me,
Have a great day,
Wish you a very happy birthday!

       Aditya Sir born on July 21, 1968 is a versatile actor   we all know let me tell you all some perspective from numerologist about anyone born on this day.

    Aditya Sir born on 21 means 3(2+1) his future number is 7 (adding all dates month & year in particular order) So its a ratio of 3:7. A person born on 3 is considered to a Guru/Teacher.It implies a person is the best teacher if he or she takes up this job and will shine well.
   Aditya Sir is an actor by profession. His future number is 7 which indicates research & Development, here it means that He will do a detail research or say effort to come into the character just to make it as perfect as possible.
   Coming to partnerships or friendships :
     The people born on 1,2 or say 3 itself will be best suited for them.Of all 1 is the best they say.People born on 6,9 are dead opposite so should be avoided as far as possible. Other numbers will be moderate to them. Hmmm  now we know Why Daya-Abhijeet Combination is a hit, its because Daya Sir is 2 (11= 1+1) 

 When it comes to Lucky tips :
 Best suited metal for them is Gold 
 A locket attached with photo of Guru or Chandana-mani attached to pendant is suggested.
 A wallpaper of chest carrying gold coins at work place or a room where they spent the most is suggested to bring positive energy.
 Visiting the Samadhi of Guru such as Sai Baba aur any saint is good for them to evade away all negativity in their lives.
Wishing Aditya Sir a very Good Acting career ahead 
  & a very

21st July, A Special day indeed. One of those days when I wake up in the morning and find myself praying to God for gifting us with one of the best human beings ever. The man who is usually referred to as The Master At Expressions, The Epitome of Versatility. Aditya Srivastav. It's his humbleness, his reserved nature that brings him to one's notice. After all, not many are blessed with such levels of talent and capabilities. On this day, I only wish him A Very Happy birthday. May he get as much happiness as he has given us all over these years. I only want him to be happy' flaunt that awesome smile always. Obviously, there is no other way I can repay him for the innumerable times he has made me happy and inspired me... and yeah, I don't mind him calling me "Beta". Kuch bhi ho, I feel blessed to have been able to meet you. God bless you Aditya Sir.

You have made me smile during the toughest times of my life.

As Abhijeet, you have given me lessons at every crossroad I encountered.

On this day I wish you all happiness and countless wishes from your fans.

Hope you and your fans get many more such occasions to celebrate you - the actor, the person and the supercop you portray.

Aditya sir is very talented, amazing actor. I admire his work and totally a joy to watch. I not only like him but also respect him from the bottom of my heart very much.
My weekend can never be complete without watching CID and CID is incomplete without U sir. You have always been an inspiration for me.
On your birthday may you be surrounded by people who love you and whom you love.
I wish you a very very happy and memorable birthday. We are truly honoured to have you in the CID team. May God grant all your wishes
and bless you with everlasting happiness, peace and success in
everything you do. Wish you a very warm and happy birthday! May your ways continue to be
pleasant and all your paths be peaceful. May the year ahead get you many successes...
We love you Sir...

Once again A very very happy birthday Sir...
May God bless u...


As resplendent as the blazing sun

As sweet as the fragrance of fresh flowers
As chivalrous as the best of knights
As graceful as a gentleman of royalty
As charming as a prince of dreams
Stride and attitude  unmatched, sparkled by humility
A gem among men that you are, precious and rare
Our hearts and your presence stills time 
Leaves us yearning for more art, that's what you nurture
And your passion and versatility a breakthrough
  Birthday wishes and a successful life and career
Throughout your life , you will continue to impress and win 

Sir, your birthday is indeed a special day for me and all other CIDians ... the amount of happiness we feel to see you grow an year more greater,successful and humble cannot be matched !! ALl I can say on this day sir is that I'm blessed to have been your fan and to have had the chance to tell this to you !! And all I can gift you with is a promise, a promise that for an infinite time to come, i will continue to be an appreciator of yours.
Happy Birthday Adi sir !!

Sir, a very happy birthday to you and may you have many more to come! Please accept this small gift from us as we celebrate your birthday with you!

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A special thanks to Shreya for helping me out with last minute work and stuff !! 

Thanks to Shagnika and Nandiniraizada for helping with the contests Big smile

One person I can salute is Debasree !! She has worked immensely hard for this thread and we can't thank you enough for this Deba !! Thank you so much for the support and the wonderful siggies !!

Thanks to Visrom, our viewbie for allowing us to go ahead with the contests and the thread this time !!

And above all .. thanks to every single CIDian who's contributed to this thread and the contests ... without you nothing could've been possible. Thanks guys !!

NOTE : If anyone's messages are missing please do send me a PM asap !!

Once again ...

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