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Monday  1.07.2013
Inniku yaaru kacheri?

                        Monday 01.07.2013

Our seasoned artist sreenithi is unavailable to day. So tenga moodi kacheri by srima

Prasad recuperating in hospital bed. Asks BIL sottai 2 [ Velu is sottai 1] to get him some coconut water to cool his burning stomach. Maha calls him to torture us with her rasi, oosi matter ' ennoda rasi you vomited blood wu wu . Forget me. Hey hey abishtu my dear says Prasad , it is your rasi that I am alive & kicking. Our parents have agreed to our alliance now , so don't kuzhappufy kuttai now. Soon pee pee pee , dum dum dum for us. Come on cheer up. A slight ray of Maha's face , marred by Kutty Pandi's arrival. Sorrow & guilt feeling engulfs . Sister tries to console & convince. Mayil family arrive & they also convince Maha to leave the past behind & tread forward towards a bright & better future.

Sottai 2 on his way home with a big jackfruit. Meets one meesai apparently his kootali on the way. Meesai hands over a yellow bag to sottai2.  Informs the bag contains money given by a money lender. Some Rs. 70000, out of which meesai has deducted his commission of Rs. 14000 & balance Rs.56000 given to sottai. Sottai grumbles at meesai taking 14000 as commission for just introducing a person.

Sokku house. Malar , Geet reading book. Meen polambing ' all work doing alone , no one to help me blah blah. Ragini comes & picks up fight with mom over ponnu paarkum matter. Livid Meen unnecessarily drags Malar in the matter & starts abusing her. Sisters support anni which aggravates Meen's anger further.

Ragini & Geeta poo thoduthing. Malar watching them.  Meen arrives. Daughter follow mouna viradham to avoid verbal assault. Meen considers this an insult. Gopi comes & chides sisters for insulting mom ' amma mahimai paading for some time & tells everyone to respect amma & obey her orders ever. Happy Meen goes near Malar & tells her ' He is my magan , no body can take him away from me , will always listen to me only . Got it marumagale?



Tuesday July 02 - 2013
Prasad is brought back from hospital, his mom praises Maha beauty, she says she saw on Pirai cell.  They praise her, her parents that they care for him and Prasad will be taken care well, and the pair is so good.

Stomach burning for Mottayan and wife,

Prasad brings the question of money for buying land - mottai brushes off that first let wedding and we will figure rest. Mom/Dad othu ooding.  Prasad seem to be ok.

Pushpa, Pirai and Sam back from Kutralam with Palapazham (Day Dreaming Ages since i had a piece) and Maha enquire about Prasad, they tease her, she smiles, and Sam says he will even carry entire Karaikudi what is there to carry Pala. They all run around teasing. prirai is relieved and happy, pushpa is thoughtful.  pirai ask what wrong she tells about Mayil don't know how he would reactnnu. He may feel bad for forgettign Pandi.

Sumathi comes and tells them about Mayil visit and how they blessed Maha and maha mind change since then. Pirai pushpa happy, he goes to get the preparations to get money by selling land.

Mottai meets the actual money guy tells him to cut the broker and deal directly. They tell him to sell all properties and bring money loosu agrees. they decide to suttufy the entire money.

Ragini gos to her owner house to get key, Rajesh friend some show off in front of Ragini, Says sorry, she says Ok and leave. that lady says poor rags. He says yes I told her not to decide based on them etc.,  Lady asks him to drop water at parlor too. (More chance for him to woo Rags)

Gopi meets Velu on the way- Velu wants money for showing groom, but Gopi gives him left and right for sending the junk family and says not to interfere in our family matters and leave. 

At home Velu tells and SR scolds him for helping them. He further says velangatha family, Gopi kedu kettavan, Pondatti dasan. mahesu burning, tell him to stop and tries to say h=waht do you know about my annan, SR says right what do I know about him, you only told all these that's how I know(Nalla nose cut) maheshu speechless, telsl SR to stop and tres to tal kgood about Gopi, he stops her and tells no more tal kabout the family if she says anythign he won't be manushan.

G=He tells Velu to unakku nalla venum and leaves. Velu asks Mahesu why she tried to support Gopi when he supported her in many ways and Gopi talked ill about him. mahesu says shut up and leaves.

Velu yosiching...

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Wednesday For Laks

Laks is busy. Will step in to her shoes & post the update tonight

Laksh esss srima maating

                           Wednesday 03.07.2013

Sokku veetu naduk koodam. Pasa manaivi Malar lunch paramaring to ara vekkadu kanavan Govi machan . Rohini calls Malar & invites Malar / Gopi for marriage nagai purchase. Meen kai rice pudaiching but ears turned towards Malar's telecon. Face goes ashta koNal when Gopi agrees to go with them to the jewellery shop. Mahesu calls on land line . Meens  takes the call , some erichal convo , then keeps the receiver down signing the call is for Gopi /Malar. Malar answers , Mahesu coovem smell Oora thookudhu. Malar bangs the phone down. Livid Mahes calls again & picks up the fight with mom. Meen then carries the fight to son  , thitting Malar , kevala paduthing Gopi ' pondati dasan , thangachi  hater.

Jewellery shop. Entire jaggu family ajar . Rohini's MIL doesn't appreciate Gopi's presence. Jewellery selection part comes , each one has their own  taste & choice each different from the other. Rohini MIL  wants to select thali for 15 sovereigns. Vai vachundu summa irukkama needling Gopi '  Malar's thali ethanai thola?  All face down , Malar defends husband &  promptly shuts the lady's mouth before it becomes a big issue. Jags offers to buy any amount of jewellery for Malar as he had not done any seer for her wedding. Malar refuses , now her interest is a bike for Gopi. Jags willing  to gift a car. Gopi refuses everything & says will buy a bike but with his money. Gopi , Malar , Jags padai edukking to bike shop

Prasad's house. Ingeyum lunch session.  Prasad  broaches the land sale talks, says wants to buy the property in Karaikudi. BIL suru suru , throws his usual tantrums . But Prasad firm in his decision. Wants money , even marriage expenses have to be meted. BIL/s brain in overtime mode , how to stop  everything. Maha calls at theat moment. BIL thinks by giving the call to MIL he can create problem between Mom & son . But to his astonishment  mil konji kulaaving with dil

Bike purchase done . All happy. Als short lived one. Mahesu & sottayan 1 pass by that way. Seeing Gopi Mahesu comes &  lets loose her coovum stench ' Malaysia varaikkum  spreading . Gopi money purse vai thorandhu thorandhu mooding.  Mahes keeps on harping about Malar's second marriage matter on nadu theru. Angry & wounded Jags leaves in a huff.

Jags meets Sokku on the way.  Seeing him upset sokku asks the reason. Jags tells him Mahesu matter & says better Malar dies than putting up with such insult.  Shocked & sad Sokku leans on the tree.

TM sir Kachrila Mangalamnu onnu irukku thriyuma. Hmmm




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Thursday Updates

Cry bali of the week hopper ocean nu theliva on my forehead written!!

Both malar parents cries and finally tells sokku to send back their daughter. They will take care of her alone happily. Sokku fulla heart broken and ask both of them to go back. Malar is his daughter too and he knows what to do today Confused

Goes back in anger.. calls out gopi name in anger. Meenashi wonders what happen and keeps asking. Sokku ask both Gopi and malar to leave this house immediately ClapClap All shock. Sokku ask gopi not to look there and here but to immediately go tani kuditanam.  Meenashi ask what happen but sokku ignores her. Sokku ask Gopi if he saw mahes today. Meenashi pulls her face. Gopi so so casually Angry says yes mageshu tannae. As usual she with her kirukutanam nu gopi ver very casually says itAngry (omg is he a human!!!AngryAngry that bad that idiot mageshu spoke about malar and yet his just saying it casually) Malar shock and sees Gopi. Sokku raise his hand to hit gopi asking if he got any manam rosham Thumbs Up His wife is ill spoken by his loosu sister and he came just like that without giving her nicely. Sokku says he could not take it seeing malar father mother crying at him today. Malar gets sad.

And OMG!!! meenashi started ... laba laba laba laba tada tada tada mocking and insulting malar and her family more and speaks more ill about Malar Angry and gopi holding malar hand to ask her to be patient???????v what is wrong with gopi Censored Sokku tries to talk but meenashi goes on and on and then faints!!!!! gopi odanae amma amma nu runs to her and gets water and gives her.. she wakes up back and shouts at malar don't worry soon she will die and malar can control the entire family and leaves.

Both loosers father and son just stands not doing anything. One slap... one slap from sokku would have put meenashi on her spot. Once again meenashi won!!!

Prasad family getting ready to leave. His mother still talking to malar. Her SIL thanga mudiyalae to see everyone jollya getting ready to ponnu pakafy malar.

Back home mageshu happily telling her mottai BIL how good it felt to insult them and laughs at each of them Dead Selvarangam comes and shouts at her as his friend saw her making huge scene middle of the road.  Tells her to behave or else he will just divorce her and he will take the kid away from her. Her father will kick her out and she will have not house to go.

Night time gopi comes and ask Ragini if mother ate and both goes to make her eat. (yabbaaa again meenashi starts her opening her mouth CryCryCryCryCryCryCry) she gives left and right and finally says when she dies gopi should not kolli vaifuky her.  Somehow she can feel her elder son on the way and he should do the kariyam. Gopi cries heart broken. Ragini ask her mother why talk like this.. look gopi crying. Meenashi says yeah gopi crying cause she has not died yet!! and leaves


Okayyy me hopping of to the nearest clinic to take care of my ears Cry


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Friday july 5th 2013 Update

Episode 814

Prasad's house..Maha milan happening...Prasad family and maha family...Sam boy busy route vitting a new girl...Gopi and sokku comes there...Sokku praises parasad for helping meenu in malaysia...mummy daddy happy o happy...(neenga happy ...naanga not happy...anga malaysia layae andha meenu va tholachurundha Day DreamingDay Dreaming)....Sokku asks abt all preparations...Pirai says ellam wife ava kaiyalae cook panna..(aama..ivaru wife avanga kaiyala cook pannuvanaga...mathavanga ellam rent kku hands vaanguvanga)...Sokku asks abt pushpa and pirai says pushpa busy preparing for virundhu.. sokku and gopi leaves...

Prasad's parents are very happy with the rishta ..(ROFL...joke of the century...yov prasad appa..u dont know abt that phamily...enjoy enjoy)...prasad leaves and gopi's machan and sis oramkatting and says we have to stop this engagement..but before bring me 4 idly and 8 pooris...then only my brain will workLOLLOL

Scene shifts to MM(Maavu machine...yeppa paaru sound)...malar reading book and meenu thittufying her...maharani reading book...says meenu ...Mahesu comes there...Meenu becomes ratchasi and starts shouting...maanamkettavalae...why r u coming here...ur appa said...iva (malar) mama kitta sorry ketta dhaan mahesu is my daughter illai nna i'll thalai muzhugufy her..(ivainga thalamuzhugavae karaikudi la thaniya kulam vettanum polarukkuAngry)....mahesu moraching malar and thittufies sokku and leaves...

pushpa comes there and meenu kadupaduchufy her...Pushpa invites meenu to her house ..meenu says she will not come...Pushpa then invites malar and leaves...Meenu angry...

Again to prasad's house..mummy daddy still praising maha's dad and hearted family says daddy...Mayil and deivu lands up there...Introduces themselves and sokku's brother ...again aaha oho session satrts...machan oru orama sitting and giving running comementary...he says eppadiyavadhu we should stop this engagement...

Malar's appa house...Sokku and gopi coming...malar mama Rasu morachufying...Sokku says sorry onbehalf of mahesu...Sokku says inimel appadi nadakadhu...Rasu mama starts...teach ur daughter how to behave with others...nalla 4 question kettufying to sokku and gopi...jegan tries to stop rasu mama...but rasu mama in full form...Gopi kku nalla dose vidraru...Gopi thalai guninju ninnings...all becoz of u gopi says rasu mama...Sokku assures them this will not happen again...Rasu mama warns...inimel ippadi nadandhuchu no more talks...only adithadi dhaan...Sokku and gopi leaves ..rasu mama says there is a limit for everything...inimel malar kku problem vandha ambuttudhen...mama leaves and jegs supports rasu's decision..


sorry for the delay...

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Wednesday- Maha engagement Yeyyy!!!Clap ore happy Laksu esc akitaeee

All are getting ready for enagagement.. prasad comes to living room with blushing smile n tells he is also ready..his parents are happy at his blush..Mottai Machan n Madhavi are going alone n telling all his plans to stop this engagement has got failed n MM is telling i cant tolerate ur dad n mom dance n taking kavadi to maha family..n finally it striked him to call his patti Madhavi is scared on hearing her name.. but MM says only she can do something abt this marriage nu solluran.. Prasad dad comes to call them.. MM N Madhavi acts n tells that are coming shortly..rames n paramu coming from market after all purchase.. rames taking like good boy n tells that he will get medicine n comes home..n sends her in auto n takes money from her for medicine. paramu leaves from there.. rames goes few steps gets to see water beating place.. goes there for water beating.

Mm Calls his patti who is one more sound party.. involved in Finance biz in local village..Frying an guy for interest money.. he esc n goes off..gets call from MM n tells abt happening n ask her to come to stop marriage.. she tells him to watch things carefully in maha home ..n find korai n gets engagement mess nu sollutu(nalla patti nalla peran DeadDeadDead irrukirathu pathathunu ithu vera extra pittings ah..D'oh). madhavi comes to MM n heard abt Patti Plan.. dad is also coming next to her..n all are starting.. In Maha Place sam is walking back n front n comes to Sr. PP n tells what are we going to tell if they ask for Meenu .Sr.PP says we will manage jus keep quiet nu solli sends him in.. Sam comes in n ottify maha..maha is full blushingEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. prasad family comes in ..all are welcoming ..MM gets up with madhavi n goes to have an look at home n shares plan with madhavi.. n gets mess with sam n comes in..prasad mom is checking for Kobi Mom.. all are mennu mulkings.. there our Sr.pp Face goes brights seeing Meens coming there with happy face.. meens comes in n welcomes all n apologize to family for coming late.. n tells prasad that he is lucky to have maha in his life n makes puspa to bring thambalam.. goes in to see maha n tells that she is lucky to have prasad..all ready.. maha comes to dice do namaskaram.. bride n groom ore look vittings.. exchanging thambulam.. Prasad dad telling straight that they found an day in coming 15 days time..they are OK to it.. how abt maha family.. Sr.pp Checks pirari .. Pirai says ok to it..

Next pandhi ..meens dance thangala she tells puspa that she only will take care of all nu .. n serving each with abinayam n adai mozhi.. n keeps some ice for mottai machan..he is full kush n started his kattuLOLLOLLOL.. prasad n then to Sr.pp..Sr.pp is dumb stuck on her performanceLOLLOLLOL..pirai n mayil are calling meens for Food..

Nalla vella OuchScreen freezes.

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Monday july 8th 2013 


Song by Sneha_Vijay LOLLOL

Varudhu Varudhu 
Vilagu vilagu
PP Udpate varudhu..

vengai naangadhan (updaters)Cool
vengayam neendhaan (Meenu,mahesu,shanthi )..Angry

KM (Kudimagan) Rmaesh gets up from bed ...first thing everyone will do brush their teeth...but this pakki goes near mirror to see his bootipul moonji...aaahhh...what happened to my hair??Shouts KM...shouti kitte comes out and asks his wife...Paramu who is busy vessel velaking gets up and says...u r worried abt ur hair ??iam worried abt ur sabadam...and u lied to someone and kadan vaangify??Paramu vaching oppari...KM andha pakkam thirumbhi giving some expression which i dont understand...sorry...paramu says i cant live like this...choose the best answer...meor tasmac sarakku??...ShockedLOLLOL...

KM turns like somehero introduction turns slowly and u have money??..paramu shcoked...KM goes inside and searches formoney...uruttufying all vessels and serach for money...finds some money and paramu starts fighting with KM...says that is for medicine...KM and paramu fightla KM wins and runs away with the money...paramu crying yenga yenga...Dead

maha going to school and her colleagues comes there and wishes her ...maha happy...Prasad joins them and maha all blush blush...od iyae poitanga...(Vetkam padranga ppa...vetkamLOL)....Prasad says iam lucky to have maha as my wife...That loosu vaathi watching this and prasad goes near him and says bye...Loosu vaathi angry...he comes to a potti kadai and asks for lady comes and akss for school adress and vaathi asks neenga yaaru..iam new tailor teacher...vaathi's kavidhai button starts working and he opens his kavidhai tank...CryCrythamukku thamukku adi amukku amukku amukku...LOLLOLNew teacher kaari thuppufies him and vaathi runs away...

Prasad's machan visaruchufies abt maha and her family to oor makkal...oor makkal giving goody goody certificate...machan kadups..maha and prasad comes and machan hides..

Prasad and maha at maha's house...Pirai,mayil,deivu ,sam ellarum round katti rpaising prasad family...pushpa comes and tells abt meenu dandanakka dance...pushpa says meenu anni said she will not come...She always fights with malar and i supported malar adhaan avanga varala nnu sollitanga...pirai sad..deivu says she will go and samadana paduthufy meenu...Mayil send deivi immediately for samdanam...samsdana pigieon leaves...

back to KM-paramu house...Km in full form...Konjufies paramu..paramu angry...KM semmaiya ularings and paramu crying...Km forces her to eat barotta and paramu refuses...says rice irukku...KM tekae sthe rice bowl and throws it outsideAngryAngryand then drags paramu inside and forces he rto eat...paramu crying...


will add comments later...thalai valikudhu ...sathiyama solren...thirumuruga..CensoredCensored

Tuesday - July 09

Deivanai goes to Sokku house calling for Meenakshi, Malar there welcomes her, gives Moru to drink, Meenakshi comes from outside, Deivanai talks nicely and softly telling Pavam maha, you need to come for atleast Maha ssake. meenakshi says left and right saying i told Pushpa not to go to Mlaar house function she did not listen as well she tried to do nattamai, so I will not come to her function. Deivanai sort of begs for Maha sake come but meenakshi clearly says no.

Sokku and Gopi come back, Deivanai tells them to being Meenakshi along, but Gopi doesn't talk abything, Meenaksh isays no one can order me and leaves.

Back at Pushpa home deivanai comes and inform this, pirai labo dibo, Pushpa and Deivanai stop him, we cannto do anything that lady kirukku yeri irukku. Sokku and co will coem and explain to mappillai house. all watched by Maha and she is upset.

In neela house she is crying, Nellai comes ask what happen, she tells it is ramesh bday don't know what he is doing nnu.
vanitha groom famil come unannounced, they see Vanitha both boy-girl like each other. The decid straight to go to wedding instead of engagement etc.

In Ramesh - Pramu house, paramu wakes up, pray. Watched by pretending ramesh sleeping. She goes asks for money to neighbor saying Ramesh bday she has to do some thing. Lady praise ehr affectio nand give money. Ramesh melts seeing, apologize to Paramu says he changed now. No more drinking.

sokku, Gopi, Malar gettign ready to go to Maha engagement. Sokku begs meenakshi to come for Maha sake, she clearly says no. They leave

Ragini and Geetha try to put sense to go for Maha sake, but meenaksi chase the maway.


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Thursday jul 11 2013

Poralae ponnu thayee tune

Poralae ratna ponnu
pogira pokkil aappu vachuttu
thursday update ippo
Naandhaan pannanumaeCryCry

Prasad comes to meet maha...Kaamu and maha's sisalso present..maha rombha vetka patting...Prasad asks...what maha?daily phone la kadalai u r blushing like this??(yeh maha..see ur future advicing u to behave like a vetkam kettaval..purushan pecha kelunga ponnugalaAngry)...Kaamu says that is our culture..(blushing namma culture aama..haiyyo enakku sirippu varudhuLOL)....Prasad gives a gift to maha...A brand new cellphone...Kaamu says..we will also accept all kind of gifts..Prasad runs away...LOLLOL(financial problems!!Dead)...

TASMAC(search google for full form)...Ramesh busy thanni adiching...Money less...he finds a new friend and goes to him and says anne today is my burthuday ..but no moeny..i want drink..pls help me...andha aalu gives share and invites him to his house for virundhu..(ponga ponga...paramu vaippa nalla virundhu)...Kudikarans nalla mokkai pottings Dead

FInally engag. func over and prasad family leaves...ellam nalla E nnu ilichukitte vazhiyanupping...Sam says special bye bye to gayu..gayu tell him to close his mouth ...avalukku bayama irukkam..(How dare u gayu...sam is one unique piece..
idha world la imbuttu alagga walking,smiling,panra paiyyana kondu vaa parkalamAngryAngry).....

Meenu leaves immediately...Deivu stops her ...Sokku tells deivu to stop..Deivu says oru venduthal oda madurai kovil visit...Sokku says tomorrow ponga..i have pp katcheri..neenga ellarum poittu vanga...kootam gone and Mr and Mrs.pirai happy abt meenu's presence...Maha says meenu came here only for prasad..Pirai and pushpa happy...

Prasad's house...Ingayum aaha ohho praising contiues..Mottai machan(MM) and his wife comes to their room...MM tells his wife to do a suicide attempt drama..reason:-i dont like this wedding...this wedding will stop...(aama...E E nnu ilichutttu ,nalla sappttu now u commit suicide saying i dont like this wedding nnu..ellarum nambuvanga)...wife angry and she says prasad family nalla family..let this marraige happen...MM angry ...he takes a kerosen bottle and match box and gives it to his wife and tells her to koluthufy himShockedLOL(bedroom la kerosene can enna velai?Confused)....Wife ssamadana paduthufies MM

Sokku house..Sokku tells meenu to go wth the family to madurai...meenu says mudiyadhu..i came there for prasad..kovil kku ellam i will not come...Sokku tells gopi to leave meenu and go..

Paramu house..Paramu waiting for ramesh...her neighbour says ur kudikaran husband innaikkum kudichuttu varuvan..Paramu says no akka,avaru thirundhittaru..

rames and his new Kudikara freind comes...paramu shcoked to see them...ramesh comes inside andtell the other man to come inside and have virundhu...Friend oru maadhiri look vitting paramu.. .ramesh tells her to bring food..Paramu says no...Ramesh mirattufies and paramu pottufying sappadu..friend vomit panning and ramesh tells paramu to clean the messShockedOuch(WTHAngry)...paramu crying crying cleaning...Epi ends with paramu's sad  face...


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Update by shreenithi . Indha madiri hilarious updates ellam shreeke kai vandha kalai
Friday july 12 2013

paduthal no - 819

Ramesh sleeping...Paramu pongi ezhundhu moottai kattufiies her saaman ...ramesh asks where she is going?..Paramu says iam going to my mom's place...ramesh says my maanam mariyadhai will fly in air if u go back there...Paramu says already its flying in all directions...purushan podatti 2 perum fighting..all becoz of u all becoz of u...Paramu oppari vachukitte says iam ready to live with u...but u should stop kudiching...i want 3 velai saapadu..not for me..but for my baby..iam leaving...paramu leaves and ramesh shouts...go di go...i'll end my life..

ramesh thookku maatings and paramu comes running yennanga...venagga..naan pogalanga..pls nga ...kelunga...erangunga...nga ..nga ..nga...ramesh warns her not to even think abt leaving this house again..

Our loverboy achakpachak hero sam comes to rpasad's house...calls..echusme...where r ooo??LOLprasad's dad comes and sam asks for calls gayu and dad goes in...gayu comes and sam in la la land...says..gayu..gayuthuri..u forgot ur kerchief in my house..i came here to return ur karcheep...gayu says thanks...and says my phone is not working...sam ShockedShockedwhat ? gauy phone repair aa?..give maa..naan repair panni kondu varen...(repair aana phone marupadiyum nee yenda repair panra?..adhukku peru sari panni kondu varen..ungalukku explain panniyen naanga naasama poporomAngry)....

sam leaves the place saying...i repair ur no ..our phone...ok..dond varry"...LOLLOL

and there comes prasad's dad with his usual...summa sollakodoathu..that kudumba makkal...super makkal..(ivaru orutharu...ellarayum sooperu soopper nnu kittu...vitta karaikudi dog,pig..adha meikaravainga ellarayum sooper nnuvaru polaAngry)...

Pirai dicussing with someone abt selling his property..pushpa comes and says we have why this kolaveri??..pirai says its our daughter's wedding..maappu kku 10 soverigns la bracelet..(KyaaaShockedShocked..10 soverigns la bracelet aa?..adhukku bracelet illai..kenathula thanni izhukka use panra kayiruLOL) maapu (present) is a happiness is everything for me..ava sandosha padradhu parthu this piraisoodan lie long money earn pannitte iruppen(indha paaru pirai..neenga earn pannittu vandhu pesaradhukku ellam naanga update ezhudha mudiyadhu...58 age la mariyadhai ya retire aayidu sollittenAngry)....

pirai leaves and sam comes and asks for is with his 2nd sis...he grabs the pone from her and says iam going to give this phone as a present to comes a sexy dance rom sam and adhu partha thaan theriyumLOLLOL

Back to TASMAC...ramesh and co water beating...ella loosum snedhu plans to kollai adichufy mesthri's sec veetu compound bvandhuduchu..ramesh standing outside or kaaval..oru thatha sees him and shouts thirudan thirudan and ella thirudans runs away...escapeee...but thatha ramesh face aa parthutaru!!..

MM comes to meet josi...josi nalla nall pottu kuduthing sooku family...sokku comes and MM shocked to see him there...avaru veedu va shouts and runs..gopi comes and MM again comes in running...josi and MM hides their with a towel and rendu perum shh shh nnu sound vitting...Gopi mistakes them for kissing and says chee...karumam pudichavangala sollittu goes in..LOLLOL



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