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Posted: 24 April 2013 at 2:48am | IP Logged
The marriage broker enters Kala's house and Kala's father welcomes him and asks him whether he has found a groom for his daughter ... the broker says no and it is all because Kala's father is insisting on telling the truth of his daughter's broken engagement ... Kala's father again insists that the broker should tell the truth because later on it should not create problems for his daughter ... then the broker tells him that there is one groom's family who was willing to seek his daughter's hand in marriage but he is not very sure whether it is good ... Kala's father says that all he wants is a good and well off family for his daughter ... the broker says that the family is good but during a panchayat meeting called for regarding their wealth case the son of the house had by accident hit someone on the head and the person had died ... the son had served two years in prison and came out of jail as the murder was proved to be not premediated but accidental
Kala's father gets very very angry with the broker ... and tells him to stop ... and shouts ... did he think that his daughter has become so worthless that he would be willing to get her married to a murderer ... he beats up the broker and tells him to get out ... the patti of the house stops him and tells him not to worry a better person will surely come for his daughter ... Kala who is listening to this exchange sobs bitterly ... the grandma calms and pacifies her by saying that for her beauty and sweet nature she will get a king like husband ... and takes her inside ...
Kala's parents look at each other sadly ... then Kala's mother tells the father that her daughter is crying here whereas there Sundaram's family and Karthik's mother are celebrating a marriage because the joshiyar had said that the bride and groom will be very happy as a couple ... Kala's father vows that that wedding will not take place ... Kala's mother tells him not to do anything to Sundaram's family but to do something to get his daughter married... Kala's father tells her to shut up and he will take care of things ... Kala's mother is worried ...
Sundaram (Sathya's father) is discussing with murugesan mama his financial status ... Murugesan mama tells him that it is possible to do a good wedding with 25 lakhs which he has already got ... Sundaram insists that he wants the best wedding for his daughter which will require at least a crore ... Sundaram says that already he has 100 sovereigns of gold and he would require to buy some more ... murugesan mama is worried because those gold ornaments had been pledged by Sathya to pay her father's debtors ...
Suddenly a man walks in and tells Sundaram that he is from a well known company in Coimbatore and he wants bricks for 3 crores within a month... he pays up a cash advance of 25 lakhs and gives his card ... and walks away ... Murugesan is not happy and suspects that the man may not be genuine ...  Sundaram rings up a friend living in coimbatore and enquires whether the man's company is genuine... the friend insists that that company is very well off and Sundaram is a lucky man to have received an order from that company ... Sundaram is very happy and keeps the advance cash payment inside the cupboard ...  he tells murugesan that this money has come at the right time and tells him to start work immediately ...
Karthik, his mother and his friend are at a huge construction site ... Karthik keeps limping and checking things all around the place ... he keeps his phone on a drum and washes his hands ... suddenly he receives a call ... when he goes towards the drum to pick the call ... his mother calls out his name ... he stops and goes towards his mother and at the instant a bag of cement falls down in the place where he had stood ... everyone is shocked...
The phone keeps ringing ... Karthik's mother rushes towards her son and cries out ... then she shouts at Karthik's friend to see who is the devil on the phone ... for if her son had picked it up then he would surely have died ... Karthik's friend picks it and says it is from Sathya ... Karthik's mother is very upset and angry ... she tells Karthik again that she is not very happy with all the unfortunate incidents that are taking place ... Karthik says that the joshiyar himself had said that everything is fine then why does she worry ... Karthik's friend also reassures the mother ... Karthik tells his friend to take his mother home ... Karthik's mother insists on Karthik accompanying them but Karthik says that he has to speak to the engineer ...
Karthik's phone rings again ... Karthik attends the call ... it is Sathya ... Sathya says that her father had posted their wedding card to them and asks whether he has seen it ... Karthik says no ... Karthik does not sound very enthusiastic ... Sathya says that she's speaking about their wedding card and that he is not showing any enthusiasm ... Karthik  says that he is at the construction site and he will speak to her later ... Sathya says that her family is going to the temple to dedicate the cards to the God and keeps the phone ...
Karthik tells his mother that Satya's family has sent the card home ... Karthik once again reassures his mother that he is alright ... Karthik's mother leaves ... Kathik has a worried look on his face ...
Precap: Sathya's family is at the temple ... the mother hands over the cards to the temple priest ... the cards fall down ... mother is shocked...

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Posted: 25 April 2013 at 9:31am | IP Logged
The drama queen in Sampoornam's brother's house continues to rave and rant and curse Sundaram's family and so Sampoornam comes out of the kitchen ... meanwhile Sundrams tells Suresh the son of the house that he is happy that he has taken it so lightly when Sathya was not given to him in marriage ... the boy says that Sathya is well educated and it is right that she marries a person of her status ... Sundaram is pleased with the boy's reply ... Sundaram then tells the daughter of the house to bring a plate and Sampoornam's brother receives the wedding card and fruits ... and promises to bring his whole family to the wedding ... everyone is happy and sees the family off ...
After the family leaves Sampoornam's sister-in-law comes out ... a lady comes there and asks her who had come to visit them ... the sis-in-law says that it is the kuberan who had refused to give his daughter to them and he has come to call them for the daughter's wedding ... the lady snorts and says it was not right of them to invite them to his daughter's wedding... the sis-in-law agrees and says that her curses will come true and this wedding will not take place ... the lady agrees and they enter the house ...
Meanwhile Satya's parents enter their house ,,, the three daughters meet them and ask them whether their mama and athai had received them well ... Sundaram says that their athai was as angry as before but their mama has promised to bring the family to the wedding ...
As he makes himself comfortable on the sofa he asks Sathya whether she has brought the jewels from the polishing shop ... Sathya is tongue-tied for a few seconds ... when suddenly murugesan mama comes running and says that Sathya had sent him to bring the jewels and gives the ornaments in Sampoornam's hands ... everyone looks at the ornaments delightedly ... Sundaram is pleased that his daughter is showing so much of interest in her marriage ...
When murugesan mama is leaving ... Sathya calls him aside and asks him how he had been able to bring the jewels ... the mama replies that these jewels were fake ones ... Sathya is shocked ... Murugesan mama continues that they can't keep putting off this jewel business that is why he had to do this ... and if her father comes to know the truth he will again fall ill ... Sathya agrees but she is unhappy about hiding the truth from her father ... murugesan mama again says that what they are doing is for the sake of her father's health ... and then he leaves ...
The bricks are all ready before the deadline ... Sundaram is very very happy ... he tells murugesan mama that the workers had worked really very hard and as soon as he receives the payment he is going to gift each person a silver coin with the initials of the company embedded on it ... and then he invites every worker to his daughter's wedding ...
Sundaram enters his office and tells murugesan mama that they had better call the company and ask them to take delivery of the bricks ... he takes out the visiting card of Sivaraman and tries to ring the number ... the number is not in use ... murugesan mama calls the number ... again the number is not in use ... they are worried and decide to go to the company in person .,,
They go the company ... but the company manager says that there is no one by the name Sivaraman working in their company and that the visiting card is fake ... they have been misled into doing a fake business ... Sundram is shocked ... when they come out Sundaram calls his friend who had recommended the company ... the friend says that as he had said the company is good however he cannot vouch for the person Sivaraman who had said that he had worked in that company ... he also says that the man must have been a fraud who has used the company's name to fool him ... Sundaram is totally devastated ... murugesan consoles him ...
Meanwhile Kala's father sees his daughter silently lying on the bed and sobbing and he feels very upset ... suddenly Sivaram comes to their house and Kala's father takes him to the terrace ... Kala's father praises him for fooling Sundaram and gives him bundles of money ... and he boasts to Sivaraman about how cleverly he has used Sivaram to checkmate Sundaram and now Sundaram will have to use the bricks to build his own tombstone ... then he warns Sivaraman to go away and stay  hidden ... Sivaram tells him not worry and proudly says that he had cheated so many people in Bombay and no one has still caught him because he is such a slippery guy ...
Sivaram says what if Sundaram were to sell all those bricks and somehow make money for his daughter's wedding ... Kala's father says that that would be impossible since he is the union leader and without his consent no person would be willing to buy bricks from Sundaram ... when Sivaraman leaves Kala's father calls up many people and instructs them not to buy any bricks from Sundaram ...
Precap:  Sundaram is very upset that he has pledged his house and wealth and locked the money in business ... murugesan mama tells him not to worry that they can still sell the bricks ...
A financier is sitting with Kala's father and tells him that Sundaram has given him a blank paper with his signature ... Kala's father laughs evilly ... Kala's mother and patti are watching him worriedly ...
Sundaram tells a worried looking Sathya that they would require just a crore to conduct her wedding ...

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Monday 29th April 2013
Sathya is worried when her father talks about the wedding expenses that will require about 2 crores ... she calls up Karthik and asks him to meet her tomorrow ...  
Karthik and Sathya meet ... Sathya informs him about the dowry that his mother had demanded of her father ... she also tells him that she can't bear to see the troubles her father is undergoing to get her married ... she informs him about the business loss that her father had incurred ... Karthik is shocked ... he says that he didn't know that her mother had demanded dowry ... he tells Sathya that if he had known he would have stopped his mother from doing so ... he tells Sathya not to worry ... that he'll take care of things ... Sathya feels relieved ... she also tells him not to let his mother or her father know about the health and financial problems that her father is facing...
Karthik goes back home and calls out to his mother ... his mother asks him why he looks so angry ... he asks her whether she had asked dowry to conduct his marriage ... his mother says that she had not actually asked ... she had only said that there was a matrimonial proposal which was willing to pay this much for a marriage with her son ... and Sathya's father had himself said that he is willing to give more ... Karthik is shocked ... he tells his mother that Sathya's father is incurring debts because of the condition she has kept for the marriage .. Karthik's mother says why do you take it as a dowry think of it as the daughter's share of her father's property ... Karthik gets more angry ... he tells his mother to call Sathya;s father and tell him not to give dowry ... mother tells Karthik that if they are not able to give the amount demanded by her then the wedding will not take place...
Karthik is shocked ... his friend pulls him away from his mother's presence ... his friend tells him to use his brain instead of his mouth when arguing with his mother ... he advises Karthik to give his own money to Sathya's father to conduct the wedding ... Karthik wonders what if his mother comes to know about this ... his friend says that he will manipulate the accounts in such a manner that his mother will not come to know about this ... Karthik agrees to this idea ...
Karthik goes to meet Sathya's father ... Sathya's father sends murugesan mama to bring something to drink ... and invites Karthik into his office ... Sundaram asks Karthik why he has come to meet him at his work place ... Karthik asks Sundaram how are wedding preparations taking place ... Sundaram says that everything is fine ... Karthik asks Sundaram whether he has been able to get the jewels for Sathya as demanded by his mother ... murugesan mama who comes to the entrance with a tender coconut is shocked to hear Karthik demanding this ...  Sundaram is also shocked ...
Karthik informs Sundaram that he knows that Sundaram is under financial problems ... Karthik tells Sundaram that he has brought 1 crore to help him out in this time of need ... Murugesan mama heaves a sigh of relief to see that Karthik after all has good intentions in his heart ... Sundaram refuses to accept the money and also demands Karthik who told him that he had incurred loss in his business ... Karthik tells him that one of the persons to whom he had approached for loan had told him ... Karthik adds that he looks at Sundaram as his mother's brother or thai mama so he again tells Sundaram to accept the money ... Sundaram looks at Karthik with a thoughtful look...

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Gift Galore special dedication to you  birthday girl
from our one and only running girl **oopss sorry Dora girl ROFL
Thank you Dora girl for amazing creations Hug





May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Happy Birthday Visha..


Aww.. Its Visha's B'day...
With such a hurry and overwhelming joy, I opened Ratna's ji's PM titled Visha's B'day...
We never met each other, even though I luv u so much and Im In the reminiscence of u...
U were my first friend in my buddy list...
U were such a sweet friend for me till this day whom I could ask for help and request...
U were friendly to me, my first friend and my best one too...
Thanks to DM IF section for fetching me such a sweet friend...
U r the first friend i luv so much in IF...!!!
Wish u a happie B'day Visha...

To the one person I trust the most,
The person I run to when I feel lost,
The one who help me ward off my ghost,
When I need you to, you're always close.

On your special day, I have wishes for you,
First is happiness, long lasting one that's true,
Forget all the sadness, please never be blue,
Now give me a smile, a big one will do.

I hope you find love one day soon,
A special girl who can keep up to your tune,
But for now just look at the moon,
Or spend your time watching cartoon.


I wish you a lovely day,not just today because it is your b day,but all year round.Smile

May you always wake up in the morning with a smile on your face

Happy birthday VishaSmile


May your birthday be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter, love, and cheer.

I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise.

It's your birthday and I can't be there But I'll send you a special birthday wish and a little prayer Have a happy birthday I hope that all of your birthday wishes come true May you have a great time today and find happiness in everything you do.

Kurinji Poopathu 12 Varshathukku Oru Muraiyam.. Yaar Sonnathu.. Aanduku Oru Murai Yendru Pookirathu..
Athu Unathu Pirantha Naal

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