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Yeh Kya Hogaya Hai? pg17/18 PART 17/18

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Hi everyone!!

This is my 1st FF!!

I am dedicating this FF to my IF sister

~Kashish!! aka kyph05!~

I hope you all enjoy it- I will do my best!


You can find parts 1-10 here!! I will give you the page number for the rest of the parts!!



Kashish Khanna as Kashish Khanna

Iqbal Khan as Angad Khana

(LOL no relation, yetWink)

For the rest of the characters you can imaging whoever you want to to play them! I will introduce others as I write




New York, NY




Kashish Khanna is a sweet, and innocent girl. Very shy, however. She dreams of falling in love, but doesn't want to lose her independence when she does. She is headstrong and thinks she can handle any situation, but the time comes- will she pass the test?

Angad Khana is a gruff gentelman. He knows right from wrong, but his past prevents him from opening up. He will always step up to give a hand but has a hard time accepthing thanks or thanking anyone else. Will he learn to share his life with someone else or will he remain lonely forever?



Part 1:

Kashish loved the winter air. She would take long walks in the cool of the evening and day dream of possibilities. Fear? She didn't fear the empty alleys or dark streets in NY in fact she avoided the brightly lit places and people. This was a time for her to relax and enjoy the season.

Cars zoomed past her and Kashish sped into a quieter area of the city. The gloom around her didn't bother her, Kashish was in her own world and thinking only of the stars dancing in the sky.

Out of nowhere, someone grabber her arm and tugged her long, black coat off of her shoulder. She turned in shock to look at who it was. Believing it was her friend she started laughing, but even in the dim light she could make out that the figure was a man's, not a girl's. Cold fear gripped her insides and Kashish tried to back up, but the rough hand holding her wouldn't let go.

"Wanna have some fun girl? Lets go- come one..." said the man in a gruff voice. Terror took hold of Kashish and she tried to turn and run, but the man pulled her back. "If you don't want to come I will make you!" Kashish screamed, but before any sound came out, another hand took hold of her. This new person, whoever he was, was going to change Kashish's life forever. He took the other man's arm and twisted it. "Don't ever even think about coming near her or any other girl again. Or next time...." The man ran off holding his arm. He wasn't any big threat, just some fool off the street looking for fun. He wasn't going to take his chances with this guy.

Kashish sighed in relief and turned to look at her savior! But he was already walking away. "Please wait!!" Kashish managed to whisper. "Please I want to thank you!!" But the man kept going and didn't turn back. Kashish couldn't run after him, she was shaken with fear so she turned away and took another path home as fast as she could.

Who was that mystery man? Why did he save Kashish only to leave her?



Part 2:

Angad woke up with sweat streaming down his face. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. Dreams crowded in on him and he saw Kashish's face flash before his eyes. "Who is she, why did I have to see her now?? She looks so much like...." he thought sadly and rolled out of bed. The sun streamed through the windows of his lonely apartment on the top floor. The walls were bare and the only piece of furniture was a bed. He went into the bathroom and splashed water in his face. Looking in the mirror he saw how red his eyes were. His reflection brought back memories. Angad stood in front of the temple holding his girlfriend's hand as they got into their car to go home...Angad wiped his face and blinked away tears.

Kashish walked around her apartment and kept thinking of that mysterious man she met. Who was she? She wish she could see him again. All she could think of was him. He was in her dreams, her thoughts. She put on her watch and climbed down the stairs for work. Her apartment was on the 2nd floor and flooded with darkness. The sun peeped through in the halls as she strode out the door. In her pink fancy dress she looked like she was going out for a date. But she was truly a journalist going out for an interview with some Angad.

Why is she interviewing Angad? Will they recognize each other? What are those strange memories of Angad's? We will  find out soon.Big smile




Kashish got out of her car- so this was Angad's place? She looked up the tall building and couldnt wait to start her interview. Staring up, however, was too much for her....The sun blurred, the light faded away....

Kashish fell down on the ground in a heap her arms and knees scraped from the fall. People around her looked down not knowing what to do.

From above, Angad stuck his head out of the window to feel the breeze. He looked down and saw Kashish!! "Arre yeh to wahi ladki hai!!" Angad ran down the stairs straight to Kashish. Someone was dialing 911, but Angad scooped Kashish up and rocked her in his arms. A tear slid down his cheek as he rushed to get her in his car.

Looking in his rear view mirror, he stared at the unconscience Kashish, tears flooding his eyes. He sped to the hospital....Oh god, why is this happening again? Why do I feel like this....Who is she? Why am I being punished like this....Angad's thoughts were a mess and the only relief came when he got to the hospital and Kashish was in the care of a doctor.

His tears were uncontrollable, memories pushed in on him he saw himself in the past...Angad came into his apartment, which seemed new on his wedding night- he saw his bride, his Girlfriend of 5 years...He saw her on the balcony.......The nurse came to Angad and said, "I am sorry sir, but it seems like you are very close to this girl- I am assuming she is your wife? Well I know its tough, but some patients suffering from amnesia its hard to go back to normal. She will have these dizzy spells often, especially in moments of excitement or deep depression. I suggest you take good care of her but I am sure you will." The nurse walked off not knowing that she left Angad more lost than ever...Amnesia....who is she??? Angad's thoughts haunted him, but once he looked up and saw Kashish come out of her assigned room, his mind cleared and he smiled. It was like seeing her...seeing her again...Kashish took one look at Angad and remembered the night before!

"Here he is!! He's the one who save me last night!" Kashish thought and walked towards Angad....

What will Kashish say? What happened to Angad's wife? Stay tunedWink



Kashish stumbled towards Angad and asked him what he was doing there. Angad stared at her in disbelief-- she didn't remember anything? Kashish saw the confusion on his face and said, "I am sorry, you have done so much for me and owe you my I also owe you an explanation for saving me again. The nurse said you were wonderful...She thought you and I were married Embarrassed LOL. But anyway, the truth is I don't know who I am. I don't know anything about me. I feel lost, like one star in the billions that are in the sky. Sometimes I hope that one day I will stumble into someone who will recognize me- someone who can save me from this life of mystery. But no one has come yet...So I have to rebuild my life- I guess you could call it a second chance. Everyone wants one, but I have one and I dont want it. I wish I had something or someone who could be with me now, who could show me what I love and what I hate, someone who could show me who I am...."

Angad listened to her and his heart skipped a beat. Her words were filled with pain yet had more hope than he had ever felt since he lost his wife. He could listen forever...listen and feel like there was more to life just because this Kashish wanted there to be.

Kashish looked back at Angad's stunned face and tried to smile. Her thoughts slid to the back of her head to be saved for another time. "I am sorry, I have been talking about nothing and everything- I must have bored you. Well, basically I have amnesia, sort of...Three years ago I woke up in a hospital and didn't know what my hands were or why I felt so tired. I woke up from coma and was a newborn infant. I have finally been on my own for the past 6 months. I regained most of my memory quickly, memory of all the easy things. I just can't remember me...And so old things that I see or that might remind me of my past life have a great affect on me. Sometimes I have flashbacks, but nothing that answers my questions. All these times are accompanied by dizziness and fainting spells."

Angad watched her talk, he watched her mouth move and lost himself in memories...Angad brushed away loose strands of hair from his girlfriend's wife's face! He would have to get used to thinking of her this way. She turned and looked at him shyly and they stared into each other's eyes. ...Angad glanced into Kashish's eyes and felt a stab of pain.

Kashish waved her hand in front Angad's face. He came back to the real world and got up from his chair. "I am sorry...I wish I could help you more. At least let me take you home," he said. Kashish smiled and replied, "No no, I may have fainted for a while there, but I still cant neglect my duties! I am starting a new life, and I dont want to mess up now! Actually, I was looking for an Angad Khana...I am a journalist and came to interview him about his new novel. I have to go there now or else my boss will be upset!"

Angad looked at her in shock! Could two people be destined to meet he wondered? Why is she being placed in my path always? Just when I thought I could have my second chance, she comes here. God Please help me

"I am Angad Khana," Angad said sadly.

Is Angad a famous writer? What is he famous for writing? Why would Kashish want to interview him? What will she learn from him? Who is Kashish really? What happened to her? Find out soon!

"I am Angad Khana. I would rather not be though," Angad whispered to himself....Kashish did not hear him in her excitement. She got closer to him and gave him her hand, "Oh my God- You are Angad!!! I can't believe it! I came to interview him and didn't expect him to be like you! This is wonderful- will you let me interview you?"

Kashish fumbled around in her purse and found a pen. "Your notebook is in my car," Angad said softly as another tear sprang into his eyes. Kashish missed it and said, "Oh thank you!! Umm can we go, can we leave and will you let me interview on the drive?"

"Its your job and I already agreed- you don't have to ask. Sure, I am driving to work- you can interview me on the way- where would you like me to drop you?" Angad asked as he tried to appear calm. His mind was in turmoil- he wasn't ready to go back in his memory and tell her the answers to what she would ask, but maybe if he finally let it all out everyone would leave him alone. He could go in peace where ever he wanted.

Kashish's excitement made her miss the pain in Angad's eyes as she replied, "Oh just take me to work with you, I will walk from there. I like to take walks, and don't worry I won't faint this time!"

Angad smiled for the first time that day and put his arm around Kashish to give her extra support as they walked towards the car. It wasn't Kashish though who needed the help, Angad was in pain and found comfort in the closeness. As for Kashish, she barely noticed as she thought of all she would ask.

Angad helped Kashish get into the front seat and handed her the notebook. He got in the driver's seat and sped out of the parking lot into the busy streets. Kashish couldn't sit still for a moment and began chatting away. "Wow you are such a sweet guy. From the work you write I always thought differently of you," Kashish told Angad.

Angad squeezed the wheel and tried to control himself..."What do you mean, what did you think of me?"

"I dont know- you are so negative in your novels about love and life, yet there is always one heroine in every novel that you make so unrealistic and perfect. Your books are so confusing yet they capture reader's emotions. You go on about pain and how love is wrong, but you have one character that always appears in all of your novels that everyone worships. I never thought of you as so kind and..normal. more like strange." Kashish replied.

Angad swerved the car and tightened his fists until his knuckles became red. "What do you think? That I am strange? That my emotions are wrong? Why are you upset because the world isn't as perfect as you want it to be? Are you upset because love hurts and life is full of pain- what do you want me to say!! That everything is perfect? Well you are not perfect! You definitely haven't regained all of your memory if you think this way! And as for a perfect girl in my novels- she exists- everything I write is based on what I know. Maybe you're just jealous you can't be like that girl!" Angad slammed on the breaks and continued, "Well?? You dont know what to say do you?"

Kashish looked at Angad's face and felt the heat rise in her cheeks. Her eyes moistened and she said, "Thank you for saving me twice. And thank you for stopping the car now just when I needed some fresh air. Good day Mr. Angad Khana and I think the best way for me to pay you back is to never come in front of you again!" Kashish pushed the door open and walked out of the car right into the traffic! She ran away as cars honked at her. Angad was shocked and his anger melted away- he got out and yelled after her, but she was already gone in the crowd of people. He got back in his car and ignored the insults from other drivers directed at him.

What have I done? Why did I say that? She just told me what everyone thinks. They all think I am crazy and in need of help- well then why do they read my books? What if she gets hurt? I saved her just to let her get sick again? What is wrong with me!!!!!!!

Kashish was near her own apartment building and ran into her apartment. She slammed the door shut and landed on the bed. Her eyes closed and flooded with tears as she felt faint and went into a deep sleep.

Angad drove along going nowhere wondering what he could do to make it up to this girl. He was already missing her! Why? She was no one to him...No, she was- she was someone to him. Somehow he knew that she was a part of his life already. And knowing that she wasn't coming to see him ever again made his heart ache. He felt like he would drown in his pain any minute. He looked out the window and saw a flower shop. Roses were in the window- roses...he was lost in his memories again...Aww for me Angad? Yes for us we will always be together. Our new life starts tomorrow and everyday together will be as beautiful and sweet as these roses...

Without knowing how he got there, Angad found himself buying a dozen roses. What am I doing? Giving Kashish roses? She doesn't want to see me...I don't know where to find her! What am I supposed to do- wait for her to go on another walk on some dark street? Angad's thoughts fluttered around in his head as his heart beat faster. His emotions were uncontrollable, he wanted to go away- where- he didn't know. Sitting back in his car, he saw Kashish's notebook. He picked it up and found the cover falling off. He looked at it and saw an address written in tiny print on the top. Kashish's address!

Angad made another stop at a shop and drove to the address on the notebook. He ran inside the apartment building searching for her apartment...Once he found it he stood outside the door- wait...I can't just appear like this- what will I say? What if she isn't even home yet. I will leave this here for her. He knelt in front of the door and placed the roses down. He took out another package and placed it beside the roses. Angad smiled to himself feeling only a little reassured. He looked one more time at the door and ran back to his car.

What will Kashish do when she finds these gifts? What is in the other package? Why does Angad write such odd novels? Will they ever talk again? Will we find what happened to Angad's wife? Coming soon....


The last rays of sunlight disappeared behind the horizon. The twinkling stars began to overtake the luminous blue sky.

Kashish turned over in her sleep and fell to the floor! "Ahhhhhhhh- stop, please don't do this......." Kashish opened her eyes and stopped screaming. Her heart was pounding as the nightmare drifted away to the back of her mind, waiting to come again when she would close her eyes to sleep.

Kashish looked out her open windows and saw darkness all around her. She glanced at the clock- 7 pm! Oh no...I was supposed to have that interview turned in by 5 PM...the interview? Angad! I need to go meet him...No no I don't. Kashish calmed down as she remembered what had happened- how she ran out of Angad's car and came home. What can I do now? I won't go and talk to him. I am so confused

Kashish headed towards the bathroom and came out an hour later refreshed, yet still lost in her thoughts. She slipped on some jeans and a shirt. She grabbed her coat and headed out the door for her evening walk. As she stepped out she noticed roses on the ground- Angad's roses! She knelt down and picked them up. Their sweet scent drowned her senses and only a whole minute later did she notice the package next to it.... Who is this from? I don't know anyone....unless..someone from before the accident..someone who may know me stopped by! Kashish tore open the package and a note fell out. She carefully picked it up and read it.

Dear Kashish,

I am sorry about what happened today. I lost my temper. You know that things happen to people that they wish never did like with your own amnesia. What you don't know is that my own past is only pain for me and thats what inspires me to write. I am sorry for everything. Please if you forgive me, meet me outside of your apartment building at 8 PM.


Kashish felt a tear come up to her eyes...maybe because this is not what she wanted or maybe because she could never remember what friendship was like, but she knew that know she might have one now.

She looked at her watch- 8:10!! OMG- Kashish flew out into the hall but stopped and looked back. She had left her door open and forgot about the rest of the package. Looking back she picked it up and locked the door. In less than a minute she was outside in the darkness!

She blinked, and tried to walk down the steps onto the sidewalk. Her eyes were still adjusting to the darkness, but in her excitement and hope not to miss Angad she began walking down the steps and missed one! Just as Kashish was about to roll down the rest of the way, strong arms pulled her back and she fell into Angad's lap as he landed on the steps behind her.

"OMG- what were you thinking? You really want me to take you to the hospital again don't you" Angad said angrily. Kashish looked at him and became sad, but Angad smiled and started laughing! "Just kidding- are you okay?" Kashish smiled back and replied, "Thanks to you." She looked down shyly and both felt odd. Angad attempted to get up and Kashish slid out of his lap onto the steps. Both started laughing and Angad gave her his hand. She grabbed it and stood up and they got onto the side walk.

Angad held Kashish's hand and didnt let go. This time Kashish noticed too and didn't want him to let go. She blushed and felt silly but moved closer to him for warmth. Angad felt his heart stir and remembered another night many years ago just like this one... You know dear...Yes Angad?...You see all of those stars in the sky? Aren't they beautiful...Yes they are Angad and they are the most beautiful things I have ever seen- I wish I could go where it was darker than in the city and see more of them....No dear, they are not that beautiful..They don't light up my life. Only one thing does that and that is the moon. Do you know where I see the moon? I see it when I look at you....Oh Angad....

Angad looked at Kashish and saw her staring up at the sky too. His eyes watered and he felt a stab of pain in his heart. She looked just like her, yet she wasn't her. But there was something about this Kashish.

Angad stiffened as he felt Kashish lean against him for support. He looked at her, her head resting on his shoulder and he smiled. He relaxed and wrapped his arm around her shoulders and they walked on in silence.

Both wondered how they went from fighting to holding hands. Neither wanted to disturb the moment, but time would. Kashish knew she couldn't walk forever like this, even though Angad wished it. Whatever they had between them, it was something special, but they didn't know why or what it could be.

Kashish sighed and let go of the moment, she pulled away from Angad and said, "I am sorry. I should be- everything that happened was my fault. It was rude of me to say those things. And I thank you for giving me another opportunity to interview you. If it werent for the fact I have to turn this in or lose my paycheck I wouldnt ask you now to let me finish it, but I need to. Is it okay to start interviewing you again?"

Angad felt tired, he wanted to go back to the way they were just a few moments ago, but he knew life wouldn't let him. He would have to keep going, keep moving. He took a deep breath and tried to take in strength for all he would have to tell Kashish. "Yes I am ready...Do you have your notebook?"

"Oh, I..oh I left it in your car..." Kashish replied. Angad smiled and said "Did you look at the package you are holding?" Kashish blushed at her forgetfulness and finished opening it. A new shiny journal slid into her hands with golden edged pages. Kashish was surprised and pleased. She turned to look at Angad..."My wife loved to write, she always got fancy journals. I thought you might like this one because your old one was ripped. Its just like the one my wife had before she...before she died," Angad said.

What will Kashish say to this? How did Angad's wife die? Will Kashish and Angad grow closer? What will Angad tell in his interview?

Stay tuned for more Tongue



Kashish stared into Angad's eyes. She turned away, her heart hurt- his she knew he had a wife, but she didn't know about the love he had for her she saw in his eyes. Why did she care anyway? She just met Angad and didn't love him.

"Angad...Would you like to go to the coffee shop?" Kashish asked. Angad nodded his head and swallowed back the tears as they walked around the corner to the closest coffee shop... LOL STARBUCKS!!! Wink LOL

After getting their drinks, they sat down...."So shall we finish this interview?" Angad asked and tried to smile. Kashish nodded and opened up the new journal Angad gave her.

"Angad- ummm tell me... tell me about your novels. Everyone wants to know what inspires you," Kashish said sadly. Angad looked behind her at the wall....Kashish could see him going back deep into time- his eyes flashed like lightening as he recalled memories.

"Maybe it would be better if I told you about my life and my wife- well my wife of 1 day...." Angad replied. Kashish was stunned, but stayed silent... Wife for one day? How did she die? No one ever talked about it, in fact most people didn't know what happened. It was an open and shut case which never went to trial. Everyone assumed the murderer confessed or something...It was so odd that even Kashish heard about it once she was out of the hospital two and a half years later.

Angad began his long tale which would last for some time. While he begins, lets go take watch whats going on in a place you are already familiar with...the hospital! Something is going on there that you don't want to miss.


Nurse- "But he was here with her. We never told him Doctor."

Doctor- "There is nothing that can be done now. If he asks, we will have to deny everything. You know why I did it, and you know there was no more time left...We had to do what we did and save her life. She is my life."

What are the doctor and nurse talking about? Who is the girl they saved? Why is this girl so special to the Doctor?

We will find out more about that Doctor and Nurse later, but now- lets go back to Angad and Kashish....

Angad- "Eight years ago I met my wife...Eight long years ago but I remember every moment like it was yesterday. I remember the laughs, the smiles, the tears. She was my life and when she died, I lost my life. I feel like a dead body forced to live on. Those five years we were together were not years, they were a lifetime of happiness...of love. It took me five years to propose to her!" Angad blushed here and smiled to himself. Kashish felt embarrassed like she was watching his private thoughts but she kept listening. All her attention was on the story unraveling, she would be the first to hear it from Angad, but then what? She held off on those thoughts and continued listening to him.

Angad- "I was so excited about our wedding and wanted to give her something very special...I asked my best friend Ruby to help me out. We planned a huge surprise and worked on it for weeks. The Wedding day came by and it wasnt finished. So while I got married...Ruby stayed at my apartment to finish it. The gift was going to be the surprise of a lifetime for my wife......"

Kashish stayed quiet as Angad took in a breath and tried to calm down. His hands were trembling he couldn't control the flood of tears coming out of his eyes. "Its ok, you can stop Angad. Please stop," Kashish implored.

Angad- "No, I want to tell it, all of it. So everyone will know and will leave me alone about it. You don't think I know everyone wants to find out what happened that night? I know and now you will know. I got home with my wife and we spent a few minutes out on the balcony together...I tried to distract her and she finally said she had to go to the bathroom to wash up. So I rushed into the extra bedroom where Ruby was waiting. She had finished the surprise and wanted to get out without having my wife see her. You see, the surprise was the room! We had put together a whole room for a baby....My wife's sister died in childbirth. The baby was going to be put up for adoption and my wife wanted the girl. But she thought I didn't. I had talked to the adoption agency and it was all set. The next day we would go out and sign the papers! We would have a baby! Our own little girl...but it wasnt meant to be. The room was filled with toys and blankets, stuffed animals and books. Ruby had put a list minute touch on everything by adding flowers and candles everywhere. It was like a little magical world- I was so happy. I hugged Ruby and we laughed together in our excitement, but that excitement would cost me my life...."

What will Angad say next? What happened? Who are the doctors talking about? Stay tuned Wink



Kripa held her breath in....she felt sick to her stomach....She knew what was coming. She looked away so Angad could have some privacy and wipe his tears away. "Angad..." Kashish tried to say but Angad cut her off.

"No I am ok. Its ok. I held Ruby, my best friend, in my arms...and the oddest thing happened! You see Ruby was already married to a doctor. So as we hugged she told me 'While working on this room I found something out. I am pregnant and so excited to have this baby'!! She was so happy and I hugged her back. I was at a high- my best friend pregnant and happy in her married life and me starting mine. Sometimes I think that happiness gave me the greatest sadness in my life. Those few moments turned my world upside down. But anyway, I told Ruby to hurry up and leave before my wife saw because I wanted to surprise her. So just as Ruby turned to leave, we both saw my wife standing there.....She had heard our last few sentences. She was so emotional about her sister's death and the baby....however she felt then was understandable. Like anyone would have, she assumed the worst. Like a river, tears poured out of her eyes. She clapped her hands over her ears and screamed.......It was the worst thing I have ever heard in my life. She ran out the door of my apartment and I called her back. Ruby and I looked at each other both of us shocked and just realizing what my wife must have assumed. At that moment I wished I had never thought of a surprise. That I had never allowed Ruby to come and help. That I had never hugged Ruby and let Kashish misunderstand. A million thoughts flooded my mind in just a few seconds as I ran after my wife. I called her over and over........I gestured for Ruby to stay behind and ran out the door. My wife was just a foot ahead of me in front of the stairs....I reached out and caught the back of her robe....It wasnt enough. It was just a flimsy piece of cloth. Sometimes I wonder if she tripped on purpose or if it was an accident...........She went flying down the stairs in her nightgown. I had the robe in my hands. Only a little bit of her warmth in it. I ran down as fast as I could and grabbed my wife. She didnt make a sound but I felt her breathing. People in all the apartments around us had come outside, they had heard so much noise. Someone called 911....I dont remember it all. ITs just a blur but the next thing I do remember is tearing apart that room for the baby with the words 'I am sorry, we couldnt save her' echoing in my head. I have never been in that room again. And that robe...ha...that robe well even my last piece of her was taken. A week later I remembered it as I boxed up my wife's things and put them away. The robe was gone...I dont know where or what or anything. I just know I lost my wife and every last piece of my heart....."

Angad pushed his chair back and dumped his cup into the trash. No one else was in the shop. He went to the window and slammed his hand against the glass. His tears were uncontrollable. Kashish looked at him and got up. Without a word, Angad walked out of the coffee shop. A loud clap of thunder shook the earth. Kashish jumped and looked after Angad as sheets of rain came cascading down.

"Angad!!" Kashish called. She ran out of the shop and couldn't see anything in the blur. Angad where are you?? Its not good for you to be here out like this...What must you be must not be thinking at all...Oh Angad please don't hurt yourself- Where are you??

Kashish ran up and down the narrow streets through the rain. She couldnt find Angad anywhere. No one was out, everyone had found shelter. She needed to find him....Kashish decided to run home and see if she could find his address written down somewhere....Just outside of the Apartment building she spotted Angad sitting on the steps. He was hunched over and shaking. Kashish ran to him and shook him. He didnt make a sound. She dragged him up and pulled him inside the building. She wiped the water off of his face with her sleeve. Not even the cold rains could lower the raging fever she felt. His face was burning red.

"ANGAD!!!" Kashish almost cried and blamed herself for his sickness. She managed to get him up to her room. He was too weak to know what was going on. As soon as she put him on the bed he rolled over and fell asleep.

Kashish turned to lock the door and leaned against the wall...What have I done? Oh God, please help me...Please help Angad.... She pulled the wet jacket, shoes, and socks off of Angad with great difficulty. Kashish placed a soft blanket over him and turned off the lights. Sitting down on the couch, she closed her eyes and lost herself in her own memories until she fell asleep.

What happened to the robe? Will Angad get better? What will Kashish do? How will Angad react when he wakes up? Stay tuned....



Kashish tried to turn but felt something hard against her back. "Uff...Oh...." Kashish opened her eyes and felt the arm of the sofa poke into her bones. Darkness flooded the room as Kashish got up to check on Angad. She turned on a lamp. She glanced at the clock- 3 AM....

Angad looked relaxed in his sleep. Kashish smiled and ran her hand down his cheek. No fever....but she still wanted to put her hand on his face. Embarrassed She took a deep breath and moved away. Turning off the lamp she tried to move away from Angad, but a hand pulled her back!

"Ahhhh! OMG- Angad!!" Kashish's heart pounded. Angad pulled her down next to him and asked, "What happened Kashish?? What happened!! TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!"

Kashish looked confused and said, "You ran out in the rain and got sick. I brought you here and you fell asleep..."

Angad looked into her eyes. "I slept? Thats all I did??" Kashish got embarrassed realizing what he was asking. "Yes you slept." Kashish replied.

Angad relaxed and let go of Kashish. "I think I should go home now. I am sorry for bothering you. Thanks for everything," Angad said and tried to get up...but he fell back on the bed dizzy. "No its ok Angad. Please I dont want you to get more sick. And I owe you this much. Please stay at least until morning." Kashish told him.

Angad realized he couldnt leave anyway...and maybe he didnt want to. It was the first time anyone had cared for him...the first time he had talked to anyone about his past. Kashish had become his friend. And he wanted to be here with her even if they didnt talk. "Ok. Thank you Kashish, but let me go on the sofa. You should have your bed."

"No no its ok Angad. You need to rest properly and anyway I am not going to sleep right now...I dont feel like it. I will be in the other room looking over some things. Please call if you need anything." Kashish walked away before he could protest.

Angad smiled to himself and turned away...In a few minutes he was asleep.

Kashish sat down in the other room and looked at her collection of newspapers. She had been gathering them from years ago...Newspapers 3 to 4 years old- looking for something, anything that might be about her- that might give a clue as to who she was. Now she was awake and already feeling down- Angad's story seemed worse than her own- she could look through these papers now and be strong. Maybe tonight would be the night she would find something. She sat down and pulled a stack of papers close.

Kashish felt hot and sweaty. She got up and opened the window... A soft breeze blew in and made Kashish's hair brush over her neck....Kashish felt better and sat back down...As she reached over to pick up a newspaper the breeze blew strongly and the papers flew around the room. A few seconds later it stopped and a paper settled in front of Kashish reading "BF LEAVES Girl, Girl ATTEMPTS SUICIDE"

Who is the girl who commits suicide? Does it have any connection with Kashish? What is happening between Angad and Kashish?? Read more



Kashish's jaw dropped open....Wait no, its not Angad's story- nobody knew what happened to his wife...Until now- now she knew...

Kashish got curious and began reading the article. There wasn't much information. All it said was that the girl's house had burned down after her long time boyfriend had left her and gotten married to someone else. It was ruled a suicide. Whether the girl lived or died wasn't there and who the girl was wasn't included either.

So this wasn't about Angad's wife for sure. But who then?? There must have been some reason the paper opened up to this page. Kashish stared at it blindly....She leaned against the wall and closed her eyes. Before she knew it she had fallen asleep.


Angad tried to shield his eyes from the light, but his hands felt frozen. He opened his eyes to the brightness of Kashish's apartment. It was already 8:30 AM. Angad felt the wetness of the sheets....(No he didnt peeWinkLOL) His clothes were still wet from the rain and had soaked the mattress. Angad groaned and rolled out of the bed. Looking around he didn't see Kashish anywhere.....

Suddenly the bathroom door flew open and Kashish came out in her bath robe....Angad looked at her and his mouth opened up but nothing came out. Kashish didnt understand why he was so shocked. She got embarrassed and turned to go into her room. Angad jumped over the bed and across the room in a second. He pulled the robe and Kashish fell back into his arms. He stuck his face against her back and ran his hand across the robe. "ANGAD!!!!!!!!!! What are you doing!?!?" Kashish yelled and tried to escape from his arms....

"WHERE DID YOU GET THIS ROBE???" Angad said in a voice that was angry yet broken. Kashish got bitter and replied furiously, "From the hospital when I finally came home 6 months ago!! I shouldnt have answered that but I did. You have no right to ask and no right to come near me like that. GET OUT!!!" 

Angad turned to hide his tears..."That was my wife's robe...." Angad said softly. His voice cracked as he banged his hand against a chair and screamed again, "That is my wife's robe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kashish looked at him in amazement and was more confused than ever. "Impossible...I got this at the hospital. They had been using it on me all those months they were taking care of me and trying to make me regain my memory. They said I could take it home once I left permanently. Its the standard robe that they give everyone. All the patients there get robes. Angad you have lost your mind and are trying to excuse your disgusting behavior. I said get out!!!!!!!!!!"

Angad looked back at Kashish one last time and stamped out of the apartment. He slammed the door behind him and ran out of the building. Kashish started crying as soon as she was sure he was gone....Why...I thought he was my friend? Now he makes up this crap and tries to touch me...Oh God..will I always be lost and lonely??....

Kashish went into her room and changed into her clothes. She walked back into the bathroom to put away the robe and wash the tears off of her face. As Kashish reached up to place the robe on the hook she saw the tag on it...same tag as always she thought but something was written on it...Kashish carefully flattened the tag and moved next to the window....In faded ink she made out the letters "M.K."

"I never saw this before...What is M.K.? Its not from the hospital. It cant be....Angad cant be telling the truth. If its true why one earth would the hospital give me the robe of a dead woman??" Kashish wondered.

Quickly she grabbed her coat and put on her shoes. Stuffing the robe into a bag she ran out the door and began walking at a fast pace....


Knock Knock..."Angad are you in there?? Please open the door!" Kashish begged. She had gone straight to his apartment. Kashish reached up to bang on the door again when it swung open.

"What do you want?? What more can you do to me?? How much more can you misunderstand me?!!!!!!!" Angad demanded.

"I dont want anything from you but an answer. What was your wife's name?" Kashish asked in a straight voice as she looked into Angad's eyes.

"Mahek Khana," Angad replied.


What does MK stand for?? Mahek's initials?? Why does Kashish have the robe? What will Kashish do now? How will Angad respond to this? And what you think is happening might NOT be what is really happening....Wink


PART 11- On page 8 

PART 12 - On page 8

PART 13 - On page 9

PART 14 - On page 10

PART 15 - On page 10

PART 16 - On page 12

PART 17 - On page 17

PART 18 - On page 18

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Kashiish IF-Rockerz

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awwwww shikaaa dii that soo swweet love u soo much Hug
loved the first part continue sooon Big smile
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kewl started sound good continue soon Big smile Big smile
muqualp IF-Sizzlerz

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wow nice cont soon!!!!
wildblossom IF-Rockerz

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Thanks everyone- I promise it will get more interesting. I m not that good with beginnings LOL
ruby89 Goldie

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aww my shikuu sis that was wonderful werent angad n kashish sis bro from this rakhi bandhan on LOL Wink cant wait for next part
wildblossom IF-Rockerz

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Part 2:

Angad woke up with sweat streaming down his face. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. Dreams crowded in on him and he saw Kashish's face flash before his eyes. "Who is she, why did I have to see her now?? She looks so much like...." he thought sadly and rolled out of bed. The sun streamed through the windows of his lonely apartment on the top floor. The walls were bare and the only piece of furniture was a bed. He went into the bathroom and splashed water in his face. Looking in the mirror he saw how red his eyes were. His reflection brought back memories. Angad stood in front of the temple holding his girlfriend's hand as they got into their car to go home...Angad wiped his face and blinked away tears.

Kashish walked around her apartment and kept thinking of that mysterious man she met. Who was she? She wish she could see him again. All she could think of was him. He was in her dreams, her thoughts. She put on her watch and climbed down the stairs for work. Her apartment was on the 2nd floor and flooded with darkness. The sun peeped through in the halls as she strode out the door. In her pink fancy dress she looked like she was going out for a date. But she was truly a journalist going out for an interview with some Angad.

Why is she interviewing Angad? Will they recognize each other? What are those strange memories of Angad's? We will  find out soon.Big smile

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shika this is beautiful thing
lovin it cont soon Clap

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