Nadaswaram Jul 15-19 updates on pg-1

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Monday july 15 2013

Update dedicated to my dear friend ratna's family members..rotten eggs,tomatoes not allowed...designer chappals,vegetable,nuts ellam welcome..oh and yes..onions most welcome...ennaaa velai vikkudhuAngry

Doyying Doyying...mangalagarama moosic playing in BG...asusual opeeening is good...Its at mayil's house...Mayil and deivu getting ready ..Mayil comes to kaamu and syas we cant take u with us...u should not come to temple now..(idhu enna rule...unga director aa?production house panja paatu padradhukku new new rumour ellam kelapadinga boss)....kaamu says iam fine.i'll take care of myself..u to happy happy go and come...

Next same dialogue deliverd by deivanai..(dilaogue writer enga...pazhani kku mottai poda poirukara illai kaadhu kuthava??)....Kaamu's hubby..(lol..i forgot his name..indha serial la konjam naal yaaravadhu silent aa irundha name marandhu pogudhu...LOL)...He comes and deivu and mayil again otting the "we r going to pandi kovi..take care of kaamu"

Next pheelings session...mummy deivu talking to late so pandi's photo...says "this nethikadan is for maha..dont disturb maha"..(yenga..yen...why??)...mayil joins with deivu in woon woon crying...deivu says...dont take kaathu karuppu avatar da pandi..(WTHAngry...whole rangeela clan is here..idhula ponavana yemma calling...)...mayil prays to pandi...Deivu finally puts an end card to her polambal and leaves...

Kaamu's hubby gets a call and kaamu comes and hubby leave ssaying he is going out to meet someone regarding business..

Scene shifts to ramesh kollai adicha house..police checking...comes out and asks owner u have any personal enemy??..Owner says no sir...nothing like that..police asks abt his workers..owner tells abt ramesh..police notes his name and asks for some more details.. and one thatha says i saw that boy sir...nethu night and i remember is thirttu muzhi very well..owner tells ramesh's address and police uncle notes it down..(police uncle rombha intellingent aa irukaru...correct aa culprit veetu address varaikkum kandu pidichutarae!!...Adade..Accahrya kuri!!)...

Next..prasad's house...ellaroda face um looks like ginger eaten monkeys..reason...mottai machan's running commentary abt his ammachi...he says...respect her...nothing should happen against her wish...take asirvadam from her..and she will eat 6 times a day..6 times food many time she will use washroom??LOLLOL)...There comes ammachi...fights with automan u know who am i..iam kutralam's arunachalam's pethi...MM brings everyone and tells them to takes asirvadham and ammachi parapatcham illam giving belssings..prasad's fmaily prays to god to save them from ammachi and ammachi comes there and tells them to take her to maha's house ...All back to ginger eating monkey expression Dead

Ramesh and paramu..ramesh says i have earn lots and lots of money..paramu asks enga vandhuchu imbuttu money..ramesh says wait wife i'll come with money...police comes and ramesh ess from that place..paramu worried..police chasing..and asusual they kottai vittufies...ramesh escapes...

Prasad makkal comes to maha's house..with ammachi...ammachi asks for maha..maha comes and mm tells her to take blessings..MM tells everyone to take blessings(indha aalu kovil possari ya irundhuruparo...hundiyal kondu vara marandhuteengala machanLOLLOL)....

ammachi asks maha why she is wearing specks...dabba patti says whats wrong in that?..ammachi asks who is this lady...dabba says iam maha's patti..ammachis ays naan potrukena kannadi?..u know my age..(kannadi irukattum ammachi...what is that jandu sitting in ur nose??..tell me the biological name of that creature..dont say it is mookuthiConfused)....

Ammachi and dabba debating...title...maha is bootipul or not...Ammachi says paruvathula pannikutti kooda alagathan irukkum...(are u talking abt yourself ammachi...u look terror now...)ammachi and dabba dandanakka fights escalates...u sodabutti kannadi says amamchi...u black lady replies dabbawali (aiyayo..someone pls save me from this damaarams..mudiyalaCryCry)...Prasad takes his family out and MM tension aa kathings..

Inside maha's house...dabba says i'll take care of that amamchi...pushpa tells her to wait...they r maappu veettu carepul...
kelavi rendum opposite opposite sitting in the van..all leaves for madurai...LOL

Paramu crying...neighbour asks..paramu says woirried abt ramesh...polambing abt her vazhkai...neighbour rubbing salt...paramu says police sonna madhiri ramesh thirudan aa irundha i'll die...Neighbour says u go to madurai pandi kovil...i'll come with u...paramu says ok...

Pandi temple..madurai...Gopi and co,prasad and co,pirai and co elalrum pray pray nnu praying..(echusme all of u..pandi muni ulla irukara nnu check pls..indha group varundhu nnu therinja avaru escape paayiruparu)...


One important announcement..


this is her own dialogue from monday epsiode inimel avar IF nadaswaram forum membersaal..."paruvathu pannikutti aka pp" endru anbody azhaikka paduvarLOLLOL



Update by ratna

Tuesday Updates
Episode 882

After the prayers everyone sits around. Gopi tells Mayil and the gang that Rohini is getting married so his in laws are here in Madurai to buy sarees and golds. He ask them to continue and go back safely. He leaves and ammachi starts her thiruvai LOL Prakash father says his happy prayers all done properly. Looks like they can leave now and go for a lunch before going home. Mayil agrees. Ammachi starts Tongue enna all want to leave. Lets discuss next step. Maha patti gives back asking what next step. Both ladies argues a bit but ammachi continues asking how much golds and stuff they are going to give as dowry. Everyone is not comfortable with this talk. But this lady goes on asking or more like demanding what are they going to do and give. Maha patti gives back nicely asking what else to give? Ponnu mapillai already exchanged their hearts already. Nothing else can be given to compare to that Thumbs Up Prakash immediately says super patti and diverts the talk to malaysia trip and the photo's. All starts talking like normal.

Paramu also finishes her prayers .. just then 2 constables comes and drags her to station despite her begging not to. She does not see mayil and the rest. Confused

Gopi Malar with their in laws, Ragini and her in laws. Malar attai again tries to give mouth but malar gives her back and her mama also supports malar and scolds his wife to keep her mouth shut. While they were busy on this issue, someone takes away the handbag from the table ... After eating they realize bag missing and goes to police station as golds and money is inside there.

At police station, Inspector is questioning Paramu and she is crying not knowing anything. Just then in comes Gopi, his FIL and malar mama. Paramu runs and hugs her brother. Gopi shock and more shock to see her looking terrible and in station. He gets shock to know her husband had robbed a house and that is why she is brought here FIL immediately calls another higher person and ask to let them allow take Paramu back. Gopi ask his FIL to go back first while he sort out Paramu issue and bring back both Paramu and husband back. 

Back home Paramu cries out and how she at times suffers in hunger. Gopi too cries and malar tries to calm them both. Gopi ask Paramu not to worry his back now to take care of her. He ask Malar to take care of Paramu while he goes and buy some food for her. Paramu lays her head on malar lap and cries.

Kamu at home gets labor pain. She tries to call her husband but his mobile is left at home. She calls her MIL and cries out and MIL ask her to call someone who is near to her while she gets FIL to come there immediately. Kamu then calls Sokku house and meenashi freaks out. She ask mageshu not to cry or worry she is right on her way to take care of her.

(i know meenashi mouth is Dead but the fact she tudichufy when something happens to one of the girls is nice .. today she told kamu don't cry amma naan varen nu Big smile okay okay only for this i can praise meenashi.. pls all dun moruchufy me lolz!!)



wednesday by laksh

Wednesday - Soundu Patti dummy piece akiruchu..ore happy yo happyLOL

Meens comes to mahes place n both comes to Mayil home n takes her to hospital.. (poor females they are really concerned ..itha eppo pesa poguthungalo..Ouch)M2 is infront of labor room.. praying for good..papa crying.. kamu gave birth to baby boy..nurse comes out n informs them..rags in parlor woman home.. there comes new dancing boy to give quotation for water supply.when rags try to use plug point.. she gets electric shock n gets unconsoius.. by then DB gets call cracku paya rajesh..he cuts it n do the first aid for rags n makes her awake..she is feeling uncomfortable for being liened on him during shock.he tells her that he will come later on n meet parlor lady nu comes out. n takes new call from CPR.. he informs  all the happening CPR found to be happy on development.

Kobi coming after getting food for Water tank no 2,gets to see ramesh fighting in road drunken state.. gets in n brings him out n takes him to home in auto.rags coming to hospital watching M2 konjifying new baby n taking care of Kamu..feels happy on thier act .. meens tells her to inform everyone on the good news,she agrees.

All marriage party n all relatives ajar.. vans is telling mom n dad are on the way ..both are happy nu sollura..mayil tells we have got baby boy once after prasad stepped into our home nu.. mottai machan tries to take ride n tells if girl born then would u be confronting prasad for it nu kekuran..immtly his mams answers ..if girl born they would have told that mahalakshmi has arrived on good time becoz of prasad nu solluraru.. MM gets bulb. comes out of the room.
sweets are getting distributed..Soundu Patti is happy on this happening n behaving like kiddo.. MM is upset abt SP act,telling madhavi that he will think new plan.. Prasad comes out n takes him along.. MM is telling madhavi that ur brother is not even letting me to think nu solluran..LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL.

Kobi comes home with ramesh n makes him lie down.n gives food to WT2, she refuse it. kobi tells once he wakes up we will make him understand n shall take him home nu..WT2 is telling  he is changed a lot , he threatened her by trying to comit suicide thats why she has not moved out nu sollura.. kobi says we will find way.. nu solli ask her to eat food n feeds her..

Screen freezes.


Thursday by ratna

Thursday Updates
Episode 823

Each episode hopper goes Shocked

First Shock ShockedShocked

Meenashi at home and sokku comes back rombha pasama calls Meenashi holds her hand and takes her to the chair and make her sit beside Embarrassed Sokku prises his wife what a heart she has. All this while she had been showing her temper and thus he also hated her. But no he can see all that was just from mouth. Today what she did for Kamu is from her heart. He is happy she has changed. (okay meenashi action starts now Cry... tututututut machine gun) She gives sokku nicely and ask what does he mean she has changed? She is always like this. Only people around her changes their attitude. She has forget what all sokku has talked against her for his DIL. In fact he had even disown his own daughter. Sokku all silent. Deevanae comes and she kumbufy Meenashi and cries out saying meenashi is her deivam nu.. Meenashi ask her enna kuttu all this. Why is everyone coming and torturing her in the name of praising her? For her kamu mageshu are the same. She has done what she needs..But that does not mean she has forget what both mayil and devanae had done to her and her daughter. Devanae cries and leaves. Meenashi continues to attack Sokku saying if she does good things for his brother and wife, so she is nice or else? Sokku all silent.

Second shock ShockedShockedShocked
Prakash house all siting for meeting. Ammatha also there. MM (mottai machan) was busy giving different villan look in front of the mirror LOL MIL comes and calls him for meeting. Prasad father wants to discuss about wedding and MM gets happy as ammachi will ruin all this now.. but big shock for MM cause ammach was full supportive on the wedding issue and then even suggested some good relatives in organizing the event.. MM goes kollaveri ROFL Takes his ammatha out and scolds her for katchi changing.. ammachi shuts him off saying this is all technique to bring everyone under her ShockedD'ohMM becomes all happy and confirm this wedding will not take place.

Third Shock Shocked

Sokku comes to see his daughter mageshu and she has a big smile on her face and welcomes him vanga vanga appa nu Shocked Sokku shock but happy. He tells mageshu today everyone has been praising her and her mother and he is very proud of her. Mageshu says she has been always the same.. only he had chased her out from the house. Sokku says sorry for that and ask her to come home. Mageshu then starts saying he has every right to scold her or hit her .. she will take all of that as sokku is her father. But why his doing it because of Malar? Has she become so important then her? Of course she will come there despite him scolding her but definitely malar face will be down as malar don't like her coming there. Sokku tries to explain but magesh refuses to listen. She does not shout at him.. talks softly but shows she is not happy with malar. Sokku then ask if she will come if both gopi malar comes and invites her? Mageshu says they will never come. Sokku tells his daughter she will never understand her brother and leaves. The other mottai is shock with the way mageshu is today.. becoming more like annai theresa (such a insult for mother theresa comparing her with Mageshu Dead)Mageshu says back in her normal voice let malar come .. she will kiluchify them Confused

Fourth and final shock ShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked

Inspector and constables comes and wakes up drunken Ramesh. Gopi pleads him to tell all truth and they will let go him immediately. Inspector takes report from him, warns him and goes. As soon they leave Ramesh moruchufy Gopi and goes away. Gopi gets annoyed and shouts Dei nillu da .. and gives him left right for torturing his house girl. Ramesh keeps moruchufying Gopi. Finally gopi tupparan and ask if he is a man for doing like this. Suddenly Ramesh shouts Veliya podha ShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked Gopi gets more angry and stares at him silent. Ramesh ask who the hell he is to interfere his house issue and says veliya podha again. He shouts at Paramu and ask her to chase them out or else he will remove the thali from her neck and chase her also ShockedShocked He goes and moruchufy Gopi Angry

i wish tomorrow episode gopi will nicely beat him up and drag him back home AngryUseless idiot!




By Srima ma

Friday - want leave till Aug 1st. - travelling - esss from Binladies Wink

Friday 19.7.2013

Machan – mappu giving each other kolavery look.  Ramesu thirattufy all energy & shouts in his keech mooch voice – poda veliye , this is my house , I don't want any advice from you. Tells his enga enga wifr – idho parudi , now am going out , innum oru quarter adichi kick ethittu varen. Before that these people should vacate the house or else oru kolai sure.

Paramu pleads with Gopi – my head fate , I will bear it patiently , not able to see you get insulted , please leave before he comes. Gopi – Malar not in favour of that , they want to protect Paramu. Gopi takes the right decision , Calls Nelli.Call not going thru.

Nelli clan happily  visiting the hospital to meet Kamu & their kulak kozhundhu. All konjing the new born.  Mayil & Deiva sing Meenu Mahesu  bajan . Meen palapazham outside , inside uruging ice cream. Lolayi happy to hear the change. Nell finds his cell  in off mode, switches it on & finds missed call from Gopi.  He calls Gopi & gets to know Paramu – ramesh are in Madurai. ALalaukku grabs the phone &ask the same question. Gopi finally speaks to Nelli privately & informs about the koothu in Madhurai in ramesh's house. Asks nelli to come for his help.

Gopi taking class to Paramu how to behave when inebriated Ramesh returns – mounam , mounam & only mounam. Have to be very very patient. Ramesh comes back, becomes hyper seeing Gopi Malar still staying there.  Avanukkulla pona tasmac charakku super velai seying.  AsksParamu to remove her thali , tries to pull it out from her neck, Gopi intervenes . This angers Ramesh further , takes aruv mania & tries to kill himself. Shocked Gopi , Malar silently leave the house. Parting advice to Paramu  , to be patient & keep mum , Nelli will come & take control of the situation. Gopi tells her they will be staying outside the house & asks her give a call in emergency

Gopi – Malar sitting on the road. Malar's mom calls her. Malar updates paramu's plight. Mom makes untimely comment –  despite Malar extending helping hand to all her in laws Meenu makes nasty comment about her. Malar mom feels sad. Malar scolds her commenting at the wrong  time &  situation  & cuts the phone.

Gopi  - Malar sit sleeping on the road. Nelli mama comes in a car. Feels  sorry for GOpi, Malar . Apologises.  House pravesam. Paramu sheds copious tears. Mama consoles. Ramesu alangolama sleeping. Nelli tries to wake him. No effect , Nelli pours kudam full water on him . Ramesu alari pudichi getting up. Bodhai gone , seeing appa fear creeps in. Nelli nalla mothu mothunu mothing. Finally Rames agrees to accompany them to Karaikudi


Heyyy over .

 2  Weeks kondattam for me. Bhaag srima bhaag 

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Originally posted by srima

Friday - want leave till Aug 1st. - travelling - esss from Binladies Wink

echusme srima ma..kutty pappa ek doubt..Embarrassed
this is a reservation post or leave letter application postConfusedwhat abt this friday?.u r writing appu or vachufying appuConfused

anyways..Leave Letter acceptedCry
aug 2 friday ...nyabagam irukattum...LOLLOL

@all ...
any nalla ullams here ready to do friday update ...only 2 days...19th and 26th july...
srima IF-Dazzler

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Sumi it was reservation cum leave letter post. This Friday  [ 19.06.2013]will do the update , may be a brief one. Next two weeks jolly for me.

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Originally posted by hopper_ocean


Hahaha chamnak challonvaa sumi.. nethu ungalaka nijamavae chammak challo taan with ammachi mouthROFL
Now who is this ammachi??Angry
i did friday update...appo no ammachi...sat,sun 2 days la ammachi vandhachi??Shocked

Achamillai achamillai achamenbadhi illayae
Any number binlady vandhalum acham enbadhu illayaeCool

angry tongue sticking out smileyangry tongue sticking out smiley

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ammachi nethu entry ROFL avaludhan waiting for your updates...

Sorry friday me cannot volunteer Disapprove already meenu akka personally enna catch pannitango to do on her behalf  .. 2 days a week PP okay but 3 days naa Shocked no way i only got left right ear .. no extra to get burn off  ROFL

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aiyoo ammachi entry thagala... don't know what is going to happen...

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Originally posted by srima

Sumi it was reservation cum leave letter post. This Friday  [ 19.06.2013]will do the update , may be a brief one. Next two weeks jolly for me.
only 2 weeks ma..only 2 weeks...neenga appram varala pp family (lead by sokku) oda i'll come to ur place and perform live drama...Evil Smile

adhuvaraikkum...I'll do friday updates CryCry

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Originally posted by anusharose

aiyoo ammachi entry thagala... don't know what is going to happen...
ennanga ellarum terror recation giving..

iam going to watch now ...Ouch

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