Punar Vivaah Ek Nayi Umeed


Punar Vivaah Ek Nayi Umeed
Punar Vivaah Ek Nayi Umeed

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[Banner Credit: harianjana]

all to the Appreciation Thread of Rubina Dilaik-The Queen Of Smile! The
most popular face of Indian Television. A unique actress who is equally
beautiful and talented.

won millions of heart as Radhika in Choti Bahu-sindoor bin suhagaan.
For her immense popularity with her on-screen and off-screen partner
Avinash Sachdev she was back with Choti Bahu-saware ke rang rachi as
Radhika again.

now she is remembered as Radhika to her fans. She was appreciated for
her double role as an Avatar of Lord Kanha in CB Season 2.
She did several episodes of Saas Bina Sasural as Smiley also.

And now after about one year she has returned with a brand new show Punar
nayi Umeed. She will play the female lead Divya in the show. Here Divya
is an actress of Chhoti Bahu who had to leave her love Raj to persue
her career in media in order to support her family.

We wish All the best to Rubina for her new venture!Thumbs UpBig smile

Rubina's IF profile:

Rubina's Twitter account:

Rubina Dilaik@RubiDilaik

~*Rubina Dilaik AT#1*~|Welcome Back Rubi|
~*Rubina Dilaik AT*~#2|Amazing Just The Way You Are|
~*Rubina Dilaik AT*~#3|Queen Of Expressions|
~*Rubina Dilaik AT*~#4|We care only for u|
~*Rubina Dilaik AT*~#5|Versatility Redefined|
~*Rubina Dilaik AT*~#6|East Or West Rubina Is The Best|
~*Rubina Dilaik AT*~#7|Actress Par excellence|
~*Rubina Dilaik AT*~#8|Eyes speak it all|
~*Rubina Dilaik AT*~#9|Queen Of Our Hearts|
~*Rubina Dilaik AT*~#10|Celebration Of 10|

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Rubina Dilaik is one of the most popular Indian Television actress. Rubina was born in India on August 26, 1989.Basically she belongs to Shimla(Himachal Pradesh). Her family own an apple orchard there.

She had also participated and won two local beauty pageants.Rubina Dilaik has been crowned Miss Shimla in 2006 and has won several other beauty contests.She has studied in St.Bedes, Shimla.She has won the title of "Miss North". She was a national level champion in debate during her school days.

In April, her sister heard of auditions beingsq held in Chandigarh for a role in a television soap. She and her friend were keen on going for the auditions. Ruby went along with her younger sister Rohini. Before that she had no plans of taking up acting as a career.Even she was studying to become an administrative officer. In spite of being good at academics, she was very active in extra curricular activities. She was a national level debater. She has written poems in English. Her father has written many books and poems in Hindi and she translate them to English. So when she went there with her sister just to pass time and accompany them,inside the audition room, every one was tense craming up the lines and rehearsing for the audition, then she snatched a page of dialogues from her sister's hand to know what was so difficult. Just to test whether she too could do it she too mugged up the lines and gave the audition.

Just hours after her audition, she was told that she was short listed. Initially, she was shocked how a small town and ordinary looking girl like her could get selected for such a big role when there were so many talented girls aspiring for the same. Yes, they took time. When she came down to Mumbai she was not even finalised. There were other girls competing for the same role. Also the channel was not sure whether she should play this role or the role of Vishakha, the parallel lead. It took almost five months for everything to get confirmed and the shoot to start. Rubina played such a big role of "Radhika" in Chhoti Bahu.

Initially her family members were against her taking up acting as a career.She came from a huge joint family set up where she is answerable to every one in the family for every action of her.Both her parents are very well educated so even she was expected to have a strong academic career.But her mother did not mind her going ahead.She is the only one who stood by her as known from the sources.Rubina Dilaik has gained a lot of appreciation for her role in Zee TV's Choti Bahu.As she was yet to complete her
education her parents
were not keen that she accept the role.But Rubina pleased both her parents as well as herself.She
continued to study via correspondence course
and accepted the role as mentioned above.

Rubi with her Dad and Mom

She became very popular in a short span of time.She also participated in Nachle ve with Saroj Khan and Terence Lewis. She also appeared in Sony tv's popular show "Saas Bina Sasural'.She played the character of "Smiley" who is Tanya's Friend. Now she is playing Divya in Punar Vivaah Ek Nayi Umeed.

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Name: Rubina Dilaik Nick Name: Rubi DOB: August 26,1987 Age: 25 Height: 5'2" approx Hometown: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Three things you want to take if you are marooned on an island? Bottle of water,Camera and some fruits.
If you could turn back the clock?
If I could turn back the clock I would stop it at my school days.
Love means to you? Understanding. Your favorite cuisine is? Pahadi Dishes.
Life without cell phones? Peaceful for a moment.
Fashion to you is? I create according to my
Who chooses your clothes?
Clothes you are comfortable in: All sorts.
Color that fills your wardrobe: Multicolour.
Currently, your wardrobe is over flowing with: Indian ethnic wear.
You have the hardest time getting dressed for: While draping a sari.
Any fashion disastar that you have come across recently: Not faced any such situation yet.
If you had to choose any fashion era which period would it be? Ongoing contemporary trends.
Do u wear accessories?
yes,but not very obsessed with them. I prefer pearls and watches.
Do u follow any brands?
Not really. I am not brand conscious.

Must have in your wallet: Credit cards, picture of my family, money and currency of a few countries.
Chocolates: I don't crave for.
Ice-creams: Reminds me of childhood.
Favourite Perfume: Kenneth Cole, Prada and versace.
Your favourite shopping destination: New York and Bangkok.
Most Expensive buy: A Hublot watch.
Your favorite movie? Well there are many but
would say a few: Titanic,Hum Apke Hai Kaun.
Favorite actor: Amitabh Bachchan.
Favorite actress:Madhuri Dixit.
An exotic location you would want to retire? France.
Television to you? It means a lot to me. Describe sale in one word: Can't, for it doesn't excite me.
The route of life?
Values and Ethics.
Your fans in Mumbai can
find you at?

Mostly shop related to Interior concepts. (I am busy with my home's Interior Decoration).
Cricketer you find hot and sexy: Sachin Tendulkar
A quote you follow in life?
Success happens to those
who believe in the beauty
of their dreams.
Rubina in one word?

How important is money to you? Money is equally important as fame and status. What was your first salary? Rs. 50,000 which I won as prize money after winning Miss Shimla International.
Are you an impulsive buyer? Not exactly.
How much money do you carry everyday? I just carry Rs. 2000/3000 in cash as I don't need much money while shooting.
What is your most expensive purchase? My house and my car Chevrolet Cruze. Do you feel financially secure? Yes.
Who handles your expenses? My fiancee and me.
Craziest rumor I have heard about Myself: Avinash Sachdev and I are married. Both of us had a very good laugh at this rumor when we came to know about it. Avinash advised me take this rumor lightly.
Festivals that are close to the heart of you: All festivals. Every festival has its own beauty and charm.
The day which made you proud of yourself: The day when I voluntarily participated in a function at an orphanage, and since then I have been visiting the place and spending time with the kids.
If given one lakh rupees, then how will you spend it? I would give this money to the road constructions of my village where metaled roads are badly needed. My village is in Chaupal, shimla, Himachal Pradesh.
Last place on this earth where we can find you: Bombay (laughs)
You have a tom and jerry relation with: It has to be Avinash Sachdev. We have a lot of fun,keep poking each other,fight over silly arguments and yet can't live without each other. We are best of friend like Tom and Jerry who fight but yet are always together.
A social curse you would like to fight for: I will surely fight for "Women Emancipation". Subject you wish to teach: English Literature.
What u would have been if not an actor: I would have been definitely a public speaker and might have been working in the Public Relations or Human Relation department of a multinational company

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[Banner Credit: Heena di(radev_fan)]

Rubina Dilaik is in a relation with her ex-co actor Avinash Sachdev( Dev of Chhoti Bahu). They fall in love during Choti Bahu days. A lovely perfect Couple- Rab ne bana diya JodiHeart
Kisika nazar na lageSmileHeart

Well fans call them AvIna shortly together.
Lets know how the love happened between them.
Read the following articles to know the epic love story of AvIna.Wink

Starry lovestory- Avinash Sachdev and Rubina Dilaik...

Rendezvous with the beautiful couple-Avinash Sachdev and Rubina Dilaik

When I Fell in love with Avinash

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Do hit the button if you are a Rubi fan and want to join the AT.

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# No Comparison will be tolerated.
Every actor has their own style. All are unique in their own way. RUBINA IS RUBINA. Bas!
# No Bashing of Rubina will be tolerated here.
This AT is only for Rubina's fans. Post if you are a fan of her.
# No discussion on other actors' matter unless they are related to Rubi directly.
# Plz don't use caps in many of your posts.
Many members consider it offensive.
# Don't post countless consecutive post.
We have an Edit option here for a reason.
# Avoid quoting extremely large posts.
Try to Use @.
# No bashing of AT members will be tolerated here
If u have any problem with anyone try to solve it via PM.
# Follow IF Rules and COC in all case.
# Read Carefully and strictly maintain it
New Rules and Warnings regarding ATs.

But the most important rule is MUST comment on Rubi's profile and articles where she is tagged in! Also have a loads of fun here.
Enjoy and Spread Rubi's love!

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Hellow all sweet AT members!
First of all I want to thank u for ur contribution to Rubina AT.Congratulations for making it #10!PartyNow here is a small fun to celebrate our achievement!Guess what?Well I want to give my fellow members some title!Ready?EmbarrassedSo lets start.

Rubina Fan Awards!!!
1. Active Rubina Fan-

Well the most active member is SoniaBig smile aka Soniaman.For her we are celebrating 10th AT!Hug
2.Irregular Rubina Fan- Well she is Nishta06.She sometimes comes here but we all like her posts and want her to be active.Hug
3.Silent Rubina Fan- radevchicago as he/she sometimes let us know that he/she is reading our posts silently by likingLOLBut never posts.So we appreciate his/her silence.Silent ho toh aisa(at least Like our postsWink)
4.Coolest Rubina Fan-
we all are coolCoolbut among us the coolest member is Sparklingeyes
5.Friendly Rubina Fan-sush_avina is the most friendly Rubi fan.We are missing u loads SushmaHug
6.AT Rocker Rubina Fan-Definitely harianjana yaara tere bina AT suna suna lagta haiEmbarrassedHug
7.Funny Rubina Fan-It is our very own Prathu di aka JaiJagannath.She sometimes entertain us by her great sense of humor. We love u diHug
8.Divya lover Rubina Fan-It is none other than Priya aka Priyamvada! She loves Divya a lot and for Divya she is here. We also luv u PriyaHug
9.Most Expressive Rubina Fan-No doubt she is our dearest Prem di yani radev 24 for her beautiful and lovely posts. Keep coming di we love your views and postsHug
10.Lovely Rubina Fan-She is Aishuuu. I like her colorful and lovely posts.Be regular aishuuu dearHug

11.Lovely Rubina Fan-All are lovely but here is the one who is the loveliest! She is goolab
12.Regular Spammer Rubina Fan-we all are thoda bohot SpammarROFL but it is our Jeshni aka radev_no1fanwho is regular spammar! Keep it up Jesh! Spamming ki jai hoROFL
13.Celebrity Rubina Fan-Celebs are everywhere.We also have a celebrity member.We all love her and wait eagarly for her analytical posts.But as I told she is a celeb so we have to wait a long time for her posts.She is our Sia di.Bt keep coming di.We love u a lot!Hug
14.Creative Rubina Fan-none other than seema12345. We love your beautiful creations Seema. Keep it upThumbs Up
15.Sweet Rubina Fan- We all r sweet but the sweetest is ekta-avinafan. Love u sweetyHug

17.Helpful Rubina Fan- this title goes to ashna26. She helps us by posting Articles and pics. Luv u jiHug
17.Imaginative Rubina Fan- she is deepa1122. We like her writings.
18.Lazy Rubina Fan- I guess none is lazy here but would like to see masumasrilanka more active here! Plz be active hun?
19. Angelic Rubina Fan- here we have two owner for this title. Chhaya55 and maia22.
20.Lovable Rubi Fan- goes to ushasri
21.New Rubina Fan- well this is for inspiring our new member Siham.Be active darlingHug

Okay here I finished all 21 categories for every single member who came here at least for one day. Thank you all once again for being here.Now here is a tribute for those who are active in the AT from the AT#1.I want to appreciate and honor them.Here is some special category.And this one is just for fun.No hard or soft feelings.I hope here all will understand my sense of humor.Ok lets start!
Krazy Kiya Re!!!
1.Talkative Rubina Fan- hmm any guess? Don't u think it's Ekta??? And hmm don't forget I'm her partner in this matterROFL
2. Always Positive Rubina Fan- Jeshni aka radev_no1fan! Koi shaq?She always teaches us how to hope.You are very inspiring JeshThumbs Up.
3.PH(mittals) hater Rubi Fan- We hate mittals a lot!No doubt.They are neglecting our RubiAngryBut among us many hate Zee and PH equallyLOL. There's one who hates PH only.Guess? Umm ashna26!Good girlWink
4.Zee hater Rubina Fan- none other than Sonia!If u have any doubt then just tell her that u love ZeeROFL
5.Understanding Rubina Fan- hmm she always tries to hear both parties and understand them.Then she tries to calm down us the bachca party.She is our Sia di.
6.Busy Rubina Fan- any guess?What about our Dr. Sahiba? i.e. hari? Poor fellow is really busy with her regular exams.
7.Hotheaded Rubina Fan- Prathu di will u throw chappals at me?ROFL
8.Crazy Rubina Fan- Dnt u think it's me?WinkROFL

Lastly I want to thank Myra di Myra.Nelly for being here with us.So that's all.Will return again with awards in AT#20.Till then keep rockingParty.Love u allHug

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Avinash Sachdev and Rubina Dilaik as Dev and Radhika (149270) size:1280x1024

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