Punar Vivaah Ek Nayi Umeed


Punar Vivaah Ek Nayi Umeed
Punar Vivaah Ek Nayi Umeed

*| Punar Vivah-ENU Times #5: Kaisa Ishq Hai |*

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Salaam Namaste PVians! Hug 

Here we are with the 5th Edition of our Weekly NL: Punar Vivah - ENU Times #5.

We are a bit late, but as they say better late than never! RightWink

We want to thank each member who volunteered and compiled the various sections! Hug

Check the next posts to read more and don't forget to turn up the volume: a song is playing in the background! Wink

We are looking for some new members to be part of our NL Team.

Want to take the chance & join then please do PM -Alina. or -Amanda-



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Layout: -Alina. & -Amanda-
Scene of the Week: radev24
Dialogue of the Week: -Amanda-
Funny Scene of the Week: Vishakha_Sakhi
Raj-Divya Moment of the Week: Priyamvada
Raj-Sarita Moment of the Week: Vishakha_Sakhi
Souten Scene of the Week: radev24
Character of the Week: mishtigc
Most Irritating Character of the Week: -Amanda-
Performance of the Week: radev24 
Dress of the Week: -Alina.
Song of the Week: Priyamvada
Picture of the Week: -Alina.
Offscreen Masti Moment of the Week: -Alina.
Siggie of the Week:  appy_indy-KD
VM of the Week: -Amanda-
OS/SS/FF of the Week: -Amanda-
Most Active Thread of the Week: -Amanda-
Most Active Member of the Week: -Alina.
Blooper of the Week: stacyellowz

Thank You,

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Wednesday July 10 2013

Raj, in her room, says that he wants to talk to her. Sarita asks him not to weaken her heart, and asks him to rest as tomorrow is a big day for them, and lots of work too.
The next morning, all are busy in preparations, with sarita particularly excited. She gets up the stairs herself, and arranges to her content. But she trips and falls into rajs arms, who saves her from falling. An eyelock follows. granny comes and sees this and is happily congratulating on this scene. She says that the lord di what they do not understand, that they are trying so hard to be seperate but getting together all the more. She asks them to think again, of the relation that isnt breaking easily, and they both like it, and when theres still time, they should give it another thought. they both are embarassed.  
Friday July 12, 2013 
While raj is working sitting on the bed, sarita happily comes and asks him if he can keep the windows open, for fresh air, and if she should get him tea. Raj says that he knows that she wants him to say yes to this relation, and thats why she is doing this. She asks when would he. Raj asks if she loves that person. Sarita thinks that she had loved him, and now noone else can replace that. She says maybe. Raj says that it isnt easy. Sarita asks if its a yes. raj says if shes happy, and if she feels rohan can keep her happy, then he doesnt have a problem. sarita is happy, and says that she wants to reciprocate, and goes on to call. Raj asks who is she calling. Sarita says that shes calling his happiness. Raj says that he doesnt want to talk to divya. She teasingly says that she just said his happiness, and he named divya, which means his happiness lies with her only. He is speechless. Sarita places the call, and gives the phone to raj, and leaves from there. Divya sees Rajs phone, and is tensed as to what to do. Finally she picks up and says hello, and in the wind, a glass breaks and she screams out as glass piesces hit her leg. Raj hears this and gets concerned, and immediately says that hes coming right over. As he hurries out, he finds sarita in tears, who tries to smile. Raj awakwardly faces her, and then leaves.

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 Heya all, time for funny scene of the week. Again this week we had very few light moments so the one I chose is from July 11th episode where Aslam (Imran Khan) came to promote his movie. 

Aslam, performing on the song "Tayab Ali" teases Sohanlal as being a "pyaar ka dushman" (enemy of love/lovers)! 

The song, coupled with Imran's funny dancing and Sohan's expressions cracked me up! ROFL ROFL ROFL

Here's a glimpse:

Missed the performance? No sweat, you can re-watch it here:

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Salam,Namaste friends. It's me Prii again wid Ravya moment of the week.
Sadly, there aren't many.. But I can say this one scene we got is so so beautiful.

It was more like an emotional moment when Raj calls up Divya on her mobile upon being forced by Sarita . 

Divya says hello. Both remain silent..   Divya lost in  thoughts pushes her coffee cup n shrieks as a piece hits her leg. 
Raj is so much concerned and asks if she's okay. Before she could mumble a reply..Raj hurriedly says he's coming right over and hangs up. 

Without facing each other they could feel each other's pain.
 And KarIna has this wonderful chemistry that sets the screen on fire without actually being together in a scene.Blushing There is no trip and fall.. No eye lock but this scene left me craving for more. Day DreamingI fell in love wid them all over again! 

The care the concern Raj and Divu have for each other remained unfazed wid time..
 Now this is something called true love. Isn' t it??

Heya all, V here with this week's Raj-Sarita (officially voted SaRa) moment of the week. 

This week we were treated to lots of lovely SaRa moments so it was kinda tough to choose a single one which stood out. But I had to chose so the one I picked is from the Maha Sangam episode on 11th July.

Sarita, on Kamla's insistence, gets dressed up in a lehenga suit with a skimpy choli that's almost backless. It is obvious that Sarita is uncomfortable in such clothes but she just did it for her mother-in-law's happiness. 

As Sarita stares at herself uncomfortably in front of the mirror, Raj comes there and covers her with a red chunari. He then tells her that her beauty lies in her simplicity and not to change herself for anyone.

Sarita, touched by his concern, just stares at him in awe...

It was such a touching moment, where we got to see such a caring side of Raj towards his Saritaji! Haaye! Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming  


Here's Souten Scene Of The Week
This week I chose Souten Scene from MS Thursday(july 11's epi.)

Divya picks up her phone ringing as Sarita is calling her on the other side. Divya has a smile on her face, which immediately turns into a frown on he forehead when Sarita tells her to come to the house because raj and she have signed the divorce papers and there's going to be a party to celebrate sheila's engagement to rohan.
Divya is totally shocked to hear this dastardly news and angrily responds to sarita that she's not going to be any part of this horrendous unpleasant event, and after a few arguments with sarita, divya simply hangs up the phone. Ouch
Brilliant acting by both Divya and SaritaThumbs UpHug




Kaisa Ishq hai.. Ajab sa risk hai..

No one ever understands what love is..

how it changes people..  People know love is risking life..

But can't stop loving.. 'cause love means living life..Heart

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Its none other than our abhay ji.for his dialouge and virginity test idea.ek din ki mehman ko jata ha ya title.for his stupidity and crap.

This week most irritating character is certainly Kamal. For her own needs, she ask Sarita to dressed up as if she is some dancer just so that someone at the engagement may like her and take her away from the house.
And also she irritate me even more when she told Abhay , Sarita was an unmarried girl.Angry 
Monday July 8 2013
Performer of the Week ... Brilliant Raj, putting scrappy dad at his place!Thumbs Up 
While sohan and his family are anxiously waiting for a phone from rohans side, the phone rings. As kamla picks the call, she is stunned at what she hears. The family is also tensed at what has their reply been. Sohan impatiently asks whats the reply. Finally she says yes, enthralling the family, and surprising sarita, who breaks the glass in her hands in shock, granny and shiela. but then kamla, says that they have said yes,. but not for sarita, but their daughter shiela, and that they would marry an unmarried girl, not a married one, who couldnt have happiness in her first marriage. Sohan is very angry at this. Raj too is shocked. Granny however smirks at the irony, that hes so pained at his own daughter, but he didnt have any compassion for sarita. Granny reprimands that he got what he meted out to others. He angrily confronts sarita, as to what she said to Rohan. sarita says that she didnt say anything. He reprimands her that she unlucky and hence the ill luck on the family. But raj stops him, and then coming upto him, he pulls sarita aside, and facing him, says that he might be elder, but that doesnt mean he would insult everyone. Raj says that he wont bear saritas insult. Sohan says that what would he do, hit him, for this girl, the one who he doesnt have any care for sarita. Raj says that whatever is between him and sarita, they would understand, but he wont stand and tolerate sarita being insulted. Raj says that hes his father, and that he should behave like one. all are shocked at this fight. He says that if he has to shout, then he should do it on the walls, not on women.
Monday July 8 2013
He asks sarita to come, while she hesitates. He says that he cant stand like her and bear insult. He says that till he gets remarried, shes his wife, and her insult is his, and he wont bear that. while sarita is overwhelmed at this, raj takes her hand and drags her to his room. In the room, Raj frustratedly asks her what she got, by facing such insult and humiliation, and who is rohan to pass judgement on her, when he doesnt know her likings, and her qualities. He is very angry. He asks her not to play this game, as divya, as both times she got sadness and hurt. He asks her to understand that the world is double faced, like his parents, who want a virgin girl for their divorced son. He asks her to stop crying, as the society doesnt value these tears. She says that these are tears of happiness and not sorrow, as for the first time, she has been respected and not insulted. She says that she felt proud as ever today. raj is confused at this, and when she thanks him, he still doesnt understand. Sarita looks overwhelemingly at him, while he is tensed for her.
Monday July 8 2013
Performer of the Week
Embodiment of Shakti ... our Sarita
sohan is pacing around the room, and kamla asks what happened. He says that hes scared about this threat that saritas father gave. While kamla teases him about being in jail, she is about to be slapped by him, when sarita stops him and apologises too for the same, saying that he should vent out his anger on her, and not his wife, as its her father who has angered him like this.
Wednesday July 10, 2013
 Performers of the Week ... SaRa
Indeed, SaRa for being each other's support, Sarita out of love for her Raj and Raj out of feeling of duty towards his wife Sarita ... what a difference in each's philosophy towards their marriage !!!
Kamla reprimands her for having spoilt the family. Sarita apologises yet says that its true that hes repeating the same mistake that he did ten years back, that of making two people enter into the institution of marriage, who dont love each other, and the best way is to make shiela marry rohan, as they like each other, and after that, they can get divya as their daughter in law, and that they shouldnt bother about her, as after shes their bahu, but shiela their own daughter, and they shouldnt do injustice to her. She again stresses that she has a way out for the fear of her father. she asks him to agree to shielas and rohans marriage, then she would tell him.
Sohan wants her to agree hypothetically that he gives his consent, and asks what she has in mind. Sarita says that she had requested raj, to get her remarried, and thats possible if she is out of this relationship. She says as long as shes rajs wife, she wont be able to remarry, and before that happens, they have to set each other free from this relation, and then her father wont be able to be a threat to them. She asks him to get their divorce papers ready and then get her remarried. raj is shocked, but sarita says that this is required if any of them starts afresh in their life, and once they are dovirced none would be able to destroy them. Soham too congratulates her on this excellent advise. He asks raj to get the engagement functions ready, and asks him not to be a miser in organising things. Raj leaves, while sarita tries in vain to be happy.
As they enter sohans room, Raj and sarita are shocked to see divorce papers, waiting for them to be signed, before shielas engagement. He says that today his daughter would be tied in one, and his son would be free from another relation, and he would be free from her fathers threat. He gets a call and putting it on hold, Sohan tells them that they are in vain, tied to each other in a futile relationship, for ten years, and now that they have an option they should grab it, and then leaves to attend to the call. Both Raj and Sarita are tensed. Sarita is in tears looking at the papers, and raj, who himself is visibly tensed and emotional too. Sarita wipes her tears, while raj tries hard to conceal his emotions. Raj and sarita awkwardly face each toher, each waiting for the other to make the first move. finally sarita leaves in haste to get the pen for signing. She is tearful, while she looks back, after raj looks away from her. She comes out and starts crying incoherently, while raj takes a pen from the room, itself, and thinks that hes doing this for her and her happiness, so that shes free from the torture and curses that she has to face everyday. Sarita too wishes that she could confess her love to him, and that shes doing it out of that love. she peeks inside to find raj, next to the divorce papers.
Later, Sarita eyes the papers and is still tearful at having to officially end this relationship with raj, remembering the instances of recent care that he had shown for her. She finally musters the courage to pick the pen, and sign the paper. But just then shiela comes in to see her doing it. She calls out to sarita and she stops. She is shocked to see these papers. Sariat says that before starting a new relation, she has to legally free her from this relation. Shiela asks her to rethink her descision if she has a slither of doubt, and she knows that she loves raj so much, that she wont be able to live without him. Sarita says that she loves him, hence is doing it so that he can have a better life. Shiela says that if love hurts so bad, then she wont ever fall in love. Sarita asks her not to think like that, as love is the best mistake that can happen. As sarita determinedly signs off the papres, shiela is tensed. the screen freezes on saritas sad yet determined face.


pyaar hai ya sazaa ...  *=(( broken heart


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The Dress of the Week is Sarita's dress: the one she wore in the Mahasangam! Smile I LOVE this dress and Srishty looks sooo adorable and beautiful. 

Onscreen: Do Dil Mil Rahe He Day Dreaming

Offscreen: Ofcourse.. Imran Khan was on the Set guys! Day Dreaming

Gosh. these two mast chores! LOL

Rubina: After 12 days... back to shoot n ma buddies @SrSrishty @ZeeTV
Article of the Week: TB - Monsoon is a bahaana to chill out: Rubina Dilaik

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This week Siggy Winner Is


Here's a sig for you to use by Viz! Wink

Congrats Dear

Winning Avi of the Week is..

again by ..


Here's a sig for you to use by Viz! Wink

This week we have a VM winner and that too on Raj & Sarita


Here is your gift to use by Viz!

This week Fiction winner is
*~*OS: Tu Jane na on SaRa*~*


Here's a sig for you to use by Viz! Wink

Most active thread is the 

With 81 Replies
and 2200+ Views


Congrats DearBig smile

The Most Loved & Active Member of the Week is

A Raj & Sarita die heart lover.. 


Congratulations sweety! Hug Here's a siggie for you by Viz! Wink 

Congrats DearBig smile

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I did not see a blooper per se in any episode. However, to me the whole maha episode was a blooper on the part of the Qubool Hai and Punar Vivah CVs. Confused? Well as you may recall, QH had a maha episode with PV1 earlier this year. Since then PV2 has continued from PV1, taking a 10 years leap, whereas QH has taken a 1 month leap Wink. Technically, this means that PV2 and QH should be in two different time zones LOL. So how could they meet up? ROFL.
That's my little 2 cents on what i thought was the biggest blooper this week Embarrassed.

We apologize for so less sections than usual! Ouch Many members from our team have been busy! Hope to be back next week with the entire edition! Day Dreaming

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