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OS: In Love With Librarian(Note page 11)

cheesemad IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 5:49am | IP Logged

Hello beautiful people out there. Yes I told you; I wont be writing again but its Avni didi again (avni_Barun).

I would love to dedicate this OS to one and only Avni didi. I remember few months back when I joined IF, I randomly sent her buddy request, not knowing that I would get an elder sister here on this site, and she accepted and then we talked through scraps. We talked about Barun, engineering, cricket, IPL, my new angry birds chappal. She knows everything about me from my favorite chocolate to my favorite tang flavor.

She was the one who used to remind me of talking my meds when I was suffering from heat allergy; she was the one who scrapped me when my favorite team lost semifinals (I am cricket crazy); she is the one who always encouraged me when used to get sad during my GRE preparation and tell me I can do it.

I love her more than ASR loves his laptop and Bluetooth.

I love her more that Khushi loves jalebiyaan

I love her more than Nanaji loves

I love her more than shyam loves devising stupid bichhoo plans for killing Anjali

I love her more than Anjali loves her pooja ki thali.

IMPORTANT: I am an engineering student myself, who hates going to library. So we, my BFF and me have this arrangement between us. In odd semesters she goes to library and in even I do it. We go to library all the time but do not enter stack room:P

Please ignore typos and grammatical errors, I have not proof read yet...


title credit: my another elder sister asthagrawal(Astha didi) Big smile


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cheesemad IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 April 2013
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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 5:50am | IP Logged
here you go...


Picture Credit: Google

Editing: Me:D

Arnav Singh Raizada was the most desirable male in the campus. He was smart, sexy and suave. Girls loved him, wanted to be with him. And boys envied him. He was second year engineering student, who abhorred engineering and books. He was here just for his mother, who wanted his son to be a successful engineer some day. But he never knew that these books would change his life drastically some day.


Chaitanya: Oye Arnav, we have end semesters from 8th October, don't you think we should go to the library and get some books.


Arnav: WHAT?? We just had our end semesters??


Chaitanya: Yup, that was 3th sem, remember we are in 4th semester!!!


Arnav: What the...Fine lets go


Chaitanya: You are going, not me. Its your turn, even semester


And that is how Arnav went to the University Library, the place he detested. According to him these places were for nerds and he was too cool to be there. He hated librarian, Mrs. Samuels, the most. She was grouchy and Arnav avoided her. He entered the library and went to the mechanical engineering section ignoring questioning stares of the students present there, who were surprised seeing the mighty ASR in the library.


Arnav got all the books. He was ready to go to issue counter but then he hit his leg somewhere and dropped all the books.


Arnav: WHAT THE F...


Shhh...You can't speak that loud, it's a library came a melodious voice from somewhere


He turned around and saw a beautiful girl standing with scandalous look on her face. The beauty standing in front of him mesmerized him. A small smile adorned his face. Her button nose, tiny waist, slender legs, luscious lips and then he noticed her almond shaped eyes and time stopped for him. He never saw someone so beautiful and attractive. This trance was broken when the girl went away from him.


Who is she? Asked Arnav from the guy standing near him


She is kinda assistant librarian. She is helping Mrs. Samuels.  Came the reply


And then his not so good opinions regarding librarians changed. She was breathtaking and Arnav so wanted to talk to her. And then an idea stuck in his mhead. He hid one of the books somewhere in the shelf and went to that beautiful female for help.


Excuse me




Can you help me finding a book, Thomas Bevan's Theory of Machines?




The girl searched for the book and handed it to him


Thank you so much. I was searching for this book from days.


The girl smiled and opened her mouth to speak something but Mrs. Samuels called her


Khushi, come here child.


And she went away just like that. Arnav was happy, at least he knew her name now. Khushi, joy, his happiness, his Gorgeous gal. He was not able to comprehend what exactly that feeling was? Love at the first sight or mere attraction. Whatever it was, he was going to explore those alien feelings.


Chaitnya was shocked; he was not able to understand what was happening. He just knew that due to some random girl he would never had to go to the soporific library.


Chaitanya: Dude, You mean no library, never.


Arnav: Chatty, Do I have to write on a stamp paper for you?


And then arnav saw his Gorgeous Gal going towards the exist of the university campus alone. He did not want to let go this chance of talking to her.


Hey, remember? Its me from the library, machine design.


Yes, I do remember, said the girl walking away from him


Arnav too started walking and followed her.


I am Arnav Singh Raizada, second year engineering student. You are Khushi right?


The girl did not reply and just went away. But Arnav was adamant and he decided not to leave without making her talk. He stopped her again.


Why are you running away? Main tumhe kha thodi na jaunga


Just stay away from me or else it would not be good for you. Samjhe ap?


And she went away. Arnav stood there, with his hands stuffed in his pocket and a sweet smile plastered on his face.




Hey, gorgeous. Whats up? Missed me?


What are you doing here?


What do people do in library? Asked smirking Arnav


What do you want?


You. I mean Machine drawing by Ajeet Singh, I cannot find it anywhere.


It is over there, I can see it from here. Said Khushi pointing towards the shelf behind him.


See, how miserable I can get without you. Kuch samajh hi nahi ata.


You are impossible. Khushi went away saying that, leaving a smiling Arnav behind.


From that day Arnav used to follow her everywhere she went and even took chatty with him. He noticed all the minute details about her. The way she bit her nails when she is nervous, the way she laughs when somebody cracks a joke, the way she blushes when somebody says something regarding him. In other words he fell madly and irrevocably in love with his Gorgeous Gal.




Hi, you where were you from past five day? I missed you gorgeous. Asked Arnav


First of all stop calling me that okay? And secondly it is none of your business where was I? Just go away.


Come on Gorgeous it has been one complete year and you still ask me to go away when you know I am not going anywhere. Chuckled Arnav.


How many times do I have to tell you to stay away from me? Can't you understand that? Just leave me alone. Said Khushi who was in tears now and ran away clutching her bag to her chest.


Arnav was baffled. Khushi did get rude sometimes but she never behaved in such a way. In this one year, he was pretty much sure that Khushi too liked him somewhere but refused to acknowledge those feelings for him. He knew something was wrong, very wrong. He followed her and got into the metro.


Khushi, just tell me what is bothering you gorgeous? Somebody said something to you? Tell me I wont leave that b*****d.


I am getting married, next month and going to US.


And then Arnav Singh Raizada noticed a beautiful diamond ring that adorned his Khushi's finger.




It was eighth semester, time for finals. Finally Arnav would be Er. Arnav Singh Raizada, mechanical engineer. But something was missing, he wasn't the Arnav Chatty knew. Chatty did whatever he could to bring old Arnav back.


Chaitanya: I am going to the library; we need to get the xerox of notes too.


Arnav: I will go, its even semester.


Arnav, its okay, I said I will go. Waise bhi last sem hai, it does not matter.


Chatty, you want me to be fine right? So let me face it.


Arnav felt nostalgic entering the building of library. He missed it, he missed those books and he missed Khushi awfully, his gorgeous gal. He found every book except for the one.


Automation in production, where the hell is this book. Muttered Arnav


You really get miserable without me. Don't you? Came the same melodious voice he heard at the same place 2 years back.


He turned around and saw her, his Khushi, smiling broadly. He thought he was hallucinating. Of course he was, how could she be here, she got married and left the city 6 months back.


I knew it, you forgot your gorgeous girl. Don't you?


What the...


Shhh Arnav it is a library.




Amma and Babuji bohot naraz the humse, par humne mana liya aur buaji ne to ghar se nikalne ka soch liya tha, aur ap hain ki hume dekhe hi ja rahe hain!!!


(English translation: Amma and Babuji were very angry on me, but I pacified them and Buaji even thought of abandoning me. And you staring at me)



Arnav was surprised listening to all her words. He thought he was dreaming, but then she said something and he knew that life gave him a second chance.


I love you Arnav


You did not get married?


What the hell is wrong with you? I just now confessed my feelings for you and you are asking me this. Said flabbergasted Khushi.


I love you too gorgeous.  Chuckled Arnav


You have no idea how long I waited for you to come, complete six months. You didn't even visit this place once. Complained Khushi


I didn't know i would get you back here. I thought you g...


Shut up and kiss me now


Desperate, are we?


With that Arnav leant towards her and pressed his lips against her


NOTE: I have no Idea about mechanical engineering, I belong to electronics and telecommunication department I just looked into the syllabus of my college and picked few subjects that sounded goodLOL

Secondly, if you have read anything like this before do pm me, as far as I am concerned I have never come across any story like this. If there is any resemblance, then it is purely a coincidence, but do tell me, as I m not here to hurt any one's feelings. I too hate plagiarism like you all.


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avni_barun IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 5:51am | IP Logged
ohhh God CC I didn't knew u could write such a mind blasting stuff in just one night...
u r a genius bacha...  Clap  Clap  Clap  Clap  Clap  Star
m feeling like a proud elder sister just now... Big smile
what a superbly awesome fantastic OS...
but y did u ended it...2-3 parts hone chahiye the...  Unhappy

Arnav a stalker is a rare to watch n I just loved him... Embarrassed
loved d way he called her gorgeous... Heart
"how miserable I can get without you. Kuch samajh hi nahi ata.".. ROFL
Khushi was sooo adorable...she broke her marriage 4 him without even knowning Arnav's real feelings and waited for him since 6 months...hatts off 2 her...

d emotions were perfectly described...

N it was Khushi who confessed her love her first... Shocked  Clap  Clap  Clap

I think I did a right thing to ask u for d OS...

I will keep doing dat more often...  Wink

And CC wat was dat...I didn't knew u loved me sooo much...I dont have words...
I felt like...

U r just crazy CC...
I love u tooo Dammit...  Hug

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cheesemad IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 5:56am | IP Logged
res for dhanno... dhanno:)

yipppeee...basanti is back with new os

thnks basanti...u made my day

i love u re

back to the os...i just love the title...astha di awesome titleThumbs Up
banner...u made it?Shocked...
sachi bta God ne is bheje mein kya kya bheja hai?LOL
hidden talents...indeed basanti rocked...dhanno shockedShocked
awesome os yaar...ASR does'n like studies?..just like usCool
hyyy meri clg librarian bhi itni cute ho to kya baat haiLOL
love at 1st sightDay Dreaming
awww then heartbroken arnie...
i just loved the confession part...woaaa
super se bht opperClapClapClap
basanti wants to celebrate
in sanka devi style

in sobti style

in my style

ROFLkya karu par pagalpanti bhi zaruri haiLOL
but promise me its not last...i want more os frm u...picture abhi baki hai na?

awww i loved it...indeed

give me a tight hug...

loved it yaarrr...muahhh

BS and ARK both are 2 happy for uWink

rocking u...

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cheesemad IF-Sizzlerz

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comment by my chhoti,Persia...

"at first,congrats to u have changed ur decission..and decide to write what if its an OS..thank u Avni knw the art of blackmailing..plz teach us na..;) 
and about the os...after so many days,i have read such a fresh os...with pure was really hear 'gorgeous' from Arnav for Khushi...
Keep it up!"

Edited by cheesemad - 18 July 2013 at 12:30pm

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asthagarwal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 5:57am | IP Logged
Sabka res kar le tu Cheeni... Angry

Well Avni, ur so luvd, c ppl luv u so much n Cheeni ne saari limits hi cross kar di... Evn I LUV U BOTH DAMMIT... Heart

Cumng back 2 d update... Well tht ws an unique concept n I throughly enjoyed it...

I hv spent half of my hostel lyf in Library only bt sadly cud nvr find my Mr. Perfect dere... LOL

I so luvd wen Arnav cald her Gorgeous... Embarrassed

Khushi is so sweet, she dnt gt married coz of him...

Cheeni u rushed d end, u shud hv given atleast a detailed kiss... Wink

Ya, I agree, I'm a Besharam Bhukkad... LOL

Luv ur writing... Keep writing such beautiful pieces... Muahhh... 

P.S. I dnt do anythng in title suggestion, u already hd it in ur mind... Tongue Hug

Edited by asthagarwal - 15 July 2013 at 6:11am

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--JEWELS-- Goldie

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 6:01am | IP Logged

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magss24 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 6:07am | IP Logged
loved it..such a cute os..

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