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here's the link to Chapter 43

Chapter 44

'Go…!' hissed Manjula in her ear n Pratigya broke the eye contact with Krishna , walking forward …. Sajjan eyed her in dislike as she bend down n took his blessings , but touched her head nonetheless…...Pratigya didn't really touch his feet as her mehendi wasn't dried yet...… Krishna watched her as she straightened n walked past him, her eyes darting once in his general direction n took Pratap's n Gayatri's blessings while Shailendra boomed 'that's my beti….So respectful n cultured ……….. u can't find many in these modern age of deteriorating values … !' 'why don't the bride n groom sit down for a while ? ' said Manjula , steering pratigya by her shoulders n indicating gayatri through her eyes to push Krishna towards the couch at the centre of the hall…………….Pratigya kept her head down , her heart beating like drums n Krishna almost snapped but stopped himself n walked forward towards the couch when gayatri smilingly told him to sit beside Pratigya ………… they sat down feeling the air between them crackling ………… Krishna looked at her mehendi filled hands n looked away quickly lest he stared ……Pratigya was feeling dizzy again n it was all she could do not to rub her hands in the increasing tension……. Soft drinks were served n soon the guests were engaging themselves in talk of politics n business……….. Chandu watched with a mocking smile as Shailendra tried to engage Sajjan in conversations with no luck as many people kept interrupting them , mainly to get to talk to sajjan, which gayatri encouraged , fearful that Sajjan would just kill off Shailendra any minute ……………. Pratap watched Pratigya intently , feeling confused n sad…………

angad was darting scared n jealous glances at Krishna occasionally checking if he was watching as he ogled at Pratigya in lust………. Shailendra nodded at manjula covertly n she walked towards the couch …..'the sangeet will be staring soon….. the mehendi was just over n the bride just can't dance with it still wet n fresh in her hands …. So u will have to wait a little bit more Dulhe raja ……' she giggled , placing her arm on Pratigya's shoulder n squeezing…… Pratigya's heart went to overdrive as she stiffened n heard manjula say 'so why don't u show him ur room……u know , n engage him for sometime until the rasam starts ….. ' Krishna looked up , clenching his teeth in anger …………gr8! The last thing he needed was to be with her alone! …. He just hasn't got a clue what he will end up doing! ………. 'hey Dulhe raja, we r giving u a golden chance to be with ur bride…alone….for sometime , n u r not happy??!...' giggled one woman…… 'n we thought that u will pounce on the opportunity !' sniffed another to stupid giggles around …… Krishna stood up , thinking that being alone with her would be a lesser torture than being admist these horrible women…………..

Pratigya looked horrified at what she thought was his impatience when she saw him standing up but found herself pulled to her feet by manjula, who hissed in her ear as she was forced to walk towards the stairs ...'remember ...its ur litmus test'...Pratigya stumbled slightly climbing the steps as she inhaled sharply , fear n hatred n an unknown excitement n anticipation filled her mind n heart...krishna caught her around her waist , his hand roughly gripping her along her left waist, his fingers burning her skin...Pratigya writhed out of his arms as though she was touched by a red hot iron rod , gasping wildly ...the women giggled away as one of them said 'oh..the usual nautankis have already started'...krishna n Pratigya both could feel their cheeks burning and they continued to climb straight ahead... ...

Chandu looked up , confused , to see krishna n Pratigya being led upstairs ... but he couldn't follow them as he noticed the look of jealousy n lust in angad's eyes , fixed on krishna n pratigya...angad saw Chandu looking at him n said walking up to him ... 'she is some hot chic, don't u agree? Nevertheless I bet she won't last more than a night... what do u think, eh, driver?' Chandu smiled mockingly 'why ? already bored of meera, r u angad? Hard luck , angad ... bec i think this one is going to last quite a bit... forever , i mean...' ... Angad glared at Chandu in anger n humiliation as Chandu walked away from him...forever? Chandu thought , as he stood at the foot of the stairs , stopped by a business man who wanted to get a deal through Sajjan...why did he think like that?...

Krishna stepped into her room, the images of what had happened when he was there earlier running through her mind...her soft skin under his fingers... the mad urge to kiss her... n her tired , weak body... he looked at her curiously as she entered the room n the women shut the door , closing out all their horrible giggles ...was she alright now? She seemed really weak that day...all sweaty ...feverish... he almost asked her did she feel alright now , but caught himself , gritting his teeth in anger... why is he bothered about her comfort or health...?darn! u r going out of ur mind!... his eyes travelled up n down her now tensed body... Pratigya who felt all shivering kept her eyes on the floor, increasingly aware of his eyes on her... she took several steps away from him as far as she could go , along the side wall ... krishna watched her with fascination until she reached her table ... she looked so innocent ... her hair fell over her face as she kept her head down n made no attempt to sweep it out of the way...her hair, beautiful though it is , was obscuring his view of her face...well, not her whole face... he could see a fair bit of it ...n she looked nothing less than tempting ... he hadn't actually looked at her face all this time n now he could see her... n she looked exactly as he would have liked to see! she looked exactly as he saw her in his head mere moments ago... simple ... beautiful... ravishing... although he found that he liked that just-out-of-bath raw look even better...may be he would find her just-out-of-his-bed look even more better...Stop! krishna gritted his teeth , wrenching his eyes away from her , looking around for something ...anything... to occupy his mind... he can't afford to give any reason for those horrible women to torture him anymore ... may be coming up here was a bad idea ... he thought , concentrating hard on her collection of DVDs...

Pratigya , who found his relentless staring unsettling , wished her heart to beat slower... she couldn't breathe ... she so wanted to hold on to something but her hands were still wet...she could feel the environment around them closing in , forcing her to move towards him, but she stay put , leaning against the table n the wall...he seemed to be content just by staring at her , for now... she prayed to god that he won't change his mind ... she felt his gaze move away from her n released a breath she didn't know she was holding... although there was perfect silence in the room, all she could hear was a buzz in her head... she darted her eyes to look at his feet to ensure he was still there where he stood...she didn't know how long they stood like it...secs...minutes...hours...may be years...the atmosphere was heavy with tension n unmistakable desire... she gasped , leaning more against the wall unable to go anywhere as he suddenly walked towards her...her breath hitched in her throat as he paused beside her table, his hand darting out to pull a old record from below her rack ... how dare he? That's mine...put that back!...she screamed in her mind... she chanced a glance at him under her eyelashes n watching mesmerised at him looking at the record with reverence... krishna couldn't stop himself... he had walked up n pulled it out the moment he set his eyes on it... it was a very rare piece n he had been searching for it for the past 3 years...he looked at her, his fingers playing with the rim of the box... could he ask her? NO! Krishna Singh Thakur ! asking about his fav music to a mere girl! ... to her! What would she think of him? Hell! ... don't krishna ! to hell with it ! ... ...

'where did u get this?' he questioned , his voice snappy ...Pratigya tensed ...he was asking about her record as if it were his n she somehow had stolen it ... oh! The sheer arrogance ! ...'why do u want to know?' she asked , lifting her head a bit n looking at him... she was getting angry n she found it easier to look at him now that she has some sort shield against him... krishna gritted his teeth in anger ... he hated it when she does that... ! always a question in answer against a question from him!... this won't do... she is going to pay for it... krishna stepped closer to her , chuckling as he saw her visibly shivering n leaning back against the wall , as though trying to break through it ... 'I asked u , my dear mistress, where did u get this exceptional piece ? ' he asked , his voice low but dangerous , his eyes playfully boring into hers... Pratigya looked back at him, angry n humiliated ... there was still a feets distance between them ... krishna's eyes became slits as he watched her staring at him in anger... she wasn't answering his question n instead she was staring at him ! ... as if he had done something wrong ! u fool! Who told to ask in the first place? Why r u adamant on making a fool of urself?...

Pratigya felt a tremor pass down her spine as she watched anger mounting in his eyes ... he closed his eyes for a sec, sighing ... his lips twitched in a sinister smile ... he opened his eyes...oh she looked seductive ... n her cheeks looked delectable when she was angry ... his eyes turned shade from anger to lust in mere sec...the change caught Pratigya by surprise n she felt that familiar shiver pass down her spine... she croaked 'its my grandfather's...' n moved away sideways in haste , before krishna had even taken a step towards her... krishna watched her glide away , smiling slyly as he said 'he sure has a good taste ... n so do u...' Pratigya walked quickly towards the other end of the room trying to put as much distance as possible between him n her... she don't know what feeling was ruling her then... hate...or anger ...or ... anticipation ... she felt jolted as she realised that a part of her wished he would stop her... but she felt relieved that he has turned his attention again towards the table ... n that treacherous part of her felt disappointment ... n hurt... Pratigya felt like yelling ...

Krishna had turned away from her , amassing every ounce of his self control ... he wanted her alright! ...but not here...! she needs to be shown her place in his house n only then he would take her!... she thought she could get to be his wife! Well... dream on girl! ... once ur status as a mere slave is established in his house , then he will take her! ... but her presence in the room wasn't helping his control... he need some distraction ...anything ... he grabbed one DVD from the rack n plugged in the DVD player... Pratigya who was wondering whether she should try to open the door or not turned in surprise as her fav semi classical song filled the room...krishna , inspite of himself had looked up as he turned on the remote... their eyes met ... krishna gripped the remote tightly to rein in the desire that surged through him...Pratigya let out a silent gasp as his eyes scorched hers... she felt the blush spread along her cheeks n recede down n turned away , presenting her back to him as she glided towards one side of the window, her heart skipping , willing herself to concentrate on the song... krishna's eyes raked all over her back n he replaced the remote , willing himself to concentrate on the song... it was impossible... now the song seems to be enhancing their desires ...

krishna could see moonlight seeping through the grounds beyond ...suddenly the wish to see her soaked in moonlight was overwhelming ...he had reached out n put out the light even before he knew it...pratigya inhaled , a mixture of fear n anticipation in her voice... krishna walked towards the window, slowly , soaking in the music n her enchanting beauty... Pratigya , who was drowning in the music n the feel of his eyes on her , felt her mind going blank as she saw nothing in front of her... krishna willed himself to walk away from her n he succeeded a bit as he managed to go n stand by the other end of the window... he could see the almost full moon in the sky... the moonlight was so powerful that all the artificial light in the garden wasn't able to mask it... he wanted to see her in the moonlight... natural... raw... he couldn't contain the temptation n he looked sideways towards her...she was breathtaking!... the milky light shimmered over her face n neck n her attire seemed to sparkle... her eyes twinkled innocently as she started hard at whatever she was staring at down in the garden... krishna walked towards her, mesmerised ...pratigya tensed , her body shying away from him as much as possible without actually moving ...bec she just couldn't move...her legs felt like jellies ... krishna came n stood near her, his eyes never leaving her face... his eyes travelled down her neck n watched her take laborious breaths... he reached out n opened the window facing her enjoying the way the sudden breeze blew the silky transparent curtain over her face n she stepped back with a sensual gasp...krishna watched with fascination n increasing lust as her hair flew all over her face n she turned her face away from the breeze , holding her mehendi clad hands over n against the breeze ...

Hope u liked it Embarrassed Part 2 coming soon Tongue

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mesmerizing... felt like i was there with them... as breeze... wonderful writing dear...waiting impatiently for the part 2...Day Dreaming

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so beautifully Pratigya put Mehndi on her she won't be able to adjust her falling hair on her face..or her long lehnga..her Krishna is there to help her...Day Dreaming...& when she fill thirsty he will   help her too she can;t do it herself due to mehendi ...Wink Blushing
.waiting those  moments to be happen...Embarrassed  Day Dreaming..their intense eye yr style Dhanya...Thumbs Up

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im still in this scene, i read 2 hrs back but still there Day Dreaming
update soon please

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Loved simple  & sweet behind the door

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wow how how beautiful and u r regular line of 'hope u liked it' also with same excitment couldn't come off it...Day Dreaming

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Wowww Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
Can,t cme out of it bt waiting for next too Embarrassed
Too beautifully written Heart

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