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Debater of the week #7:return_to_hades ;) (Page 5)

return_to_hades IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 January 2006
Posts: 24096

Posted: 15 July 2013 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Purva-

So you get to practice for the Miss India question round, and here's a set of silly make-believe questions for you:

If you were a "fly on the wall" you would spy on__________ and why:

NSA, because what goes around comes around.

One super power you wish you had:

I love traveling, so I wish I could just teleport wherever I wanted to and not have to worry about leaves, flights, vacations, expenses etc.

How do you intend to bring about world-peace:

Simple, annihilate the human race and then the world will indeed be peaceful. I'm thinking nuclear winter. Cockroaches and some other organisms will survive in a peaceful manner.

The reason you idolize Mother Teresa:

W*F. Why would I do that? I have a lot of respect for her charity and compassion. However,  poverty is not a gift of God, but a human consequence. I have a problem with religious organizations that deem human suffering to be the will of God.

If you could turn back the hands of the clock, you would:

Be extremely tempted but do nothing about it. You can never predict the outcomes of such changes. The repercussions could be disastrous.

One period in history you wish you were alive to witness:

Oh so many, but I would like to witness ancient civilization like Egypt or Mesopotamia.

Seeing elegant women in coiffured hair and wearing voluminous Victorian gowns makes you wonder:

If a Victorian themed murder mystery party is feasible. I can think of so many ways to make it scandalous. The outfits will be tedious though.

You lost your slipper at the ball, next day you would:

Nursing a hangover wondering which rooftop I kicked it off from

One raw egg and an over-ripe banana is perfect recipe for:

Baked banana treat

One person you would beat to a pulp if no one was watching you:

Just one? Kidding.
I'm quite a pacifist. I couldn't harm a fly. Even if I'm super pissed, I never think of hitting someone. But my friends knows when and why I would punch someone in the face. There have been times I've felt like hitting Vinu for that.

One book you wish you'd never begun reading:

Most religious books I've read. They make dull reads and make me question why I'm trying to read it.

One person you can always count upon to give you bad advice:

CharmingGenie and Madame Trinkary. What can we do? We all like it when we're really really bad.

One silly argument on IF you wish you'd never been a part of:

There are some arguments I wish I had handled differently, but if I reflect on it, it wasn't really silly.

You have the choice to live with a gorilla who knows sign language or a dog who sings lullabies, which do you choose?

I don't know sign language, and I love dogs, so obviously dogs.

If you had a snail that could magically grant wishes, what would you name it?

Holy Grail

What nocturnal animal would you be if you had to choose and why?

Tiger, because it is a majestic beast

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go first and why?

Right now, Bombay. Axeion has made me really nostalgic and sad

Rank the colors of the rainbow from best to worst and state why?


Blues and deep blues are my favorite colors. I don't like bright cheery colors like yellow much.

If you could get rid of all the songs from a particular singer, whose would you delete and why?

Soulja Boy. No one needs that sexist drivel
. He can superman himself, and get donkey punched as well for all I care.

If you could have only 3 electrical appliances in your house, what would they be and why?

Refrigerator - Food
Computer - Life
Modem - Connectivity

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-Purva- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 December 2010
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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 11:56am | IP Logged
Good answers RTH - though I must say I never expected such simple logical answers to my crazy spree. Now I'll have to do some more excavations to get you to loosen up a little bit more and get really whacky.

OK - like the Terminator I'll be back but this time I want goofy answers to  serious questions - get it girl

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BirdieNumNum Goldie

Joined: 07 October 2012
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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lonely0planet

Why do you not get along with King_Anu? (from your previous reply)


hey LP, thanks for pointing this out. But really, I wouldn't sweat it if i were KA. It's not like he's going to miss out on even a dime if he didnt make the cut. Speaking for myself, I like KA more already. Lots of new found respect and admiration for fox. Someone's got to be be doing something great when certain types dislike himLOL

now the following for RTH:

do you remember what happened last time we had folks proclaiming they would kick someone's butt in debate?Wink Reason i ask is that you seem to be repeating certain myths imo, like how some folks "can" and "have" shut others up in debates. I mean one might have a "cuckoo" memory, but economize on principle or intellectual honesty? No way you'd do that, would you?LOL

you also mention that the God debates are futile since we go around in circles. Now could you please enlighten us as to what debate on DM you found having neatly stitched up conclusions? The great lesbo debates you were running? LOL The Lincoln-Douglas debates? You find the God debates futile, the political debates futile. So what turns you on- the apple pie versus split banana debate?LOL

seriously even if this is a motw, dont you think it's demeaning to folks who actually tried to contribute to a serious topic for someone to be flippantly dismissive of their efforts? Ever wonder why folks ran off when you were running the show?

somewhere you also talk about having balanced views when debating. Are you kidding or are you kidding?LOL Sorry to be asking someone of your annointed stature this silly question, but isnt the point of debating to take a stance, and to defend one's viewpoints vigorously? It is after all DM, not a "discussion" forum or a chat forum, or is it? Any chance you might be confusing it for a forum where one gets  bonus points each time they write a lengthy tome covering all sides of their mouth? Dont almost real world issues come with pros and cons and isnt the entire trick to find a way to present one's side most effectively? On one hand, you seem to be dismissing topics that folks debate on in RL, yet on the other you're putting down folks like Summer for not expressing a viewpoint. Some irony.

 Hope you dont mind the questions- hopefully we're just having a heart-to-heart here. A get-to-know-you-better exercise you knowWink

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return_to_hades IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 January 2006
Posts: 24096

Posted: 15 July 2013 at 6:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by charminggenie

Oh my lovely Hades!!!!!!!!!!!! 

See I dropped whatever I was doing, to land here and get some virtual love from you.  BTW i see " a certain someone" getting too much love, move her to the bedroom next time plz.

Awesome that you took time off from your busy schedule. Hug

That "someone" is getting too much love and making me jealous these days. In response to some pining texts Trinkary suggested that I never let "someone" vacation alone again. I fully plan on kidnapping her. LOL

It's too difficult to think Qs for you, so let me get the most random ones:-

Fav color - Blue

Hook or Hades - If you mean Captain Hook vs. Greek God Hades, obviously Hook. Who can resist that sidelong glance. If you mean Captain Hook vs. me Hades. Then obviously me. I beleive you can offer testimony. Tongue

Sex on the beach or mating in the car -Sex on the beach, and I don't mind getting gritty and dirty in the process

Fav place to get sloshed/partying/oogling - Sloshed/partying, place really doesn't matter as long as I'm with trusted and close friends. Ogling, haha the public parks in summer. So many shirtless athletes and scantily clad specimens.

Secret ninja power you want - Nothing major, I'd love to master parkour. I don't know if thats really a ninja power.

Batman or Superman - Batman, he's darker and more complex, I dig that

Star Wars or HP -Harry Potter. It is also a phenomenal book series and thats what does it for me. Ironic, considering I opened a fight club account yelling over Star Wars. LOL

If a genie grant you one wish , what will you want to cash it on- I'm simple and practical. Enough cash post tax to pay off my student loan and invest in an annuity.

Name one Male and Female IF member who you would love to get dirty with? *Ahem Ahem* How can I pick one? I don't want to give the boys egos, but some of the ones on BS are interesting. Girls, you know the list. Tongue

BA or IF - BA. It kind of keeps me out of trouble. But with all of you being so busy, I end up coming here to pass time. Angry

Dedicate a song to Axy

My bed head or my "you know what" The bed hair. There's never been any sexier bed hair. And the thing is that the bed hair comes with that beautiful blush and apologetic sputter for under dressing.

Fav song - Wow thats a tough one. I'll go for Bad Romance by Lady Gaga because its been my fav in recent times and I haven't gotten sick of it yet.

5 people you will like to have a sleepover with - Virtual? The BA gang.

If you wake up one day and realize that you are Vijay , what would be your reaction - Lets take advantage while this lasts. First lets ban all the bitches I dislike. Second lets change the rules a bit. Finally, let me change my password and create a few admin accounts for Hades and Co.

TDH or a rugged farmer - Rugged farmer in ripped jeans and an unbottoned flannel shirt flashing

Fav food - Rasam rice and papad

Dance or Gym - Dance, its more fun. But I need a few to dance in public

The most overrated topic to debate on: I'd guess God topics. I find it like being inside a box trying to determine whats outside.

What is the most important thing that balances your life? My family

Brazil ya London - Brazil. It seriously is a very chill and fun place

Hug or a kiss - Hugs. I love big cuddly bear hugs.

Aye Rand or Ernest Hemingway - I have not read either of their books. But from the synopsis and themes covered Ernest Hemingway any day. Ayn Rand just comes off as a pretentious bitch making excuses for being mean and selfish

If you were to star in Troy , what role would you pick? I would edit the script to include Athena and cast myself as her.

What turns you off about this world ? Dishonesty and arrogance

If i get you the rights to plan a wild hen for "you know who" , how would you shape the night? Haha, it would have to be a whole whole day. First would be the adventures - sky diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, rappelling, para sailing, hang gliding whatever thrills her royal highness seeks. Then a movie and a vegetarian sushi dinner. Then the party begins. First we take her shopping for toys. Then we go to a strip club and get her a few lap dances. Sometime in the festivities we have a shots race. We cap it all with eating brownie fudge sundaes while watching the sunrise somewhere

Craziest thing you want to do with me? *ahem ahem* Surprise you in the office and do you on your desk

road trip along the west coast or back-packing Europe? Backpacking in Europe. Europe is just awesome.

How many shoves and pushes I need to give you before you pen a book? 9999 x 9999

Pick your fav adjective - Brilliant, beautiful or Genie's pillow Genie's pillow.

Dedicate a song each  to BA, Axy  Purva and yours truly-


Didn't I already dedicate one to Axy? Ok again!


To you

Pick  IF debate members for Kiss/kill/Marry- Wow. You/Trinkary - Vinu/Cruiser - Ajnu/Axy

change one Universal fact - All the dinosaur bones and fossils - who put them there?

the most trashiest book you read and loved - Tipping the Velvet

hugs or kisses - You are repeating yourself again

the most fake thing in the world - True Love

Ok, thats it for now, my Hades, will be back for more, btw this is to declare my IF love for you,  the most awsum, sexy and brilliant girl, I know. Keep it going my love and lets have more IF romance.  

I have the honor of being your friend in the more real world , I was in awe/ envy when finally " you know who" took mercy and let our souls mate for real. So beautiful , keep the colors and laugh coming my way. Muah and have fun , my Hady!

Love you too my sexy beast. Lets plan a date soon. *MUAH*

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return_to_hades IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 January 2006
Posts: 24096

Posted: 15 July 2013 at 6:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by *Woh Ajnabee*

Originally posted by return_to_hades

Originally posted by Riyasi

b)room in your house and why: My bedroom, because I conduct the most fun activity of my life there - sleeping

Really? You forget to add punctuation at the end of THIS sentence? Mind finishing off that statement for us? LOL

Why so much interest in my bedroom and sleeping? Wink

6) Do you believe in the institution of marriage (why/why not)?

No I feel that marriage is an old archaic institution that really doesn't hold much meaning. People get married for all sorts of frivolous reasons. A relationship is something intimate between two people and I don't think you need rituals, a legal paper and all that jazz to have a happy and fulfilling relationship. I beleive in commitment, and feel that when two people commit to each other thats all that there ought to be. You don't need to get married.

If in a relationship that lasts, I probably would get married though because I think one still needs the social and legal benefits of it. I wish more countries were like Sweden where you didn't have to bend and conform.

Ahhh. I hate when you call marriage an old archaic institution. Sigh.

Marry me and show me the light. Tongue

9) What is the best revenge according to you?

It depends on the person. For people with a conscience forgiveness is the best revenge. For arrogant people humiliation is the best revenge. For sociable people isolation is the best revenge. And sometimes, total annihilation is the best revenge. 

Oh man, I lost it at total annihilation. Please provide an example? LOL

I'll send you an invite for a live demonstration if it occurs.

c) weakness I'm a genuinely nice person
d) strength I'm a genuinely nice person

Yes, its a double edged sword.

What does it mean to be a "nice person"? Why is that something you consider a strength? Or a weakness? What do you think people mean when they call someone "nice"? I'm referring more to a connotation of the word "nice" than a dictionary definition. Please elaborate. :) 

Hmm, it is hard to explain what it means to be nice. But I'm just an agreeable person who avoids conflicts and confrontations. A lot of people take advantage of that. They get away saying and doing things a lot of people wouldn't tolerate. People expect favors or assistance without ever reciprocating. That is why its a weakness. But because of that agreeable nature I've made some really incredible friends, who not only care for me but constantly watch out for me. That is why its a strength.

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return_to_hades IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 January 2006
Posts: 24096

Posted: 15 July 2013 at 6:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Beyond_the_Veil

Woohoo, I ask for a self-ban, and I see you on a the hot seat. LOL Maybe I will stay alive to see you burn in the hot seat, or maybe I will pass before that. But if I am lucky to see you alive, then unlucky YOU - you are going to be bombarded with a thousand page long questionnaire. LOL I soo loved your response to Anu. :) 

You and your self ban. I hope they ignore you. Just get the discipline to not login and behave yourself rather than resort to silly self ban dramatics.
return_to_hades IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 January 2006
Posts: 24096

Posted: 15 July 2013 at 7:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by boredsoul

What question or member made you scream W*F ???

King Anu's foxy set. It is so long. Really long.

Which question brought out a smile on your face

Ajnu's complaints about my punctuation.

Name of the member whom you thought will never put up an appearence but proved you wrong

I was very surprised when I found out Easy A was Midnight Shade. I don't even know if it is true. I never though Midnight Shade would make an MID. I wish I knew why. Pity neither of them are around. They both were funny gals.

Which question brought out a string of curses from you & what were the exact words & what was your answer

Nah questions have never made me utter string of curses.
The twelve handsome hunks seriously amused me though.

After reading a question have you felt like bitch slapping anyone

Nah. I don't think violently.

Who do you think brings out the best in you via smartly asked questions

Shashi assigned interesting tasks like Battle Royale and Saath Khoon Maaf last MOTW.  Ajnu usually gives good tasks too.

Who amazes you with their questions which make you wonder how does this person think like this

Omnipotent Taco. She has a completely hatke style of thinking and wicked sense of humor.

Do you agree that you love to be on this hot seat

Yes, but only when I can have fun with friends.

If you had to choose one person to share this DOTW who will it be

I can't choose one. Taco, Genie or Trinkary

What is the nerdiest thing you have asked someone in real life

Hmm I don't know what is the nerdiest thing I have asked. But my friend and I once were discussing warp speed calculations.

If you could swap one day with any IF member who would it be

Taco. I want to experience a day of Bombay life and see if anyone notices we switched.
You have to write a paragraph of around 150 words cussing any one of your choice without using the common phrases like fcuk btich bustard sult & the kinds ... let your creativity overflow

Billions of Blistering Blue Barnacles! Thundering Typhoons! You Bashi Bazous! You Ectomplasmic Iconoclasts! Lily Livered Land Lubbers! Ich Bin Schiesse! Tu est le table noir. La Putain! La Puta! Ty Menya Zyavedla! You're like the ugly unwanted love child of a bad zombie slasher flick and an unevolved seamonster! One would rather shove pinecones up their orifices rather than experience the pain of being around you! What the frak! You Bantha Poodoo! Vape you Son of a Blaster, frizzled SithSpit!

I don't know if thats 150, but should be enough.
have a great week answering..

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return_to_hades IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 January 2006
Posts: 24096

Posted: 15 July 2013 at 7:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lonely0planet

Originally posted by return_to_hades

1a. Name your 3 least favorite DM/IF members
Only three? Can I make my own hall of shame list?
- Cruiser
- You
- Vinu

1b. Give one good thing about those 3 members
- Can be funny at times?
- Sincerely committed on being civil and getting along
- Isn't dead yet, so the universe must need him
- you would like to see less of/banned - Cruiser, Vinu

17. Who makes the best argument in support of God and against God No one, every debate on this issue seems like dancing in wild circles to me.
I do believe you are a genuinely nice and intelligent person.. but above answers may hurt these people.

Probably. Some questions just put you in a corner. I could either have refused to answer and been kind of a spoilsport or chosen to be diplomatic and make up lies. I merely preferred the straightforward route. I think members should be more cognizant of what questions they are asking and avoid ones that could create a jam like this.  Perhaps a different person could have been more diplomatic, but I cannot.

That being said, I don't see any reason for someone to be hurt or bothered by it. Not everyone gets along or is liked by everyone. C'est la vie. You're always bound to rub someone the wrong way. I'm sure I'm  just an insignificant online entity and my opinion doesn't make a difference.

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