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jaaniye heeriyejaaniye heeriye

mere mann ye bata de tu

kis or chala hai tu

kya paya nahi tune

kya dhundh raha hai tu

jo hai ankahee

 jo hai ansuni

woh baat kya hai bata

Mitwa kahein dharkanein tujhse kya

mitwa yeh khudse toh na tu chhupa
mere mann ye bata de tu

kis or chala hai tu

kya paya nahi tune

kya dhundh raha hai tu

jo hai ankahee jo hai ansuni

woh baat kya hai bata

Mitwa kahein dharkanein tujhse kya

mitwa yeh khudse toh na tu chhupa

jeevan dagar mein prem nagar mein 

aaya nazar mein jab se koi hai

tu sochta hai

tu puchata hai

jiski kami thi kya yeh wohi hai

haa yeh wohi hain 
haa yeh wohi hain

tu ek pyasa aur yeh nadi hai

kaahe nahi isko tu khulke bataye

jo hai ankahee 

jo hai ansuni

woh baat kya hai bata

Mitwa kahein dharkanein tujhse kya

mitwa yeh khudse toh na tu chhupa


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Since times immemorial our elders are known for having said this uncountable times that when we look at stars, we are peeping into our past, a world unknown and a world still left too vast to be explore. Rather it does hold true because TaaRey isn't a mere story of characters and situations. It is a TALE'.a TALE of Reyaansh Singhania, Taani Shikhawat and their LOVE''unbound by time, era and period. 

Having started against all odds one year and a few months ago, today it stands stronger than ever before because it isn't "just-a 'story" of Taani and Rey anymore...but that of TaaRey''a world in itself.

While walking down the memory lane one recalls how unusual this tale has been. The girl crossing all obstacles and making all her way to Mumbai just to declare the love she has for the man of her dreams'.love which is pure and serene. But her dreams got broken down'..her efforts went in vain when she finally faced the REJECTION of her life'.by the MAN HIMSELF.

It is also the tale of a man who in the race of moving forward from the severe heartbreak he had faced in his life enclosed his heart in a cage'.with no windows that could seek the light of LOVE once again. But the girl creeped into his heart like a little ray of HOPE'.HOPE of AFFECTION, of DEVOTION, of LOVE'.which in no time was the HOPE of ADDICTION'.HABIT'HABIT of someone you can't even dream of living without.

In the harsh race of outshining each other'.two love birds actually found the unexplained feeling of LOVE'as it is rightly said LOVE WILL FIND A WAY.

And today we all are here to celebrate the moment of their love story which took them to a different level, the moment of hatred, jealousy, possessiveness, protectiveness'..the moment of unsaid but deeply felt'.love.

The MITWA MOMENT is an instant in the lives of Rey and Taani which changed their lives ceaselessly'.because finally the cupid struck them both'.and LOVE FOUND IT'S WAY.  The day when everything seemed to be falling at place like never before. The scene elucidated emotions of everything that has ever existed'.PROTECTION, POSSESSION, HATRED, ENVY, CARE and the one above all which is still not understood by all but just felt deep within'.LOVE it was.

The pain in Taani's eyes doesn't go unnoticed by her PRINCE CHARMING who fights all odds to prove his love right'.to prove that she is innocent and not the one who is wrong. To prove the purity of the girl wrapped in his arms---weeping and sobbing helpless he goes above all barriers and fights till the very end'not making her lose even once. Though they took their sweet time to realize what was so evident in their eyes that day only'.their journey took a long time to be carved out the way it is today-----TaaRey.

Love is what was there to stay'.amidst all harms and evils. Love is what is still there'.and will always be because as it is rightly said LOVE NEVER DIES IT JUST KEEPS ON GROWING STRONGER AND STRONGER WITH THE PASSAGE OF TIME.

Cecelia Ahern says that every story looses something every time it is repeated'but for TaaRey there is nothing to lose because it is a story never said before'.a feeling never explained before and a TALE never experienced ever before.






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Vrinda Dawda ?@vrinda_9026 Jun

@zac_zak : feels realli gud to see dat u guyz remembr each n evry thng.. love u guyz sooo much.. muahhh :) :)

2.Hi Vrinda Dii and Amar,

17th July 2012, I don't even know ki 17th July 2012 aur 17th July 2013 ke beech ka waqt kaise guzar gaya. Its hard to believe that its been one year after we saw such a beautiful sequence on TaaRey.Mitwa. That song, has become really special to us TaaRey fans now. I bet, each and every TaaReyian, has this song on their phones or iPods. This song, beautifully suited them. Iss sequence ke baad mai TaaRey se permanently hooked ho gayi. I had started to watch this show after Taani came. But after rejection, maine dekhna chchod diya tha as mujhse Taani ka pain nahi dekha gaya, but when I saw the Mitwa promo, I was like, "Beta, ab toh dekhna hi padega!" And then I watched all the episodes I missed, on youtube. I fell in love with TaaRey completely. There was no looking back after that.This was the day we saw the protective-for-Taani Rey. This was the day when we got their first eyelock. Rey's care, his concern towards Taani, undoubtedly, took away our hearts. And you two, executed this scene perfectly. I'm so sure that it wouldn't have come out the way it did if it were someone else in your place. You wouldn't believe me, but after I saw this sequence, I downloaded the entire episode after that from youtube and put it into my phone and watched it for a thousand times again. And trust me, itne baar dekh kar bhi mann nahi bhara.And not only this sequence, after this, whenever this song was used on them, I downloaded those scenes too. Such affect this sequence had had on me.Truly, hats off to you guys. And Thankyou for making this day, a super important day of our lives. Thankyou so much for portraying TaaRey's feelings so so well. If it wouldn't be you, maybe I would never have loved TaaRey like I do. Thankyou for making them alive. Thankyou for making them real. Thankyou a thousand times. Even infinite thankyous would be very less. Love you both and TaaRey like nothing else in the world.
From a die hard TaaRey and VriMar fan,

3. vrinda and amar aka taani and rey u so much guys...u are awesome...your chemistry is just mind blowing. i love taani and rey so much. their unconditional love for each other ...their care for each other."the mitwa anniversary" mitwa sequence my fav was the first scene when rey feel for her. he fought for her . lovely scene. thank u so much vrimar and palki mam for giving is taarey. we love taarey so much. hope we get back our taarey together soon. because i cant see both of them hurt and upset.

amar and vrinda u both are fab actors. u act so perfectly that we get lost in your charm. u both are simply awesome. vrinda and u so u taarey.

4. Hi amar and vrinda happy anniversary for mitwa just want to say u both are fab jodi after kajen u are my fav jodi love u both amar u are our rock star and vrinda u are our expression queen we love u both soo much vrinda congrats for ur nomination hope so u win we are voting for u amar and vrinda u both created taarey like this that nobody can forget taarey I am Pakistani just want to say u both are famous here also and in Doha Qatar also love u both muaah 
Name : mariam Ayyaz
Place : Qatar


5. Luv u vrinda and amar...
A diehard fan of amar'dance and acting...and vrinda u r expression queen...
Luv tarey to the core...With all best wishes...Urs and only
Shivani juneja.
Frm punjab...


6. Happy Mitwa Anniversary TaaRey  Mitwa scene is the Best scene of TaaRey love this sequence it was epic. Vrinda and Kunwar you guys were amazing. This definitely is one of the scenes that will always be remembered and cherished. Vrinda and Kunwar you guys are fantastic actors, keep up the great work. Vrinda keep smiling and congratulations for the gold award nomination you deserve it and I hope you win. I am voting and rooting for you, so proud to be your fan VD. TaaRey/VriMar ROCK

from Mehvish

7. Amar sir and Vrinda dii this is the first ever time i am sending a message to both of you and to D3.You both have played Taani and Rey wonderfully and no one could have done better justice to these roles than both of you.You two have given us our Taarey, the pair who we love and will always continue to love with our hearts.Amar sir you are a wonderful actor and an amazing outstanding dancer!You have made me fall in love with the dance form of contemporary!You are one of the most sweetest and down to earth person and a wonderful human being i feel.Thank you so much for giving us the character Reyaansh and Taarey.The intensity, the pain, the longing, the innocence,the desire of Rey and the unconditional love for his lady has been amazingly portrayed by you. Vrinda dii you are an amazing actor and a person who spreads positivity and charm around her.Congratulations on your nomination to The Gold Awards.You are a bubbly, sweet and down to earth person.You emote beautifully with your eyes.Thank you so much for giving us the character of Taani who is not the conventional strong female lead but has her share of insecurities, problems and also makes a lot of mistakes but has the courage to rectify them.Her bubbliness, her innocence, her caring nature, her love for Rey and moreover the changes time has brought in her and her journey has been beautifully portrayed by you.Today Taani still has her own insecurities and she is still fighting her inner demons but she has emerged as a strong independent individual.Thank you for giving us Taani and Taarey.The Mitwa moment will always remain a cherished moment in all the taarey fans' hearts as it showed the love Rey had begun to feel for Taani, how he protects her from evil and how he is ready to go through any amount of pain for her.He can't see her being ridiculed and hence he fought for her that day.Tahat moment actually laid the foundation of the beautiful story of Taani and Rey and their journey of love, pains and togetherness.Because according to me on that particular day Rey actually started to reciprocate Taani's feelings and on that day he fell for her unkown to himself.Palki ma'am has always maintained that Taarey is an aggressive story.Well, that Mitwa sequence laid the foundation of this beautiful, aggressive, lovable and intense lovestory!And that followed by the Mora piya sequence was amazing.The intensity of the eyelocks was something different.They showed the depth and intensity of the love Taani and Rey have for each other.I could go on writing but then it will become too long[it already is].So i want to say that these two sequences were influential in laying the foundation of Taarey's journey and thank you Amar and Vrinda for acting out these sequences so well.You two did not have much dialogues in this scene but your eyes spoke volumes of intensity and love.You two are just amazing and i am sure you will continue to capture our hearts in the future too.Thank you Palki ma'am for giving us our beautiful Taarey and For casting Amar and Vrinda as Rey and Taani.Thank you so much anyone and everyone who made this story so beautiful with your hardwork, be it our Palki ma'am, Vrimar, the camera boys, the creatives and all the others.Thank you Ma'am for creating such a beautiful story and giving it a life onscreen.

Amar and Vrinda you guys rock!Proud to be your fan and proud to be a D3 fan.Love you forever.




8.Hmm where should I start
Vrimar/ Taarey u guys are amazing people and mind blowing actors
The way u both portray Taani and Rey no one else can...
Your chemistry is sizzling on screen, I love u guys soo much
Thank u Vrimar for giving us Taarey Happy Mitwa Anniversary, it is an epic moment for me and I will always cherish its memory
Love Always


9. Taarey have become a very important part of my life,I can't remember a life before Taarey.  It's strange that 2 fictional characters have touched my heart and have become so precious to me as any member of my family or a friend.It is all because of Vrinda And Amar and their sizzling chemistry,You both  put life in to Taani and Rey.Though all Taarey scenes are close to my heart but some have touched deep and mitwa is one of them,I fell in love with Taarey after I watched this scene,so it's very close to my heart.I want to thank Palki mam and the cv's for giving us such a epic scene and Vrinda and Amar for bringing life into it with their awsome acting.Happy Mitwa anniversary.

Love Taarey forever.



9. There are certain scenes which are crafted so beautifully ,forgetting them is not an option. These are scenes which get imprinted not only in our minds but also in our hearts. Sometimes these scenes make people tear or even make people smile. On a very few rare occasions does a combination of both ever surface. One of them is undoubtedly mitwa... for most fans it was the defining moment of their obsession over the beautiful couple known as taarey and I am No exception...mitwa showed us a glimpse of the actual intensity of taarey and highlighted their potential which was closely follow by more piya.. it was them that our taarey journey I would like to thank from bottom of my he are everyone who made it possible...palki ma'am, spotboys, camera man even the extras but a big thank
you to vrimar for showing us what real love is and creating and redefining you guys and thanks for making every taareyians day special with mitwa...
-A crazy taarey and vrimar fan: angelitha


10. Amar and Vrinda u guys are fantastic actor Mitwa is d best scene of d3 and my most favourite TaaRey scene .U guys r Immensly Growing as actor...keep improving like this luv yu guys


11. Taani and Rey are the bestest couple ever .The most memorable moments of taarey are
In the college:
fire exit:rejection,hug after comfession,after mitwa sequence
rh:rasiya scene,the hotest warm up ever
home: under table,confession,break up
road:bike ride,under umbrella
i know its funny but i cant control myself.i just request u this post gives vrimar but with pics.i wanted to this but cant but i wish aisa koi karta


12. taarey/vrimar

u guyz hav done amazin work together''jst luv u for wht u r

guyz i jst pray tht may u get all the sucess in ur lyf nd my all ur dreams cum true'..vrinda u r an awsum actress,luv u,ur eyez speak a lot nd i jst luv,fantastic,carry on wid ur hardwork,nd remember one thnn no matter wht v r alwayz wid u''okay now kuwar,u noe wht u hav jst made me mad,i dnt noe bt its treat to watch u dance nd act,u r an amazin person,i jst wait for d3 to strt nd i jst drool over u,i keep smilin lyk mads whn i c u or remembr u,jst wanna say keepp rockn nd lots of lots of luv to u


13.Happy TR Mitwa anniversary everyone!!
As I have always said Taarey are perfection, no two ways about it!!! 
Love Taarey forever!!! 
Taarey are the best couple to ever grace  Inidan television!!
And the biggest credit of that goes to Vrimar as they bring Taarey alive!! 
In my world Taarey are very much real and living in the world somewhere, they are not merely characters, they have become a part of my life, and kudos to Vrimar for making me feel that way because I have never felt that way about any fictional character before!! 


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credits: meghasingh 

credits: shubhi_vd

credits: nichuss


credits: aaisha

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1.TaaRey Scenes:Itna Mean Karti Hai Taani Mere Liye (Mitwa):

2. Taani Shivam break up...MitwaEmbarrassed

3. The confession:


YOUTUBE (Ritikaloveamar, preciouspearls, gulzcorner88 channels)

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Mehek...dear this is for you...You made it possible for me to collect all such views and ideas...not becaus eyou gave me the idea..but dera that post of brought tears in my eyes...the last post of yours...for TRIAN'S...dear it made me realise my love for TaaRey as a fan...and that post...I can't post the whole thing...just the link..but dear you made all of us fall in loev for TR all over again...Heartlove u...miss u...Hug can I forget you. Still rememeber the message.It is Tr mitwa anniversary...we have to make it big...and well then only things fell in place...thanks for that idea...firstly because of that VD messaged me...and well I came closer to my my TR...thanks dearWink


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finally done with edits i know guys i m not so good so plz manage with this but i promise next time i'll make it better btw congrats guys or a mitwa anniversary fisrt time when rey realise his love for taani , first time when rey fought for her , this scene can't explain in words because words are not enough to describe it it's so amazing , wonderful , outstanding , awesome , mind blowing scenes in the history of d3 that's why we all are here to celebrate that moment , proud to e their fan 

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