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NEW FF ...THE UNEXPECTED updated page 39 (Page 7)

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Originally posted by payal7

Another fantastic chapter Vinnie.
Like Sara I am also curious as to what Reva and Dr Suman are upto!!!
Sugni looked over at Vickram  who was walking with his hands in his pockets.
That sentence bought the promo scene to mind where they walk along each glancing at the other at different points before Suni runs up to a tree and ties a promise note. I don't know if that was what you intended but it sure bought back a good memory.
Mutual respect and admiration as well unwavering support was the bed rock of SugVi. It comes from knowing the character of the person both instinctively and from their words and actions. That is why the story went downhill from Reva Manzil track.

Hello  Payal  ,
  Actually  that  ad  popped into my  head as I  was writng it and  I   thought it  fit the moment.   I am  happy  it  brought back   the good memories.    Yes  I  agree  with  you  the  bed rock  of the Sugvi  relationship  was that  support, respect and  admiration.  If they  had  a little trust and  faith  in each  other  would have been  perfect.    Well  I  hope you  don't hate my  reva  devlopment  as we all  hated  the  Reva  manzil track ...  Keep  reading  and  sharing your  views  thank you!!!

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Originally posted by ronshaan

vinnie .. awesoome chapter

I loved it very well written
vikram to help sugni from the day she lost her mom to the day they were in the tample !!
very well written
her brothers Useless as always and careless too.. she was lucky to have him around else she had to deal with the loss alone !!!
Well done I loved it !!!

Thanks  Ron,  Smile
 I  am happy  you  are  enjoying it.   As usual  the MAMA's  are nothing but  free loaders... I  used   to actually  love the  way  Sugni  told them as it  was... Sigh  the  good  old days.  Well   Keep  reading and  reviewing!!!  Thank you

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Originally posted by JulieD

Wow Vinnie. Another brilliant chapter. You captured Sugni's feelings perfectly. And like Payal, I also thought of that promo too when I read the line about his hands in his pockets. Looking forward to the next chapter.

 Thank you  Julie,
  I  am  happy  that  you are  enjoying it .  Please keep  reading and reviewing!!! Smile

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Originally posted by ramkideewani23

Very sad episode it was. I felt Sugni's pain. I am very happy that Vickram helped her out and not Jwala. But I am beginning to fear  the idea that the villagers have about Sugni-Vickram. Let's see how they handle this. So Rewa back to normal. Don't worry she'll freak out again when the divorce paper comes for real. Plz continue soon.

Thank you  Simi,
 Well the  village is filled  with gossip mongers  who love to talk so we will get that.  HAHAH  Jwala helping ..that  is the joke of the day . Ohh  Reva is not back to normal  she is just  crazy  with bouts  of normalcy...!!!    Stay  tuneed for the next  "episode"  LOL SmileSmileSmile

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Originally posted by rose.lavender

Vinnie,that was a very heart-wrenching chapter!Cry
I do have to admit to all of my friends here that when I read it I cried-no joke.
But,Vinnie,I am a very sad that Gulabiya died, before she could have really seen a respectable/romantic relationship brewing between SUGVI, as I would have wanted to read her tantrums and doubts about Vikram's true love for Sugni( after he would've divorced Reva!)
I like the scene when they were returning home from the temple- A LA  one of PSH promo that was never shownCry.
Hope we read about the next promo as well that we never saw:
The one whereby he saw her at the bottom of the stairs of the temple (where THAKURS only are allowed) and then he decended,took her hand in his and lead her up to pray-that would be awesome as well.
Once again Vinnie,another award-winning chapter-just mind-blowingClap

 Thank you  Rose,Smile
   I  missed  your reviews ,  please  dont be shy  with them.   If  I  made you  cry  then I  am  touched. As I  was hoping it  was  tear  worthy!   For progression  of the story  Gulabiya had to be sacrificed, sorry   but I  do hope you  enjoy  what I  have in mind.  ...
 Oh  I  remember that  Promo , another  part never shown... hmm  maybe I  will  if I  find a way  to  fit it in! ...  Keep  reading and reviewing. !

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Originally posted by Vinnie79

Originally posted by ramkideewani23

Very sad episode it was. I felt Sugni's pain. I am very happy that Vickram helped her out and not Jwala. But I am beginning to fear  the idea that the villagers have about Sugni-Vickram. Let's see how they handle this. So Rewa back to normal. Don't worry she'll freak out again when the divorce paper comes for real. Plz continue soon.

Thank you  Simi,
 Well the  village is filled  with gossip mongers  who love to talk so we will get that.  HAHAH  Jwala helping ..that  is the joke of the day . Ohh  Reva is not back to normal  she is just  crazy  with bouts  of normalcy...!!!    Stay  tuneed for the next  "episode"  LOL SmileSmileSmile
hey don't laugh my episode calling Ouch Cry

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"Chapter 6

The  rains  came  suddenly  ,  so  hard  that work  in the fields was  impossible. Sugni had finally  made up her mind  to join  the  work. It was a week  after the thirteen  days. She spent the week  packing up her  mothers stuff. She found  her small  pan that she had her  savings in, with  the name  Sugni  on the  pan.  She realized her mother was putting away  money for her for some reason,  un known from her brothers.

Since no one was  working, she used  part of the money  to buy food saving the rest until she  could  start earning an  income.  Her  uncles and aunts  started  telling her  that maybe she should go out with the other  women now, but she told them she would not.

"Still stubborn  Sugni'you  know your mother took pride in dancing and providing for us."

"Yes  she  did  and you  took Pride in not helping her!" she  told  them. "Listen  get one thing  clear I  am not  going to go out and dance,and you can't make me'when the  weather clears up I  will go back to work'if you can't wait till then  go out and  do something about it.!"  She said  scathingly as she went to her  room, shutting them out.

"Well look at her how rude with all that  attitude."   Hukum said."Yes, Gulabiya jiji  spoiled her naa"   Naganiya  , Hukums  wife said  sending daggers  through the door.

"Hmm'.She  is  acting high and mighty  because  Vickram Thakur  is her "friend "  Katari   joined in.

"Ohh  we all know what kind of friend  that will turn out to be'Vickram Thakur is  over smart' get a free bedni  and not  pay  the price'.we all  know  what he wants, that is why  he is so "Helpful" ,  once he gets it 'he will drop her faster than  hot coals.."   Naganiya Siad.

"Oye  Sugni  , listen'.tell Vickram Thakur to be a man and make an offer'what is he that cheap?? He can't pay  for you!"  Hukum said,  laughingly  through the  door

"Shut up! "  Sugni  said as she stormed out, her anger raising.

"How dear you  speak about   Thakur  Mallick like that'.after all he  did   for  us'and  Maa. !!! Have you  no shame to talk  about me  like that??  Why  don't you  learn  something from him 'he dose not have to work but is not  afraid to,  you  sit here  and  depended  on  Maa to feed you  your whole lives why  not go out and find  a job  I am sure he would  hire you. "

"SUGNI'That  is  your uncle you are speaking to  girl!...have some respect." Naganiya jumped to her husbands defense.

"I  should have some respect?'I  was just insulted by  him and should stay  quite?'Listen  mami'., I  saw how you all treated Maa and she said nothing because  you were her  brothers'and because of that you  did  not even care that she was dieing.." Sugni said as tears of  anger rolled of her face.  "I  am  not going to sit here and let you do the same to me. And I will not  stand and let you  insult  Vickram  Thakur  Mallick'if you  don't  understand  my  relationship with him '.fine' I  don't care if you  do'but he is a good man  so please I  am asking you  keep your thoughts  to your self. "  Sugni  stormed back in her room locking the door. 

Hukum  left the house  in anger,  how dear  Sugni  talk to him in that matter.  She was aslways  a high spirited  giril and  he  always  told   Gulabiya  to  curb her freedom.   When the    other young   girls  were  off  lerning the dances   and how to  dress and make up for Raai,  Sugni was  busy going to  class and  looking for jobs.

"All of that  is because of those  books!"  He said.  He kept telling Gulabiya  since she was 17 it was  time  for Sugni togo out ..but Gulabiya kept saying it was not time.  He  even  brought home a few offers  for her  but again his  sistr  stopped  him saying  it was up to  Sugni.  Up to Sugni'.she really  spoiled  her.  But  no it was time to set her right.  He will not sit back  and  allow her to run about willy  nilly.

Hukum was  stopped  in his tracks  by  the car that was blocking his way. He watched as the black  glass lowered  reavealing the owner of the car.  Clasping his hand  together Hukum greeted  the  Thakur  respectfully.

"Come in Hukum I  want to talk to you'"   Hukum  entered the car , enjoying the short ride in the plush  seats. His attention was brought to  the  Thakur as he began  telling  Hukum what he wanted. '

The car  dropped  Hukum  home  a while later, as he walked into the house  with two bottles of the finest  rum  he ever tasted.  Katari,  Latchmi and  Naganiya were  all  looking in wonder to see him come out of such a big car.   He was smiling  Triumphantly as  he  told them all he had some good news.

"What news?" Naganiya  asked

Pushing his hand in his pocket he puled out a large wad of cash.  Every  ones  eyes  opened  wide.

"Haai  sita miya' Where did  you  get all this??"   katari  asked.

"Ohh that is just a  down payment'wait I  will explain."

"Sugni'.Oye  Sugni'. Get up come  on I want to talk to you!"  he said  banging on her  door.  Sugni  got up from her bed and opened the door  wondering why  was he making so  much  noise. 

"What is it   mama?"  Sugni asked, he  was  absolutely  drunk

"Come I  have some news." 

 Sugni came out to the tiny  living room where everyone else was looking at hokum with curiousity.

"Well , you  told me  to go out and do something'well I did!" He  told her  with a laugh." Sugni  looked at him in  confusion.

 "When I went out earlier, I  met  Thakur Sujan Singh"

"Sujan  Singh'the Takhur with that big mansion, and  textile mills?"  Naganiya  asked fascinated.

"Hmmhmm  Him.   He stopped me and we went for a ride in his big car."

"Wow  what did he want?"  katari  asked.   Sugni stood  there  really  not interested in this  story . 

Hukum cast a sly  glance at Sugni. "Well  he offered me  $ 30,000.   To do Sugni's  Sardakhi.  Apparently  Sugni is one  Bedni a lot of  Thakurs are willing topay  a lot of money  for." He said . Sugni looked at  her uncle in  shock.

"$30,000.  Sugni  you  have to say  yes'.that amount of money  is  unherd off  for a bedni!"  Naganiya said.

"NO..Never I   will neversay  yes!"  Sugni said  .

Hukum laughed."You  don't have to"

"What dose that mean"

"It means I  accepted on your behalf  and accepted a $10,000  downpayment ' he will be here  tommorw at lunch  time  to do the ritual and  take you  away.!"

"You  can't do that? I  refuse you  can't force me!"  Sugni said.

"For $30,000, you  bet I  can'and don't wory  he knew that you would say  no and he is  prepared to  change your mind after the Sardakhi.!" 

"I  won't lt you do this'" Sugni said  as she began walking towards the door. She was stopped when   Hukum blcked er way.  Her uncle was a blury  man. With more muscle than  brains.  He grabbed  Sugni by  the arm and shoved her into her room.  "You  will stay  there until  it is time,  Naganiya and  Latchmi 'you  will get her dress  tomorrow for the ceremony.   Go on  Sugni, cry  complain and rant that no longer  matters'but  tomorrow  evening you will belong to sujan Singh.  Don't worry  if you are nice to him , he will be nice to you."  He locked her  room from the outside.

Sugni banged on the door  .."mama you  can't do this to me,  you  know I  don't want this'.How can you  do this  I am your  neice Mama. "  She said  desperately  she started to plead  hoping to get through to him.

" Look  I  know I  said some harsh  things..I am sorry'Please 'Please mama'please  don't do this."  Her words were  falling on deaf ears , as  she could hear the sounds of them laughing and drinking in the  living room, oblivious of her  crying.

This could not be happening to her she thought. No.  Sugni made her way  to her bed where she sat. At the side table she spotted the small key  chain that Thakur  Mallick  gave her. "Oh  sita miya, please  don't let them do this.  Save me please." She cried .  She closed her fist over the key ringh and spent the rest of the night  asking  for a way  out of this.

The next morning the door to her room  opened and   Naganiya  walked in, she  took  an old beat  up suitcase   from  ontop of the wardrobe  and began packing Sugni's  clothes.

"What are you  doin?"  Sugni   asked  walking up to her to stop her. Her  aunt hit away  her hand. "Packing you  will be living in Sugna Singh's mansion for a while."   She informed  Sugni.

"What, that is not done."

"It is when you  pay  so much'he knows  you  won't be easy so he will  take you  with him he  says."

"I am not going!" Sugni  said defiantly.

"Sugni you  have no choice, you  uncle made the deal'now be a good  girl and make this easy  on yourself. You  know if you  don't give the Thakur  trouble he will treat you well, if you don't he can make your life hell. Your choice.!"  Naganiya  said.

Sugni closed her eyes. "Mami , please don't let them do this!."

"It is  for the best Sugni."  Naganiya said.

 Spotting the open bedroom door  Sugni   went outside  but was stopped by  Hukum before she could  make  out the  front door. 

"Where  do you  think you are  going   Sugni?"

"Mama  Please  don't do this, you  know this is  not what I  want'Please  I am your neice please."

"Ohh  Sorry  right now you are  a bedni.  And  you  should have been  doing this  years  ago.  Lachmi, Naganiya'  get  her ready' I  want her ready  to leave  when Sujan  Singh gets here.  And listen Sugni try  anything smart and I  promise you I will take you  myself  to  Sujan's haveli!"   he said.

 Sugni  was dragged  off by  her aunts  and  forcible made  to have a bath and get ready. After  she was  dressed, in her  mother's  old   sardakhai  outfit  and primped using  all  her old heavey  jewellry ,  she  looked  like a sacrificial bride.  She never  felt so  humiliated  in her life.

After  she was dressed she was  locked  in her room to await  the arrival of  Sujan  Singh , with  Latchmi  keeping  her guard to make sure she did not try  anything smart.  Sugni  Sat  on her  bed as she  picked up her little key  chain again  praying for a miracle.


Vickram   stood  in his study  and  looked out at the  rainy  sky.   He  sighed  this  bad  wheather, put a stop to the field work.  The  last  week stuck in this house  was  pure torture.  After  finally  getting in contact  with  Dr. Suman , he was told   that  she would start  working with  Reva  to get her to understand, she also told him to  allow her to be a "normal" as  possible  during the  transition. 

Then  Reva  came to him with a request to go to the city  to do a shopping trip   stating she wanted to redecorate the  house.  Vickram  told her that  he could not afford  to leave  here right now, for a  week long shopping trip. His  mother  mother told him it might be good If  they  went together.

Vickram  disagreed as he did  not want to give her any  false  impression that  things were ok. Reva  being  Reva  spend  days  nagging, crying and acting  up about it, until Neeranjan  suggested he go with her. Vickram agreed and this morning they  both set off  for what he hope was  a long long  trip.

His  thoughts  went to Sugni, who he had not seen  since  the  13 days,   due to  the weather she was not able to start and he hope that as the weather  cleared  up  he was going to  see her  coming out to work.  He hoped  she was  dealing with her loss in the  interim. He knew it would be hard for her, especially from what he has seen of her uncles and  aunts , she  would have to be strong.   He knew she had it in her, and he prayed  she found the inner strength  admits  her loss.  Maybe he  would pay  her a visit later to see how  she  is doing. He kind of missed  not seeing her.   A commotion  downstairs  broke Vickram  out of his   musings .

"Please , please let me talk  to  him 'please'"  came a voice.

"Ms. You  can't just barge  in  here"  Said one of his watchmen.

Vickram  came down the  stairs and saw   Champa   begging the guards  to come in."

"Leave her!" He said. They  cleared the way  and  she walked into the foryer.

"Champa?"  He asked  coming to where she was  standing.  "What is  wrong?"  he asked

"Thakur mallick..please you  need to  save her'Please ..she'll die."   She was crying.

"What? Champa  calm down ,  tell me  what is  going on."  He said.

"  Sugni'her uncles are  doing her Sardakhai!"  She blurted.

"What..How'?  he asked confused.

"I  don't know  how it happened, but  I  was at the shop today and  I  herd her Uncle telling the Shop keeper  he was buying stuff to serve  the  Thakur  who was  coming to do  Sugni's Sardakhi. He  was coming at lunch time.  I  tried  going to see her, but they  won't let me saying she is busy   today. Thakur mallick  Sugni would  never agree  to this'Please  save her'" She begged.

Vickram's blood  ran cold,  this could not happen.  He would not let it.    "Ok  let's go."  He said  as he went to his  jeep , going to  Sugni's  house  with Champa in tow.


Sugni was led outside,  as Thukar  Sujan Singh was  welcomed  by  her  Uncles.   She stalled as she was walking.

"Sugni come on."  Naganiya said  pulling he r  towards  the door.  Sugni was trembling from  head to  foot.   She did not want this.  As she was led infont  of  a richly  dressed   Thakur, who was about  50, he  had a round  face and his  eyes  were  leering at her. Watching him made her blood crawl.  He took  his hand and touched her face.  Sugni   moved away.

"Hmm you are a feisty  one,  I  like  that! " he said as he  laughed.  He looked at  Hukum  "shall we start?" He said.

"NO'.I  don't  want this!"  Sugni  said,  making it clear she was not consenting to this.   Sujan and Hukum  laughed.

"You  were right  Hukum she was  going to say  no."    Sujan said,   "Sorry  dear the deal has been made'you are  going to come with me today'don't worry  it won't be that bad."  He  winked rudely at her. Sugni   shuddered  .  For a moment she thought  to   run, but the car  was blocking the gate and her uncles were standing at the  front  making  running  risky. , her eyes  filling with tears she was not seeing  a  way  out here.

Sugni was made to sit on a small  cot opposite  Sujan , Her aunt placing her  hands on her sholders, in warning not to  move.  Some one brought  forward  a couple of  platers  one  laden  with  flower  garlands and  another with  money.   Sujan  moved forward   to the platter with the money  which  was strung into a garland,  as he picked it up and and moved to place it around her neck.  Sugn I  closed her eyes. "Maa  don't let them do this to me please." She  wept quietly.

"STOP'.!"  Said   a  booming voice Sugni knew by  heart. She let out a sigh of Relief , it was the most welcome sound.  She lifted her head as she looked at Vickram as  he walked  into  the yard.   As every  one turned  to  look n his direction.

 Vickram  walked up to the small porch  with an air of authourity.  He looked at Sugni  who was seated, her eyes  filled  with tears and a terrified look on her face.  As she  looked at him,  the same look she  had on her face the night  she  was cornered  while doing raai.   His  anger  rose to  boiling point.

"What the hell is going  on here?' He asked.  Looking at a flustered  Hukkum.

 "Thakur Mallick!? You  here?'    Hukkum  asked .

"I  asked you  a question Hukkum' what is  going on here?"   Vickram countered

"Vickram  Thakur' obviously  what is going on here no surprise I  am doing  Sugni's  sardakhi!"   Sujjan Singh. Vickram  looked at   Sujan.

"Really'and  this is  with  her consent.?"  He asked

"Well I  made a deal with  Hukkum !..."  Sujan  answered.

"but did  you  ask Sugni if this is what she wants?"  he  said.

 He turned to look at Sugni. "Is this what you  want Sugni?'

  She  shook  her head  "No'"               

 He  turned to  look at them.  "  I   may  not have  remembered  much  about  this  tradiotion , but  the  consent of  the lady  involved  is  important as far as I  remember!"  He said.  "Sujan   Singh..I  can  not believe a  Thakur  as yourself  would stoop so low as to force a  girl to do something she dose not want , when I  am  sure there are others  around here more than willing."

Sujan  Singh  came  to stand infront of Vickram , looking down his  nose  at him.   "Oh  common , Vickram  you  really  think  all these  sardakhi's  were  done with the woman's consent.  But  you  have to admit there is  something special in this one' it's almost a  race now between  us to see which  one  can  get to do her Sardakhai  first.  You  don't pay  $30,000.  For nothing'if you  get what I mean. For less than that these  people  will sell their  own mother."  He said.

Vickram  Looked at sujan  with a look of disgust  on his face.  "Well  I  am  afraid  you  will have to take back your  money  Sugni  is  not for  sale'she is  under my  protection. So please just  leave"  he said, sternly.

"Your  Protection?"  Sujan Singh said'"Vickram  Singh , you  think I  am a fool everyone around here knows  you've been  sniffing around her for the longest  while,  it would come as no surprise should you do her sardakhi , in fact for a while we were expecting that  to happen.  What is it? too cheap to make an offer. If you  don't want it'then please  let other people enjoy  it'don't be selfish'let the girl do what she was born to do!"  Vickram rage went out of bounds and he smashed his fists into Sujan Singh's face.

"Sugni is not a  thing  to be used, she  is a human being.  And whatever is between  me and her is none of yours  or anyone else's  darn business.  I am  warning you'and  pass it on'I f any  one of you  so much as looks at her again'I  will destroy  you. And that is not a threat.  Get out  Now!.  He said.
Sujan Singh left hurriedly .   making  feeble threats  to Vickram about paying for this. 

Vickram turned  his  attention  to   the four  people   who was standing    passing glances at each  other  and the floor.  " I  can not  believe you people,  your sister  was just   buried,  Sugni lost her mother' and  instead of trying to comfort her , you  are  trying to  sell her?  Is that  the respect and honour you  had for that sister who gave her life  providing for you???  Ashamed  you  should be  of yourselves." He spat. "Don't you  think there  are enough  vultures  outside , at least she should feel safe  in her own home'but what is  the difference  between  you  and the  rest of  them.  If  looks could kill they  would be dead.  He shook  his head is disgust at them.

 Fine  if you  can't do  it  then'" He said.   He looked at Sugni  who was  still sitting on the cot, crying siliently.

"Sugni?"  he  stood in front of her. She looked up  at him.   He extended  his hand to her.

"will  you  come with me, away  from here?"  She looked at him in shock and  at his  out stretched hand.  The  rest of them  looked up with mouths agape. What was he saying.? "I promise you'll be safe with me."  He said  "you  trust me?"  he said quietly.

 Sugni   looked at him,  she  prayed for a miracle  and she got one, every  time  in some way  or form he was always  there.  Trust him? Sugni  was  beginning to  trust him  more than  herself.  Maybe  she did  already. She looked at  her   uncles and aunts and what they  put her through.  She  did  not want to stay  with them , they  failed this time but maybe  one day they  would  succeed  in doing  her sardakhi.

She nodded her head and  placed her hand in his out stretched one.  It felt safe, secure.  As she stood up.   She  got up  and  went  inside  to  retrieve her small   suitcase that was already  packed.  Vickram took it from her.  "Shall  we.?"  He said  as he walked out with out a back ward  glance. 

Sugni  stopped infront of her Uncle. "Thank you mama'for everything...I  hope you  find a way  to make your money  now."  She smiled  sarcastically  as she left.  As she got to the  front gate she spotted Champa  who was watching her with a  watery  smile.    Sugni  hugged her.  "This is for the best Sugni'don't stay  here."  She said

"Thank you  Champa'I don't know how you found out'but you  did  this right?" Champa nodded.

"We'll talk later'for now just  go." Champa  said. 

Sugni  climbed into the front of the jeep taking her seat, she  closed her  eyes  as he drove off,  it did not fully  hit her yet what a big decision she made. As  she  started to remember times spent in her child hod  home, of playinging  in the yeard, helping her mother  cook.  Sitting out in the porch  with her mother sharing stories, talking about life.  Every   room , every place was filled with  her mother's presence and she left it all.

"Sugni?"  Vickram said softly.

She wiped her tears as she  realized they  had  stopped moving. Sugni   look around  where were they? She wondered as she realized they  were parked at the side of the street.

"Hmm'why  did we stop here?" She asked .

"I   just wanted to talk to you privately  before we got home."  He said.

"Oh. ..OK" She said quietly.

"Are you alright?"  he asked her. Sugni shrugged'she had no  idea how she was feeling right now except  numb. So much happened in the last 24  hours.

"I can understand that" he  said.

" I left my  house' all those memories'what did I do?" She asked.

"You  made a choice."

"I know  but'"

"But you are not sure you made the right one?" he said


"It's alright'you should feel that way.Sugni  I  know, all this has to be scary  for you." He said . "But you did a brave thing today, and you put your  faith and trust in me'and I  promise you I will do my  best to live up to that.  We'll go home and as  soon as possible  you can start working.  Don't worry  about anything else"  He said. " You can  make the life you wanted"

"Thank you.!'  She said  for some reason she could  not stop crying.

"There is nothing to  thank me for'Sugni you are special, from the time I met you I saw that.  And I  don't want you  to  loose that." She looked at him, she was not really.

"One more thing'my  mother can be a  bit  strong and  opinionated at times,  so please  don't take her words to heart if she dose tell you  something...And  Reva, well you  know her'with work you  should not have any  dealings with her,  she can be high stung at times'Please if she says or dose anything don't  take it personally' he said.

"Thankur Mallick, I won't be'I  promise I  will try  not to be any  trouble'I will stay  out of their way.  I don't want to cause any  problems  for you  with  them. I  know  what people are saying'.If it will be a problem for  Reva Thakurine maybe I should go somewhere else." She said.

"I  don't care what people are saying Sugni'we know the truth and that is all that really  matters  Ok"  She nodded. "It won't be a problem for  Reva' and  even  so well  it's not her concern."  He said bitterly. Sugni  looked at him  confused. What did that mean.

"Well lets go then!" He  said  with a slight smile.  He  startd the van and   started to make his way  back to the Haveli.

Sugni  had been  to the Haveli  one time before.  It was a huge place and then all she saw was the outside.  As she followed  Vickram  to the inside, she could not help but notice  the palatial feel it had to it. The place was   huge.  Vickram led  her to the inside.  She followed him to the foyer.  "Ramu  kaka!"  Vickram  called "Ramu  kaka!"  He said again after  getting  no response.

"Vickram  ?"   Godavari  came into view, stopping  at the sight of the girl standing  next to  Vickram.

"Umm  Ramu  Kaka  left to go  run some  errands. Who is  this?"  She asked.

"Maa  this is  Sugni..she will be  staying here from now." Vickram declared.

"What?  Why?" She asked  noticing the way  Sugni was dressed' Oh God  did he do the impossible? She thought'.Was this the reason for his strange behavior.  Godavari was about to explode when Vickram started laughing.

"oh  please mother,  I  can see what you  are thinking  no I  did not go out and get myself a bedni!"  He said, as he proceeded  to tell her  about Sugni and his relationship with her. Godavari let out a breath of relief.  One thing she  knew of her son was that deceit was not in  his nature, and what ever he did he did it openly.  If he said there was nothing between  them , she believed him.

"Ok'I understand  but she can't stay  here."  His  mother  said.   Vickram  looked at his mother.  As Sugni  looked at Vickram. Godavari looked at the girl something did not sit right  here'she did not like  this  development , no matter the  intentions behind it.

"What I  mean is'Reva will not take this well'she  can stay  in the  guest house'Vickram..for peace and quite'I  think that would be the for the best. "    Vickram  was about to argue ..but then he thought maybe his mother  had a point.  He agreed.   Taking  the small suitcase  he  led Sugni  back outside to the back where there was a small  guest  house.  He opened it.

"Sorry this  has not been used in a while I  will have Ramu  Kaka  come in and  clean it out for you when he comes."

"No No .. Thakur Mallick ..I can do it'you already  done so much." Sugni said. The guest house was probably  the size of her old house.  "Don't worry  I will have it all cleaned out  in a short time!"  She said looking around at the cobwebs and dust laden  surfaces."  This was good it would keep her busy.

"Sugni..No I'"

"Thakur Mallick'I  will do it..just  get me some  brooms and cleaning stuff and I  set it right'" She insisted.

"Ok I  will  you can stay  here but the main house is always  open to you at any  time ok?"  he said

She  nodded.He  left her and returned a few minutes  later with  a mop,a broom,clothes and other cleaning stuffs and a bucket.

"Thank you!"  She said as she accepted  them.

"Make your self at home." He said. As he left,after she assured him she was going to be ok.

Taking a deep breath 'Sugni went inside after changing her clothes she set to  work.

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ReservedTongue Yeap I am backLOL

Okay 1st of all Dr Suman is deffo up 2 somethingGeek
2nd- Sujan Singh? OMG My heart nearly leaped up ma mouth when I read the name...I was thinking Sajjan SinghDay Dreaming I was reading Sajjan Singh until I reach half way I saw a U in the name and I was likeShocked Cry 
Hookum and Naganiya are really bad...Angry I have words t describe them...Mere Bhagwan Ki KasamDisapprove
3rd-OMG Finally Champa is a smart assCool Went to VickramClap
4th-When Vickram came in, I was just imagining Prince Charming in a Shining ArmourBlushing A couple slaps were needed on Hookum's faceApprove
5th-Allah Miya what's wrong with Gulab Jamun?Angry Angry
6th- Hello Hi Bye Bye I can't wait for showdown with Rewa and SugniEvil Smile
Haaye Haaye..Kamal ka episode yeh... Full Paisa Vasool Episode...
Plz jee slow down the pace...U made me get last position in the last 2 chaptersCry 

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